Britney Gets Smothered (Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez) by ASmotherFan

"You OK?"

Who the hell was THAT?"

"Just give me two fuckin' seconds... OK?"

"God my head hurts..."

"I don't know how many seconds we got... Miss Big Tits will probably be awake soon!"

Britney's mind was clouded... mostly by the huge ‘ten times worse than any hang over’ headache emanating from the back of her head and what felt like her neck and shoulders. Maybe that was it... maybe not ‘worse than any hang over’... maybe just ‘the worst hang over.’ She struggled to open her eyes, but what seemed like a harsh light attacked her retinas as soon as her lids fluttered. She winced in and tightly shut her eyes... begging forgiveness for having rustled the sleeping wolverine in the back of her skull. Then her mind finally grasped the concept that she was not alone in the room, she had heard other people talking. She winced through the pain as she opened her eyes to investigate her situation.

Again the light began to sting her eyes so she instead focused them on her own bare legs and began to search forward. First her thighs... then her knees... then the pink carpet... Wait, did I say bare legs?!?! MY GOD... I'm naked!!! Naked in a room full of people!!! She then moved her eyes quickly to the far wall of the room, searching for the source of the voices... she didn't have to look for long. A fuzzy object obstructed her view of the other side of the room. Slowly it came into focus. She saw the smooth and shiny form of a naked woman on her hands and knees, deep honey-like skin that glistened with sweat. The girl looked familiar but her hair covered her face, and she was coughing and spitting and running her hand over her countenance. The sight of a naked woman (other than herself) in the room made the pop singer start and she tried to move backward. This action had two separate consequences. One... she found that she was seated on the floor, propped against a wall... Two... for the first time, the other people in the room became aware of her consciousness.

The girl on the floor turned to face Britney, tossing her hair out of the way at the same time, revealing eyes that were narrowed to small angry slits. The movement and position reminded her of a female lioness eyeing its prey and that thought coupled with the piercing look in the girl's eyes filled Britney with terror. When she realized who it was her fear deepened. Across the room from her, on her hands and knees like a wild beast ready to pounce, was Beyonce Knowles!

Unlike many other scary awakenings of her life, Britney knew where she was - in Beyonce's house! She remembered an argument; remembered slapping the young singer...then what? Why was she naked? Why was Beyonce naked? What the fuck was going on?

While Britney was trying to work out the events that led to her current predicament, Beyonce, quietly and cat-like, slinked on all fours toward the downed and desperate girl, "Well, now... look who's awake! Have a nice nap dear?"

"Unnggghhh..." was Britney's groaned reply; partly orgasmic... partly desperate... but mostly painful.

Beyonce straightened herself and sat back on her luscious backside, "Bet you're tryin' to figure out how you ended up here. Especially after you were just..."

"Wait... I don't understand... why am I at your house? Why are... are... we" Britney asked in a whiney tone that made Knowles cringe.

"You mean you don't remember our little disagreement?" Beyonce inched closer to Britney. “Our little... roughhouse?" She inched her face closer to the pop princess. "...or your premature victory dance?"

Beyonce's face was almost touching Britney's and events began to flash into Britney's mind... Beyonce tearing at her shirt... looking at the singer from above, hands firmly clasped to her bare breasts... Beyonce threatening to smother...

"Oh God... Oh god NO!... Please..."

Britney pleaded with her own mind to be inaccurate. The next few events rushed through her mind very quickly...taking off her own underwear, straddling Beyonce facing her feet... then.... then... she remembered saying certain things, things she wished she hadn't said now... Suddenly everything came together like some preschool jigsaw puzzle. Across the room Beyonce's accomplice saw Britney's face changing from confusion to understanding and smiled.

"And now we're going to give you a little payback, puta!" Britney realized what was happening in the same instant she recognized the second voice....Jennifer Lopez! Britney had come to pick a fight with Beyonce and was kicking her ass ... then Jennifer interrupted and by the look in Beyonce's eyes and the smell Britney sensed as their noses almost touched... she knew what payback meant.

"AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Britney screamed in terror and in one fluid movement she tried to stand, but Beyonce, who was towering over her, easily planting a foot on Britney's throat as she pressured her back against the wall, her strong ebony thigh flexing.

"No, no... you're not goin' anywhere honeypot!" Beyonce's lips curled into an evil grin as Jennifer's hourglass figure slinked out of the shadows just behind Beyonce's left shoulder. J-Lo put a hand on Beyonce's back, saying softly, "Sorry about your vase... but I couldn't find anything else.... But the cheating bitch really isn't worth the money that vase cost, but at least she's gonna learn her lesson," J-Lo sighed.

Britney was being choked by Beyonce who had her foot firmly planted on her throat. She raised her hands to Beyonce's ankle, trying in vain to remove it. The blonde kicked her legs in frustration as Beyonce effortlessly choked the life out of her.

Seeing Britney's struggles were getting weaker, Jennifer said, "OK! Let her up. It's time to have some fun!"

Tears rolled down the pop princess' cheeks while she struggled for air... in total agreement with at least the first part of the Latin beauty's request. Beyonce's thigh relaxed, her foot eased up and Britney could again breathe... choking in small gulps and coughing them back out.

"Bet that's good for your singing voice!" Beyonce wryly smiled at her own comment.

"What voice?" J-Lo giggled.

Beyonce roughly grabbed Britney's hair and tilted her head back by the mane, staring directly into the groggy girl's eyes, "Did you enjoy riding my face ? Cause you can bet THAT won't happen again!"

"This isn't...(cough)... fair. At least I be...(cough)... beat you fair!" Britney answered, defiant despite her predicament.

"You call what you did to me FAIR? You came to my house, ambushed me while I was exercising and then rammed my head into my shower wall til I was barely conscious. Then you..." Beyonce was screaming in Britney's face, hatred dripping from every word that she spat into her features.

J-Lo grabbed Beyonce by the shoulder and pulled her away, "Save it hun... save it."

The fire immediately left the ebony beauty's eyes as she yanked Britney's naked body to a standing position against the wall. Much as Abraham and Moby Dick... had Beyonce's heart been a cannon she would have fired it upon Britney. She had never been as angry and as humiliated.

“That stupid little cunt sat on MY face... ME... the sexiest ass in all of showbiz... That whore took something from me... and then laughed about it, made fun... TAUNTED me!! I'll get what she took from me back, if I have to tear her apart to find it!”

As it was, Beyonce's heart wasn’t a cannon, so she used the next best thing and flung her entire thick and solid frame into Britney's young firm counterpart, nearly splattering her across the wall. Her body was directly on Britney's... face to face... Beyonce's sweating breasts on Britney's comparatively dry ones... Beyonce's tummy mashed against the girl's abs... even her thighs were pressed against Brit's. Every part of her grinding, as if she were trying to grind her trough the plaster wall of her living room.

Mouth nearly touching Britney's, the black girl whispered, "I'm gonna hurt you cunt... I'm gonna fucking destroy you!"

Britney had never seen anyone so angry in her life, she tried to shut her eyes to block out the view but it was as if Beyonce's rage shined through her eyelids. Her young body was racked with pain as she was smashed and ground between a hard place (the wall) and the proverbial rock (Beyonce). Perhaps she didn't quite understand the severity with which her actions would have angered the black booty girl. If she had, she may not have done what she did. She may have opted to smother the ebony girl with her tits... or just leave her on the floor. At the time Britney thought it was the perfect way to humiliate Miss Bootylicious herself, but maybe it worked all too well. Or maybe it was the taunting: You've got nothing left, huh fat ass! You're beaten! That's right, Britney's sexy ass is puttin' you out! It didn't matter now because the pain in Britney's body was too immense for her to think about anything else, and whatever had started it, the train was rolling with no brakes and it was headed right for her.

Beyonce had stopped slamming her mass against the smaller blonde girl and had switched to mauling her breasts. The attack, in Beyonce's mind, was one to the very core of Britney. Deny it or not, she knew that Britney's tits were the objects she valued above all others, so she wanted to defeat them. To break the once proud girl... make her nothing. All the while Jennifer watched on in amazement at the passion with which Beyonce was punishing the blonde. In each hand she had one tit, alternating squeezing and relaxing... crushing them as the flesh oozed between her fingers with each squeeze. Britney's hands were on the black girl's wrists, prying pitifully, but nothing was going to break that grip. Tears streamed down Britney's face while her "pride and joys" were crushed by her tormentor. With each squeeze came a horrifying scream followed by comparatively quieter sobs that were slowly increasing in intensity. At this point the only thing holding Britney in a standing position was Beyonce's vice-like grip on her sweat and tear covered breasts.

After she was satisfied with the pain she had caused Britney she relinquished her hold on one breast, entwining her free hand and the sobbing girls matted locks. She then made a fist with the other, and holding her upright by her blonde mane, she drove punch after punch into Britney's midsection. The first two punches elicited a low groan from the young girl, but the subsequent blows only caused her pretty face to freeze in a silent grimace. Beyonce prepare for one last blow, lifting the blonde's head by her chin until she was eye-to-eye with her enemy. She made sure Britney's eyes cleared a bit before she delivered a final open-handed slap to the girl's face. She then turned her back in disgust allowing her foe to slide, arms hanging limply at her sides, down the wall into the same sitting position in which she awoke. Britney's breasts jiggled as her ass hit the floor and her head lolled onto her chest as if it had been attached to her neck by a spring.

"I can't stand to look at her pathetic ass anymore!" Beyonce spat, with genuine abhorrence in her voice.

"I think I can help you there." Jennifer chimed as she took a few, almost bouncy, steps forward and lifted Britney's face by the chin, staring into here delirious eyes. "You in there hun?" Jennifer questioned, smiling cruelly as she did.

Britney was aware that she was there... she could hear her voice and she was doing all she could to answer, "P...p..pleeseee... You gotta stop herrrr... she's t... kill m... mee"

The young girl's incoherent babbling was almost a whisper. J-Lo found her stammering amusing, "You've been a baaaaad girl, Brit. You understand? Veerrry baaaad. And now we've got to punish you. Do you know what that means?"

J-Lo straightened. She removed her white tank top to reveal she had nothing on underneath it. Then, turning around, she started to unbuckle her khaki shorts. Immediately Beyonce knew what J-Lo had planned and she returned to Britney's side, kneeling by her to whisper in her ear. "You see that, bitch?" she asked as Jennifer bent as the waist, swaying her hips back and forth as she slid her khaki pants to her knees. Her ass, barely covered by a pair of 1/4 back emerald green panties expanded wider as she bowed. Britney saw her ass widen and immediately she snapped back to reality. She was still too weak and in too much pain to offer any resistance, but she was now fully aware of her situation.

"Please... please don't. Jennifer, this has nothing to do with you. Why are you doing this to me?" Britney again begged in that whiny voice that made Beyonce quiver. "You don't understand... you did this to yourself. Now, kiss my big sexy ass bitch!" Jennifer replied as she began to back up into Britney's face. Just before she reached her target, as though it were a last minute idea, J-Lo slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her ass. Britney made a weak twisting motion to avoid the inevitable but Beyonce held her face forward... making sure that her nose slid right between Jennifer's wide, soft ass cheeks.

"Eeeeeeggggmmmmpphhh..." was the only noise that came out of Britney as she was soon almost entirely muffled by J-Lo's suffocating ass.

She could see nothing, but she could feel the soft flesh of the big wide butt that was smothering her, gliding back and forth across her face. Every breath she tried to take smelled distinctly like J-Lo. She raised her hands to J-Lo's ass to try and push it away but J-Lo easily caught her hands and stretched them far out to either side, pressing her ass harder into her face. She began a slow and rhythmic dance, crushing Britney's head against the wall and filling her senses with her ass.

Beyonce whispered to Britney from her kneeling position, "How is it Brit? You like that? You like sniffin' ass? Don't worry... you'll get the chance to sniff mine too."

Britney began to panic from the lack of oxygen she was receiving, it was frightening to see J-Lo's ass swaying toward her face... it was humiliating having her nose shoved between her cheeks... but it was life and death when she couldn't breathe.

"That's it Jennifer... you're doin' a great job. Grind her harder!" Beyonce encouraged the Latin. "Feel that Britney... that's your pride... slipping away. Feel the humiliation? Feel the fear as you run out of breath?" Beyonce mocked the fallen girl.

At those words J-Lo let the smaller girl have a breath before she shoved her smothering ass back into Britney's face, this time with more violence and motion.

"This’s how you shake your ass honey!" J-Lo said as she threw her head back and forth and concentrated on the nose she could feel wedged up her big round ass.

Finally believing that Britney had taken enough abuse from her ass for a while, she released her wrists and with a final wiggle took a step forward allowing a coughing and sputtering Brit to remove her face from her luscious round ass. Beyonce laughed out loud at the coughing... teary eyed pop singer, "Not so much fun now huh bitch?"

Britney was totally humiliated, but still, whether it was just a natural reaction or a blatant act of defiance, she retorted, "You disgusting bitch!"

"Still haven't learned your lesson?" Beyonce questioned as J-Lo looked on in amazement at the undying will of the youngster. Her ass was usually enough to break even the toughest of girls. "Guess you're a slow learner." Beyonce quipped as she wrapped her strong thighs around Britney's already abused tits, squeezing for all she was worth.

"Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!" Britney let out the most primal of screams as her tits were crushed by arguably one of the strongest sets of thighs in the business.

She clawed the air and kicked her legs, all the while Beyonce's hold on her chest getting stronger. At once Beyonce released her hold, unlocking her ankles allowing Britney a moment of reprieve, which she promptly used to begin bawling. Beyonce, however, simply relocked her ankles and crushed the singer's breasts between her thighs yet again. The muscles in her legs stood taught under her skin while she destroyed the one thing she knew Britney loved, her tits. A smile of satisfaction washed over her face as she felt Britney's struggles getting weaker and weaker. But, no matter how amazing her legs were, she did not want to finish Britney that way; she had bigger plans.

Beyonce released her hold on the youngster and allowed her to again collapse to the floor racked with sobs. Britney's mind was clouded by pain but racing with all manner of thoughts, most of them negative. She had been crushed, beaten, humiliated, ass smothered, and was now laying at the mercy of two women that were definitely in no mood to stop hurting her. She could do nothing but cry. The thought that she had just been smothered by J-Lo's ass, a defeat she had been able to avoid as of yet, was enough to make her cry. Her entire body ached and she had no means of escape or reprieve.

Beyonce had big plans indeed for the beaten beauty. She whispered into Jennifer's ear who immediately got on all fours, looking intently over her shoulder. Beyonce then sensually sauntered over to her defeated foe and, dragging her by the hair, brought her to Jen, laying the back of Britney's head on Jen's ass. Immediately she straddled the beaten pop singer and maneuvered onto her hands and knees, her big wide ebony ass mere inches from Britney's face.

Britney was totally powerless to do anything but beg, "Please Beyonce... No... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have."

"Fuck you!" Beyonce responded as she backed her voluptuous backside into Britney's face, sandwiching it between the two asses.

Britney was now the recipient of possibly the most devastating and humiliating moves in the history of female fighting. Her face was wedged in Beyonce Knowles ass while Jennifer Lopez shoved it even deeper by grinding her ass into the back of her head. Britney's world was Beyonce's big beautiful butt. She could see, feel, and smell nothing but her conqueror's ass. She begged for mercy but her cries were muffled by the succulent derriere that covered her beautiful features. Beyonce and Jennifer rhythmically danced their asses into the beaten beauty's head.

"Who's got nothing left now? Who's beaten now? I guess this fat ass is putting Britney out isn't it?" Beyonce mimicked Britney's previous comments, when the tables had been turned in her favor. She remembered the disgusting feeling of Britney's ass grinding her features. The humiliation and the suffering. "How's it smell Brit? You like that bitch? I hate you; fucking hate you!" Beyonce raged as she and Jennifer used both their suffocating butts to destroy the pop star.

Britney was overwhelmed by Beyonce's wide musky ass. She was unable to replenish her air supply in any way and she was slowly passing out. The kicking of her legs was turning to slow spasms. Her hot tears of humiliation were mingling with the sweat from Beyonce's ass and spreading all over her visage. She could feel J-Lo's soft smothering butt working the back of her head, shoving her face harder and harder into the black girl's big booty. Just as she thought she would pass out, Beyonce leaned forward. The air of the room hitting her face seemed cool compared to the warmth of Beyonce's ass.

"Time to visit Ms. Lopez again bitch!"

Britney made a few weak motions of resistance as Beyonce pulled her forward by her tender nipples into a sitting position. She then grasped the girl by her tresses and spun her around shoving her face back into Jennifer's ass. She held the back of her head, rubbing it back and forth in response to J-Lo's gyrations. Britney's world was again filled with ass. This time a most decidedly more smothering one. She was totally enveloped by Jennifer's huge butt and for the second time tonight found herself sniffing her famous Latin ass.

Jennifer giggled at Britney's weak attempts to stop the two girl's from having their absolute way with her, "Give it up hun! You're no match for my booty!"

This much Britney knew was true and her arms hung limply at her sides as her nose was forced into J-Lo's wide butt. Still not finished with the poor defenseless girl, Beyonce removed Brit's face from its musky prison and drug her into the bathroom by the hair. J-Lo quickly followed, excited to see what else Beyonce had planned for the bitch. She watched intently as the black girl discarded Britney into the shower stall and turned on the water. The temporarily cold water had an arousing effect on the beaten girl as she returned to complete awareness with a groan. The water then warmed to "just right" temperature as Beyonce slipped into the stream of water. Britney looked up to see the singer's thick imposing frame blocking the stream of water in front of her.

"OK... please... please... I've had enough. No more!" Britney begged, fresh tears running down her face.

"Oh... there's plenty more hun... but first we gotta clean you up!" Beyonce laughed and motioned for the Latina, who'd been watching from the doorway.

They proceeded to soap every part of Britney's unwilling, but quite supple body while she cried submissions. She was then used as a human washcloth to soap the others. Three very slick women now stood in Beyonce's shower stall, two of which are ready to dish out more punishment, a third who simply wished it was all over.

"Oooops, I almost forgot!" Beyonce smiled, pointing to her temple as she soaped two of her fingers and approached a hesitant Spears.

"Wha... wha... whattya' gonna do?" Britney stammers, fear in her eyes.

Without answering Beyonce leaned forward and rubbed the two soapy fingers into Britney's eyes with hatred... causing her to scream from the burning. Britney did her best to remove the stinging soap form her eyes but before she could see a set of hands grabbed her head and shoved it into a large fleshy ass for what seemed like the millionth time tonight. Although she cannot see her attacker, she now had enough experience to know that it was Beyonce who was smothering her.

For all their booty similarities, she could distinguish the unique feel and smell of either girl. She cried as her face was covered by a large wet butt that robbed her once again of all oxygen. The slickness of Beyonce's ass made it easy for her to grind Britney's features. Unintentionally (or not) she rubbed more soap into the pop singer's eyes and mouth. With no option left Britney hugged the thick thighs in front of her and waited for the inevitable humiliating unconsciousness that would soon follow... but didn't. Unmercifully, Beyonce let her hated rival breathe again prolonging her agony and humiliation. She placed Britney under the stream of water from the shower head to remove the soap from her eyes and mouth, for which she was grateful, although she knew it was not a peace offering.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Jennifer asked.

"Please... please... I'm sorry. I'm finished... beaten... done. No more!" Britney sobbed her submission.

"Beaten by what?" Beyonce prompted her.

At first Britney was confused but she quickly understood, "You're asses... your sexy asses. Just please stop!" She broke into a sobbing fit on the floor of Beyonce's shower.

"Jen... I've had enough of this bitch... put her out!" Beyonce commanded.

"With pleasure..." J-Lo purred as she pulled Britney slowly by her swollen nipples into the middle of the bathroom.

J-Lo sent a thunderous kick to Britney's right breast sending her sprawling onto her back on the bathroom floor. Her soaked, glistening, beaten body lay still on the bathroom floor except for her breathing. A naked Jennifer sauntered to her, standing over her head, facing her feet, and looking down at the battered girl. She collapsed to her knees, ass hovering just an inch from Britney's cute nose.

"You scared slut?" J-Lo asked, grinning evilly.

"Yes... yes I'm scared." Britney answered, just wanting it to be over.

"Then get your nose up there!" she screamed sitting down slowly and at the same time yanking Britney's face upright by the hair.

Her ass spread to envelope Britney's face as Britney offered no resistance when J-Lo began a slow deliberate grind on her face. J-Lo could feel the younger girl's features against her voluptuous ass; her nose directly between her cheeks. She knew Britney was experiencing the ultimate humiliation and she began to grind faster and harder, intent on teaching the youngster a lesson in embarrassment and defeat she’d never forget! J-Lo ground her face violently, rubbing her big butt back and forth all over her beautiful features. Jennifer realized that she had become caught up in humiliating the girl and hadn't noticed her stop moving. She looked over her shoulder at the defeated girl below her.

"Beyonce hun... is she out?"

NO ANSWER. Jennifer has been in this business long enough to know that something like that means trouble, but she was "too little too late." At that instant of realization she felt a pair of long, smooth, strong legs slide around her neck.

"Sorry Jen!" Beyonce said as she squeezed her rock hard thighs around Jennifer's neck. Jennifer fell off the unconscious Spears and onto the bathroom floor. Her wet body making a splash/thud. "You know, it's nothing personal... but everybody is always talking about Jen's ass this...Jen’s ass that…." as she squeezed harder eliciting a half scream. Another squeeze, this time a gurgle. "We both know mine's much nicer than yours, but yours gets all the publicity. Yours is the one everybody fears. Well not anymore!"

At this point, the booty queen was almost unconscious between the black girl's thick thighs. Beyonce released Jen and let her head thump against the floor. She propped the nearly out-of-it Latina against a wall and stood, legs spread facing away from her, ass directly in front of her face. J-Lo saw Beyonce looking over her shoulder. She saw her big bare ass directly before her, but she could do nothing. Beyonce bent forward, pulling Jen's arms far out to either side, much as J-Lo had done to Britney earlier, and she proceeded to shove her wide booty into Jennifer's face.

Beyonce had waited a very long time for this! She’d known it would happen…it was inevitable. A meeting of the ass queens and this was something she could not afford to lose. She relished the fact that she was finally smothering the ‘greatest butt smotherer of all time.’ She smiled as she ground away at J-Lo's face, imagining how humiliated she was... imagining Jennifer feeling her luscious ass all over her face... feeling Jennifer's nose between her cheeks.

It had been a long time since Jennifer had been in the situation. She could see, feel, and smell nothing except for her conqueror's ass. She was humiliated. She was beaten. But she was not defeated. Soon there would be a fair fight... and this... this... but it's so young... and firm... I can't

"You still awake down there?" Beyonce playfully wiggled her ass back and forth on the defeated Latina ass queen's face. No response! She’d done it; smothered out the great Jennifer Lopez! Beyonce was the new Ass Queen of Hollywood... and she would make sure everybody knew it!