/story Kelly Brook vs Cat Deeley by Harry 29-Apr-00

As two young women seeking to make their name in the UK, Kelly and Catherine were natural rivals. There was only a limited amount of exposure from which they could feed. They both appeared on MTV, terrestrial TV and appeared in magazines and it was, therefore, probably only a matter of time before they clashed. In this case, the spark was Cat being named as Woman of the Year by a UK magazine, with Kelly no where in sight. Despite the insistence of the awards organisers that there was no public trouble, it didn't stop the two young women trading barbed and bitchy comments. They would have come to blows in the ladies room had it not been for the presence of other guests.

The feud escalated when Kelly lost potential photoshoots to Cat as the award winner and publicly responded with the suggestion that Cat had won through duplicitous means. When some of the pictures became public, especially those with Cat very scantily attired, Kelly suggested the photo's backed up her argument. Cat fumed silently for a few days, before using a TV interview to suggest that Kelly was a bitter and twisted little girl who couldn't accept that a large number of men didn't find her attractive.

When she returned home, Cat found a message on her answerphone from Kelly suggesting that her and Catherine should settle their differences as mature adult women. Cat readily agreed, and after some haggling, she found herself in a changing room of a small private London gymnasium, the owner of which had been persuaded to close the establishment for a few hours. (This had been a disappointment to Cat as she had wanted an audience, but she wanted to kick Kelly's butt more).

Car changed into her attire for the fight: black and blue, shortsleeved sports top, white sports shorts, short black socks and trainers. She transferred the scrunchie that held her light brown hair in place to her left wrist so that it fell into its natural, wild, state before walking into the main gym. She was greeted by the sight of her opponent standing inside a boxing ring that was raised slightly off the floor. Kelly was wearing a green combat patterned vest, red shorts, white socks, chunky black trainers and her hands encased in red boxing gloves. Her dark hair was worn long so that it touched her shoulders.

"Glad to see you didn't chicken out bitch!" sneered Kelly

"Screw you slapper!" retorted Cat, "We agreed to fight not box, so lose the stupid gloves before I get in the ring."

"Frightened that you might get your fat arse kicked?"

"I'll kick your stupid butt however we agree to fight. But we agreed to fight like women!" Kelly somewhat clumsily removed the gloves and threw them out of the ring. Satisfied, Cat walked forward and stepped through the ropes of the ring and moved towards the centre of the ring. Kelly moved away from the ropes, tracking Cat all the way so that she was facing her across the middle of the ring.

"Last chance to back off little girl!" said Cat sweetly Kelly responded by raising her hands, fingers bent so that the resembled claws and stepped forward. Cat did the same and the two women started a cagey game of lashing out to try and catch hold of the other whilst trying to avoid being caught. Cat managed to grab Kelly's shoulder and used this to pull her opponent closer. Kelly tried to push her fellow MTV VJ away from her, without success as Cat managed to adjust her hold so that her arm was wrapped around the dark haired woman's neck. Kelly wrapped her own hands round Catherine's body taking a hold of her striped top.

The two women struggled silently using their holds to throw the other to the canvas, but instead cancelling each other out. As a result they staggered round the ring like two drunks. Cat used one hand to pull sharply on Kelly's long dark hair, yanking her head backwards. Kelly moved one of her hands and clamped it over Cat's face digging her fingers into the supple skin. She then moved her other hand and used it to punch Cat in the stomach. Kelly was surprised that punching another woman was no more difficult than landing a blow on a punch bag as she did several times a week as exercise. Catherine let out a pained grunt and bent forward slightly. In her eagerness to put Kelly in her place she had ignored the younger woman's exercise regime.

Before Miss Brook could land another blow, Cat had grabbed her wrist and the two women continued to grapple. They staggered into the ropes and then back towards the centre of the ring. Kelly removed her hand from Cat's face and instead took hold of some close by strands of hair. Both women tried to use their feet to unbalance the other, either by tripping them or stamping on a foot, but they were just to nimble.

Cat broke her hold on Kelly's wrist and moved it upwards to take hold of the right strap of her vest top. Just as Miss Brook was about to drive another punch at Cat's stomach with her now free hand, Miss Deeley managed to use her hold to throw Kelly to the floor. But as Kelly went to ground her legs became tangled with Cat's so that she fell down as well. Kelly landed on her back with a distinct thud that winded her. Cat, meanwhile, landed on her front next to her opponent, momentarily stunned by the fall and this surprising turn of events.

It was Kelly who regained her senses first and having realised where her opponent was, rolled closer to Cat. As she did so Cat started to get up onto her hands and knees ready to resume the fight. However, before she could do anything Kelly brought her upper knee into Cat's butt. Cat let out an exclamation of pain and fell forward onto her front and before she could get up a second time, Kelly was astride her lower back both hands pulling on light brown hair. Cat squealed with pain as Kelly lifted her head clear of the canvas.

"So much for being the Woman of the Year" hissed Kelly. "You're more like Cunt of the Year!"

Cat struggled to free herself and although she managed to free her arms these was little she could do except hang on. Kelly was, however, enjoying herself having the great Cat Deeley underneath her. Just to emphasise the point, she removed one of her hands from Cat's hair and instead used it to clout the prone VJ round the head. Cat's exclamation of pain now rose to a scream, which made Kelly smile. But the stinging sensation did fire Cat's desire for payback, and pushing her feet downwards she started to get up onto her hands and knees.

This took Kelly totally by surprise, she had been totally absorbed in her dominant position. She was not as heavy as her older opponent and fell forwards onto her stomach, clear of Catherine. As Kelly started to get up to crawl away she felt a burning sensation in her butt. As she looked over her shoulder, she saw that Cat her extended both her arms and was digging her fingers through her shorts and into her arse.

"I guess that this cat has claws doesn't she!" sneered Cat.

The shorts offered no protection to Cat's cruel fingers and Kelly started to squeal with pain. She tried to crawl away but found that the hold on her butt prevented this. So she started to buck and thrash her legs in the hope of breaking Cat's hold. Without any overt intention by Miss Brook, she drove the heel of her left trainer up into Cat's breast. Instinctively Miss Deeley withdrew both her hands as she let out a gasp of anguish. This allowed Kelly to scramble forward away from her opponent.

Meanwhile Cat raised herself upright on her knees massaging her breast through her top, which did lessen the pain. When she was sure that she was safe, Kelly stood up and turned to face Catherine. Cat did the same, the pain in her breast caused her face to be a mask of hatred for her fellow MTV VJ.

The two young women started to circle one another lashing out with their hands. Kelly grabbed hold of Cat's left wrist and used this hold to pull Miss Deeley towards her. Cat decided that there was no point in 'pussy footing around' and used her free hand to slap Kelly across the face. This was the one action that Kelly hadn't been expecting and she was momentarily stunned into inactivity by the burning sensation in her left cheek. This allowed Cat to use her hand to grab hold of Kelly's long brown hair and move in closer.

It was only as their bodies touched that Kelly reacted and she went for Cat's hair. But Cat still had the advantage and she brought up her left knee, as if she were controlling a football in a 5-a-side game. The knee slapped into Kelly's thigh and slide upwards until in touched the crotch of her shorts.

Unsurprisingly, Kelly collapsed to the floor with a scream and Cat let her fall. Standing over her fallen foe, Cat swung her right foot and connected with Kelly's hip eliciting another cry of pain.

"What a surprise, Kelly's on her back again!" sneered Cat.

But before she could land another kick, Kelly managed a scything manoeuvre with her left leg that took Cat's right leg out from under her, so that she fell painfully to her knees. Kelly then wrapped both her legs, despite the pain in her thigh, round Catherine's waist pulling the older woman down further. All of which came as an unpleasant surprise to Miss Deeley who had thought in her own mind that the fight was nearly over. But this wasn't her first catfight and she had the presence of mind to put her hands out in front of her as she came forward. As Kelly reached up to grab hold of the periphery of Cat's hair, Cat placed her hands on Kelly's breasts.

Miss Brooks reaction was one of disgust and shock, "Get off my tits you Brummie Lesbian!" she screeched.

Cat's reaction was to sink her fingers in through the thin cotton of Kelly's vest top.

"No bra again hey Kelly, let me guess - you had an audition!" chuckled Cat, despite her own discomfort as she started to squeeze.

Kelly started to shake Cat's head from side to side, but other than a grimace, it appeared to have no reaction, while the pain in her own breasts increased. Kelly let out a scream of pain as for the first time the delicate flesh of her breasts was roughly handled. Kelly did though have the presence of mind to bring down one of her hands and attacked Cat's breast which she had previously kicked. However, Cat's sports top was somewhat more substantial than her own and she was wearing a sports bra, so although the attack caused Catherine some discomfort and irritation it didn't distract her.

Both women's faces were now bathed in sweat and it would have been clear to even the most naive watcher that they were hurting one another. As it was Miss Brook who was suffering more, it was she who strove to break free by letting go of Cat's hair and using her free left hand to start slapping her opponent on the side of the head. A couple of well placed blows got Cat's attention so that she moved one of her hands to pin Kelly's forearm to the canvas. Kelly then moved her right hand and grabbed Catherine's throat in a choke hold. Cat held onto Kelly's breast with her remaining hand for a few moments, before reluctantly removing it to break the choke hold. Now that her breasts were free from assault, Kelly concentrated on tightening her scissors hold. As the pressure mounted Cat's face started to display clear signs of distress.

With a hint of desperation, Cat stopped trying to break the choke hold and instead put her energy into punching Kelly in the stomach. Although Miss Brook did use boxing as a way of working out she had never before been punched and was totally unprepared, mentally and physically, for the blow. As a wave of pain shot through her body Kelly wanted to vomit and cry at the same time, but instead her body just went limp and fell to the canvas whilst she gasped for air. Now free from the painful scissors, Cat also paused for a few moments to recover her strength.

As Kelly started to show signs of stirring, Cat repositioned herself so that she was astride Kelly's right leg and pressed her right knee up against the younger woman's crotch. Kelly groaned, although whether with pain or pleasure was uncertain. Cat then took hold of the bottom of Kelly's patterned top and started to pull. As the thin material started to stretch and then rip, Kelly raised her body and wrapped her arms round Cat's neck, taking hold of her hair.

Before Catherine could react, Kelly had pulled her down on top of her. As the two women started to struggle on the canvas, Cat took hold of Kelly's dark brown hair as two sets of long legs became entwined in the struggle.

Cat tried to break free, but Kelly's hold was too tight, so instead she shifted her weight so that they rolled over. Kelly responded by breaking the hair pulling with her right hand and instead used it to start punching Cat in available vulnerable spots. This brought a redoubling of Cat's hair pulling which resulted in several strands of dark hair falling to the canvas and new shrieks of pain. But these cries were soon matched by Cat's as Kelly's punches started to inflict some real pain.

Although Cat had been in catfights before Kelly's punches were pushing her towards wanting to cry. To bring some relief Cat put her weight into rolling them both over so that she was on top again. This manoeuvre surprised Kelly, so much so that she temporarily stopped punching her opponent and alarmed the young MTV star as they moved close to the edge of the ring. In response Kelly pushed her weight in the opposite direction so that the two brawlers moved towards the middle of the arena. Both women now wanted a chance to catch their breath and as they rolled over again so that Cat was now on top she broke her hold on Kelly so that they parted company. Cat rolled over so that she was able to start crawling on her hands and knees towards a corner.

But before she had moved a metre, Cat held a strong tug on her top. She looked over her shoulder and saw Kelly on her knees holding onto the bottom of her top. Catherine lashed out like a mule with her right foot, but missed her opponent. It did however give Kelly a fright and she let go, allowing Cat to move forward again. But Kelly wasn't giving up and she reached out and grabbed hold of Cat's shorts with both hands. The first Cat knew about this was when she felt the shorts slide down her legs, revealing the grey cotton sports underwear. Catherine tried to twist round to protect retrieve her shorts, but Kelly kept pulling and inevitably the thin material gave way with a loud ripping sound so that Kelly fell onto her back.

"Bitch!" squealed Cat as she realised that her shorts were a lost cause.

Rather than dwell upon this, she resumed her crawl to the corner. No sooner had she stood up, allowing what was left of her shorts to fall to the canvas, and turned round than Kelly was upon her, pushing her back painfully into the turnbuckle. Kelly used one hand to take a secure grip on Cat's light brown hair whilst the other was used to punch Miss Deeley in the stomach. Cat groaned aloud in pain and slumped forward onto her younger opponent. Before she could defend herself, Kelly had taken a step backwards. grabbed Cat by the arm and propelled her into the centre of the ring.

Except the tattered shorts around Cat's ankles meant that she didn't go very far. She landed flat on her face. Cat did have the presence of mind to put her hands out in front of her to soften the landing. As she started to get up onto her hands and knees, Kelly planted the toe of her left trainer solidly into Cat's backside causing her to wail with pain and fall forward again.

As Cat struggled to get up again, Kelly could not resist crowing, "Who's getting her butt kicked now?"

Cat rolled over so that she was now on her back looking up at Kelly and from this position started to edge away from her opponent. When Kelly tried to follow, Catherine lashed out with a foot that made the younger woman pause for thought. Kelly grew impatient very quickly and threw herself forward to get to grips with Cat but misjudged and missed, allowing Cat sufficient time to roll clear and get up onto her hands and knees.

As Kelly started to get up she felt Cat's hands grab both her hair and a handful of her vest. As she tried move her body so that she could retaliate, there was a ripping sound as the vest finally gave way and fell away like a banana skin to reveal Kelly's pert breasts complete with pert nipples. Kelly let out a cry of rage and shock and her initial reaction was to protect her modesty, but the pain in her scalp reminded her of her priorities. She managed to get one arm round Cat's stomach and took hold of her top. Having ripped open her opponents top, Catherine wasn't slow to take advantage an used her hand that had ripped the vest out of the way to starting pinching a nipple.

Kelly bit her lip rather than cry out with pain and instead concentrated on hurting Cat. She managed to manoeuvre her body into a more advantageous position and then used the grip her trainers afforded her to push forward. This caught Cat off guard and she fell backwards with Kelly on top of her. Although she managed to keep hold the youngsters hair she lost her nipple grip and instead transferred the hand to join the hair pulling. Kelly landed at a slight angle atop Catherine and with both her hands free. Whilst her right hand went for the fringe of Cat's hair, her left hand moved towards her waist.

She then pulled aside the lower portion of Cat's sports top and then started to fumble around her underwear. Catherine realised what was about to happen and redoubled her efforts to hurt Kelly. She took one of her hands from Kelly's hair and instead sought out her breasts. Just as she managed to sink her fingers into the delicate young flesh, Kelly managed to slip her fingers under Cat's sports underwear and into her unseen minge. This was the first time Kelly had had her fingers near another woman's pussy and she was unsure as to exactly what to do. It was as Cat started to pinch and twist her breasts that she retaliated by pulling pubic hair and clawing at Catherine's womanhood. Both women let out a roar of pain as they assaulted one another and it was Kelly's inexperience that probably saved Cat Deeley.

Kelly's instinctive reaction was to stop pulling Cat's hair and use the hand to protect her breast. But this allowed Cat to start punching the forearm of the hand that was attacking her crotch. After the second or third blow, large, television unfriendly bruises started to appear and Kelly reluctantly had to withdraw her hand or risk a dead arm. Catherine badly wanted to massage her crotch (or ideally get someone to do it for her) but the pain only fueled her hatred for Kelly. She rolled over and in the process pushed Kelly clear of her. Kelly badly wanted to rest and to tend to her injuries. As she got up onto her hands and knees to crawl away, she didn't see that Cat had turned round 90 degrees.

As Kelly slowly got up Cat lashed out with both her feet which caught Miss Brook squarely in the flank. The left trainer catching her breast and the right her stomach. The net effect, other than to leave a nice impressions of the tread of Cat's trainers was to push Kelly right to the edge of the ring with her head under the lowest rope. Kelly had never felt pain like that just inflicted on her by Catherine and she was close to breaking down.

She turned her head to look for Cat with the intention of asking for a truce in time to see Catherine bearing down upon her. Before she could react Cat had pulled her head back by her hair. Kelly tried to twist round so that she could defend herself, but Cat's other hand was yanking aside her shorts and her panties. Kelly was now to weak and to close to tears to make anything other than a half hearted defence. But even this fell apart as Catherine's fingers started to ravage her pussy, systematically pulling, pinching, plucking and scratching.

"Now you little slut" said Cat over Kelly's sobs, "either you give up or you are going face first out of this ring and into that nasty hard floor! What's it going to be?"

Kelly tried to resist but after a couple of seconds cried out her submission.

Cat made her shout it out and used the opportunity to reinforce her position of dominance with her forefinger. When Catherine was satisfied that she had won, she let go of Kelly and walked out of the ring.

She sat on a bench opposite Kelly's sobbing body catching her breath. She took off her trainers and socks and walked over to Kelly. She pulled up Kelly's head by her hair, and ignoring the tears streaming down her face, stuffed a sock in her mouth before slapping Kelly's cheek with a trainer. Whilst this did no permanent damage it did keep Kelly off the TV and away from photoshoots for 3 weeks.