Kelly Brook vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt (aka ‘Love’) by JackD

Love's fame was on the rise and her confidence was peaking. She had landed a starring role in a big-time action movie with Jackie Chan, earning her a surprising reputation as an action heroine, and her new album, Bare Naked, was selling around the world, its title perfectly cultivating her reputation as the beautiful young American starlet luring in her young male fans with the teasing prospects of seeing one of the most wanted bodies in Hollywood, yet in the end always playing coy - too shy and modest to ever actually show her "bare" body off.

Love enjoyed playing her up her reputation, and while on her European album tour she decided to take a break to see if she could attract the continental men as easily as the men back in the states. She settled on a Mediterranean where European music TV was holding an award show and where her hot little body was sure to make her the star attraction with the boys.

Arriving in town with some friends, Love decided to head right out to get some attention. "I think I'll go for a morning 'run' and see what I can catch along the sea," she told her friends with a giggle as she adjusted her blue string bikini top and strutted down to the beach.

With her long dark hair flowing freely, stunning good-girl looks and slim figure, Love immediately got the attention of the beach crowd. Her skin-tight black spandex work-out pants that clung to her shapely behind and her bikini top pushing her famous big bouncing breasts up high didn't hurt either. All the young men were soon gathering around to check out the beautiful American star.

But someone was curious as to what was going on. Kelly Brook, the busty nubile rising young presenter and star of European music TV (who was also trying to break into American entertainment) was on assignment to cover the festival. Kelly was wearing a tight white tee-shirt that strained to hold in her simply massive set of tits, and a skimpy pair of navy shorts. Brook, who was used to being the one to cause the commotion on any beach, decided to see what all the fuss was about.

As she approached she saw a petite but busty-looking brunette with an American accent flirting with a crowd of young men. Not appreciating any competition, Kelly's sense of jealousy began to rise. Brook looked on with disgust as she watched how this newcomer was clearly making what Kelly thought was a pathetic attempt to show off - trying to put her tits on display by sticking them out every chance she got and repeatedly taking hold of her bikini cups to "shift" her stuck-out breasts, trying to give the boys the false hope that if they hung around long enough her pushed-up tits might just pop right out from their tiny harness by "accident."

"What a little tease!" thought Kelly moving in for a closer look. Then Brook recognized the giggling girl showing off her breasts. "Jennifer Love Hewitt?" she asked herself.

Now her jealousy turned to wrath. She’d planned to be the star attraction at the beach festival, and was in no mood for some American competition, especially in the form of a meddling little Hollywood brat.

But as she sized up the tiny girl, who Kelly knew liked to play up her nickname, "Love-Loves-Big-Tits," the busty Brit began to think Love just might be the break she needed, for embarrassing the little starlet wannabe and humbling her self-proclaimed "big tits" could bring Brook just the kind of publicity in the States that she was looking for. Confident she and her own big juggs could handle the little American princess and her "big tits" without a problem, Kelly strutted right up to the clueless Love with a playful smile: "So, who is this little American playing the flirt with our men?" Startled at the sudden appearance of the stunning, big-busted babe with the deep British accent, Love froze. She couldn't help but notice that all eyes had left her to check out this new chick.

"Excuse me?" she shot back with an arrogant sneer. "I'm Jennifer LOVE Hewitt, perhaps you've heard of me?"

"Jennifer Love Hewitt…Love….Love. . . Oh yes, you're that arrogant tease who fashions herself 'Love-Loves-er-own-big-tits' back in America!"

The mocking comment jolted Love out of her initial shock, and Love began to feel her own blood boil. Putting her hands on her hips, Love shot back, "Excuse me?! Arrogant tease?! And just who the hell do you think YOU are?"

Immediately, one of the young Englishmen yelled out, "Who? That's Kelly Brook! Wow, you are SO gorgeous! Hey fellas, look, its Kelly Brook!" Kelly just smiled smugly at Love.

But although Love was a bit unsettled at how the crowd seemed more excited at Kelly's appearance than they had been with her own, the cocky Love had heard of Brook and was sure she'd have no trouble putting the unworthy rival in her place.

"Kelly Brook? Kelly Brook.... that slutty English Page 3 girl so desperate to get out of the London sewers you even took a bit part on, what was it…'Smallville'?" Love chuckled as she looked Kelly up and down with a condescending sneer. "Sure looks like you belong in SMALL-ville girl, so why don't you just move along, you jealous wannabe."

But Kelly stood her ground. "Ha! Jealous of the princess of tease and queen of push-up bras?" She moved closer to Love with a confident, sexy attitude. "From what I see, you're nothin but a prissy little geek with a Wonderbra! I ain't moving anywhere, sweetie, though you're gonna WISH I did."

Love suddenly grew concerned of what she was getting into. Kelly's words hit hard, for the truth was she did feel like the awkward little nerd in comparison to this aggressive sexpot. Despite Kelly's youthful looks (the brunette beauties were the same age), the sultry young British bombshell exuded a mature but intense sex appeal, a lustful manner that the self-conscious Love always felt she lacked. And it was clear the seductive, voluptuous English girl had already captured the lustful eyes of all the boys in a way her prudish nature never could.

Physically, too, Love was unnerved at Kelly's intimidating presence as they now stood face to face. At 5'6", the Brit babe not only had a few inches on the petite 5'3" scream queen, but with her much sturdier and solid frame, Kelly looked to be the stronger of the two. Yet what Love found most unnerving was the incredible size of the young girl's rack! Love had always been able turn to her own boobs to get the men, counting on her famous cleavage to outshine other women for the attention of the boys. But now staring at this British beauty's enormous 34E's - wide yet incredibly firm for their size and looking ready to burst out from her tight shirt at any moment - Love suddenly feared that even her own prized 36C's might be outmatched against this sexy Brit. Kelly, meanwhile, was loving the way this face-off was turning out. The boys were already on her side, and she could see the nervous look in the big eyes of the self-conscious Love as she gazed at the site of the Brit's huge breasts. Kelly wasted know time in driving the point home.

"What's wrong sweetie, cat got your tongue?" Kelly grinned as she cupped her breasts together under her shirt, forcing the top of her chest to pop up from her low-cut tee-shirt. "Impressive, huh?” she taunted. “Look here little "Jenny-Loves-'er-big-tits," I was just watching how you pathetically try and flaunt those boobies, and I know you giggle and tease on television singing you want to be 'Bare Naked' and all, so don't tell me you're afraid of some competition! Unless you really are just the little tease you act like after all!"

Love was fuming and turning red with rage at being labeled a tease, "Maybe you drop your shirt for every camera around here Kelly, but I can be proud of my own body with my clothes ON, thank you very much!"

But Kelly just laughed: "Proud of those?" as she jabbed the unsuspecting Love right in the top of her left breast, her finger sinking down into the soft flesh. Love was stunned by the violation of her precious chest.

"Get away you sicko!" Love protested with a look of disgust, slapping Kelly's hand away and pulling her bikini up to ensure it covered her chest.

"But why is Miss ‘Bare Naked’ so afraid to be seen naked? Maybe 'cause ya know that if I rip off that famous push-up bra top of yours, then everyone's gonna see that those tits you want people to think are so big get LOST in a rack like mine!"

Now the direct challenge was on and the crowd went wild with cheers. Love could feel all eyes look back and forth between her breasts and Kelly's big tits. But Love couldn't let the taunting go on and her anger got the better of her, "Don't count on it girl. These breasts are the real deal, and can stand up any day to a fat pair of English cow tits on a tubby body like yours!"

The strong words from the little American took Kelly aback. Love glared at the Brit, hoping she would back down, but now Kelly was pissed. "Cow tits? Tubby!?" She approached Love with a menacing glare, "I'll show you whose got the better body right now you American princess! Lets just show the world whose got the 'big tits' around here and whose got a pair of droopin' saggy tits!"

The words sent a chill up Love's spine.... As she stepped back, Kelly tore off her shirt to reveal an enormous pair of breasts held up by a skimpy silver bra top, straining in every direction to contain her solid round juggs.

Cupping both of her own tits in her hands, Kelly boasted, "Nothin saggy over here, Lovey-poo! Think yours can stand up to these?"

The crowd went hog wild at the site of Kelly's big bosoms. She shook them for the fans and Love looked on in disbelief, both at the huge firm chest confronting her and at the wild reaction of the men. The curvy, doe-eyed actress was thinking she should have kept her mouth shut.

But it was too late. In an instant, Kelly got right in her face. "Lets go right now 'Miss Big Tits'! Put your titties up against my rack if you dare, and we'll see whose boobs get destroyed!" Love was unsure and looked scared, but Kelly didn't even give her a chance to respond, thrusting her chest right into Love's and letting her huge breasts collide with Love's own rack with a mighty SMACK! Love was stunned at the aggressively lewd move as she felt her breasts being driven flat back into her chest by the force and sheer mass of Kelly's tits.

With her tits being crushed in on themselves by the force of Kelly's mighty melons, Love soon found herself stumbling backwards. "Come on 'Miss Lovey-thinks-she's-got-big-tits.' Afraid to put those knockers of yours up against a real pair of big tits!"

Truth was Love WAS afraid, but she had to try and get this nasty English girl to back off. She and her famous breasts were getting pushed around, and Love had no choice but to fight back if she wanted to keep her famed chest from getting smashed about and dominated even further by this brazen young challenger. Shaken but still confident in her proud boobs, Love steadied her shoulders and pointed her chest out. Despite her inhibitions, she thrust her precious rack forward back into Kelly's big breasts.

"Uhh. Now back off witch!" Love groaned as she lunged forward chest first.

Kelly eagerly responded in kind, just what Love didn’t want, and the mounds of bikini-covered breasts started bashing into each other. With the two young dark-haired beauties locked together, their arms squeezing at each other's waist for leverage, big bosom squashing against big bosom, the crowd cheered the unbelievable sight of the celebrity titfight between two of the most famous chests around. Although Love’s chest had the momentum she quickly realized the results were the same - Kelly's firmer tits held their ground and shape, while Love’s soft boobs were flattened back down into her own chest.

"Ugh," Love moaned as she felt Kelly's large nipples start to dig into her own through their bra tops. With her breasts being squashed again, Love tried to push forward once more, but it was no use. It was like her outmatched tits had hit a big, mighty wall. They were crushed and flattened against her rival's powerful chest, no matter how hard she pressed forward.

Kelly, meanwhile, moved to take advantage of her more powerful rack, twisting her body and shaking her big chest from side to side with glee so that her solid bust rubbed hard back and forth against Love's flattened tits, knocking them left and right. "Oh, shit," moaned Love, as her big hanging boobs were now forced from side to side, flopping back and forth with SLOP after SLOP as they were crushed by her opponent's firmer chest.

Squeezing Love's waist towards her own, back and forth Kelly kept on rubbing her huge breasts harshly against Love's more droopy pair, dominating Love's luscious soft tits. Love struggled with increasing shame as her cherished orbs were battered and smashed about until they even began popping out from her little bikini top.

With all the crowd cheering, Love was now desperate to end the embarrassing thrashing her prized boobies were clearly taking in this colossal titfight, so she pushed Kelly away with a shove to her stomach. Knocked backwards, the British beauty responded with an angry glare at Love, who was quickly trying to tuck her battered breasts back into her bikini top.

"Oh, Love's precious tittles can't take it, huh?" Kelly growled as she shoved Love right back, nailing the scream queen right in her soft tits with both hands.

"You bitch!" screeched Love, as she again stumbled back holding her beaten breasts.

"The only bitch I see around here is you little girl! And I think its high time we teach your haughty American ass a lesson in humility! See, teasing time is over, Miss I-Love-My-Wonder Bra!" With that she reached out and grabbed on to Love’s bikini top at the string between Love's bouncing breasts and started to pull down.

Love looked down in disbelief and horror to see that the soft center curves of her famous cleavage were exposed and, as Kelly kept tugging, that even her nipples, small but erect from the excitement of the fight, were also peeking out into view, bared for the first time in public. "What the ...!" was all the dazed Love could get out before Kelly reared back with a nasty yank and RIIIIIP!! snapped Love's bikini top in two! The now huge breach crowd went wild, cheering on their local favorite and eager to see Love's breasts freed from their harness as the wide open, delicate beauties suddenly sprang bouncing out in public, Love's top dangling uselessly at her sides.

As the embarrassed scream queen hunched over and tried to cross her arms over her spectacular bared breasts, she could hear Kelly yell, "Can't hide those puny things anymore Lovey!"

The bashful beauty ignored the rude comment, her head hidden in shame as she cupped each boob with a hand. But there was only so much she could do standing topless in the middle of a large ring of lustful men that had formed around the two brunette battlers. The sides of her tits were still exposed, and the delicate shape of her large soft tits could still be seen beneath her little hands. Realizing her efforts to cover up were in vain and only distracting her from finding an escape from this nightmare, Love finally gained the courage to lift her head to peek out to the crowd.

Although embarrassed at the thought of everyone eyeing her cherished chest she had always hidden from public view, Love took comfort in knowing her bared breasts would let her steal the thunder back from this depraved foe she now hated so - for the boys would surely all go crazy at the chance to finally get to see Jennifer Love Hewitt topless. But looking up, Love was stunned to see that the men weren't focused on her bared breasts at all. Instead, all eyes were on Kelly!

"I'll show you some real breasts boys!" Kelly was teasing as she had begun a seductive striptease by slowly untying her own bikini top.

Love fumed, oddly, she thought, with jealous rage, watching helplessly as her sexy tormentor was again stealing her show. Love, with her famed breasts finally bared yet all but ignored, could only watch in frustration with the others as Kelly stripped out of her top and, with a smile at Love, revealed her incredible tits. While Love's bust had still looked like it might compete against Kelly's when their tops were on, with the two now topless it was clear that Kelly's melons dwarfed the perky but clearly smaller naked orbs of the embarrassed harlot. They were simply enormous, far bigger and wider than her own Love could quickly see. And, despite their larger size Love, was amazed to see Kelly's naked tits were still much firmer than hers. Kelly's seemed to defy gravity, standing as proud as Kelly appeared, while her own, although shapely, hung down with a slight sag now that her bra top had been torn off.

Now feeling utterly shown-up by her big-busted and clearly immodest rival, Love was in no mood for further competition. She didn’t know why Kelly had wanted to embarrass her so, but the mousy-look in Love's eyes told all she was too fearful and cowardly to try and fight back and defend her reputation, or that of her famed breasts. She was eager to get away, but before she could the feisty British sexpot cut off her escape and moved right in front of her again. With the two dark-haired young beauties now topless and face to face, Kelly pressed her effort to utterly humiliate the American.

While shy Love fumbled to cover her breasts, Kelly proudly rubbed her massive sturdy juggs together and smiled, "What's wrong Miss ‘Loves-er- big-tits?’ you look like a scared puppy hiding those tittles of yours! Afraid everyone can see that you've never let your tits go ‘bare naked’ 'cause Love's tits ain't as big as Love tries to make em look?" She laughed with the large crowd of onlookers and then reached out and slapped the bottom of Love's right tit, sending the dangling flesh bouncing around. Love stepped back. She couldn't believe Kelly would dare swipe at her bare breasts like that. But as Kelly watched the ripples run through Love's soft, jiggling curves, the bully kept on with her belittling, "Wow, look at those floppy tittles dance! Those saggy old boobs can't be what you think are such hot stuff?!" The crowd kept on laughing as Kelly then gave another hard slap in the same spot, sparking a humiliating cry from the embarrassed starlet as Love's soft boob bounced and wobbled about.

"Get away!" screamed Love as she tried to slap away the Brits hands.

"Oh what's wrong Miss Big Tits? You love teasin' the boys with your push up bras and tight, teeny-girl shirts, but look at ya now! Can it be that Jennifer Love Hewitt is ASHAMED of her own breasts when they're bared naked?! Looks to me like "Jenny-Loves-to-HIDE'er-Flabby-Tits" would be a better name for you!"

The red-faced Love was in a rage from all the belittling and finally shot back. "I don't need to hide my breasts from anyone! And they are NOT flabby! They're the most famous breasts in Hollywood! Anyone here would love to get their hands on them, so just back off you jealous bitch!"

"Oh I'll show you whose a bitch, you stuck-up Hollywood brat! And no one's gonna want to get their hands on those sad tits after I'm done with them!"

Kelly slipped her right hand in and grabbed on to Love's left tit from the side. Curling her hand into a fist around Love’s tit, she squeezed Love's lovely soft bosom into a cylinder cone from the side. Love's swollen nipple popped out between Kelly's thumb and forefinger as the top of her tit oozed out from between Kelly's fist like toothpaste being squeezed out of its container. Love screeched as her boob was manhandled in the squeezing vice of her rival's fist, but Kelly only grinned and then yanked Love's tit forward in the tight fist.

"Owwwww!!" Love shrieked as she came stumbling forward with Kelly tugging her down to the water by her pinched right tit. Kelly curled her fingers and fist even tighter, her nails digging into the breast trapped in her fist. Love wailed in pain as her tit was squeezed within the iron grip of the taunting Brit's fist, her areola and top of her breast now oozing out from between Kelly's thumb and forefinger. "No! No! My boob!" Love whined.

Finally, Kelly released Love’s aching orb and let the tit pop back into its soft round shape, her hand leaving red marks at the sides of her bosom. "How’d THAT feel, Miss Big Tits?!" barked Kelly.

"How dare you!" Love cried, as she ignored her aching tit and attacked Kelly with a flurry of blind rage.

Love latched onto Kelly's big bust, taking her tits in both hands and trying to squeeze as hard as she could. Kelly cried out, but was able to return the favor, clamping onto Love's already aching tits with both hands. A brutal, big-boob clawing titfight between the two buxom beauties was now on as they proceeded to tear into each other's chests with a fury. The topless rivals grappled and groaned as they each sought to gain the upper hand, their beautiful faces grimacing with pain and fury as each tried to ravage the other's famous mammaries.

But the newly aggressive Love was soon struggling, for she couldn't even get her fingers all the way around her rival's broad massive juggs. And without a good grip, her efforts seemed to be inflicting little damage on Kelly's solid breasts, despite her desperate efforts to inflict some revenge. Love's own tits, though big and meaty, were far softer and smaller than Kelly's; providing an easy target for Kelly’s claws. Sure enough, soon Love's breasts were completely encircled by the nasty Brit's talons, cushed like a cush ball with devastating effect.

But even worse for Love, unlike Kelly's firm and sturdy breasts, which held anchored to her own chest even in the heat of battle, Love's dangling tits hung looser, more vulnerable to being pulled and yanked about. And Kelly was quick to take advantage, so soon, not only were Love's boobs suffering from being brutally squeezed within the grip of her rival's sharp claws, but now Love's besieged pinched breasts were also being tugged and twisted all over - up, down, right and left - with Kelly manhandling them at will as she seemed to try and pull Love Love's floppy breasts right off her body.

“Aaaaaah! My tits!" Love cried, not knowing which way her aching boobs would be yanked next as Kelly gave one ferocious and savage tug after another on her strained and stretched tits until the sexy scream queen was wailing in pain as she tried to keep up the struggle at waters edge.

"Is that all you got Miss Big Tits?! I'll rip these sorry tits right off your scrawny little body, you pathetic wimp!"

Sure enough, Love could only manage to push in against her foe's strong, round globes, barely disturbing Kelly as her own droopier tits were being painfully jerked around and pulled from her chest, even as they were pinched together from all sides. Love tried to keep up the competition, but she was crying in anguish as her boobs were mauled and torn about, her tender red titflesh oozing between each one of Kelly's fingernails as they sunk deeper and deeper into her aching orbs. Kelly's claws were destroying her breasts, squeezing them without mercy while yanking and pulling on them so hard Love felt like they would be torn right off from her chest.

"Owwwww! It hurts!" Love bawled until finally she had to admit she was overmatched in this titfight, too, and released her grip on her rival's breasts to try and protect her own mangled pair. "It hurts! No more!" she pleaded. "Pleeease, you're tearing off my tits! My tits!"

But as if to underscore her dominance over the famous starlet, Kelly gave one more vicious tug down on Love's battered boobs, which sent Love tumbling down to the sand boobs first. She hit the ground with a thud, rolled over and looked down to her tender and throbbing breasts. But before she could even catch her breath, the British bombshell jumped right on top of her, landing on Love's tight stomach. Love glared up at her rival, unable to escape her clutches as Kelly's arms pinned her hands above her head.

Looking down at Jenny’s red and scratched tits, Kelly gloated, "Well I guess you can call me ‘Kelly Loves to Maul Your Weak Tits.’ Are you ready to submit and admit your flabby little tittles are no match for my beautiful breasts?"

The humiliated Love just glared back, "Just get off of me you sick bitch!"

She was down but not out. But Kelly just smiled down at her foe, "So Love still thinks she's got the big tits? I guess you still need to learn!"

Kelly lowered her big breasts down, flattening Love's reddened pair under the weight of her mighty melons. Love moaned and squirmed as her once proud peaks were covered by the mass of English titflesh.

"Get those things off me!" the disgusted Hollywood starlet cried.

"Oh, I thought you were loving it Lovey!" Kelly said with a smirk as she raised her chest up off Love’s so she could flick Love's small nipple with her index finger. "But with these puny nipples of yours, I guess its hard to tell WHEN you get excited!"

Love glared up at her foe with wrath in her big brown eyes that were again filled with shame. But she was helpless to stop the verbal abuse, and too weak to escape or stop the physical abuse so Kelly proceeded to match up her own nipples against Love's and then started to rub them back and forth against Love's. Both girl's nips were hard from the heat of battle, but Kelly's much thicker and stronger nipples quickly out dueled Love's tiny pink tips, driving them side to side and then down into Love's own bested chest.

"Look at this! Even Miss Big Tits' weak nipples can't stand up to the challenge!"

Love was red-faced with shame, now feeling sexually dominated as well. She struggled to escape, her back arching off the ground and her arms fighting to break free as she desperately squirmed under the weight of her tormentor. But Kelly was too strong, and she wrestled Love's arms back down to the sand and then trapped them back under her knees. Sitting up on her rival's stomach, Kelly then slapped the hapless Love across the face.

"You ain't goin nowhere till you and your tits give up! Cause I'm gonna destroy these overrated titties of yours girl!"

Kelly again tore into Love's sore and sweaty breasts with both hands, her long red nails biting deep into the flesh as she mashed Love's big bosoms flat down into her chest. Love yelped out in pain and humiliation, her arms flailing and her feet stomping and kicking as her boobs were once again mangled by her rival's claws.

"Pleeease stop!" Love whimpered as her prized tits were flattened like pancakes. "No more, no more! I can't take this! You're destroying my tits!!" Love sobbed as Kelly’s palms started grinding down on her upstaged nipples, crushing her poor throbbing breasts flat.

Kelly finally let up and took her hands off Love’s scratched up boobs and then stood up off her foe. Humiliated and fearful of further abuse, Love slowly stood and tried to make another escape through the crowd of young men. But instantly she was caught from behind, a grimace coming over her beautiful face as her long hair was yanked backwards.

"Oh no you don't. I'm not through with you yet you arrogant Yank!" barked her British captor. "On your knees Miss Big Tits!" Love yelped and fell to her knees, embarrassed and in pain as her hair was pulled from its roots. "That's it girlie! You look like such a weak little puppy dog, Lovey-poo!"

Love trembled at her helpless situation, trapped on the sand beneath the mighty British bully, her bared boobs exposed for all to see, red and aching from the long abuse already suffered at the hands of her rival. But Kelly, standing behind her kneeling foe, was eager to complete her destruction of the rival tits of the American beauty. She reached down over Love's shoulders and grabbed on to both of Love’s nipples. Love groaned with disgust and frustration, but that soon turned to a shriek of pain as Kelly pinched the swollen nipples between her fingers and then yanked them up, stretching the boobs thin as she pulled the nipples up towards Love’s chin.

"Still Love yer big tits, do ya Lovey?" Kelly laughed as she stretched Love’s nipples and breasts higher.

Love was once again begging for mercy, her aching tits feeling stretched to the limit. But Kelly wasn't done with the tit torture of Love's famous boobs. Still tugging her nipples upward, Kelly now used them to twist Love's breasts around. Stretch lines appeared around Love’s nipples as each of her tits was wrenched around. Love wailed in pain, but Kelly just gave another twist to Love's tits.

"Leggo….leggoooo!" cried Love desperately, her tits on fire, pulled thin and twisted tight.

Love’s poor little nipples felt like they were about to be torn off by the nasty titty twisting but Kelly gave still another wrench around, twisting the nipples even further as she continued yanking them higher.

"AHHHH! My Tiiiit!" cried Love as her stretched and twisted boob was now wound so tight Kelly could no longer hold it anymore and finally had to let go, shoving Love face down into the sand as she did.

Kelly straightened her hair and jiggled her stately breasts while the weary and battered Love, sobbing and holding her aching boobs, tried to wipe the sand off her ass as she struggled to get to her feet. Again standing face to face, the two beauties began to slowly circle each other. Kelly looked like a wildcat ready to strike again, her proud peaks standing tall in all their spectacular glory, with her hard, strong nipples at attention, a testament to Kelly's aroused excitement at her success in playing the domme over the stuck-up American scream queen. The doe-eyed Love looked like a wounded puppy, frightened and submissive, her famous breasts a sorry sight; beaten red, scratched and sagging low in shame without her push-up bikini top - looking every bit as droopy as Kelly had lampooned - and with her own tender nipples swollen from all the abuse, yet still looking puny and defeated compared with the impressive and rock-hard big thick nipples of her sexy rival.

Love knew her famed breasts had been out-dueled and overmatched at every turn by the truly bigger rack of her foe; that she’d proven no match against the nasty catfighting techniques used by Kelly. Her prized boobs had suffered terribly, out-mauled and crushed again and again in the wild tit-fighting against the stronger breasts of her nasty rival. But now back in a standoff with her foe, who was circling her like a stalking lioness looking for more, Love feared that her tits couldn't take any more torture. Her only hope, she thought, was to change the tone of the fight, and hopefully take the focus off her bested and beaten breasts.

So even though Love was more petite than the bigger and stronger Brit, Love thought she just might have better luck in a more traditional fight where she could use her skills learned on the set of her latest action movie. She tried to ignore her aching bare boobs as she took the initiative, sending a sudden karate chop to Kelly's chest. It sent the stunned girl backwards, so Love nailed her again, and then again. Suddenly gaining a spark of confidence, Love kicked Kelly right in her stomach, doubling her over in pain. Love then inched forward, now eager to dish out revenge as she wound up and let go with a roundhouse kick. But there wasn’t much power behind her kick, and Kelly was ready for her this time, capturing Love's leg in mid-air in her strong arms.

"Shit!" cried Love, as she was suddenly trapped in a most precarious position, topless and hopping around on one leg.

"Ha! Is that what you learned from that stupid movie?" Kelly laughed, as she twisted Love's leg and sent her crashing down to the sand face first. "After all this beatin you thought you could out- wrestle ME you puny little wimp?! Well I guess we'll have to finish giving you a lesson in humility then Miss Big Tits!"

Kelly grabbed on to Love’s ankles and dragged her backwards toward the water. Love cried out helplessly as her naked tits were scrapped up by the sand until she suddenly hit the water. But Kelly kept pulling her through the muddy tide, and Love was soon gasping for air as she was dragged though the shallow water. Kelly yanked her battered foe back out of the sea and let go of her ankles, leaving Love panting face down on the sand, her hair and body dripping wet and covered in a mess of wet and mucky sand. All she could think about was how to protect her battered breasts from further abuse. Making sure she stayed on her stomach, her throbbing tits cuddled beneath her, Love brought her hands up to the sides of her covered chest seeking protection. But Kelly now set her sights on a new target to complete her humiliation of Love and establish her utter dominance over the rival buxom brunette. Lifting her foot above her foe, she smiled for a moment and then Kelly's heel came smashing down upon Love's upturned rear.

"Ouch!" Love yelped as her spandex covered bottom jiggled from the blow.

But before she could turn her head she felt the air forced from her lungs as Kelly had dropped down hard on to her back facing Love's legs and flattening Love into the sand. In a dominant position over her beaten rival, the Brit then began to have some fun, bouncing up and down and flattening Love's breasts beneath her. With each bounce Love let out an "Ooofff" as her lungs were crushed between Kelly's mighty bouncing ass and her own sore breasts being crushed into the harsh sand.

“How are those so-called ‘big tits’ doing down there prissy?!" teased Kelly.

Not good, Love knew, as her effort to find an escape in the sand had turned into yet another trap for her aching orbs. With her breasts being flattened into the harsh sand like pancakes, her red and tender titflesh began seeping out from the sides of her trapped body. Love began to desperately kick her legs about, trying to kick her tormentor or at least knock her off balance. But Kelly was solidly positioned on her dominant perch, and she observed with a grin the sight of the soaking wet lycra-covered legs of her prey flailing and squirming about in front of her.

"You're not going anywhere Miss Tight Work-out Pants!" barked Kelly as she grabbed the backs of Love's thighs and slammed her legs back down to the sand.

"Ugh!!" groaned Love.

With her legs pinned flat on the sand and her back crushed underneath Kelly's rock-hard rump, Love could nothing else but try and thrust her hips about in an almost pathetic attempt to carry on her struggle. But with each thrust the crowd only leered at the sexy sight of Love's adorable spandex-covered shapely ass writhing and squirming about helplessly in the air.

It was a sight Kelly also noted, "Ya know Love, from the size of these chunky thighs and this bubble butt sticking up here, I'd say you've got a lot of nerve wearing such tight, form-fitting knickers! Maybe its time we give this lumpy ass on Miss Tight Work-out Pants a REAL work-out for a change!"

Instantly, Love knew that her famous breasts were not the only thing that now needed protection. Her upturned vulnerable ass lay defenseless before this nasty girl, and had suddenly become the focus of everyone in the crowd. And with her tits having been beaten on all night, Love knew all-too well what Kelly meant by saying she would give her bottom-side a "real workout." Love shuddered at the thought. Utterly desperate to escape, she re-doubled her struggle, surging and bucking her hips up and down, and side to side. But her efforts still did little more than leave her targeted cute ass wiggling about in the air like a sitting duck for her tormentor. Sure enough, Kelly sank her nails into the back of Love's thighs, tearing into the lycra pants as she scratched her way up Love's legs toward her target. Love yelped out, but then really started to wail in pain when Kelly reached the bottom curve of her shapely ass, for that's when the Brit really dug in and began to claw away. Love shrieked in horror and pain, for the skin-tight fabric offered no protection as Kelly's fingers reached on to their target and sank in to the soft, giving skin of the scream queen's sexy butt.

"Oww! Stop!" cried Love, as each of her curvy cheeks were squeezed again and again in the powerful hands of her rival. Kelly's nails sunk deep into Love's curvy bottom, her fingers indenting into the black fabric as she squeezed harder and harder on the squirming butt before her. "Stop pinching my ass!" Love cried, helpless to stop the humiliating abuse. On the verge of tears, Love finally felt Kelly ease up on her aching ass. Panting, she tried to catch her breath thinking the worst was now over. "Now get off of me ...." Love started, but she was cut off by her own shudder as she felt Kelly grab on to the waistband of her soaking wet black lycra pants and gently begin to tug them down. Love was stunned, for even with all the painful abuse her body had suffered she never anticipated things would get even nastier. The helpless starlet screeched in protest as she felt her pants slowly being pulled down over her rear end.

"Stop! Pleeease! That's far enough! You had your fun beating up my tits, but this is too far Kelly!" But as Kelly keep tugging, all the resigned Love could do was sob, "You bitch...!"

But Kelly just laughed off the comment, “Come on Love-poo, everyone wants a picture of that famously fat ass of yours!"

Hearing the lusting cheer go up from the crowd of young men, Love raised her head and looked up with horror to see how many now had cameras in hand. Tears in her big brown puppy-dog eyes, she twisted and squirmed in the sand. But it was no use. Kelly soon had her stretch pants down to her knees, exposing Love's round bottom covered only by her pair of sexy white panties. Love's cute ass twisted and wiggled up and down as she squirmed and struggled in desperation to get free from beneath her tormentor. But Kelly would give her no peace.

"Wow," she barked, as she again began to maul Love's now half-naked rump.

"I can see you needed that spandex to hold together this frumpy ass almost as much as you needed that wonder top to hold up your push up tits!"

Love could hear the crowd laugh and cheer as Kelly's fingers were now clawing away directly on the tender flesh of her lampooned behind. She cried in pain and complete humiliation as her battered buns were again mauled. She was helpless as Kelly savagely clawed on her ass, bunching the luscious soft butt flesh into mounds trapped and viciously squeezed in each of her strong hands. Love's shrieks of pain, however, were then overcome by horror, as she realized Kelly's claws were sinking lower and lower on both her luscious cheeks, each hand getting closer and closer to Love's own love box, a region Love never dreamed could be at risk, but suddenly realized laid unprotected.

Desperate to stop the decent of Kelly's prying claws, Love screamed, "Leggo you bitch, let go!" as she turned her head backwards to glare in disbelief.

But it was no use. Love was stuck pinned on her stomach with Kelly firmly positioned on her back, and Kelly 's fingers were already buried deep into her butt. And now Love felt the British girl's thumbs move closer and closer together until they almost met, sinking into the crack of Love's lower ass from both sides. From there, the diving thumbs and forefingers of her conqueror continued their invasion as they began to wrap around Love's crotch heading for her scantily-clad pussy underneath.

"Get away, get away you sick lesbo!" Love cried in panic as she felt the talons now perilously close to her womanhood.

But Kelly still clawed lower and lower, "Oh, is little Miss Prude getting scared?" Kelly lifted her hand, hovering it menacingly over Love's battered buns as Love looked back with helpless terror. "Has the teasing Miss "Bare Naked" never been touched down HERE!"

Kelly leaned down, reached around Love’s red ass and slapped a reverse crotch claw on her precious love mound. Kelly gripped on to the delicate fabric of Love's white panties, her fingers and nails finding their target as she tore into Love's crotch. Love's head came flying up off the sand, her mouth wide open as she could only gasp in shock at the lewd assault on her most private area. Her natural instincts took over and she lifted her hips up from the sand, raising her crotch to try and escape the clawing attack from the hand that had snaked in underneath her. But as her hips came up from the sand, it only made Love more vulnerable, now freeing Kelly's claws that had curved under and around her crotch by giving her hands more space and better leverage to dive into their target.

Kelly was now able to take firm hold of Love's raised crotch, and repeatedly yanked, each time bringing a fresh cry of pain from the suffering starlet. Again and again she raked her claws into the panty-covered mound. With Love helpless, Kelly's fingers now pressed right through the soft cotton panties, her forefinger finding its way into Love's snatch as it dove in from beneath Love. The intrusion sent Love's crotch and ass soaring even higher into the air. Even her stomach lifted up from the sand as her mouth hung wide open in disbelief as Kelly's fingers worked Love’s panties into her crack, her nails now scraping Love’s insides as Love's ass wiggled madly above as she tried to lift up from the attack.

With her panties sufficiently stuffed into her now wet pussy, the underwear had turned into a thong running through Love's thick, wet pubic hairs and between her thick lips. With an open target, Kelly really clamped down, pinching the tops and bottoms of Love's pussy lips and then ripping at them from side to side as she latched on to her snatch with both hands. Love was now bucking madly, screeching in agony and shame, her ass rolling in circles as her crotch was mangled from beneath. She could feel her pussy being torn about and her dark pubic hairs being ripped out in great clumps. Finally, Love managed to almost knock Kelly off from her back, forcing Kelly to drop her attack on Love's pummeled pussy.

But Kelly held her balance and managed to avoid tumbling over by grabbing on to the waistband of Love's tattered panties to steady herself. Kelly looked pissed off at losing her clawing grip on Love’s snatch. With a growl, she took the panties, twisted them in her hand and yanked them back. "Oh shit!" sobbed Love as her already aching crotch was now split by the painful wedgie. The little panties dug deep into Love's reddened rear end, her ass squirming in pain as Kelly yanked up again and again. With Love’s round cheeks split and high in the air, Kelly gave a few stern SMACKS to Love’s sore ass.

“Stop! Stop!” she begged, humiliated by each fresh spanking on her sexy ass and pained by each new tug on her wedgie.

With the white panties quickly stretching out of shape, Kelly finally let go, letting the suffering rear of her prey fall back to the sand. The beach-goers laughed and cheered as they watched the once haughty and self-styled prude Jennifer Love Hewitt laying wet and topless in the sand, desperately trying to cover her half-exposed shapely butt as she fumbled to pluck her wet, messy panties out of her snatch and ass crack and stretch them back out across the expanse of her round rear. Kelly just smiled with the huge crowd watching the haughty scream queen try and pick her wedgie from her battered ass and crotch. Love was panting loudly beneath her, exhausted yet excited from the nasty attack.

"What's wrong you little prude? What are you tying to hide down there anyway?" mocked the British bully as she yanked up on the wedgie, undoing Love’s efforts and cutting the panties back up into her ass crack. "I thought you were trying this new image on for your teasing self - with your new songs and videos, prancing around and teasing everyone that you want to be 'bare naked.' Well, lets finally see lovely Lovey bare naked then!"

Love screeched as she felt the strong tug on her panties, now in the opposite direction, but it was too late. She heard the crowd roar as Kelly started to slowly pull the dirtied panties down the beaten girl's body. That’s when Love really panicked, squirming and screaming as the top curves of her luscious ass were revealed. Frantic and terrified of being stripped buck naked, she desperately tried to reach back and pull her little bottoms back up to cover her half-exposed rear-end, but she had little success. She twisted and turned every which way, but her British tormentor just kept tugging the bottoms slowly down, almost seductively, until finally she had yanked them right off her exposed buns and down below Love’s knees. Love's plump and sandy ass, reddened from all the abuse, was now exposed before the lustful crowd. Love was overcome with rage and embarrassment as she heard the young men she had come to flirt with now laughing at her and her predicament. Looking up she could see them snapping away pictures to record her complete humiliation. Love knew she would never live this down.

"Wow! For such a skinny little wimp you sure do have a FAT ASS!! No wonder you try and hide this thing, Miss Jennifer-DOESN'T-Love -er-chunky-ass!'"

The words made the suffering starlet fume. She had always been bashful about her soft plump bottom. But here she was trapped under the abusive vice of this wicked young British bombshell who was out for her blood, striping her butt naked, putting her ass on display and ridiculing it in front of everyone. It was her worst nightmare come true. But Love would have to put up with more than verbal abuse, for Kelly was still not done delivering pain and humiliation to the battered scream queen's luscious rear end. She was determined to destroy Love's haughty round ass as thoroughly as she had destroyed her once-proud tits.

"Let's see how flabby this ass of yours really is!" Kelly said as she drove her thumb nails down into the center of Love's ass just by her crack.

With her claws now locked on her victim's hapless butt cheeks and buried deep into the soft round buns, Kelly yanked the butt flesh up, squeezing Love's ass cheeks into two great mounds between her biting fingers. Love kicked and screamed, as her sexy ass was mauled and pinched by her rival's abusive attack. Her buns were on fire as Kelly's long nails sunk deep into her defenseless bottom.

"No more, no more! Please, Kelly I give up! Leave my ass alone!"

Kelly released her brutal butt claw from Love's defeated ass cheeks and said, "Now, one last bit of punishment for you Miss Big Butt."

Kelly, still perched on Love's bare back with free rain on her opponent's vulnerable naked ass. Love tuned back and looked up helplessly with fear in her eyes, unable to stop what she knew was coming. In her dominant position, Kelly began spanking the desperate Love with her open hands.

"Owch! Stop!" Love cried, as Kelly began to wail away with smack after smack on her bouncing battered buns, reddening with each new slap and indignity. "Please, don't spank me!" she begged as her already aching cheeks suffered again with each new open-hand whack.

But Kelly kept on, now focusing on one battered cheek at a time. With one hand, Kelly began delivering quick, sharp slaps to the curvy bottom underside of Love Love's left butt cheek. Each SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! was answered by a humiliating cries of, "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" as ripples ran up through the soft fleshy buns. One hard SMACK after another came down, flattening Love's spectacular ass.

Finally, Kelly let up on the spanking, leaving a panting Love sobbing beneath her. She stood over her rival as Love tried to tend to battered buns, reddened and scratched up from the long spanking and mauling. She then kicked Love over.

Now lying naked flat on her back before the huge crowd of onlookers, Love tried to cover her bare crotch with her left hand in shame. "I guess its time to finish you off Miss Big Tits," Kelly said with a smile as she lifted Love off the sand. Weak-kneed, Love still held one hand over her exposed dark pubic mound and tried covering her scraped up and battered boobs with the other. Kelly just laughed at the site of the embarrassed doe-eyed scream queen trying so hard to cover he nakedness.

"So, Lovey can't bear to be naked after all," Kelly teased as she moved around behind her quarry. "Come on, don't be shy! Show everyone how butt-ugly that famous body really is when its ‘bare naked’!"

Kelly forced Love’s hands behind her back and trapped the weary girl in a full nelson, thrusting Love's breasts out as she pulled Love’s arms back. Love groaned, twisting and turning as her defeated bare naked body was put on display for the crowd and the cameras, her red and beaten boobs bouncing about and her mangled crotch prominently thrust into view.

"Well now we can see why you can't bear to be naked Lovey. You got this oversized bubble butt I beat on all day," she taunted as she kneed Love hard in her butt, bringing a grunt of resignation from her now submissive captive. "And of course Love just can't bare to let anyone know that she's not really Miss Big Tits without her Wonderbra on!" With that, Kelly let go of Love's arms, wrapped her hands around her and proceed to lock on a double breast maul from behind. Love screamed out as Kelly kept on, "Your baby tits are half the size of what you try and make em, and even these little things you DO got sag down to your knees!" as she ripped her tits back and forth with Love once again wailing in pain. "Not to mention that if you want to be ‘bare naked’ you gotta let someone near this stinkin’ crotch Love! I mean, pee-eww, this overgrown bush needs a trim!"

Kelly reached down and ripped away at Love's remaining patch of tangled black pubic hairs, Love balling in pain and humiliation until Kelly left the self-styled prude nearly bald. Finally, Kelly turned Love’s weary and naked body around so she was facing her weakened and wobbly rival. She began to rub her big mighty breasts on Love's sore and beaten tits.

"Whose got the weaker tits?" yelled Kelly as she let her huge melons fly, bashing into Love’s smaller orbs. Love screamed at each smash as her delicate aching boobs were flattened and crushed again and again by the incoming mound of titflesh. "Whose got weak tits, I asked?" Kelly yelled again as she continued to use her massive mammaries as a battering ram against Love's beaten boobs. The fight had come full circle, and there was no escape for Love.

"Uggh. No more!" Love moaned as Kelly's strong, hard nipples drilled into her sensitive nipples with each blow. Love was sobbing as her breasts were battered again and again with each new lunge.

"Speak up Lovey!” Kelly taunted. “Who’s got weak tits, eh?"

Love's tits were smashed again and again, flattened and buried beneath the larger, firmer and more powerful breasts of her tormentor. Overwhelmed in this final titfight, she could take no more.

"I do," Love finally sobbed. "I've got weak tits. Now pleeeease leave me alone!"

"That's it," smiled the Brit. "Confession’s good for the soul. Now kiss my tits girlie-girl! Take a taste of a real woman's breasts!"

Love looked up with her big puppy-dog eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Come on Miss 'Thought-She-Had-Big-Tits.' Honor my superior tits!"

Meekly, the once proud Jennifer Love Hewitt, her slim body now stripped naked and battered, leaned forward and kissed the huge chest stuck in her face. Satisfied she’d thoroughly humiliated the young starlet, Kelly shook her huge breasts in Love’s face, burying the beaten beauty in the mass of titflesh.

"Now that's a taste of some real tit, girl!" Kelly gloated.

Love could barely breath as Kelly's sweaty boobs smacked her about until she finally collapsed back to the sand. Love was left sprawled out on her back, exhausted and all but passed out, her hands stretched helplessly above her head. Looking down at the battered naked body of her beaten rival, Kelly ground a foot on Love's left boob as she raised her arms in victory. Cameras rolled as she proudly stood over the battered and beaten body of the young American scream queen who’d proven to be no match for her strength, her body and certainly not her tits! Love had lost her title of Miss Big Tits.