Kelly Brook vs. Jordan by technetium

Jordan returned to the UK after the terrible defeat she suffered with three models only to find herself in another possible fighting situation. At the first party she attended, Kelly Brook made some harsh remarks about her defeat.

"Well, Jordan," she added, turning to the blonde model. "I'm sure I can fight better than you. If there'll be another chance to give the Playmates a lesson, call me! I'll destroy them!"

"Kelly, I beat Kelly Monaco! Then, there were four against one. I couldn't do anything about it!"

"Yeah, yeah, talk! It's pretty obvious you can't fight. And by the way, this reflects your modeling ability. You can't fight, you can't model, I just wonder if..."

Kelly didn't finish her sentence because Jordan slapped her. "Shut up, bitch!" yelled Jordan.

Kelly raised her head, calmly, and looked straight into Jordan's eyes, "You'll pay for that, bitch!"

Kelly threw herself against the blonde, grabbing the front part of her mini dress. In a moment, Kelly had ripped it, leaving Jordan topless. The blonde tried to cover her naked tits but Kelly was faster and she captured the blonde's nipples between her fingers. In seconds, Kelly pulled and threw Jordan onto a nearby table.

The busty girl landed hard, hitting her chest on the hard wood. Before she could turn around, Kelly was on her, slamming her right knee between the blonde's opened legs. Kelly tried to grab Jordan's blonde hair, but two of the other guests stopped her and dragged her away from the dazed blonde.

Jordan turned toward the smiling brunette and whimpered through teeth clenched in pain, "Tomorrow. 8pm. My place!"

Kelly nodded and then immediately left the party.

The next day, Jordan had set everything in her house for a fight. She was dressed in a white top, tight black shorts, white pantyhose and white high heels. She knew that her tits were her most vulnerable area, so she protected them with a bra that was, as far as possible, covering almost all of her globes. The tight top covering it would help too.

Kelly arrived on time wearing an outfit very similar to Jordan's; a pink top, black shorts, pantyhose and high heels. Her shoes, like Jordan's, were sandals so the nylon covering her feet was clearly visible. Kelly's pantyhose, however, were significantly thicker than Jordan's, showing almost no trace of her bush beneath.

Unlike Jordan, Kelly wasn't worried about her breasts, so she decided not to wear a bra since she felt more comfortable. She rang the door bell and Jordan promptly opened the door. She fixed Kelly with a superior grin, then turned and walked away toward the bedroom, leaving Kelly standing in the doorway. The brunette entered carefully, looked around, then closed the door behind her and followed Jordan. When she walked into the bedroom, Jordan was sitting on her bed.

"Mind if we start here?" asked Jordan.

"No problem for me," replied Kelly smiling. "Anyplace is fine for kicking your ass!"

Jordan knelt on the left side of the bed and Kelly positioned herself in front of her.

"Let's start!" whispered Jordan, extending her arms to Kelly who accepted her challenge. They interlaced their fingers, gritting their teeth and hissing at their opponent. For over a minute nothing happened, they just kept glaring at each other. Then Kelly slid towards Jordan and pushed her chest forward so that her tits pressed on Jordan's. Jordan accepted this challenge reluctantly, knowing what had happened to her in the past. Kelly continued pressing her breasts into Jordan's and smiling.

"You can't take the pressure, Jordan? What's up?" asked Kelly sarcastically.

"Don't worry, Kelly, there'll be time for this later. But now..."

Jordan shoved Kelly over on her right side and then pulled her back to the left. They rocked back and forth several times before Jordan finally slammed Kelly down. Quickly, the blonde tried to sit on her brunette rival, but Kelly bridged and successfully fought off the blonde's attack.

Jordan fell on the soft bed and Kelly got her legs wrapped around the blonde's waists. Jordan squirmed as Kelly tightened her grip, squeezing the firm flesh. The blonde flailed her hands hysterically, trying to punch Kelly's body, but with few results in terms of damage. After a while, Jordan felt Kelly's hand crack down on her left cheek with a hard slap. Excited at the feeling of dominance, Kelly slapped Jordan once more. Jordan tried to protect her face but Kelly grabbed her wrists, pinning her arms on the mattress as Kelly raised her scissors up around Jordan's chest and flattening her enormous tits.

Jordan grunted as Kelly clamped down, then screamed in anguish and started kicking her feet in the air, trying desperately to kick Kelly. Jordan twisted and squirmed and finally managed to land one of her kicks that hit Kelly, although feebly. But it was enough to upset Kelly. While Kelly concentrated on her wildly thrashing legs, Jordan struggled with her hands, eventually freeing them from Kelly's grasp.

In a flash, Jordan's hands flashed up under lower edge of Kelly's pink top and inserted her fingers inside. Finding Kelly's soft titflesh, Jordan started scratching. Kelly gulped in pain as she quickly opened her leg scissors from around Jordan's bosom. The blonde thought she had succeeded in freeing herself, but only for a few seconds. A moment later, Kelly slammed her right knee into Jordan's left tit like a hammer. She did it five times before Jordan could scramble away by pushing Kelly. Jordan began to crab backward on her arms with her legs in front of her.

Kelly couldn't allow Jordan to escape so she grabbed her by the left ankle, scratching Jordan's nylons with her nails. Jordan yelled at the scratch, but reacted driving her right foot to Kelly's face. When her sandal hit Kelly's cheek, the brunette was knocked off of her. Jordan tried to jump on Kelly but the brunette caught her with a kick and Jordan landed on the bed whimpering.

Kelly kicked her in the side with both feet, knocking Jordan off the bed onto the hard floor and she landed hard on her butt. She tried to rise but as soon as her touched the floor, Kelly was on her. Kelly straddled Jordan's stomach as they struggled for control of Jordan's arms. When Kelly managed to pin them on the ground at the side of the blonde, she held her arms by the wrist and put her knees on Jordan's chest.

Kelly started kneeing Jordan's oversized tits and even though Jordan had the sturdy white top and the bra protecting her assets, her tits soon started to hurt. Jordan screamed in pain as each knee slammed into her, the sounds extremely pleasing to Kelly.

"So do you give up or do you want me to destroy these tits some other way?" Kelly asked with an evil smile.

"Never!" replied Jordan, spitting in Kelly's face as she again started kicking her legs.

Kelly gulped and grinned her teeth, putting more efforts in the tit squashing, but Jordan lifted her legs in the air and managed to get them around Kelly's neck. She twisted her hips and threw the brunette down. However, Kelly didn't lose control and while falling she flung her legs forward, catching Jordan in the face with her shin.

Kelly's hands started working on Jordan's ankles and she pried open the blondes scissors quite easily. Kelly pinned Jordan's neck under her left ankle and pushed her right shoe in the blonde's aching face. Jordan's reaction wasn't as quick as Kelly's and before the blond had grasped Kelly's feet, Kelly was already pulling Jordan's shorts down her legs.

Kelly had exposed the upper part of Jordan's pantyhose when Jordan began to squirm but Kelly easily removed her shorts and then went to work on Jordan's shoes and got them off as well. Finally, Jordan managed to remove Kelly's hold from her neck and face and she tried to crawl away.

"Not so fast, bitch!" yelled Kelly as she grabbed Jordan's ankles to stop her escape, then she drove her right foot onto Jordan's crotch.

"No, no, no!!! Nooooooo," cried Jordan, trying too late to cover her womanhood.

This gave Kelly the opportunity she wanted. She sat on Jordan's stomach once again, this time pinning both arms with her legs. Jordan's face expression immediately turned to deep terror, knowing what Kelly was about to do. Kelly tore into Jordan's top, ripping it apart after a bit of struggle. With the blouse gone, Jordan's bra was easy and in a moment her massive jugs were bared. Kelly started squeezing them together, heedless of Jordan's screams and pleas.

After a while, Kelly changed tactics and began to pull on Jordan's nipples - hard. She stretched the soft flesh like taffy while Jordan screamed and tried to displace Kelly from her dominant position. It took a while, but eventually Jordan did manage to upset Kelly after several long minutes of one-sided tit-mauling. Jordan retreated, whimpering, clutching her throbbing tits.

Kelly slowly got up, grinning confidently as she followed her sobbing opponent.

"So, you can't keep the fight up eh, whore! Give up!!!!" screamed Kelly.

Jordan didn't say anything, rising slowly in pain to her feet. Kelly stopped in front of her and planted her hands on her hips.

"Come on and fight!" Kelly taunted the confused blonde.

Jordan fell into Kelly's trap as she threw herself at the brunette. Jordan's action, while brave, was too slow and confused and Kelly avoided her grasp easily. Jordan spun around and charged again - with the same result. Totally confused, she charged a third time, but this time Kelly ducked and grabbed Jordan's hair as she passed.

From behind, Kelly pushed Jordan forward and rammed the blonde's face onto a nearby wall. Jordan dropped to her knees, panting. Kelly lifted Jordan to her feet with a yank of her hair. She paraded the dazed blonde around the room for a bit, before tossing her on the bed again. Jordan curled in a ball, one arm protecting her tits and the other rubbing her aching scalp.

Kelly licked her lips, happy about the progress of the match so far. As Jordan slowly stretched out her body on the bed, Kelly hopped up and sat on her ankles. Jordan started to sit up but Kelly slapped her down and ripped a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose. Kelly thrust two fingers in, finding Jordan's love box which she started to scratch.

But overconfident of her superiority, Kelly worked too slowly. Jordan suddenly sat up and grabbed Kelly by the hair, slamming her body down to the floor headfirst. This time Kelly was the one stunned and Jordan was able to pin Kelly's head with her legs as she proceeded to pull down Kelly's shorts over her butt. As soon as her butt was exposed, Jordan started spanking.

Jordan was absolutely furious and her heavy-handed spanking was particularly effective. After doing that, Jordan dragged Kelly up and threw her onto the bed on her stomach with her legs on the floor. Pinning Kelly's head under her ass, Jordan destroyed Kelly's pantyhose and started clawing and scratching her ass cheeks with a fury.

The pain quickly revived Kelly who managed to free her hands and she grabbed both of Jordan's feet. Kelly scratched, but it had little effect on the enraged blonde until Kelly turned her head and put Jordan's left foot in her mouth. When she bit down, Jordan screamed in anguish, turned around and tried to pull her limb free.

By the time Jordan finally managed to remove her foot from Kelly's mouth, Kelly raised up and threw Jordan off of her. Jordan tried to clasp her thighs onto Kelly's neck, but Kelly didn't allow it. She stopped Jordan's legs in mid-air and threw herself against the blonde. After a bit of struggle, Kelly managed to get her hands on Jordan's globes and she started to scratch the already aching and battered tits.

Jordan shook her body until she got free and then finished removing Kelly's shorts from behind. Kelly lunged free and turned around. Both women were on their knees with Jordan frantically trying to force her right hand under Kelly's top while her left arm wrapped around the brunette's neck. Kelly's hands came up behind Jordan's back, grasping for and finding, Jordan's blonde hair. Kelly started yanking, pulling Jordan's head back and making her moan in pain. Jordan's grip on Kelly's breasts was loosening with every passing second and, after a bit of hair-pulling, Kelly let go and drove her left elbow to Jordan's chest.

The elbow connected flush with the blonde's left nipple, flattening her bulbous boob against her breastbone. Jordan gulped and then screamed, flailing her hands at Kelly as she tried to scramble away backward but Kelly was still holding her hair with her right hand.

Kelly swung Jordan around and slapped a hold on her now throbbing tit and began squeezing. Jordan whimpered and frantically tried to rip away Kelly's top so she could retaliate. Jordan eventually succeeded but by the time Kelly's tits were exposed Kelly had done too much damage to Jordan and her grip was too weak. Kelly punched Jordan's melons while the fading blonde pathetically tried to scratch hers. After a few more seconds, Jordan collapsed, falling backward onto the bed holding her aching body parts.

"So, you can't handle it, huh you weak blond bitch!" screamed Kelly. "This isn't over yet. Get ready for a real bad beating!"

Jordan just sobbed, her battered chest heaving with each breath, looking up at Kelly through terrified eyes. Kelly removed what remained of her pink top, straddled Jordan's waist and slowly lowered her breasts on Jordan's. When their hard nipples touched, Kelly started slamming her tits down into Jordan's, grabbing the blonde's wrists so she couldn't stop the breastbeating.

Kelly's firm tits and hard nipples ravaging Jordan's aching, sore ones. The blonde's face, after a first expression of terror, slowly turned paler and paler as Kelly intensified her thrusting, grunting each time she slammed her torso into Jordan. When Kelly asked, Jordan didn't want to give up, even though the pain was excruciating.

"Nooooo, Kelly, stop it!" Jordan pleaded.

"Do you give up?" Kelly asked with a superior smirk.

"No, never, but... stoooop!" Jordan gasped as Kelly slammed down into her battered breasts again.

"Give up now (SLAM)… and I'll stop... (SLAM)……or I'll … (SLAM)….continue THIS (SLAM) stuff for hours!!!"

"Noooooo!!! Noooo! Kelly, please, nooooo!!! Stop!!! STOPPPPPP!!!" Jordan began to beg, almost delirious with breast pain. "You don't seem to understand your situation.... (SLAM)" Kelly giggled. "Now, let's make the situation more funny!"

Kelly continued the tit pounding for a few more seconds before realizing Jordan had no energy left to fight back. Kelly rose and grabbed Jordan by the hair. She dragged her off the bed and threw her against a wall. Before Jordan could fall, Kelly grabbed her wrists, lifted her arms above her head and moved her body into Jordan's, pinning her to the wall. Holding the weeping blonde up with her legs and hips pressing against her, and her hands on Jordan's wrists over her head, Kelly once more began slamming her chest onto Jordan's. Her smaller, but quite impressive, tits destroyed Jordan's giant ones. With each breath-taking body blow, Kelly howled in superiority while Jordan grunted and gasped in pain.

Kelly pressed her chest on Jordan's but this time she held it there as she whispered, "I'm asking again for the last time, do you give up?"

Jordan was terrified, but just as she opened her mouth to surrender, she realized Kelly's legs had dangerously opened. In a last attempt at saving her pride and at freedom, she slammed her right knee up into Kelly's unprotected crotch. Kelly gulped, her eyes wide in surprise. Jordan shoved Kelly as she pushed off the wall with her butt. But Kelly still held Jordan's wrists in her hands, so Kelly didn't go very far. Jordan drove her right heel to Kelly's body and after two vicious kicks, Kelly lost her hold and fell back. Jordan jumped on her chest and grabbed Kelly's wrists in her hands, preventing them from attacking her breasts again as she bounced her butt up and down on Kelly's chest.

Kelly suffered the attack for almost a minute before she started whimpering softly.

"Do you want more?" asked Jordan as she bounced again.

Kelly shook her head and moaned weakly, "no." But that wasn't enough for Jordan after all the pain she'd absorbed. She started bouncing up and down again, but this time Kelly rolled her body so Jordan landed on Kelly's shoulder and lost her balance. When Jordan tumbled off on her left side, Kelly grabbed Jordan's crotch and dug in her fingers, crotch clawing her. Kelly squeezed with all her strength as Jordan squealed in anguish.

Jordan slapped Kelly's face and yanked her hair, trying to counterattack. She pulled Kelly's head down on her ample chest and tried to smother her. Unfortunately for her, Jordan's technique wasn't very good and Kelly ended up with her lips on Jordan's left nipple. Needless to say, Kelly sucked it into her mouth and bit down!

Jordan screamed loudly, hysterically, as she punched Kelly's head madly. The pain undoubtedly amplified the blonde's reaction and Kelly, after taking a couple of punches, had to open her mouth. Jordan continued punching Kelly's body for a while, ignoring her screams.

Then, Jordan rose up, grabbing Kelly by the hair and forcing her to rise as well. Jordan slammed Kelly against the wall and the brunette fell dazed. Her fury unleashed, Jordan hauled Kelly up again, this time by her nipples. The pain was too much for Kelly, who screamed out her submission.

"Jordan, stop!!! I give up! Stop!!!!" Kelly sobbed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Smiling, Jordan dragged Kelly over to the door using one hand in her hair and the other still pinching her nipple.

"Open the door, now!" Jordan ordered her.

Kelly had to follow her command, even if she knew what was going to happen to her. She moaned a feeble, "Please, no" but Jordan shoved her out the door and send her sprawling on her hands and knees on the pavement.

"Next time you want a fight, call me!" yelled Jordan who was standing, almost naked herself, in the middle of the street.

"Please, Jordan," Kelly whimpered. "At least give me some clothes... give them to me!" Kelly demanded.

"If you want them, come inside and try to take them! But if you're too scared....."

Kelly sobbed and remained sitting on the pavement, her hands crossed over her chest. Jordan went back in the house and slammed the door behind her.

Jordan tried to be happy about her victory, but she realized it had been a tough fight that she could easily have lost. She put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, then gathered up Kelly's torn clothes and opened the door. Kelly was still sitting there, sobbing. When the door opened, Jordan thought she saw Kelly cringe. Jordan walked over to Kelly and threw the clothes on the defeated brunette.

"Remember, never come back here!" screamed Jordan.

Kelly swallowed hard and nodded, then she got dressed as fast as she could given the condition of both her body and her clothing. As Kelly got dressed, Jordan stood over her with her hands on her hips, then she watched Kelly walk off until she disappearing into the cold, damp English autumn night. Finally, Jordan felt satisfied.