Eastenders Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) vs. Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) by Harry

Both these characters appear in the popular BBC soap, Eastenders. Janine Butcher is the sluttish daughter of an ex used car salesman, who has now turned to drugs and prostitution to maintain an expensive lifestyle, sleeping with several male characters. In the process of this she has learnt that one enjoys nothing more than watching two women fight it out.

Kat is a relatively new arrival to Eastenders, but has carved out an equally tarty reputation that we have no time to fully list here. She also runs a clothing stall that is not doing well at the moment. Janine's customer has suggested that a fight for money between her and Kat would be worth a considerable amount to the winner. At the next opportunity Janine visits Kat at her stall, ostensibly to purchase some underwear and makes her the proposal. Although Kat is no blushing angel, she initially rejects the challenge as she has put those days behind her and wants nothing to do with Janine's antics. But business on the market stall she runs with her daughter is glacially slow and money is tight. The reality is the business needs an injection of cash. While Kat is confident that she can take a slut like Janine, she is reluctant to be seen so desperate for money publicly.

In a discrete telephone call to the younger woman it is agreed that the fight will take place at Janine's apartment at midnight, with Kat giving the excuse to her family that she is seeing 'friends' in another part of London. On the agreed night Kat is loitering by a telephone box at the appointed hour. She hears the click of Janine's heels on the pavement before she sees her. The younger woman is wearing black high heels, tight black leather jeans (tight) and a slinky strappy tight purple top, her highlighted shoulder length hair hanging naturally. Although she is wearing an open denim jacket it is clear that she has no bra on, as agreed. The over the top gold rings and jewelry glinting under the street lights. Kat walked forward so that Janine could see her before heading toward the door to the apartment.

Shes wearing a tight white crop top, denim jacket, tan suede miniskirt, black stockings, matching heels with her hair short black and spiky. Kat opens her jacket to demonstrate she too is braless. Janine gives a sneering smile then opens the door, leaving it unlocked and going up the stairs. By the time Kat walks into the apartment, Janine has turned the lights on low, light some candles and slipped on some mood music, wholly inappropriate for what is about to come. The curtains are open fully and there is clearly visible a man watching from across the street.

"Where's the money, slag?" snarls Kat standing there, hands on hips.

"In the envelope on the side there you suck up bitch!" replies the younger woman nodding at a large brown envelope, "750 as agreed. Now take off your jewelry!"

Janine starts to slide off her rings, then her other accouterments. Kat responded by seductively sliding off her jacket and walking round the room slipping off her own jewelry making sure that the watcher has as good a view as possible.

"Bitch!" hisses Janine as she slides off her own jacket then standing in the middle of the room, side onto the window hands on hips.

Kat walks towards her young opponent, in an identical pose and for several seconds the two women faced off. Then stepping closer they began to circle so that the unseen observer got a good view and the older woman's suede skirt brushed against Janine's trousers. The toes of their heels touching gently as both women start to hiss sexual and personal insults and slurs under their increasingly heavy, nervous breathing. Both women had been in fights before, Janine at school and ones arranged for clients like this, but she had never fought an older and more experienced woman. Kat's skills had been honed in brawls inside and outside of pubs and clubs across London. Having circled a full 360 degrees twice, neither seemed quite ready to start fighting. Kat 's fists clenched nervously as suddenly, but not entirely out of character, Janine leaned forward and spat in her face as her hands reached to grab the older woman's short, spiky black hair. Kat squealed as she reached out and got a firm grip on her young opponents hair and began to tug and twist.

"Let go of me you little tart!" snarled the older woman.

"Can't handle a little hair pulling you dirty old skank?" snapped back the young tart, dragging the older woman towards her across the faded carpet.

Their bodies collided, unrestrained breasts slapping together, flattening. Kat was able to twist Janine's long hair around her fingers and force the young woman's head back as far as it would go, so that she was staring up at the dirty ceiling. They started to stagger about, their thin tops rubbing and starting to ride up and out of shape as their bodies were twisted and pulled about. As they turned side on to the window the watcher could, with the help of powerful binoculars, clearly discern hardening nipples. The two women started kicking out with their heels, not that they were the most suitable footwear for the task from a practical perspective or for inflicting damage. Janine at least had the ability and satisfaction of dragging the edge of her shoes against Kat's stockings causing holes and ladders to appear. Shrieking with rage at this Kat brought her right hand to bear and slapped Janine across the cheek twice, turning it red.

"YOU SLAG!" shouted Janine Butcher, bringing her left hand down and delivering a hard slap on her opponent's butt.

Kat let out a squeal of anguish, then a torrent of abuse as she clamps one hand, then the other, on the young woman's breasts, grabbing, twisting, squeezing and pressing the orbs of soft flesh protected only by thin material of her purple top. Janine gasped with surprise and shock at this move but it isnt the first time shes had her breasts attacked and, keeping one hand firmly in Kat's short hair, she drops the other to the older woman's right breast and crushes it through the thin material of her white top.

Kat grunts but the older woman is undaunted; indeed she ups the tempo by raking her claws down the younger woman's top, snaring the neckline and pulling it down. The cotton stretched, revealing more of Janine's sweating, wobbly breasts. Inevitably the material ripped apart exposing both breasts to the two women and the unseen watcher. The sweat dampened cotton hung uselessly. Kat smirked in triumph, and would have stepped back making sure the audience got the best possible view, but Janine did not lessen her vicious hold on her hair. Janine's started to shake her opponents head about while simultaneously ripping at her white top.

"Aargh, leggo my fuckin' hair bitch," screeched the older woman as her neck was twisted painfully.

But she still managed to retaliate by grabbing hold of one of Janine's breasts in one hand, squeezing it like and orange while the other grasped at highlighted hair. Janine gritted her teeth as she now took a fistful of Kat's top, using her fingers to open holes then rip at the garment, all the time pulling hair and now trying to force her opponent back. The thin white cotton material gave way and one of Kat's breasts popped out, which the younger woman eagerly seized sinking her fingers in. The two women struggled and swayed in their grossly impractical heels, pushing and dragging at one another. It was Kat who broke the deadlock by bring up a knee and catching Janine's in the crotch of her leather jeans. As the young woman's face went pale, Kat followed up by dragging her opponent past her trying to propel her towards the wall. But in doing so she lost her hold on Janine who managed to push out her arms to avoid a painful collision with the wall.

But instead of following up, Kat first of all kicked off her heels that she now realized were a distinct hindrance. Then she pulled off what was left of her top, uncaring that a possibly close neighbor was watching her act like this. This short respite had allowed Janine to turn and face her opponent again, although she hand not totally recovered from the knee to her crotch. While her older opponent fiddled with her attire as if she were fighting in some club, Janine threw herself at the black-haired woman. She sank both hands into Kat's hair gripping tightly as their breasts collided. Kat found herself staggering backwards under this assault and desperately clawed at Janine's longer hair. When this brought no relief, she aimed a couple of half hearted punches at her opponent's stomach but with their bodies so close this wasnt possible so she kept a hand in Janine's hair while she reached and groped for the buttons of the young woman's leather trousers.

"You dirty bitch!" snarled Janine as she tugged Kat's head back as far as it would go while also trying to back away from this attack.

But the heel on one of her expensive open toed shoes gave way causing her to fall backwards to the floor, in doing so she dragged the older woman down with and they landed in something of an untidy heap, with Janine the older woman on top. This drop in the level of the action caused the viewer to stand up and then on his chair so that her could see the action properly, while making a mental note to make sure that the next one of these he paid for had better viewing facilities. They started rolling back and forth across the floor, now both totally oblivious to the fact that they were being watched.

As their sweaty bodies were pressed together, Kat kicked off what remained of her heels with one hand pulling hair and the other trying to get at her opponents trousers. When this wasn't possible she lashed out against the young woman's exposed skin causing red marks to appear. Janine now also discarded her shoes and had one hand firmly gripping the older woman's hair. The other hand was engaged in pulling up the suede miniskirt so that she could claw at Kat's thighs and stockings, causing large holes to appear. Kat was able, at last to grab and pull open Janine's leather trousers (they were made of inferior quality - what else can you expect when you buy from a market stall) and then proceeded to try and push them down. Janine let out a strangled cry and started shaking her opponents head about by the roots of her hair, while simultaneously tugging at her skirt. With a fury born of hatred and some desperation she pulled so hard that the buttons all gave way and the article flew through the air, so that the small black thong worn by Kat for the event was exposed.

Feeling suddenly naked, Kat now turned her attention to getting away from Janine slapping and pushing her away. This suited the younger woman fine as she could feel her jeans sliding down her legs and now wanted rid of them. As if by agreement the two women rolled a couple of meters apart, breasts heaving as the gulped down air. Janine stood up and pushed down her leather trousers, kicking them away with a foot, stood there now only in a black g-string. Kat also stood up, taking stock of what was left of her stockings and adjusting her thong, while trying to keep an eye on her opponent. They started to slowly circle on the worn carpet, eyeing each other with newfound malevolence. Janine pounced forward, showing a surprising turn of speed, lunging at and grabbing Kat's breasts and starting to squeeze. This was not the first time that this had happened to Kat, but she reacted with startled surprise, lashing out with both hands against the young woman.

"Aaaaaeeeee! bitch let go!" shrieked the older woman as her breasts were turned painfully.

As her hands were slapping and punching at Janine's midriff, Kat now grabbed her opponents ass, raking it with her nails. As she did so she caught hold of Janine's g-string and pulled it up so that it cut into her. Now it was Janine's turn to wail with anguish, but this did not prevent her from pulling Kat's breasts apart and forcing her back towards the tawdry sofa. Wanting to stay on her feet, Kat now grabbed hold of Janine's breasts pulling, twisting and raking them with her nails

"Uurrrrggghhh, owwwwwwww!" squealed Janine as her breasts suffered from Kat's cruel attentions.

She released her hold on the black haired woman's breasts to try and defend herself, then reached out and grabbed the short sweat matted black hair. She bit her lip as she started to shake Kat's head about, adding a mouthful of saliva into her attack. The two sweaty and battered bodies clashed, rubbed and pressed together as they collapsed onto the sofa. Kat unable to keep hold of Janine's breasts began scratching and clawing at the younger woman's body as they rolled and struggled for a dominant position. It took only a minute or so before they slipped off the sofa onto the floor, squealing and screeching, breasts now pressed flat. Hands alternating between pulling at hair and seeking a decisive grip on one another's now glowing skin. As Kat managed to get on top of Janine, the younger woman gripped her hair with both hands, pulling her head as far back as possible.

"Give up you fucking skank!" snarled Janine as she tried to force her opponents head back as far as she could. As their upper bodies peeled apart, their hard nipples became clearly apparent to the watcher.

"Slag off you dirty whore!" snarled back Kat, grabbing Janine's nipples and pulling hard.

Janine screamed and moaned as the burning sensation in her breasts grew. She scratched and clawed at Kat's body, then caught hold of her thong and pulled it up hard, so the elastic strained to stay together, the thin material biting into Kat's crotch cruelly. Now it was Kat's turn to scream with pain as her face turned white, tears welling in her eyes. The pain was unbearable for Kat, who was now only thinking about the possible damage that she was suffering at the hands of the thin nylon material. The pain didn't diminish when Janine let go and instead pushed her hands into Kat's face. Indeed Kat wasn't aware that the wedgie attack had finished until she found herself on her back looking up at Janine.

For the briefest second the two women stared at each other, before Kat delivered a hard stinging slap, then grasped at Janine's sweat dampened hair with one hand. As the younger woman recoiled momentarily Kat's other hand reached for and grasped hold of the thin material of the black g-string pulling as hard as she could. But she was at the wrong angle to do any real damage with a wedgie, although the thin material did bite painfully into sensitive skin. This was not enough to prevent Janine grabbing the now totally disheveled hair of her older opponent and push down trying to pin her to the floor. As she did so their battered breasts and crotches pressed and Kat squealed and groaned. As Kat reached for Janine's hair with her second hand, now that the wedgie was clearly not working, Janine rose slightly and pushed her self forward up her opponent's body. Kat 's view was then filled with the sight of Janine's reddened breasts and hard nipples closing in on the pressing down on her face smothering her. It the sweaty aroma made her choke and gag almost instantly. She tried desperately to move her head aside but Janine was gripping her hair too hard.

No matter how hard she slapped and scratched at her opponent's body, or pulled her hair she go no relief. After less than a minute she began slapping the floor with the palm of her hands indicating her surrender. It was only when Janine felt Kat start to go limp did she stop smothering her and instead proceeded to pose above the beaten woman for the benefit of the watcher. Only when she saw that the light over the road had gone out did she finally get off of her beaten her opponent to collect the winnings, read a congratulatory text message and then throw the still groggy Kat out of her flat with a string of obscenities.

Kat stayed low for a few days letting her body recover, putting it down to an illness, all the while hearing stories of Janine Butcher suddenly being in the money. The following week when she felt able to spend the day running her market stall she suffered the added humiliation of having Janine Butcher appear and make a great show of buying a hundred pounds worth of clothing from her. Kat may have bit her lip, but she swore revenge.