Brookside Catfight: Emily Shadwick (Jennifer Ellison) vs. Nisha Batra (Sunetra Sarker) by Harry

Once upon a time, Brookside was a soap opera set in Liverpool that tried to tackle real issues three times a week and still be taken seriously. Now however, it's been stripped of all interest (and attractive characters) and bumped to a dead-end Saturday afternoon omnibus slot. But before its grisly death, there was a story line involving sultry Asian nurse Nisha Batra stealing the boyfriend and fiancé of Emily Shadwick's sister. The upshot of this was some 'understandable enmity' between the Shadwick's and Nisha, and several inconclusive confrontations. For reasons best know to themselves, the writers ignored the full implication of this story line, presumably in favor of more 'socially worthy' material. It was their loss (literally and potentially in terms of audience).

Emily was walking to meet her boyfriend for a night of clubbing and partying in the bright lights of Liverpool city center. She was dressed to turn heads, her bright blonde hair in two pigtails; a strappy lilac vest top showed ample cleavage and her see-thru plastic bra; black/white zebra stripe leather trousers and black strappy high heels completed her 'look.' Although life was good for Emily, her hatred of Nisha Batra remained and she'd often thought of engineering a decisive confrontation. But she'd always allowed herself to be distracted at the critical moment. Now, as she walked near the medical center, she was surprised to see her sisters ex-fiancé sneaking out in the same direction, tucking himself back in. The sight made Emily stop in her tracks and she watched him walk away without looking back; whistling a happy tune. At this time of night, he couldn't have been seeing the doctor; and those repressed feelings of anger started to rise again. Emily decided to make a small detour...

Inside the Doctors Surgery, Assistant Nurse Nisha adjusted her smart short-sleeved dark blue uniform after her quick liaison. She had had nothing to look forward to on this Friday night except a few lonely hours sorting patient records and other paperwork. But a surprise call to her mobile and a visit after the other staff had gone had brightened things up considerably! She quickly checked her black stockings and shoes on the off chance the doctor would return and, once satisfied everything was properly in place, she gave the nurses surgery, complete with small metal bed, the once over before she opened the door to return to the records room. As she stepped through the door and switched off the light she looked up to see Emily Shadwick standing in the reception area, hands on hips. There was a moment of stunned silence before Nisha's professional training kicked in.

"May I help you? The surgery is shut and if you need medical assistance you'll..."

Nisha's voice tailed off as she realized Emily wasn't there for medical attention. You didn't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out what she WAS there for.

"You dirty slag!" hissed Emily, "Still carrying on your whoring and shagging other girl's fellas, eh?"

"That's rich, coming from a stupid blonde tart like you!" snarled Nisha, stepping forward with no intention of being intimidated by the blonde teen. "Besides, he's free to see who he wants now..."

Before she could finish her riposte, Emily tottered forward on her heels and planted a hard slap with her right hand to her face, sending Nisha staggering back a step or two, her hand on her cheek tending her now-burning skin. She stood in stunned amazement at the assault, unsure of what to do next; unwilling to back down and with nowhere to run. Emily made her mind up for her, reaching out with her right hand and grabbing Nisha's raven black hair and pulling.

"You don't know hold badly I have wanted to do this!" hissed the blonde scouser with a plaintive whine.

With Nisha's course of action decided for her, without hesitation she brought up both hands and using a distinctly non-medical technique, grabbed Emily's pigtails and started pulling, making the teenager squeal. Miss Emily Shadwick was no stranger to catfights and she got both hands wrapped up in Nisha's hair in a flash. Both women were squealing, groaning and grunting as they yanked back and forth on the others tresses. Emily dragged the nurse into the waiting area, where she found herself being pushed backward against a row of seats. For a few seconds, Emily thought she was headed backward over the seats, but Nisha let go of her, which allowed her to stand upright. Before she could regain her footing fully, Nisha drove her fist into the teenager's belly, making her to moan aloud as the air left her. Nisha followed up quickly, bringing her left knee up and making solid contact with the blonde's thigh. Emily slumped forward with a loud moan, her hands grabbing the back of the seat to keep her on her feet.

"Had enough bitch?" snarled Nisha, thinking she'd proved her dominance, but Emily had been expelled from a dozen schools in the Liverpool area for not wearing the proper uniform and she looked up full of determination.

While Nisha waited confident in her superiority, Emily reached up and clamped her hands round her neck, forcing the older woman back in surprise. Nisha was taken off guard by the attack and struggled to defend herself, grabbing Emily's wrists as she backed away. It was her retreating that prevented the teenager from getting a firm grip and proved to be a fine tactic - until Nisha's back hit the wall and she couldn't back any further. She could feel Emily's slender fingers tightening and by now both were squealing and screaming insults at the top of their lungs like a couple of banshees.

Unable to break Emily's choke hold, Nisha brought her right hand down and around to slap Emily's larger, rounder breasts; the impact forcing them together. Emily's face creased with pain as she momentarily eased the choke hold and allowed Nisha to convert the slap to a full breast grab. As she squeezed Emily's breast, Nisha clasped her free hand over the young blonde's face; pushing her head backward. Emily's thin top was designed to show her breasts, not protect them and she cried out in pain.

"Owwwwwwwwwweeeeeee! You skanky bitch!"

Now it was Emily's turn to stagger back and her initial response was to grab the arm of Nisha's crisp blue uniform while her right hand sought a breast hold. Emily had more experience at fighting like a bitch and was much more skilled at it than Nisha. She was able to secure a more painful grip, squeezing and twisting the dark, soft flesh under the crisp uniform as Nisha's face contorted in pain at this unpleasant new experience.

Nisha's reaction was to redouble her own breast attack, learning from experience the pain Emily must be feeling. She used her other hand to grab a handful of Emily's thin lilac top and she started to pull and tear at the garment. Within moments, the thin cotton started to rip, revealing the teenagers see-thru plastic bra. At almost the same instant, the buttons of the nurses uniform began to give way from the top, one at a time popping off and rolling across the floor. The blue uniform material parted like the Red Sea to reveal a sheer black lace bra straining to hold in two mountains creamy dark flesh.

As they pushed and shoved, Emily stumbled, in part due to having on high heels. She fell back, pulling the nurse down with her; bounced off a seat cushion and landed on the floor. Nisha managed to fall slightly under control and as a consequence, she ended up kneeling straddling the teen where she was able to renew her attack more quickly, aiming a torrent of slaps at Emily's face and chest accompanied by a stream of insults and sexual slurs.

The blonde lashed out with her arms and hands in a frantic effort to defend herself. But it didn't stop Nisha and she moved forward in a crude attempt to face sit her young opponent. But in doing so, Nisha allowed Emily to grab the hem of her uniform and claw at her black stockings, laddering them. Nisha leaned back and gave the teenage minx's body several painful blows as her blue uniform started to rip some more. Nisha tried to defend herself but she was then taken by surprise by the ferocity of Emily's struggling and writhing so much that she fell to her left on her side.

Emily twisted her body as she reached out and grabbed the nurses raven black hair. They rolled across the carpet like a pair of demented hell cats, their hands sunk deep in the others hair, pulling and screaming. During the melee, Nisha kicked off her shoes to get better footing, but to no avail. Neither was able to get a decisive nor dominant hold on the other as they rolled, bodies pressed tight together. The struggle took its toll, more so on Nisha who was an inexperienced fighter and she tried to break away. That's when the nurse had a stroke of luck for she managed to accidentally knee Emily in the upper thigh. Emily's tight leather trousers offered some protection, but didn't really soften the blow.

Emily rolled off to the left rubbing her thigh, moaning and muttering insults while Nisha rolled the opposite direction, putting a couple of meters of carpet between them before getting to her knees to catch her breath. Emily had also arisen to take a breather and was busily trying to take off her heels which were a distinct liability. As Nisha took stock she realized how badly her once pristine uniform had been torn and that her full breasts were visible through her sheer bra.

"You dirty blonde slut, I'll fucking kill you for this!" she snarled, pointing at her uniform as she faced Emily.

"Piss off you old slag," Emily snapped. "I haven't half done with you yet!"

She threw a shoe at Nisha's head but missed and Nisha let out a stream of insults as she lurched toward her on her knees with her hands raised and arms outstretched. Emily dropped the other shoe and moved forward also on her knees. Two pairs of hands gripped and became enmeshed and entwined in hair as their bodies collided. Both screamed in anger and pain as they ripped at the roots of one another hair for almost two minutes without let-up. Nisha managed to force her younger opponents head back so that she could release a hand and claw the back of Emily's bra, causing the plastic to dig into her firm breasts. Emily let out a screech of pain and struggled to break free, but the more she struggled the more she suffered!

Emily retaliated, reaching down with one hand to pull and rip the back of Nisha's uniform until it fell away from her body revealing an expanse of dusky, sweaty flesh. Then Emily changed tactics and drove her right fist into Nisha's side. Her grip on Emily weakened momentarily allowing Emily to rise up on a knee, then painfully, to stand. Nisha's hands lost their grip and slipped from the blonde teen's hair. Nisha was forced to slap and scratch Emily's body and punch her leather clad legs.

Having managed to gain the dominant position while keeping hold of her opponents long black hair, Emily started to drag Nisha across the floor as she wailed and screamed. When Nisha raked her nails on the teens skin, Emily responded with a knee to the side of Nisha's jaw. But for Emily's cruel grip on her hair, Nisha would have gone sprawling! The nurse saw stars while Emily brought up her foot up, pushed it inside the ripped and tattered blue uniform and straightened her leg, sending the last of the buttons flying.

Now the tattered outfit was ripped wide open, each half hung from its respective side of Nisha's body revealing a decidedly non-standard black g-string that matched her bra. Nisha had enough wits about her to realize she was in real danger of being totally humiliated. Desperate for relief, she got her hands up on Emily's waist tried to push the blonde away.

Emily hissed, "Get away from my crotch you dirty slag!"

Nisha knew what she needed to do, and proceeded to pull open and then down on Emily's trousers. The teen let out a squeal as soon as she realized what Nisha was about to do and she released her hair to save her crotch. Before she could do anything, however, the kneeling nurse had pulled open the trousers and dragged them down the teenager's thighs revealing a tiny red thong. Emily's priority was to defend her womanhood, but she was taken by surprise when instead Nisha pushed her over backward!

With her tight trousers round her thighs the teenager couldn't step back to absorb the push so she fell on her ass, unable to kick out at Nisha who proceeded to crawl as far away as she could from her teenage adversary while Emily took off her trousers. As the nurse scrambled away, she laddered her stockings as she discarded the remnants of her tattered uniform. Nisha’s sole aim was to get to her own office where she could lock the door and be safe from the blonde teen harridan.

Emily slipped off her trousers, discarded the bra that had been biting into breasts causing bright red lines to appear and when she looked up she saw the nurse was trying to escape. Nisha heard the slap of bare feet on the floor and looked back over her shoulder to see the nearly naked Emily closing in on her with a look of malice and determination on her young face.

Just as the nurse reached the threshold of her office, she felt Emily land on the small of her back, slamming her down hard on the floor. Automatically, Nisha started to buck and struggle trying to get the teenager off of her and fight back but Emily was determined to make Nisha pay for her crimes and wrapped Nisha’s raven black hair in her fingers and hauled back hard, forcing the nurse to scream as her neck was stretched. Nisha tried to get to her hands and knees but Emily was firmly lodged in place and the blonde reinforced her dominance by leaning back, grasping Nisha’s black thong and pulling up hard. The thin lacy material bit into the soft sensitive flesh of the nurse's crotch cruelly, causing her to experience a new level of pain that she was unprepared for; one Emily had used before in her long career as a bitch. Emily proceeded to saw the wet g-string from side to side, increasing Nisha’s suffering.

In less than sixty seconds of punishment, the Asian was tearfully begging for mercy, fearing her womanhood would be permanently disfigured. Just because she could, Emily kept up the attack for another minute or two longer, reveling in Nisha's tearful pleading for mercy and luxuriating in the Asian nurses misery and pain.

Only when she was satisfied Nisha was totally beaten did Emily climb off and demand she surrender her bra and g-string. When the nurse balked, Emily crudely threatened to sit on her face. That was enough for Nisha and she meekly slipped them off. Then, naked, Nisha slinked back to her office; humiliated by the teenager. Emily climbed back on what was left of her original attire, called her boyfriend Tim and told him what she’d been up to. Naturally, he wanted a blow by blow account - and Nisha's g-string!! Emily told him he’d better get back to their place in the next 10 minutes or she’d, ‘start without you!’