Brookside Catfight: Jacqui Dixon (Alexandra Fletcher) vs. Emily Shadwick (Jennifer Ellison) by Harry

Emily Shadwick was bored. She was alone in the hairdressers where she worked counting the minutes until she could clock off and see her boyfriend Tim. Or more accurately she could shut the shop so he could slip in the back door and they could have some fun. They had managed a quick grope and kiss at lunch time and Emily was hungry for more. It was fortunate that the only customers on the Friday afternoon were pensioners whose requirements were simple so that Emily could daydream. She was wearing her short, tight pink uniform that was almost straining to contain her full, curvaceous teenage body. As a further tease for Tim she had changed into a black thong and bra earlier, as she knew that's what he liked, and in the right light its outline was clearly visible.

Her only entertainment had been to swap raunchy texts with Tim to while away the time and take every opportunity to bend over, lean forward, open her uniform to adjust her navel stud and generally pose for the builders working opposite on the new health center. Some of them were young and cute, which added to Emily's daydreams, especially when they had to pop over to use the toilet, or borrow some milk and sugar for tea, or the latest one being their kettle had packed in. Emily had just bent over in full view of the workmen when she had a text from Tim asking her to put on her white knee boots she had bought for their wedding. Fortunately they were at the hairdressers and she sat in the window slowly pulling them on and lacing them up in view of the now inactive builders sending Tim a text describing her every move and reminding him that it was 1 hour, 17 minutes and 14 seconds until the saloon closed. As she looked up a deputation of 5 builders were walking towards the shop with huge grins. Emily got up to put the kettle on....

Jacqui Dixon was not happy. Here she was trying to get her new business venture, a health center and spa for the newly affluent in Liverpool, off the ground and if she wanted anything done she had to do it herself. No one exactly liked Jacqui, as she had a reputation for being a money-grabbing bitch that would do anything to succeed. People admired her for her drive, but wouldn't cross her (including her family) for fear of her long memory and secretly reviled in her failures and humiliations. She was aware of this and it only fueled her desire to make everything she did succeed.

On this occasion it was the slow progress of the builder and increasing costs that now threatened the center opening on time. Rather than go through her spineless architect to get things moving she decided to drive down to the site and handle the matter personally. As she parked her car and got out she saw a good proportion of the workforce walking into the hairdressers, no doubt to ogle that little blonde slut Emily.

Now in a towering rage, Jacqui strode over to the hairdressers, leaving her jacket in the car. She was wearing black knee boots, a mid length skirt and a blue top, attire more suitable to shopping which is what she had been doing rather than poking around a building site. She entered the hairdressers and closed the door as noisily as possible making sure she got everyone's attention, looking dismissively at Emily; a look the young blonde returned.

"Why aren't you lot working?" snapped the brunette testily.

"Tea break" replied Dave, the foreman waving a cup at her, "we are allowed breaks you know".

"More likely you drooling over this little blonde tart when you should be making sure the building is completed on time!" snapped Jacqui, oblivious to the look of thunder on the blondes face.

"The building will be ready on time, don't worry" replied Dave soothingly, well used to these tantrums and interference.

"Its more likely to be ready if you are outside working and not in here. You know the contract Dave, you start paying me back and for any overtime you need..." Jacqui let the threat hand there.

"That's not my recollection of the contract," responded Dave, beginning to lose his cool.

"Well perhaps I should take the contract to your boss..."

"Tell you what; I'll have the lads work an extra hour all next week and put in at least four hours over the weekend, if...."

"You better be working and not just popping in here for tea!"

"Oh fuck off Jacqui!" spat Emily, now clearly pissed at having the older woman intruding on her flirting.

Dave concluded, "….IF you fight and beat Emily here in a catfight, and it’s what me and the lads have been gagging to see for the last two weeks; for you Emily, " he said turning to the blonde, "…£400 if you win. That seem fair?"

Emily thought for all of two seconds, "For £500 I'll fight her right now, but you want me and Miss High ‘n’ Mighty scrappin’ in the muck over on your site start thinking £800 Davey-boy!"

Emily smiled and wiggled her body as she started to pull off her rings and earrings. The builders smiled as a man as Jacqui Dixon's face rushed through looks of apoplectic anger, surprise, horror and pure unadulterated rage.

"Leave that fucking blonde slag out of this and get back to work right now!" she almost shouted not sure who to look at. A couple of the builders called out encouragement to each of the women; clearly not all thought Emily was the better woman. Emily undid the top three buttons of her tight pink outfit drawing several wolf whistles at the sight of her heaving cleavage, "Bring it on the Jacqui you stuck up slag!" hissed the blonde as she shook her hair free for effect.

Jacqui Dixon had been in brawls and scraps before, and knew how to handle herself but never anything like this. The next thing she knew was Emily Shadwick advancing on her and grabbing her brown hair with her left hand, pulling hard and her right hand delivering a stinging slap. In self-defense, and with a sense of some resignation, Jacqui brought up her own hands and sunk them in Emily's bright blonde hair. One of the builders slipped round the two hellcats and made sure the front door was locked and the blinds closed so it was a private show.

Jacqui recoiled from the attack, but was soon fighting back as the two women tussled and grappled pushing and bouncing off one another. Jacqui put a hand across the teenage blondes face, trying to push her away, dragging her head back by her hair. Emily had two fistfuls of the brunette's hair, but as she felt herself being pushed backwards grabbed a handful of the top.

"Rip this top slag and I'll scratch your eyes out!" snarled Jacqui, all previous inhibitions now forgotten.

Not that it deterred Miss Shadwick one iota, as the material of the designer top continued to stretch as it was pulled away and downwards. As the two women twisted around, oblivious to the calls of support and encouragement from the small audience, their booted legs entwined and they over balanced and slide down on to the hard floor. As they collapsed Emily let go of Jacqui, but not before there was a loud rip from the shoulder of the blue top. Jacqui Dixon found herself on her knees above her grinning opponent, no longer able to maintain her previous holds. Hearing the ripping sound she lashed out and delivered a hard right handed slap across Emily's face leaving a red mark. She then reached and grabbed hold of her pink uniform intent on pulling her back up into range. Emily responded by lashing out with her hands at her opponent's body and arms, trying to grab her wrists. But it didn't stop her being pulled up towards the older woman.

Whatever the purpose of the short, tight pink outfit Emily was wearing, it was certainly not intended to with stand the rigors of a catfight and as she was pulled up two buttons burst giving a better view of her heaving cleavage and bra. The teenager now took the offensive thrusting out her hands and locking them round Jacqui's throat and starting to squeeze and push her backwards. This took Miss Dixon by surprise, not least because it had never happened to her before. Her instinctive reaction was to back off and try and break the hold that was robbing her of air. But Emily's grip was tight and no amount of pulling or scratching could break the hold. As they were now both on their knees kicking was not an option, so instead Jacqui grabbed hold of Emily's well-developed breasts with both hands and squeezed. It brought a cheer from the onlookers and the blonde's look of triumph changed to one of shock, turning to discomfort as fingers squeezed the soft flesh through the layer of clothing.

Now Emily broke off her own attack and sought to protect herself, gripping her opponent's wrists. This brought some relief as Jacqui struggled to maintain her painful hold. But demonstrating her experience as a cat fighter, Emily didn't panic. Instead she let go and plunged both hands into Jacqui's mousy hair and pulling, dragged her head down as hard as she could. Jacqui shrieked as her scalp felt as if it was afire as instead of looking at her opponent's face she found herself staring at the floor. As the older woman was forcibly bent forward so her skirt rode up giving the audience a tempting view.

"Get down there and eat the floor bitch!" snarled Emily as she pushed and forced Jacqui's head down, intent on smacking it on the hard surface. Jacqui now had no choice but to let go of her opponents breasts, using one hand to protect her face while the other slapped and clawed at the teenagers lower body. Emily kept a hand on Jacqui's head and used the other to pull up the back of her opponents top, so she could slap the exposed skin hard, and was rewarded with several muffled shrieks and audience support. The teenager adjusted her posture to take account of the older woman's struggles and writhing body. By accident this allowed Jacqui to twist her head slightly and try and bite at the exposed leg skin that was temptingly close. Emily retaliated by dragging up Jacqui's skirt to expose her cream thong and pull on it so it went tight between her cheeks. Jacqui now grew desperate and used her hands frantically to gain a hold to exploit, gripping the pink uniform tightly, causing to holes to appear. This distracted Emily was now thoroughly pissed off that her uniform was being ripped and that the waistband of her thong was visible.

This irritation was as nothing when Jacqui dropped her hands and pushed herself up, tired of being pinned in this awkward posture. The audience loved the idea of one woman's head getting close to the others crotch, but the affect was to send the blonde teenager sprawling backwards across the floor her legs akimbo. Jacqui paused on her hands and knees to catch her breath, her face slightly red and sweaty from her exertions. She was able to dodge a flailing foot of Emily's as the blonde sought to regain her dominant position before getting up to her feet, to sounds of encouragement.

As soon as Emily had managed to get up she felt herself being dragged forward as Jacqui pulled her by her tight uniform. The teenager let out a barrage of choice scouse abuse and attacked the older woman's top and hair. She was able to rip the blue top open and pull out a few strands of hair triumphantly, accompanied by a scream before being sent sprawling into a chair. As she was propelled on her way, the top of her pink outfit gave up and burst open like a jacket, fully exposing her bra and cleavage. The item, what was left of it, was only now being held in place by a single button that was under intolerable pressure. She landed in an empty hairdressers chair, slouched over, hair a mess and legs open offering a fine view of her taut black thong to most present. She shook her head as if to understand how she had quite ended up in this position. Jacqui now fully realized the irreparable damage done to her top and that her cream colored bra and heaving cleavage was on view and let out a shriek of rage.

"YOU FUCKING SLAG! I'll leave you bald for this!" as she charged her prostrate opponent, ignoring the increasingly suggestive and crude calls of support and advice to the two of them.

Emily lashed out with a booted foot, but Jacqui batted it away and gripped the teenager's hair and face with both hands. Initially pressing it into the back of the chair and then upping the tempo by trying to slam her head repeatedly into the leather. Emily responded by frantically flailing her arms and legs making only passing contact on her older opponent and in no way distracting her. Jacqui now took a hard grip of Emily's blonde hair and dragged the younger woman's head back hard and was rewarded with a strangled cry of pain.

In desperation Emily started to land stinging slaps on the older woman's exposed breast flesh, bringing some momentary relief. Now with some room to maneuver Emily converted her slaps into a cruel double handed breast attack, sinking her fingers in as she dragged the thin lacy bra away. Now Jacqui Dixon let out a shriek of pain and surprise as she recoiled in pain. But Emily wasn't letting go and pushed herself up from the chair twisting and clawing while Jacqui tried to defend herself. In response to advice from the audience Emily changed her attack and now gripped Jacqui's dark nipples and pulled and twisted them.

"Going to twist them off slag!" hissed Emily full of teenage malice. Jacqui decided to retaliate in kind and pushed her hands into Emily's larger, full breasts clawing the black material down so she could twist and squeeze. Both women groaned and used the sort of language men normally pay £1.99 a minute to hear as they staggered around.

In the end it was Jacqui who broke off the attack, having less experience in all out bitch fights, pushing Emily away from her. The two women parted, bouncing off the tight circle of the audience breathing heavily. Emily slipped off what was left of her pink uniform and then discarded her bra to a happy young builder, letting her red, sweaty breasts, with large stiff pink nipples, to swing free. Jacqui, who was in new territory here threw aside what was left of her top and pulled up her bra over her breasts, suddenly conscious of the raucous audience. She decided to discard her skirt only because in the state it was it would hinder her.

The two women circled each other within then confines of the audience, trying to ignore the crude catcalls and advice, intent now only to humiliate the other woman. A pair of helping hands pushed Jacqui towards her opponent and instinctively she pushed her hands out and sank them into Emily's blonde hair as their bodies slapped together. Emily recoiled and pushed her hands up her rival bitch’s back grabbing her hair with one hand, yanking her head back. They staggered about kicking out with their boots screeching and howling. Jacqui was rapidly becoming overcome with pure rage for the teenager, and as she felt a lessening of the hair pulling pushed her head forward and tried to bite Emily's shoulder.

Emily, who was intent on ripping the older woman's bra off of her screamed and used both her hands to rip Jacqui's head back hard by the hair on the back of her head. Although Jacqui's teeth marks were visible on Miss Shadwick's skin no permanent damage had been done. Not that this mattered a jot to Emily who kept snapping Jacqui's head back by her hair with one hand whole breaking the clasp on her bra with the other, so that when their bodies next split apart it fell to the floor. As their bodies parted the full glory of their prominent nipples was clear, only for Emily to then thrust out her chest and slam hers into Jacqui's battered breasts. The older woman let out a loud grunt, then a groan as her body was assaulted anew and brought one hand round to slap and scratch at Emily, before finally trying to push her away.

As Emily's body was pried away from Miss Dixon's the teenager brought down her right hand and clamped it over Jacqui's crotch, still covered as it was by the cream thong. This was no gentle move, as Emily was soon clawing at Jacqui's womanhood, pulling the thong up hard and then moving it aside, Jacqui let out an ear piercing scream with pain as her face turned white, tears welling in her eyes. The pain was almost unbearable for Jacqui whose mind was flooded with images of what was happening to her pussy. In desperation she now used both hands to scratch and slap at Emily's body, intent on pushing her away, causing the teenager to groan with pain but not deflect her.

Emily with one hand now holding Jacqui's hair, Emily used her crotch claw to push the older woman up so that she was on tiptoe, not easy in the boots that Miss Dixon was wearing, before it then all became to much for her and she collapsed to the floor moaning. In a flash Emily was down astride Jacqui's stomach pinning her. As the crescendo of noise around them grew Jacqui struggled to get back up, but Emily was now most definitely in charge and was almost screaming for her to submit. When Jacqui's struggles didn't subside Emily leant forward, offering a fine view of her breasts, spitting on Miss Dixon's face. When this still didn't make the older woman submit, Emily moved forward in one move and planted her thong on Jacqui's face, squirming and wriggling. Jacqui reacted as if scalded and for a few seconds tried to push herself up and away from this humiliation, her hands flailing feebly before the darkness, aroma and total humiliation overwhelmed her and she just lay there. Emily realized she had won after about 10 seconds but stayed in her position, playing to the audience by jiggling her breasts and bouncing on the prostrate woman.

When she finally got up Dave the Builder declared Emily and gave her the agreed money, Emily in turn gave all the builders who had vocally supported her a hug. She even managed to sell her wet thong to one of them before picking up what was left of her clothes and finding a new uniform. Jacqui came to a few moments later still unsure of exactly what had happened, which was probably best. One of the builders took her home and made sure she got inside so as to prevent further humiliation of their boss. The builders did indeed put in the extra hours they promised and the project was back on schedule. Emily, when she was finally left alone counted her money and gave Tim a huge, but very pleasant surprise, when she revealed she had nothing on under the uniform she had borrowed and told him how she had gotten that way, omitting a few details. Including the card Dave had left to discuss potential future fights....