Downtown Julie Brown vs. Sylvie Bernier (Part 1 by Jack Fac)

Downtown Julie Brown was entering the lobby of her hotel after losing a crushing boxing match to Jill Hennessy for 'control of the kingdom.' Her ego was shattered and along with it, her hope of ever attaining a spectacular win over a truly dominant fighter. Julie's victories over what many described as 'ho-hum' opponents such as Kim Cattrall, Liz Hurley and Daryl Hannah didn't impress the dyed-in-the-wool fight crowd.

The 'Tawny Vixen' had downed the great Hennessy and appeared to be in charge of their epic match. However, in the eyes of most, Julie's 'hot dog antics' while Jill was floored cost her the fight. Sylvie Bernier, the gold medal diver in the 1984 LA Olympics, spotted Julie and approached her.

“Ah, Julie Brown, the would-be athlete,” purred Sylvie superciliously.

Julie's jaw dropped to the lobby rug, “Who the hell are you, woman?”

“I’m Sylvie Bernier; a true athlete - something you are not!” continued the Olympian.

“WHAT?” Downtown was tear-ass mad at this point.

Sylvie shoved Julie into the elevator and had her push the proper floor before putting the self-described ‘Downtown Domme’ in a wicked Armlock. “Listen to me,” hissed Sylvie. “I can make you into a good, solid, fighter instead of the rinky-dink, sometime-hitter, you are now.”

“Your ass is sucking wind,” muttered Julie; her mood darkening by the minute.

Sylvie overpowered Julie with her strong arms and shoved her face into the wall. “Give me your room key,” she demanded and Julie coughed it up, cowed by the woman's power.

As they entered the room and closed the door Julie elected to 'go for it' and fired a right cross - which Sylvie easily ducked - then Sylvie snapped her right knee up into Julie's gut. The 'Tawny vixen' doubled over in agony.

“Your reflexes are waaaay too slow,” laughed Sylvie. “Allow me to show you.” She shoved Julie rudely onto the bed.

Julie swung her right leg in a Round Kick attempt, but it missed. Julie also missed a second kick and this time Sylvie mounted her and put her in a Waist Scissors. Julie was thrashing and cursing to no avail. As they struggled, both tore and clawed at the others clothing until, after fifteen minutes of wrestling, Julie was buck naked and Sylvie had only a thong.

Julie grabbed a fistful of Sylvie’s hair and yanked hard, then slammed Sylvie with a wicked left hook to the jaw that snapped the Canadian’s head back for an instant. But Sylvie flipped Julie and dropped on top of her, pinning her shoulders under her knees.

Julie - trapped once again - was struggling hard but not succeeding. Suddenly, Sylvie was covering Julie's face, smothering her with a classic 'ass smother’! Downtown's legs and body were thrashing every which way, but Sylvie Bernier had her under control.

Shortly, Bernier could faintly hear Julie muttering, “OK…you win…you win.”

Julie's evening came to an end as Sylvie’s ass smothering did it's job with brutal efficiency. The Olympian had taken down sassy Julie Brown and finished her off in grand style! She got up and wedged one of her calling cards in the crack of Julie's ass so the 'Tawny Vixen' would know how to contact her if she ‘really’ wanted to know how to fight. As she left the room laughing, Sylvie pondered, 'I wonder if she’ll ever call me?'
* * * * * *
Downtown Julie Brown vs. Sylvie Bernier (Part 2) by Pat

Lying face down and moaning loudly, the naked, soundly beaten, and aching Julie Brown slowly lifted her head from the bed, looked around at her now darkened hotel room and moaned, “Owwwww... how long have I been out ?”

After a minute or two more of mustering her efforts and trying to get her head clear, the dark-skinned woman slowly rolled onto her back. As she did, a sharp cry of pain escaped her luscious lips and she bridged her plump bootie up from the mattress, reached to her lower-back and then frowned as she felt the small cardboard object jammed in her butt cleavage !

Pulling it to her face, she frowns at it in the semi-darkness. Unable to make out what this is, she slides herself to the bed’s edge, then reaches for the lamp on the night table, knocking over whatever else was on it in the process. Wincing as the harsh light hits her eyes, she blinked and has a better look at what she’s holding... a hotel room key attached to a plastic calling card!

“What the f...”

Her eyes suddenly widened as memories of last nights events come rushing back!

... her “abrupt” meeting with Sylvie, the resounding trouncing she took at her hands...the ass-smother that did her in and left her in the sad state in which she awoke!

Closing her eyes for a second or two and “reliving” the said “finishing move” Julie smirks, with marked disgust, then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She shakes her head then gets onto her feet, her aching back “reminding” her that the former gold-medal-wining diver did quite a “professional” job on her spine (among other parts of her body!)

Quickly slipping into a low-cut, light-blue satin bathrobe, Julie begins pacing the room, muttering to herself... as well as to the room key that Sylvie had left implanted in her butt-crack as if it were Sylvie herself she was remonstrating with!

Many long minutes passed as Julie alternating between two trains of thought. One: between her encounter with Sylvie and her hard fought, heartbreaking, loss to Jill Hennessy, she found herself “0 for 2” in her last two fights and wanted to raise her average (for her own pride... if nothing else). On the other hand, Sylvie did her in with seeming ease - only a few hours ago - and she’s reluctant to drink from that same well again.

After a few more minutes of indecision, she finally decided to call it a night and went back to bed.

The next morning found her “up and at it” bright and early, as she made her way to the hotel gym in white ankle socks and sneakers.
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *

Opening the door, Julie was startled to see two other hotel guests on the floor... one finishing off the other with a Head Scissors and Armlock! It’s apparent from their disheveled appearances that Mary Pierce and Lynda Carter had been “at it” for some time with each having her “way” with the other once or twice...
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
But, her sequoia-like thighs doing their job around Lynda’s neck, Mary ends this soon after Julie’s entrance. Getting back to her feet as she pulls Lynda up by her arm, the tennis pro drags the actress off to the showers, for “another type” of combat-related activity, Julie smiling slightly and shaking her head as she watches them leave.

Sitting herself down on the navy-blue floor mats, she spreads her long legs well apart, and begins doing some stretching exercises. But two minutes (or so) later, the sound of the door opening and slamming back shut behind her makes her turn her pretty head over her left shoulder.

A cold scowl flashes across her face, but it’s then replaced by a coy little smile, as she (very slowly) gets back to her feet.

Julie (hands on her hips): “... well, I’m surprised that you decided to show up...”
* * * * * * * *
Sure enough, Julie’s addressing herself to Sylvie (dressed at pictured)
* * * * * * * *
Sylvie (scoffs as she crosses her arms over her chest): “YOU’RE surprised that I showed up ?”

She draws herself a step closer to Julie who, in turn, does the same...

Sylvie: “After the pasting that I gave you just last afternoon, I’M the one surprised you had the gall to call me this morning to come and do this... again ! I have better things to do than to mess around with wimps like you, you know!”

Julie (dryly): “You were just lucky yesterday...”

Sylvie (chuckling): “... lucky ?”

Julie: “... if your hadn’t caught me off guard, YOU’RE the one who would have woken up naked and beaten... with a room key up your fat ass !”

Sylvie: “... off guard ? You’re making it sound like I jumped you from behind with an ax, for crying out loud !”

Julie: “... never mind that, this time YOU’RE the one who’s going to be crying out loud, bitch !”

Almost imperceptibly, Sylvie’s jaw clenched, but she then forces a smile back on her face...

Sylvie (nonchalantly): “... fine... but don’t say that I didn’t try to spare you from this... again” (snickers)

Keeping her eyes focused on Julie, Sylvie unbuttons her jacket and then slowly lets it slide down her shoulders, then undoes he jeans and pushes them past her generous hips, then lets them fall to her ankles.

Getting a “good view” of the ex-Olympic champion in her simple, but very flattering, dark purple one-piece bathing suit (with black trims), which is worn over a pair of shimmering tights, Julie narrows her eyes and she studies her more closely...

True, she tells herself, she and Sylvie are evenly sized (Julie: 5’3”; Sylvie: 5’2”) and also close in age (Julie: 45 y/o; Sylvie: 44 y/o). The woman standing opposite Julie is no longer in “Olympic form” as she had been in her heyday of 1984 (though as far as Julie could see, the “few pounds” Sylvie had added since seem to have been in all the “right places!”)
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
... but then again... the beating she received from the ex-diver only the day before proves that at least some trace of Sylvie’s past training has stayed with her to this very day !

The middle-aged women begin circling, arms outstretched to their sides

Sylvie: “O.K... I went easy on you last time... but NOW you’re going to get it !”

“Easy ?”, Julie thinks...

Sylvie (reading Julie’s expression): “I let up after a while, because I was feeling sorry for you ! But since you want to be such a bitch about it... this time, I’ll keep at you... until I’VE had my fill, honey !”

Julie: “.... you, and who’s army... whore ?”

With that, the hot-looking Nubian lunges at the ex-diver... who, almost easily, side steps out of the former VJ’s attack, as she races well past her.

Slamming the brakes on, Julie spins and faces Sylvie...

Sylvie (hands on her hips, scoffing): “... oh come on... stop wasting my time, will you ?”

Screeching with rage, Julie lunges at her again and, once again, Sylvie gets out of harm’s way just in time, spinning around as she does, and she catches Julie in the process and quickly puts her foe into a half-nelson and reversed choke hold.

Gasping, first with surprise and then from lack of air, the tawny vixen grabs and pulls at the ex-athlete’s right forearm, trying to dislodge it from against her windpipes... but in vain...

Sylvie snickers, “Oh please...”

Clasping her hands together, the wheezing Julie lifts her arms overhead, then rapidly brings them down and back, driving her elbows hard against Sylvie’s sides. The pained expression barely has time to grace Sylvie’s face, before Julie’s elbows ram into her again - then a third time! Sylvie’s grip having been loosened, making her breathing a bit easier; Julie lifts both arms yet again, but before she can elbow Sylvie a fourth time, the former Olympic diver wraps her right leg around Julie’s right calf and, pulls hard.

Julie trips and both women fall hard to the mats in a seated position with Sylvie behind Julie, holding her in a tight Full Nelson. Stretching her legs out, Sylvie clamps her plump, tight, thighs around Julie’s slim waist...

“Now then...” the former gold medal winner grunts as she squeezes her thighs, gradually, until she’s contracted her thigh and leg muscles to their tightest. As she struggles, Julie pants, her breath coming in low, ragged, grunts, then she moans softly for the first time.

“... oooooooooooowwwwwwww...”

“Feels just like old times, eh ?” Sylvie chuckles.

Julie’s feet beat the souls of her sneakers on the mat and she groans, “... let go... let goooo of meeeeeeeeee...”

Sylvie scoffs, “Why? So you can pester me for still another rematch?” She tightens her holds on the dark-skinned woman. “Like I told you... THIS time, I’m going to beat you down until I’M ready to stop!”

She slightly bends her knees and pulls her feet back and down the insides of Julie’s spread legs, driving both heels into Julie’s crotch and grinding them hard on her pubic mound.

Moaning louder and at a higher pitch, Julie gasps, “... stop iiiiiiit... you dirty French slut !”

Sylvie’s features harden as she lets go of the Full Nelson to grab two handfuls of Julie’s long black mane. Yanking Julie’s head back so she can peer down into her pained eyes, Sylvie shakes the daylights out of Julie’s head and neck, then goes back to the full-nelson. ““Dirty slut ? ... MOI ? ... why you ungrateful tramp! Here I am, trying to do YOU a favor, and...”

Pulling hard on the Full Nelson and the Leg Scissors, Sylvie leaned back, lifting Julie with her legs, then sat upright and slammed Julie’s butt hard to the mat. Repeating the movement again and again, Sylvie has the former MTV star’s sexy butt bouncing off the mat over and over. Julie gave a sharp yelp of pain each time her spine was shocked as her butt was slammed by each impact.

After a final devastating Keister Bounce, Sylvie let the dazed Julie go and she slumped over onto her right side with her hands reaching for her aching lower back. Rolling Julie over onto her back, Sylvie mounted her facing her legs and grabbed the back of Julie’s thighs, lifting and pulling her legs back to her, putting her in a Reverse Schoolgirl Pin.

Then Sylvie slowly inches her ass back, tightening the hold in the process, making Julie’s track pants slide down just fare enough to give a brief glimpse of her butt cleavage. Sylvie arced her head over her left shoulder, looked down at Julie and wiggled her ass in Julie’s face as she asked, “Do these look familiar, honey?”

Seeing Sylvie’s “twin peaches” hovering close to her face, then closer still, Julie frowned with disgust and moaned...

“…noooooo... not that... not agaaaaaaaain...”

Sylvie giggled, “Only, this time when you wake up, I’ll still be here and we can have some fun, baby...”

Remembering far too well what it had felt like to have Sylvie’s hot ass smothering her, Julie panicked and her basic survival instinct kicked in... “NO! ... no... not this time!”

Grabbing the back of Sylvie’s bathing suit, Julie yanked it up as far as she could and Sylvie’s eyes squeezed shut; she let out a gentle moan, as the crotch of her tights and bathing suit were pulled up into her; filling her with warm moisture...

“... gggnnnoooo... you... you sluuuuuuuuut...”

With her tights crammed up so high up into her ass and womanhood that she can almost taste them, Sylvie had to let go of Julie’s right leg and begin to dig with her free hand into Julie’s crotch; clawing her pussy so hard she ripped the crotch out of Julie track pants.

With both women’s eyes streaming tears and their rock-hard nipples threatening to push right through their tops; both women’s loud moans were echoing through the empty gymnasium...

Sensing she was close to her “limit”, Julie kicked her right leg back and up, bending her knee inward as she her calf behind Sylvie’s neck and - using both her legs - kicked out, slamming Sylvie’s face down on the mat. Spreading her legs apart, Julie pulled up just a bit, then applied an airtight Body Scissors to the Québecoise! She sat up and began giving Sylvie’s raised rump a hard spanking.

Sylvie tried to return the favor but, pinned as she was under Julie’s legs, she couldn’t do half the damage to Julie’s ass that Mrs. Brown was inflicting on her Olympic asset. But, with her posterior arched as it was over her own panting belly, Sylvie’s open-legged crotch was far too inviting a target for Julie to ignore. She curled the fingers of her right hand, drew her arm back and then sent a series of hard stabbing jabs down into Sylvie’s spread-wide pussy.

The ex-diver moaned loudly each time Julie dug her knuckles in between her ‘lower lips’ and, after five or six of those blows, Julie unclasped her legs from Sylvie’s waist, grabbed the ex-diver’s ass for better leverage and shoved Sylvie forward off of her lap. Crawling forward a few inches, Sylvie collapsed face down on the mat, her legs still spread apart by Julie’s knees, her hands beneath her cupping her throbbing womanhood.

A satisfied half-smile on her lips, Julie rose to all fours, then sat down straddling Sylvie’s ass facing her head, leaned forward, grabbed the gold medal winner’s dark brown hair and pulled Sylvie’s head up off the mat; folding the ex-athlete’s torso back as far as she could - and then some! Sylvie’s breasts dangled precariously close to flopping right out the top of her bathing suit as Julie leaned back and pulled harder.

“So...” Julie grunted. “You like to pull hair, eh?”

Using Sylvie’s hair, Julie slammed her head on the mat again and again. After a few such jolts, Julie let go and - taking full advantage of Sylvie’s dazed condition, Julie grabbed the shoulder straps of Sylvie’s swim suit and whisked them down to her waist.

Slowly sliding backward onto the back of Sylvie’s thighs, Julie peeled the one-piece swimwear clean over Sylvie’s bottom and down below her knees. With Sylvie’s tights being “see thru” little was left to the imagination when Julie rose and used the toe of her right sneaker to roll Bernier onto her back.

Tossing Sylvie’s suit, Julie warned, “OK, bitch... now you’ll get a taste of MY assets!”

Letting herself drop ass first on Sylvie’s belly facing her, Julie heard the rush of air expelled from the diver’s lungs and felt Sylvie’s legs fly up and hit her in the back. Sylvie’s arms flailed up in a spasm of reaction, then her arms and legs both flopped limp back down to the mat.

Smiling from ear to ear, Julie removed her black lather tank-top, but before flinging it aside, she used it to slap Sylvie’s face one or two times to revive her so she wouldn’t miss what came next.

“Come on, wake up bitch, I don’t want you to miss these...” Pinning Sylvie’s hands to the floor beside her head, the dark-skinned lady leaned forward... then smashed her soft jugs down on Sylvie’s face. Her “35B’s” formed a near airtight seal around and over Sylvie’s nose and mouth!

Sylvie’s entire body begins writhing frantically, her hips twisting left and right; her legs kicking and pushing against the mat; the Québecoise’s shapely legs whipping up and down like a wild filly refusing to be tamed; the souls of her feet beating a rhythmic tattoo on the mats...all for nothing.

Julie enjoyed her moment in the sun but for Sylvie, her ordeal seemed to last forever. She barely managed to last as long as she did only because of her years of training as a diver; learning breathing techniques she had to assimilate at the time. But after a few moments, Julie stopped... looking annoyed...

“Oh, the hell with this back alley stuff!” she sniffed, getting up and grabbing Sylvie’s left wrist. Julie pulled her up, spun the ex-diver around twice, then slammed her back against the wall. Sylvie’s butt bounced her off the wall - right back to Julie who met her with the old “one-two” - a right that pancaked Sylvie’s left breast followed by a left hook to her belly!

Out of breath and hurt, Bernier backed up to the wall she’d just left. Grabbing Sylvie’s jaw in her right hand, holding her at arm’s length with her back on the wall, Julie used her left fist to pound Sylvie’s breasts and abs until the ex-diver’s knees buckled. Releasing her grip, Jule felt a thrill of satisfaction as the ex-diver doubled over and rested her head on Julie’s left thigh.

Making the most of the opportunity, Julie pulled Sylvie into a Reverse Headlock, pulled her away from the wall and prepared to inflict yet more mayhem on the ex-athlete.

But digging deep into her reserve and steeling her determination, Sylvie grabbed the back of Julie’s right knee and lifted her leg while driving her right shoulder into Julie’s belly. As she forced Julie to hopscotch backward, Julie protested, “Hey, what the f... ”

Julie was running at top speed when Sylvie slammed the tawny vixen’s back into the opposite wall... digging her shoulder deep into Julie’s taut belly in the process and knocking the wind out of her...

Julie’s Reverse Headlock was loosened but somehow still retained during the collision with the wall and the bent over ex-diver gave Julie’s throbbing belly four more shoulder blocks before she finally released her head and neck. Staying bent over, Sylvie swung her arm back and hammered a nasty uppercut squarely into Julie’s crotch. Julie cried out in pain, then her breath was completely knocked out of her when Sylvie’s fist slammed into the moist slit again!

Sylvie pulled down Julie’s track pants around her knees and stepped back as Julie’s butt slid slowly down the wall to the floor. Sylvie lowered herself to her knees along with her - so she could continue to keep pounding Julie’s panting belly. Sylvie targeted Julie’s innie naval, pummeling the divot with several gut-wrenching blows.

Now it was “Mrs. Brown” forced to dig deep within herself, grabbing two handfuls of Sylvie’s hair. Sylvie responded and as each screamed at the top of her lungs, both were trying to get her way; trying hard as she possibly could to topple the other onto her back.

Julie’s long mane proved her disadvantage as it was Sylvie who ultimately managed to get leverage and put Julie on her back. But as soon as her back hit the floor, Julie gave her rival’s nasty hair a tug and pulled her down on top of her. The two hellcats went rolling over the mats, grunting with their intertwined legs flailing, In the struggle, Julie kicked off her track pants, freeing her luscious ebony legs.

Knees to the crotch; hair-tearing; breast mauling; vicious hard slaps to face, thighs and ass... anything was fair game as the two rolled from one end of the gym and then back again...muttering curses between cries of pain and gasps of air.

Julie: “... slut!”

Sylvie: “... salope!”

Julie: “... gnnn... old hag!”

Sylvie: “... p’tite pute!”

Julie (beneath Sylvie): “... get off of me... cow!”

Sylvie (on top, grinning): “... make me…bitch!”

Julie quickly proceeded to do just that, bucking and pulling the ex-diver to her right by the hair with one hand, her other hand crushing Sylvie’s left breast in her fist. Just like that, the two sweat-slick tigresses were back to trading turns on top of each other every few seconds as they went rolling across the room again.

Accidentally at first, then “deliberately” the amount of thigh-on-pussy grinding increased until both women were making an all-out effort to grind the other to orgasm. Sylvie’s tights gave her a slight, undue, advantage as far as sensation-causing effects, but neither woman paid it that much heed; each hell-bent on making the other suffer and scream with pain.

After some minutes of painful “damages” inflicted on both , Sylvie was again on top and - grabbing Julie’s hair with both hands, proceeded to slam the back of her head on the floor over and over, slapping her chest down onto Julie’s each time she drove her head down, adding a knee to the crotch for good measure. The impacts scooted Julie’s body along the floor and Julie was soon reduced to whining loudly as she held her throbbing head, leaving her bare breasts exposed.

After her initial, fierce onslaught, the winded ex-Olympic diver slows her head and chest bashing cadence as, between double-blows, she began to talk to Julie, “I’ve... had... enough… of...” Sylvie let herself drop breast-to-breast onto Julie’s chest. Then slamming the back of Julie’s head on the mat one last time, she finished, “YOU!”

Julie’s resistance had finally been “beaten down” so when Sylvie slowly dismounted her and rolled her onto her stomach Julie couldn’t - or at least didn’t - resist. She didn’t struggle when Sylvie straddled her lower back, sat down and leaned over to grab her ankles...

Julie must sobbed, “... nooo... I give up...”

“Oh, that’s all fine for you…” Sylvie chuckled. “…but I’M not done... not yet!” She pulled Julie’s legs back into a well applied Boston Crab. The tawny vixen slapped her hands on the mat and screamed louder than any other time in the battle.

Julie whimpered, “... pppp... pleeeease... noooo... no moooooooooooore!”

Smiling, Sylvie leaned back a bit further, tightening her hold and making Julie scream and suffer even more... when she finally let Julie’s limp legs flop back onto the floor and got off of her, Sylvie stood over her and put a foot on Julie’s ass.

With her hands hiding her face, Julie sobbed out loud, telling herself that - compared to what transpired today - Sylvie woman-handling her yesterday had just been a gentle tap on the shoulder...a warning shot across her bow.

After some moments of not hearing or receiving more punishment from the gold medal winner, Julie pushes herself up onto her elbows, lifted her head off the floor and then, with pain throughout her body, slowly rolled onto her back and heaved a ‘Thank goodness it’s finally over’ sigh...

But her eyes suddenly widened in disbelief and shock at seeing Sylvie ten or so feet above her, standing on the topmost of the gym’s uneven parallel bars… two or three feet to her left...before her mind can digest the import, Sylvie swings off her makeshift diving board; arms straight overhead; and landed a perfect “10” - belly-to-belly dive - with a thunderous SMACK! She crashed down onto Julie whose legs and arms flew up...then fall heavily back a fraction of a second later as she expelled all the air from her lungs in one short, loud, grunting gasp.

It was many minutes later before Julie slowly began waking up, but unlike the day before, this time even with her head deeply fogged she immediately knew something is wrong. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, moaning as she does so, she suddenly realizes she’s upright...although without feeling her legs or the floor underfoot!

Shutting her eyes a second or two, she opens them again and stares in disbelief... upward…to where her hands and wrists are tied to the highest of the two uneven bars !

Sylvie, her arms crossed over her chest, bathing suit back in place, smiled. “Ah, finally... shall wee finish this now?”

Mouth ajar with an unspoken plea for mercy, Julie’s face froze as she saw that Sylvie was wearing a pair of wine-red-with-white-trim boxing gloves! “Sorry,” Sylvie sighed as if in resignation. “But we need to built your resistance...”

Julie mumbled, “... huh?” Then without further explanation, Sylvie showed Julie that she’s almost as accomplished as a boxer as she was a diver; sending a sustained flurry of punches to Julie’s chest and abs, cruelly using her bare breasts as punching bags. Sylvie kept this up for several minutes, then sighed with satisfaction as she stepped back to gaze upon the product of her workout; Julie’s breasts were softened, bruised and glowing a healthy pink beneath the dusky skin. Her belly was still rippling as the underlying muscles rebelled against the sustained ‘rough treatment’.

Slipping the gloves off, the ex-diver untied Julie but - instead of letting Julie crumple to the floor - Sylvie grabbed and held her...then slowly eased her down onto her back...

Julie, looking up at Sylvie looming over her, asked, “... why?”

Sylvie straightened up, put her hands on her hips and cocked one leg, giving Julie a brief glimpse of what lay uncovered beneath her suit before the leg gusset closed again. “.... let’s just say…I’m not a huge fan of Jill Hennessy...I’d like for you to be able to beat her next time...” Then without awaiting Julie’s answer, Sylvie spun and walked away. She stopped at the gym door, turned and looked back at Julie... “... and since you actually showed SOME promise... holding your own against me at times; I may just drop in again someday and continue your... errrr... training...”

Sylvie left before Julie could reply. Staring silently at the door after Sylvie’s departure, the tawny vixen cracked a faint half-smile... “... mmmm... I’d like that too...”