Spice Girls: Emma Bunton vs. Mel Brown by Miniemus

The Spice Girls were undressing in the dressing room after a recent reunion concert. All were a little tipsy because they’d been celebrating and bras and panties were coming off. The Ebony Goddess, Mel B, was first to get naked and ready for a shower. Blonde Beauty Emma was next to her, looking at the Black girl who was completely naked. Mel B had long black hair; tawny skin; big breasts with dark nipples; a big black booty and a bald pussy that was the envy of the other Spice Girls.

Emma was naked too and while she wasn’t as tall as Mel B, their bodies were of the same type - curvy. Emma’s round breasts were big with pink nipples, but not as big as Mel B’s melons. Her bubble butt was big, but not as big as Mel B’s booty. Emma’s real pride was her pussy; she was a natural blonde with a golden landing strip leading to a nice slit but not as nice as Mel B's!

Mel B caught Emma staring at her naked body and she smirked, “Like what you see?” She shook her booty and her black ass cheeks jiggled. Emma giggled and shook her butt too, but Mel B just laughed. “That’s cute Emma, but you can’t make it shake like mine. You’re curvy, but my breasts and booty are both bigger and better!” Mel B felt good about that and Emma frowned as she continued, “You’re cute and sexy, blondie; but I’m hotter - and a better lay, I might add.” she was smirking as she said it and suddenly the rest of the Spice Girls were listening closer.

Emma could feel their stares and knew she had to talk back. She faced Mel B and said, “You’re a black hottie Mel, no doubt. But I can out fuck you.”

Geri felt her own nipples harden. She was getting horny - as happened quite often. She said to them, “Hey, let’s settle this with a catfight. A catfight with a twist! The girl who can make the other girl cum first is the better fuck and wins the match!”

Before either could respond, Mel C and Victoria added their support to Geri’s suggestion and neither Mel B nor Emma could really back out now. They realized they were facing each other butt naked in the dressing room with their Spice Girlfriends as witnesses. They both started circling and Emma tried to stay out of the taller black girl’s reach.

Mel B smirked as she drew closer and said, “Why are you running, Emma? Are you scared of me?”

She leapt forward and grabbed Emma hard. It was a well known fact that Emma was very skilled in karate so Mel B wanted to grab Emma and use her bigger size to overpower Emma. Emma felt Mel B’s hard grip and she knew if this ended up as merely a test of raw strength she would find Mel B a very tough challenge so she quickly slid out of Mel B’s hold and pushed the black girl hard

Again they circled; two curvy hotties; a classic black vs. white; dark hair vs. blonde competition. Both felt that even if this was just a bit of fun, they wanted to win. Especially with the other girls watching. The three were already cheering and again Mel B made a move. She went at Emma but this time Emma was prepared and aimed a fast and rather hard SLAP to Mel B’s big breasts. Her breasts jiggled and she looked shocked by Emma’s move. Emma was quick to seize the moment and delivered another quick SLAP to the big brown breasts, driving Mel B backward and covering up.

“You rock Emma!” yelled Geri.

Emma smiled at the redhead and couldn’t help noticing how hard her nipples were. She only took her eyes off Mel B for a second, but she came at her again and although Emma stumbled back, she couldn’t elude Mel’s tackle. There was nothing she could do! Mel B hit her with all her weight and sent her hard down on the floor with Mel on top of her.

The black girl received cheers and this from Mel C, “Good move; you got her now!”

Emma was flat down on her back and Mel B was on top of her. Mel B pressed her big breasts hard against Emma’s while Emma clamped her thighs around Mel B’s waist hard and squeezed. Both Spice Girls were sweating now and Mel B reached 1 hand back to try and push away Emma’s left leg. The blonde gasped and struggled but Mel B succeeded and Emma’s legs fell open on either side of Mel B’s. The black girl smirked, but only for a few seconds because just then, Emma buried her hands in Mel B’s long dark hair and yanked.

Mel B was unprepared for this and let out a yelp as Emma pulled harder, rolling over so Mel B was on her back with Emma on top of her. Emma felt good being on top of the taller Mel B but when she felt the brown skinned girl grab for her hair Emma knew she had to get off Emma jumped to her feet and away from Mel B who got to her feet too and glared at the little curvy blonde.

“So, you wanna fight dirty, eh!”

Emma kept pulling back slowly with her hands raised while Mel B stepped closer, her big brown breasts jiggling softly with each step. But they would jiggle more as suddenly Emma aimed a high kick, hitting the big globes hard and fast, Mel B taken by surprised and stumbling back, grabbing her breasts and letting out a groan.

Victoria who liked using kicks herself when catfighting cheered for Emma and Emma quickly went at her black opponent and tried to tackle her down. Although Mel B was bigger, she was off balance and fell hard on her big booty; her brown breasts jiggling. Emma quickly slid down on her knees behind the seated black girl and grabbed her from behind in a sleeperhold, hearing cheers from the other Spice Girls. Mel B quickly grabbed Emma’s arm with both hands and tried to pry it away so she could breathe, the blonde pushing hard into her opponent’s back.

This struggle went on for a while, both girls sweaty and panting but the strong Mel B managed to get to her knees too. Emma however kept her sleeper from behind and could feel her hard nipples digging into Mel B’s back. The blonde obviously enjoyed this position. She could feel her own blonde pubes rub against Mel B’s brown booty as the black girl struggled to free herself.

Emma was gasping but then started humping Mel B from behind. She thrust her blonde pussy hard into Mel B’s big booty and the smaller curvy blonde managed to rock her opponent’s body. Mel B felt Emma’s repeated thrusts from behind and she couldn’t help it but let out moans. She could sense how her own dark nipples were getting harder and her bald pussy a little moist

“Oh yeah! Fuck her from behind, Emma!” yelled Geri who was really turned on by this whole thing.

Emma smiled and giggled, “Ooooh yeah Mel B; I’m fucking you from behind.....mmmmhhh!”

Mel B groaned and moaned in response and grabbed Emma’s arm harder to try and break the Sleeper hold. The blonde felt the hard grip and knew she wouldn’t be able to maintain the Sleeper much longer so she thrust all her weight into one last hump against Mel B’s big booty and the force of the thrust came as a surprise to Mel B who fell forward and landed hard on her big breasts, flat down on the floor, followed by cheers from the Spice audience.

Emma quickly straddled the small of Mel B’s back and reached behind to slap the big black booty and giggled, “C’mon girl! Ride!”

The curvy black Spice Girl rose to hands and knees to try and throw her blonde opponent off but Emma squeezed her thighs into Mel B’s sides and managed to stay, smiling all over her cute face as she saw Geri and Victoria clapping their hands for her as they were watching the hot match. Mel B however was getting real angry. It had been fun up til now but she didn’t like being humiliated - especially in front of the other Spices and certainly not by blonde Emma!

Mel arched her back hard and managed to throw off Emma who slid down on her side, rolled over and quickly got to her feet. Her black opponent was on her feet too in but a few seconds and so the two curvy Spice Girls were circling each other again. Both were sweating and starting to tire. Emma was smiling because she had the upper hand and Mel B was glaring as she moved closer to Emma and this time she didn’t back up; she felt confident.

They locked hands. Mel B was still weak from the Sleeper hold and Emma held out fine, but after a minute, size started to show and the black girl began forcing the blonde to her knees. Emma felt sweat running down her forehead and between her round breasts as she looked up at Mel B from her knees. Mel B leaned over Emma, their hands still locked. Mel B wouldn’t stop and kept pushing. Emma was clearly in the ‘inferior’ position and it wasn’t long before she was forced onto her back.

When Mel B dropped her big, black, booty down on her stomach, Emma let out an agonized, “UMMMMPH!”

Mel B was straddling her stomach, schoolgirl pinning her, making Emma blush as she struggled futilely. Mel B lifted her big booty a bit, then dropped back down on Emma’s belly, knocking the wind out of her. Emma just lay still, looking frustrated, thinking of how she might get free.

Mel B was mocking her, “How do you like being on your back blondie? Kinda like the old days, huh?”

She kept straddling Emma, smirking; then Mel C joined in and Emma’s face turned even redder. Mel B let go of Emma’s hands and grabbed Emma’s pink nipples. She started rubbing and tweaking them, causing Emma to yelp and moan. It hurt but at the same time Emma had to admit the black girl knew exactly what she was doing. Emma’s pink nipples were getting very hard and very sensitive, too. Emma tried pushing her hands off of her round breasts. But to her surprise, Mel B removed her left hand - but only to reach back and grab Emma’s pussy.

Her black fingers slid through Emma’s blonde pubes and down to the slit which was moist. Emma gasped, then reached up and grabbed Mel B’s big brown breasts, squeezing hard; sinking her fingers in. It made Mel B yell and swear and soon her hands were on Emma’s, grabbing her wrists. But Emma had already moved in on her target and her fingers were pinching Mel B’s dark nipples hard. There wasn’t much pleasure in this for the black girl but it did make her get off of Emma to free her breasts and nipples, Mel B stumbling to her feet rubbing her sore nipples and cursing while Emma got to her feet.

Mel B glared at Emma and said, “You’re moist blondie! You hadn’t forgotten how much you used to like this, have you?”

Emma replied, “Do your nipples hurt, bitch?”

The girls circled again; Emma back to her original strategy of keeping her distance. Mel B grew more and more frustrated with this situation. Whenever she would step closer Emma would quickly move away and in the end Mel B just lost it and went right at Emma. Which was exactly what Emma had been waiting for. When she saw the black girl rush towards her, she stepped quickly to the side and then aimed a fast kick, and when she felt her foot connect with soft, smooth, moist flesh she knew she’d hit home. Mel B knew it too as intense pain shot through her. She could hardly believe it. The little curvy blonde had placed a perfect kick right in her bald pussy and now all Mel B could think about was bend over and grab her sore throbbing crotch, almost unable to breathe. She was seeing stars and Mel B was bent over; panting hard; hands holding and rubbing her bald pussy.

Emma got behind her and started spanking that big black booty, blowing kisses with her free hand to the 3 other Spice Girls. With ease Emma pulled the hurt black Spice Girl down on the floor. Mel B wanted to curl up but Emma rolled her over on her back so the black girl just lay there flat on her back, her hands grabbing her throbbing pussy. The blonde Spice Girl then smiled and sat down slowly on her opponent’s face, her pussy covering Mel B’s mouth, her blonde pubes tickling Mel B’s nose. The black girl groaned and reached for Emma’s hips to get her away but as she did Emma quickly reached back and slapped Mel B’s bald and already sore pussy hard, Mel B shuddering in pain.

As Emma proceeded with the pussy spanking, she could hear and sense, Mel B whimpering into her pussy. She could also feel Mel B’s pussy growing more moist and the sound her hand made gradually changed from SMACK to SPLAT! Emma kept her position for a few more minutes, spanking Mel B’s bald pussy with her right hand while face-sitting the black girl and wearing her pussy o-u-t!

In the end the black Spice Girl just lay there and hardly struggled anymore, her pussy stinging, her lungs almost empty. Emma stood up, Mel B gasping desperately for air, feeling spent and exhausted, her pussy burning. The blonde placed 1 foot on her opponent’s big breasts and blew more kisses to the 3 other Spice Girls. Emma was standing over Mel B looking victorious and Mel B hated it but her head was spinning and her pussy hurting. The blonde Spice Girl then licked her own fingers and reached down and easily pushed three up her own pussy and started masturbating.

Geri was tingling all over from watching this and almost came as she smiled and said, “Wow Emma! You’re HOT!”

Emma smiled back at the redhead and felt hot too. here she was standing over a beaten Mel B, one foot on the black girl’s big breasts, fingering her own pussy, showing off to her Spice friends. This felt great!

Emma then pulled out her fingers and smiled down at Mel B and said, “Now it’s your turn!”

Mel B looked up at Emma and then watched as she got down on knees prying the black Spice Girl’s legs open. Mel B felt scared that her pussy would get attacked again, and it would, but this time in a nicer way. Emma got between her opponent’s open legs and pushed three moist fingers up Mel B’s bald pussy. Mel B took the fingers easily but it hurt a little because she had been kicked and slapped there. Emma smiled at her black opponent and said “don’t worry babe, I’m gonna make you feel good now. You’ll lose but at least you’ll lose cumming”

Mel B recalled the rules and tried pushing Emma away but there was not much strength left in the black Spice Girl and so Emma went at her work and leaned down to start licking Mel B’s clit while her 3 fingers moved deeper in Mel B’s pussy. Emma knew how to dish out pleasure for sure and soon Mel B started relaxing a little. But after some minutes she started moving, moaning and squirming as pleasure took over. A few more minutes and she was grabbing Emma’s long blonde hair.

She could feel Emma’s tongue dance on her clit and there were now four fingers deep in her bald brown pussy, just taking it from Emma who kept working her fingers; wiggling and diddling them in and out of Mel B’s moist pussy. Mel’s big black booty lifted off the floor a little so her tongue could reach from throbbing clit to soaked slit to aroused booty hole.

Mel B was getting louder and louder and she could hear the other Spice Girls chant, “Cum, Cum, Cum” while Emma’s tongue worked wonders; Emma enjoying every minute of this even if she had to work hard to make Mel B climax.

Mel B lasted a full 10 more minutes but when it was over, Emma had driven her to a massive, earth-shaking orgasm, Mel slammed her hands and feet against the floor. The blonde Spice Girl felt her black opponent’s juices as she lapped them up, bringing Mel B’s orgasm to a powerful conclusion before she got up to receives hug and kisses from the 3 other Spice Girls, Geri telling her she was the winner and better Spice Girl.

Emma smiled. She loved this and had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last of these Spice-on-Spice matches!