Agnes Bruckner vs. Katherine Heigl by The Walkin’ Dude

The ring crew had just cleared the last of the rubble from the Trachtenberg v Knightley streetfight when the Ring Announcer stepped into the spotlight and exclaimed, "Loyal patrons of the Silver Key, it's time for the show to continue! Our following contest in scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, at 5’8”…Agnes… Bruckner!"

The speakers are silent for a moment before the opening riff of Breaking Benjamin's 'Breath' rolls through the Silver Key. When the first chorus kicks in, Agnes breezes through the curtains and offers the capacity crowd a good look at her. For those who may not know, Bruckner had been hired along with fellow Amazon Adrianne Palecki during the course of Fannin's last Fourth of July Party and after spending six months in an intensive training academy, the powerful blonde had been brought onto the main roster and had immediately started making waves. Why you ask?

Well aside from being almost freakishly strong, Agnes was FAST and Agnes was AGILE. The curvy blonde stunner had a vertical leap that was the envy of cruiserweights six inches shorter and twenty pounds lighter, not to mention she had the ability to come off the top rope with the speed and impact that was usually reserved for a Kristen Bell or a Lacey Chabert. Given her size and build, fans were already clamoring to see the exciting rookie in matches with the likes of Durance, Scott, Biel, Theron and Garner, so to find out if Bruckner was ready, the front office had arranged for a rather steep challenge for her this evening. (But more on that in a little bit)

Having let the crowd take her in, Agnes broke her pose and sauntered down the ramp, slapping hands and jawing with the fans as she approached the squared circle. For her battle tonight, the blonde grappler was decked out in a simple white bikini with black ring connections at the hips and chest while her pads and boots are of the same simple ivory. Approaching the ring apron, Bruckner offers fans on both sides a confident grin a split second before she goes from the floor to the apron in a single leap. Slipping over the middle rope, Agnes saunters to her corner and offers the fans a final salute as her music fades.

When the crowd had quieted a bit, the Announcer brought the mic up and continued., "And her opponent, standing 5’9”, they call her ‘Katherine the Great’… allow me to introduce Katherine ‘Kat’ Heigl!"

Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams hits the speakers as Heigl wastes no time in strolling through the curtain. Surveying her loyal subjects from the top of the ramp, Kat breaks her pose and makes her way toward the ring, slapping hands and smiling at her fans the entire way. For her first encounter with the powerful rookie, she’s wearing her standard powder blue bikini with matching boots and pads. while her long blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders. And she climbs the steel steps and makes her way through the ropes, it's easy to see why they call her 'Great.' From head to toe Katherine is the archetype of what a champion wrestler should be. Climbing the ropes in her corner, she flexes her biceps for the roaring mob and doesn't bother hopping down until the ref calls her for final instructions.

The bell chimed loudly in the close confines of the arena and on opposite corners of the ring, both blondes let loose with quiet, expectant sighs. For Agnes, there could be no doubt that this was the biggest match of her career. If she was able to defeat, hell if she was even able to make a showing against Heigl, she'd move from 'impressive rookie' to 'force to be reckoned with' in a single outing.

For Katherine, this was about defending her spot, plain and simple. She'd fought and clawed her way up through the ranks to get where she was today and she'd be damned if she was going to let some 'B-Grade Kat Clone' come into her house and settle into the niche she'd carved out for herself. A part of the blonde actually felt a little sorry for Bruckner. In other circumstances these two might have been friends - partners even - but the unsubtle and ceasless comparisions by fans had put the beauties on a collision course and Heigl would be damned if she'd let some rookie shove her aside. Keeping her eyes level on the other blonde, Kat waited for Agnes to make the first move, and when the ingenue was well on her way to the center of the ring, Heigl alloweed herself one final roll of her shoulders before she moved to join her new adversary.

From her place in the center of the squared circle, Agnes watched Kat for any signs of a sudden attack. The Great One wasn't necessarily known for being fleet of foot, but she could summon some explosive short range bursts when needed and Bruckner didn't want to be made a fool of this early in the fight (or at any point in the fight for that matter) Apparently Heigl didn't have anything sneaky in mind; she just stopped about a foot short of the other blonde and gave her a quick head-to-toe appraisal. When their eyes met again, Katherine started to say something but Agnes cut her off by steping through about eleven of those last twelve inches.

Her dark eyes flashing, Agnes said, "I know this is the part where the rookie is supposed to be all earnest and tell the imposing veteran how much she respects her, but I've never been much one for bullshit and I don't aim to start now. See, I don't respect you at all right now Katherine. I'm impressed by what you've done, but until I know how hard you can hit, squeeze and fight, I won't know if you're WORTHY of respect. So here's all I'm going to say. You want my respect?"

THWAP! In less time than it takes a normal person to snap their fingers, the curvy blonde whipped up her right forearm and SMASHED Heigl across the chin. Her foe was still reeling when Agnes concluded, "Earn it!"

The Forearm Shiver had caught Kat off guard but even an unprotected shot wasn't able to do much more than stagger the Amazon grappler and she immediately resumed the nose-to-nose duel with her upstart opponent. Smiling slightly, Katherine the Great replied, "I don't know who told you I wanted or needed your respect Agnes because I have no use for either. The only thing I want from you, the only thing I'll TAKE is..." THWAP! She returned Bruckner's Forearm Smash, snapping the other blonde's head around almost ninety degrees. Agnes was just starting to correct her balance when Heigl purred, "Your fear!"

Nodding to herself, Agnes smiled at her foe and whispered, "If you want my fear you're going to have to do a lot better than that."

SWAP! The blonde sensation punctuated her answer with a vicious, overhand, open-palmed slap that she brought 'whicking' down on Kat's left breast. Heigl winced and covered her wounded decolletage, but only for a second. Quickly regaining her compsure, Katherine the Great sneered, "Baby, that is one game you CANNOT win!"

SWAP! Now it was Bruckner's turn to cringe as Kat lit up her cleavage with an equally heartless Slap of her own. Wandering around in a tight little loop to walk off the pain, Agnes waited until her head cleared and as she stumbled back towards Heigl she broke into a short run and THWACK! sent the taller blonde reeling with a Running Forearm Smash.

Cursing herself for not anticipating the strike better, Heigl shook off the shot and paused for the split second it took her to confirm that Agnes wasn't going to duck out of the way. One glance was all she needed. Kat had seen that look before, the one that said, 'Hit me with your best shot bitch.' More than willing to do just that, Katherine sprinted forward and clipped the newcomer with a Running Forearm Smash that sent Agnes rocking and reeling into the ropes.

Amazingly, the blow that would have dropped most of the other women in the promotion only stunned Bruckner and even then the effects of Kat's offense seemed to fade as soon as she bounced into the ropes. As she surged out of the cables, Agnes brought her right foot arcing up and THWAP took the skirmish to the next level by belting Heigl across the face with a Big Boot. Now a boot from Agnes Bruckner would drop just about anyone, luckily for Kat, she wasn't just anyone and she merely staggered back into the ropes. Unfortunately for Heigl, no amount of strength or internal fortitude could stop the occasional clumsy move and when Kat's feet got tangled up in one another she slipped against THE cables only to find her arms wrapped up tight between the top and middle ropes!

Both Agnes and the audience let out a surprised cheer as Kat tried to tug and wriggle her way free. Sensing a golden opportunity to get the mob on her side, Agnes offered the fans a knowing smile as she sauntered forward. Running both hands along the edges of her top, Bruckner stayed silent and let the, 'Holy shit, you don't think she's gonna?' buzz speak for her. Pressing in against the struggling vixen, Agnes wrapped her arms around the back of Katherine's head and started to reel her in.

Struggling furiously with her bonds, Kat gaped, "Don't you FUCKING dareUNNNMMMPPPHHHHH!"

The audience went bat shit nuts as the newcomer pulled Heigl's face into her cleavage and ground it back and forth with an energetic five second application of the Breast Smother. Now normally, the crowd would be raining thunderous boos down for a smother that ended that quickly, but to be fair, Heigl was in the ropes and just the sheer fact that a relative newcomer was able to EMBARRASS a powerhouse like Heigl with the move that was practically her finisher, well, that was something to cheer about. Finally able to rip herself from the snaring embrace of the ropes, Katherine rubbed her forearm across her face in an effort to rid her features of the tiniest bit of the rookie's sweat.

Fixing her rival with a murderous glare, Heigl raised her left arm and wriggled her fingers in Agnes' direction, "All right newbie, you've got guts. But do you have the backbone to go with it?"

Bruckner adjusted the edges of her white top before stepping forward. Raising her right hand, she placed it against Kat's outstretched palm and answered, "I guess you're going to find ouUNNNGHHHH!"

The second Bruckner's hand touched her own, Kat clamped down on her foe and stretched the captured limb away from her body. In the next instant she balled her right hand into a fist and PISTONED it into the other blonde's left breast in a devastating Heart Punch. The ferocity of that simple blow was enough to unhinge Bruckner's knees, but after having suffered through the JMD treatment so early, Kat wasn't going to let her opponent go that easily.

Maintaining her hold on the smaller blonde's wrist, Katherine yanked her back to her feet and easily forced Agnes' arm up behind her back in a painfully basic Hammerlock. With her free hand, she reached through Bruckner's thighs, grabbed hold of her butt and scooped her into the air. Looking to regain the confidence of her subjects, the Great One paraded around the ring. She remained silent because she didn't have to say anything. Agnes' helpless wriggling combined with the 'this is what happens to posers who fuck with me' look on her face was enough to get most of the folks in the building cheering for Heigl again. After another circuit of the ring, Katherine the Great stopped in the center, rose up on her toes and SLAMMED Agnes down on her Hammerlocked arm. The rookie phenom let out a brittle cry of pain and immediately rolled onto her side, clutching the mangled limb against her belly. Intent on humbling the uppity newcomer, Kat placed one rude boot against Agnes' elbow and ground down on the wounded joint even as she rewarded her faithful with a lingering Double Bicep pose.

When Agnes groaned and pulled away, Heigl glanced down and cooed, "I got your respect yet Aggie?"

When Bruckner just snarled at her, Kat tugged her to her feet and quickly pounced on her with a simple Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Seeing another opportunity to put the other blonde in her place, Heigl surged forward, forcing her backpedaling adversary to go along with her unless she wanted to run the risk of tripping like Kat had earlier. Several seconds later, the turnbuckles stopped Agnes' momentum, but that didn't stop Kat from pressing in as close as she could just to force her chest into Bruckner's.

Hearing the ref's count tick by, Katherine waited til he reached 'FOUR' then slowly released her grip and with her hands level with her shoulders, stepped away from the girl in the corner. Kat was still in the middle of the 'clean' break when her right hand darted out and TAGGED Agnes across the mouth with a blisteringly disrespectful Bitch Slap. As the rookie's head flew black in golden cloud, Katherine the Great chided, "What's the matter Agnes? Too awed by your newfound respect to fight back?"

Ears ringing, Bruckner didn't bother with a cogent response, she just flung herself at Kat and cinched her up in the second Collar and Elbow Tie-Up in as many minutes. Digging her feet into the mat, Bruckner displayed incredible strength as she marched the ring on a diagonal and backed Kat into the opposite corner. Paying close attention to the count, Agnes molded herself to Heigl's chest and pressed in tight, forcing the other blonde to acknowledge the power that lay behind her own curves. When the zebra hit 'FOUR' she released the clinch and stepped back with arms raised.

In the corner, Kat was watching closely for a retaliatory slap, but when Bruckner's hand lashed out, it was at Kat's chest and not her face. Before the curvy wrestler could stop her, Agnes took hold of Kat's top and jerked it to the side, baring Heigl's right breast for a suddenly redlining audience.

Pretty face flushing beet-red, Katherine was busying herself with wardrobe adjustments when she heard Agnes taunt, "Not much to look at really, I'm not sure why they're cheering."

Remarkably impressed with how fast Bruckner had soared to the top of her 'bitches in need of a pounding' list. Kat balled both hands into fists and growled, "Laugh it up while you can slut. By the time I'm done with you, my tits will be the ONLY thing you can look at!"

Bruckner grinned and opened her mouth to reply but Heigl shut her up fast with a stiff Haymaker to the chin. Grunting in surprise, the shorter blonde found herself rocked by a scintillating rapid-fire series of lefts and rights that had her wobbling across the ring on a rough diagonal as Kat herded her back into the corner. When she saw Bruckner slump against the post, Kat planted her feet and 'sniicked' both hands across Agnes' impressive cleavage in a Two-handed Chop that brought a chorus of 'WOOOOOS!' from the appreciative audience. Feeding on their adulation, Heigl hopped up onto the middle buckle, bringing her navel almost perfectly level with Bruckner's nose in the process. Burying her left hand in Agnes' hair, Heigl's cranked her foe's head back, forcing her to look up at the looming Amazon.

Licking her lips, Kat taunted, "I'm Katherine the Great and this is my court. Learn that lesson fast bitch."

Helping Agnes down the road to enlightenment, Heigl formed her right hand into a fist and started pounding rough, monotonous blows down into the other girl's forehead. For their part, the crowd helped her out by counting off, 'ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVE...'

Their count was rudely interrupted when Agnes shot her hands up, forced them against Katherine's abdomen and shoved hard, knocking Heigl off her perch. Hoping to take advantage of her foe's momentary distraction, Bruckner EXPLODED out of the corner with that scary quickness she was becoming so well known for and BWAM! A quick extension of her right arm was all it took to catch Kat under the chin and knock her head over heels with a vile Lariat. Massaging the bicep that had nearly decapitated Katherine, Agnes slowed her sprint to a strut and preened for the mob as they cheered her on.

What she didn't and couldn't know was that only about half of the crowd was supporting her. The other half were lending their energy to Kat as the statuesque grappler was pushing to her hands and knees right behind the oblivious ingenue. A heartbeat later Agnes turned around and this time it was Kat's turn to put on the afterburners. Bruckner had just enough time to gape and then THWACK! Katherine drove the sole of her left boot into other blonde's features and even Agnes wasn't strong enough to stand through such an attack. Savoring the nasty little tingle that went up her spine as she stalked the starfished wrestler, Katherine made some minute adjustments to her top as she told the mob, "JUST WANNA MAKE SURE HER FACE HAS BEEN PROPERLY TENDERIZED BEFORE... WELL, YOU KNOW..."

They most certainly did, and even if they didn't, the nonsense patterns Heigl was tracing across the top of her breasts was enough to brighten even the dimmest bulb. Having made the proper changes to her battle attire, Kat strutted over to Agnes' head, dropped to one knee and took hold of the other blonde's shoulder-straps. Scraping her off the mat, Heigl switched her grip to Agnes' wrist and muttered, "Say goodbye slut!"

She stepped back and tossed Bruckner towards a corner on the far side of the ring. Heigl had just started to let her victim go when Bruckner clamped down on her wrist, planted her feet and jerked her forward to reverse the momentum of the Irish Whip. In the instant she was passing by, Kat bristled as she heard Agnes chide, "Goodbye slut." but then the indignation was gone as she focused all her attention on surviving the impact with the buckles.

Turning her back into the landing, Kat grunted when she hit home, but all things considered, it could have been a lot worse. And by the looks of it, 'A lot worse' was coming on fast as Bruckner was bearing down on her with what was sure to be a sternum-crushing Splash. Refusing to let the newcomer show her up with another of her own favorite moves, Heigl took a step out of the corner and lowered her head just as Agnes was leaving the ground. As the other blonde soared in, Katherine straightened up fast, using her height and power to toss Bruckner up and over the top rope to the floor below in what (from judging by the audience's reaction) was sure to be a SPECTACULAR crash.

But much like Agnes had made the mistake of turning her back on Kat, so had Kat erred in not turning to make sure that her opponent had hit the floor. What Kat thought were cheers for her impressive counter, were actually cheers for Agnes' amazing mid-air recovery. For as she sailed up and over the top rope, Bruckner stabbed out with both hands and reigned in her momentum to land comfortably on the apron just behind the oblivious Kat Heigl.

Thrumming with the anticipation of what she was going to do to the arrogant veteran, Agnes was able to stay silent until Kat had swaggered out to the middle of the squared circle. Now that she had enough room to work, Agnes grabbed the top rope in both hands, leaned all the way back and let out a low, innocuous whistle. By the time Heigl spun around to face her, Agnes had already leapt onto the top rope and executed the second jump that sent her launching towards Kat.

Shocked by the sudden appearance of the supposedly flattened blonde, Katherine tried to get her hands up but it wasn't nearly fast enough and Bruckner DROVE the point of her right shoulder between Kat's breasts! The Springboard Shoulderblock would have been dangerous enough in the hands of a talented gamine, to have it performed so seamlessly by a girl the size of Jessica Biel made it all the more brutal. All the air was smashed from Heigl's lungs in a single breathy 'UNNGHH' that was instantly swallowed up in the mad cheers of the crowd and the dull THUD of the Great One hitting the canvas.

Rolling to her feet Agnes pumped both fists into the and offered the guests an emphatic, "YES!" Grinning from ear-to-ear, the white clad blonde strolled over to the nearest corner, climbed up onto the second buckle and asked the crowd, "YOU SEE THAT? THAT'S NOTHING!"

Over the enthusiastic roar, some fan replied, "WELL SHOW US SOMETHING THEN!"

Holding back a cruel little chuckle, Brucker said, "I don't think Kat's going to like it, but OK!"

Hopping down from the corner, the domineering blonde stalked over to her wounded opposition and dropped a hard elbow in the small of Heigl's back just as the other blonde was getting to her feet. Kat let out a pained 'ooofffh' as she was knocked back to the canvas with Agnes' weight draped over her. Grinding the bony joint into Kat's spine, Agnes told her, "Looks like there's some strife in the Kingdom of the Great One. Apparently your loyal subjects are ready to welcome a new queen. As my first act, I'm going to offer them your beaten, battered body."

Seething at the rookie's temerity, Kat planted her palms against the mat and tried to push up again. "I'm gonna hurt you SO BAD!" she growled.

Sinking her fingers into the other bigger, blonde's hair, Bruckner taunted, "I don't think so Kat. At this point you're nothing but a figurehead and here in my court, we have no use for figureheads."

Heigl tried to fire off a response but Agnes wrenched her head from side-to-side and silenced her easily enough. Getting to her feet, Bruckner pulled Heigl to hers and immediately slung an arm over the Great One's shoulder. Cupping the base of Heigl's neck, the newcomer threaded her free hand through her opponent's thighs and hoisted Kat up onto her shoulder with no discernible effort. Marching around their battleground with Katherine squirming in her clutches, Bruckner turned to each side of the ring and incited the mob. "WHERE SHOULD I SLAM HER? HERE? HOW ABOUT HERE? MAYBE OVER HERE?" HOW ABOUT DEAD CENTER!"

With a few thousand voices urging her on, Agnes rose up on her toes and TOSSED Kat down onto the mat with a Body Slam that had more force behind it than some girl's Power Slams.

With Heigl groaning and prone at her feet, Bruckner ran the ropes, bounded back at her opponent only to leave the mat in a gorgeous vertical leap that folks in the first few rows swore was close to six feet. (They were actually a little conservative in their estimation) At the apex of her momentum, the rookie stretched out parallel to the mat and came crashing down chest-on-belly with a Splash that had Kat gurgling and spasming like a trauma patient. Maintaining her perch across the Great One's abdomen, Bruckner hooked the far leg and rolled her foe up in a tight Cradle. Surprised that the blonde would try to pin her vaunted adversary after such a simple maneuver, the ref dove into position and slapped the mat, 'ONE...' Kat shoved her attacker off of her, breaking the count with plenty of time to spare.

As the official suspected, it was going to take a HELL of a Splash to put Kat Heigl away. The fast kick-out didn't seem to bother Agnes however. She just helped herself to a double handful of Kat's powder-blue briefs and tugged her to a vertical base. Switching her grip to Heigl's wrist, Bruckner pointed her towards a corner on the other side of the ring and whipped her into the steel buckles. Still a little winded from the Slam and Splash combo, Kat WANTED to turn into the impact, but her traitorous body wouldn't obey her brain and she could only close her eyes and brace for impact as the top turnbuckle smashed into her chest. Slumped and defenseless in the corner, the only mercy for Heigl was that she didn't see what was coming, of course, if she had seen Agnes charging towards her she might have been able to prepare for the collision. As it was she was totally oblivious as Bruckner left her feet and MASHED the full force of her weight against Kat's curvy frame with an Avalanche Splash.

Forcing the wheezing blonde to take every ounce of her curves, Agnes leaned her head down and placed her lips against Kat's ear. "When was the last time these people saw anyone CRUSH you? I'll tell you the answer, they HAVEN'T. But there's a first time for everything."

Peeling herself off Heigl's sweat-tacky back, Bruckner placed her left hand against the other blonde's left shoulder to hold her in place Lining up her shot, Agnes took a deep breath and then pistoned her right forearm across the small of Katherine's back. There was a sound like a baseball bat striking a wet rug that went almost unheard over Kat's boozy sob of protest, but Bruckner wasn't even close to done yet and she lined up several more shots that went THUP, THUP, THUP' on Heigl's back.

Not stopping until the referee’s count reached 'FOUR', the blonde tyro wrapped both arms around Kat's gulping waist and pulled her free of the corner. With her hands clasped and digging into the pit of Heigl's stomach, Bruckner bent her knees then bridged up and back, yanking Kat off her feet to toss her almost three-quarters of the way across the ring with a Release German Suplex.

Heigl took the brunt of the impact on the back of her head and shoulders and if that wasn't bad enough, the force of the throw left her folded up in an ignominious Matchbook that put her upturned ass on display for the whole of the crowd. Nearly shaking with the giddiness of dismantling the established star, Agnes jogged over to Kat and nudged the blonde's legs out flat. Leaving Heigl prone and glassy-eyed, Agnes strode over to the nearest corner and climbed to the top rope. Turning around to face the ring, Bruckner raised both arms high overhead and roared, "IT'S OVER!"

Well, this was a noble sentiment, but something that Agnes was going to learn is that it wasn't the greatest idea to announce your intentions until your opponent was absolutely helpless. As it was, Kat's instincts kicked in and the Great One rolled her way under the bottom rope and onto the floor while Bruckner was still standing on the buckles. Frowning at Heigl's strategic retreat, Agnes hopped down from the corner and whispered, "You're not getting away that easy baby."

Taking a position behind Kat, Agnes spun on her heel, sprinted into the ropes and came tearing back tearing back towards her adversary. When the ropes where only a few feet away, Bruckner demonstrated that jaw-dropping agility once more by leaving her feet and vaulting over the top rope. Down on the floor, Kat heard the crowd react to something and instinctively whirled around to face the threat.

SPLAT! Agnes came crashing down on her like a five foot eight inch missile and even Kat's phenomenal strength wasn't enough to keep her from crashing to the mats in a pained tangle of limbs. Breathing hard after the Planch connected, Bruckner flipped some hair out of her face and whispered, "Nowhere to run Kat, so if it's OK with you, I'm gonna pick your tired ass up and finish this back in the ring."

Heigl just grumbled something unintelligible at her as Agnes pulled her to her feet and wrapped both arms around Kat's waist. Wheeling the other blonde around so that her back was facing the apron, Bruckner lowered her shoulder and plowed forward to drive the small of her foe's back against the apron.

Positively radiant as Kat threw her head back and sobbed, Agnes repeated the back-smashing maneuver a few more times before she wedged a hand through Heigl's thighs and muscled her under the bottom rope. Pushing the curvy blonde across the canvas in a jiggling bundle of limbs, Agnes made a show of strutting over to the steel steps and taking those to make her return to the ring. Wandering over to the smoking wreckage of Katherine the Great, Bruckner hoisted her opponent up with a fistful of shoulder-straps only to double her up with a vicious Kneelift to the Belly.

Taking her time applying the Front Facelock, Agnes told Kat, "No offense Kat but I CAN hit harder, fly faster and wrestle better than you ever could. And if I need to expose you as a used-up tubbagoo to prove it, that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

Acting on her missive, Bruckner grabbed a handful of tights while simultaneously slinging Katherine's near arm over her shoulders. Set for her attack, Agnes waited another second before popping her hips, taking the bigger wrestler up and over with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. The moment the first Suplex connected, Agnes floated over onto her opponent's chest and popped to her feet even as she maintained the Facelock. Swiftly changing her grip, the domineering blonde wrapped both arms around Heigl's hips just before she forced her head between Kat's left arm and her torso. Dipping her knees, Bruckner bridged up and back to take her adversary down with a Northern Lights Suplex.

With Kat flat on her back and wriggling for release, Agnes bridged up as high as she could, hoping the extra leverage would be enough to keep Heigl down for the three count. Silently impressed with just how smoothly the rookie was able to flow between moves, the official swooped in and slapped the canvas, 'ONE... TWO...' Kat lashed up with both hands and 'craaacked Agnes across the belly, breaking the bridge and the count at the same time.

Sitting on her butt, Agnes took a moment to catch her breath and then went back on the attack. Pulling Kat to her feet with a hardhearted tug of the hair, Agnes captured her wrist in an iron grip and whipped her into the ropes. When Katherine was well on her way, Bruckner pulled a quick 180 and headed to the ropes at her back. A second later she was charging back at Heigl and left her feet once again, this time going for a more traditional Flying Crossbody Press.

THWAP! Bruckner collided with Heigl, but soon realized something was very wrong because Kat was still upright! Even if she hadn't figured it out then, her predicament was made crystal clear when Kat treated her rival to an embarrassingly hard pinch of her left buttock. During most matches, Katherine would've taken this opportunity to skewer her opponent with some wicked verbal barb, but Agnes had pissed her off so badly that mere words didn't seem an accurate reflection of her rage.

Choosing action instead, she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, slamming Agnes' ribs across the posted joint in the process. Holding this position for a moment, Heigl waited for Bruckner's cry to subside before she sneered, "What's wrong bitch, does this hurt? Don't worry, it's about to get a whole lot worse."

Powering back to her feet, Kat turned to the other side of the ring and dropped down again, treating her foe to a second Rib Breaker. Still not satisfied, she got back to her feet and muscled Agnes across her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. Feeling some of that old confidence starting to return, Kat strutted around the ring and taunted, "Who's the used-up Tub of Goo now cunt? Huh? Answer me! You ever had a Tub of Goo hit you like THIS?"

Showing Agnes exactly what 'this' entailed, Heigl rose up, tilted her left side down and sat out, spiking the back of Bruckner's head and shoulders into the canvas with a ring-shaking Death Valley Driver. After taking a brief respite to collect her thoughts, Heigl climbed to her feet and stood over the stunned newcomer. Hands on her hips, Kat fixed her opponent with a cold, arrogant look and asked, "You thought YOU could out-splash ME? Aggie baby, you're about to have your world view altered."

Kat ran the ropes, sprinted back at her victim and left her feet to splatter Bruckner against the mat with a Splash of her own. Heigl's vertical leap might not be as high as her Agnes' but the Great One knew how to get all her weight behind the maneuver and nowhere was this more apparent than in Bruckner's pained flailing. Snatching one of her foe's spasming legs out of the air, Kat hooked her in a loose Cradle and nodded her head in time with the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO...' Agnes shot her left shoulder off the mat, ending the count just past the two-thirds mark. Nonplused by this show of resistance, Heigl pulled Agnes up and bent her over, locking on a rough Front Facelock.

Remembering the liberties Bruckner had taken with her in the corner, Kat brought her free arm up and then whistling down, driving a vicious Forearm across Agnes' lower back. Happy to dole out seconds, Kat repeated Forearm Smash, drilling shot after shot into the other blonde's sweating, quivering back. After a final cudgeling shot dropped Agnes to her knees, Katherine, grabbed a handful of Bruckner's white bottom and pulled the blonde to her feet for just a second before she hoisted her into the stall position for a Vertical Suplex. Focusing her attention on maintaining her grip, Kat taunted, “You really think you're stronger than me? Agnes sweetie, I've got some things that I need to show you."

Doing just that, Heigl took several wobbling steps forward and then dropped Bruckner gut-first across the top rope. Heigl could feel the air 'whoosh' out of Agnes' lungs - but instead of leaving her victim hung up and gasping, Katherine tightened her grip on the Facelock and lifted Bruckner back up over her head. Marching to the center of the ring, the Great One tightened her hand-hold on Agnes' briefs and yanked down, giving the upside-down blonde a butt-splitting Wedgie. Savoring the slow burn that was developing in her shoulders, Heigl actually released her grip on Bruckner's tights and offered the audience a flex of her bicep. Holding the pose, Katherine roared, "COUNT!"

Happy to oblige their queen, the crowd started ticking off, 'ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT... NINE... TEN!'

When the faithful reached 'TEN' Kat fell backward, finally completing the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Agnes hit the canvas with a rattling THUD and as Kat hoped, the impact of the Suplex actually bounced her off the mat a few inches before bringing her flopping onto her side. Getting to her feet, Kat smoothed out her ponytail and looked to the audience.

"Who runs this place?" she asked.

The reply was an overwhelmingly loud, "YOU DO!"

Pulling the other blonde to her feet, Heigl said, "You hear that Aggie? Sounds like the peasants are happy with the current regime. Guess that means I get to execute you for treason."

Spinning around behind her opponent, Kat wedged her head between Bruckner's right arm and torso while simultaneously locking her arms around the tyro's waist. With little more than a flex of her knees, Heigl tore Bruckner off the canvas, lifted her into the air and then dropped to the mat. Agnes' head and shoulders were subjected to another brutal landing as Kat's Belly-to-Back Suplex bounced her skull off the canvas a few times. Looking to really pour the hurt onto her formerly confident opposition, Katherine got to her feet and nudged Agnes over onto her stomach.

Posed with one foot on either side of Bruckner's hips, Heigl knelt down and tugged Agnes to her hands and knees. With Bruckner forced into the proper position, Katherine straddled her opponent’s back and laced her fingers under the other blonde's chin. Taking all the time she needed to make sure the hold was really cinched in tight, Kat finally pulled back and sat down all at once to trap Agnes in her version of the body-breaking Camel Clutch.

Bruckner sobbed and writhed in the crippling submission as Kat wrenched her neck back and bounced up and down, her blue clad ass mashing and smacking painfully against Agnes' injured back. After a pained groan from her new nemesis, Heigl planted an insolent kiss on Agnes' forehead as she purred, “I have to say Aggie, for a girl getting bent in half, you're taking this very well. I wonder if you'll do so well when I'm mauling your tits?"

Before Bruckner could even mumble a reply, Katherine released her chin and slid her hands down to take hold of the other blonde’s defenseless breasts. Never one to prolong the inevitable, Kat dug into Agnes' assets with a murderous fervor, slapping twisting and clawing the supple flesh while the audience and Agnes screamed for very different reasons.

Changing the focus of her attack, she wormed her fingers under the edges of Agnes' top and latched onto the rookie's nubs, slowly rolling and tweaking the flesh between her steely fingers in an attempt to force the magic words from Bruckner's trembling lips. Tears filling her eyes as Kat waged a scorched earth campaign against her cleavage, Agnes bit her tongue to keep from surrendering or even worse, voicing her anguish. Disheartened to see that Kat had locked on the Clutch in the dead-center of the ring, Bruckner knew she was going to have to power out of this torturous predicament.

Using the image of a broken and mewling Kat Heigl as her motivation, Agnes dug her nails into the back of the other blonde's knees and started pushing to her feet. From her perch on Bruckner's back, Heigl couldn't believe that the newbie blonde was actually getting to her feet, but here it was. Unwilling to release the Camel Clutch without a hell of a fight, Kat moved her hands from Bruckner's rack back to her chin. Cranking back on the hold, Kat growled, "Whatcha gonna do Aggie? I'm still riding you hard and I don't want to go anywhere."

Unable to answer with words, Agnes regained her feet with Kat humped across her in some sort of diabolical piggyback ride. Setting her sites on the nearest corner, Agnes stumbled towards the buckles and when they were close enough, she spun around and LURCHED back, mashing Heigl against the unforgiving steel. The Great One's sadistic grip finally crumbled and Agnes responded by chiding, "Is that what you call a ‘hard ride’ Kat? No wonder Jessica Biel made you her bitcARRGGHHH!"

Bruckner would’ve been better served to put some distance between her and Katherine before taunting the other blonde, because as it was, Heigl was able to reach up with her right hand and RAKE her talons across the tyro's eyes. Blinded and thrashing, Agnes was easy prey for her adversary and Katherine the Great had no problem picking off easy prey. Hopping onto the middle rope, Kat grabbed a double handful of Agnes' hair and planted her left knee against the back of the other blonde's head. Catching her breath, Heigl answered, "No bitch, THIS is what I call a hard ride."

Speaking no more, Kat used her free leg to push out of the corner as hard as she could. The shove sent Agnes stumbling out to just about center-ring before Kat's added weight overbalanced her and sent the ingenue crashing face-first into the mat with Heigl's posted knee doing nothing to soften the landing. Scrambling to her knees after her ingenious take on the Bulldog nearly caved Agnes' face in, Kat rolled her foe over onto her belly, pounced across her midsection and hooked both legs to wrap her up in a tight Cradle. Pressing all her weight down across the other blonde's shoulders, Kat grinned up into the lights as the official counted off, 'ONE... TWO....' before Bruckner ripped both legs out of Heigl's grip, saving herself for at least another three seconds.

Rolling her eyes, Katherine the Great got to her feet, sauntered over to the other blonde's head and daintily placed a boot between her shoulderblades. Smirking out at the audience, Heigl lifted her hand to her lips and did a pretty damn good impression of the 'knockin' one back' gesture made infamous by one Stone Cold Steve Austin. With the guests in the palm of her hand, Kat drew in a breath and called out, "HANGOVER TIME!"

Turning her attention back to the flattened blonde, Katherine knelt down, buried her hands in Bruckner's tangled mane and pulled her to her knees. Moving slowly (for some reason she was in the mood to draw this out) Heigl stepped forward and clamped her thighs shut to trap the kneeling vixen in a Standing Headscissors. Moving with that same luxurious sureness, Kat wrapped both arms around Agnes' midsection, bent her knees and then lifted her off the mat, hoisting the curvy blonde up until the small of her back was resting against the point of Kat's right shoulder. Turning in a slow circle, Heigl gazed out at her loyal subjects and told them, "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO DISSENTERS IN THE COURT OF KATHERINE THE GREARRRNNNNGHHH!"

You remember what your narrator said earlier about how announcing your intentions wasn't the smartest idea in a wrestling match? Well Kat found out that goes for veterans too as Agnes suddenly burst into life and drove several short, sharp elbows into the side of her tormentor's skull. Dazed by the burst of fireworks going off behind her eyes, Katherine released her grip on Bruckner's waist and let the other blonde slide down her back. But even though she wasn't feeling her best at the moment, there was no way Heigl was going to let her rival get away that easily. Acting more on instinct than any conscious knowledge, the Great One spun around fast and THUD caught a slow to recover Agnes right across the back of the neck with a Northern Lariat. Agnes let out weary groan and collapsed to her hands and knees which was more than fine with the wobbly-legged Kat.

Staggering around to Bruckner's head, Heigl shook off the last vestiges of her dizziness and applied a second Standing Headscissors, this one much rougher than the first. Forgoing her previous theatrics, Kat locked in the gut-wrench and growled, "I don't care what the hype says, you are NOT stronger than me. And if I have to break ya in half to prove it, so fucking be it."

The last words were still coming out of her mouth when she HOISTED Agnes off the mat and into the stall position for a Powerbomb. Ignoring the close proximity of the other blonde's crotch to her nose, Kat held the pose for just a moment and then dropped to her butt with her legs spread in a wide V. There was an echoing BWAM as Agnes landed on her back between Heigl's stretched gams. Savoring the image of Bruckner folded like an accordion, Katherine put both hands and Agnes' butt and shoved her over onto her belly before she got to her feet.

Snapping her bottom back into place as she walked, Heigl strutted over towards a corner directly behind her crippled adversary and then settled into a tense crouch. Rocking back and forth on her heels, Kat extended her right arm and impatiently beckoned for the newbie to get up. It took several seconds of the same furious gesturing but finally Bruckner let out a wavering groan and pushed to her hands and knees. Licking her lips in anticipation Kat whispered, "C'mon bitch, stand up and stretch out that gummy little midsection for me..."

The instant Agnes got her feet under her, Kat charged and squared her shoulder, intent on cutting the other blonde in half with a Spear that would have ensured a hasty 'THREE'. Alas, as quick as Kat was, Agnes was a little quicker!!

As Heigl was screaming down on her, the fog left Bruckner's eyes and she actually stepped FORWARD to meet the oncoming threat. In the split second before Kat could lower the boom on her, Agnes wrapped both arms around her adversary with the left going under Heigl's right arm while the right went over her left shoulder. As the crowd was still cheering the Spear, Bruckner locked her hands between Kat's shoulders and then exploded up and backwards, hurling Katherine the rest of the way across the ring with a Head-and-Arm Suplex that looked to be right out of the Neve Campbell school of grappling knowledge. There was a moment of stunned silence that ended in deafening cheers and applause when Agnes popped to her feet and roared, "WHO'S THE GREAT ONE NOW BITCH!"

Perfectly content to let the question remain unanswered for the moment, Bruckner stalked over to the shocked blonde and yanked her to her knees with a nasty handful of hair. Thrusting Heigl's head between her thighs, Agnes growled, "In case you haven't realized it yet, I hit harder than you, I splash harder than you and I SURE AS HELL throw a stiffer Powerbomb than you. And if you don't believe me..."

Providing Katherine with an eyewitness testimonial, Bruckner leaned down, reached under her victim's waist and grabbed her left wrist in her right hand while the left hand took hold of the right wrist. Pulling Kat's arms tight across her belly in a distended X, Agnes let out a breathy little grunt of exertion when she lifted Heigl off the mat and into the air for a Powerbomb of her own. Maintaining her grip on Kat's wrists, Bruckner executed one, two, three full turns and then sat out to neatly fold Kat in half with a Cross-Armed Spiral Bomb.

Shifting her grip to the blonde's quaking thighs, Agnes nodded in time with the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO...' Kat didn't so much kick out as she did slop onto her side, but pretty or not, it was still enough to break the count. Pushing the Great One away with a disgusted shove, Agnes climbed to her feet and angrily circled the decimated blonde as she tried to decide her next move. After a few remarkably shark-like circuits, Bruckner seemed to have an epiphany or at least, she didn't want to allow Kat any more rest time. Scraping the Great One off the canvas, Bruckner took her by the wrist and leaned in close.

Enjoying the panic she felt pouring out of the bigger blonde's pores, Agnes whispered, "I'm going to tear this ring apart and you're the flabby, overrated crowbar I'm going to use to do it. Hope you're sturdier than you look kitty."

Acting on this ominous statement, Agnes stepped away from her opponent and whipped her towards the buckles with as much spite and malice as she could muster. And judging by the godless THUMP that echoed through the arena when Kat's chest hit home, it was quite a lot. Trying her best to ignore the bomb that had gone off inside her sternum, Kat fought for breath and staggered back towards the center of the squared circle only to find that Agnes was more than happy to send her on a second trip, this one to the opposite corner. After another eye-watering rack-first collision Heigl nearly fell to her knees, but that same damnable will that had propelled her to so many victories in the past wouldn't let her collapse.

Sadly, going to the mat in a heap would have been the healthier solution because as it turned out, Agnes sidled up right beside her and she had something much nastier in mind. Standing at Kat's left side, the blonde phenom laced her right arm behind Heigl's head to grasp at her right shoulder. While this was going on, Bruckner slipped her right leg behind Kat's left leg and planted her foot just behind the Great One's left ankle. Then, Agnes leaned forward, forcing her opponent to bend double while she used her free left hand to reach down and grab hold of Heigl's left ankle. Her preparation done, Agnes tightened all her grips and JERKED herself backwards. Both of them hit the mat, but Kat's landing was much nastier as the extra momentum of Agnes' Ankle-hook Russian Leg Sweep had her landing high and tight on her neck, shoulders and head as opposed to just flat on her back. Inches away, Agnes was on top of the world. Sure Kat had been in control for a little while back there, but she had taken the best of the Great One's offense just so she could throw it right back in her face. Sitting up beside her glassy-eyed rival, Agnes took a deep breath and then pushed to her feet. Leaning down into Kat's face she cooed, "You rolled away from this the first time Kat, but by the looks of you, I'd say your rolling days are over..."

Leaving Heigl alone to ponder the meaning of her cryptic message, Agnes. jogged towards the appropriate corner and quickly ascended to the top turnbuckle. Pausing to look down on the smoldering ruin of her opponent, Bruckner raised her arms over her head and exclaimed, "BEST SPLASH EVER!"

As crowd demanded that she prove her boast, Agnes soared off the top in a beautiful Frog Splash that would have easily rated six or seven stars if the scale had gone that high. The breathtaking maneuver brought her full weight smashing down across Katherine's chest and belly and judging by the boneless way Heigl flopped under her tormentor, the Great One may have been out of it for good.

Forcing the splattered blonde to take her weight, Agnes let her hair hang down into Kat's face as she said, "Are you beginning to understand Kat? Body-to-body, you just don't stack up."

The taunt was still leaving her mouth when the official slid into position and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...THR…NO!' Heigl rolled a shoulder free at the last second, probably because Agnes hadn't bothered to hook either leg. Having to continue didn't bother Agnes one bit though; she knew the more offense she piled on Kat, the more her stock would rise with the fans and the front office. Vowing to give everyone a night they would never forget, Bruckner pushed up off her mouth-breathing foe and hail-hauled her to her knees.

Standing directly in front of the penitent blonde, Agnes blew some hair out of her eyes as she told Katherine, "You're not looking so great now Kat. Naybe after I beat your ass into the ground Fannin will let me use 'The Great' after my name. Don't worry though, I'm sure we'll find a suitable new nickname for you. Hey, how about Katherine the Shabby? Or just Shabby Kat? Both of those have quite a ring to them."

Fighting through a multitude of aches and pains, Kat raised her head and mumbled, "Fuck you cuNNNGGHHH"

Bruckner cut her off with a Knee Lift that caught her just below the chin. Digging her nails into Heigl's scalp, the domineering blonde snarled, "Don't speak to Agnes the Great unless spoken to, understand bitch?"

Unable to keep in a pained little giggle, Kat replied, "You're gonna fuckin' die..."

Bruckner smiled. "Someday maybe. But not today."

She pulled Kat to her feet and instantly doubled her over with a Boot to the Gut. With free reign over the Great One's back, Bruckner slipped both of her arms under Katherine's armpits and locked her hands across Heigl's back, butterflying the bigger girl's arms. Without a word Agnes hoisted Kat into the air and pulled the other blonde in as close as she could to force Kat's legs around her hips in a loose Scissors. With Kat's thighs resting atop her own and Heigl's head tucked under her left armpit, Bruckner dipped into a deep crouch and wrenched her grip from side-to-side, putting intense pressure on Heigl's neck and back with the Hanging Butterfly Lock. Ignoring Kat's mindless thrashing, Agnes turned to the ref and demanded, "ASK HER!"

Not exactly sure how to go about doing that, he got as close to the action as he dared and said, "Whaddaya say Kat, you wanna submit?"

Shaking her head as best she could, Heigl growled, "Get the hell away from me!"

Making a tsk-tsk sound in the back of her throat, Agnes said, "Now don't yell at him just cuz you're getting your ass kicked."

Furious that she was wrapped up in such a demeaning position, Kat continued her struggle for freedom as she spat, "Lemme go bitch!"

Agnes laughed and actually agreed with her. "OK slut, soon’s I decide where to put you!"

Letting the crowd assist in her decision, Agnes slowly turned to all four sides of the ring, giving everyone in attendance a chance to plead their case (not to mention the opportunity to gawk at Kat's dangling butt) After one full circuit, Bruckner sighed and said, "I guess any place is good for trash like you."

'You' was still coming out of her mouth when she bent her knees a final time and HAULED Kat off her knees and up into the air. Heigl hung upside down for an endless second, before Agnes dropped back to the mat dropping Kat flat on her spine with a hellacious Double Underhook Suplex! Hoping her last flurry of offense had finally put Kat down for the count, Agnes floated into the cover and hooked her near leg.

'ONE... TWO... THR--NO!" Impressive maneuver or not, it wasn't going to beat Katherine this night.

Grumbling in annoyance, Agnes got to her feet and pulled Kat to hers. Refusing to waste any more energy on words, Bruckner applied another tight Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around the Great One's waist. Lifting the big blonde up onto the point of her shoulder, Agnes slowly shifted her grip from Kat's waist to under her armpits so that she was holding Heigl with her arms stretched out at her sides in a rough approximation of a T. Holding her prey tight Agnes told the mob, "This is how you deal with a deposed monarch!"

She took three giant steps, then tossed Kat forward, sending the helpless blonde hurtling through the air to land stacked up on her head and shoulders. Impressed with the height and distance she was able to get on the Awesome Bomb, Bruckner ambled over to her devastated rival and peeled her off the canvas. Trapping the woozy blonde in a loose Front Facelock, Agnes raised her her free hand high and called, "OFF WITH HER HEADUNNNGHHH!"

Summoning the reserves that only came after years of surviving the toughest battles, Kat wrapped her arms around Agnes' waist and PLOWED forward, not stopping until she felt the other blonde's back mash against the steel of the turnbuckles. Knowing that she had a limited amount of time to work with, Kat pulled free of the Facelock, straightened up and then drove the point of her Boot into Bruckner's navel. When the curvy tyro doubled up in front of her, Heigl wedged her victim's head between her thighs and snaked her arms around her waist. Looking down at the defenseless curve of Bruckner's spine, Kat purred, "One thing you've gotta figure out Aggie. When it comes to Powerbombs, it not HOW they're delivered, it's WHERE you land."

Illustrating her point nicely, Kat hoisted Agnes up into position for a traditional Powerbomb then SLAMMED her forward, drilling the back of the other blonde's head and shoulders into the middle turnbuckle. As Bruckner groaned and slopped down onto her butt, Kat grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her into the middle of the ring. Stepping around to the flattened blonde's head, Kat pulled her to her feet and stood her up on spaghetti legs. Standing in front of her victim, Katherine used one hand to grip Agnes' throat and the other to rudely grab her crotch. Arms trembling with the effort, Kat lifted her captive high over her head in a gorgeous Military Press. Demonstrating the strength that had made her a star in Richard Fannin’s promotion, Heigl strutted around the squared circle and chided, "WHO DOES THIS SLUT THINK SHE IS?"

Over the general craziness of the roar, one of Heigl's fans replied, "’BOUT NOW, SHE BE THINKING SHE YO BITCH!"

Embarrassing Agnes with a few reps, Kat smiled and replied, "There's no THINKING about it."

With a malicious grin on her pretty face, Katherine pushed Agnes up and stepped forward, allowing the suspended blonde to go WHAM crashing to the mat that was about seven feet below. Slipping a boot under Bruckner's ribs, Kat rolled the wounded girl over onto her belly and proudly surveyed her handiwork. Done fucking around with this arrogant upstart, she looked out at the audience and in a rather cheery tone, asked, “Kat-a-Clysm?”

The multitude responded with an affirmative and Kat had no plans to disappoint them. Heading to the turnbuckles, Katherine went to the top rope and positioned herself so that she was facing the audience., Collecting her thoughts, she took a moment to wink at her legions of fans before executing an absolutely perfect Back Flip off the top. The blonde sailed downwards at her prey and seconds later Agnes suffered through the Kat-a-Clysm as the Great One's devastating Moonsault finisher drove all the air from her lungs. Lying across Bruckner's sweat-streaked belly, Heigl hooked the far leg and preened for the cameras as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!'

Agnes earned herself a whole new legion of fans by kicking free of the cover at the last possible instant. Beating her fist on the mat,, Heigl muttered, "All right Aggie, you wanna hang tough? Well I'd rather squeeze you out face-to-face anyway."

Scraping the shorter blonde off the canvas, Kat reeled Agnes in and cuddled her up close, wrapping both arms around Bruckner's battered waist. With the Bearhug locked in, Katherine knew it was just a matter of time and she wanted to make damn sure that Agnes knew it too. Sweat was pouring off both women’s frames as Heigl poured everything she had into the Hug. Loving the feel of Bruckner deflating against her, Kat ground her massive breasts into Agnes’, flattening them under the steadily increasing pressure. Wrenching back on the hold Heigl glared arrogantly into Agnes’ face and sneered, “Is this all you've got Aggie? Cuz if it is, there's no way you're ever going to be anything more than my Court Jester."

Jostling Bruckner from side-to-side as she adjusted her grip, Katherine reared back and torqued her hips left and right, shaking Agnes like a terrier with its favorite toy. Unable to bite back a scream as Heigl crushed the life out of her, Agnes’ flagging senses settled on the only tactic she knew could free her. Digging her hands into Kat’s damp tresses, Bruckner darted her head forward and - bit Heigl's nose!!

Surprised and infuriated, Kat let out a pained, nasaly sounding shriek and actually increased the pressure on the Bear Hug in hopes that the vicious squeezing would be enough to force Agnes to release her toothy grip on the Great One's nose. Instead, Bruckner shifted her lips and renewed her efforts to chew Heigl's nose off!! Having to quickly choose between releasing the Hug and finding an excellent Rhinoplastician, Kat chose the latter and broke her clasp around Agnes' waist. She immediately buried both fists in the other blonde's damp belly as, offering up a demonic cackle, Kat formed both hands into flat, paddle-like shapes, raised them high overhead and then brought them down edge first into the base of Bruckner's neck with the seldom seen but brutally effective, Mongolian Chop!

The THWOCK of the tandem strike echoed through the club and, despite its relative simplicity, it was enough to send Agnes spilling onto her knees, a position she would have gladly occupied for a much longer span of time had Heigl not yanked her to her feet with a sadistic Yank of Hair. Muscling her way around behind the smaller blonde, Katherine thrust her arms up under Bruckner's armpits and laced her fingers at the base of her rival's neck to lock in the Full Nelson. The fans in the first several rows were treated to an amazing site when Kat's back and arms shredded up as the Great One put every ounce of her phenomenal upperbody strength into breaking the ingenue with the elementary hold. Boots dug into the canvas, Heigl twisted her hips right and left, right and left, to keep Agnes stumbling and off balance even as the Nelson sapped what remained of her strength.

Leaning against Bruckner's hitching shoulders to add another layer of misery, Kat nuzzled her lips to her victim's ear and whispered, "It's a shame you have to end this fight staring at a pair of sub-standard tits. I'd let you take a look at mine but I don't think you've earned it."

Kat punctuated her taunt by licking Agnes' earlobe, a tactic that brought a fresh bout of squirming from the frustrated blonde.

Huffing and puffing (both from fatigue and embarrassment) Agnes sneered, "You're not supposed to call them breasts when they swing past your knees Kat. I'd call them low-hanging fruit, but that implies that someone might actually want to pick UNNNGGHH!"

Not about to be heckled by a girl she was owning, Kat pulled back her right leg and then slammed it forward, burying the point of her knee in the meat of Agnes' right butt cheek. Breathing wetly against her captive's face, Kat asked, "Any more lame fruit comparisons bitch?"

Despite the incredible pain of the Full Nelson, Bruckner giggled. "Sure. Ya know what kind of melon those nasty tits of your are most like? Honeydewnots!UNNNGHHHH!"

Kat repeated the glute mashing knee bash, cutting off the last of Agnes' punchline. "God that was lame. I guess the anguish is making you delusional..."

Deciding it was time to put Bruckner out of her misery, Heigl reefed down on the Nelson one last time, bent her knees and then lifted up onto her toes, taking Agnes off her feet in the process. When she could go no higher, the curvy blonde battler released one half of the Nelson and DROVE Bruckner’s back into the mat, starfishing the helpless rookie with a ring-shaking Full Nelson Slam. Brushing some imaginary dirt off her hands, Kat dropped to her knees and placed both hands palms down on Agnes' gulping paunch, an arrogant tribute to the 'sexy pins' from the apartment bouts of yesteryear.

Surprised that such a lax cover might actually carry the day, the ref dropped into position and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE NO! NO! NO!" He popped up waving his arms to indicate Bruckner had swatted Kat's hands away just in the nick of time, ending the count.

Undetered, Heigl rose to her full height and glared down at her crippled nemesis. "Kicking out's not going to save you now Aggie. It's just going to prolong the inevitable."

Agnes' eyes had just started to flutter open when Kat left her feet in a high vertical leap right beside her downed prey. At the apex of her momentum, the Great One tucked her feet up against her butt and came down with both barely-padded knees landing full-force across Bruckner's defenseless chest. Agnes screamed to the rafters and flopped like speared fish, but that wasn't enough to force Kat from her perch. Only after the domineering blonde ground her knees back and forth across her victim's trembling jugs did she push her way back to a vertical base. After a few deep breaths, she hauled Agnes to her feet and laced fingers those on Bruckner's right hand. Crushing down with vise-like strength, Heigl stepped away and slowly twisted the arm in a wide circle, torquing the captured limb with an Arm Wringer.

Katherine had the hold locked in for less than three seconds before she stepped forward and wedged her free hand into Bruckner's right armpit. Bearing down on both of her grips, Kat leaned into Agnes' face and taunted, “Still think you're stronger than me?"

Without giving her rival a chance to respond, Kat hoisted Agnes well over three feet off the canvas and held her aloft by her arm and shoulder, combining the force of gravity with the wickedness of the Arm Wringer into an intoxicating cocktail of agony. Preening for the audience as she held the rookie aloft like a soft, mewling trophy Kat maintained the hold for several more seconds, only bringing her victim back to earth when Agnes’ weight started to wear on her. Looking to keep up the pressure on her outmatched opponent, Heigl whipped her towards the buckles as hard as she could.

Waiting long enough to see Agnes SLAM into the corner, Kat sank into a low crouch and then sprinted forward before leaving her feet in a gorgeous leap that ended with her slamming her curvaceous frame chest-first against Agnes' quivering form. Purring into Agnes’ glassy-eyed face, Kat ground her breasts slowly back and forth across Bruckner's girls as she whispered, "Just one more baby, then I'm gonna putcha ‘way."

Kat peeled herself away from the damaged blonde, took hold of her wrist and sent her bounding across the squared circle to THUD against the opposite corner. Going with what worked, Kat loped after her and went for her second Avalanche in as many minutes. The replay that went out over the web later would show Kat's execution was flawless - it was the landing that needed work!

As the Great One was soaring in to smash her to paste, Agnes somehow managed to step aside, letting Heigl smash sternum-first into the top buckle. Robbed of breath, Kat crossed her arms over her chest as she limped away from the corner - only to wander into the path of a righteously pissed off Agnes Bruckner. Eyes radiating cold hatred, the buxom tyro scooped her adversary up across her chest like she was going for a Front Powerslam, but instead of simply dropping forward to splatter Heigl all over the canvas, Bruckner trudged forward and slowly climbed onto the second rope with Katherine still squirming in her grasp. Staring out into the dimmed rows of the audience, Agnes found her breath and roared, "GET THOSE CAMERAS READY!"

On the heels of this order the blonde bent her knees and in an amazing display of strength and agility executed a Moonsault off the second rope with Kat still trapped across her chest. A heartbeat later there was a deafening BWAM followed instantly by an ear-splitting 'HOLY SHIT' chant as Kat Heigl became the latest victim of the move Bruckner called 'The Iris Effect.' Molding herself to Kat's spasming form, Agnes hooked Katherine's far leg and cradled her up good as the official slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!'

Defying all laws of logic and probability, Kat rolled her right shoulder, making her the first woman in the league to EVER survive a trip through the Iris! Openly gaping at the referee, Agnes wanted to argue with the dumb clod but instead chose to take her anger out on the Great One. Agnes ran both hands through her hair and muttered, "OK, I guess you've earned the right to call yourself great. But don't think for a second that you've survived the best I can throw at ya. There's a WHOLE LOT MORE where that came from."

She slipped her fingers into Kat's shoulderstraps and pulled her to her feet, before bending the big blonde over to slap on a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Heigl's thick waist, Bruckner lifted her up until the small of Kat's back was resting against the point of her shoulder, the exact same position she had occupied earlier when Katherine was attempting the Heigl Hangover. With Kat helpless and looking up at the lights, Bruckner slowly shifted her grip, bringing one hand and then the other up so they were laced across the Great One's chin. Holding this position just long enough to get her bearings, Agnes stepped forward and sat out, landing rather comfortably on her back. Kat's landing was anything but comfortable, the trapped blonde's back and head slammed into the canvas from several feet up, compliments of the Canadian Backbreaker/Neckbreaker - a move that hadn't been named by the front office…yet!

Sitting up after the hybrid maneuver connected, Agnes caught her breath for a few seconds and then went right back on the attack. Jerking Heigl into a sitting position, Agnes knelt down behind her and wrapped brawny arms around the Great One's torso, just under her breasts. Grasping her own elbows for leverage, Agnes started to squuuueeezze the life out of her rival. It might not have been an Allison Mack Bear Hug, but in Kat's weakened state, she wouldn't notice the difference. All she noticed was that drawing a breath was suddenly very difficult and that her ribs felt like they were caught in a vise. Pretty face shiny with hurt and panic, Heigl clawed at Bruckner's forearms to no real effect. Any time she thought she might be making progress, Bruckner just reefed down on the hold and Kat had to fight off another wave of swirling black dots. And her confidence certainly wasn't helped when Agnes dragged her down onto her side and amped up the pressure even more.

Delighted by Kat's frantic wriggling, Agnes planted an insolent kiss on her victim's shoulder and asked coyly, "Who's gettin' rode hard NOW Kat?" Brushing aside the ref's inquiries of submission, Heigl reached for the ropes with both hands but the cables were still much too far away. Beating the mat in frustration, Bruckner accidentally motivated her captive when she taunted, "Awww, does baby need da wopes to esckape dis mean ol hug? Well that's not gonna FUCKING HAPPEN!"

Agnes squeezed Kat tighter than ever, forcing a pained roar from the blue-clad beauty. Absolutely SICK of the rookie's taunts, Heigl sank her claws into the canvas and started to drag the combined weight of both blondes towards the sanctuary offered by the ropes. Rather peeved that Katherine was still able to muster such strength this late in the contest, Agnes rolled them both to a sitting position and then to their feet without relinquishing the Bear Hug for a second. Frustrated that her rival wouldn't just give up and die already, Bruckner growled, "Let's see the ropes save you from this!"

Breaking the Bear Hug, she instantly scooped Kat off her feet and held her perpendicular across her chest. Rising up on her toes, she dropped down and nearly bent Kat in half with a murderous Over-the-Knee Backbreaker. Shifting her hand-holds to Kat's chin and her left thigh, Agnes pressed down as hard as she could, exacerbating the pain of the sadistic submission even as the diabolical inverted U of Kat's body became more and more pronounced. Regarding Kat with rage-slitted eyes, Agnes panted, "Why dont you give up?"

In a remarkably matter-of-fact tone, Kat answered, "Why don't you go screw yourself?"

Nostrils flaring, the domineering blonde sneered, "I'd rather break your fuckin' spinAARRRGGH!"

Traveling down the only road open to her, Kat brought her unencumbered leg up and smacked it into the side of Agnes' head. The shot wasn't enough to make her opponent release her, and neither was the second, third or fourth, but the FIFTH knee strike finally did the trick! Heigl found herself unceremoniously rolled off the posted joint and dropped on the rough canvas. Face-down on the mat, Kat had just begun to regain her senses when Agnes' hands found her hair and jerked her to her feet. Switching to a manacle-like grip on the Great One's wrist, Bruckner hissed, "This ends now..."

The quiet prophecy was still reaching Kat's ears when the smaller blonde whipped her towards the ropes. Digging down into the last of her reserves, Kat planted her heels against the mat, clamped onto Agnes' wrist and reversed the momentum of the Irish Whip to send Bruckner to the cables in her place. Still nursing myriad aches and pains, Kat honestly had no idea what she was going to do next; that is until Agnes left her feet and sprang nto the top rope like a 5’8” cruiserweight!

Smiling evilly, Heigl waited until the dynamic blonde leapt off the cables and turned back towards her. The instant Kat saw the whites of her eyes, she LUNGED forward and drove her shoulder up into Bruckner's midsection. The improvised Spear more than lived up to its name as Agnes was knocked out of the sky like a sparrow crippled by a falcon. Looming over her gut-shot nemesis, Katherine watched with great interest as beads of sweat rolled off her nose and plink plinked onto Agnes' forehead.

After several gulping breaths had her feeling more human, Kat slapped the other blonde across the face and asked, "Got any shit you want to talk now Aggie?"

Bruckner just groaned and rolled over onto her side, clutching at her injured ribs. Sighing, Heigl slapped her on the ass and muttered, "Thought not." Kat would have loved to go on taunting the devastated newcomer all night, but her own injuries were catching up with her and there was no time to waste. Getting to her feet, she placed a boot on Bruckner's left hip while she traced a nonsense pattern over the hulking swell of her breasts. As the crowd went wild, Kat added to the frenzy by saying, "Don't worry, it won't be long now."

After a hard tug brought Agnes to her feet, Kat bent Agnes over and spun around behind her. Then the Great One sneaked her right arm through Agnes’ legs and grabbed hold of the smaller blonde’s dangling left wrist before yanking it back between Agnes' thighs. At the same time Heigl hooked Bruckner's right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the trapped grappler awkwardly. Kat held this position for several seconds, taking the time to pull up hard on the hand holding Agnes’ wrist, ramming the blonde’s forearm into her own crotch.

Smirking smugly as she heaped on this embarrassment, Kat purred, "I wouldn't say no to this Aggie, a little arm action is the only pleasure a loser like you will probably get tonight!"

Through with her taunting, she pulled up with both hands, lifting Bruckner off her feet only to swing her gut-first onto Heigl's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Kat shifted her grip so that one arm was slipped over Agnes’ back while the other held the blonde’s head in place. When her grip was secure, the Great One rose up on her toes, then slammed herself forward and down, neatly fusing Bruckner to the canvas compliments of the Pumphandle Slam. Agnes bounced off the mat with a sweaty THUD and lay spread-eagled at Kat's feet, which gave her a nice view of Heigl telling the audience, "NOW IT'S HANGOVER TIME!"

Finally feeling up to the task of finishing her victim off, Kat pulled Agnes to her feet and wearily slapped on one more Standing Headscissors before she lifffftted Bruckner up onto her shoulder. With the small of Agnes' back fitted comfortably against the ball of her shoulder, the Great One held her position for several endless seconds before taking two steps forward to simultaneously drop to one knee to drive Bruckner's left shoulder CRASH down on her bent knee. Kat's finisher drove a nearly electrical shockwave of pain through the smaller blonde, and after her piercing scream died out, everyone in the club popped to their feet to witness the last act of a successfully administered Heigl Hangover.

Throwing herself across the devastated blonde's chest, Kat didn't bother to hook the leg, she just nodded in time with the ref as he ticked off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NOOOO!' It's lucky that the Silver Key was up to code, because if it wasn't the roof would have surely come off when Bruckner shot her right arm off the mat.

Shocked silent, Heigl held three fingers under the zebra's nose but she just shrugged and told her the match was still going. Fixing on the last weapon in her arsenal, the Great One took Agnes by the wrists and dragged her to the center of the ring. Tossing the limp limbs aside, she stalked over to the appropriate corner and told the mob, "Kat-a-Clysm!"

In the back of her mind, Kat noted that Bruckner had already survived one Kat-a-Clysm in this fight, but that was more than ten minutes ago. With all the damage she'd done since then, there was no way the flattened blonde could survive another of Kat's murderous Moonsaults. Perched on the top rope facing the audience, Kat raised both arms over head and then soared back into the void in a high floating back-flip that brought her down... directly on Agnes' upturned knees! With a loud “OOFF!” the air was driven out of Kat's lungs with a sound like a bellows popping - but it was almost completely drowned out by the sympathetic groan that went up from the masses as Katherine flopped over onto her back.

Unfortunately for Kat, the one person she needed sympathy from the most was also the least likely to give it and seeing as how Heigl had nearly broken her shoulder, Agnes figured Kat really didn't deserve anything resembling mercy. Pushing to her feet, Bruckner remained silent as she trudged for the corner. There would be plenty of time for talking after the bell, for right now, all she wanted to do was end Kat Heigl and she didn't need verbiage for that.

Climbing to the top buckle much slower than usual, Agnes dropped into a low crouch and held it just long enough to get her wind back. Then she pushed off and leapt into the lights, seeming to hang above the ring and everyone in the stands for the better part of five seconds before gravity remembered to do its job and brought her CRASH, down on Kat in a breast-to-breast collision that had both women sobbing through clenched teeth. And while the impact of the Frog Splash took its toll on each blonde, Agnes had adrenaline on her side and she surged to her feet before Kat could even roll onto her hands and knees.

Standing tall in front of the hobbled vixen, Agnes glanced out at the crowd and promised, "THIS... THIS IS THE LAST THING YOU'LL THINK OF.... BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP... TONIGHT... AND THE FIRST... FIRST THING YOU'LL THINK...THINK ABOUT IN THE MORNING."

Intent on proving her rather audacious claim, Bruckner pulled Kat to her feet and laced her right arm across Heigl's chest to grasp at her shoulder. At the same time, Bruckner placed her left hand between the Great One's shoulderblades and bent her knees in a tense crouch. With nothing more than an ear-splitting roar, Agnes pushed up and lifted Kat off her feet. Up til now things were still pretty normal, but when Agnes reached the apex of her momentum she flipped Kat up and over in a beautiful 270-degree arc. As Kat’s body started to fall, Agnes sat out, adding her own weight to Kat's as she drove her face-chest-and-belly-first into the mat!!! As the echos of the WHAM faded, there was a second of silence…then the crowd exploded in stunned cheers as Agnes rolled Kat onto her back, hooked her far leg and waited as the ref counted, "ONE... TWO... …THREE!"

As her music started to play, Bruckner let the official raise her hand and help her up. Panting in great fits and starts, Agnes saluted the mob and gasped, "That's called… 'The Screwfly Solution' folks….you're gonna see…a lot more… of it… in the future."

Right about then the adrenaline finally ran out and Bruckner sagged against the ropes for nearly half a minute before she was able to muster the energy to step through the ropes and start limping up the ramp; leaving the Great One tits up; battered and beaten in her wake. There was no denying Agnes Bruckner was storming her way toward a spot in the upper echelon of the roster. Hell, if Kat Heigl wasn't strong enough to stop her - there might not be anyone who could!
Later that evening...
Despite her aches and pains, a hot shower and the kudos of fellow wrestlers worked wonders for Agnes' condition. Since she was feeling so much better, she figured she'd earned the right to go out and celebrate what was undoubtedly the biggest win of her career. She was so focused on the impending party she almost stepped on the manila envelope someone had slid under her locker room door.

Arching an eyebrow at the mysterious communiqué, Agnes muttered, "Hmmmm, what’s this?" She plucked the slender package off the floor and tore it open. As she read the brief message, her curiosity turned to full-on confusion.

Printed on plain white paper, the note read:

Congratulations on the win. It's a wonderful start, but if you want to get to the top of this promotion, you're going to need help. Simply put, WE are that help! If you'd like to know more, wear white to Fannin's Fourth of July Party. We'll discuss this in person.
Until then,

P.S. If you choose to accept this offer, wear something you don't mind getting dirty. The Fourth is a 'working' holiday for us!

Rereading the note, Agnes pondered the request several seconds before folding it and stuffing it in her hip pocket. Walking to her duffel bag, the blonde dug around and pulled out a faded white tank-top. Smiling, she thought, ‘This’ll do nicely.’