Fight of the Century (Debbe Dunning vs. Tylene Buck) by SamDog 30-Jul-99

Debbe Dunning limbered up in her corner of the ring, looking relaxed while she worked with the crowd. Debbe watched as Tylene Buck entered the ring, wearing a black silk robe. Tylene took off her robe, leaving a red bikini. Debbe was agitated and looked a bit concerned. While she looked terrific in black bikini, Tylene was in great shape. Her legs were muscular, her butt looked firm, and Debbe couldn't take her eyes off of Tylene's incredible chest. While she was not used to being outgunned, she worried more about the outcome of this fight. Debbe had watched Tylene fight other fitness models, beating them easily. Eyeing Debbe, Tylene removed her bikini top and shook her chest for the crowd. Debbe, not intimidated, did a slow striptease. While her chest was smaller, her form was completely sensual and Tylene fumed at the attention she got.

As the bell rang to begin the fight, Debbe came slowly out of her corner, fists raised. Debbe threw three punches to Tylene's face, managing to land two. Suddenly, Tylene stunned Debbe with a right to the jaw and dropped her to her knees with a right to the body. Pulling her up by her hair, Tylene slammed two punches to Debbe's face and an uppercut to her chin, knocking her flat on her back. Debbe rolled over and pulled herself up by the ropes. Pulling Debbe away from the ropes, Tylene slammed four powerful punches into her tits and then backhanded her, knocking her to the canvas. Tylene turned away, her arms raised in victory. However, Debbe managed to get to her feet and suddenly rushed Tylene. Suddenly, Tylene turned around and slammed her foot into Debbe's belly, bending her over and stopping her in her tracks. The blonde then slammed a roundhouse kick to her face, knocking her down as the brunette's blood flew everywhere.

Straddling her foe, Tylene reached out and gleefully slapped at each of Debbe's tits, sending them flying and leaving huge hand prints on each as her face twisted in pain, the brunette trying to block the slaps. Suddenly she began to squeal like a little girl as Tylene grabbed both tits, tugging them upwards then slamming them down as she drove her fingers deeply into each and began to crush and twist the titflesh between her fingers. The brunette cried out and grabbed at the blonde's hands, trying to remove them. Debbe really started to scream when Tylene mashed her tits savagely against her ribcage with a two handed, nails first thrust. Her tits were twisted and crushed over and over as a smiling Tylene enjoyed the upper hand. Debbe fought the waves of pain and tried to grab her foe's larger tits, but every time Tylene wrenched her tits hard forcing her to grab at her hands in agony to try and free them.

One of Debbe's knees hammered into the small of Tylene's back, unseating her. As the two quickly rose, Debbe hit Tylene with a straight left hand and followed up with a right cross which Tylene blocked. Tylene pounded Debbe's bare midriff with a series of uppercuts. Debbe's body lurched with each blow as the air was driven from her lungs. Tylene quickly picked Debbe up and body slammed her as the brunette screamed in pain. Pulled back up by her hair, Debbe screamed as Tylene began to twist her tits left and right. Her tits aching and her legs starting to buckle, Debbe suddenly slammed her knee into Tylene's cunt repeatedly until she let go of Debbe to protect her sore crotch. Debbe put Tylene in a full nelson and tried to ram her chest first into the post, but Tylene spun around and Debbe's back hit the corner post. Grabbing her hair, Tylene slammed Debbe's head over and over into the turnbuckle, before finally letting Debbe fall to the mat flat on her face.

Pulling Debbe up, Tylene threw her back into the corner. Debbe landed hard into the corner, with her breasts resting up on top of the padding and her arms pinned between her back and Tylene's body. Tylene was right behind her and reaching around Debbe's right side the blonde began to slam her fist down on top of Debbe's aching right breast, flattening it against to the top of the turnbuckle. If the breast had been full it would have squirted as Tylene's fist smashed down on top, pinching the nipple out the front as Debbe screamed in agony. Tylene seemed to gain strength as she chopped harder and harder down onto the wounded mammary gland, shifting her position for maximum effectiveness. Debbe now worried that she might suffer permanent damage to her breast, as another painful chop flattened her agonized right breast. It felt as though someone was holding a match to her nipple when after another brutal chop Tylene gleefully ground her fist back and forth on the flattened breast. Debbe's face was streaked with tears as she screamed again, but Debbe would not give in, and continued to endure the merciless torture of her breast. Without a clear airway and in agony, Debbe felt herself getting weaker. She had to do something. Again Tylene's fist came down on her right tit, this time Tylene pressed forward and down grinding the nipple into the leather turnbuckle.

Pulling the brunette away, Tylene slung her into the ropes, and clotheslined her to the ground. The blonde dropped both her knees into her stomach. Debbe grunted as she felt the air rush from her lungs, placing both her hands on her tummy. Tylene reached down and lifted Debbe up by her hair. Again, she flung Debbe into the ropes, only this time instead of using a clothesline, she meet the rebounding brunette with another knee to the stomach. The blonde leaped in the air, driving her fists into the small of Debbe's back, collapsing her face first to the mat. Tylene picked up the actress and held her upside down in the air, and then powered her down over her outstretched knee in a backbreaker before letting her slump to the canvas.

Tylene grabbed Debbe's legs and applied a Boston Crab, but Debbe's legs were too strong. The brunette resisted with all her strength and managed to kick free, infuriating the blonde. She let Debbe struggle to one knee. Just as Debbe stood on shaky feet, Tylene raced across the ring and nailed her with a kick right between her tits. Debbe was sent sprawling, doing a head over heels flip and landed on her belly. Tylene executed a perfect knee drop-both knees slammed into the small of Debbe's back. With a vicious look in her eyes, Tylene dropped her left knee down across the back of Debbe's neck. Debbe looked like she was out cold. Tylene dragged her to her feet and threw her into the ropes.

As a nearly unconscious Debbe hung helplessly on the ropes, Tylene grabbed the top rope for leverage and unloaded three rapid-fire kicks. The first two slammed into Debbe's crotch, lifting her off the ground. As Debbe moaned and fell forward, a huge third kick caught her in her right cheek, driving her head and body back into the ropes. Still holding the ropes for leverage Tylene devastated a screaming Debbe with a series of seven rapid-fire kicks that mashed her boobs against her chest. Tylene slammed her elbow across Debbe's already swollen chest, then drove an uppercut into Debbe's chin. Debbe was seeing stars, gasping for breath, her boobs, heaving up and down. Tylene zeroed in on two new targets, attacking Debbe's tits. Tylene reached out and clutched both of Debbe's tits in a savage grip and arched her backwards over the turnbuckle as she twisted at the flesh trapped in her fingers. As Debbe brought her hands up to pull Tylene's fingers from her aching breasts she received a knee to her pussy, a scream pouring from her mouth as her rival continued to twist away at her boobs like a wild woman. Tylene pumped her fists into the two soft targets like pistons, pounding Debbe's tits flat against her chest. Tylene allowed herself just a moment of jealous satisfaction as she surveyed the damage she had done.

The blonde beauty pulled the hurting brunette off the ropes, then around by her tits and tossed her to the canvas. Greatly suffering from the savage assault on her breasts, Debbe was easily maneuvered by Tylene as she sat behind her and wrapped her legs around her waist from behind. After a brief struggle with Debbe she had both tits firmly in hand as she sat behind her and again started to twist and pull at the now swollen titflesh. Debbe tried desperately to free herself but she could no longer stand the torturous attack and she started sobbing and begging Tylene to stop as blood flowed from some of the places were her rival had gouged her nails into the titflesh. Tylene ignored her pleas and continued to assault her tits as she rested her head on Debbe's shoulder shouting insults in her ear with every pull and squeeze of her foe's ravaged boobs. Reaching down, Tylene ripped off Debbe's bikini bottom and began clawing her pussy, as Debbe sobbed uncontrollably.

The blonde vixen wanted to put the bitch under and then have her way with her, giving her something to remember her by! Tylene rocked Debbe back and forth between her powerful calves but suddenly decided she would much rather humiliate her now. Slamming Debbe's head to the mat she released her and straddled her foe's stomach, draping her chest across the brunette's face in a smother hold. Debbe's struggles became weaker and weaker till she was seemingly out. Tylene sat up, massaging her and posing for the crowd. Suddenly, she looked down just in time to see a flash of fist as Debbe's right crashed into the top of her cunt. Debbe grabbed her foe's large breasts and tossed her off her by them. Tylene was powerless to stop her as she flipped her over onto her stomach and came crashing down ass first onto her upper back, squashing her tits as they oozed out the sides of her body. Debbe raised up her knees and brought them crashing down on the parts of each breast that stuck out and was rewarded with a bellow of pain that echoed across the arena.

Reaching back, Debbe ripped off Tylene's bottom and began clawing her pussy as the blonde sobbed in pain. Desperate, Tylene bucked wildly until she managed to knock Debbe off her. Both standing, Debbe unleashed a huge kick that slammed into Tylene's belly. Debbe landed a quick combination to Tylene's head and staggered the blonde with quick, powerful kicks to her left and right sides. Gaining confidence, Debbe stayed on the attack, throwing combinations and kicks. Tylene, in retreat, coolly blocked most of what is throw at her head, but her sides were taking a real pounding. As Debbe advanced, Tylene ducked low and leaned forward into a straight arm, driving her fist into Debbe's belly. To her surprise, as she went down, Debbe wrapped her arms around Tylene head and pulled her down with her, bulldogging the blonde's head into the mat.

Pulling Tylene up and hoisting her upside down, Debbe backed up a few steps and pile-drove the blonde into the mat. Debbe pulled Tylene to her feet and ran her headlong into the corner turnbuckle, spinning her around and pounding on Tylene's boobs. A resounding 'thud' and a high-pitched scream marked each punch. Tylene's boobs were bruised and swollen as Debbe kept up the attack for well over a minute. Suddenly, Tylene drove her head forward. Her forehead slammed into Debbe's nose, as both women went down. Debbe lay on her back holding her head. Straddling Debbe's waist, the blonde launched a two fisted punching attack on Debbe's head as Debbe tried to cover up. While Debbe's arms absorbed the brunt of the attack, at close range Tylene's power was awesome and Debbe's world was rocked as more and more punches slammed into her head.

Standing, Tylene pulled Debbe to her feet and put her in a bearhug. Debbe screamed in agony as her beaten tits disappeared into Tylene's larger pair. Tylene's own tits weren't much better, but she was confident that she would be able to outlast Debbe. Debbe moaned loudly as Tylene increased the pressure, her strong arms crushing the brunette as the blonde's nipples dug painfully into her own. At the end of her rope, Debbe slammed her knee three times into Tylene's cunt. Tylene's face went white as she howled, completely out of it as her arms went limp.

Letting go, Debbe twisted Tylene into a hammer lock and marched her over to the ring ropes. As Tylene tried to resist, Debbe slammed her fist into the small of Tylene's back. Tylene's knees buckled and Debbe forced her into the rope, hanging the blonde's tits over the top rope. The brunette pressed her body up against Tylene's, switching from a hammer lock to a full nelson and dragged Tylene's tits back and forth on the ring rope. As the rope cut into the soft underside of Tylene's tits, the blonde screamed her surrender. After one last drag, Debbe threw Tylene to the mat.

Tylene landed hard on her back, sobbing. Debbe straddled her, and scooting up began bouncing her ass on Tylene's once perfect chest, as the blonde cried helplessly. Finally, the brunette slid forward and squatted down on Tylene's face, grinding her ass into Tylene's face until she passed out. Debbe posed victoriously for the fans before standing and heading back to her dressing room.