Tylene Buck vs. April Hunter by Puzzler (Celebrity Sexfights and Catfights Forum) 27-Jan-00

Setting sail from San Francisco, the cruise ship was headed towards Alaska. At this time of year, the Northern Lights were a beauty to behold. Calendars photographs were usually taken early, especially when the lights in Alaska would be in such rare form.

The first night out from San Francisco, proved to be rather eventful as the models and photographers got to know one another and mingled in the dining cabin. They could be found telling each other of their resumes, in hopes of impressing each other with the places they had been and people they had met. It was this night - the first night out - that Tylene Buck, the well-endowed blonde, had caught the attention of April Hunter - experienced veteran in front of a camera.

April, a redhead standing close to six feet tall, and a bust line of great proportion, approached the small blonde with a superior air. Tylene, smiled at meeting her for the first time, and gazed upon the amazon with more than slight disbelief. Trying to be genuinely friendly, Tylene decided to make the first bit of conversation.

"Hey, I'm really impressed with your work. We've never had the opportunity to meet before. I'm Tylene."

April showed no sign of being friendly. She looked down upon the blonde with disdain and dismissal. However, being a social event, April was not foolish enough to make an untoward scene. She smiled at the blonde, but hissed her words under her breath, so only she could hear.

"I know who you are . . . Tylene. In fact, I've been talking to Max, the head editor. He said that you are in the top spot to be the calendar's cover girl. Frankly, I don't think you're good enough to grace the cover, much less be in it."

Tylene was shocked, and more than slightly offended at the suggestion - an insult to her talents, skills and beauty. She furrowed her brow at the rude suggestion. However, it was a shock to her that she had even been considered for the job of cover girl. With a slightly angry tone, she addressed April.

"Excuse me? Maybe I didn't hear you correctly -"

April moved in closer, towering over Tylene. Still smiling, in order to keep up appearances, she continued, in a tone of anger that only the blonde could detect.

"You heard me, bitch. I should be on the cover - not you. The fact that you are even on this boat, is disgraceful. If I had my way, you'd be swimming back to San Francisco right now. But seeing as I am not that type - yet, anyway - I thought we could . . . settle things later on. My cabin?"

Tylene could not believe what she was hearing. However, she had been insulted by the redhead and stood her ground. Without backing down, she met April's icy glare with one of her own.

"Look, April, I don't know what your problem is, but I am not about to let some fake-titted bitch tell me my role or what I should or should not be doing. In fact, I think that - "

April stopped her. "Save it. If you wanna settle this, come to my cabin at eight o'clock and we can . . . discuss it. Unless you're afraid."

The last comment was what drove Tylene over the edge. She snapped. Normally, having too much composure to fall for some cheap ploy, she tightened her hand into a fist in anger and spat back, almost raising her voice.

"You got it, skank."

April smiled with approval. Raising her eyebrow, pleased that she had baited the blonde, she looked down upon her, beaming with satisfaction.

"Good. I'll see you then. And bring something comfortable."

* * * *

Tylene approached April's cabin, seriously regretting what she had agreed to. In the two hours that had passed, she was seriously reconsidering what she had been duped into accepting. Tylene was not positive, but she was fairly certain that April had meant, in her not-so-subtle way, that there was going to be some kind of fight. Screw it, she thought. Tylene was not about to let that silicone queen push her around. It was going to be a long two weeks and if things were going to be settled, it would have to be now.

Wearing black bicycle pants, an Oakland Raiders sweatshirt and a red sports bra underneath, with her blonde hair tied back with a scrunchie, Tylene approached the cabin door with second thoughts. She considered walking in, unannounced, but she was not a rude person. She politely knocked on the cabin door, and her knees felt weak, not knowing what to expect, really.

Tylene heard a muffled reply from behind the door and assumed it was April telling her to enter. As Tylene opened to door, she could smell the sweet scent of Parisian perfume in the air. Her eyes went wide as she saw April laying on the bed, topless, wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts that were see-through.

April's large breasts stood firm, a side effect of plastic surgery, no doubt. The dark red nipples stood rock hard, even though it was hardly cold in the stateroom. April had a tattoo of barbed wire wrapping around her right arm at the bicep, creating an imposing scene. When April turned to look at the blonde, the reddish patch between her legs was in Tylene's full view. April almost laughed, looking at the ensemble Tylene had put together. Smiling at the blonde's relative innocence, April gestured towards her.

"I'm gonna really enjoy this."

Tylene approached her, bewildered at what exactly the redhead had in mind. As she opened her mouth to speak, April stood up, walked over, and landed a fist to the pretty blonde's stomach. Bulging her eyes out and doubling over, Tylene let out a gasp, as April reached to the blonde's rear, over her back, and threw her to the bed.

"Let's see who's the better woman for the cover."

Still stunned, Tylene was unable to react when April pounced on her, landing on the blonde's stomach, straddling her and staring down. April offered a slap to the face, as Tylene lay on her back, still trying to come to her senses. However, it took little time for Tylene's adrenaline to kick in and defend herself. Wasting no time, she reached out a first, punching April in the breast. Much to the blonde's surprise, April seemed to smile, as if that is what she expected - and wanted.

"You'll have to do better than that."

Smirking for just an instant, April seized a handful of Tylene's blonde hair and with strength and resolve, slammed the blonde against the wall. April laughed as her head bounced off the wall again and again and again. While Tylene was stunned, April reached her hands over the back of the blonde and pulled the sweatshirt over her head, throwing the garment to the floor. Tylene's large breasts fell forward, still held in place by the sports bra underneath. A stern tug was all it took for the bra to rip off, the full breasts of the blonde now fully exposed. Tylene, now coming to her senses, could not believe what was happening.

"What the fuck? What do you think -"

That was all the blonde could get out before April began using the blonde's breasts as punching bags, causing Tylene to cry out in pain. However, she refused to let the big-titted redhead to get the best of her. One of Tylene's hands shot out, centering on the large dark nipples of April's. Biting her lower lip in anger, Tylene squeezed as hard as she could, twisting the target as far as she could. April screamed out with the sudden shock of pain.

April responded by reaching out both hands and seizing the fleshy mounds of the blonde. Digging her nails deep into Tylene's large breasts, April used all her strength to maul and batter her targets, twisting her wrists to maximize the pain. Tylene released her hold on April's nipple as she cried out.

"Oh, God! It feels like fire!"

April hissed at her opponent, in a husky voice. "Its nothing compared to what you're gonna get, bitch!"

April used her leverage to push Tylene back in one violent motion. Falling backwards, April's hands still clawing away at her breasts, Tylene's head hit the baseboard of the bed. As April slowly slithered on top of the blonde, Tylene only had one way in hopes of getting out. She offered a swift kick from her tennis shoe to the crotch of the brassy redhead. The force caused April just enough pain to where she released her grip on Tylene's breasts. For an instant, Tylene looked down at her chest and notices her tits were red and swollen, an obvious toll taken for the initial encounter. Angered, Tylene spat venomous words at the redhead.

"You wanna play rough? I can play rough. See how you like this, cunt!"

The blonde's next offensive move was to continue an assault on April's crotch. While April still had not reacted to the kick Tylene shot her hands forward and tugged April's boxer's down so she could get a better look - and exposure - to April's weakness. Tylene was shocked to see April's excitement fully exposed, but did not let that distract her. The small tattoo on the left side of April's intimacy was hard to make out. Tylene sent her right hand up towards April's long red hair, grappling her by the back of the head. Her other hand shot down between April's legs to the red and recently shaved area. Grabbing at anything she could, Tylene began to squeeze as hard she could, clawing pulling and battering April's most sensitive area.

"You rethinking inviting me to your cabin? Thought I would be a pushover, huh?"

April's response was to deliver two punches to the midsection of the smaller blonde. Temporarily, this took the fight out of her. April threw her off the bed with a resounding thump. April stood from the bed and her boxers fell to the floor. April was now completely naked, her well toned body a testament to her arrogance. Tylene's brief view would not be her last of the evening as they were just getting started.

April raised her muscular leg and stomped down on Tylene, angry that the blonde had caught her off guard. After two more stomps, April looked at the downed blonde with the look of a lustful tigress. She sneered at Tylene and hissed.

"So, you like going for my cunt, huh? Well, you about to get a better look. Before the night is over, you gonna get to see plenty of it."

Before Tylene could react, April lowered herself onto Tylene's face, the force causing her to sputter and squeal. Tylene felt the red hair brush up against her nose and the wetness of April's crotch, spill onto her mouth. April's powerful legs squeezed together, around Tylene's head, causing pain to her head. April then reached behind her, towards Tylene's crotch, as she began to grind her wetness on Tylene's face. April arched her back, forcing herself deeper and tighter onto the downed woman's face. With her hands she began to explore the smooth bicycle, pants, in particular between the legs. Partially massaging and partially clawing, Tylene's muffled cries of pain could barely be audible. April smiled, her eyebrows arched at some new-found surprise.

"Not wearing anything underneath, I see. You came prepared for what I like. Let's see how well you stand up."

With that, April began to rip at the spandex, still grinding into Tylene's face. It took only moments for the center of the spandex to give way, tearing from April's ferocity. Tylene struggled desperately as the material gave, way, almost hysterical at the indignity being done to her. In desperation, she bit down hard on April's wetness, causing April to cry it in pain, falling off Tylene's face onto her back. Tylene slowly sat up, her face red and covered with sweat. She looked down at April, holding her sensitive area, and shot a look that could kill.

"Your mine, now, bitch! The gloves are off!"

Tylene, furious over the indignity she had suffered, launched herself at April, who was still reeling. She began to claw and punch April's large breasts, enjoying every scream that came out of April's mouth. Tylene leaned her arm across April's throat, effectively holding her down, and began to batter and maul the beauty's bust line.

"You wanted to come at my expense? I'm not gonna stop till I see tears!"

Tylene's devious mind decided that April's weakest spot seemed to be the swollen patch between her legs. As she continued to maul April's massive breasts, she repeatedly raised her knee to the crotch of the cocky redhead, over and over. April thrashed around on the floor, in obvious pain over the assault. Tylene grew more and more excited as the redhead was hers to dominate. April was bigger, stronger and seemingly more confident than Tylene but Tylene was the one with the upper hand. The thrill was exciting and almost sexually gratifying at the same time.

April was not to be outdone, however. Certainly not outdone by some cocky blonde. Tylene saw April's left hand slowly move, slinking its way between the bodies of the two women. As soon as April got her hand between them, Tylene knew where it was headed. She knew she had to put this busty bitch out or else she would be in trouble. Tylene began to slam her knee harder between April's legs, desperate for some sign that the redhead was about to give. She applied more pressure on her neck and looked down at her battered and bruised breasts. April was moaning in agony, but her determined hand was making its way further down towards the blonde crotch of her oppressor. Tylene was becoming more and more frantic, not believing what was happening. She first felt April's hand move along her stomach, exploring every curve of her body. It seemed that Tylene could do no more but thrust once more with her knee into April's sensitive and now wet, crotch.

A look of excitement and victory flashed in April's eyes as she made contact with the blonde's sensitive area. She smiled up at her and Tylene, with a look of fear in her eyes shook her head, almost pleading for the redhead not to do what it was clear she was about to. Tylene felt April's hand tug at the blonde hair between her lags and cried out in sharp pain. Her eyes widened as the pain flashed through her. Tylene's arm gave out as she could no longer withstand the redhead's fury. Her legs weakened as a tear came to her eye. Then, without the hint of mercy, April began to explore Tylene's moist crotch. Tylene was sadly mistaken when she thought, for a brief instant, that April meant to perform some soothing act. Sticking two fingers inside of Tylene and using the others to pinch, April applied a grip that made Tylene's head swim in agony. Although April was battered and her breasts had been mauled, she looked into Tylene's eyes as they welled up with agony.

"You almost had me. Now you're done!"

April tightened her grip and pushed back, causing Tylene to fall to the floor. April moved up towards the blonde, as she squirmed and moaned under April's power. Tylene silently begged for mercy but April cruelly shook her head. It was clear that April wanted nothing less than the total domination of the blonde who almost took her to the limits.

"You want mercy? "

Tylene moaned something but could only nod her head as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

April laughed in a way that unnerved Tylene. She then applied more pressure to the grip that tormented Tylene. The blonde convulsed in pain, amazed that there was more strength to the redhead than already applied. "I have plenty more, bitch. Do I get the cover spot?"

Tylene cried out yes but could only struggle, praying that the suffering would end.

Readjusting her grip on the blonde only made Tylene's silent screams more pained.

"Good. Now all you have to do is make me . . . happy. Do you think you can do that?"

Tylene was begging April to stop but that only seemed to make the redhead more excited. Tylene would have agreed to anything at this point. Suddenly April released the blonde, who only could grab herself, hoping to soothe her sensitive blonde patch.

April took the opportunity to look down at her defeated rival. Much to Tylene's surprise, April lowered herself onto Tylene's face, facing to opposite direction, so as to have a good grip on the blonde's shapely legs. Tylene was too tired and in to much pain to resist any more. April squeezed her moistness directly onto Tylene's lips.

"You want it to be over? Lick me."

Tylene began to do so. Anything to keep April off her. However, this was not something Tylene had ever done before, angering the redheaded amazon. To give Tylene an extra incentive, she seized the blonde's legs and began to press apart her thighs, causing her excruciating pain. Much to April's delight, Tylene quickly improved.

* * *

April lay in bed, satisfied from last night's physical domination of the smaller blonde. Her own tits were in bad shape and her crotch still stung from Tylene's bite. However, she was satisfied at her success. As she lay on the bed, proud of her conquest, the phone rang. April answered it and to her pleasant surprise, it was the calendar editor.

"So, April, you gonna be ready? We have those cover shots to do tomorrow. If anything had happened to you, we would have had to have gone with our second choice, Tylene."

April smiled.

"I know I was your first choice. The letter last week was perfectly clear."

The End