Tylene Buck vs. Cori Nadine by kit

Tylene was very worried about Cori Nadine. Through the grapevine, she'd heard that WCW was seriously considering offering Cori a contract to join the organization as a valet.

"The last thing I need right now is another bitch to contend with," Tylene said aloud, her thoughts consumed with her own career path and Cori's possible impact upon it.

Tylene's character, Major Gunns, was just starting to catch fire with the fans of the WCW and she didn't need another pretty girl with a sexy body to compete with. Tylene already had enough of that from girls like Torrie Wilson, Kim Paige and Stacy Kiebler.

"There's gotta be a way to put a stop to it," she thought, trying to figure an angle to keep Cori out of her hair.

Tylene and Cori were both fitness/bikini models and they'd become quite nasty rivals since modeling together a couple of years ago. Their paths wouldn't cross often, but whenever they did, both would display a catty and cross behavior toward the other. Although they'd never physically engaged, they'd had words several times and even stood chest-to-chest in a stare down. Unfortunately for fans of catfights, they'd been separated before anything happened.

Two weeks later Cori had just got off the phone with her agent. Her stomach was churning as news of her rejection slowly sank in. How could they not offer her a part? Her interviews had gone great and everyone seemed pleased. What had happened? What the hell had gone wrong?

Across town, Tylene lay soaking in the hot tub She had a huge, satisfied grin as she sipped a Long Island Iced Tea and relaxed in celebration. It had been unpleasant work, but there wasn't a man alive who could resist her slutty ways and sexy body when she put her mind to it and she was a woman who knew how to use both to her advantage. She'd easily stopped Cori's WCW contract.

As the months went by, Tylene became a successful in the WCW as Major Gunns. She had been a member of MIA; had defeated Stacy Kiebler in a match and was currently a heel feuding with both Tygress and Paisley. Things were going great until WCW suddenly folded, sold their assets and closed shop. Overnight, Tylene lost all she'd worked so hard to get and her prospects of getting into the mighty WWF didn't look good.

Meanwhile, Cori's career remained stagnant. She continued modeling and staying busy, etc., but really had nothing going on. So, more by circumstance than design, the two rivals decided to put their troubled lives on the shelf as they'd both had been invited to a birthday pool party of a mutual friend.

Tylene planned to use the party to network and make contacts about modeling jobs. Currently she was wrestling for a minor-league company but she didn't like it and felt her career was going nowhere fast.

"How's it going?" Torrie Wilson asked as she walked up to greet her. Torrie, a former fitness model, was also a friend of the birthday girl it turned out.

"Why don't we go upstairs and I'll show you," Tylene thought, but instead she gushed with ill-concealed irony, "Oh, great, Torrie. Gee, it's good to see you. How's the WWF going?" she asked, straining to smile.

Torrie had made the jump from WCW to the WWF and Tylene was jealous. Torrie had also probably fucked everything alive to get there, Tylene thought to herself as they shook hands, each trying to impress her rival with her strength.

Torrie, not afraid to flaunt herself, said, "Wonderful! Me and Stacy Kiebler are having a great time there. Too bad you weren't good enough to join us, hun."

"Yeah, well...I guess I just wasn't as lucky as some," Tylene sneered.

Torrie wasn't sure what Tylene meant by that comment and for a second she thought about pressing her on it, but decided to let it pass. Torrie wasn't afraid of Tylene, indeed, she'd often wondered how she'd do in a fight with her. The thought of getting her nails in Tylene's silicone tits had always excited her, but that would have to wait for another time.

"Hey, you'll bounce back. I'm sure you'll make it," Torrie said. "Listen, good to see ya, but I gotta go talk to that guy over there. Take care, hun," Torrie said, flashing a fake smile and opening her arms to hug Tylene.

Tylene gave Torrie a cheesy smile right back as they embraced, each making it a point to press their chests together and hug just a little tighter than normal while rolling their breasts on the other as if proving their superiority.

Pulling back, Tylene smiled a tight smile and said, "Let's do lunch. I'd love to get together with you sometime."

Torrie smiled back, her eyes narrowing, "You bet. Maybe do a workout or something sweaty. Buh-bye, luv."

"Buh-bye," Tylene mocked back as they each waived dramatically with their fingertips.

As Torrie turned away, Tylene mumbled under her breath, "Bitch! I'd give that plastic body a real workout alright."

Striding to the bar, Tylene ordered a drink and flirted with the bartender a few minutes before returning to mingle with the other guests at poolside. The bartender watched her firm, shapely ass jiggle in her purple string bikini and dreamed of fucking her, or even better, of her fucking him.

Just as Tylene was swivel-hipping her way toward the pool, Cori Nadine came out of the back door of the mansion onto the lawn. She took quick inventory of the guests and had spotted a few friends and foes when she got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach at the sight of her old rival Tylene.

"Well fuck her with a foot long strap-on!" Cori mumbled to herself.

Then, tossing her long, chocolate brown hair and hiking up her skimpy, red bikini with white polka dots, Cori decided she was going to have a good time tonight no matter what.

Cori got herself a drink, then lost herself in the large, milling crowd gathering in and around the pool. She was soon having a great time, teasing the male guests and yukking it up about them with her girlfriends.

Unaware Cori was in the group of people as she approached, lovely blond Tylene joined the circle and then gasped as she caught sight of Cori. The models locked eyes, not breaking eye contact even while the other women welcomed Tylene with hugs and kisses.

Torrie Wilson was one of the women who seemed to pick up on the friction between the blonde and brunette as they stood around chatting inanely. She'd heard the rumors of how Tylene used bedroom tactics to keep Cori out of the WCW but until that moment she hadn't cared.

Torrie hardly knew Cori except by her reputation as a fellow fitness model. But as she watched their catty glares and the body language between Tylene and Cori, she knew whatever was between them went deeper than mere competitive pride. She wondered if Cori knew what Tylene had been rumored to have done to keep her out of the WCW.

Unencumbered by weighty thoughts, there was plenty of room for ideas to start forming in the pretty blonde's head. Torrie wondered if maybe she could spice up the dull party by initiating a little "harmless fun."

"C'mon, Cori," Torrie said enthusiastically as she took her by the hand. "You need another drink. Besides, I'd like to get to know you better."

Torrie flashed her bright eyes quickly toward Tylene, giving her a knowing wink before flitting back to Cori who never noticed the look that passed from Torrie to Tylene.

Tylene watched as the two of them walked off hand-in-hand to the bar, Torrie giggling, one arm around Cori's waist as she whispered something in her ear that made Cori throw back her head and laugh.

The ol' familiar catfight fever began to rise in Tylene as she seriously considered challenging Torrie right then and there and giving her a long overdue and much needed attitude adjustment.

The rumors about Tylene and what she had done had been kept within the WCW family and she'd always denied knowing anything about why Cori hadn't gotten a contract. But with the break-up of the WCW, Tylene wondered if Torrie was finally spilling the beans about her role to Cori. One way or the other, it wouldn't be long before she found out. Tylene kept her eye on the two women at the bar while she tried to act like she was engaged with the group.

"What?!" she heard Cori shout.

Tylene's ears perked up. She could see Cori glaring at her as Torrie nodded her head as she talked. Tylene knew exactly what Torrie was telling Cori.

"You fuckin' slut!" screamed Cori as she made a beeline toward Tylene.

Tylene stepped out of the group she was in and went to meet Cori. The brunette was fighting mad and Tylene knew that a brawl was about to commence.

"C'mon, bitch. Let's go!" Tylene said as they both broke into a run toward each other.

"Damn you, you whore!" Cori shouted just before she collided with the blonde.

"Fuck you!" Tylene yelled as their bodies slammed together with a loud slap.

Cori cracked Tylene across the cheek with her open palm just at the moment the two beauties buried their hands in the others hair and yanked.

The startled crowd gasped, stepped back in surprise, and then suddenly closed in around them in a tight circle. A couple of men tried to pull them apart, but were called off by the majority, including many women, who wanted to see the two gorgeous fitness babes do battle.

For several moments, Cori and Tylene spun and staggered in a circle kicking shins and yanking hair while their bikini-clad bodies rubbed and banged together and hair flew in all directions. They tumbled into a table, sending drinks and plates crashing to the ground. As they struggled back to their feet, Tylene freed her right hand from Cori's hair and unleashed her fist.

Her first punch clipped Cori on the cheek, but the next was more precise and it slammed into her chin. Cori was dazed by the blow and her hands slipped from Tylene's hair. She back-peddled landing a couple of glancing defensive slaps to Tylene's face as the blonde pursued her.

"Stand still and fight me, bitch!" Tylene yelled as she lunged and grabbed Cori again.

More hair was grabbed as the two bikini-clad models stumbled, staggered and fought their way through the jeering crowd. Both women were shouting and screaming although their words were lost in the din as everyone was encouraging their favorite at the top of their lungs. The blonde and brunette battled on in a wicked, hair-pulling frenzy that left them both drunk from pain and dizzy from being whirled around.

As they fought it out at the edge of the pool, Cori and Tylene started trading slaps between hair tugs. Within seconds, both faces were beet red and their ears were ringing which drowned out the crowd noise around them.

Tylene's supporters let out a loud whoop as their girl sent Cori to one knee with a slap that nearly took her face off. Tylene yanked Cori back to her feet by the hair and was reaching back to really slap her hard, when Cori threw herself chest first into the blonde and sent them both tumbling onto the lawn. Their bodies hit the ground hard, but both rose quickly and attacked.

"Bitch!" Cori cursed as they resumed pulling hair.

The two evenly matched models were sight to behold! By this time, each had one breast bare and jiggling as they fought like a couple of teenage schoolgirls in their first catfight. Any semblance of professionalism or recollection of trained moves had gone out the window as their visceral hatred (or jealousy) blocked out any thoughts save those of inflicting hurt on their rival.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh...mmmmmyyyyyy hair!!" Tylene cried as Cori pulled loose a clump of blond hair from the back of her head.

"Yeeeeeoooowwwww!! Fuuuuuuck!!" screamed Cori as Tylene evened up the pain, tearing out a handful of brown hair.

Once again the two females careened into a table, sending guests scrambling with drinks in hand. The fell on top of the table, rolled over it and off the other side where they thudded to the ground in a tangled heap of flying hair, waving arms and flailing legs. Simultaneously each kicked and elbowed to get clear of the other, and then as soon as they succeeded, they scrambled to their feet and lunged back together, wailing away with both hands.

Their slaps were echoed in the cheers of the crowd who greeted each crisp, popping slap that landed on already red and swelling cheeks with a loud roar; the noise seemingly divided equally between the supporters of each woman.

And then suddenly, without any warning, in the blink of an eye, the fight reached it's climax! Kicking out with her left foot, Tylene's heel struck pay dirt. She busted Cori square on the crotch. The brunette was lifted onto her toes by the impact. With a gaping mouth and bugging eyes, Cori cupped her crotch, her knees buckled and she slowly doubled over with her mouth opening and closing silently.

"Bitch!" Tylene shouted as she jerked Cori forward by the hair and drove her knee upward into Cori's face.

Cori's body shot jerked upward from the force of Tylene's knee. She stood erect, her body stiff, her eyes glazed and unfocused. The blonde's kneecap had caught her flush on the nose and blood began to flow down her chin and dribble onto her heaving chest.

Tylene, didn't waste a second. She iced the cake, setting her feet and bringing a left uppercut from her knee that hammered Cori's right tit up and out of her bikini and spun her body halfway around. The follow-up right hook to the ribs drove Cori to her knees gasping and wheezing for air.

"That's enough!" someone shouted, grabbing Tylene by the arms as she was raising her foot. As they pulled Tylene away, Cori toppled over face down on the cement patio, rolled over on her back and went limp. She lay with her arms and legs spread for a few seconds before a couple rushed forward to sit her up and tend to her injuries.

Torrie Wilson had watched the entire spectacle from a front row seat with joy and pleasure. Now that she'd seen Tylene's tactics and studied her style of fighting, she was sure she could beat Tylene if she was ever foolish enough to try her.

Tylene won the vote: 262-149