Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) vs. Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) by Carlisle 3/14/02

Buffy stood in the ruins of the temple surveying the damage she’d caused during her fight with the lust demon. She wouldn’t have thought that a demon dedicated to sex could’ve put up such a fight but the devastation around her paid fitting tribute to its prowess. Still another tribute was paid by the state of her clothing, which had been ripped and torn by the demon’s claws. She tried to repair her ruined garments as she had no desire to turn up at the magic house looking like this. Her reputation in Sunnydale was bad enough without walking through town half naked It didn’t take long, however, for her to realize her clothes were beyond repair.

Her blouse had been torn open and all of the buttons ripped off so her perky breasts were exposed as it gaped open. Holding the garment closed was also out as several tears meant her modesty would definitely be compromised in any case. Her trousers were hardly better; the demon’s talons had shredded the left leg, though thankfully hadn’t punctured her skin, and the right leg had been cut open from just below the waist to the cuff.

Cursing to herself, Buffy quickly fashioned a crude bikini top from the remains of her blouse so at least her breasts were covered. But she stopped dead in her tracks when a new sound alerted her senses. Unwilling to be discovered in this state, Buffy moved into the shadows as she heard footsteps from the tunnel leading back to Sunnydale.

Her heightened Slayer sense told her this mystery guest wasn’t part of the gang for she hadn’t felt the usual warnings of an approaching vampire. But anyone who entered a demons lair wasn’t someone she’d trust on sight.

A flashlight shone out of the tunnel almost blinding her as a lone female figure stepped into the temple. The newcomer was dressed in a tight black vest top, which threatened to burst open under the strain of her enormous breasts, and skintight shorts which hugged the contour of her ass like a second skin. Surprisingly, even inside the temple she still wore sunglasses. She was also armed with a brace of automatic pistols slung low on her thighs which made even the redoubtable Buffy think twice before attacking her.

Although hardly the first feature Buffy looked at, she remembered the woman’s face from somewhere…then it hit her! This woman had been in the Magic Shop earlier asking about Sunnydale’s past. Giles and Willow had been drooling as they answered her questions. Buffy and Dawn could hardly keep from laughing as they struggled to direct their answers toward the woman’s face rather than her bulging bosom.

The stranger been dressed different then but her cleavage was obviously something she was proud of and emphasized in whatever outfit she wore. Buffy glanced down at her own much smaller boobs and for a brief moment felt a flash of jealousy for the larger women’s assets. Then it struck her how impractical such a huge pair would be in her line of work, but she couldn’t stop musing how nice it would be to get her hands on a pair like that.

Buffy remembered the woman’s voice, it had sounded similar to Giles’ when she’d introduce herself as Lara, a name that meant nothing to Buffy but had evidently impressed Giles. A thought flitted through Buffy’s brain as she wondered if she might interest Giles and Lara in a threesome. Then she gasped as she realized where her thoughts were leading her. She didn’t often fantasize about having hot, steamy sex with strange women - or Giles for that matter. Where had this thought come from?

Hearing Buffy’s gasp, the stranger whirled round and with a lightening quick movement, drew both guns and aimed them at Buffy’s heaving chest.

“Don’t shoot.” Buffy said as she stepped into the light.

The woman regarded he coolly as she slowly looked her up and down. Unconsciously, Buffy stood a little straighter as the stranger took in her disheveled appearance and the expanse of bare skin. She stepped a little closer into the light so that the woman could get a better look at her and then blushed as she realized what she was doing. Maybe the Lust demon’s influence still permeated the temple - or was it something in her own psyche that was causing these feelings?

“Perhaps we could go to the surface,” Buffy suggested, “and discuss this over drinks and a light lunch.”

Buffy’s face flushed as her mind turned to thoughts of taking this brunette to the nearest motel and licking her pussy until she clawed the bedspread to ribbons and begged her to stop. Buffy decided they definitely needed to get out of the temple before she did something really embarrassing.

Lara shook her head, “I’m here for the treasure.” She spoke in clipped and precise tones as she added, “and I’m certainly not going to let a rival get behind me.”

Images of the beautiful treasure hunter’s firm round ass filled Buffy’s mind as she moved toward Lara who had already dismissed Buffy as a source of danger and was already thinking about the money she’d make from her haul as she looked around the temple. The west wing of the mansion needed a new roof and she could sure use a few weeks in the Bahamas to recuperate even though it hadn’t exactly been a particularly difficult raid so far.

Lara’s eyes scanned the temple again. In spite of the damage done during the fight, there were several good artifacts still in one piece and even the damaged ones would have considerable occult and historical value. A dented vase near her foot caught her eye and she bent down for a closer look.

As she did, her shorts stretched even tighter over her ass. It was more temptation than Buffy could stand. The lust she felt was nothing to the anger she was currently feeling. How dare this top-heavy bimbo dismiss her so casually? Buffy aimed a kick at the treasure hunters tempting backside and sent her sprawling on the floor.

Lara yelped in pain as she hit the ground and lost her grip on her guns. She heard them clatter across the floor as they skittered away into the shadows. She wasn’t given much time to regret the loss of her guns for, with a scream, Buffy leaped on her back, knocking the wind out of her and grabbed her by her ponytail. Lara yelled as her head was pulled back. Lara tried desperately to grab her attacker but Buffy leaned back out of reach.

Buffy’s mind was in a state of considerable confusion, half of it wanted to fight Lara whilst the other half wanted to fuck her. Luckily, her rigorous Slayer training kicked in and told her brain to take a back seat. Whatever she planned, she needed to immobilize her opponent first.

With Lara flat on her belly and Buffy controlling her using Lara’s ponytail Buffy was little immediate danger. Lara still couldn’t reach her despite her best efforts. In fact, as Lara flailed at her with her hand, Buffy caught hold her wrist and bent her arm back painful to further emphasis her complete control. Lara wailed in pain. The pain in her head was excruciating and now this bitch had her arm as well! Lara tried to hit Buffy with her other arm, lashing back with her elbow but Buffy easily avoided it and in the end Lara was forced to lie still and wait for another chance to escape.

Buffy grinned as she assumed Lara was beaten. She thought this buxom woman was no match for a real fighter and now she intended to claim her reward. Realeasing Lara hair, Buffy reached behind her and slapped Lara’s ass cheeks. There was a satisfying CRACK when her flat palm connected with the firm, well-rounded rump that was followed by an indignant cry from her lovely captive. Buffy leaned back to give her bottom and even harder spank when suddenly Lara reared up and tossed her off.

Both women scrambled to their feet at the same time and faced each other. Buffy was furious she’d lost the dominant position before she had fully taken advantage of it and Lara was equally furious she’d been treated in such a demeaning way by this blonde bimbo upstart. Lara was determined to show this little twit what happens to anyone who molests a lady.

Lara adopted a classic boxing stance as she stepped toward Buffy who chose a looser stance which allowed her to react to any of her opponent’s attacks. And judging by the look in Lara’s eyes, Buffy definitely expected her to attack.

Lara launched a series of left jabs which Buffy dodged easily. Unfortunately, Buffy dodged right into Lara’s right elbow which hit her on the side of her head. Buffy saw stars momentarily which gave Lara the opportunity to hit her twice more in the face, driving her backward.

Buffy tried to put more space between them but as she backed away, Lara grabbed her makeshift top and pulled it off. She instinctively covered her breasts with her hands, but then fell over backward when Lara swept her feet from under her and sent her crashing to the floor.

Lara leaped on her fallen foe, but Buffy managed to bring her feet up just in time and sent Lara flying over her head. Lara crashed to the floor on her back which knocked the wind out of her. As she lay on her back, hands grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head, trapping her arms. The same hands then seized her breasts and began twisting her erect nipples savagely.

Buffy glorified in Lara’s agonized cries as she clawed the massive mounds of flesh she’d exposed. Her earlier feelings of jealousy were now thoroughly exorcised by the cries of pain she heard. Seeing Lara had almost freed herself from the constraints of her top, Buffy got up and unleashed a savage kick to Lara’s bare midriff. She kicked again and again as Lara tried to roll away from her attacker. Lara tried to rise only to be kicked in the ass and forced back to her knees. More kicks struck her ass before she sprawled face down on the floor. The Tomb Raider had been totally beaten.

“Please....,” Lara begged softly. “No more.”

Not risking another escape Buffy used her own top to quickly tie Lara’s hands behind her back. Then she slipped Lara’s belt out of her shorts and used it to bind her ankles together. With Lara helpless, Buffy quickly removed the rest of her own clothing and then she stripped Lara who was helpless to prevent Buffy from taking full advantage of the situation. According to those in the know, Buffy and Lara parted as ‘close friends’ and were even talking about a joint adventure together.