Sandra Bullock vs. Cameron Diaz by CROZ

Sandra got home from a night out and sat down to read an article with an interview featuring Cameron Diaz. She wasn't sitting too long as she jumped up in anger at what she read. A reporter had asked Cameron why she thought her movie had done so well this summer, while Sandra's movie did so poor. Cameron responded by saying, "That's because she is a no talent, ugly dog. If she had half the beauty or talent as me then "Hope" would have floated instead of sank." Sandra became enraged and called her agent. "I want that bitch, Cameron's address."

Sandra got Cameron's house number and she was on her way. Sandra pulled up to her house, got out of her car, and banged on Cameron's front door. Cameron opened the door wearing a long black robe open showing off her silver two piece under wear. She knew Sandra must have read her interview from the pissed look on her face. "Where the hell do you get off saying this shit about me you fucking bubble headed bitch!" Sandra scowled at Cameron. "Everything I said in that interview was true you fucking loser ass cunt." That was the last straw for Sandra. She cocked back her fist and fired a punch fight into the blondes-left eye. Cameron fell back on her luscious ass cheeks. "Ow, I can't believe you punched me you bitch." Cameron screamed as she put her hand over her eye. "You're lucky if that's all I'm going to do slut." Sandra yelled back as she slammed the front door. Cameron quickly got to her knees and punched Sandra right in the crotch. The beautiful brunette gave out a little yelp and dropped to her knees. Cameron jumped toward her and ripped open Sandra's tight, black, button down shirt, reveling a white lace bra underneath. She then punched Sandra right in the mouth, laying her out on her back. Cameron removed her robe and jumped on top of the Speed cutie.

Cameron straddled her adversary and started raining punches into Sandra's already bloody mouth. Sandra was taking a beating and had to do some thing, quick. She reached up and grad Cameron's beautiful chest. Cameron screamed as Sandra's nails dug into her tit flesh. She abandoned her punching attack and tried to pry Sandra's nails from her chest. She managed to back away, but she paid the price for it. When she backed away to save her tits from this torture, Sandra held strong. Cameron tits were left with big red streaks and her silver top was torn for her chest.

"My fucking tits, I'm going to kick your ass you cunt rag." Cameron screamed in anger as she caressed her chest trying to sooth them. "Come and get some your fucking hoar." Sandra screamed back as both girls rose to their feet. Sandra removed her ripped shirt showing off the sexy white bra under neath. Sandra hands were behind her taking of her shirt when Cameron charged her, knocking her back into a T.V. room where she got rammed into a hard back off a sofa. Sandra gave out a grunt and put her hands on her back. That left herself wide open for Cameron as she punched the Bullock girl right in her stomach. Sandra doubled over in pain. Cameron grabbed her by her hair and gave her a right cross to the face that knock the brunette to the floor.

Sandra was on all fours as Cameron put her fists together and came down hard on her back. " You come to my house, insult me and then try to ruin my tits! I'm going to make you pay bitch." Cameron said as she put one knee on Sandra's back and grabbed the back strap of the Brunettes bra. She pulled backwards for all she's was worth. She was rewarded with a scream, as Sandra's tits were being crushed between her tightened bra and her own chest. "That looks like that hurts, huh?" Cameron mocks as she pulls the bra back even further.

Sandra could only scream in response as she starts to cry a little. Cameron unclip the bra and let it fall to the floor. Sandra is relieved, but not for long. Cameron reaches around her back and grabs each brest with her hands. She manages to find Sandra's left nipple and starts pulling toward herself. Cameron grips hard with her right and hand starts turning Sandra's tit clock wise, then counter over and over again. Sandra is heavily sobbing and does some quick thinking. She throws her elbow back catching Cameron's right tit. The Blonde holds on but by the third hit she has no choice but to let go.

Cameron starts to back away. But she doesn't get far as she is tackled by Sandra. Sandra is now sitting on the blonde stomach as she grabs her by the hair and start ramming the back of her head into the ground. She lets go of Cameron's hair and goes for a chest attack. She grabs both of Cameron's nipples and starts pulling up. Cameron gives out a bone chilling scream as her orbs are being pulled this way and that. She tries to dig her nail into Sandra's leg but they have no effect on the enraged Brunette. "Take it back bitch and say I'm way more talented and more gorgeous than you." Sandra yells down at her victim. "Never!", Cameron managed to squeal out.

"Ok, have it your way." Sandra says as she leans back pulling Cameron up by her nipples. She manages to throw the Blonde to side by her chest. Cameron just lays there on the ground sobbing and holding her throbbing chest. Sandra walked over to her very slowly. Her black mini skirt swaying back and forth. Cameron saw her coming and gets to her knees. She tries punch Sandra in the crotch again, but Sandra see's it coming and moves out of the way. "No, your not going to get me with that one again." Sandra says smiling. She kicks the blond in the face knocking her down on her side and brings blood to her nose. Sandra puts her legs around the wounded Cameron and locks them around her chest. Cameron gives out a howling scream. She has never taken a beating like this before. She tries to grab the brunette's left tit, but Sandra catches her wrist.

"Now, now. Just because my chest is beautiful and your tiny, crushed tits suck, is no reason for you trying to hurt mine." Sandra says jokingly. Sandra turns on the pressure of crushing Cameron's tits. "Stop I give, I take it back, just stop, oh god, stop." Cameron cries out. "You had your chance bitch now your going to pay. And since you like my tits so well how about you get a closer look at them." Sandra starts to lean her chest over Cameron's face to smother her, but Cameron manages to reach up and bite down on Sandra's right nipple. Sandra's is caught totally off guard thinking she had one this fight for sure. She tries to move back, but Cameron stays strong with her teeth's grip. Sandra's once powerful leg lock comes loose and Cameron manages to get out of it. The Brunette is pulling back on Cameron's hair put that's only making matters worse. Blood is now dripping down Cameron cheek for where she pierced the skin. She starts driving punches into the Blondes temple. After several punches Cameron open her mouth and Sandra flees backwards.

Both girls are sweaty, beaten, wrecks. They both lie there, licking their wounds until Cameron makes her way over to Sandra who is still sitting there holding her bloody chest. She looks up to see Cameron foot crash into her face. Sandra is down on her back as Cameron starts to stomp her face, stomach and chest. She steps on Sandra's already demolished tit and starts grinding her foot into it. That's it for Sandra. She is crying out her surrender, but Cameron pays no attention as she puts Sandra into a neck scissor. Sandra's face turns bright red as the oxygen it cut of to her head. Cameron reaches down and starts mauling Sandra's once beautiful chest. Sandra tries punching and scratching at Cameron legs but she is just too weak to inflict any real damage. She has no choice put to lie there and take the beating. Sandra feels herself losing it, but right before she blacks out, Cameron releases her hold.

She stands up and takes off her silver under wear bottoms. "I'll leave you with something to remember me by." Cameron says as she straddles the poor Sandra smothering her face with her sweaty pussy. Sandra arms' start wailing around wildly and she tries to buck Cameron off her, but its no use. Cameron starts grinding her bush into Sandra's face and soon she is in Lala Land. Sandra puts on her robe and then grabs Sandra by her hair. She drags the unconscious beauty outside and onto the hood of her car. Cameron starts to walk away, but turns around yells at Sandra. "Don't ever come to my house and tell me what to do, bitch." Cameron walks back into her house and lies down. She is in bad shape, but she doesn't care. She only smile and thinks of how she kick Sandra's ass.