Sandra Bullock vs. Melissa Joan Hart by bbb4 (Delphi Catfight Forum 08-Jul-99)

Melissa climbs into the ring first to a smattering of applause from the crowd. She sports a white one piece suit with a thong style back, showing off her cute little butt. Sandra climbs between the ropes next, wearing a small black string bikini, sending the crowd to their feet in raucous cheering. Bullock turns to the crowd, giving a large smile wave in appreciation of their support. With Sandra's back to the ring, Melissa makes her move, charging across the ring to land a drop kick right between Sandra's shoulders.

The force of the kick sends Sandra stumbling forward, and right into the turnbuckles, further stunning the brunette. Melissa doesn't wait a second before pounding the Speed star with fists and kicks and knees to the butt and back, punctuating the punishment with a particularly well placed knee to the groin, which sends Bullock to her knees. Still behind Sandra, Melissa picks her opponent up by her bikini briefs, wedging them painfully between her butt cheeks only to drop her to the mat again with another nasty knee lift.

Melissa steps over her fallen foe, and places Sandra's head between her legs, squeezing mightily. The thong Melissa wore to the ring allows the stunned crowd to see her flex her lithe legs and butt, squashing Sandra's skull. Melissa wiggles her hips as though doing a hula dance, twisting and wrenching Sandra's neck. To add to the punishment, Melissa occasionally reaches down and mauls one of Sandra's smallish breasts, even going so far as to rip her top off for easier access.

Sandra finally breaks out of the standing headscissors by sinking her teeth into Hart's calf muscle. Melissa screams in pain and steps away from Sandra, still holding her lower leg.

As Sandra climbs to her feet, though, Hart quickly drags her finger nails down the length of Sandra's bare back. Sandra reaches back, trying to soothe the angry red welts on her back, and finds herself in a hammerlock. Melissa takes the opportunity to strip the black bikini bottoms off of her opponent, dropping the down around her knees.

Melissa bends down, stripping them all the way off, leaving Bullock completely nude. While bent over, though Sandra sees her opportunity, swiftly lifting her heel, she catches Melissa right in the forehead, snapping her head
back. Sandra repeats the maneuver, this time sending her heel into Hart's sternum. Melissa drops to the mat, stunned, as Sandra turns around, ready to extract her revenge on the little blonde.

Bullock grabs the perky little blonde from the mat by a handful of hair, lifting her only as far as she needs to deliver a wicked uppercut knee to the face and chest. With Melissa lying face down on the mat, Sandra drops a knee across her lower back, grinding Hart's kidneys.

Sandra turns and takes Melissa's chin, cupping it between her hands, adding a twisting chinlock to the already agonizingly painful knee drop. Reaching underneath with a free hand, Bullock tortures the smaller girl's breasts, groping and squeezing them. Melissa's painful cries to the light breast punishment lead Sandra to realize the youngster has never had her tits mauled.

Releasing the chinlock, Sandra peels down the top of Hart's one piece, revealing two soft, untanned breasts, which Sandra immediately attacks. Taking what barely amounts to a handful in each hand, Bullock squeeze with each breast, mercilessly digging her short thumbnails into the tip of each breast. Hart squeals in agony, vainly trying to pry Bullock's death grip from her tender breasts. But Bullock knows she has a winner, and keeps the pressure on
Hart's small breasts, twisting and wringing her small knockers waiting for a tearful submission.

Despite the mauling, squeezing and general titty torture, Melissa holds on, biting her tongue to keep from giving up her first match.

Sandra disgustedly releases the blonde's boobs for a moment, allowing her to cover up, rubbing the red welt marks left by Bullock's claws. In doing so, Melissa leaves herself completely defenseless, allowing Bullock to clamp a sleeper hold on from behind. Melissa only realizes the predicament she is in as a fog begins to cloud her vision. Melissa immediately begins to claw away at Bullocks arms, but Sandra has the hold locked in tight, and knows the end is near for her rookie opponent. As Sandra rocks the hold back and forth, Melissa's scratching desperation grows less intense and begins to fade altogether, until her arms drop uselessly to her side, and Sandra releases the snoozing rookie. After climbing back into her bikini top, Bullock completes the job of stripping her for before leaving the ring, throwing the one piece over her shoulder before leaving the ring.