Stacy Keibler vs. Giselle Bundchen (boxing) by simguy

Victoria's Secret sponsored event - trying to establish Bundchen in the wake of high-profile defections (Banks, Casta et al). Giselle an accomplished wrestler and scissors-only competitor, best known for unseating Stephanie Seymour as queen of Victoria's Secret (complete with in-house coronation) - she hasn't had the kind of hard ring rounds one would expect her to have coming in against Stacy K. Keibler a happy girl, clapping her hands at press conferences, smiling giddily. VS always does a lot of publicity for their fights and being promoted as a ‘model-assassin’ suits Stacy just fine.

"I'm loving the attention," a candid Keibler admits. "I can't wait to put Giselle on her back and stretch her out! If Victoria's Secret wants me to wreck all their girls - hey, I'm totally up for that!"

Giselle in black soft-cup, seamless push up and panties fighting two piece (billed in the catalogue as 'more aerodynamic', giving the wearer the all-important 'sleekness advantage' in combat). Keibs in neon baby blue bikini with white gloves on both vixens.

Round 1: Keibler grinning, taunting, showboating. Stacy with her hands low - she's stooping, lifting the backhand jab up and patting it against Giselle's flat paunch, or snapping it against Giselle's forehead. Keibs keeping her right hand thigh-high as she sticks lefts - chin right there for all to see. Bundchen hands at chest, posing for poke - she's just inching forward, accepting Stacy's rude tapping like there's no other choice. Second minute, Giselle with a telegraphed right to the body - she leans in, twists to the right to load up, draws the elbow back and plunges her punch into Stacy - Keibler sopping up the shot needlessly, clearly disrespecting model's punching power - answers back a clubbing hook upside the head, doubling it as Giselle backs straight up to catch leather on her mouth. Keibs pressing late, lifting sloppy punches off her thighs and thrusting them at Giselle's head - Bundchen stumbling away, hands raised in awkward blocking posture as Stacy's barrage proves partially effective.

Keibler's corner wants more bodywork, footwork and basics: "Baby, make this an easy fight willya?" Bundchen's corner more concerned with her suit - primping it and adjusting it so as not to appear rumpled or distressed in any way.

Round 2: Keibs hands low, big grin - she's leaning in, pulling punches up off her thighs and pushing them into Bundchen, or stepping around and hoisting heavy backhand jabs off her hip. Giselle lithe enough, but flat footed and very deliberate - she's scowling, stepping around. Second minute, Giselle makes up her mind and starts pushing that plunging right hand at Stacy's body, spanking away with some authority - when Bundchen scrapes a lanky hook up top as well, she's got Keibler backpedaling. Keibs awkward in retreat, looking pestered, irritated - Bundchen able to step-with, sweep her long limbs into roundhouse wallop and catch Keibler high on the head as she falters straight back to ropes. Nice finish for Giselle - Stacy's covered up, yielding her flanks - Giselle patting and tucking away with slender-limbed lefts and rights - punching white gloves in on tanned flesh, then sort of scraping them back along the ribcage, drawing Stacy's elbows forward in the process. Keibler flushed with shame, shaking her head 'NO' at the bell to indicate she's not hurt: Giselle showing her first trace of emotion, smiling en route to her corner.

Round 3: Lanky limbed, lathering slugfest erupts and KEIBLER GETS ROCKED! Giselle able to line Stacy's chin up and pool-cue a long right hand in - Stacy flustered, still flapping back punches gives up another and another right hand on her eye and mouth to be put truly wobbly butt. Giselle a sight - hair tossing, teeth bared - much of her work is too inefficient and slappy to be effective - but her blood is up and she's lathering Keibler to ropes. Crowning achievement for model: she's able to palm Stacy's right shoulder with the left hand, bracing her for a pair of plugging, pumping right hands flat on the tummy - elbow back, plunging delivery, nice straight back - Stacy cramps up, groans, brow frowning in pain as Giselle really gets to her. Credit Keibler - she's hurt, but won't punk - drawing her elbows in and punching with more professionalism, catching Giselle inside model's looping swings and BUNDCHEN GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Giselle reeling away from Stacy with how-could-you eyes and parted lips - Bundchen all undone as Keibler wades forward with a walking barrage of licking lefts and rights. Final minute, Giselle rallies, actually pushing her left hand out and letting Stacy impale herself on the 'jab' - Bundchen able to disrupt Keibler long enough to nail her a pair of long right hands upside the head to get Stacy staggering around in a bewildered earmuff. Bell: Giselle still swinging ineffectually at Keibler.

Stacy's corner chastising her during the break for “…making Bundchen look good!”

Round 4: Confidence makes a fighter - Giselle's heart swelling with KO-lust - she lopes into Stacy with all manner of gangly, looping power punches. Keibler visibly disheartened - frowning, covering up face-in-gloves and shying away - HER confidence dangerously low and it's making all the difference. Bundchen able to step into her shots and extend, getting every inch of sinewy leverage onto slinging blows. Winging right hands shatter off Keibler's hip/flank - Giselle's arm shivering upon contact. G twisting her hips, pulling the hook in behind Stacy's right elbow, stuffing the left in on meat with a thick PAK! Giselle less effective when she tries to put punches together - she's just bumping and scraping at Stacy's breadbasket and forearms underneath, trying to rub-a-dub-dub Keibler into submission. Stacy unresponsive, taking little steps forward, wandering around, looking very chin-shy the way she's covering up her head and trying to avoid contact. Giselle shining with the sweat of her labors, chest heaving, nostrils flaring - she spends up a lot of energy in dominating Keibler through four.

Round 5: Real Stacy Keibler shows up. Stacy frowning in concentration, widening her stance - NOW she's rocking in and out, shifting weight between front foot and back as she tags Giselle strong lefts and rights. Bundchen getting chin-tagged, does a little hurting pony-trot to regroup at the ropes - Keibler hopping-with, keeps up the steady lather. Keibs pushing in off the back big toe to bang in her right hand, easing back onto her right foot to clout the hook, backhanding the jab to set up the next right hand - all the while changing distance as she sways in and out on widespread pins. Bundchen panicked, shipping shellac - she doesn't know what to do on the ropes under this kind of flailing assault. Keibler heartless, tearing into quivering model without restraint - blonde fury rewarded as Giselle is battered to her knees, tears brimming as ref pushes a huffing, puffing Stacy back. After 8, more Keibler! Giselle covering up earmuff, grimacing as punches bounce off her skull and shoulders, sending her skidding to her right along the ropes. Stacy stepping-with, eyes locked on target - she's mostly pelting/stroking left/right up top - but she'll welt Giselle's long coastlines some evil licks behind the elbows as well. Body shots get the next knockdown as poor Giselle cries out, drops to her knees hugging herself - model proving game as she clambers ropes to stave off the 10 count. More Keibler, cold-blooded Keibler - stepping-to and wailing away all long limbs, strong legs - raking hooks, crosses, uppercuts and rib-licks. Giselle wilting, doubled over and giving away her shining back to Stacy's cruel caresses. Keibler's non-stop, clobbering assaults all too much: Giselle shuddering from a series of lambasting blows across her kidneys swoons to canvas, rolls onto her back hugging her body and rocking gently side to side in anguish. KO5 in brutal fashion, Stacy Keibler!

After: Keibler snarling, angry as gloves are removed - pushing hair out of her eyes, she stomps over to blubbering Giselle and flops down hard for a merciless cross body. Keibs' legs scissor up G's be-gloved left arm; Keib's hands grip tightly at G's right wrist, stretching the model out flat on her back. Normally stoic Bundchen moaning in protest - tossing her head side to side, gulping her hips up in pathetic attempt to dislodge her tormentress. Keibler biting her lower lip, nodding her head ecstatically: she's feeling the quit through Giselle's pores/quivering flesh. Giselle mewling, now pushing at canvas with bare feet - knees up and flopping side to side. Finally she breaks down into wracking sobs, begging Stacy to let her up. AND KEIBS WON'T HAVE IT! Stacy just using up every last drop of the vanquished supermodel, staying on top because she can.

Heidi Klum at ringside, beating her fists on the apron in frustration, screaming at Keibler, "LET HER GO!"

Tyra Banks slides into the ring, pulling at Stacy's hips, pounding at the backside and hamstrings with the side of a hammering fist - FINALLY Keibler is coaxed into releasing her prey as officials separate livid lanky bodies. Then, in the aftermath, Banks and Klum corner weepy Giselle and BERATE her! No support whatsoever with Heidi standing behind Tyra, hands on hips, nodding in agreement, "That's right! That's right!" after each and every Banks point. Tyra jabbing her finger in Giselle’s heaving cleavage, pulling her chin up to force eye contact as she lectures her about the need to BEAT Stacy, not get stretched by her!

Stacy grinning, allowed to leave unmolested while Giselle gets bullied by VS alums. Models…who can figure ‘em!!?