Gisele Bundchen vs. Stacy Keibler by Interac

Stacy Keibler had just finished Dancing with the Stars; she also had filmed a small role in Big Momma’s house 2 and had a major part in another movie. All anyone could ask her about though was the feud between her and Anna Kournikova. It didn’t help matters that after ending a long day of filming she got jumped and absolutely destroyed by Anna. Someone asked her and the next thing Stacy knew she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck. Anna had gotten behind and crashed a glass against the back of Stacy’s head

Anna turned Stacy around and hit her with punches until she was hauled away and Stacy was left there knocked out and bloody. As Stacy started coming to Anna came back and hit a kick to Stacy’s head and then really went to town humiliating Stacy. Before she could finish Stacy off, Gisele stopped it and beat Anna Kournikova. She jumped her from behind to stop the madness but she still knocked Anna out.

The next week it was Stacy’s turn to hit Anna with a glass and beat the living hell out of the woman who fought her to a draw. Again it was Gisele who interrupted the fight, this time leaving Stacy knocked out.

Now there was a third woman involved in their personal war and neither took her serious. Stacy was away from WWE and she was trying to further her career. Since that night with Anna were the two did everything they possibly could to beat the other, she had gotten a lot more calls. This thing she and Anna started needed a finish, but then she heard stories about these rivalries never ending.

Her cell phone started ringing and she brought it up to her ear, "Hello?"

"Stacy, I have news for you. Gisele has been saying she does not respect either you or Kournikova and could take either of you - and that she’s proved it."

"She jumped me from behind!" Stacy corrected.

"Well this is what she said, ‘Many people don’t know this but before I started modeling I could have been a professional volleyball player. I have the athleticism of both women; I have the leg power of both. I am one of the few women that have legs that match up completely to Stacy’s, yet she gets that respect. I never saved Stacy to get at Anna even though it was fulfilling to knock her out; I did it to get at Stacy myself. I can beat her and she knows it. Yet everyone else seems to think that I’m just some model who should shut her mouth. Well I think Stacy Keibler is highly overrated and should be the one shutting her mouth. Do you know the difference between me and Keibler in terms of bodies is that I have boobs and she does not? She will not fight anyone whose legs are as long as hers because that’s the only advantage she has in any fight’."

There was a pause and then the publicist talked again, "Those were HER words Stacy. I talked to Anna’s publicist and she told me she’s telling Anna the same thing I’m telling you; avoid each other. We can’t afford to have you two destroy each other again."

"Not a chance, I want Anna to get beaten and beaten badly. I want her to look up and tell me she quits. I want her to know the final answer of which one of us just is the better..." Stacy paused, then added, "I don’t like this anymore than you do but it won’t end and you know that. I’m going to head down to a gym and work out."

A distracted Stacy left her room and went straight to the elevator and down to the gym. She was changed into her exercise clothing and got the gym which was empty. She started to stretch and felt someone else enter the area. She wasn’t shocked to turn and find Gisele standing there in her own workout clothes.

In slightly broken English Gisele spoke first, "Did you get the note?"

"Listen I really don’t have time for this Gisele, so why don’t you just leave."

"I’ll leave if you admit to everyone that you’re not in my league and that you are afraid to fight me."

Stacy walked up to the model who met Stacy halfway. "Listen, I got other things to worry about..."

"What does it take to get you to fight me...? Knock you out, wait I did that, don’t you want revenge."

"I want Anna, not a waste of my time."

Stacy walked towards the dressing room but before she could open the door Gisele grabbed her by the arm and turned her around so they were face to face again. "Feels weird to have someone look at you directly in the eye doesn’t it Stacy. Bet it makes you feel out of your league"

"Listen close Gisele, I may be pissed about what you did to me when I was giving Anna what she deserves..."

"You are so pathetic, I jump you and we wrestle around the floor then I knock you out and you do nothing. You should have started fighting me from the moment you seen me come in here, but you didn’t. I question your bravery and call you a coward and you walk away. Guess that’s why wrestling is scripted because it is the only way you’ll stand up for yourself against someone who you’re outmatched against."

Stacy rolled her eyes and Gisele shoved her hard into door and now Stacy was looking more seriously at Gisele. "If you really don’t want to fight me then do one thing for me. I’ll get a camera and you admit that there is no need for us to fight, if we fought that you would lose and lose badly. And if the battle was only legs, then you would never be able to compete..."

"Stop Gisele, you know better than that."

"No I don’t, there’s a ring over there so why don’t you prove it."

Gisele finished with a hard slap that whipped Stacy’s head to one side.

"You want it..." Stacy said as she drew back to slap Gisele but the Brazilian beauty had already turned and was heading for the ring. She had her back to Stacy and was walking away, daring Stacy to follow. She did! Stacy walked into Gisele faster than the Brazilian expected and slapped Gisele who backed up trying to regain her footing.

"Cadela!" Gisele shouted as she threw her body at Stacy. Cadela meant "bitch" in Portuguese, Gisele’s native language.

Gisele tackled Stacy to the floor but Stacy got her foot onto Gisele’s stomach and monkey flipped the Brazilian over. Stacy rolled backward to go on top of Gisele, but the brunette got her feet up and blocked Stacy by putting her feet on Stacy’s knees and then quickly kicked Stacy’s legs over to one side and continued going backward. She tried to float over to Stacy’s side and hope to finish the fight but when Stacy’s legs got kicked away she rolled away as well. Gisele looked over at Stacy who quickly turned and got on her hands and knees and snarled at Gisele.

Gisele gave the same look to Stacy and wanted to rip the skin off this over rated woman and she lunged at Stacy with her fingers like missiles, looking to lock on the target of Stacy’s hair. The blonde dodged the attack and batted her away, she jumped on Gisele’s back but Gisele arched her back and got Stacy off before she could do any damage.

Both women turned around and now sat on their asses in a sit up type and started kicking towards the other one, finally they rolled backwards and got back up to their feet. Gisele was up first and ran into getting her arms around Stacy’s waist and lifting her a few inches off her feet than running with her into a wall. Stacy grunted but was still able to raise both arms up and slammed both elbows down onto Gisele’s trapezes muscles causing Gisele to fall to her knees.

Gisele knew what kind of place she was in and immediately grabbed Stacy by the back of the legs. Stacy was shocked at how quick Gisele was able to recover and now found herself on her ass with her back pressed against the wall. Gisele loved every moment of this; everything was going her way. Now though she was unsure of what she needed to do; try and jump past Stacy’s legs to sit on her lap and try to pound away until she gets Stacy knocked out or should she stand herself and go to work on Stacy’s amazing legs.

Too long! Stacy opened her legs and shoved Gisele’s head between both her knees and then started to put the pressure on. The Brazilian’s arms were flailing around and she was kicking her feet onto the floor. So long she wanted to fight Stacy and prove what she knew that she could take her. Now she was between Stacy’s powerful legs and finding out that Stacy was no jobber in real life. To make it worst was the pain in her scalp as Stacy had her hands wrapped into Gisele’s long hair and was yanking on it as hard as she could. Gisele started hitting hard punches to Stacy’s sides but Stacy wasn’t letting up. Gisele slowly started getting back to her feet to get a better punch at Stacy.

"Give up; tap my knee and that means you quit. So tap out and then I’ll let you apologize for wasting my... Aieeee!" Stacy screamed as Gisele was able to slam both fists on each of Stacy’s ears.

Stacy let go and Gisele stumbled back a few feet than fell onto her ass. She was taken deep breaths and was rubbing her temples she looked over at Stacy who was shaking her head and Gisele smiled.

"What the hell you smiling at bitch."

"I got out of it, you had your legs closed on my head and I got out."

"You got out that time Gisele, but in the end..."

"Shut up Keibler and let’s take this to the ring."

Gisele got up to her feet and walked over to the ring. Stacy got up and walked to an opposite side of the ring. They looked at each other and then rolled in under the bottom rope. Quickly they got up to their feet and started walking around the ring.

"How about this, we make this a wrestling match until one of us gets a pin on the other." Stacy said, watching Gisele’s body language which was still confident.

"I trained for some wrestling Stacy, so I have no problems with wrestling you. Why don’t we let our little observer be the ref."

The hotel staff member agreed and got into the ring.

"Watch wrestling?" She nodded yes. "Well just follow the actual rules they say is in it... One of us cheats then disqualifies her, and there are count outs, but no submission."

"That it Stacy? Are you ready?"

The ref said, "GO!" and Stacy turned her attention back to Gisele who snuck up on Stacy while was telling the young woman how to ref. She slapped Stacy hard enough to put her back to the ropes. "Open hand," she said to the ref, making sure that the young woman knew that an open handed strike was legal.

She was in on Stacy before Stacy could completely recover and hit her with a back handed slap. Stacy was struggling on the ropes and Gisele followed her and raked her nails down Stacy’s back. Stacy walked past a corner but Gisele reached around Stacy from behind and threw her back into the corner.

"I told you I wanted you, I trained for any kind of fight." She chopped Stacy across the chest getting a scream from Stacy. Stacy doubled over in the corner and Gisele loved this as she put Stacy in front face lock then turned around getting on the second rope while still with the front face lock.

She knew that if she hit this she would win the match and the fight soon after. It was a Tornado DDT and the moment she jumped in the air to hit it, Stacy grabbed her legs and blocked it and Gisele ended up back on her feet but not for long as Stacy hit a Bridging Suplex.

She got a count of one when Gisele hit her forearm to Stacy’s side to break the bridge and pin attempt. Gisele went to get up but as she did Stacy kicked her in the stomach putting her into the corner.

Where Stacy put Gisele’s arms over the top rope then stepped back and licked her hand and stepped into a hard chop that made the Brazilian gasp. She followed that up with a hard forehand slap than a back hand. "Cheap shot bitch, you want this well you got it."

Stacy stepped back and hit another hard chop across Gisele’s chest and this time following the chop she stepped two steps back grabbed the top rope and did one of her patent moves. Putting her foot on Gisele’s throat and leaning back getting full extension on the foot choke in the corner.

Gisele’s legs were kicking wildly as her eyes went wide and both hands were now on Stacy’s ankle trying hopelessly to pry the foot away. It was the referee counting to five that made Stacy break. Gisele just collapsed to her hands and knee’s

"What are you doing?"

"You know the rule that’s illegal and you got to a five count to break those holds."

Stacy cursed to herself at actually allowing all the rules as she could have ended Gisele then and there. She turned around to finish this part of the fight off when Gisele surprised her coming in forward and grabbing Stacy’s shorts and falling down she threw Stacy into the top turnbuckle.

Her chest colliding hard with the top turnbuckle, Stacy was cursing to herself. She let herself get distracted but still Gisele should not have this much fight in her. Then she found out that she may have sold Gisele short as Gisele slammed a knee into Stacy’s lower back and then she made sure not to grab any of Stacy’s blonde hair.

Instead she got one hand on the back of Stacy’s neck and got the other on top of Stacy’s chest and lifted Stacy’s head away from the turn buckle and then slammed Stacy’s face into the turnbuckle five times. After the fifth time she turned Stacy around and put both of Stacy’s arms over the ropes and hit a hard chop.

She stepped to the side and just looked at Stacy who had her eyes closed as tight as possible and was gritting her teeth. Gisele wasn’t saying a word rather she turned into a stance and hit two hard kicks to Stacy’s stomach. "How does that feel. Not good I bet, well lets see how you like your own moves."

That was exactly what Gisele did; using her own long legs she got her foot on Stacy’s throat and used the ropes for leverage. It was now Stacy in the position of having both her hands on Gisele’s ankle while her feet were kicking out in utter despair.

At "FOUR!" Gisele let go and the smile on her face was not going anywhere.

Stacy stumbled out of the corner and Gisele bounced off the side of the ropes and hit a knee lift to Stacy’s chest. The impact of the knee bounced Stacy off the near rope and when she was on her way back toward Gisele, the Brazilian did a Spinning Clothesline. The impact almost made Stacy do a 360 and she ended up crashing down on the mat where she curled up in a little ball. Gisele looked down at Stacy, then at the ref as she put a foot on Stacy’s shoulder and said, "This is who they said I’d lose to in seconds?"

She started gently kicking Stacy to make sure Stacy straightened out and then flexed some surprisingly well defined muscles. She stopped flexing and bent down and slapped Stacy in the ass twice. The brunette then slowly climbed the rope but by the time she turned around Stacy was getting back to her feet.

Gisele jumped off for a double Ax-handle, but Stacy moved the side and hit a punch to Gisele’s totally unprotected stomach. The moment Gisele hit the mat she went down and started rolling around breathing for air while Stacy fell back and leaned on the top rope, desperate to recuperate.

Stacy stayed there for a few moments just in utter disbelief that Gisele was able to beat her so soundly then she pushed herself up off the ropes and turned around; it was the same time Gisele was getting up to her feet. When Gisele turned around she was met by a spinning kick by Stacy. The model hit the mat again hard and Stacy kept her balance as she finished the follow through. She looked down at Gisele who was seeing stars and Stacy bounced off the ropes and dropped a quick elbow down onto Gisele’s larger chest. When she got up she brought the model up with her. She lifted her up for a Body Slam and carried her over the opposite side of the ring where she dropped her.

Stacy just looked down at the struggling model, "What did she do after she had me down, I heard her but I don’t know what she did?"

"She put her foot down on your back and flexed," the ref said. "I thought she was just some skinny model but she has decent biceps."

Stacy stepped over Gisele and put her foot onto the models stomach and flexed herself. The ref said that their biceps were around the same size, which surprised Stacy. She got another surprise when she bent down to pick Gisele up to deliver more punishment. Instead Gisele quickly grabbed Stacy by the hair and flipped her over, Gisele then floated over onto Stacy’s chest for a pin fall attempt

The ref was at "TWO" when Stacy got her shoulder up, she then hit a forearm to Gisele’s side to knock her off. They rolled and got up to their feet with Stacy in the middle of the ring. Gisele came in first and hit a hard chop to Stacy’s chest, which caused a gasp from Stacy who answered back with a Chop that caused Gisele to gasp as she staggered around Stacy. She acted like she was going to say, ‘I had enough’ when she came in and hit the wrestler with another hard Chop!

Stacy backed up from that one, but before Gisele could follow up. Stacy hit another chop, and then came back with the same hand for an open handed slap to the face. Gisele’s head moved but then she looked straight at Stacy and something about the look made Stacy step back. She heard stories at the premieres and parties about Victoria Secret Model initiation. How when you signed on the first thing the current models one would do is hold you by the back of the arms and each model would take turns slapping her. A big rumor around was no one in the history of Victoria’s Secret lasted as long as Gisele did, in fact they say she never gave up.

Stacy barely seen Gisele’s hand strike back, it came in quick and accurate on her cheek. Stacy far leg gave way for a second but she planted it back down, and was only hit with another slap this time with Gisele’s other hand. Stacy’s head whipped one way, but her body never moved. If Gisele could take those slaps and think Stacy couldn’t then she was sadly mistaken. Stacy came back with a hard slap and that was followed by a slap from Gisele. The two women whose slaps had the same kind of fast, accurate impact that were killing each other’s cheeks!

Neither backed down and neither gave another inch. They stood in the middle of the ring, long legs more than shoulder length apart. Their long arms had full extension on each slap. It was not some wild encounter like you would hear about, arms flailing hoping to connect. There was a mission on each woman; you slap me I’ll slap you right back let’s see who wants to stop first. Neither backed down and neither missed a shot.

They had hit countless slaps but there they were standing up looking straight at each other and connecting openhanded slaps to the other’s beautiful face. Neither stopped, nor would they. This was getting personal to the two women who had legs that seemed to go on forever. The referee actually stepped in between the two and stopped them from having a clear target.

"Please, you want to do this or do you want to end your wrestling match. I can’t call a DQ on a slap contest..."

Both women retreated to an opposite side of the ring and hung themselves on the ropes with their back turned. They were feeling the effects and tears rolled down their faces, all the things they refused to show were coming out now. They stayed there for a few moments but when they heard the ref starting to count both out.

They dried their tears and turned around and looked at her. Then they looked at each other and ran. Gisele went for a clothesline that Stacy ducked and got her arm wrapped around Gisele’s waist and got behind her. She followed the Brazilian’s momentum into the ropes. She meant to roll Gisele in a pin attempt but Gisele got shocked at Stacy behind her and ducked low enough that the two women went flying through the ropes to the outside of the ring.

Stacy landed on the bottom and had the added impact of Gisele’s shoulder blade crashing into her face when they landed. Gisele landed on her shoulder and rolled away from Stacy where she paused to massage her arm. She looked at where Stacy was, it was another time to prove to Stacy about how fighting someone with long legs is different than fighting someone with only average length legs. If it were even Anna Kournikova and Anna wanted to hit Stacy with her kick, Anna would have barely been able to hit the bottom of her toes to Stacy’s shoulder. Gisele though, as she raised her foot, hit Stacy in that same spot and got her hard with her heel.

Stacy rolled away screaming and in utter disbelief at the power of the blow. Gisele wanted to follow up but heard the ref counting and would take the count out win in a wrestling match. That was something that Stacy would never let down in any circle because the word would get around.

Gisele rolled into the ring when the ref counted five. She sat in the middle of the ring with a smile that took over her entire face. The ref counted seven and she couldn’t see but Stacy was getting back to her feet and at eight Stacy grabbed the bottom rope. She got up and ran into the far ropes than at full speed, then tried to hit Stacy with a Sliding Dropkick. Stacy saw it coming and moved out of the way. Gisele was able to get her feet down to the floor but she was doubled over and Stacy with her dancing background brought her long leg up to her chest than slammed it down on Gisele’s left shoulder.

Gisele dropped like rock in the water and Stacy leaned back on the apron. She was satisfied at getting revenge for Gisele’s kick but she wasn’t going to settle for a count out victory. She bent down to pick Gisele up but the model drove forward and slammed Stacy’s back into the ring apron.

She was satisfied and the ref was again at ‘FIVE" when she tried to get back into the ring. Stacy grabbed her by the back of the top and hauled her down, turned the model around and slammed Gisele into ring apron. Stacy tried to get into the ring, but Gisele grabbed her bottom and hauled Stacy down. Something went off in both and went at each other’s hair and started fighting it out on the outside, going further and further away from the ring as the ref got to ten, both were trading punches.

Gisele was losing the battle and grabbed at Stacy’s top and Monkey Flipped Stacy. Stacy landed well and got up quick and ran at Gisele and tackled her to the ground. Gisele got a front face lock and started hammering Stacy’s sides with punches while Stacy was pushing at Gisele’s chin.

Gisele started taking off Stacy’s top and when she got it half off she twisted her hips and rolled Stacy to the bottom position where she finished taking Stacy’s top off up to her neck and started choking Stacy with her own shirt.

Stacy’s legs kicked futilely and she was desperate to escape this and she got both arms inside of the models and hit her arms away. Before Gisele could counter attack Stacy got her arms wrapped around the Brazilian’s waist and threw her off to a side. She knew she had to act fast and could not take a moment to recover so Stacy turned and jumped at Gisele. She had her own shirt wrapped around Gisele’s face in a second hoping to end the fight and any chance that Gisele ever thought of taking her on again

Gisele’s hands instinctively went up to her neck and grabbed at the shirt that was choking her. She was able to pull it slightly away to alleviate the pressure but Stacy was putting so much of herself into keeping the choke in place that Gisele tried a different tactic. She threw her entire body backwards and the two women crashed back onto the floor. Gisele rolled away from Stacy and got as far as possible trying to regain her breathe. Stacy thanked god for that, she stayed on her back breathing in much needed air. She was still hurting from all Gisele had done to her just before her own attack and the cold air that was in the gym felt good on her bare breasts.

Gisele was thinking about the fight and how it had been going thus far. If any crowd were around they would definitely not sell her short any longer. She proved that she could indeed ‘hang’ with Stacy. She glanced over and Stacy was still on her back, she concentrated on Stacy’s chest. Sure it was small but that was not what she was observing, it was how often it was going up and down. It was quite rapid, she had taken a lot out of Stacy and now that damn blonde was breathing rapidly. Under her own breath Gisele said.

"You are mine Stacy. I own you and you don’t even truly know it yet, but you will soon."

Gisele got up to her feet and took off her own top and kept the shirt in her hands. She walked towards Stacy wrapping the shirt tighter in her hands. Stacy was starting to get up to her feet and turned to see Gisele come at her with the shirt aimed at Stacy’s neck.

Stacy though got her hands up and got the shirt in her own hands. Stacy’s hands were right next to Gisele’s. The two women struggled on their feet as they tried to use the shirt to choke the other woman. Stacy suddenly changed gears and let go the shirt and ducked forward and went into Gisele lifting the woman up and slamming her through a set of doors.

The two women fell to the floor in a sauna, the shirt flew from Gisele’s hands and Stacy immediately jumped up on Gisele’s stomach and put her left hand on Gisele’s throat and raised her right fist up. "One question Gisele do you give now?"

Gisele said nothing so Stacy hit three hard punches then tossed her hair to one side. "Face it model... I won; now just give up so I can go about being a nice person until I see that whore Anna Kournikova."

It was then that Stacy found out what others who fought her knew for a fact. That where you sit on a woman’s body gets screwed up when she has long legs; Gisele got her legs up and got one under Stacy’s arm with her foot coming up onto Stacy’s face. The other leg got under Stacy’s chest.

She brought her legs back down and slammed Stacy hard onto the floor. Gisele got back up to her feet and could hear Stacy moaning, she looked at the wide open doors and walked on top of Stacy and shut the doors. She then turned back around and stepped on Stacy’s face and stood there for a few moments before stepping off.

She bent down and picked Stacy up from the ground and straightened her up and nailed a hard punch that knocked Stacy all the way back to end of the room. Gisele came in and hit Stacy with a body punch that seemed to make the models fist disappear in the Diva’s stomach. The punch lifted Stacy up into the air and would have dropped her if Gisele let it. Instead Gisele grabbed Stacy by the face and slammed her back into the wall. She held Stacy by the throat and hit two more hard punches to Stacy’s stomach.

"Face it... Diva. I win; you lose. You met someone that you can’t beat. Now admit it."

Stacy opened her eyes and they were as defiant as ever. "No." She then got her foot on the inside of Gisele’s ankle and tripped Gisele up. Before Gisele could get up Stacy dove at Gisele and hit a hard clothesline that slammed Gisele down to spa floor.

Stacy was flat on her stomach next Gisele who was on her back right next to Stacy. They rolled in different directions moaning, Gisele wanted to get up to finish Stacy off; she could feel Stacy was close to being done.

Stacy wanted to get up to punish Gisele after what she just did; this model is proving to be a pain in the ass. Stacy looked over at Gisele and got her hand up and onto the bricked and cushioned seating area inside the sauna. She got up and so did Gisele, they turned and came at each other and Stacy ducked under and slammed a knee into the model’s stomach.

Gisele doubled over and gasped for air, Stacy though moved to the Victoria Secret model’s side and lifted her arm up. Jumping up she slammed an even harder knee to Gisele’s stomach. Now Gisele was on her knee’s holding her stomach.

"This guy used to wrestle in WWE named Tajiri, had the coolest finisher."

What it was when a wrestler was on their knees he would hit a roundhouse kick to their face. That was what Stacy went for but Gisele ducked it and then while Stacy was off balance, Gisele kicked the back of Stacy’s legs, tripping her up. Stacy landed hard on her back and Gisele rested on the bench. When Gisele turned her head she saw Stacy crawling towards the other bench and hauling herself up. Gisele was getting up and two women were back on their feet. They turned around and the sauna had taken a lot out of both women as they went for sloppy punches that grazed the back of the head.

They fell into each other their sweat soaked bodies pressing into the others. Gisele had one arm behind Stacy’s neck. She closed her other hand and started hitting punches to Stacy’s side. Stacy was groaning and with the arm she had behind Gisele was used for a different purpose. She grabbed at Gisele’s longer hair and hauled downwards. Gisele screamed as Stacy was controlling where she went. She used her punching hand and brought it down to the small of Stacy’s back and grabbed Stacy’s panties and started giving Stacy a wedgie.

Now Gisele was walking Stacy back. Stacy returned the favor and started giving Gisele a wedgie. Now the two were in the middle of the sauna, beads of sweat covering their bodies as now they brought their other hand down and grabbed at the side of her panties. Which was what happened with the other hand as it moved to the other woman’s side..

Their bodies were pressed tightly together and heads rested on the other woman’s shoulder. They were moving to the side as neither was able to push the other back and they refused to scream as fabric of their panties forcing its way into places it had no right.

The referee they had for the wrestling match wanted to see what was going on. When the door opened Gisele and Stacy’s attention went towards it and they stumbled out the door. Unfortunately for Stacy, she bumped into the woman and Gisele felt Stacy’s feet trip into each other.

Gisele put a leg between Stacy’s and flipped her over. Stacy’s panties ripped with that as she landed hard on her back. Gisele knew immediately what to do as she got high enough that her smother worthy boobs went over Stacy’s face, while one hand went on Stacy’s forearm and pinned it above the wrestler’s head. Gisele snaked her other arm behind Stacy’s head and went for the breast smother. Stacy started squirming and powered her way out of the move. Gisele rolled away and heard Stacy’s gasps for air.

She looked over and Stacy rolled onto her stomach and started to push herself up when Gisele jumped up and slammed Stacy down with a hard elbow to the back of the neck. Stacy was flat on her stomach again and Gisele twisted her hands in the back of Stacy’s sweat soaked blonde hair and lifted her head up then threw her entire body into slamming Stacy’s face to the hard floor.

Stacy wasn’t struggling as much and Gisele was smiling, she brought one hand down and slid off her panties. Gisele stood up and brought Stacy up with her and hit two hard knees to Stacy’s rib and stomach area. Stacy fell to her knees gasping for air and silently cursing to herself, she lost the fight and to make it worst. It was to a model, how this can possibly get worst. Gisele stood in front of her and shoved Stacy’s face into her pussy and started grinding Stacy around the bare area.

Stacy’s arms were going crazy flailing around and she didn’t know what to do.

"Enough of that, what should I do next."

Giselle threw Stacy back down to the floor, looked over at the ref they had for their little wrestling match and announced, "I’m taking her back to the ring."

She bent down and grabbed Stacy’s hair and started dragging her toward the ring. Stacy screamed and tried to stop the progress and she did. Well she stopped; Gisele had stopped and kicked Stacy’s back as hard as she could. Stacy winced and her elbows went backwards like she was doing an impression of a chicken. Gisele didn’t care as she hauled back and kicked Stacy in the back again.

Stacy now screamed and Gisele grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up only to slam a hard knee to Stacy’s stomach. She then threw Stacy towards the ring. Stacy’s back hit the ring apron and she winced some more. Gisele ran into to avalanche Stacy but Stacy came forward and got her leg up and kicked Gisele.

Gisele whipped to one side and collapsed down. Stacy stayed where she was just breathing hard. Gisele started to get up and Stacy came in and hit a hard kick to Gisele’s ribs that put her back down.

Stacy was starting to get some of her fighting spirit back now, as she wanted revenge for one thing more than any other. She picked Gisele up and shoved the Brazilian’s face into her pussy and started to forcefully grind her pelvic area into Gisele’s face. "It doesn’t feel so good does it when someone does something so disgusting to you."

Stacy brought Gisele up to her feet and rolled her back into the ring. Stacy though didn’t rush back in, she was still hurting and she took some deep breaths before she rolled back into the ring. Stacy got up to her feet and started to lift Gisele up but got hit with two quick punches to her stomach.

If this was the beginning of the fight the power of those punches would have just annoyed Stacy but at this point in the fight the punches hurt; hurt a lot. Stacy backed up to the middle of the ring doubled over. Gisele got back to her feet and rested on the ropes to get her bearings back.

She bounced off the ropes and ran at Stacy and went for a clothesline and connected putting Stacy down to the mat. Gisele went all the way to other side of the ring and rested on the ropes again this time leaning down on them with her chest. There was a large smile on Gisele’s face once again.

She turned and looked at Stacy who was crawling away. Gisele calmly walked towards Stacy and grabbed her by the ankles and then flipped her over onto her back. She held Stacy’s legs up and separated them and looked down at the blonde woman.

"Give up yet Stacy?"

"Not to you...not to you,Gisele."

Stacy then got a leg free and got her foot onto Gisele and pushed her away. Gisele stumbled back and then fell down. She slammed her fist down to the mat and then made her way back to her feet and as she turned around she got hit with Stacy’s ‘Keibler Klothesline!’

Exhausted, Stacy fell down after the move though. She turned her head and looked at Gisele who was moaning and rolling to her stomach. Her arm on the back of her neck, all these things made Stacy happy. Stacy crawled on her knees towards Gisele she grabbed her long hair and lifted her up and slammed her down face first to the mat.

Stacy then hovered over Gisele "So how about Gisele, do you give now. Do you realize that I’m destined to win a fight between us? You were just a warm up for me; a tune up for the next time Anna and I fight. Now we have two choices either I knock you out or you say that you quit."

Stacy brought Gisele back up so they were face to face on their knees and Stacy quickly got her answer as the Model spit into the Diva’s face. She dove forward grabbing Stacy’s hair and Stacy got her arm up and the crashed to a side. Stacy grabbed at Gisele’s hair but it didn’t matter as Gisele rolled Stacy onto her back.

The two women kept rolling around and worked their way back up to their feet. Hands still firmly entwined in the other’s hair, the two women started trading knees. There wasn’t much power put into the knees as they had trouble getting any balance. Stacy let one hand go from Gisele’s long hair and slammed a punch to the Brazilian’s chin

Gisele’s fell back and into the corner, her arms draped over the top rope, head hanging down. Her whole body limp, and it seemed the only thing keeping her up was her arm draped over the ropes.

Stacy slicked her hair back and stood there a few feet away from Gisele. She had her hands on her hips and bent over slightly to catch her breath. She continued to look at Gisele whose head was wavering back and forth.

"You fought as hard as you could supermodel." Stacy took a step towards Gisele, "Sometimes it just isn’t enough."

She yanked Gisele’s head up and it got a smile from Gisele. She was faking and Stacy couldn’t react in time as the Model’s knee came up between the Wrestlers legs. Stacy wanted to fall, and curl up into a little ball but instead she stayed on her feet. Stay was the wrong word as Gisele kept her on her feet.

The model twisted her hands tightly into the wrestlers hair and started ramming the Divas face into the turnbuckle. After the tenth time she turned Stacy around only to knee her between the legs again.

Stacy again fell forward but this time Gisele threw Stacy down to the mat face first. Gisele started walking around the ring supremely confident and nodding her head approving of her own actions. She looked at the woman who was the referee "Get in here."

The woman did as followed and Gisele went back to Stacy and lifted the blonde up to her feet and kept her bent over. She hauled Stacy’s head between her legs and wrapped her arms around Stacy’s trim waist. She then tried to lift Stacy up but Stacy fought the move knowing what it was.

"Fuck off loser!" Gisele said as she clubbed Stacy twice in the back and then went for it again but this time lifted Stacy up so Gisele spun around and jumped in to deliver a crushing Piledriver!

Keib’s body actually stayed up straight for a moment before coming unglued and collapsing to the mat. Stacy was flat on her back, her arms up and hands covering the top of her head. Stacy’s long left leg was twitching uncontrollably. She was moaning but there was no way to know if she was even conscious at this point.

Gisele slid away from Stacy and then got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Stacy and now Gisele’s face was above Stacy’s only inches away. "How does it feel wrestler or is it dancer. How does it feel knowing you lost to someone who everyone thought you’d beat with ease..." Gisele stopped talking and her eyes closed and then opened with bad thoughts brewing, "They want ease; I’ll show them - and you - ease."

Gisele grabbed Stacy by the hair and dragged her back up to her feet, but bent Stacy over again and this time slammed a knee into Stacy’s face. Stacy’s legs gave out from under her as blood started to come down from somewhere on her face. Stacy was definitely out cold now but Gisele still had her by the hair and positioned Stacy between her legs one more time.

She lifted Stacy up for another pile driver but walked her into one corner and slammed Stacy’s body into it. She did this with all four corners before walking Stacy back to the middle of the ring and delivering another jumping piledriver. This time Stacy’s body actually bounced upward after the impact and then finally fell to the mat.

Gisele crawled over to Stacy and grabbed her by one shoulder and pinned her down to the mat. She then put one hand on Stacy’s chest and told the third woman in the ring to count. She got down and counted.



Gisele hauled Stacy up by the hair and was nodding no but with a big smile on her face, "Not yet! That’s not enough ease."

She put Stacy in the familiar position between the strong Brazilian legs but before she did anything she flexed. "I’ll show the world ease." Gisele wrapped her arms around Stacy’s waist and bent her knee’s

In one quick motion she brought Stacy’s legs up onto her shoulders into a power bomb position. Nobody in the world thought this could happen, Gisele actually had Stacy in a Power bomb. Gisele threw Stacy down hard, and Stacy’s legs stayed up and Gisele looked at the third woman and hissed, "Count!" She then pinned Stacy by doing a split, covering Stacy’s legs with her own with Stacy’s feet folded back over her head. "Count slow," she purred.


"You lost Stacy."


"Just like Dancing with the Stars; you just can’t win at anything."


Gisele stayed atop Stacy and looked, "Count to ten!"








Finally Gisele got off Stacy and stood up while Stacy just curled up and lay on her side. Gisele went to one corner and looked back at her, then out at the audience. "You tell people what you saw here, you tell people you saw me beat her. You tell them that; that I pinned her; tell them I was strong enough to Powerbomb her ass; that I pinned her with my legs…and most of all, you tell them I’m her superior!"

After that, Gisele walked over to Stacy, grabbed her by the hair and got in her face. "I’d do more to you but now you know that you are a nothing compared to me...just like Dancing with the Stars and WWE, you can’t pull out a win. Welcome to the land of real fame Keibler. Tick-tock, tick-tock; your fifteen minutes are running out!"

As Gisele walked out of the ring, Stacy knew what this really meant...Anna Kournikova would have to wait!