Gisele Bundchen vs. Stacy Keibler by Interac

Gisele's name instilled fear in other women now and with good reason. She’d defeated Stacy single-handed. The talk was that Gisele was a better brawler than Stacy; a better wrestler; stronger and, as she was telling people, "My legs dominated hers!"

Marisa Miller joined in on the talk, "And if she showed up right now, asking for a rematch?"

"If she were that dumb… I'd beat her again."

A voice was heard from the back of the room, "Well, I heard she's here!"

Gisele looked around; she had on a form fitting dress and high heels. Her hair was done back in a ponytail. "Is that you Keibler?" Stacy pushed her way through the crowd. With her were fellow divas, Maria Kanellis and Torrie Wilson. Stacy had on a black dress that was very form fitting as she walked toward Gisele who met her halfway. "Guess there’s no goading you in this time."

"This time you are going to get hurt badly Gisele." Stacy immediately bent down and yanked Gisele down by the back of the legs. Gisele immediately grabbed at Stacy's hair and rolled over. Gisele hit two short punches to Stacy's face before she was rolled back over.

Stacy hit some short punches to Gisele's face and tried to sit up so she could hit some harder punches, but Gisele had other ideas! She grabbed onto Stacy's hair and pulled her close, than threw Stacy off of her. Stacy and Gisele both got up to their feet quickly, their dresses bunched up above their waists. They locked eyes and went at each other grabbing hair. They stumbled and staggered around and around the room until Gisele planted her feet and hip-tossed Stacy, slamming her into a wall. Stacy fell on her ass and Gisele jerked her up by the hair and grabbed her by the throat. "Nothing long and drawn out this time, say g’night."

Stacy grabbed Gisele's wrist and twisted, putting Gisele in a Top Hand Wrist Lock. The model doubled over on the side and grunted a little at the pain. "No scream Gisele? Well then, try this…"

Stacy hit three rapid-fire kicks to Gisele's body and when Gisele fell to her knees, Stacy let go of her wristlock and hit a hard Roundhouse Kick to Gisele’s back. Her entire body cringed as Stacy walked around her, nodding in the direction of Gisele's cheering section. When she got in front of Gisele, Stacy wrapped both hands around Gisele's throat and actually lifted the model into the air. "Got anything to say now, Ms Supermodel?"

Stacy threw Gisele at the wall WHAM! Gisele slinked to the floor and Stacy stood in front of her and started flexing. She lifted Gisele up again this time kept her doubled over and had her hair. "Time to lose the dress Miss Model."

Stacy started tearing Gisele’s dress off but was quickly brought down to her back as Gisele grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them forward. Gisele had Stacy's legs trapped between her arms as she looked down at the blonde, "Well Diva, time to go for a ride."

Stacy used her leg power though and twisted one way and then the other and Gisele went head over feet to the floor. Both women rolled away and got up to their feet, which was when, a large amount of people got between them separating the two battlers. “Who’s this Gisele; the men you hired in case I came to take you out?"

"Get real Keibler, I won our last fight, remember?"

Some high-powered executives showed up and reminded them, "Ladies, these things are frowned on and the police have warned us at bars and public parties they’ll no longer tolerate this cat…um, catfights!"

"Fine then…" Stacy was trying to get past but she couldn’t as Gisele was also blocked. "…take us somewhere so we can finish what we started."

Gisele tired of trying to fight past the security just gazed menacingly at Stacy, “Yeah. Find us a ring!"

"I have a better idea…" A man stepped up and stood between everything. "Tolerance is in the eyes of the beholder and why should you two go to another location when you are already here. There is a room right there, it is completely barren, no objects of any kind except for one chair and there’s only one exit."

Before he could say anymore both women were heading towards the room and security allowed both in. They stood in the middle of the room and the door shut, they walked to each other and were eye to eye. The last time they were face to face like this Stacy was not taking Gisele serious and only had brushed her off because she was looking forward to fighting Anna.

Now though being face to face with someone after fighting long and hard with them; someone who in the end destroyed her and humiliated her in the win. Their eyes narrowed but then Gisele broke the silence, "Not so cocky now, are you?"

She ended that statement with a shove. She stayed in place, looking at Stacy who had a defiant look in her eyes, and was nodding her head. She stepped back and got face to face with Gisele again. "Not as cocky…that’s right! This time I'm taking you seriously, which means you're in trouble!" Stacy ended with a shove, then jumped into a SLAP which caused Gisele to stumble back into the door. "Come on Gisele, we were stopped in the middle of that last time…"

"You want me to out slap you, then alright!" Gisele walked towards Stacy. "We both get in the middle and when one of us has their back touch the wall, is knocked down or concedes, this is over. Oh, and the loser has to kiss the winners foot!"

"Can't wait to feel your lips on my foot!" Stacy sneered.

Stacy stepped back so both were exactly in the middle of the room. Gisele hit the first hard, fast and accurate slap. Stacy's hair whipped around her face then came back and Stacy's hand followed it as she hit her own SLAP!

Both women took a moment and just stared at each other. Their feet were shoulder length apart and both stood there ground and their right hands started connecting as the two leggy women traded slaps. Forehands and backhands connecting onto their faces with neither woman giving an inch to the other in this long battle.

After nearly five minutes of hard slaps to both women’s cheeks, Gisele hit a SLAP that spun Stacy completely around. Gisele went to hit one more SLAP which would have surely put Stacy’s back to the wall, but Stacy came up with a backhand that caught Gisele on the ear and as Gisele tilted to the side Stacy’s other hand around to back of Gisele's neck, putting her down on her knees.

Stacy had large red welts on her face and there was some blood coming from her cheeks from the slaps she received. She also had bloodstains on her white teeth. "And down the model goes." Stacy snickered as she kicked off her shoes and put her bare foot under Gisele's face.

Gisele indeed kissed Stacy's foot, but then looked up and complained, "You slapped me in the back because you knew face slapping was…"

"Get up Bundchen."

"No you come DOWN!" She grabbed Stacy’s foot and tripped her down, then lunged toward Stacy but Keibler got her foot up to block her. Gisele had to settle for grabbing Stacy dress and when Stacy kicked her away, Gisele tore Stacy’s dress open.

"Sneaky bitch!"

Stacy jumped at Gisele who turned into Stacy so when they hit Stacy nearly slid right over the top. Stacy spun around on her back and kicked Gisele in the ass. Gisele ended up flat on her stomach and Stacy got up to her knees and went for Gisele's hair but the model surprised her with a back handed punch. Stacy fell forward on Gisele's back and was dazed. Gisele started to get up and Stacy grabbed at her dress and started ripping at it. Gisele slammed an elbow and got Stacy in the side. In one fluid motion Gisele turned and slapped Stacy so hard she went down and was nearly out of it.

Gisele stepped over Stacy and bent down and ripped the dress revealing Stacy's back. Keibler rolled into Gisele and tripped her up. Stacy then hit a SLAP that rocked Gisele and was able to get a firm grip on Gisele's designer dress to rip it off her body. Gisele, though, drove a punch to Stacy's stomach that made the willowy blonde gasp. Then Gisele brought her legs up and knocked Stacy off of her.

Rather than go for her own mount position though Gisele scurried to the side and was able to get her legs around Stacy's head for what could be a fight ending head scissors. "God I thought you were taking it serious this time Stacy? And here I end up beating you again - and in less time than before!"

Gisele lifted her body getting more pressure onto the scissor move which Stacy was fighting frantically to get out of it. Her legs were not kicking as much now as Gisele was about to call people in to see how she’d beaten Keibler. But Stacy got her fingernails inside Gisele’s legs and dug in deep that brought a scream from the Brazilian Supermodel.

Gisele had to release Stacy and rolled away. She massaged the red welts and noticed that one of Stacy's fingernails busted through and caused some bleeding. Gisele got onto her toes and launched herself at a rising Stacy, tackling her back down to the floor. Stacy was able to slide out of it and hit a Double Ax-handle to the middle of Gisele's back and rolled away. She still needed to recover from the head scissors and she started to get up, but then noticed that Gisele was getting up as well.

"I believe you said something about serious? Well, Gisele I don't care about anything else. When this is over, I’m gonna drag you out of this room."

Gisele stepped out of her dress and kicked it to one side her long lean body was a sight to behold. She slicked her hair back and purred, “When I drag YOU out of here Stacy, that ends whatever rep you have left. I’m going to leave you bloody and…” she smiled devilishly. “…sticky. When I’m done with you this time, no one…NO ONE…will ever fear you. I’m going to leave you a shell of what you once were.”

Stacy stepped out of her dress and kicked it near Gisele’s she had a long lean body as well, small pert breasts but perfect legs. She knew the real reason they were not tearing into each other right now and that was one simple thing; rest. “You talk a good fight Gisele - but that is all it is, just talk.”

They both looked at each other and screamed and jumped at the other grabbing handfuls of hair and trying to throw the other woman into a wall. Stacy snuck a knee and Gisele grunted but hit her own knee. They doubled each other over ripping down at the others hair now trying to force the opponent down but the two long legged beauties would not go down

They got back into the upright position and Stacy got her hand under Gisele’s chin and actually threw the highest paid model high into the air and into the wall. Stacy followed up by stepping and hitting a right hook that turned the model around. Stacy grabbed two handfuls of long hair and yanked Gisele and flipped the model over her back.

Stacy stepped over Gisele and was now standing over her back and yanked Gisele’s head up by the hair again and started hitting precise punches right above Gisele’s eye. Gisele would not give Stacy the satisfaction of hearing how much pain this was causing. Instead she reached back got her arms behind Stacy’s knees and threw her body back, tripping the blonde.

Stacy grunted but pushed Gisele to the side. They both got up but Gisele was quicker and got her hands around Stacy’s throat and pushed her back into the wall. She took one hand away from Stacy’s throat and hit a punch to Stacy’s stomach. The blonde grimaced and the model hauled back further and hit a harder punch. Stacy fell forward a little but Gisele threw her back into the wall. She then came up with a punch that caught Stacy on the cheek, which put Stacy down to one knee.

Gisele stood behind Stacy looking down at the fallen Blonde. Gisele was breathing hard her chest going up and down at a faster than normal pace as sweat glistening her long lean body. She did not know what it was about Stacy that made her feel such hatred, such unbridled anger. At first she believed it was a professional jealousy the fact that she was the top model in the world, her body caused jealousy amongst millions of women.

Yet in that catfighting world that so few knew about, it was Stacy who had the admiration, the respect. They talked about Stacy like she had the perfect body for catfighting, the long legs that could end you with a kick or a scissor move. The strength to outpower anyone and the toughness to outlast and take whatever she was given, and that drove Gisele up the wall. She had all of those things too but she had bigger breasts, but yet her name never came up when they talked about Stacy

Then she beat her and that talk stopped and it was Gisele’s name first and Stacy’s second if at all when talk was of Gisele. Yet still she hated Stacy and the reason was not known to her. What was known was what she wanted to do now. Gisele kicked Stacy in the back and heard the harsh breath in as the blonde refused to scream. Gisele grabbed stacy by the back of the hair and forcefully brought Stacy up to her feet.

Stacy knew she had to do something and what she wanted meant to do meant some pain. She turned her body and felt the hair rip from her head but she kept going and hit a body punch that made one of the models legs lift up in the air and then her body failed on her as she fell flat on her face. Stacy though had taken hard punches and one very hard kick in the back and dropped to her knees by Gisele’s side. She couldn’t even stay up straight on her knees as she collapsed to her hands as well which fell down to Gisele’s other side.

Gisele was convulsing as the body punch took everything out from her. Stacy was looking down at Gisele’s back and realized that as much as she hated Anna Kournikova it was Gisele that there was something else with. With Anna she was the tennis player everyone loved though she never won, and Stacy was the diva who never won but was loved the most. Gisele though never showed that fear and looking eye to eye with someone was something Stacy was not used to and did not like at all.

She moved her hands and sat on Gisele’s lower back and she now had her hands on the back of Gisele’s head and was pushing it down to the floor. Gisele reached and grabbed Stacy’s wrists but Keibler lifted her head and slammed her face down to the floor. She did it a second time, Stacy sat up straight and flicked her hair and let out a WOOO!

She rose up enough and turned Gisele around but then the models hands went upwards and her long fingernails started at the collarbones and went downwards. The scratching ripped Stacy’s bra cleans off. Stacy screamed and fell forward; she pushed herself back up and got hit in the stomach with a punch. Gisele finally pushed Stacy off of her and got up. As Gisele got up to join her, Stacy reached out and raked Gisele’s chest, ripping her bra off in the process.

Gisele screamed but shoved Stacy away. Now they were on leaning on the far side of the walls. Stacy looked at Gisele and especially her chest, it wasn’t that much larger than her own, “You keep telling people hey I got boobs too, well they aren’t that much more than mine.”

“But they are more Stacy, they are more. Plus I’m the leader of this battle and your superior in every sense.” She got to the middle of the room and Stacy matched each step and the two women as if in a scripted battle locked hands. Before putting any pressure they spread their arms to the full wing span and brought their bodies in tight to one and another. The one thing that made this test of strength different than so many others was their eyes. The two women kept their heads completely straight and stared at each other

Their fingers tightened and both let out a sigh and their lips were so close that the breath from one woman’s mouth went into the others mouth. They were so close to each other that the tips of their noses were touching. Their breasts were pressed tightly together and their muscles shaking and neither woman could move the other. Stacy could hear Gisele’s teeth grinding as she was doing everything she could to win this. They were both grinding their chests as hard as they could manage.

Gisele could feel her footing starting to lose ground, she wanted to drop or move back but she noticed something in Stacy’s eye. A single tear starting to form and Gisele got on her tippy toes and pushed Stacy back. She lost her balance falling to the floor with Gisele on top of her.

Gisele lifted Stacy’s arms up meaning to slam them to the ground to show just how she dominated Stacy when she heard the familiar no and Stacy stopped her arms from being thrown down and powered her way into turning Gisele onto her side but no further. Gisele twisted Stacy’s wrist behind her back. She then forced Stacy to her back and put Stacy other arm over her head. “Say it Stacy.”

She was still looking straight at Stacy and pressed her nose into Stacy’s nose and screamed, “Now say it!”

“You’re stronger…”

Gisele smiled and brought Stacy’s arm to her side and tried to get it behind her back. Stacy didn’t know what she was planning but didn’t want to find out what. She noticed that Gisele was fully focusing on getting her arm behind her back. She bit down on Gisele’s lip and then turned her over.

She hit a short head butt and Gisele let Stacy’s arms go and Stacy immediately got her hands between the two bodies and onto the Brazilian’s boobs. She dug her nails dip into the titflesh and Gisele gritted her teeth trying not to scream. Stacy twisted her wrists and Gisele could no longer withstand the pain and let out a scream that shook the walls.

She then brought her mouth forward and bit down on Stacy’s clavicle. Stacy hit a punch to Gisele’s unprotected face and got up from her dominant position. She backed up to the wall and brought her hand to her clavicle, it was bleeding. Gisele’s teeth had gone through her flesh and Stacy looked at Gisele who was getting up to her feet.

Gisele looked at her breasts and Stacy’s finger nails cut deep enough to cause some bleeding. Her lower lip was also bleeding, the last time they fought neither bled but this time it was obvious to both that it was being taken quite serious. They rushed in at each other and Gisele hit a straight punch that knocked Stacy down right away. Gisele stood above Stacy and she was shaking her fist.

Stacy was covering her face with her hands as Gisele started hitting short hard kicks to Stacy’s side.

“I am going to make an example of this...” Gisele dropped a knee into Stacy’s side and grabbed her arm, then stood up and started dragging the blonde up to her feet. “…this so-called…actress.”

Stacy’s mouth below her lower lip was bloody and the blood covered her entire chin. Gisele smiled Irish whipped Stacy toward the chair. The blonde hit the chair hard but it looked like she was sitting in the chair. Her head was craned up looking up at the ceiling and her body just seemed like it had given out on her. Her body was quivering by itself and as Gisele slowly walked toward her she loved the sight of Stacy’s twitching muscles. She sat on top of Stacy’s waist her knees on the side of Stacy’s hips. She leaned in so she was looking down at Stacy’s face.

Stacy’s eyes were glazing over “When I’m done with you I am going to make you beg for my forgiveness. For me to forgive you for daring to pick a fight with me and actually thinking you had a chance in hell.”

She gouged her index and middle fingers into Stacy’s mouth and started twisting the sides into inhumane shapes while scratching at the inside of Stacy’s mouth. She could feel Stacy’s screams but only heard gurgling. She finally took her hands out of Stacy’s mouth and there was blood on them. She wiped her fingers on her chest and then brought her chest into Stacy’s face and grinded her chest as hard as she could manage. She could feel Stacy’s nose twisting to and fro.

She sat back up and now the blood that was on her chest was smeared on stacy’s face. “Please Gisele,” Stacy sputtered.

“Please Gisele…WHAT, Stacy?” Gisele was purring as her body was relaxing from her tense got to be ready for anything stance she had all fight.

“Please may I have another?” Stacy got her hands behind Gisels back and yanked up on her thong causing the Brazillian to lean in and then stacy bit down on Giseles right nipple and the screams filled the room. Stacy wrapped her arms around Gisele’s svelte waist and turned her hips so both women went over the arm of the chair.

Their legs were still hanging over the edge of the chair and Stacy finally let go of her bite and dug her fingers into Giseles face getting the Brazilian to scream.

“How do YOU like it?”

She kept saying as she was now grinding her chest into Gisele’s. She stood up and brought Gisele up to her feet as well

“Do you know what was the most embarrassing thing about losing to you.”

Stacy hit a knee into Gisele’s stomach and forced Gisele’s head between her legs. Stacy wrapped her arms around Gisele’s waist and looked at the model’s perfect ass, she removed one of her arms and yanked Gisele’s panties upwards.

“You did something to me that I want to return the favor of.” Stacy went to piledrive Gisele but Bundchen blocked it. Stacy tried it again and her entire body went red with the strain but Gisele stopped it again this time double legged Stacy down and was able to keep a grip on the back of Stacy’s knees and slingshotted her into the wall.

Stacys face hit the wall and her body compressed into it and she started to fall back. Gisele who was back on her feet had her fist balled up and down to her waist she waiting for Stacy to turn so she could end the fight with a knockout. Stacy turned but her feet were planted and with all the power from her toes to her neck she threw her right fist at Gisele.

As if a divine catfighting force was guiding the fist it connected perfectly onto Gisele’s chin. Her face going inwards from the impact of the blow, her face went downwards and then so did Gisele. Dropping down to her back her two legs raised in the air shaking.

Stacy looked down at her. She had won the fight!

A few moments later, Stacy demanded they open the door and let her out. They did and she pulled Gisele up in her arms.

“Yeah I beat her, now it’s time for all of you to see what will happen.”

Stacy lifted Gisele overhead but could only hold her there a few seconds. The fight had taken a great deal out of her and as she threw Gisele, people started cheering the bloody and beaten Keibler when from out of nowhere.

Just then, Maria Kanellis stepped into a high kick that knocked Stacy out, folding her like a cheap lawn chair.

“Consider THAT your WWE severance,” Maria laughed as she stepped over Stacy’s unconscious body, picked Gisele up in her arms and carried her back to her dressing room where Gisele would spend the night ‘worshipping’ Mighty Maria!