Gisele Bundchen vs. Molly Sims by Mr. Chris

The scene centers on an elevated wrestling ring in a large indoor stadium. Several thousand spectators are in attendance. In the middle of the ring is a tuxedoed gentleman holding a microphone. In opposite corners of the ring stand two tall and shapely beauties.

The announcer speaks, “Ladies and Gentlemen, let us meet the competitors for our next match. In this corner,” he points to a gorgeous woman with long, lean legs, generous breasts, wavy brown hair and dark blue eyes wearing a white bikini. “Standing 5 feet 10 and three quarters inches and weighing 125 pounds; she sports measurements of 36C-25-35…hailing from Brazil, GISELE BUNDCHEN!!”

Boo’s and hisses ring out. Not so much because Gisele is a heel by reputation, but more because most of the audience are big fans of her popular opponent.

“And in this corner,” he points to a sexy green-eyed blonde with a well-toned hourglass figure in a baby-blue bikini, “Standing 5 feet 9 and one-half inches and weighing 130 pounds; she measures 35-24-34 and comes to us from Murray, Kentucky…MOLLY SIMS!” Cheering and applause greet this introduction and Molly steps out of her corner and acknowledges the admiring accolades. “Yes, ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer continues. “It’s a Battle of the Super-Models!”

“EXCUSE ME!” Gisele calls out as she stomps her foot imperiously and grabs the microphone. “So far there is only one SUPER-model in this ring tonight,” she says in her Portuguese-accented English. “Where is my super-model opponent? Where is Heidi? Where is Tyra? Where is Laetitia?” When the announcer feebly points to Molly, Gisele snorts scornfully, “You must be joking. HER? I thought she was just the other super-model’s VALET. No! I only will fight another super-model.” She throws down the mike, slides out of the ring and begins stalking out of the arena.

Molly Sims calmly steps forward, a smile on her face, picks up the microphone, and says, “Fans, I must give her credit. Gisele is a lot smarter than she looks. She knows what would happen if she faced me. Don’t you Gisele!” Gisele is half-way out of the stadium but stops and turns to face the ring. Molly continues, “That’s right, I’d mop up the ring with you and you know it. Hey, I don’t blame you. Chickening out is better than winding up in the hospital. So I’ll just work out with management what my cash winnings will be for taking this match by default.”

As Molly spoke, Gisele had worked herself into a rage, her Brazilian hot temper getting the better of her more disciplined Germanic half. “Your winnings?!” she shouts. “You will win NOTHING! I will destroy you!”

With surprising speed the long-legged beauty lopes back down to the ring. Gisele easily vaults over the top rope, and goes charging toward the blonde American who stood her ground. Then when the on-rushing Gisele got close, Molly bent forward in front of her opponent, grabbed hold of her and stood up, lifting the Brazilian up and over and dropping her behind her back. The Back Body Drop surprised and momentarily stunned Gisele, the impact causing the breath to be forcibly expelled from her lungs.

Whatever the ultimate outcome of this match, one thing seems certain: Molly Sims might get “out-rassled” but she won’t get out-smarted! She’s highly intelligent and was in law school before she shrewdly opted for the greater riches of a career in modeling and acting. She now stood over the supine figure of Gisele, then fell on her with an Elbow Drop to the solar plexus, causing the taller model’s lanky body to jackknife with a loud, “OOOF!” Molly executed a second elbow drop. “UNGH!” Then a third. “OOHHH!”

After that, she bent down and dragged Gisele up off the mat and slugged her with a Right Cross that sent the super-model staggering backward. Molly confidently approached the taller beauty when all of a sudden, Gisele angrily lashed out with both hands, grabbed Molly by the throat. In a surprising show of strength, the Brazlian bombshell lifted Molly clear off the mat and then Choke Slammed her back down.

But how surprising was this? There had been rumors that Gisele had been seen in her spa’s weight-room bench-pressing 150 pounds, but nobody believed it, thinking it just part of the usual pre-fight hype. In fact, it was the well-toned Molly, having spent 10 years as a competitive swimmer, who clearly appeared to have the greater upper body strength. Still, Gisele had a background of excellence in volleyball and could have gone pro in that sport had she desired. The bottom line is that these are two of the stronger, fitter models on the circuit.

Gisele waited for Molly to get to her feet, but before she had straightened up, she sent the blonde reeling with a Left to the stomach followed by a Right to the head as she folded forward. Gisele chased after her and let fly with another punch, but Molly shocked everyone - especially Gisele - when she was able to grab Gisele’s fist in two hands and twisted her into an Arm Bar. A grimace of pain marred the taller supermodels features as, gritting her teeth, Molly gave the arm another savage wrench. With Gisele forced to lean forward, the toned blonde unleashed a Kick to Gisele’s belly…followed by a second Kick to the belly while using the Arm Bar to keep Gisele bent over.

After two breath-taking kicks, Molly bent the arm bar into a Reverse Hammerlock, then reached around to maintain it while she faced up to the bent over Gisele. Molly drove a Kneelift into Gisele’s stomach, straightening her up slightly. Then the blonde smashed another Knee up into Gisele’s crotch. The Brazilian beauty emitted a strangled cry as she dropped to her knees. Molly stepped forward and thrust Gisele’s head between her strong legs. The former competitive swimmer pulsed the muscles of her inner thighs and Gisele let out a gasp as Molly tightened the Scissors.

The fans cheered Molly on! This had been expected to be a fairly close match with the oddsmakers having installed Gisele Bundchen as a slight favorite on the betting line. It was a little strange given that Molly Sims officially held a slightly higher position than Gisele in the FEMWAR lightweight ranking list. The celebrity fight world had been very impressed with Gisele’s recent upset win over Stacy Keibler in an unofficial bout although many perceived the supermodel (seven years younger than Molly) as an up-and-comer.

Molly chuckled, “You should have kept walking and left the building when you had the chance, Ms. Supermodel. I warned you what would happen if you went up against me.”

She tightened the standing leg scissors even more as Gisele’s face reddened. The well-built blonde clasped her fingers together in an Axe Handle and brought the two-handed punch smashing down onto the back of Gisele. She brought her arms up and crashed a second bone-rattling Axe Handle on Gisele’s upper back. Then a third Axe Handle came downon Gisele who, as this point, felt like she was being hit with a sledge hammer while her head was squeezed by Molly’s muscular thighs.

As the crowd continued cheering, Molly released the Scissors and kneed Gisele onto her back. She stood straddling the downed supermodel, hands on hips in a pose of dominance. “Let’s take a good look at these world-famous breasts you’re always talking about,” she said. And Molly bent down and ripped away Gisele’s bikini top, tossing it aside. “Not bad, not bad,” Molly mused aloud, “But really, they’re no big deal.”

Gisele was getting steamed again. “These are the breasts of a true Supermodel,” she protested, cupping her proud puppies with both hands. “These are why someone with your pathetic stick figure will NEVER be in my league. No reputable fashion house would ever hire you as a model; you are too old and too shapeless.”

Irritated by her statements on top of everything else Gisele had said and done to demean her, Molly lost her temper - something she rarely does! She bent down, reached out and grabbed Gisele’s boobs firmly in each hand and squeezed hard enough to make Gisele cry out in pain. Molly planted her feet on Gisele’s long hair as it lay fanned out on the mat, then began to pull up on her boobs. As she pulled Gisele’s body up by the breasts, her feet on the Brazilian’s hair kept her pinned and Gisele unabashedly screamed as her breasts felt like they were being stretched and her hair ripped out at the same time. The crowd was surprised as they’d never seen Molly do this before, viewing her as more of a “scientific wrestler” - yet still they cheered her on!

Molly stepped off of Gisele’s hair but she maintained her tight grip on Gisele’s breasts, using them as handholds to haul the squawking supermodel to her feet. As soon as she had her on her feet, Molly immediately wrapped her up in a Bearhug, wisely trapping Gisele’s inside hers as she began to squeeze.

“I don’t know how in the world you beat Keibler,” Molly hissed, her lips just inches away from Gisele’s face. “I’m beating you up and barely getting a decent workout.” Gisele tried to wriggle free of the constricting arms but it was impossible; Molly’s pressure was intense. Between fights, one tends to forget how a Bearhug can hurt, but the unpleasant memory comes rushing back once you feel the breath being squeezed out of your lungs. “I usually stop short of busting a girl’s ribs,” Molly pointed out. “But tonight I’ll make an exception; you’re a nasty one and a busted rib or two will be a good souvenir for you to take away from this match.”

The strong blonde model lowered her arms just a little, then bore down again with maximum force as she leaned back, lifting Gisele’s feet up off the mat. Molly’s swimmer’s shoulders are broader those of the average woman and the muscles could be seen to bulge as she poured on the power of her rib-crushing Bearhug.

As a groaning Gisele felt her ribs starting to cave-in, she snapped her head forward and Headbutted Molly right between the eyes with the power of a Pelé heading a soccer ball! Molly’s eyes fluttered, her arms dropped to her sides, losing her Bearhug, as she stumbled backward on rubbery, unsteady, legs.

There was a momentary pause while Gisele massaged her ribs and sucked air to refill her lungs and the dazed Molly tried to make her world stop spinning. Gisele got back into action first s she closed with her blonde foe and lashed out with a big Spinning Kick that caught Molly on the side of the head and knocked her down! Gisele pulled her in a Front Headlock with a fistful of hair, then held her bent over as she began slamming Kneelifts up into Molly’s gut, each one lifting Molly’s hips in the air and her feet off the mat.

Gisele followed this with a DDT that drove Molly’s skull into the canvas and left her spread-eagled flat on her back! She grabbed both of Molly’s ankles, lifting as she spread her arms, opening Molly’s legs wide, wishboning the glassy-eyed blonde. Then with a big smile on her lips, Gisele drops her knee onto Molly's crotch!

“UNNNNGH!” Molly groaned as her head and shoulders jerked up off the mat, then slumped back.

Gisele repeated the Knee Drop with the same result, although this time the sound Molly made was softer as she had less air in her to expell. The third time Gisle slammed her kneebone down on Molly’s womanhood, Molly barely made a sound and only her head lifted off the mat.

The brutal Brazilian crossed Molly’s legs together and twisting, using them to roll her onto her stomach. Gisele stepped over her as she rolled the blonde, standing straddling her with her butt toward Molly’s head. Tucking Molly’s ankles under her arms, Gisele proceeded to back up, lifting Molly’s legs until her hips rolled up into the air, then she sat back and tightened her grip on the Boston Crab, putting all her weight behind the hold as she twisted Molly’s back in an unnatural direction.

“Submit!” Gisele demanded. “Submit or I’ll snap you in half!” Molly tried her best to fight the hold, and when that failed she began trying to crawl toward the ropes and force a break. But she made little progress as Gisele leaned back more, a mad grin on her face. Finally, Gisele muttered, “Ah, forget submitting, I just wanna break your back.”

But Molly’s backbone must be made of vulcanized rubber, because as much as Gisele bent it, it didn’t break and Molly refused to submit. Bitterly disappointed at not getting her submission, Gisele finally dropped Molly’s legs, turned around, reached down and grabbed the American’s blonde tresses, using her hair to drag Molly back up to her feet. With a roar of frustration and fury, Gisele grabbed Molly and hoisted her up onto her shoulders, grunting, “I’m gonna break you in two!”

Molly was facing upward, her body draped across the 5’11” Gisele’s shoulders, a good six feet above the mat. Gisele began to pull down on Molly’s thighs and chin, biting her lip with the intensity of her effort. Her tanned, leanly muscled arms shone under the lights, coated as they were with a veneer of perspiration as Molly cried out in pain. No one was sure how much more Molly’s back could take after the Boston Crab, and now this Over-the-Shoulder Backbreaker. Gisele slowly turned in place as she continued to pull down, as if displaying her prize to the fans who loudly booed her.

With a growl Gisele pulled down even harder on the backbreaker, causing Molly to shriek. Gisele warned her, “Give it up before I snap you like a twig.”

Molly cried out, “No! No!” but the fans weren’t sure if she meant, “No, I won’t submit” or “No, don’t do it!” But once more Molly’s back held up as Gisele was unable to gain either the submission or inflict a match-ending injury.

Gisele said, “I guess I’m just going to have to finish you off the hard way!” She slowly lowered Molly’s body down her torso until she held her in front of her chest high with Molly’s head suspended above the mat. Gisele quietly said, “You made a nice try, but you’re a goner.” She dropped to her knees, Piledriving Molly’s head into the unforgiving mat!

Gisele raised her arms in triumph, getting some applause and cheers but mostly boo’s and jeering. Incredibly, Molly was still moving – her spine and skull must have titanium shock-absorbers! Those who were booing now began to cheer as they saw Molly struggling to rise while the vain Gisele assumed the cheering represented new converts to her band of worshippers. She didn’t begin to suspect something was awry until the cheering grew in intensity - but that realization came too late!

Molly rose and quickly snuck up behind Gisele, turned her back to her as she reached up and grabbed Gisele’s chin from behind, then twisted her neck down over her shoulder as she dropped the mat with a devastating Neckbreaker! Now it was Gisele barely moving as Molly grabbed her legs and flipped her onto her stomach.

“Now,” Molly said. “Here’s the proper way to do a Boston Crab.”

She pulled Gisele’s long legs up and back, straining to twist the supermodel’s body into the shape of the letter ‘C’! Gisele had thrown everything she had into forcing Molly to submit, yet couldn’t. Now exhausted, stunned by Molly’s sudden comeback, mentally defeated and in intense pain, she could take no more.

“I submit! Please no more! I submit!!”

While Molly Sims hand was raised in victory, she yelled at the weeping Gisele, “Not so ‘SUPER’ now, are you!?”

Gisele quietly vowed to herself that she would get revenge against this blonde has-been.