Dominique Swain vs. Gisele Bundchen by blackcape 07-Aug-2000

Dominique Swain paced expectantly along the length of her apartment living room, her light blue summer dress rolling like waves around the young actress' firm thighs. Her agent would be calling any time to confirm her part in a sequel to the movie that made her a household name, "Lolita"; Dominique could barely stand the suspense. Though she had to audition for the role like everyone else, she was certain that the part was hers- after all, they wouldn't change the lead actress for a sequel, would they? Flipping her long brown pigtails from her shoulders, she considered the relative obscurity she had fallen into during the last three years. Surely this was the role that would bring her into the spotlight once again.

Ring! Ring! Dominique raced into the nearby kitchen, her bare feet barely hitting the tile below. Taking a moment to compose herself, she calmly reached out and picked up the phone, her sweet, cherry-red lips pursed as if about to speak.

"Hello, Vinny? Give me the good news."

"Sorry babycakes, you're out."

"What? But who..."

"Gisele Bundchen, you know, the model? Apparently she wants to start an acting career."

"But they can't use her, can they? She's not even American! Doesn't she have some sort of frickin' accent?"

"Yea sweetums, but hey, I guess that's what they like about her."

"Vinny, you sorry son-of-a-bitch, why didn't you say anything? This is my career we're talking about!"

"Not anymore, Dominique. This was your last chance. You're washed up. Laters babe, gotta go."


Dominique stared dumbfounded at the receiver. Then, with a rage boiling up inside of her, she smashed it against the kitchen counter, shattering it to pieces. Her lower lip trembled and she began to cry a little.

"Buck up baby," she said to herself, "think of something." Then, as an afterthought, "I think I know what to do. Gisele must still be in town for the audition. I suspect that her agent must have set her up in the most fashionable hotel available, the Marriott Ritz. I bet I can track her down!"

Gisele was indeed at the Marriott Ritz, on the third floor with a balcony that overlooked the pool and a panorama of the Hollywood Hills. Though the curtains were open wide, she was not enjoying the view; rather, she had insisted that her agent send over her free weights and bench to maintain her firm but feminine shape. Topless with cotton pink briefs hugging her shapely ass and bulging crotch, Gisele lay sweating on her bench lifting weights near midnight when there was a knock on her door. As nudity is accepted in her home country, Gisele pranced right over to the knob and swung the door open, to be met with a fist to the face. Her medium-cut hair, dyed red for an upcoming shoot, flew out past her face with the force of the blow and she fell on her ass several feet away.

"Who the fuck are you?" Gisele stammered, rising to her haunches and looking up at the brunette.

Then a moment of clarity flashed through her head.

"Wait a minute," she said in her thick accent. "You're that stupid bitch Dominique Swain. Let me guess; you're mad that I beat you out of the role and now you're hear to kick my ass?"

By now, Dominique had stripped down to her white thong.

Cupping a bare breast in each hand, Dominique answered, "I'm not only here to kick your ass, I'm here to make sure you can't make it to the shoot. I've taken off my clothes so that I don't get any blood on them."

Gisele stood and walked defiantly toward the door.

"I'm going to get my bellboy to kick your ass out of here..."

"No you won't," Dominique snarled, "I've paid him off. He's to stay away from your room for the next hour, at which time I told him to call an ambulance."

"You're the one who will need an ambulance, bitch!" Gisele cried, and rushing at the young starlet, gripped her neck in both hands and slammed her against the door.

Flexing her powerful muscles, the international model slid Dominique above her head until her feet were several inches above the floor. The actress began to choke and kick and attempted to pry Gisele's hands from her throat, but to no avail. Lowering her prey just a little, Gisele began kneeing Dominique in the pussy while her opponent gasped and strangled. Thinking fast, Dominique wrapped her milky thighs around Gisele's waist, locked her legs and squeezed. Then she punched her adversary four times in the face.

Gisele broke her stranglehold in an attempt to cover up, but Dominique pushed her hands away and wrapped the model's head in the folds of her deep cleavage. Gisele was being breast-smothered on her feet with Dominique wrapped around her upper torso. "Ugh!" Dominique grunted, smashing her foe's face completely against her chest, "now THIS is what I call fun!"

Staggering slightly, Gisele reached out and pulled back on Dominique's pigtails, prying her head as far back as it could bend.

"Aaaghh!" Dominique cried, and squeezed her leg lock even tighter, her perfect round ass thrusting with the effort.

Gisele stumbled back until she fell atop the four-poster bed. With Dominique still above her, Gisele switched tactics and began pushing and grabbing the brunette's breasts. Squeezing her foe's mammaries with all of her might, Gisele succeeded in lifting Dominique's upper body once...twice...but she was almost spent from lack of oxygen. The third time Dominique's breasts came smashing down on her face, Gisele felt she hadn't the strength to continue.

Dominique grunted and wrapped her arms even more firmly around her opponent's head, her back muscles straining with energy. Aroused now by the sense of domination, Dominique began pumping her crotch against Gisele's semi-conscious body until she had an idea. Crawling up the redhead's body, Dominique planted her round ass onto Gisele's breasts and bounced up and down several times, eliciting a moan from her beaten foe.

"Is this how you got the part, bitch? Flat on your back?"

Grinning slyly, Dominique slowly slid her barely-covered crotch down Gisele's neck and over her chin until her shapely ass had completely covered the redhead's face. Keeping both hands on her hips, Dominique began to grind and pump the beautiful face beneath her, the spring mattress rocking and submitting, driving Gisele's expensive looks even further into Dominique's womanhood.

"Unngh! Unngh!" the actress panted, while the model arched her back, legs convulsing involuntarily.

Reaching around Dominique's thighs, Gisele wrapped her fingers around thong straps and pulled up, giving the young starlet a painful wedgie. Dominique arched her back and attempted to grab Gisele's hands, but her balance had been forsaken. Suddenly, Gisele kicked her legs up and locked them around Dominique's neck, only to slam them down again, bending the actress in half, her legs trapped beneath her. As Dominique tried to break the legs apart, her breasts heaving upward, Gisele bent up and drove her forehead into her enemy's crotch again and again. Dominique shuttered from the impact. Reaching out, Gisele grabbed the actress' breasts and began to pull and dig. Dominique's pretty mouth opened as if to scream, but by then the redhead had ax-handled her twice in her velvety stomach, driving any air out of her lungs.

"I'll show you why I'm the best girl for the role," Gisele snarled, and kicked Dominique square under the chin, sending her flying to the floor on her back. The model rolled onto her haunches, sprang up from the mattress and landed ass first on Dominique's face, smashing the girl's head into the carpet. Taking a ponytail in each hand, Gisele began bouncing up and down on the brunette's face, banging her head into the floor each time until Dominique was dazed and moaning.

"Come on little girl, you need a workout," Gisele said.

Kneeling beside her foe, the model grabbed Dominique by the breasts and hauled her to her feet, only to push her sharply down onto the weight bench, pain-filled eyes facing up, legs split and hanging off of either side. Straddling the bench now, Gisele took the longest bar-bell with two 75-pound weights and dropped it onto Dominique's neck, the force of the blow shooting the brunette's body into the air before returning to the bench in convulsions, breasts heaving, back arching, legs weak and dangling beneath her. Dominique couldn't speak as she weakly tried to lift the bar-bell from her neck.

Gisele stood back and contemplated her opponent's body, the bulging womanhood, the shining breasts, the flat stomach, the pouty lips turning blue. With an animal cry, Gisele leapt into the air and came down knee first on Dominique's pussy, grinding it into the bench. Then she stood atop Dominique's body and, walking along her stomach, placed a foot on each of her opponent's breasts. Then she jumped into the air and came down on them feet first, driving the perfect shapes down and out, grinding her heel into the erect pink nipples.

"That was fun," Gisele said in her erotic accent, and repeated the process, Dominique's legs kicking up before splaying out again at her sides. Standing on Dominique's breasts, Gisele looked down at the brunette's complexion, which was turning quite blue. With another leap, Gisele jumped over the bar-bell and came down ass first on Dominique's choking face.

"You need help, bitch?" Gisele said as she began humping and thrusting away. "It's a good thing the ambulance is coming for you."

She arched her back and began thrusting even harder, her pink cotton panties creating a sensual friction between her throbbing womanhood and Dominique's nose and mouth.

"Oooohh," Gisele moaned as she stiffened and came over her enemy's face.

She remained straddling pretty Dominique for a minute more. The actress had stopped struggling, her arms hung limply at her sides. Standing now, Gisele took the bar-bell from Dominique's neck, grabbed her by the ponytails and dragged her along the carpet to the balcony. The friction of the floor on her breasts awoke the starlet, but she feigned unconsciousness and allowed herself to be tossed onto the balcony. Gisele put a hand beneath Dominique's legs and hefted her to her feet. At that moment, Dominique's leg shot out and connected with a loud crack to Gisele's crotch, bringing the model to her knees. Though still weak from lack of oxygen, Dominique wiped the cum from her face, staggered slightly and drove her knee into Gisele's face, a sharp crunch and blood flow indicating a broken nose.

"Ahhh, my nose!" Gisele screamed, after Dominique grabbed her by the hair and rammed her face into the black metal railing. Gisele's head bounced upon impact, sending her back into Dominique's arms. Feeling empowered, the actress bent the model back against the railing until her breasts were jutting straight up into the open air. Then, Dominique drove her elbow into them again and again and again to make up for the damage done to her own raw tits. Gisele was groaning low now, as Dominique thrust a hand between her legs.

"This is what I called the ambulance for, bitch," Dominique hissed.

Giving a lift, she flipped Gisele's body over the edge of the balcony. The redhead fell three stories, but landed in the center of the pool, still conscious but barely able to move. Climbing onto the railing, Dominique jumped off, pigtails flying behind her, and landed feet first onto Gisele's floating body, driving her deep into the eight feet portion of the pool and smashing her body into the cement bottom.

As both girls floated back to the surface, Dominique took the unconscious model by the hair and dragged her to the shallow end of the pool. The actress stood, water running from her heaving breasts, down her smooth stomach, over her throbbing womanhood and along her perfect legs. Tossing Gisele's body into the one-foot deep area, Dominique stuffed her fallen adversary's head between her legs and executed a perfect piledriver, water splashing up as Gisele's face collided with cement and tile.

"Drown you stupid bitch, drown," Dominique murmured as she remained seated on her foe's head for another solid minute before standing.

Stamping on Gisele's wet-cotton covered ass, Dominique walked away to the sound of an ambulance arriving, leaving Gisele to lay face down in the shallow end, bare back and round ass sticking out like islands from the water. Just then, the bellboy approached Dominique, looking concerned.

The young actress just pointed at the pool and said, "She's not dead, but her acting career definitely is."