Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton vs. Janet Jackson by Liek 4/23/01

Two of the hottest chicks in music industry, Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and Janet Jackson are battling in the charts right now. What few people know is they just had a battle outside the charts too.

The two famous girls met at a TV studio for a live interview about their music and current chart success. Emma had enjoyed that in particular as her single was number one while Janet had been number three. Janet had been a little grumpy because the host had clearly been flirting with Emma who generally came out as the better and hotter woman of the two of them in that particular interview.

After the interview, Janet and Emma were led downstairs to their dressing room. They entered quietly but Janet paused and locked the door behind them as they stepped in. She looked at Emma as the blond girl started to undress with her back to Janet. Janet felt a funny sensation watching the Spice Girl undress but she also felt anger and humiliation because Emma had been so on top in the interview.

Janet started undressing too, but she still watched Emma who seemed to feel she was being stared at. It was as when she rolled her hips a little as she pulled down her skirt over her round ass and white panties that Janet felt her cheeks go a little red as she slid off her own skirt to reveal her black panties.

Emma was down to just white panties and white tanktop while Janet was down to her black bra and panties. The dark woman couldn't keep her mouth shut any longer.

"Well Emma, do you really think of any but little kids buy your music?" Janet sneered.

Emma turned and looked at Janet. She was a little surprised that Janet had spoken to her because she'd been very quiet after the interview.

"I think the TV host bought it," giggled Emma.

She probably knew the comment would make Janet angry but she really felt so on top and good because her single was number one at the time.

"Come on! He just buys that CD to look at the pictures of you and masturbate over them!" Janet said dismissively.

Emma frowned and looked a little angry but then she said, "At least that means there are more people masturbating over me than you. After all I'm numero uno!"

Janet wasn't prepared for such a sly answer and she just blushed and glared at Emma who couldn't stop laughing at her own witticism. Of course, that only pissed off Janet all the more.

"You know what Emma, you're really a stuck-up little bitch!" Janet screamed.

Emma stopped laughing because it was one thing making fun of each other but Janet had called her a bitch. That was going far beyond making fun. That was being mean. Emma looked a little sad but she was also angry. She wouldn't let anyone ruin her day. Emma felt she was on top and she intended to prove it to that cunt Janet Jackson!

"What did you say?" Emma hissed. "Did you say bitch? Did you say bitch to ME? Did YOU call ME a bitch?"

As she yapped, Emma kept moving forward until she was so close to Janet she actually backed away a little.

"Yeah, that's just what I said," Janet said, her eyes darting from side to side looking for an exit. "And I meant every word!"

Janet gave Emma a shove that forced the young blond back a few steps.

Again Emma looked surprised because just as she hadn't expected to be called a bitch, she hadn't expected Janet to touch her like that; to actually push her. So as she stumbled back in surprise, for a moment Emma didn't know what to do. That was the moment Janet Jackson seized the initiative. Suddenly, she leapt at Emma, grabbed her loose blond hair with both hands and pulled - hard!

Emma was unprepared for Janet's attack and she screamed out loud when her hair was pulled. She grabbed at Janet's wrists to try to make her stop but it took a while before she managed to pry the Black singer's hands out of her blond hair. By then, her scalp felt pretty sore.

"You bitch!" groaned Emma through her teeth as she let go of Janet's wrists.

Emma reached back and slapped the Black girl across the face. This time it was Janet who was surprised. Not only had the little Spice Girl slapped at her, she'd hit her perfectly. Janet could actually feel her cheek flush and grow red as she reached up to rub the sore spot. She even let out a little yelp.

"Maybe that'll teach you!" said Emma.

Emma turned around to get her clothes and leave but Janet wouldn't let her. She grabbed Emma from behind by her hair and yanked. Emma's scalp was already sore and she yelled and turned around. Soon, the two famous singers had their hands in each other's hair. Janet's in Emma's blond hair and Emma's in Janet's black hair.

They pulled and tugged at each other's hair; their pretty heads were twisted from side to side and they both whimpered and yelled but neither could get the upper hand until Janet hurled her weight against Emma to try to knock her over.

But Emma knows karate! She sidestepped, threw her hip into Janet's stomach and flipped her over. Janet landed on her side on the floor. But Emma followed her down because Janet had kept her grip on Emma's hair.

Emma landed on top of Janet and tried to get in a good position, but it wasn't long before they were rolling around on the floor. This wasn't good for Emma because Janet was bigger and she was on top most of the time as they rolled around groaning and sweating.

What kept Emma from being pinned was that Janet was still a little sore and winded from landing on her side when Emma threw her down so the singers parted as both got to their knees and took a couple of breaths before they reached for each other again.

This time they locked hands and pressed hard against each other in a test of strength. Janet had the weight advantage and she slowly forced Emma back. Emma pulled her knees back, trying to get her weight into it and although she wasn't big, she managed to press her white clad breasts against Janet's black bra and their big round pairs rubbed against each other as they groaned and sweated.

Despite Janet's size advantage, it came to a dead halt because little Emma wouldn't give in. In the end, Janet pulled her hands free of Emma's hands and grabbed hold of Emma's hair instead.

Big mistake. Because Janet left her breasts totally open to attack, Emma was quick to dig her hands into Janet's black bra. It didn't take the little Spice Girl long to rip the black bra down Janet's body so her big, dark, naked breasts spilled out. Janet groaned but her groans rapidly became yells when Emma sunk her fingers into the soft, naked flesh.

"Fuck! Stop that Emma!" screamed Janet whose breasts hurt from what the little blond girl was doing to them.

She tried to pull Emma by the hair but the Spice Girl was very determined and she inflicted a lot of pain before she finally was forced to pull back.

Emma's scalp didn't feel good as she slowly got to her feet, but Janet's breasts felt worse. The Black singer got to her feet too and started tending to her sore tits, massaging them as she groaned in pain and glared at her blond opponent.

The two singers faced each other standing. Emma still in her white tanktop and tight white panties; Janet now in only her black panties. Janet was blushing and feeling angry, but she was also a lot more cautious because she had realized that Emma was not the little sweet girl she'd expected her to be.

It was dawning on Janet that this was probably not going to be as easy as she'd assumed after all.

Emma lifted her hands and stood ready, so Janet did the same. They circled each other in the big dressing room and each made little feinting jabs but neither really hit their target. Janet started swinging her fists and it didn't look particularly good but she managed to hit Emma's breasts and sides enough to slowly force the Spice Girl back. Janet smiled because she felt she had the blond girl on the run and she actually did.

Emma was very much in retreat, almost running backward to escape Janet's reach. Janet put her hands on her hips and laughed as she glared at the blond singer and taunted her.

"Had enough Emma? You're running away. Smart move, even if you are blonde!"

Janet felt good taunting Emma but she secretly hoped Emma would call it a day and quit the fight. That'd be a win without too much pain or trouble. But this was yet another mistake. Janet had let Emma pull back to kicking range. Even if the young Spice Girl didn't have legs as long as, for example, her Spicy friend Victoria, she knows how to use them from her karate training. And what to aim for!


A high kick from the blond Spice hit its target and Janet stumbled back, yelling in pain as the kick flattened her breast. Janet's breasts were sore already and the kick only made the pain worse. Emma followed with another high kick to the other breast; then a quick kick to the pit of her stomach doubled Janet over.

Janet was coughing and gasping as she bent at the waist, her big tits hanging down straight down and throbbing . She couldn't believe how quickly Emma had delivered those kicks - and how hard!

Janet was still feeling the after-effects of the kicks as Emma moved behind her. She looked over her shoulder just as she felt two hands grab her panties and in the same motion whisk them down to her ankles to expose her tight brown ass and a thick thatch of black pussy hair. Emma quickly grabbed.

Janet screamed as Emma reached up between her legs and grabbed a handful of her pussy hair. She started to pull free but that's when Emma reached up with her other hand and captured the pony tail at the back of Janet's head and yanked her head back.

Janet screamed out loud as Emma stood behind her with one hand between her trembling, naked legs pulling her black pussy hair and the other hand pulling her head backward by the hair. Janet felt her nipples grow hard as she gasped, groaned and moaned in pain.

Emma smiled to herself but kept about her job like a professional. She kicked Janet hard behind her right knee causing the Black singer collapse on her knees. Emma tugged harder on Janet's pussy hair, lifting her hips and tipping her forward on her chest, face down on the floor.

"Ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Janet screamed as tears welled up and poured out of her eyes.

Janet slapped the floor and beat her feet on the floor as she sobbed uncontrollably. She managed to take the pain for some time but it was obvious that with Emma trapping her in a hold like that, there was really no more fight in her. After several minutes, Janet screamed out her submission to Emma and, after a couple of tugs and kicks, even admitted that Emma was the better girl!

Just like on the pop music charts, Emma Bunton was on top that day.