Brooke Burke vs. Naomi Campbell by Southgate

The bell rings and the athletic Brooke is up on her toes as she glides around the ring, steering clear of her aggressive foe. The ebony model struts forward, fists in front of her face. Brooke circles close, accelerates and jabs at model’s unprotected ribs and belly. Her fists smack hard against solid abs. The model seems lead-footed, an easy target for the brunette beauty who is wearing a yellow Speedo two piece. The dance continues and Brooke lands repeatedly, jabbing at Naomi’s solid middle.

Naomi counter-strikes; twice her fists only slice the empty space where Brooke once stood but twice she connects with Brooke’s arms and chest, driving the brunette away. Then Naomi hammers an uppercut into Brooke’s chin. She grunts, rattled, but hammers her fist into Naomi’s belly and doubles the model up. Brooke lands a jab into the side of Naomi’s face as she back-peddles, shaking out cobwebs.

Frustrated that Brooke took her best shot, Naomi lowers her guard to protect her belly. She stalks Brooke into a corner. Brooke fakes a low jab, throws high. Once more, her fist pokes the side of the model’s face. As she slips out of range, Brooke backhands Naomi across the mouth, then slaps the back of her head.

“Chickenshit!” the model roars as Brooke dances to her corner and poses with hands on hips.

“Tell you what, fool, I’ll stand here and wait for you to come and get me if you can,” Brooke taunts.

Naomi says nothing. Couching, she advances. As she gets in range, Brooke fakes a jab. Naomi fires but misses as Brooke slips out of the corner. Naomi spins to cut off her escape, but she’s not fast enough. A cat-quick flurry of jabs from a back-peddling Brooke leaves Naomi will a bloody nose and Brooke untouched. Naomi’s frustration rises, unable to land an effective counter punch she lunges for Brooke who sidesteps and clips the model with a rabbit punch to the back of her neck. Naomi falls to her knees, but scrambles quickly to her feet. She pinches her nose as she glares at Brooke, gesturing for her to come in.

Naomi set her fists high in front of her face and high waits for Brooke to come to her. Brooke dances in. Showboating, she launches a bolo punch at Naomi’s belly. It smacks in low and hard, but as it lands Naomi throws with her shoulder and body. Her straight-arm fist thunders into Brooke’s chin. Brooke trips backward, glassy-eyed; on pure instinct, she spins away. Naomi rubs her belly and smirks as she begins to stalk her foe.

“Come on, girl, show me how tough you are. Stop dancing around and come get me!” Naomi jeers.

Brooke fights to clear her head as she backpedals along the ropes. Naomi catches her in the corner. Brooke covers up. Naomi bludgeons her arms and ribs. Loud thwacks resonate on the spokeswoman’s shuttering body. Brooke suddenly lunges forward, grabs the ebony one by the hair and slams her fist into the model’s nose. Naomi shrieks as Brooke spins out of the corner, retreating quickly out of harms way.

Naomi wipes the blood from her nose. She glares at Brooke, who waits across the ring. The resilient Brooke moves out first. She circles in wide, fast strides. Naomi advances. Brooke jabs her in the side of the face, but the model hammers a fist into her ribs. Brooke stumbles to the ropes. The model moves in. Brooke grabs the ropes and kicks out with her right foot. It catches Naomi between the legs, lifting her to her toes. Brooke’s foot cracks into the Naomi’s chin. Naomi’s guard drops, her knees sag. Brooke nails her with a left and a right to her chin, snapping her head from side to side. Naomi wavers, ready to drop.

Brooke grabs the model by the hair, steadies her. She draws back a fist, measures the distance to Naomi’s chin. Naomi snaps out of her daze. In a flash, the palm of her left hand shots up and cracks into Brooke’s chin. Brooke’s head snaps back. Naomi drives her knee into Brooke’s belly. Brooke tips forward, grabs Naomi around the waist. Naomi knits her fingers together and slams an ax handle down on Brooke’s back, driving her to her knees.

But the savvy Brooke grabs Naomi around the legs as her knees hit the mat. She shoves forward and knocks the off-balance model down. Brooke leaps on top of her foe. Naomi rakes her fingers across Brooke’s eyes. Brooke curses, grabs Naomi by the hair with two hands and head butts her. Shaken, Naomi nonetheless rakes Brooke’s eyes again. While a powerful thrust of her hips, she shoves the brunette off of her. Brooke uses the momentum to roll away. Both women are quickly on their feet.

Naomi stalks her opponent. Brooke stands her ground. In a furious, two-fisted exchange, both women pound on the other’s ribs. Brooke takes the worst of this exchange. Naomi backs Brooke into the ropes. She drives an uppercut through Brooke’s defenses, again finding her chin. Brooke curses, grabs Naomi by the shoulders, wraps a long leg behind the model and shoves her down. As Naomi falls, Brooke knees her between her shoulder blades. Naomi rolls out of harms way and scrambles back to her feet. The brunette moves in again, hammers Naomi with a left hand that catches her in the side of the head. Naomi drops to one knee, holding her head.

Brooke moves quickly, bending slightly to seize Naomi’s hair, but the model reacts quickly and once more juts her palm up into Brooke’s chin. Brooke straightens bolt upright, then sways. Naomi, on her feet, thunders her left fist into Brooke’s chin, spinning her 180 degrees around. Naomi throws a headlock on Brooke, secures a handful of hair for good measure and drags the lithe Brooke forward into the corner. Naomi smashes Brooke’s head into the turnbuckle, spins her around and drives her knee into Brooke’s belly. Brooke falls back into the corner, handing on to both sides of the ropes. Naomi vents her frustration and unloads a series of lefts and rights into Brooke’s belly and the brunette absorbs a bunch of hurt.

Desperate to slip out of the corner, Brooke clutches at her attacker, wraps her arms around Naomi and drives forward. But Naomi beats mercilessly on her ribs, then spins Brooke around and shoves her back into the corner. Brooke is trapped, her soft perfect boobs crushed against the turnbuckle as Naomi slams her fists and knee repeatedly into her lower back. As her knees begin to wobble, Naomi grabs Brooke’s hair, pulls her head back and slams her head first into the turnbuckle. Then Naomi throws Brooke backward into the center of the ring and Brooke lands hard on her elbows and ass.

Naomi, adrenaline pumping, launches herself for a giant splash but Brooke is ready for her and pulls her knees up, catching the startled Naomi in the gut. She falls to her side, winded. Brooke gets to her feet, moves to Naomi and drops her knee into Naomi’s ribs. Rolling Naomi onto her back, Brooke stands and drops with both knees crashing into Naomi’s belly.

Brooke grabs the gasping Naomi by her hair, jerks her up to her feet and, holding the unsteady model by the hair, slaps and backhands her ebony face. Brooke unleashes a wicked elbow smash, driving the point of her elbow down to flatten Naomi’s small left boob. With two hands full of hair, Brooke throws Naomi face first into the mat. Naomi’s nose is bleeding again; her body twitches on the mat.

Again, Brooke grabs her hair and jerks Naomi to her feet. She twists her foe’s arm, slamming her free hand into Naomi’s elbow, hell-bent on breaking her arm. Brooke cranks up the arm bar as she deftly unloads a series of kicks to Naomi’s belly; then converts the arm bar into a hammerlock, shoving the arm up to the breaking point. Brooke pounds her fist into Naomi’s twisted arm as Naomi screams and desperately reaches back to grab Brooke’s wild hair. Maintaining the hammerlock, Brooke wraps one arm around Naomi’s throat and chokes most of the resistance from the tough ebony beauty.

The strong brunette slowly forces Naomi down to her knees, then onto her butt. Sitting behind her, Brooke scissors her long legs, strong around Naomi’s thin waist. Brooke leans back, pulls up on the hammerlock and sets her arm tight around Naomi’s neck. Then she squeezes her legs together as tight as she can. Naomi moans, struggling to draw a breath. Brooke puts her head close to Naomi’s ear and being to taunt her. Naomi slams her head back, nearly busting Brooke’s nose. Naomi rolls free as Brooke lies on her side holding her nose.

Brooke is first to her feet, fuming. Moving in, she kicks Naomi in the ribs, hauls her victim to her feet, throws her backward into the corner and follows her in with a shoulder block that flattens the model’s chest and driving the air from her body. Twice Brooke slams her elbow across Naomi’s boobs. Naomi throws a low-blow punch deep into Brooke’s gut, and then uses both hands to shove Brooke away. Brooke stumbles back but quickly recovers her footing.

As Naomi moves out of the corner, Brooke launches a spinning kick that nearly decapitates the supermodel. Naomi crumples back into the corner. Brooke charges. She leaps up, drives a knee into Naomi’s gut. But Naomi slips aside. Brooke crashes into the corner. Naomi seizes Brooke by the shoulders, spins her around and slams her knee into Brooke’s belly. The model’s right fist hammers into Brooke’s chin. Then locking both hands around the spokesmodel’s throat, Naomi literally lifts Brooke up off of her feet and slams her back into the turnbuckle.

Naomi lets Brooke’s body slump down, then repeatedly pounds her knee into Brooke’s belly. Naomi beats on her adversary with both fists as the revitalized Ebony Goddess works Brooke’s belly and tits over for nearly thirty seconds until Brooke’s eyes glaze over.

Then, Naomi drives an uppercut into Brooke’s crotch. As Brooke bends forward in agony, Naomi grabs her around the waist and traps her head between her two black steel thighs. Naomi clasps her hands together and rains a series of ax-handles down into Brooke’s back until Brooke drops to her knees breathing heavily.

Naomi puts a foot in Brooke’s chest and shoves her over on her back and straddles her waist, easily pinning the brunette woman’s arms down. Brooke bucks and twists violently, managing to roll onto her belly. Naomi, now straddling Brooke’s back, leans forward, wraps her left hand around Brooke’s chin to hold it in place as she beats her right fist into the side of Brooke’s face. Naomi rolls a badly shaken Brooke onto her back, straddles her waist and again pins her arms at her sides, trapping them with her thighs.

Laughing, Naomi shreds Brooke’s yellow suit, exposing her perfect boobs. Naomi pounds her fists into Brooke’s tits. As Naomi torments her foe, Brooke manages to yank her arms free and sinks her long fingernails into Naomi’s modest boobs. Seizing both nipples, Brooke twists hard, plants her feet, sets her legs and bucks her hips; unseating Naomi.

As Naomi rolls away, she doesn’t see Brooke scramble to her feet. Brooke leaps up and drops down; her forearm slams against Naomi’s nose! Brooke is quickly on her feet and, bending over hands on her knees, she takes a moment to regain her strength while Naomi lies on the mat, pinching her bleeding nose.

Naomi slowly stands. Both woman raise their fists and move together. Standing toe to toe, Brooke’s fists flail wildly while the big Black beauty takes her time. Slowly, Naomi forces Brooke to retreat as she hammers her gut. Brooke falls to one knee but as Naomi moves forward to finish her, Brooke thrusts a knife edge hand up into the model’s crotch. Naomi drops to her knees, her mouth open as she comes down eye to eye with Brooke. Instantly, Brooke head butts the model, who falls back onto her haunches holding her face. Brooke stands, jerks the dizzy supermodel to her feet and throws her into the ropes.

Brooke attacks with knees, elbows and fists. Naomi has nowhere to go as Brooke hammers her body repeatedly. Brooke grabs a handful of Naomi’s hair in her left hand and yanks the ebony backward, draping her over the top rope. Holding her there, Brooke unloads a series of elbow smashes to Naomi’s heaving chest. Nearly unconscious, Naomi hangs helplessly over the rope as Brooke slams her knee up into Naomi’s belly.

Brooke steps to the side, her arm fully extended as it holds Naomi on the ropes and launches a kick with her right leg. Her foot slams into Naomi’s crotch, nearly knocking Naomi back over the top rope. Brooke further hammers Naomi with a series of seven rapid-fire elbow smashes that mash her boobs against her chest. Then she hauls Naomi from the ropes, twists her arm into an armbar, spins the model around and heaves her into the ropes.

Naomi ricochets off right back to Brooke who runs across the ring and nearly breaks her neck with a clothesline. Brooke drags the dazed and disoriented Naomi to her feet, lifts her up and hoists her up across her shoulders. Brooke spins her around and then drops Naomi from shoulder height, face first, to the mat. Naomi belly flops with a sickening thud and rolls slowly on the mat in pain.

Brooke stoops to hair haul Naomi to her feet, but she’s too tired. Dropping to the mat, Brooke wraps her thighs around Naomi’s neck. Their faces are barely two feet apart; Brooke grim-faced, Naomi wide-eyed. With an ice-cold stare, Brooke uses a handful of black hair to hold Naomi’s face in position with her left hand as she cocks her right fist.

“Enough, please, enough,” cries Naomi.

It takes a moment for the words to sink in. Brooke continues to stare at Naomi a moment then, slowly, she unlocks her legs and stands up to celebrate her victory, letting Naomi’s battered black body slump to the mat where it lays quivering as the tall supermodel sobs in defeat.