Brooke Burke vs. Beyonce Knowles by bigfan

Fans get a short break after the first match, then the giant screen lights up showing Cheryl Ladd standing with Brooke Burke who is wearing a blue tye-dyed print bikini with a big silver and turquoise belt.

Cheryl asks, “Beyonce says it’s time for her to start moving women out of her way. I guess she sees you as the first in line?”

Brooke looks at Cheryl sideways saying, “Beyonce should have kept her focus on the other Young girls in the league. She’s not ready for THIS,” Brooke sneers, rubbing her hands over her body. Brooke stops Cheryl before she can ask another question, grabbing the mic and adding, “Beyonce, tonight school is in. You’re in for a hard lesson, and I’m the teacher.” Then she pushes Cheryl’s arm away and storms off.

Beyonce comes out after the interview wearing a schoolgirl outfit; the white shirt tied up in showing off her flat stomach and the lower half of her breasts. She has a little red skirt that’s so short fans can see her black panties. Beyonce brought her own mic with her and looks up at the screen saying, “Well if this is a school lesson, I thought I should dress for it!” Fans cheer as Beyonce turns showing off the outfit. After the fans cheers subside, she tries to look innocent as she speaks with a little girl’s voice, “I hope the teacher isn’t mean. Maybe she’ll spank me?”

With that, Beyonce turns and shakes her Bootylicious ass at the fans who erupt in laughter. Beyonce then skips to the ring laughing all the way. Kim Basinger is the referee and Donna Mills the ring announcer. They’re already in the ring and laughing as they watch Beyonce’s antics.

As Beyonce climbs into the ring and waves like a little girl to the fans, Donna Mills says, “Beyonce’s opponent is from Hartford, CT. and stands 5’7”…Brooke Burke!”

Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” Fills the arena as Brooke comes out wearing the blue bikini still. Brooke begins yelling and pointing at Beyonce. Brooke doesn’t look happy that Beyonce is having fun with her comments. Brooke storms into the ring climbing between the ropes, then starts across the ring screaming at Beyonce.

“You think this is a joke?”

Kim steps in front of Brooke and points her toward her corner. She smiles, waving to Brooke and blows her a kiss. Brooke removes her outfit quickly, but Beyonce has more fun; slowly removing each article and Brooke is red-faced by the time Beyonce finally finishes undressing, charging half way across the ring before Kim signals for the bell.

Beyonce tries to stand her ground, but Brooke’s momentum forces her back into the corner. Beyonce’s spine crashes into the turnbuckles. Brooke begins to slam forearms into Beyonce’s chest. She slowly sinks under the continued beating and then Brooke goes from pounding Beyonce’s chest, to beating her shoulders. As Beyonce’s ass hits the mat, Brooke is bent over raining Forearm Smashes down on Beyonce’s back.

Brooke stands upright and pushes her hair back, looks down on Beyonce and taunts, “Lesson one, you suck.”

Brooke reaches down hooking Beyonce under the arms pulling her up. Beyonce tries pushing Brooke away, but Brooke pulls her into a side headlock. Brooke pulls on Beyonce’s hair securing the singer’s head under her arm. Brooke punches Beyonce on the top of the head several times then lets her drop. Brooke shakes her hand out, flexing it to make sure she didn’t damage her own hand. The young Beyonce is balled up on the mat in pain.

Brooke kicks Beyonce, yelling, “Lesson two, you still suck!”

Brooke’s all out assault has left Beyonce on the mat dazed. Brooke falls into an old bad habit of hers playing to the fans. Brooke walks around the ring singing her own praises giving Beyonce a much need break. When Brooke finally does return Beyonce is still face down on the mat hands around her head. Brooke bends over taking a hand full of long hair pulling Beyonce up to her knees.

Beyonce’s right fist catches Brooke relaxed stomach just below the belly button. Brooke cheeks puff and her lips look like she’s trying to whistle. Beyonce fires another Punch into Brooke’s gut, a little higher this time. Beyonce gets to her feet, hauling back she jackhammers a right that pancakes Brooke’s exposed left breast.

Brooke staggers backward from the latest blow, but Beyonce stays right on her, taking Brooke’s left wrist and pulling her into a crushing Bearhug. Not holding the bearhug long, Beyonce takes Brooke over with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex. The arrogant brunette is stunned and dazed as Beyonce traps Brooke with an Armbar.

Adding to Brooke’s pain Beyonce places her knee on Brooke’s right tit and taunts, “How’s that teach? Which lesson is this?” She slaps the top of Brooke’s head trying to humiliate Brooke more than hurt her but the veteran Brooke hooks her ankle on the bottom rope. Beyonce cries, “Oh No you don’t!”

She yanks Brooke off the rope hanging on to the armbar. As Beyonce pulls Brooke away from the ropes Brooke is able to turn into Beyonce and get to her knees. Brooke pounds her forearm across Beyonce’s chest, then gets to her feet and scoops Beyonce up.

Brooke yells. “Lesson three, you can’t compete with me!”

She starts to toss Beyonce but she hangs on to the armbar. Brooke cries out as she too is flipped over. Beyonce lands on her back, but Brooke bounces off her head and trapped shoulder. Beyonce rolls on through and secures an armbar, then plants her knee down on Brooke’s tit again.

Beyonce taunts Brooke, “Teach, How was that? Its true learning is fun.”

Beyonce now pulls Brooke up by the armbar. With a swift movement Beyonce releases the armbar and scoops Brooke up and in a continuing motion drops Brooke across her knee in a Backbreaker. Beyonce tosses Brooke off, while the brunette groans in pain her face showing the pain. Beyonce force Brooke on to her back and covers for the pin. Kim gets a two count before Brooke kicks out.

Beyonce swings a leg over Brooke sitting on her stomach. Beyonce says, “The fans love this,” as she begins mauling Brooke’s soft tits, squeezing the entire boobs, pinching Brooke’s nipples while Brooke screams in pain, weakling tugging on Beyonce’s wrists.

Beyonce then presses both hands down crushing the orbs. Brooke’s legs kick wildly, but uselessly. Beyonce then gives each breast a few slaps. Done with the tit torture, Beyonce leans back looking at her work, leaving Brooke sobbing as she tries to cover her red marked breasts with her arms. Beyonce pushes herself up off Brooke’s belly and, standing over her, the young Black beauty Stomps Brooke’s slack belly muscles.

Brooke coughs rolling up into a ball as Beyonce walks a circle around her. Beyonce fixes her hair before hooking Brooke under the arms and lifting her to her feet. She sways as Beyonce spins her around face to face, then with one swift movement, Beyonce scoops Brooke up and Body Slams her! Brooke has a bewildered look on her face as Beyonce is having her way with the more experienced wrestler. Beyonce moves to Brooke’s legs picking up her right ankle. A series of kicks follow landing on Brook’s thigh and round ass.

Beyonce continues to take Brooke apart dropping down across the leg she had just been kicking. Brooke sits up screaming in pain as Beyonce bends the leg. Brooke grabs two handfuls of hair to try and free her leg, but Kim knock’s her hands away. Beyonce angry at having her long hair pulled, pins Brooke right leg to the mat. Beyonce drives her knee into the inner thigh, Brooke can do nothing but cry in pain.

Beyonce hops up to her feet, while Brooke clutches her leg. Beyonce drags Brooke up by her dark locks. Beyonce lifts Brooke up in a fireman’s carry. Walking around the ring with Brooke on her shoulders Beyonce yells and falls back crushing Brooke with a Samoan Drop.

Brooke’s eyes flutter, she lies still until her body begins shaking as she tries to suck air back into her body but Beyonce continues her slaughter, going down to one knee she pulls Brooke up and bends her over her leg. Beyonce put a hand on Brooke’s chin pushing her head back.

“Here’s a lesson for you!” Beyonce taunts as she grinds her elbow down into Brooke’s left tit. Brooke can’t scream with Beyonce pushing on her chin, but her whimpering can be heard. Brooke waves her hand at Kim, who is caught by surprise, is slow to ring the bell. Beyonce not realizing what just happened, drops Brooke on the mat. Beyonce walks around the ring yelling, “No! Hell No!” Then she turns back to Brooke yelling, “You don’t get off that easy bitch!”

Beyonce rolls Brooke to her back. Kim tries to stop whatever Beyonce has planned, but Beyonce shoves her aside. Beyonce lowers her booty on to Brooke’s face. Laughing Beyonce says, “Class can’t end if out the final.”

Beyonce wiggles and bounces her ass on Brooke’s face as Kim yells at her to get up. Finally Kim begins a count. Not wanting to give up the win Beyonce jumps up when Kim reaches four.

Beyonce stands over Brooke and gives her a warning, “Go back to the other little bitches; let them know what’s in store for them when they fuck with me!”

Beyonce waves to someone at ringside and they toss her an apple which she wedges between Brooke’s tits. Then she laughs and heads to the back, leaving Kim and Donna to drag Brooke out of the ring to make way for the next match!