Brooke Burke vs. Dalene Kurtis (PMOY) by jermaine

Lounging around her luxurious Hollywood home in nothing but a pair of her sheerest bikini panties, Brooke Burke relaxed in her favorite chair as she thumbed through the June 2002 Playboy that had just arrived in the mail. She was surprised to see Dalene Kurtis had been selected Playmate of the Year - apparently by a landslide! She read through the article until she came to a very interesting part. It seemed Dalene had expressed her interest was to host TV shows, specifically mentioning The Travel Channel or E!.

When the Playboy interviewer asked if Brooke Burke should be looking over her shoulder, Dalene’s replied, “Sure, I want her job so bad I can taste it!”

Brooke reacted with a sarcastic laugh but within a nano-second she was on the phone screaming at her ‘Wild On!’ producer to, “Get me that PMOY! And the sooner the better!”

After she hung up the phone, Brooke made a fist with her left hand and provocatively ground it into her right palm, muttering

“Poor Dalene, you’re gonna ‘taste’ more than you ever bargained for bitch.”

Naturally, the Playboy publicity machine was all over this opportunity. Arrangements were quickly made to have Dalene visit the set of ‘Wild On!’ which was taping in Acapulco. Brooke badly needed to repair her reputation as a catfighter since the story about her humiliation at the hands of CNN’s Rosey Edeh (Cable News Wars on the Tournament Page) had rapidly spread through the industry. Naturally, in the back-stabbing environment of the E! Network, Brooke had taken far more verbal abuse than her massive ego could stand. Her rival Aisha Tyler had been especially obnoxious, and their already shaky working relationship had deteriorated to the point where they were no longer even speaking.

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time until the ticking Tyler-Burke time bomb exploded in a tit-punching, crotch-clawing, hair-tearing free-for-all. Needless to say, everyone at E! was careful not to stray too far from the office for fear they’d miss the fireworks.

In Acapulco, Dalene arrived on the set bursting at the seams with excitement and energy. She adored Brooke, and looked forward to meeting her idol in person. The Playmate was wearing what you’d expect the PMOY to wear, a tantalizing hot pink bikini. As cameras began to roll, Brooke literally slithered onto the set like a slender, venomous serpent poised and ready to strike. Wearing her ‘A-list’ insincere smile, she shook Dalene’s hand as she welcomed her to the show and sunny Mexico. Brooke looked like a Goddess in a metallic gold bikini topped off with a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Brooke began the interview with a question about Dalene’s, “want it so bad I can taste it” remark. Dalene answered in a good-natured way but Brooke’s eyes bore into her like lasers, not paying any attention to Dalene’s answer.

Brooke simmered as she waited for the Playmate’s lips to stop moving before she spat in a menacing, angry, tone, “My job’s not open, you stupid blonde bimbo. Now do us both a favor - get the Hell off my set!”

She punctuated her rudeness by shoving the astonished Dalene out of her chair, sending her toppling onto her back in the sand. Brooke even kicked sand in Dalene’s face, as the PMOY struggled to get up. She shook the sand out of her hair, brushed it from her eyes and spit it from her mouth as the cobwebs began to clear from her head.

“Exactly what the hell is going on?” Dalene wondered silently as, through squinted eyes, she saw the intimidating form of Brooke Burke hovering over her blocking out the hot Mexican sun.

In Brooke’s fevered, paranoid brain, hundreds of dread thoughts were spinning around, “I’m over 30. They’re looking for an excuse to push me out. This bimbo is Hefner’s private prize whore. One phone call from him and E! will dump me for her in a heartbeat. Some how, some way, that asshole Tyler’s behind this. Are all those pina coladas going to my hips?” And lastly, “I can see the headline in Variety now, BIG BOOBED BLONDE BIMBO BOUNCES BROOKE BURKE!

Burke was seething - and dedicated to tearing her erstwhile guest limb from limb. Dalene struggled to her feet, but before she could say or do anything, Brooke attacked, viciously ripping her top off and baring her magnificent boobs.

As she launched a two fisted attack on Dalene’s jugs, Brooke sneered, “I hope those fake boobs are still in warranty.”

Dalene struggled to cover up until she was clear-headed enough to block a few of Brooke’s wild punches. Nonetheless, her tits were bruised and sagging after the onslaught.

Brooke grabbed a fistful of Kurtis’ hair and yanked the blonde’s head right into a mean, straight right jab and blood began to run from her nose. Brooke followed that with a couple of stinging slaps before she drove her knee right into Dalene’s wide open crotch. Dalene let out a little yelp as she collapsed on her knees clutching her pussy in agony.

Brooke stepped forward and trapped Dalene’s head between her knees, then reached down and, with superhuman strength, reached around the blonde’s waist and lifted her upside down. Dalene’s feet waved wildly with her legs sticking up in the air as Brooke prepared to pile drive her into oblivion. Brooke took a few seconds to walk around in front of the cameras with her helpless rival clutched to her body, soaking up the admiration of the staff and camera crew.

But as Brooke basked in her glory, she failed to notice Dalene - now fully aware of her desperate situation - had wrapped her ankles around and locked them behind Burke’s head. With her feet into position, Dalene twisted her body and put everything she had into her legs. She twisted Brooke’s neck and her head jerked forward as she bent forward from the waist. Dalene followed through with all the strength in her legs, sending the startled E! hostess into an involuntary 360 front flip.

Dalene maintained the foot lock as Burke’s body slammed hard onto the sand. Burke had the wind knocked out of her, and as she lay dazed, Dalene went into action. Grabbing Brooke’s ankles, Dalene rolled her face down, straddled her and applied a classic Boston crab. Brooke’s hands desperately waved and she clutched at the air as her face twisted in a mask of agony. Her legs felt like matchsticks about to snap! Dalene locked down her legs until Brook’s heels almost touched her shapely ass.

“Please. Leggo!” Brooke screamed. “No more. YOU WIN!

Dalene’s only response was a wicked grin at the E! camera as she said sweetly, “Why, Brooke, dear. It wouldn’t be right for me not to find a way to repay ALL your hospitality now would it?”

The Boston crab had traumatized Brooke’s legs and when Dalene let go, she had no trouble turning Brooke over onto her back - tits up! Then, with one yank, Dalene shredded Brooke’s top and attacked her breasts, kneading them like a couple of lumps of pizza dough as Brooke’s feet kicked weakly in the sand. Dalene pushed down on the nipples with the palms of her hands, then reared back and gave each an excruciating ten second nipple pinch and twist session.

With Brooke breathless from screaming, Dalene slid forward into a schoolgirl pin, trapping Brooke’s arms under her knees as she began to slap the crap out of her. Brooke was being paid back with interest for giving Dalene her bloody nose. As the slaps accumulated, Burke’s will to resist rapidly disintegrated and she lay weeping like an abandoned infant. Dalene finished her slapfest with a roundhouse right that blasted into the side of Brooke’s jaw, leaving her semi-conscious.

Dalene couldn’t stop grinning as she got to her feet and hair dragged the helpless Brooke over to a tall coil of electrical cord that was sitting on end behind the sound board. She threw Brooke the body face down over it with the coil under her navel. This put Brooke’s ass at Dalene’s waist height, sitting up nice and pretty for Dalene who knew just what to do next.

After removing Brooke’s gold panties and shoving them in her mouth, Dalene treated her rival’s delicious butt like a pair of cheap bongos as she beat out a maniacal rhythm that produced muffled howls of agony from Brooke’s panty-filled mouth and set her firm body bouncing almost as if it were dancing to the rhythm Dalene was pounding out. The crew and staff were OK with the idea as more than a few of them didn’t particularly care for Brooke…besides, it was Dalene’s party. She hadn’t started the fight but in the course of the struggle she’d proven herself to be one tough cookie.

After she had beaten Brooke’s butt turning it a bright neon red, Dalene rudely dragged Brooke to her feet and marched her to Acapulco’s famous diving cliff. Wild On! had planned a demonstration by the Acapulco divers, but by now the entire show was in total chaos.

Dalene stood menacingly in front of the wobbling Brooke and drove a wicked left-right to her washboard abs. Brooke doubled over in pain as Dalene took three steps back, then she took two quick steps and jumped, her feet extended in front of her. At just the moment Brooke was straightening up, Dalene’s thrusting feet made solid contact with Brooke’s bruised boobs and the impact of the drop kick sent Brooke staggering backward - and over the edge of the cliff!

Brooke’s body plunged awkwardly into the sea, barely missing the deadly rocks by a few feet. Brooke was knocked out cold when she hit the water but the alert rescue swimmers quickly retrieved her and dragged her back to the beach. Meanwhile, back up on the cliff, the executive producer of ‘Wild On!’ shook Dalene’s hand vigorously as he asked her to take a seat. In less than a minute, he had her name on a personal services contract for E!.

“We’re arranging a hiatus for our regular hostess,” he explained with a wink. “We’d like you to step in as her replacement to present next week’s show from Maui. Deal?”

“You betcha!” replied Dalene with a gleam in her eye. “I’ll be there. This is gonna work. I can just taste it!”