Yancy Butler vs. Michelle Williams by Blizzard

The TVR Tuscan R engine purred as Yancy Butler cruised down the remote California desert highway. The 5'7" long haired brunette star of the TNT series 'Witchblade' smiled with satisfaction, her hair billowing in the warm breeze as she listened to her deep purple sports car respond to her thrust of the accelerator. The isolated roadway was devoid of traffic this sunny morning, so she took liberties, pushing the machine to over 100 miles per hour. She adored the car; her prized possession.

Yancy flashed down the endless tangent of pavement with Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band vibrating from the sound system. She suddenly saw a flash in her rear view mirror and noticed a bright yellow car gaining on her fast. She eased off the accelerator, dropping back to 75 mph as the car pulled up on her tail and darted into the opposite lane. A yellow Corvette pulled even with the TVR and kept pace with it, staying right beside Yancy as she drove down the road. The brunette glanced to her left, meeting the stare of busty blonde actress Michelle Williams in a brand new Corvette Z06. The blonde grinned at her and motioned forward with a nod of her head - a challenge!

Yancy smiled back at her and the blonde gunned her machine, pulling away from the TVR quickly. The brunette throttled her car, feeling the g-forces increase as it squatted down and accelerated. Michelle had the jump on her and the Z06 was the new kick ass Vette model, capable of 180 mph. What Michelle didn't comprehend was that Yancy's Tuscan R had a powerplant that could top 200 and she wasn't afraid to push the envelope.

Yancy slowly reeled in the blonde as the two women reached a reckless rate of speed. She pulled beside Michelle, her engine humming, hearing the throaty whine of the Vette. She glanced at Michelle with a sly grin, knowing the blonde was about to learn a valuable lesson about issuing open road challenges. Michelle looked over at the brunette with a stone-faced expression, perhaps realizing the TVR was more car than expected.

Yancy buzzed with excitement and adrenaline; the high rate of speed and the hum of raw horsepower teasing her with erotic fervor. The slinky little 5'4" blonde in the Vette was about to be humbled in more ways than one. The TVR nosed ahead of Michelle's car and suddenly cut in front of her, forcing her to react quickly. The frightened blonde's Vette bobbled slightly at well over 100 MPH, as she tapped the brake and twitched the wheel a bit.

"You crazy bitch!!!" screamed the blonde as she stepped on the gas again, her fingers squeezing the steering wheel in anger.

The split second of loss of control when the TVR cut her off had frightened Michelle and her heart beat furiously, her arms shaking as her reaction to the close call overtook her. When her speedometer reached 140, she lost her nerve and backed off, allowing Yancy to put distance between them. Yancy burned up a few more miles of highway, seeing that Michelle had conceded and was following her from a generous 'safe' distance. There was a secluded gravel side road ahead and Yancy downshifted, then flipped on her directional signal to turn in. She expected Michelle to rumble on by giving with a 1 finger salute, but instead the Vette slowed as well and followed her off the paved highway onto the gravel road.

Yancy traveled only a few hundred feet off the main road before she pulled into a large gravel and sand turn-around. It was an unmaintained parking area for hikers and motorcyclists who occasionally ventured out through the scrub toward the desert region. She was just stepping from her car when Michelle skidded to a stop in the gravel and shut off the Corvette's throaty, throbbing engine.

"That's a cute little buggy!" said Yancy smugly as she casually lit a cigarette. "Kinda reminds me of a Barbie car!"

Michelle was livid, her eyes burning into her road rival, "Fuck you!!!" she snarled as she climbed out of her car and slammed the door. "You could've killed me back there!!!"

Yancy, clad in a black tank top and khaki shorts, watched Michelle calmly and took a deep drag on her cigarette. She'd heard of the blonde's reputation as a tough girl, but the way she was dressed made her look more like a little cutie in denim short-shorts and pink T-shirt. Yancy hated sore losers.

"You issued the challenge, sweetie," she sighed. "If you can't drive with the big girls, keep that little Barbie car in the garage."

The blonde flushed with anger and kicked gravel with her sandals, pelting the side of Yancy's car with it. The brunette stared icily at Michelle, then flicked her half finished cigarette on the ground. She slowly leaned over and inspected the finish of her car, blowing on it when she noticed an anomaly in it's sheen. There was one tiny spot where a sharp pebble had pierced the clearcoat finish. Yancy's temper flared.

"You wanna go again?!" challenged Michelle, motioning to the highway; her earlier fear now replaced by a desire for revenge.

Yancy slowly stepped toward her, fighting off the urge to split the girl's skull with a tire iron.

"Oh, I wanna go all right," she growled threateningly.

Michelle assumed a defensive stance, pointing boisterously at her rival, "Don't even try me, bitch. This ain't no car race."

The blonde struck first, landing a stinging slap to Yancy's cheek. The taller woman's head whipped to the side, but she returned her gaze to the blonde without showing any expression of pain. Michelle then snapped her clenched fist between Yancy's guard, landing a stiff jab on her chin. Yancy had to take one step back as her head lurched back, but again returned to her ready stance with an icy stare.

"Oh shi-" gasped Michelle, her exclamation cutoff by Yancy's lightning fast snap kick.

The shrieking blonde sailed backwards, sprawled across the hood of her Vette on her back. As she lay in a fog, Yancy grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her off the hood, dropping the yelping girl on her ass in the gravel. She sat with her back against her front tire and fender as the pissed off brunette straddled her legs and dug her fingers into the blonde's long hair. Michelle cried out sharply as the back of her head was bounced repeatedly against the fender of her car, her arms flapping back and forth, slapping against the car with each blow.

"I can't stand poor sports!" hissed Yancy as she finally hauled the groaning girl to her feet.

She held the back of Michelle's skimpy shorts in one hand, took her long mane with the other and heaved Michelle headfirst over the hood of her car. The dazed blonde yelped as she disappeared from view momentarily, crashing face first into the gravel on the other side of the car and crumpling in a heap. She struggled to her hands and knees while Yancy strode confidently around the front of the Vette. Michelle scooped up a handful of sandy gravel and, as the brunette converged on her, threw it in the unsuspecting blonde's face. Yancy screamed as the sand blinded her, pawing at her eyes as they teared.

"I've got you now, you cocky bitch!" snarled Michelle as she got to her feet.

Michelle stepped up to the helpless brunette and buried her fist in Yancy's belly, folding her at the waist. The brunette gasped as she clutched her agonized belly, her eyes blinking wildly as the burning grit blurred her vision. The little blonde put a foot behind Yancy's legs, grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed. Yancy went crashing to the gravel flat on her back. She groaned as Michelle dropped on her tender belly and straddled her, looking down on the red-eyed brunette disdainfully.

"You're gonna be hitchin' naked back to town after I kick your ass and slash the tires on that hot rod," Michelle laughed.

"Cunt!" spat Yancy as she tried to focus on the woman pinning her.

Michelle loaded up and ripped a single punch to the brunette's jaw, knocking her out cold. She remained seated on the unconscious woman a moment, reveling in her easy turnabout victory. Perspiration had begun to form on her forehead as the late morning sun beat down on her and her unconscious rival.

"Here comes the naked part!" she joked as she stood up and unfastened Yancy's shorts, peeling them over her slender hips and down her lithe legs.

"OOPS, no panties today?!" laughed Michelle as she glanced at Yancy's thin, neatly trimmed brown bush. "Big mistake - I might've let you walk to town in your panties......if you'd had any."

Michelle slipped off the brunette's boots and socks, then removed the shorts, tossing them behind the seat of her Vette. She returned to the stretched out Yancy's body before she lifted her to a seated position, grabbed the bottom of her tank top and stepped back.

"It's getting fuckin' hot out here - you're going to cook in this sun!" she laughed as she pulled Yancy's top over her head and let her fall back.

The brunette was beginning to revive but she kept her eyes closed, feigning unconsciousness while giving herself time to regain her senses.

"No bra either!" chuckled Michelle as she gave Yancy's perky, small breasts a squeeze. "I could NEVER get away with that, not with my beautiful boobs!"

Yancy's eyes flashed open and her hands came up, grabbing Michelle's big tits, her claws digging at them through her T-shirt. The blonde girl shrieked as her breasts were assaulted, her hands grabbing at Yancy's wrists.

"You mean these grotesque fucking udders?!" snarled Yancy.

The fire was back in her now clearing eyes. The naked brunette rocked her hips forward, throwing the squealing blonde onto her back and sitting atop her as she continued to ravage the squealing blondes tits. Michelle's face twisted in agony as her rival mashed and clawed at her, making her cry.

Yancy released a tit and began pounding punches into Michelle's soft belly as she continued to torture her other breast. The overwhelming attack had the blonde sobbing and groaning, her legs weakly sweeping side-to-side and kicking gravel.

"Fucking little cunt!" hissed Yancy as she released the blondes devastated breast and backhanded her savagely.

Yancy's eyes still burned from the sand that Michelle had thrown in them. The blonde squeaked as her head snapped to one side, and she went limp on the ground, barely conscious. Yancy roughly yanked off the unresisting blondes top and tore off her bra that held her heavy, round breasts.

Yancy raked her nails cruelly across the pale globes, quivering Michelle's erect nipples and leaving crimson furrows in the soft flesh. The blonde sobbed as excruciating pain overwhelmed her, rendering her defenseless.

"You're proud of these hideous things?!" asked Yancy as she tweaked Michelle's nipples. "You're gonna need a fucking back brace when you're older!"

"Leave me alone!!!" wailed the blonde, regaining her senses and not liking what she was feekng.

Yancy got to her feet, still straddling Michelle; leaned over and grasped her by the nipples between her fingers. The blonde cried out, tears forming in her green eyes.

"On your feet, Barbie girl." ordered Yancy as she pulled Michelle up by the nipples to her feet.

Yancy backed up, pulling the whimpering girl to the front of the Vette. She held her there with Michelle's back to her car. Michelle stood there, her shoulders stooped, her hands resting submissively on Yancy's nude hips.

"I'd love to stay here all afternoon and kick your ass all over the sand, but I went out for a cruise to relax." said Yancy.

"Please…leggo my boobs!" sobbed the half naked blonde, looking at her rival pleadingly.

"OK, Barbie Doll," said Yancy, releasing her grip on the dark nubs of hard flesh.

Michelle sniveled as she massaged her pain filled nipples, her eyes staring down at the ground in embarrassment. Yancy reached out and tilted Michelle's head up to face her using a finger under her chin.

"Trade it for a tricycle, cunt," she snarled.

Yancy stepped back and delivered a devastating back kick, catching Michelle in the belly and launching the groaning girl back onto her Corvette's hood. The battered blonde gasped for air, completely overwhelmed as she writhed on her car's hood. Yancy grabbed the poor girl by her big nipples again and slowly pulled her up to a seated position, stretching them painfully as Michelle whimpered in pain. She gazed helplessly at Yancy who smacked her in the jaw with a quick, short punch. The blonde collapsed on her back and lay spread-eagled across the hood of her car. Out cold!

Yancy retrieved her clothes from the Vette and got dressed, leaving the blonde splayed across her car. Yancyy took off the blonde's sandals, shorts and pink thong, spreading them out on the hood beside her. She used Michelle's thong and bra to lash her wrists to the side mirrors, then pulled a pocketknife from her shorts. She used her knife to cut numerous strips of material from the cotton top and tied them together. These she use to tie Michelle's ankles to the underside of the front of the Corvette. The denim shorts she tossed into her TRV.

As the blonde lay unconscious and tied spread-eagled to her car, the nasty brunette slowly circled the car with knife in hand, gouging the paint clear around it. She took Michelle's handbag from the car's bucket seat. Searching through it, she found a tube of cherry red lipstick. With a devious grin, she uncapped it and went back to the bound, naked blonde and drew a long arrow that started between her tits and went down her belly, pointing toward her spread legs and ending at the fringe of her dark blonde muff.

Yancy scrawled a message across the windshield, just over Michelle's head, 'WILL TAKE IT UP THE ASS FOR A RIDE TO TOWN'

The smirking brunette replaced the cap on the lipstick and slipped it into Michelle's yawning pussy, leaving just a bit of it sticking out. Then Yancy got into Michelle's Vette, started it and slowly drove it back to the highway. She paused a safe distance from the road as a tractor trailer truck whizzed by, then continued and parked the blonde's car on the shoulder of the road. She hurried back to her own car and drove back to the Vette, where the naked blonde lay securely lashed to the hood facing the road and baking in the sun.

Yancy quickly got out and slashed the two rear tires of Michelle's car with her knife, giggling excitedly as they exploded when punctured. She paused briefly beside the destroyed blonde to cut a lock of her hair.

"I'll add this to my doll collection. Don't fret, Barbie-girl. I'm sure a lonely trucker will stop and give you a lift into town........or something."

Then she hopped into her car and gunned the engine, spraying Michelle with gravel and squawking her tires when she hit the pavement. Yancy resumed her drive down the highway in search of the relaxation she'd set out to find before the petty interruption. Meanwhile, the broiling sun beat down on the naked blonde as, in the distance, a long haul trucker topped a low hill. As he cruised toward where Michelle and her car were waiting, he periodically glanced over at the open copy of Penthouse on the seat beside him.