Time to Catfight: Tawnni Cable & Lisa Matthews by kit

"Man, are you serious!" I exclaimed over the phone.

"Hell yeah," he said.

"I don't fuckin' believe it."

"Believe it, dude. I wouldn't shit ya."

"They're really gonna fight?" I asked, still not believing it.

"Yep," said my best-friend, Dave. "Better get on over here."

"Oh, man! I still can't fuckin' believe it," I said, excited and amazed.

"Dude, are you comin' or what? They'll be here soon."

Hanging up the phone, I quickly got ready and rushed out to my car, excited and still in disbelief.

For the last month or so, Dave had been dating two hot foxes named Tawnni and Lisa, and just last week they had discovered each other. Naturally the sparks started to fly, and three times since then he's had to seperate them.

"Man, let these bitches fight," I had told last week him.

"I can't. I just don't want to see them get hurt," he had explained.

"Fuck that!" I had said. "These bitches are hot, and they obviously hate each other, so let 'em fight. You can be there to stop it if it gets out of hand."

I guess after a week of utter chaos, Dave finally had had enough and was now taking my advice.

Although Dave's apartment was only four miles away, it seemed to take forever. Traffic was slow, and I was stopped at every light. Still it gave me time to think about what I was about to see. I had never actually seen a good catfight, so my mind was all over the place as to what to expect. I really didn't care who won or how long it would last, just as long as they tore into each other and fought like the two sluts I thought they were.

Upon arriving, Dave handed me a beer and I popped the top, quickly gulping down half the can and then pausing to take a good burp.

"So, who do you want to win?"

"Toby, I don't know. I like 'em both," he said, looking out the window.

"Who's better in bed?" I asked, sipping now.

Turning around he said, "Dude, they're both good. They both can suck dick and like it up the ass."

"Yeah, but surely one's better than the other."

"Well," he seemed to ponder. "I like Lisa's ass better, but Tawnni swollows and is one nasty bitch in the bed. I also kinda like her tits better, but I think Lisa's prettier in the face."

I nodded. I thought that as well. Dave went back to window and looked around the curtain. I just now noticed how all the furniture and stuff had been moved, giving them a pretty decent area in the room to scrap.

"Care if I take the loser?" I asked, crushing the beer can and walking back into the kitchen for another.

"Hell no," he said with a chuckle. "Either way you'll be gettin' a hot piece of tail. Ah, here’s Lisa now."

I popped the top and took a swig. I liked Lisa. She had always been very nice and friendly with me, although I had seen a bitch streak in her once. Still, she seemed like a great girl and someone fun to be with, especially in the sack. Dave opened the door and I heard Lisa ask if that bitch was here. He said no, and then they embraced in a pretty long kiss.

"Oh, hi Toby," she said, as I came out from the kitchen.

"Hi, Lisa."

She looked fucking hot, and I was having trouble keeping my boner down seeing her in those tight, faded cut-off jeans and old, red t-shirt tied up under her chest, exposing her hard, flat stomach. To me, Lisa was every guy's dream date. She was tall, blond and well-built. At 5-9 and 120 pounds, there wasn't a flaw on her. She had long, whispy blond hair, the color of a field of wheat at sunset. Her brown eyes, red lips and pearly-white teeth all beamed with beauty on her tan face. Her drop-dead body was tanned, toned and measured an incredible 37C-24-36, with long, gold legs than seemed to run and run. I knew the 20 year old wouldn't go down with a nasty fight, but I was finding myself hoping she'd lose just so I could fuck her.

She smiled big at me, "Are you here to see me kick some ass?"

I smiled back, "Yep."

Lisa and Dave embraced again, and I grew large as I watched him grope her ass as they kissed. Back and forth they'd talk between kisses. Lisa seemed very confident as she talked about kicking Tawnni's ass and ridding her of Dave's life forever. Going and getting a third beer, I heard the knock on the door and knew Tawnni was here.

"That fuckin' bitch!" Lisa exclaimed, going for the door.

Dave moved between her and the door and gently held her at bay. "A little help here, Toby!"

Together we moved Lisa back and I kept my hand on her shoulder as Dave went to the door.

"Get in here, bitch!" Lisa shouted. Naturally all hell broke loose as Tawnni entered swearing at Lisa. Dave held on to Tawnni and I grabbed Lisa's arm.

"You fuckin' slut!" shouted Tawnni.

"C'mon, bitch!" Lisa yelled.

"Let me at that cunt," said Tawnni, trying to get past Dave who tried to calm her down with a kiss as I held on to Lisa.

"Motherfucker!" shouted Lisa. "Don't you kiss that slut! Lemme go!"

It was hard containing Lisa with one beer in my hand. "Now, now. You gotta kiss. You gotta kiss."

"Lemme go! STOP! Stop kissin' that slut, Dave!" Lisa shouted, trying to flank me.

"Fuck you, bitch!" shouted Tawnni, breaking off the kiss.

I turned around and looked at her. Man, was she a fox! As hot and foxy as Lisa was, Tawnni was just as hot and foxy. She too had on a pair of tight cut-offs, although much bluer, and a skimpy yellow half-tank top showing off her flat, hard, sexy abs. Other than the fact that she had just turned 23 last month, Tawnni was almost identical to Lisa; she was 5-9 and 120 pounds of bronzed beauty and measured a stunning 36C-24-34 with long legs that just screamed to be sucked. She had medium-long, jet-black hair and beautiful brown eyes, a small, oval mouth just right for a cock, and teeth as white as snow. Not quite as pretty in the face as Lisa, Tawnni carried a look that said she was hot and saucey and a girl who sizzled. She was also a royal bitch most of time!!

"What the fuck is HE doin' here?" Tawnni asked Dave in a loud voice, just realizing that I was here I suppose.

"He just stopped by," Dave said.

"Fuck that!" she exclaimed. "I'm not fightin' for him."

I said nothing as Dave tried to explain but was interrupted by Lisa. "What's the matter, bitch? Afraid he'll see me kick your fuckin' ass, slut!" shouted Lisa, still trying to get around me.

"Shut up, slut! I wasn't talkin' to your ass!" Tawnni yelled back.

Dave tried to cool her down as Lisa now peered into my eyes and said sternly but softly, "Lemme go, Toby." Locked and looking into her enticing brown eyes, I knew she was asking. I knew she was wanting to fight, and I knew she wanted to fight now. I had to kiss her. It was a quick, but tender peck on the lips and she puckered right back and matched my kiss.

"Go get her, Lisa," I whispered as our lips broke. I like Lisa very much, and as much as I wanted to see her kick Tawnni's ass, I also wanted her to lose so I could have her for myself. I knew she'd date me, but I wasn't so sure Tawnni would. Of course with Tawnni, I'd date her just to fuck her. She was a fox! Lisa went around me like a bolt, calling Tawnni a bitch and reaching out for her. Tawnni quickly sidestepped, putting Dave between herself and the charging blonde.

"C'm back here, bitch!" shouted Lisa, reaching over Dave's back and just catching Tawnni by the top of the hair.

"Ooooww!" cried Tawnni.

Dave spun around into Lisa and tried to stop her, but I grabbed him by the arm and back of the shirt and yanked him out of the way. They had come here to fight, and I couldn't understand why he continued to keep them apart. "Let 'em go, man!" He and I backed off as Lisa had Tawnni bent over at the waist by the hair as Tawnni yelped out and clawed Lisa's hands.

"Bitch!" shouted Lisa, balling up her left fist and pumping it into Tawnni's ribs.

"Uuuuggghhh!" groaned Tawnni, her knees bending.

Lisa tried yanking the raven haired beauty up by the hair, but Tawnni put her shoulder into Lisa's abs and drove her across the room and onto the couch. With her hands still full of Tawnni's hair, Lisa's legs sprang open and she tried to wrap them around Tawnni's hips. But Tawnni, with her head buried in Lisa's midsection, chomped down on the blonde's left tit, just below the areola. Lisa screamed and tore Tawnni off by the hair. Tawnni latched on to Lisa's hair as their momentium carried them tumbling to the floor. I popped a major boner as I watched this blond hardbody and brunette brickhouse lay into each other with a furry.

With their hands full of each other's tresses and their long, luscious legs flying around, Tawnni and Lisa flat out fought. They screamed. They shouted. They viciously pulled hair. Legs dueled. Breasts banged. Body vs. body. One blonde. One brunette. Both beautiful. Both battling. Tawnni rolled on top, stretching Lisa's neck sideways by the hair. Lisa screamed and pulled Tawnni off by the hair, her legs sliding around Tawnni's hips.

"Aaaahhhh...fuuuuuuck!" cried Tawnni, losing a fist of her hair.

"You fuckin' bitch! I hate you!" Lisa shouted, trying to tear out more dark hair as her thighs squeezed across Tawnni's hips. Tawnni jerked straight back on Lisa's long hair and spread out her legs, breaking Lisa's scissors. "Oooooh, ggggawd! Mmmmmy haaair!" Lisa bawled, now slowly being pulled off as Tawnni dragged out a chunk of her golden mane.

"Bitch! How's it feel?" growled Tawnni, working her bronze body back on top again and lacing up her legs with Lisa's legs. Using her legs, Tawnni pried open Lisa's and began to grind hips with the blonde. I almost creamed my jeans at the sight of those two pairs of tight cut-offs gyrating together as Tawnni rolled hips with her. Further up, her round, firm breasts were mashing Lisa's breasts flat as both girls' boobs were now oozing out from underneath their tops. Huffing and puffing, Lisa's breasts and pelvic managed to stand up and dish out some discomfort to Tawnni. Still Tawnni was on top and in control for the minute or so that this lasted.

"Get off me, you fat slut," grunted Lisa, both still pulling on hair.

"Fuck you, cunt," Tawnni hissed, but losing her upper positioning as Lisa's hips bucked upward, hard into her's.

Rolling slowly over on their sides, Tawnni's legs out-fought Lisa's legs and won the right to wrap around the loser's waist.

"Uuuuummmpphhh!" Lisa grunted deeply as her abs now felt the power of Tawnni's tan, tone thighs squeeze together.

"I'm...gonna...bust...you," Tawnni grumbled, tightening her legs even more as they continued stretching each other's head back by the hair.

"Uuunngg...uuummph...I...can't...breath," gasped Lisa as her once-tight abs now turned to mush under Tawnni's golden, firm thighs.

Out of desperation, Lisa let go of Tawnni's hair with her left hand and clamped it around the brunette's right tit. Tawnni howled out and her legs seemed to loosen as she scratched her fingernails down Lisa's forearm. Lisa gritted her teeth and winced, but kept on squeezing the juicy, firm globe. Changing tactics, Tawnni now clutched Lisa's left tit and gave it a twist.

"Oooohh sssshhhit! Le'...gooo!" wailed Lisa, her hips shaking and breaking Tawnni's leg scissor.

"Aaaahh fuuuuck! You...leGgooo!" Tawnni cried, as they both worked their hand underneath the other's top and kept on squeezing the target. Digging their nails into each other, Tawnni's legs moved past Lisa's hips as their lower torsos lurched forward. Coiling their legs together, the blonde and brunette mashed their hips together as they now took each other by the nipple and pulled. Both swore out in agoney as they stretched out each other's areola and pulled their faces together by the back of the hair. Dave and I were amazed as we watched them scream and spit in each other's face while trying to tear off the other's pink nipple.

"Oooohhh ssssshhhhhhit!!" I heard Tawnni cry out as Lisa's red nails now dug in across her tit and disappeared. Lisa now worked her legs around Tawnni's hips as she rolled her way on top and straddled her. Both still had a fist of hair and a handful of tit as Lisa squared her foxy ass over Tawnni's twisting hips.

"You bitch!" shouted Lisa, letting go of Tawnni's hair and slapping her across the cheek. There was a loud POP followed instantly by a cry as Lisa went back to work on Tawnni's chest. Ripping open the brunette's yellow top, she grabbed both boobs and squeezed like hell.

Tawnni screamed at the top of her lungs, but slammed two right hooks into Lisa's ribs. The blows caused the blonde to fold sideways and slide off as Tawnni bucked and gave her a yank on the hair. Not waisting a second of time, Tawnni rolled on top and dropped her hot ass across Lisa's broad hips and ripped open her top. "Aaaarrrrgggg!!" Lisa cried, her breasts feeling the wrath of Tawnni's pink nails. With Tawnni's beautiful boobs dangling, Lisa immediately went for them and squeezed. Tawnni threw back her head, her black hair flying, and screamed out as her tits were scratched from the armpit to the areola. "Fuckin' whore! Aaaarrrrgggg!!" cried Lisa, bucking and twisting as her tender titties were lanced open by Tawnni's nails.

"Sssslut!" Tawnni swore, sending a pair of blistering slaps across Lisa's left cheek.

Pop! Pow! A nice right-hook under the jawbone snapped Tawnni's pretty head back, and Lisa jerked her off by the hair while bucking her crotch hard into her ass. It was a good blow, but not enough to end it; however, it did slow the action for a moment as they both slowly untangled their legs and reached for each other's hair.

"You bitch!" grumbled Lisa, getting two big handfuls of Tawnni's tresses as they rolled up on their knees. Lisa stood up fully on her knees, jerking Tawnni up as well. Tawnni, still dazed by the uppercut, grabbed one handful of Lisa's hair as her other curled into a fist and slammed against the blonde's abs. "Oooommmph!" she grunted, doubling over with her hands holding her belly.

Tawnni shook her head, still clearing the cobwebs as Lisa rose back up and pumped a fist into Tawnni's abs. "Uuuummmph!" she groaned as her belly soaked up Lisa's fists.

"Fuckin' bitch," cursed Lisa, lifting the brunette up by the hair and giving her a nasty slap across the face. SMACK! Tawnni was sent to the floor on her back, holding her burning cheek as Lisa proceeded to straddle her waist.

CRACK! "Uuuuuuunnnnggg!!" Lisa groaned deep in the pit of her gut and her eyes rolled back as she toppled backward holding her crotch from the kneecap Tawnni had put directly into the blonde's open snatch, busting her and sending her sprawling on her backside.

"Damn!" I said to Dave. "How much more can they take?"

"Shit, I don't know," he muttered. "I don't know."

For a few moments Lisa and Tawnni lay relatively still on the carpet, breathing deeply in between grunts and groans as they rubbed and massaged whatever was hurting them. As I said, I'd never seen two girls catfight, but I couldn't imagine a better one. Here I was watching two absolutely beautiful babes beating the hell out of each other and it didn't appear to be over yet; although I couldn't see it going much longer. Both were pretty banged and beat up, but still looked very lovely just the same.

"You slut!" said Tawnni, just sitting up. "Had enough?"

"Oh, fuck you," answered Lisa, now sitting up as well. "Have YOU?"

Dave tried to speak, but I cut him off, "Let 'em finish it!"

"Yeah, you asshole!" said Tawnni. "This is all your fault anyway. I wouldn't be doin' this if you weren't fuckin' the whore."

"Bitch!" screamed Lisa, getting to her feet. "You're the whore!"

"Shut up, you mop-headed blonde," said Tawnni, now standing as well.

"Bitch, you're just jealous because I'm better than you," said Lisa as the two girls seemed ready to resume.

"You're the one gonna be jealous after I tear out that dishwater hair!" said Tawnni as she and Lisa stepped forward, each slowly reaching for the other's hair as they traded promises of balding the other.

"Bitch, you're the one gonna be bald after I tear out that shit-black hair of yours," said Lisa as they both allowed the other to run her hands deep inside her hair.

I couldn't help but massage my throbbing cock thru my shorts as Lisa and Tawnni started pulling each other's hair. They winced and yelped between swearing and cursing as they erotically waltzed around the room pulling hair. This hair fight was slow and methodical. No wild ripping or jerking. Just good, long, hard pulls as they wrenched each other's head up and down and in circles. At times their long, lean bodies would come together, allowing their ripe tits and erect nipples to fight while their golden, silky thighs and legs criss-crossed and rubbed together. This erotic dance of jealousy didn't last but for a few minutes, but it was pure delight while it did.

"Ooww! Ooww! Ooww! Ooww!" wailed Lisa thru gritted teeth and eyes as Tawnni stretched her head back and slowly dragged out a fist of long, golden locks.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Sssshhhit!" yelped Tawnni as the same thing was happening to her as Lisa removed a handful of thick, raven tresses. Dropping the hair at their feet, they went back for more as they pulled each other over at the waist by the back of the hair and ever-so slowly sank to their knees.

"Fuckin' cunt," swore Tawnni, twisting Lisa's head towards the floor.

"Ooouuch! Fuckin' bitch," Lisa cursed, as she had Tawnni's chin buried in her own chest.

The two foxes slowly toppled over on their sides and quickly slithered their legs together. Still very much determined to bald each other, Tawnni and Lisa continued with their agonizing hair pulling as their 5-9, 120 pounds bodies rolled and rolled and rolled over and over and over each other from one side of the room to the other. It was quite a sight watching their bellies pump back and forth together as their bare breasts squished and oozed in all directions while I tried to envision the catfight that their pink, protruding nipples must be having with each other as they slashed and stabbed in hate.

"Ooooooowwwwww!!'' screamed Lisa, losing a wad from the side of her head.

"Sssshhhhhhit! Oooowww!" Tawnni barked out at loss of some hair from the top of her head.

Tawnni rolled to a stop on top. Her tits driving Lisa's tits into her chest while she pulled on handful of her blond bangs as the other clutched around her throat. Tawnni flexed out her legs, pulling Lisa' legs out with them as she tried to snap Lisa's sexy limbs in half. Lisa's eyes rolled back in her head, but she defended herself by grabbing the back of Tawnni's tan thighs and ripping her slut-red nails upward towards her ass.

"Aaaaaaarrrrggggg!!" screamed the raven beauty as her thigh muscles were scratched open. Lisa ended the thigh clawing with three blistering slaps across Tawnni's hot, tight ass before she could unlock their legs and roll off.

"Fuckin' cunt!" Lisa shouted in her face as they lay sideways together, still very much locked up from head to toe.

"Let's see how you like it, slut!" shouted Tawnni, quickly raking her pink fingernails up Lisa's left thigh.

"Yeeeooooww!" cried Lisa, giving Tawnni's hair a yank and her ass two slaps. Tawnni winced, but spanked Lisa's ass right back, as they now slapped and spanked each other across the ass and along the thigh for several seconds. "You bitch!" shouted Lisa, rolling on top and trying to get her legs in control of Tawnni's.

"No you don't, blondie!" yelled Tawnni, grabbing two meaty handfuls of Lisa's sexy buns and drilling her nails in deep.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" screamed Lisa, quickly trying to roll off as Tawnni added a pair of stinging slaps to her butt. Getting to her knees, Tawnni pounced on Lisa as the blond was on her back. Lisa grunted as Tawnni's 120 pound body came down with force across her's.

"Fuckin' piece of shit," said Tawnni as she quickly straddled the blonde and sat across her waist. "I fuckin' hate you!" Sinking her hands into the sides of Lisa's hair, Tawnni beat the back of the blonde's head against the carpet five or six times before letting go and latching on to her tits.

"Aaaaarrrgggg! Mmmmy tits...ohhh, my fuckin' tits!" cried Lisa as her 37C's were wrung out in Tawnni's twisting, turning hands. Bucking and kicking beneath Tawnni's straddled body, Lisa took a fist of dark hair and pulled as her other hand clamped around the left tit and squeezed. Tawnni cried out in pain as she was now pulled over sideways. But before Lisa could completely dislodge her, Tawnni gave her cheek a taste of her open palm. Smack! As Lisa pulled Tawnni off, the brunette twisted around and found herself with her backside to the blonde as Lisa quickly wrapped her long legs around her waist and squeezed.

"Uuuummpphh!" Tawnni grunted, her guts crushed between the blonde's deadly thighs and legs.

"Bitch! I'm gonna kill you!" yelled Lisa in her ear as she flexed her legs and reached around and took Tawnni by the nipples.

"Aaaaahhhh...fuuuuuck! Mmmmmy...nnnnniples!" screamed Tawnni as Lisa stretched out her sensative, pink flesh. For several agonizing moments, Tawnni clawed and scratched Lisa's hands and forearms in vain. Tears pooled in her brown eyes and ran down her red cheeks as her nipples were being pulled off and her guts crushed.

"Aaaaahhhh ggggawd, you're...killin'...me! Leeee' gggoooo!" Tawnni cried as she now scratched bloody tracks along Lisa's thighs.

"Yeeeeooowwww!" screamed Lisa, but pumping those long, luscious legs just the same.

"Ppppplease! Ssssssshhhhhit!" bellowed Tawnni.

Realizing she had Tawnni on the brink of surrender, Lisa withstood all her pain and gave one last push at achieving victory. "Do...you...give?" she asked, shouting, still squeezing Tawnni's abs and stretching out her nips.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!" Tawnni cried, throwing her head back in Lisa's face.

POP! "Oh gawd!" Lisa cried, letting go of Tawnni's tits as her hands now rushed and covered her face. Blood poured out between Lisa's fingers and under her hands as her legs opened up and she rolled onto her back crying and holding her face. Instantly her cheeks were covered with blood, and it ran down her neck and face and started to color her hair.

Dave made a move towards her, but I grabbed his arm, "Hold it! It's not over…yet!" Tawnni rolled to her knees and saw the distress that her blonde foe was in. Seeing the blood was like a red flag to her as she lunged forward at Lisa and dropped her mouth around her left tit. "Oh shit!" exclaimed Dave and I grabbed him still and watched as Lisa's areola disappeared between Tawnni's white, pearly teeth.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!" Lisa screamed as her body erupted in complete pain. The blood from her nose went flying everywhere as Tawnni swung her leg around and slammed it against Lisa's crotch.

"We've gotta stop this! She's hurt!" Dave shouted, still unable to break loose from me. Tawnni let go of her bite and kneed Lisa in the crotch one more time. The blonde's body jerked and spasmed as the brunette mounted her and drew back her right fist. Crack! Lisa's head snapped to the side as Tawnni's knuckles connected solid with her chin. "Leggo! I gotta stop this!" shouted Dave.

I let him go just as Tawnni was ready to clock Lisa again. Dave got there in time to stop her, quickly pulled her off and into his arms. I looked at Lisa; flat on her back and not moving. Obviously Tawnni had knocked her out. Most of her face was covered in blood, and her hair was getting redder as the blood from her nose continued to run and dye it. Her left tit was swelling - and sporting two different circles of teeth marks; one just below the areola where Tawnni bit her in the beginning, the other completely surrounding the areola, which was now badly deformed and deep purple in color.

Lisa. Lovely Lisa! Knocked out and drenched in blood. My new woman!

Epiloge: After the fight, I took Lisa to her apartment and spent the night with her, tending to her wounds and needs. A week or so later, once she’d healed, we started dating. She was every bit as good a lover as Dave said - and then some! She confessed that her catfight with Tawnni had been her first and when I asked if she'd ever fight again, she said she would if it was over me. Naturally, I wanted to see this, so I began looking for a foxy girl in which to cheat with and have Lisa fight. For me (and Lisa), that foxy girl just happened to be Tawnni!