Cindy Crawford vs. Naomi Campbell by Southgate

As Cindy walks towards the ring, she's waving at fans and well-wishers. She wears a blue satin robe, belted at the waist but with nothing on underneath as stipulated in the contract she signed for this fight. She steps up into the ring and waits thoughtfully for her opponent to make her appearance. Her opponent is late, Cindy frowns as she looks up at the arena clock. Cindy has nothing but disdain for Naomi and she’s long considered the ebony beauty an embarrassment to the profession. From her perspective, Naomi has always been crude, foul-mouthed - and dumb as they come! Neither woman is young; Cindy fast approaching the dreaded big 'four-oh' which is deadly for models and Naomi is no spring chicken either, just four years younger. Time for a career change!

The money the promoter has put for the match is substantial, and Cindy's career could use some publicity to help her transition into the action roles she seeks. Cindy has always enjoyed fighting, dominating other women, even suffering the occasional loss and then coming back to trash an over-confident opponent. The rules for the fight are simple: no rules. Submission only. Cindy shakes and stretches, gathering her strength. She knows that she's fit and strong as ever, even if she's added perhaps a few inches and a few pounds to her curvy figure in twenty years of celebrity. Hearing a commotion, Cindy looks up and sees Naomi racing toward the ring, her red robe wide open, flying wildly out behind her sleek nude body. Naomi stops at ring side, throws off her robe and points at Cindy with an arching, long, black finger.

"Keep it covered as long as you can, Cindy,” Naomi hisses. “'Cause you don't want to be compared to THIS!" she leers as her hands sweep down her body from her breasts to her hips.

Naomi springs up onto the ring apron with cat-like grace and slips between the ropes. Cindy glares, then slowly unties her belt and drops her robe. She is proud of her body and her conditioning. She studies Naomi whose body is lean and hard, not curvy like a ‘real’ woman’s, Cindy muses. But as her eyes scan down Naomi's body, Cindy visibly winces. Those killer legs, thinner than her own strong pipes, look like they’re made of black steel cables and with every movement, the sinews in her legs pop. ‘Got to avoid those pythons,’ Cindy mutters to herself.

Naomi is immediately impatient for the fight to start. She stands in her corner bouncing up and down on her toes, shaking her head, throwing off beads of sweat in every direction. She's spent thirty minutes in her dressing room loosening up, getting ready to put Cindy down hard and claim an easy prize. She makes eye contact with Cindy, glares as she waits, then the bell rings!!

Naomi is moving toward Cindy even before the bell and it’s still echoing in the air as she lunges, bending low, intent on catching Cindy around the waist. But she telegraphs her move and Cindy, smiling, nails Naomi with a spinning kick just as she bends forward. As her foot cracks into Naomi's jaw, the impact sends her reeling sideways. Naomi drops to one hand and one knee, more surprised than hurt and after resting just a moment, she springs back to her feet, but with her head spinning and her vision momentarily clouded.

Cindy is right there, sensing her opportunity and she lays into Naomi with a combination of lefts and rights that snap her head from side to side. Falling back against the ropes, the reeling Naomi tries to cover up as Cindy, balancing on her right leg, uses her left foot to kick Naomi's head from side to side until Naomi’s butt slips through the ropes and she sits down with her long, lanky legs draped over the middle strand of the ring.

Cindy reaches forward, grabs Naomi’s flailing legs by the ankles and pulls her back through the ropes. Naomi drops into the ring on her ass, bounces once and sprawls flat on her back! Cindy spreads Naomi’s legs in a wishbone, then drives her knee down onto Naomi's crotch! Pain shoots through the black supermodel’s body and Cindy, on her knees between Naomi's splayed legs, clasps her fists together, raises them high and then drives the double ax-handle down into her gut.

As Cindy grinds her knuckles in Naomi's crotch, a smile flits across her face and she thinks, ‘This won't take long.’

Cindy senses something wrong even before she sees it…or rather feels it! Naomi, her face contorted in a mix of pain and rage contracts her body, draws her left leg in, then lashes out. Her foot hit SMACK in Cindy's face, rocking her back before she pitches forward and sprawls into Naomi who quickly grabs Cindy's hair in her left hand as she rakes her right across Cindy's face, jabbing her in the eyes. Naomi clamps the hand over Cindy's nose and mouth as she pulls Cindy to her and locks her legs around Cindy's waist, smothering and crushing her at the same time!

Blinded, Cindy thrashes mightily to break free and her heart sinks as she realizes she’d rightly estimated the power in the black beauty's legs! Naomi holds Cindy’s head tight as she tries to mangle Cindy's famous face and cut off her air supply. Cindy's hands try to pry Naomi's legs apart, but it's not going to happen! In fact, Naomi even tightens her scissors until Cindy's ribs creak in agony. Still, Cindy keeps her cool, reaches up and grabs Naomi's nose and mouth with both hands, fighting fire with fire. Now both women are struggling to breath!

Cindy manages to plant her knees on the mat. Determined to break out of the scissors hold, Cindy moves one hand from Naomi's face to her hair. The muscles of Cindy's thighs strain as she straightens her legs and pushes herself up. Naomi's legs are still clamped around Cindy's waist but as Cindy rises, she lifts Naomi with her until Naomi's head is hanging down dangerously close to the mat. Then Cindy drives forward, slamming Naomi's head and shoulders into the mat. Twice more, Cindy repeats the move and the fourth time, she drives Naomi into the mat with enough force to break the scissors!

Cindy staggers backward while Naomi rolls onto her side, then gets to one knee rubbing her face and breathing in big gulps of air. Both women pause for a moment to regain their composure. Naomi standing, facing Cindy as, with fists raised, they resume their brutal battle. Naomi lashes out her left foot, twice catching Cindy in her belly. Gaining confidence, she moves in on Cindy jabbing with her left fist, but Cindy counters and staggers the exquisite ebony beauty with a thunderclap fist to her left ear! Naomi backs off shaking her head, then stubbornly moves in again. She fakes a punch, spins around 180 degrees and slams a side kick to Cindy's already bruised ribs, nearly taking the tough brunette off her feet.

Naomi rushes Cindy, shoving her back up against the ropes where she drives a knee up into Cindy's belly. As Cindy doubles over gasping, Naomi grabs a handful of hair and jerks Cindy's head up, bending her backward over the top rope and forcing her up on her tip-toes! With Cindy arched backward, Naomi she drives her elbow down across Cindy's collar bone, staggering her, then rakes all ten fingernails down Cindy's body from neck to her crotch!

While Cindy howls, Naomi flips her hands over and gets a tight grip on Cindy’s racing stripe brown bush…then RIPS! Cindy screams again, even louder, then stops resisting and her legs go limp! Naomi tries to jerk up on to Cindy's hair but Cindy endures the scalping as she slides down to the mat where her legs tangle with Naomi’s. Cindy grabs Naomi's left leg and shoves, sending Naomi crashing to the mat on her back and before she can get away, Cindy's elbow smashes into her face!

Cindy quickly straddles Naomi’s body, grabs her head and starts to slam it on the mat! Naomi howls as her brains are jarred, but she escapes after she reaches up and thumbs both of Cindy's eyes, momentarily blinding her. Naomi bucks hard and throws Cindy off, but both woman take their time getting to their feet. Naomi starts to circle around the ring, buying time to clear her head while Cindy maintains a safe distance until her eyes stop tearing from Naomi’s double jab. When Naomi attacks, she uses a spinning kick aimed at Cindy's head, but Cindy ducks and lunges at Naomi - but she too misses.

Naomi moves towards her again and her left leg flashes out. Cindy tries to side-step but Naomi's foot smacks against her bruised ribs and Cindy turns away in pain! Naomi springs like a cat, catching her in a headlock and bulldogging Cindy’s face into the mat. As she plows the canvas with her nose, Cindy's lower body is thrown upward by the sudden stop, then crashes to the mat where she lays twitching while Naomi scrambles back to her feet!

Naomi grabs Cindy by the hair and drags her up, setting her on her knees. Then she steps forward, trapping Cindy's aching neck between her steel-cable thighs. She locks her fingers together, raises her hands over her head, then smashes them down on Cindy's back. Smiling, Naomi reaches around Cindy and grabs both tits, twisting, pinching and pulling mercilessly. Cindy tires to pull free but it ain't happenin’!! So Cindy is forced to dig her fingernails into Naomi's ass. The Ebony beauty grunts as she tightens her incredible gluts, making them rock solid and Cindy's fingers can only scratch and claw the surface of the smooth, flawless fleshy globes.

"You've gone and done it now, bitch!" Naomi roars. "You scratched my perfect ass and got me mad! Now once I finish trashing your ugly tits, you're going to finish tonight looking up at my sweet black bottom!"

Naomi tugs harder on Cindy's tits and Cindy makes a frantic effort to pull back, but Naomi leans back, pulling her toward her. Then, suddenly Cindy thrusts forward and Naomi is unbalanced, nearly falling and having to step backward, letting Cindy twist and pull free. Naomi lunges for Cindy again, fingers and talons spread, but Cindy's hands shoot up and, still on her knees, Cindy's hands slam into Naomi and their fingers lock together. Cindy tries to stand up, but Naomi is already upright and she has the advantage.

As both women grunt and strain, Cindy slowly makes her way to her feet, forcing Naomi into retreat. Cindy's upper body is proving stronger when they’re chest to chest, boobs flattened against boobs, leaning into each other! Cindy ignores the pain in her sore tits and squeezes her fingers with all her strength; slowly forcing Naomi backward into the corner. As Cindy presses hard against the pinned black beauty, her fingers, numb but determined, threaten to break Naomi's fingers! Naomi groans, then wails and her body slackens. Cindy immediately steps away, pulling Naomi’s arms straight out, then moves back in and drives her knee over and over into Naomi's belly and, as she bends over in breathless agony, her chest!

Trapped with her back against the turnbuckle, the air is systematically beaten from Naomi's body until her head drops and her slack legs can barely support her. Cindy stops kneeing to pull her swollen fingers away from Naomi's ruined hands. But when she tries to make a fist it's too painful so instead she grabs Naomi’s hair. Taking a gulp of breath, Cindy jerks Naomi's head down as she whips her knee up and smashes it onto the big black woman’s jutting chin. Naomi crumbles to the mat on her knees, then topples forward and sprawls on her belly.

Cindy quickly straddles her back, leans forward and clamps a full nelson on Naomi, then leans back and hauls her upper body off the mat, bending her into a grotesque, back-breaking ‘C’. The pain in Naomi's lower back is unbelievable and (between moans and gasps) she curses and howls, demanding that Cindy get off of her. Cindy slips one hand loose, holding Naomi bent back with a half nelson while she reaches around and grabs Naomi's small left tit in her left claw, vicious payback for the tit-mauling she’d gotten a few minutes earlier.

Naomi screams like a wounded animal, yet she still stubbornly refuses to submit so Cindy releases her tit, cocks her fist and slams it into the side of Naomi's face. Light's out; nobody home! It takes a few moments for it to sink in before Cindy lets Naomi’s limp body drop. Then she stands and struts slowly around the ring while Naomi lies defeated and dejected. Cindy rubs her tits, then stands over Naomi with her hands on her wide hips. After catching her breath, Cindy kicks Naomi over onto her back, squats down straddling Naomi's head and starts grinding her ass on Naomi's blank face as she looks to the promoter, ready to claim her victory. When he slowly shakes his head, Cindy realizes that she’s knocked Naomi senseless, but she hasn’t made her submit! So she stops her slow, satisfying grind, gets up and goes back to her corner where she grabs a water bottle, then marches back to Naomi, slowly drizzling the contents over her face.

"Get up, you dumb bitch! It seems that we're not done yet!" Cindy hisses as she hair-hauls a very dazed and disoriented Naomi back up onto her long, lean, shaky legs. Naomi spits in Cindy's face and attempts to claw her eyes, but Cindy easily shoves her hands away and chops her across the throat. Naomi gags, almost falling but Cindy wraps her arms around Naomi's body and pulls her into a bearhug. As Cindy leans into her, Naomi struggles to resist until her back is about to break!

"Say it!" Cindy demands. Nothing. "Say it, or I'll break your back," she growls, giving Naomi a shake.

Naomi moans, hisses, then finally stammers, "E…nuf…I…s…s…submit…."

Exhausted, Cindy lets Naomi collapse on the mat. The crowd cheers; Cindy smiles; then she struts slowly around the ring muttering, "This is getting too fuckin’ hard. I GOTTA find an easier way to make a buck!"