Neve Campbell vs. Elisha Cuthbert by The Walkin’ Dude

The Yellow Sign Tavern, a half hour before bell…Waiting impatiently in the Destruction Inc locker room, Elisha Cuthbert paced back and forth, going over every detail of her plan for at least the hundredth time. A few feet away, her partner and friend Natalie Portman looked worried and said, “I really wish you’d reconsider this Lisha.”

Barely turning her head, Elisha muttered, “You’re objection has been noted Nat. But I’m not going back on this not now.” The slender brunette opened her mouth to reply, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Megan Fox. As the taller brunette breezed into the room, Cuthbert stopped her pacing and asked breathlessly, “Is everything in place?”

Megan smiled evilly. “Oh yeah, a couple hundred bucks and the ring crew will let you stow a bazooka under there. It’s right where you wanted it to be.”

This news made Elisha happy, but there was more she needed to know. “And the chain, did you get that too?”

Megan handed the blonde a big bag from a local hardware store, “Got that and a big ass padlock - just in case. Should be enough to keep those dopes bottled up in Fannin’s party suite while we work.” The party in question was Richard Fannin’s annual pre-Thanksgiving party for the roster and staff. It was an important part of Elisha’s plan to say the least.

Handing the chain to Natalie, Elisha said, “Nat, this all hinges on you. Nothing’ll work if the three of us aren’t working together. You in?”

Nat bit her lip and stared at the floor, sighed and said, “Yeah, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you… no, beg you… to not go through with this. I know you can beat Neve, isn’t that enough?”

The blonde shook her head emphatically, “Drastic times call for drastic measures, Nat. People have been laughing at us for months and I won’t take any more. We need to show these cunts what happens when they cross Destruction Inc.! I can think of no better place to start than with dear Neve Campbell.”

Sitting down on the bench beside Natalie, Megan added, “And think of the heat it’ll get us! We’ll be in line for another shot at the Tag Title; hell maybe even singles titles.”

Natalie stood up and stalked over to the lockers. Fixing her partners with a stony glance she said, “What you’re talking about goes way beyond heat Megan. What we’re going to do could get us fired or make us pariahs to the whole roster. Is that really what either of you want?”

Elisha approached the brunette and leaned in close. “What I want…” she said. “…is respect. Which I’ll get any way I can. Now, are you with me or against me?”

Natalie locked gazes with her friend and for the longest time she said nothing, then finally, “I told you I’m in. But when we all get blown away in the storm you kicked up, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Elisha smiled and replied, “Don’t you see Natalie? After tonight, we ARE the storm. A storm nobody in this piece of shit promotion will be able to stop!”


When the last of the clamor from the evening’s penultimate match had died down the Ring Announcer stepped back into the squared circle, cleared his throat and began, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for our Main Event! Introducing first…accompanied by Megan Fox, she stands 5’4” and is the leader of ‘Destruction Incorporated’…allow me to introduce… Missssss Elisha Cuthbert!”

‘I’ll Attack’ by 30 Seconds to Mars rumbles into life and Elisha moves through the curtain like a whirlwind, pushing the hanging drapery aside with a flourish so that fans and detractors alike can observe her in all her golden haired glory. Standing atop the ramp with hands on her hips, Elisha grins coyly at the mob as she flips her hair over her shoulder and gives her battle gear the tiniest of adjustments. And speaking of battle gear, the curvaceous blonde is sporting her usual ring attire, consisting of a gleaming white 2 piece bikini and matching wrestling boots. The outfit is completed with maroon knee and elbow pads. Holding her place for a moment longer, she gives Megan a little nod; then struts down the ramp before sliding under the bottom rope. Pushing to her feet, Elisha offered the crowd a disdainful little smile before she headed to her corner to await the arrival of the evening’s opposition.

Letting the noise die down a bit, the Announcer started up again. “And her opponent…she stands 5’6” and they call her the ‘Scream Queen’…ladies and gentleman, I give you….Neve Campbell!”

‘Black Hole Sun’ echoes through the Yellow Sign and Neve comes through the curtain shortly thereafter. Standing calmly at the top of the ramp, Neve waits for just a moment before heading down the ramp. As usual, the brunette is clad in a simple two piece black tankini with matching pads. Reaching the ring apron, Neve slides under the bottom rope and comes to her feet all in one motion. Standing in the center of the ring, she raised her arms, posing for the crowd before heading to her corner for the last minute pre-fight instructions.

Moments after the Announcer left the ring; the bell offered up its typical clanging salute so Neve pushed out of her corner and strode slowly into the center of the squared circle. Keeping her dark eyes locked on the blonde stalking towards her, Neve assumed a loose grappling stance and waited for the verbal barb she knew was coming. Given her opponent, the taunting wasn’t just expected, it was practically inevitable. You can imagine the brunette’s surprise then, when Elisha dipped into a low crouch, exploded forward and wrapped her arms around Neve’s waist, all without uttering a word.

Neve was caught completely off-guard by the directness of Elisha’s attack, so much so that the Scream Queen didn’t offer up any resistance until the smaller blonde had bull-rushed her halfway back to her corner. Futilely attempting to halt her backwards momentum, Neve cinched her arms around Elisha’s neck and slapped on a Front Facelock; but the blonde moved as a woman possessed and she did not relent until Neve had been thrust back into the corner she had left only seconds ago. Cursing herself for being taken by Elisha’s ruse, Neve threaded her right leg over the middle rope and said, “Break KKUNNNGGH!”

Elisha rammed her whole body forward, driving the point of her right shoulder deep into Neve’s belly. As she felt the brunette’s wind leave her lungs, Elisha smiled, reared back and burst forward three more times, filling the air with a dry, but ominously meaty ‘TUP TUP TUP’ as she attempted to rupture Neve’s gut. When the fourth Shoulderblock nearly buckled Neve’s knees, the blonde pulled back and straightened up fast. Blatantly ignoring the ref’s admonition to acknowledge the break, Elisha lashed out her left hand and grabbed a handful of Neve’s dark hair, just above the scalpline.

Tugging the brunette’s head hard to the left, Lish sneered at her dazed foe and spat, “This is what happens when you underestimate me Campbell.” She balled her right hand into a fist and pistoned a series of short, straight Rabbit Punches to the other girl’s forehead. Elisha must have landed more than a dozen undefended shots before the ref got really persistent and started his ‘FIVE’ count. Even then, Elisha didn’t relent, the zebra had to shove his way between blonde and brunette just after he’d reached ‘FOUR’ and by that point Neve had been lathered up in the buckles, sitting stunned and incredulous against the middle buckle.

Licking her lips at the sight of the Scream Queen rocked so early; Elisha raised both hands to her chest and smiled sweetly at the referee, fixing him with an insincere smile as she cooed, “Sorry about that, I didn’t hear you.” She continued smiling until he turned around to check on the brunette, then the moment he wasn’t paying attention, Elisha threw him aside and lunged in, driving her left knee up into Neve’s mouth. Crowing triumphantly as she felt Neve’s lips mash against her kneepad, Lishy strutted back to center ring with both arms raised high overhead. Nodding in Neve’s direction, Elisha smirked out at the audience and asked, “What? You surprised I outclassed that slut so easily? You shouldn’t be; Campbell’s not fit to lick my boots. But I might make her do it anyway.” While Elisha was busy regaling the crowd with all the terrible things she was going to do to Neve who had gripped the top rope in both hands and hauled herself back to her feet.

Wiping the blood off her chin with the back of her hand, Neve fixed her eyes on Elisha’s swaggering form and muttered, “That’s the LAST time I ever underestimate you.”

Shaking out the last of the cobwebs, the Scream Queen left the sanctuary of the turnbuckles and stalked Elisha with evil intentions on her mind. She made no effort to disguise the sound of her approach, in fact; she was a little louder than normal. This was all on purpose, she WANTED Elisha to hear her coming. In this endeavor she was successful, there were at least a half dozen paces separating her from the blonde when Elisha whirled around to meet her. Lishy’s artic blue eyes went from teasingly cruel to coldly murderous in less time than it took to blink.

Assuming a wrestling stance of her own, she beckoned Neve in with a curl of her fingers and a twitch of her lip. Having been on the receiving end of Elisha’s blindside assault once, Neve was more than willing to oblige her. With less than a foot between them now, the Scream Queen raised her hands and made as if to surge forward. Elisha had anticipated this tactic and moved in to meet her opponent’s charge but the blonde wasn’t the only one who could play mind games with her opponent. As Elisha stepped in, Neve rocked back on her heels and fired out her right hand, swatting Elisha across the mouth with a scornfully disrespectful Bitchslap.

Lishy was staggered back a few steps, but the welt forming on her face wasn’t nearly enough to dissuade her for long. Staring a hole through her brunette opposition, the leader of Destruction Incorporated hissed, “I’ll kill you for that.”

Neve smirked, shaking her head ‘no.’ “It’s going to take someone a lot better than you to finish ME off Elisha.”

This fairly innocuous barb drove Elisha into a fury, a fury she indulged by pouncing at the brunette with claws extended. More than ready for the attack this time, Neve went low and spun around behind her adversary, leaving Lish grasping at nothing but empty air. Acting on this minute window of opportunity, Neve cinched her arms around the blonde’s midsection, trussing Elisha up in a nice tight Waistlock. Digging her clasped hands into Elisha’s paunch, a large part of the Scream Queen’s training roared for her to bridge up and dump this arrogant bitch on the back of her head with a German Suplex or something equally painful but Neve’s ego was still stinging from the embarrassment of a few minutes ago and she had a good idea of how to pay it back.

Molding herself to Elisha’s back, Neve roared forward, pushing Elisha along in front of her in a drunk, staggering lurch. Their destination was the same as before, only this time it was Elisha that met the buckles and she did it chest first. As the thinly padded steel mushroomed the blonde’s breasts against her chest, Neve dropped her grip from around Lishy’s hips and straightened up behind her victim. Reaching out with her left hand, Neve procured a handful of golden hair and yanked back, exposing Elisha’s throat to the audience.

Brushing her lips against Elisha’s cheek, Neve whispered, “You wanna play rough Elisha? Fine, let’s play rough.”

The blonde was opening her mouth to fire off a response when Neve ripped a wicked right hook into Elisha’s liver. Lishy’s eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open as the singularly heinous blow dropped her to her knees. Almost satisfied with her message, Neve finished her communiqué with a hard, stinging slap to the back of Elisha’s bowed head. Nodding her approval, the Scream Queen sauntered back to mid-ring and waited for her opponent’s next charge. Biting her bottom lip to hold back a sob, Elisha clapped her arms across her belly and took several deep breaths before she felt confident enough to get her feet back under her. Brushing aside the ref’s inquiries, Elisha turned a scathing look on the brunette as she slipped into a wrestler’s crouch.

Approaching the Scream Queen slowly, Elisha said, “I’m glad you want to fight on my terms Neve, I’ve been looking for the right someone to tear apart for a long time now.”

Neve’s dark eyes flashed as she answered, “I’ll fight you any way you want Elisha. It really doesn’t matter because they’ll all end the same way. You flat on your back and looking up at the lights.”

Their fingers were almost brushing now, but Elisha couldn’t resist saying, “Not tonight Neve. Tonight is the night I cement my legacy at the expense of yours. Tonight is the night your life changes forever.”

Neve thought about offering up a reply, but decided against it. It would be far more satisfying to simply tie Elisha in a mewling, whimpering knot and that’s exactly what she intended to do. Setting her feet against the canvas, Neve lunged forward at the exact moment Elisha did the same. Blonde and brunette met with a muted THUMP coming together in a tight, tight, tight Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. Under most circumstances, this hold is used as a simple transition to something more complex, but in this instance, both ladies seemed content to merely shove and strain against one another in a simple, but intense war for supremacy.

For several seconds Elisha and Neve merely stomped and staggered around the ring, bouncing off the ropes, banging off the turnbuckles and narrowly avoiding the referee on several occasions. It was only when Neve rose up on her toes and Elisha sank to one knee did the strength of the clench and their mutual animosities reveal themselves. For instead of trying to disengage the blonde or switch to another hold, Neve dropped to one knee as well; apparently she was dead-set on dominating the blonde in all facets of their battle. And even if she HAD wanted to let go, there was no guarantee that Elisha would have relinquished her hold either. Digging her long, strong fingers into the Scream Queen’s shoulders and neck, Elisha yanked hard to her left, forcing both beauties off balance and onto their sides.

And still neither would pull away from the Lock-Up. Working with nothing but upper body strength now, the Canadian beauties rolled back and forth like they were caught on a ship in squall and not a perfectly stationary ring. After twirling across every inch of the canvas failed to yield any decisive result, Elisha swiveled onto her back, forcing Neve to do the same. Moving quickly to ensure Neve couldn’t counter, Elisha placed her feet against the mat, then bridged up and back, somersaulting onto the brunette’s chest even while their arms were still entwined. But now Neve’s shoulders were on the mat and Elisha’s were not. Seeing this, the official dropped down and slapped the mat, ‘ONE…’

Neve snaked her legs up off the mat and threaded them under Elisha’s arms. Voicing a small groan, Neve yanked back, breaking the count and putting Elisha’s shoulders down in a single motion. Finally forced to pull away from the clench, Neve wrapped both arms around Elisha’s thighs and held on tight as the ref started his second count of the night, ‘ONE…’

But like her dark-haired opponent, Elisha was not so easily undone and she demonstrated as such by clapping her thighs against Neve’s ears, stunning the brunette into releasing the pin. Free from one another’s grasp for the first time in nearly two minutes, Neve and Elisha roll in opposite directions before getting their feet back under them. Biting her bottom lip in an expression of disgust, Elisha takes a moment to snap her red and white briefs back into their proper place on her pale hips.

Flicking a derisive stare in the direction of the brunette, Elisha stretches her left hand above her head and demanded, “You don’t think I’m on your level Neve? Then why don’t you put me in my place Scream Queen?” The last two words were drenched in sarcasm so nasty it bordered on acidic.

Unfazed by the blonde’s challenge, Neve tucked a few stray hairs behind her ears and stepped forward. Stopping just outside of Elisha’s reach, Neve glared at her adversary and asked, “How do I know an unscrupulous dirt-bag like you isn’t going to slash her nails across my face the second our hands touch?”

Elisha grinned like a shark, “You don’t know. But I DO KNOW that you can’t turn down a challenge. Besides, you wouldn’t want to look scared in front of an unscrupulous dirt-bag like me would you?”

The brunette shook her head ‘no’ and replied quietly as she raised her left hand overhead and laid it flat against Elisha’s right, “I’ve NEVER been afraid of you Cuthbert!”

As their fingers started to interlace, Elisha purred, “Well, that’s gonna change real soon, Campbell.”

The blonde raised her hand to complete the Test of Strength, or so it appeared. As Elisha’s free hand passed in front of Neve’s face, it darted forward with viper-speed and Face Raked across Neve’s eyes. Blinded, Neve swung wildly with her free hand but Elisha merely sidestepped the clumsy blow and buried her right foot in Neve’s belly with a stiff Toe Kick. As the brunette gasped for breath, Elisha backed up a few steps and sprinted forward, catching the winded stunner in a tight Front Facelock. Before Neve even knew what was happening, Elisha leapt off the mat and forced both legs straight out behind her. Floating almost directly parallel to the surface of the ring several fee below, Elisha twisted to her right to start the descent that would simultaneously complete her Tornado DDT by spiking Neve’s head into the mat.

Sadly, the blonde had failed to account for that few (if any) in the business were as good at counter-wrestling as Neve, but the Scream Queen didn’t mind proving it once again. In the split second before Elisha leaned her weight into her fall, Neve rose up on her toes, locked her arms around the blonde’s waist and tugged back with all her might. Elisha had just enough time to realize she was falling in the wrong direction; going over Neve’s head when she should have been landing in front of it. Then Neve leaned back into her bridge and dropped Elisha flat on her back with a Northern Lights Suplex from out of left field. Trying not to gasp at the inventiveness of Neve’s reversal, the official dropped down to administer the count but the brunette broke the bridge herself and rose to one knee.

Glaring down at Elisha, she spat, “You’re gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want to usurp me Elisha.”

Allowing herself a double helping of Elisha’s blonde hair, the Scream Queen hauled Elisha to her feet and marched her to the center of the ring. Feeling a rather uncharacteristic burst of spite, Neve untangled one hand from Elisha’s locks and belted the blonde across the face with a Forehand Slap just because she could. Watching Elisha’s head snap to the side, Neve thought she could get used to slapping a girl like Elisha and repeated her last tactic, only this time she gave the blonde a taste of her Backhand. Having given her victim the treatment she deserved, Neve trapped Elisha in a Front Face Lock, slinging the ivory skinned blonde’s near arm over her shoulders while reaching down to hook Elisha’s left leg with her right arm. Pausing for just a second to catch her breath, Neve pulled Elisha up and off her feet, bringing Lishy’ crashing down hard with a Fisherman’s Suplex. In better position to hold the Bridge this time, Neve did just that, rising up on her toes in an effort to keep her adversary’s shoulders flat on the canvas. Prepared as he ever was, the ref dropped to both knees and counted, ‘ONE… TWO’ Elisha kicked her legs free of Neve’s grip, breaking the bridge and the count.

Undeterred, Neve rolled onto one knee and mused, “Hmh, maybe you don’t fold as fast as Sarah said you did. Or maybe I just have to throw you harder…”

Neve grabbed Elisha by the straps of her top and jerked the DI girl to her feet. Whipping the blonde around to face her, Neve didn’t waste any energy on more words; she just ducked low and wrapped both arms around Elisha’s waist, forcing her head between Elisha’s torso and her left arm. Preparations complete, Neve bridged up and back once again, this time dropping Lish with a less elevated, but much faster Northern Lights Suplex. Holding the curvaceous blonde’s shoulders down on the canvas, Neve bridged up even further and waited for the ref to swoop in and make his count. In this she did not have to wait very long, but she wasn’t able to hear the whole thing because Elisha bucked violently just after the ‘TWO’ and was able to break up the attempt.

Even though she was reeling from the Scream Queen’s high-speed Suplex barrage, Elisha wasn’t so out of it that she didn’t hear Megan’s voice imploring her from the edge of the ring. Following the big brunette’s voice, Elisha rolled under the bottom rope and landed in a rough sprawl on the mat. Breathing hard, the blonde flipped hair out of her eyes and glanced over at Megan.

Before she could say anything, Megan asked, “You wanna start this early?”

Cuthbert shook her head, “She hasn’t beaten me yet.”

Megan nodded and started to reply when her eyes suddenly went wide and startled. “ELISHA MOVE!” she screamed. Elisha did, but jus not fast enough. She’d taken maybe a half step to the left when a charging Neve dropped into a Baseball Slide and thrust both feet under the bottom rope. Lishy was caught between the shoulders by the modified Dropkick that sent her chest-first into the steel barricade at ringside. As the blonde dripped down the barrier and onto the mat, Neve slid out under the bottom rope and stalked over to her. Grabbing a handful of Elisha’s hair, Neve turned her gaze to the other member of Destruction Incorporated and asked, “Anything to say to me Megan?”

Megan just smirked, “Nope, not right now.”

“Keep it that way!” Neve snarled back.

Hoisting Elisha to her feet, Neve spun around on her heels and chucked the blonde under the bottom rope, sending the smaller girl rolling back into the ring all knock-knees and quivering elbows. Keeping one eye on the brunette lurking beside her, Neve climbed up onto the apron and climbed back into the squared circle. Returning the full focus of her attention to the unfurled blonde at her feet, Neve allowed herself a moment to snap her bottom into place across her hips before raising Elisha off the mat with a double handful of shoulder-straps. Spinning the dazed vixen around to face her, Neve took hold of Elisha’s right wrist and Irish Whipped her into the far corner. Following the blonde to the corner, Neve flicked a lock of hair off her forehead as she planted her left forearm across Elisha’s windpipe.

Leaning in close, the Scream Queen whispered, “You roughed me up pretty good early on Elisha. But let’s see how well you do when you can’t rely on cheap shots.”

Ignoring the blonde’s frustrated gurgle, Neve pulled back her right arm and formed her hand into a flat, paddle-like shape. Eying the blonde’s trim ivory tummy with a cold, dispassionate eye, the brunette held the pose for another second and then lashed her arm forward with a slight ‘whicking’ sound. CRACK! Neve’s hand connected with Elisha’s belly and lightning raced up and down Lishy’s spine. Keeping up the pressure on the blonde’s windpipe, Neve jiggled her hand against Elisha’s abdomen and then pulled it away, resetting her stance. Observing the nasty red welt on the formerly flawless skin, Neve’s lips turned up in a tiny smile right as she snapped her hand forward again. CRACK! This time there was no pause between impacts. Elisha’s belly was still trembling from the slap when Neve drew back and slapped her over and over again. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK!

After thoroughly tenderizing the blonde’s midsection, Neve shook off the tingle in her hand while maintaining the pressure on Elisha’s throat. Grinding her forearm back and forth under Elisha’s chin, Neve put her forehead against Elisha’s and hissed, “Next time you want to make a name at my expense, why don’t you take a minute and ask Kristin why she limps when it rains.”

Neve waited just long enough for Elisha’s blue eyes to align with hers, then dove forward and brought her knee up into the pit of the blonde’s belly! Lishy’s jaw dropped as her eyes went wide and air exploded out of her lungs. Unfortunately, Elisha didn’t get a chance to replenish her reserves because Neve repeated the paunch-pulverizing move three more times in rapid succession, THUP, THUP, THUP! Finally content with her work in the corner, Neve backed off and let Elisha stagger past her. Stalking behind the breathless blonde, Neve pressed up tight against Elisha’s back, reached around the blonde with her right leg so it looped around Elisha’s side and between her legs; hooking Elisha’s right leg with the entangling limb. Then, using both hands, Neve pushed down on Elisha’s head and neck, stretching the trapped blonde’s torso painfully across Neve’s knee. The Abdominal Stretch was locked in perfectly and Neve poured on the pressure; wrenching the blonde’s torso at a hideous angle.

Jostling the Stretch a bit more, Neve glared down into Elisha’s crimped face and demanded, “Submit!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Elisha gritted her teeth and snarled, “Fuck you bitch! Just wait til I get out of here, I’m going to tear you apart!”

Neve smiled as she pressed down harder, bending Elisha’s torso violently across her knee, “Care to reconsider?”

Ignoring the fire running up and down her ribs, Elisha thought, ‘You’re dead Campbell, you’re just too dumb to know it. And even though I WILL end your career tonight, I’ll be damned if I do it on a tainted win.’

Filling her lungs as best she could, Elisha let loose with an ear-splitting scream and yanked her right leg free of Neve’s grip and slammed her heel down on the Scream Queen’s foot. “UNNNGH!” Neve let out a pained moan as she staggered back, hopping on her good foot. Wincing, Neve regained her footing and stalked after the doubled-up blonde. Snatching Elisha’s left wrist in both hands, Neve turned her opponent around and snarled, “You’re really going to regret that.”

Dipping into a deep crouch, the brunette whipped her foe into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Stalking to the center to await Elisha’s return, Neve hadn’t exactly decided on what she was going to do next, so she gave herself some more time to think about it by jumping straight into the air in a gorgeous Frog Leap just before the blonde would have run her over.

Things would have been just fine if Elisha had done what she was supposed to do and just pass under the floating brunette, but Elisha had developed a reputation as one who liked to buck tradition…something she proved again when she stopped dead in her tracks and wrapped her arms around Neve’s thighs. Suddenly, the Scream Queen was caught in the stall position for a Powerbomb - never a good thing! Then things went from bad to worse when Elisha tossed her struggling foe down towards the mat to complete the Powerslam! As Neve was going down, Elisha positioned her right elbow between Neve’s thighs as she dropped to the canvas with her. A microsecond after her back WHAM hit the mat, Neve’s crotch exploded in agony as Elisha’s makeshift Elbow Drop drove deep into her womanhood!

Neve’s back arched violently as she was torn between the agony in her back and the anguish in her center. The decision was made a lot easier when Elisha got to her feet and took one of Neve’s feet in either hand. Splitting the Scream Queen’s legs at a rude 45-degree angle, Elisha glared down into her victim’s face and sneered, “And here’s where you start to scream for me, you cunt.”

Rising up on her toes, Elisha waited just long enough for Neve’s eyes to clear before dropping to WHAM slam a knee into the brunette’s womanhood. Neve howled in agony and tried to wriggle free of the blonde’s grip but Elisha just clamped down tighter and got her feet back under her. Snickering under her breath, Elisha said, “I hope you’re not going to submit just yet Neve. Because I’ve got a legacy to carve out and your fat ass is going to make the perfect canvas.”

Then she drove her knee into the Scream Queen’s unprotected crotch a second time. Grinning from ear-to-ear as Neve sobbed into the lights, Elisha reset her stance and went back to work. Again and again her knee came down, each sending a bolt of agony through Neve. Lisha was delivering the blows so fast she couldn’t attempt anything like a counter-attack. After about 10 straight Knee Drops, everything resembling fight dribbled out of Neve and Elisha decided it was time for something with a little more visual flair. Tossing the brunette’s limp legs aside, Elisha pushed to her feet and swaggered over to the Scream Queen’s head. Fixing the audience with an arrogant smirk, Elisha bent down, buried both hands in Neve’s dark locks and pulled her to her feet.

Letting Neve lean against her so the brunette wouldn’t fall flat on her face, Elisha nuzzled her lips against her victim’s ear and purred, “I can anything that you can do in this ring and I can do it a lot better. That includes those Suplexes you’re so famous for.”

Intent on proving her boast, the curvy blonde forced her foe to bend over and then trapped her in a Front Facelock. Slinging Neve’s near arm across her shoulders, Lishy used her free hand to grab a handful of the Scream Queen’s black trunks. When her grip was secure, Elisha bent her knees and lifted the taller girl off the canvas and over her head. Holding Neve inverted and aloft, Elisha dropped backwards, smashing Neve’s back against the mat with a Vertical Suplex. The brunette groaned as her spine was subjected to more punishment, but if she’d hoped Elisha would be done after a single Suplex, she was sorely mistaken. As she lay on the canvas, Elisha tightened her dual holds on Neve, lifted her legs off the mat and twisted to the right, rolling over onto her belly. With her knees under her, Elisha pushed back to her feet and hoisted Neve up along with her. Refusing to give the brunette a chance to recover, Elisha bent her knees again and executed a second Vertical Suplex on her hapless victim. And as everyone knows, good things come in threes, so Elisha torqued her hips one more time, regained her vertical base and snapped off a third Suplex. This time when the throw landed, Elisha released her grip, rolled over onto the brunette’s chest and hooked the far leg. The ref swooped in and dropped to both knees to make the count. ‘ONE… TWO…’ But Neve shot her left shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Rising to her knees, Elisha placed both hands on her foe’s heaving chest and cooed, “I knew you were tough, apparently you’re stupid too. You’re going to wish you’d taken that dive after I’ve broken every bone in your body.”

Sliding her claws up into Neve’s hair, Elisha clamped down and peeled the taller beauty off the mat. Marching the brunette over to the ropes, Elisha shoved her victim down throat-first across the top rope and leaned all her weight down across Neve’s back. Ignoring the drone of the official, Elisha climbed up onto the middle rope and bounced up and down, adding even more pressure as she throttled the Scream Queen to within an inch of her life. Lishy was still leering down at Neve’s flailing form when she realized the referee had gotten to ‘FOUR’ on his count.

Skirting a disqualification by the slimmest of margins, the curvy blonde hopped off the pale brunette and the Scream Queen come staggering off the ropes. Unfortunately for the brunette, she stepped right into the blonde’s clutches and Elisha wasted no time in cinching the discombobulated grappler in a Half Nelson. Holding the gasping brunette tight, Elisha’s voice dripped with malice.

“This next move really isn’t a Suplex, but it starts like one. And since it’s probably going to break you in half, I don’t feel bad about showing it off.”

Elisha pulled the brunette up and over, looking to the audience like she was going to Spike Neve’s head and shoulders into the mat with a Half Nelson Suplex. But as she reached the apex of her bridge, Elisha twisted her torso and dropped to one knee still holding Neve in the Half Nelson as she drove the Scream Queen down across her outstretched knee with diabolical force, an ingenious modification of the Backbreaker. Neve screamed openly as Elisha tossed her to the mat and got to her feet.

Looking derisively at Neve’s pain wracked form, Elisha sneered, “Your screams are a lot more high-pitched and girly than I would have expected from a ‘legend’ like you. I guess I’ll have to work harder to get something acoustically impressive out of you.”

Strutting over the battered brunette, Elisha indulged in a few hard-hearted stomps to the small of Neve’s back, and then scraped her off the mat. Directing the Scream Queen towards the ropes, Elisha grabbed her victim by the wrist and Irish Whipped her to the ropes. As the spaghetti-legged brunette stumbled back towards her, Elisha went low and lunged forward, wrapping both arms around Neve’s hips. In the same motion she lifted straight up and dropped right back down, splattering Neve’s face, chest and belly into the canvas with a Flapjack. Popping to her feet, Elisha surveyed Neve’s position on the canvas and thought about dragging the brunette towards the ropes but then decided against it. Leaving her crippled and retching on the canvas, Elisha swaggered over to the corner and climbed onto the middle rope where, facing the ring, she looked down at the Scream Queen malevolently.

“When everything is said and done, there’s only one person that will go down as having destroyed you: it’s not Kristin Kreuk; not Ashley Scott or Katie Holmes…it’s ME! I’m the one who BREAKS the great Neve Campbell”

Grinning, Elisha leapt off the middle rope and came down with the point of her elbow landing directly against the small of Neve’s back. Elisha’s Elbow Drop might not go down as being the most vertically augmented application of the maneuver, but given the already sore condition of Neve’s ribs and back, it worked well enough. The Scream Queen writhed in pain and rolled over onto her side, but Elisha added to her momentum by shoving her onto her back. Throwing herself across the brunette’s middle, Lishy hooked both legs and nodded in time with the official’s count, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Neve bucked her legs, breaking the pin.

Sighing, Elisha leaned back on her haunches and ran both hands over her face. Finishing the brunette off was proving to be just as difficult as she’s expected, but this did not deter her in the least. She was GOING to beat Neve tonight, even if she had to sacrifice the rest of her career to do so. Pulling Neve to her feet, Elisha scooped her up and held her at chest level across her body. Palming a helpless handful of Neve’s butt, Elisha groped the flesh tauntingly, embarrassing the Scream Queen in much the same way Neve humiliated her in the turnbuckles.

Strolling to the center of the ring Elisha called out, “You know I’m really getting into these three part move deals. Tell me what you think of this one!”

She rose up on her toes and dropped forward, ramming Neve’s exposed ribs into her bent knee. Smiling wickedly, Elisha held her grip and pulled the Scream Queen back up, before hitting a second Rib Breaker. When the second slam connected, Elisha’s taunting smile disappeared only to be replaced with a hateful leer. Holding the Scream Queen helpless across her chest, Elisha whispered, “Enjoy the ride!” as she fell backward, tossing Neve over her head as she did so, sending Neve sprawling nearly the entire length of the ring with the impressive but rarely seen Fall-Away Slam.

Recovering quickly from her self-induced trip to the mat, Elisha scrambled over to Neve and threw herself across the brunette’s chest, hoping to keep her down for good this time. Checking to make sure the brunette’s feet weren’t under the bottom rope, the ref dropped down and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…’

The Scream Queen rolled her right shoulder off the mat to end the count early. Smacking the canvas in aggravation, Elisha took her frustrations out on the brunette with a pair of callous slaps across the face. Snorting as Neve rolled away, Elisha muttered, “Now that I’ve proved I can slam your ass any time I want, I should demonstrate just how easy it is for me to tie you in knots.”

Blue eyes gleaming cruelly, the blonde yanked Neve to her hands and knees, straddled her upper back and tugged Neve’s arms across her thighs. Almost done, the curvy vixen made a show of reaching down and lacing her fingers under the Scream Queen’s chin. Elisha leaned forward for just a moment before pulling back viciously, trapping Neve in the Camel Clutch. Summoning up the memory of her time in the Abdominal Stretch as motivation Elisha was merciless with the hold, pulling and twisting at Neve’s neck with everything she had. If that wasn’t enough she also added the occasional smash of her butt against the brunette’s lower back, bending her even more awkwardly while putting simultaneously putting Neve’s cleavage on display for the appreciative locals.

Neve suffered in the spine-rending horror of the Camel Clutch for the better part of a minute before Elisha demanded, “Give up. Or I WILL break your neck.” She leaned back even further, making the brunette’s response that much harder to give.

Struggling against the white hot pain in her back and neck, Neve nonetheless managed a perfectly understandable reply. “Piss off Cuthbert. You’re a hack. Always have been, always will be.”

Infuriated that the Scream Queen could be so dismissive despite the agony she was in, Elisha released her grip on Neve’s chin and stood up over her victim. Staring at Neve’s back with pure, unadulterated murder in her eyes, Elisha snarled, “That’s it, time to get used to a lifetime of entrance ramps and wider bathroom stalls.”

Finishing her cryptically ominous statement, Elisha crouched down before leaping high into the air. At the apex of her momentum, she tucked her legs up in front of her, meaning to drop down with all of her weight ass-first across the small of Neve’s back. And as predicted, gravity did what it was supposed to and pulled Elisha back to the mat but unfortunately for Elisha, Neve had shifted positions in the few seconds the blonde allowed her.

Neve rolled over onto her back and tucked her knees up across her chest. Elisha saw this but had no way to stop her descent and she came crashing down full-force across Neve’s knees with her unguarded belly taking the worst of the landing. Lishy’s strong legs turned to jelly in an instant, not that it really made a difference as she was propelled off of the brunette’s knees and into a bawling, wailing pile of hurtin’ girl flesh on the canvas beside her intended victim. Neve on the other hand was feeling a little better despite almost having her spine bent in two. Gulping in a few more unencumbered deep breaths, Neve rose to one knee and then pushed back to her feet.

Rubbing the small of her back with both hands, Neve limped over to the edge of the ring and leaned against the cables while she waited for Elisha to get up. Several seconds later, the blonde obliged her and the Scream Queen went back to work. Pressing into the ropes, Neve bounded forward, putting herself on a collision course with the oblivious blonde. When Elisha started to turn towards the sound of her approach, Neve left her feet in a low, arcing jump that ended with her bringing her right knee up and SMASHING it against Elisha’s cheek. Elisha let out an agonized ‘UNGH’ and was spun around 180-degrees before tumbling to the mat like a felled tree. Smiling just a bit as the crowd roared its approval; Neve bent down, hooked a hand into Elisha’s red and white briefs and pulled the blonde to her feet. Leaning her weight across Elisha’s back, Neve cinched in a tight Waist Lock, digging her hands in just above Lishy’s navel.

Her chin resting on Elisha’s sweaty shoulder, Neve whispered to the crippled blonde, “There may be a lot of things you can do very well Elisha Elisha. But trust me when I tell you that out-Suplexing me is not one of them.”

As her words faded she planted her feet and popped her hips taking the blonde up and over with a German Suplex. Elisha hit hard on her head and shoulders, her legs thrown back over her head, toes touching the canvas. When Neve connected with the Suplex she didn’t hold the bridge and she didn’t let go. Taking a deep breath, she rolled to her feet and brought Elisha along for the ride. Not sparing a moment, she popped her hips again, spiking Elisha with a second German Suplex. The impact was no less for Elisha and the blonde only moaned when Neve tugged her up and then tossed her right back down with a third German Suplex. Given that ‘three’ seemed to be a common theme for the fight so far, everyone expected Neve to let Elisha go or possibly bridge up and go for the pin once the trifecta had been completed.

Much to their surprise, Neve did neither. Instead she rolled onto one knee and pushed back to her feet with Elisha nearly limp in her grasp. Turning to all four sides of the ring, Neve waited for the crowd’s pitch to build before dumping Elisha on her head with a FOURTH German Suplex. Elisha hit the mat with a sick, limp sounding THUD but even then the Scream Queen was not satisfied. Moving much slower now, she got back to her feet and traded the Waist Lock for a Full Nelson.

Pushing Elisha’s chin down into the top of her own cleavage, Neve shook the hold from side to side and snarled, “Thought I’d finish things a little differently Lishy. Hope you like it.”

Catching her wind, Neve dipped her knees and bridged back an unprecedented FIFTH time, but this time the blonde didn’t even have her arms free to cushion the landing. With both limbs stretched out in a rough T, Elisha took the full force of the landing on the back of her head. The blonde let out a single groan and then went limp. She would have stayed that way, boneless and with both legs folded up over her head had Neve not released the Full Nelson and shoved her over onto her back.

Pushing off the canvas with a groan, Neve stalked over to Elisha’s feet and took the blonde’s left ankle in both hands. Lifting the limb free of the mat, she tucked Elisha’s foot under her armpit and wrapped her free arm around the other girl’s thigh. Taking a deep breath, Neve panted, “Time for school little girl.”

She turned Elisha over onto her stomach and sat down across her lower back, locking the prone vixen in a body-bending Single Leg Crab. Enjoying her perch on Elisha’s hindquarters, Neve leaned back as far as she could; lifting the blonde’s lower body off the canvas and putting her captured foot in dangerously close proximity to the back of her head. Wrenching her grip on the Crab left and right, Neve looked over her shoulder and asked, “You ready to throw in the towel Elisha? Or do you want Megan to do it for you?”

Biting her hand to keep from screaming aloud, Elisha pulled the intruding digits away long enough to roar, “Fuck you Campbell! You don’t get to win this time!”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Neve muttered, “Oh yes I do!” She jerked back a little further, exacerbating the pressure on Elisha’s tortured spine.

From her place on the outside of the ring, Megan banged her hands on the mat and shouted, “C’mon Elisha, this cunt has got nothing on you! Drag her sorry ass over to the ropes and show her who’s really tough!”

Focusing on the brunette’s voice to block out the very worst of the pain, the decimated blonde slammed both hands into the canvas and started clawing her way towards Megan and sanctuary. The going was slow and much more painful than she would have preferred but eventually she was within reaching distance of the ropes. She was reaching her hand out for the nearest cable when Neve bore down on the Crab and chided, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Elisha shrieked, her hands flying to the small of her back in a vain attempt to dislodge the Scream Queen, but Neve wasn’t having it. She simply brushed aside the blonde scrabbling hands and worked the hold, knowing that despite her stubbornness, Elisha would tap out rather than risk a serious injury.

Watching her friend and mentor suffer only inches away, Megan couldn’t contain herself any longer. Grabbing the bottom rope in both hands, she pushed it forward as far as she could, allowing the rope to finally fall within Elisha’s reach. The desperate blonde grabbed the lifeline at once and screamed, “BREAK!”

Neve looked over her shoulder and saw the oddly twitching of the bottom rope. Glancing from Elisha to Megan, she stared a hole in the big brunette and said, “Try that again, and you’ll hurt worse than her!”

Megan smirked and put both hands on her hips, “You don’t scare me.”

Dropping Elisha’s leg with a sweaty SPLAT Neve answered, “Then you’re even dumber than you look.”

Turning her attention back to her opponent, Neve took hold of Elisha’s ankles and dragged the squirming beauty back into the center of the ring, well away from the ropes. Dropping Elisha’s feet, Neve strode around her opponent and knelt behind her head. Finding a position she liked, Neve reached forward and took hold of Elisha’s wrists, grabbing one in each hand. Pulling the blonde’s arms out behind her, Neve lay back on the canvas and brought her legs up around Elisha’s arms, making sure the insides of her knees were roughly level with Elisha’s armpits. Almost done now, Neve crossed her ankles at the base of the blonde’s neck and pressed down, cinching the Lotus Lock in tight.

Despite the set-up involved, the Lotus was really nothing more than a Full Nelson applied with the legs, but given the pale brunette’s leg strength, it didn’t need any other gimmicks attached. Letting go of Elisha’s wrists, Neve put her hands palms down on the mat and pushed up, adding even more pressure to the hold. Watching coldly as Elisha’s legs started to flail helplessly, Neve only took that as more motivation to continue her torture and she squeezed down as tightly as she could, dead-set on making the other wrestler pay for trying to make a name at her expense.

Her pretty face twisted in a cold sneer, Neve waited for Elisha to stop the worst of her thrashing before she asked, “How do you plan on getting out of this without your little henchbitch to help you? You’re pathetic Elisha.”

Suffering the untold agonies of the Lotus Lock, Elisha closed her eyes and hissed, “You are NOT going to win this fight Campbell. There may be nothing left of me when I leave this ring, but I’ll break every bone in my body before I let you beat me.”

Then she planted her feet on the mat and bridged up. It didn’t do much to relieve the pain of the Lotus, but it DID give her the leverage she needed to drag herself in the direction of the ropes. Keeping all her weight leaned back against her tormentor, Elisha was able to crawl forward just far enough wrap both ankles around the bottom rope and force a release. Mildly irritated by the blonde’s ability to wriggle her way out of trouble, Neve sighed and released the hold on ‘FOUR.’ Having had her fill of stretching Elisha (at least for the moment) Neve settled on a new course of action as she was hauling the wobbly-legged blonde to her feet. Leading Elisha back to the center of the ring, Neve lowered her shoulder and had no trouble spooning Lishy onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry.

Keeping one arm draped loosely across the back of the blonde’s head, Neve placed her other hand under Elisha’s knee and pushed up hard, sending the blonde flying off her shoulders. In the split-second before Elisha started tumbling to the mat, Neve sat out, accompanying Elisha on her descent where the blonde landed on the back of her head and shoulders with her face framed by Neve’s thighs. Nodding slightly as the Samoan Driver connected, Neve scooted forward and sat down on Elisha’s chest while simultaneously hooking Elisha’s right leg in a sort of half-assed Reverse Matchbook pin. With all her weight resting on Lishy’s sternum, Neve simply waited for the ref to drop in and count off, ‘ONE… TWO… THR-NO!’ Halfway between ‘two’ and ‘three’ Elisha shot a shoulder off the mat, forcing the match to continue.

Pounding her fist into her palm, Neve shook her head and muttered, “Not enough height on that one apparently. Guess we’ll just have to go a little higher next time around.”

Getting to her feet, the Scream Queen guaranteed Elisha wouldn’t have to wait long to see what she was talking about. Scraping the razed blonde off the canvas, Neve marched Elisha over to the nearest set of turnbuckles and threw her in back-first. With no verbal preamble, the Scream Queen wrapped her arms around Elisha’s middle and hoisted her up, sitting the blonde down on the top buckle. Convinced Elisha wasn’t going anywhere; Neve climbed up to the second rope and quickly applied a Front Facelock. Snugging Elisha’s near arm over her shoulders, the brunette used her free hand to hook a handful of her adversary’s tights. Confident that her grip was solid, Neve lifted up fast, preparing to haul Elisha up over her head and dump her to the mat below with a ring-shaking Superplex.

This plan would have been perfect if the Scream Queen hadn’t forgotten about Megan. Seeing her friend in trouble, the tall brunette ran to the corner and grabbed Neve’s ankle, throwing off her balance. Before Neve could reset her footing, Elisha came to life, pounding wild, reckless punches into the brunette’s paunch in a desperate bid for freedom. Her pugilistic assault paid off after nearly a dozen shots to Neve’s ribs forced her to release the Facelock. Not thinking about what she was doing, Elisha straightened up and shoved Neve as hard as she could, sending the Neve soaring through the air to land hard on her back a few feet away.

Ignoring the admonishing buzz of the official as well as the shouted pleas of Megan, Elisha got her feet under her and stood up on the top turnbuckle. Surveying the carnage below her, Elisha turned her head towards the audience; the she raised a hand over her head and extended three fingers. The crowd roared it’s anticipation as the blonde had just given the signal for one of her more rarely seen finishers, a Somersault Leg Drop she called ‘Three Seconds from the End’ Steeling herself against the pain that was sure to follow, Elisha flipped off the top and brought one gorgeous thigh down right across Neve’s face. The brunette flopped like a speared fish and then lay still, not protesting at all when Elisha covered her and hooked the far leg.

Despite the outside assist from Megan, the ref couldn’t help but admire the blonde’s ability to hit such an impressive move so shortly after taking that beating from the brunette. Sinking to one knee, he counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…THR-NO!’ Now it was Neve’s turn to beat the count, which she did, but not by very much. Realizing the match was still going on, Elisha pushed up off her rival and rubbed a forearm across her face. When she pulled it away, Lishy glanced down at Neve and her face went from pained to pissed in the blink of an eye. Feeding on her anger, Elisha buried her hands in Neve’s hair and pulled the woozy Scream Queen to her feet.

Refusing to focus on anything but Neve’s utter destruction, Elisha went face-to-face with her foe and sneered, “Five of your best Suplexes couldn’t beat ME! You know what that means, Neve? It means you CAN’T beat me!”

Exhausting her current supply of cogent threats, Elisha reached around the left side of Neve‘s body and then wrapped her arms around Neve‘s abdomen, completing the Waist Lock. Flexing her knees a bit, Elisha lifted up and then fell back tossing Neve almost three-quarters of the way across the ring with a powerful Gutwrench Suplex. The folks in the crowd thought Elisha would go for the pin, but she defied their expectations by slowly getting to her feet and taking her time in strutting over to the smoldering wreckage that was the Scream Queen.

Planting her right foot on Neve’s cheek, Elisha looked at the mob and shouted, “You idiots have never seen anything like what I’m about to do. And it’s only appropriate that it should demolish a talentless, overrated slut like Neve Campbell!”

Basking in the chorus of cheers and boos, Elisha pulled her foot away from Neve’s face and yanked the semi-coherent brunette off the mat. Saving what breath she had left for action and not words, Elisha Scooped Neve up onto her shoulder, holding the Scream Queen prone like a 5’6” sack of potatoes. Picking a spot on the opposite side of the ring, the leader of Destruction Inc trudged over to the ropes and rudely hooked Neve’s knees over the top cable. After making sure the inverted brunette wasn’t going anywhere, Elisha released her hold and backed away, leaving her foe tied up in a version of the Tree of Woe that was nowhere near the corner. Lining up her next shot carefully, Elisha stalked back to the opposite side of the squared circle and bounced off the ropes. Sprinting back towards Neve at a high rate of speed, Lishy left her feet in a short, low hop and absolutely PLANTED the soles of both feet in Neve’s face with a Dropkick.

The inverted Scream Queen shuddered once and went limp a second before she tumbled free of the ropes and slopped down onto her chest. Not quite done yet, Elisha ignored the ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants and pulled Neve back to her feet. For the second time in as many minutes, Elisha hoisted the bigger girl up onto her shoulder, but this time she did deposit Neve in the corner, tying her to the more widely accepted Tree of Woe. Smiling evilly as she observed the brunette’s helplessness, Elisha climbed up onto the middle rope and planted her right foot deep in the fork of the Scream Queen’s thighs. Neve’s formerly limp frame began to jerk and twitch, as if being subjected to a strong electric current, but in her weakened state she could only sob and hope the referee would begin his count soon.

Very much aware of the manic thrashing going on beneath her, Elisha stepped down on Neve’s groin with all her weight as she placed her right hand over her heart and shouted, “I HEREBY CLAIM THIS PATHETIC BITCH IN THE NAME OF DESTRUCTION INCORPORATED!” The grinning blonde actually had an entire victory speech planned, but the ref cut her off by starting his annoying ‘FIVE’ count. Really putting all her weight into the last few seconds of the hold, Elisha bounced up and down on Neve’s crotch, refusing to relinquish her perch until the zebra reached ‘FOUR.’

Nearly delirious with joy over her decimation of the brunette, Elisha strutted around the ring as the ref peeled Neve out of the corner and helped her to the mat as easily as he could. After trading a knowing smile with Megan, Elisha stalked back over to where Neve was splattered across the mat. Shoving the official aside, Elisha sank her hands into Neve’s dark mane and pulled her to her feet. Leaning in close, she put her lips to Neve’s ear and whispered, “You’re fuckin’ done Campbell! It’s almost time to put you out of your misery.”

Stepping back from the Scream Queen, Elisha dipped into a light crouch and leapt into the air and wrapped her thighs around Neve’s head at the apex of her jump. Elisha locked her ankles and was just about to twist backwards when Neve shot her arms up and cinched them around the blonde’s thighs. Before Elisha knew what was going on, Neve hauled the stunned girl into position for a Powerbomb and whirled around so that she was now facing the corner. In a remarkably vindictive move, Neve took a half step forward and slammed the blonde down, smashing the back of Elisha’s head into the top turnbuckle with sickening force. The crowd let out a collective OOFFH of sympathy to go along with Elisha’s groan of agony. On the more vertical end of the spectrum, Neve looked up into the lights and took a long, slow breath. Turning her attention back to the blonde slumped in the corner, the Scream Queen’s dark eyes blazed with a hatred that she hadn’t felt in quite some time.

Pulling her right foot up, Campbell whispered, “You’ll never claim me in the name of anything Elisha. But I’ll be happy to reserve you a seat in the ICU.”

The words were barely out pf her mouth when she stamped down, spiking her heel into the blonde’s groin. “UNGH!” Elisha sobbed in indignant hurt and tried to roll under the bottom rope, but Neve grabbed her by the ankle and yanked her back into the center of the ring. Stalking around to Elisha’s head, Neve yanked her prone foe off the mat and pulled her in close. Standing chest to chest with the wounded blonde, Neve looped an arm around her opponent’s waist and threaded the other between Elisha’ legs, making sure to give her opponent‘s butt a sharp taunting squeeze. Her grip in place, Neve popped her hips and tossed Elisha up and over, dropping her hapless adversary almost straight on her head with a ring shaking T-Bone Suplex. Reenergized by the sound of Lishy’s skull bouncing off the canvas, Neve rolled to one knee and snapped her briefs back into place. Running her hands through her hair, Neve stood up straight and drew a thumb across her throat, drawing a monumental cheer from the audience.

Watching nervously as Elisha’s control of the battle slipped away, Megan whipped out her cell phone and dialed Natalie Portman. The phone rang once before Nat answered, “What?”

Not liking the irritated tone of the smaller brunette’s voice, Megan asked, “What’s your status?”

From her shadowed vantage point behind a stack of packing crates, Natalie watched people continue to pour into the old ballroom. “Maybe half of the roster and office staff is here. Everyone should be here in the next ten minutes or so.”

On her end, Megan said, “All right, lemme know when it’s done.” She hung up before Natalie could reply.

Back in the ring, Neve had hoisted Elisha to her feet and scooped her up in a slam position. Instead of depositing the DI vixen on the mat, Neve turned around and planted Elisha in the corner, giving the blonde warrior her own taste of the Tree of Woe.

Smiling at her opponent’s helplessness, Neve sat down and stretched her legs wide; preparing to introduce Elisha to move she hadn’t used in quite some time. Settling down on the mat, Neve stretched her legs wide and slid forward so that her crotch was millimeters from Elisha’s inverted face. Elisha’s blue eyes widened as she realized Neve’s intent and she managed to draw a final deep breath before the brunette’s thighs snapped shut like a bear trap, locking the blonde in a vicious Head Scissors while she was still tied to the Tree of Woe.

After all the abuse Elisha had poured on while she was in the corner, Neve milked her vengeance for all it was worth, grinding her hips and crotch against Elisha’s defenseless face. Neve licked her lips, relishing the blonde’s indignant cries reverberating against her center. Throwing her head back, Neve crossed her ankles and bore down with a massive squeeze, pushing the blonde’s snub nose directly against her womanhood. Elisha tried to claw Neve’s legs, but she was all turned around from being hung up and Neve just brushed them aside, all the while squeezing the scissors harder. Grasping blindly for a lifeline, Elisha grabbed the middle rope without even knowing what she had done. Flicking her eyes in the direction of the official, Neve waited until he reached ‘FOUR’ then unclamped her gams.

Scooting away from the gasping blonde, Neve climbed to one knee and grabbed hold of Elisha’s sweaty locks. Digging her nails into Elisha’s scalp, Neve stood up and pulled Elisha along with her, even with the DI girl’s legs still locked across the top turnbuckle. Struggling to keep her grip on Elisha’s head, the brunette stepped back, straightening the blonde out as far as she could without pulling her free of the corner.

With Elisha stretched out and defenseless, Neve shifted her left arm under Elisha’s left arm and clamped on a Half Nelson. Using the Nelson to keep the blonde in place, Neve reached across Lishy’s body with her right arm, grabbed her left wrist and pulled it tight, effectively choking Elisha with her own arm. Unbelievable as it may seem, the Scream Queen had just applied a Cobra Clutch on a victim trapped in the Tree of Woe. Planting her feet on the mat, Neve wrenched her torso left and right, putting insidious pressure on the blonde’s neck. As impressive as the move was, Elisha was still in the ropes, so Neve could only maintain the Clutch for a count of five. When the official reached ‘FOUR’ Neve jerked back and dropped down, slamming the back of the blonde’s head into the mat with an ungodly THUD!

Unlocking her arms from around Elisha’s neck, Neve rolled over onto Lishy’s chest and hooked the far leg. Still stunned over the Scream Queen’s last bit of offense, it took the ref a second to shake off his stupor and drop down to make the count. ‘ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!!’ Elisha kicked out and while - in all honesty - it wasn’t very impressive, it was enough to keep the match going and that’s all that mattered!

Collecting her thoughts for a moment, Neve snatched a handful of Lishy’s top and pulled her to her feet. Taking hold of the blonde’s scalp, Neve pulled Elisha in nose-to-nose and whispered, “Is this what you wanted Elisha? Bring out the worst in me? Congratulations bitch, mission accomplished.” When Elisha only moaned, Neve bent down and snaked her right arm through the blonde’s legs and pulled up, trapping Lishy’s left leg in a Cradle that put Elisha’s limb up next to her head. In the same instant, Neve shot her free hand behind Elisha’s neck and clasped her hands shut. Holding Elisha in this painful position, Neve turned in a circle so that her back was facing the center of the ring. Looking into Elisha’s pain-wracked face, Neve whispered, “You’re nothing Cuthbert” before tossing Lishy up and over her head, depositing the blonde on her back several feet away courtesy of the rarely seen and highly dangerous Capture Suplex.

Lying on her back, Neve took a deep breath and rolled onto her knee. Cracking her knuckles, Neve got to her feet and drank in the sight of Elisha helpless and broken at her feet. Pulling Elisha up with a single handful of hair, Neve spun the smaller girl around and ripped a stiff hook into the blonde’s liver, sending a shudder through her already trembling legs. Still holding her grip on Elisha’s locks, Neve bent the Destruction Inc vixen backward at an awkward angle and forced Elisha’s chin into her armpit before cinching up Elisha’s head and right arm in an inescapable loop. Digging the ball of her clasped hands into Elisha’s back, Neve rose up on her toes and pulled back hard, putting hideous pressure on Elisha’s back and neck with the Dragon Sleeper. Staring down at the deliciously defenseless curve of Elisha’s chest and belly; Neve cranked back on the hold even further. Bouncing up and down on her toes, Neve found her voice and this time she wasn’t asking for Elisha’s surrender, she was demanding it.

“You feel that Elisha? That’s your neck starting to give out. If you don’t give up right now, a brace is going to be the very least of your concerns.”

Squeezing her eyes shut in an effort to deny the tears pouring down her cheeks, Elisha knew that Neve was serious about doing damage to her neck but the blonde refused to let herself become the latest name on Neve’s list of conquests. Focusing on nothing but escape, Elisha balled up her free hand and swung it up in a wide looping arc. There was a dull but highly satisfying THUD as her haymaker cracked off Neve’s chin, but it wasn’t enough to break the brunette’s grip. It was enough to loosen up the arm crushing her throat however and Elisha capitalized by whirling into her foe, turning the Dragon Sleeper into a plain old Front Facelock. Fighting off the stars in her eyes, Neve understood what Elisha was trying to do and she was determined to deny the blonde her escape. Waiting until Elisha had turned into the Facelock; Neve stabbed her free hand out and grabbed a handful of Elisha’s tights. In the same breath the Scream Queen dropped back to the mat, spiking the top of Elisha’s head into the mat with a makeshift DDT.

Groaning in shared hurt as Elisha lay starfished in the center of the ring; Megan opened her phone and dialed Natalie again. When Natalie picked up, Megan almost screamed at her, “I need good news Nat. Elisha’s in a bad way and we can’t pull this off with interruptions.”

Sighing, Natalie turned away just as Fannin, Stark and Kristen Bell wandered through the double doors, “Bell, Stark and Fannin just went inside, by my count, that’s everyone.”

“Then what are you waiting for, do it!”

Megan hung up the phone and Natalie was left with her own thoughts. Looking down at the short length of chain and padlock beside her, Nat’s face crimped in a frown. Slipping her phone into her pocket, Natalie took the items and hopped off her perch. Taking a moment to make sure the hall was otherwise empty; Natalie scooted over to the door and wrapped the chain through the door handles. When the chain was at its end, Natalie snapped the lock through the links and muttered, “Forgive me.” Turning her back on the locked doors, Natalie took off down the hall and made her way out of the building. She knew what was coming and wanted no part of it.

What Natalie didn’t know was that there was one member of the roster currently unaccounted for. When the hidden brunette turned her back to talk to Megan, Richard Fannin had doubled back through the doors and headed for his office to pick up some papers he’d forgotten. What Natalie didn’t know couldn’t hurt her and - let’s be honest - Richard Fannin wasn’t known for a particularly fleet afoot. If everything went according to plan, it would all be over before the promoter even knew something was wrong.

Out at ringside, Megan’s phone trilled once and the brunette checked the screen which read: IT’S DONE. “Yes.” Casting a glance at Elisha that was both gleeful and worried, the brunette screamed, “Hold on tight Lish, it’s done!”

In the ring, Neve brushed off Megan’s plea and pulled Elisha to her knees. Forcing the blonde’s head between her thighs, Neve wrapped her arms around Elisha’s middle and squeezed her tight; pulling the crippled blonde up into the stall position for her Sit-Out Piledriver, the Silent Scream. Turning towards Megan, Neve locked eyes with the tanned brunette and mouthed silently, “It’s over.”

Megan cocked an eyebrow and replied, “Is it?”

It certainly appeared to be over as Neve sat out fast, dropping Elisha on the crown of her skull. A single, jolting shudder ran through the curvy blonde, and then she tumbled over onto her side, semi-conscious at best and totally out of it at worst. In no mood to prolong things more than she had to, Neve draped herself across Elisha’s chest and hooked the far leg. Having seen the brunette connect with her finisher enough to know when it was over, the official sank to his knees and slapped the mat, ‘ONE… TWO…’ But there was a large, crushing silence where the ‘three’ should have been; not because Elisha kicked out - she was still flat on her back with hardly a twitch to her credit - but because the ref was no longer in the ring!

As his hand was coming down for the final time, Megan had lunged in under the bottom rope, grabbed his ankles and yanked the poor clod clean out of the ring. Then, as he started to get to his feet, Megan drew back her boot and kicked him right behind the ear, sending the zebra into dreamland. Megan reached into her hip pocket and pulled out a handful of baby powder and, holding the dust in her fist, she turned to the ring, leering like a jackal as the righteously pissed off Neve stormed toward her.

Pretty face twisted in a vile sneer, Neve hissed, “You stupid meddling slu…UNNNGHHH!”

Suddenly, her face was enveloped in huge billowing cloud when Megan threw the powder into her eyes. Laughing out loud as the Scream Queen staggered away from her, Megan clapped wildly as Neve staggered right into a boot to the groin from a recently revived Elisha who, roaring triumphantly as the brunette doubled over in front of her, screamed, “TAKE A GOOD LOOK! THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU’RE GOING TO SEE HER IN ONE PIECE!” She stepped forward and wrapped Neve up in the Piledriver position but instead of repeating Neve’s last move, she lifted her right leg and stepped forward placing it in front of Neve’s dangling right arm. She then repeated the maneuver, trapping Neve’s left arm behind her left leg. With Neve tied up and helpless, Elisha took one more second to say, “I beat you Neve. I beat you when no one else could.”

Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the mat, taking Neve along for the ride. Her exposed chest and ribs were driven viciously into the mat. The crowd roared their disdain as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Neve’s shoulders down on the mat in a sort of modified Sunset Flip. Holding the Scream Queen’s shoulders down, Elisha looked out at Megan and said, “Would you do the honors Meg?”

Megan smirked and slid under the bottom rope. “It would be my pleasure Elisha. ONE… TWO… THREE!”

The bell didn’t ring, because the Time Keeper couldn’t acknowledge a count not made by the referee. But that didn’t matter to Elisha and Megan; they had Neve at their mercy. To them, that worth all the wins in the world. Releasing the Scream Queen from the White-Out, Elisha grinned at Megan, “Would you like to bring out the guest of honor?”

Megan nodded, but then asked. “I’d love to, but first, do you mind if I…” she glanced towards Neve and grinned.

Elisha licked her lips, “Of course, be my guest.”

Chuckling under her breath, Megan pulled Neve to her feet and trapped the smaller brunette in a Standing Headscissors. Moving fast, Megan wrapped both arms around Neve’s sweat slicked waist and hauled the other brunette up onto the point of her shoulder. Staying as steady as she could, Megan said brashly, “I know this is Lisha’s moment, but I’ll settle for playing a supporting role.” She shoved up fast and released her grip on Neve’s waist, rolling the other brunette quickly off her shoulder so that Neve was dropping face first towards the mat.

Acting quickly, Megan trapped the falling girl’s head in a loose Front Facelock and sat out hard, adding to Neve’s descent with her own momentum. Neve’s landing was not a pleasant one as she was driven forehead first into the canvas. Her chest and abdomen took a great deal of the landing as well as she’d just become the latest victim of Megan’s famous Fire Fox finisher, an innovative maneuver that could best be described as a combination Implant DDT/Canadian Backbreaker.

Looming over Neve’s decimated form; Elisha helped her partner to her feet and said, “Go get the equalizers.”

Megan just smiled, slipped out of the ring and reached under the apron while Elisha kept her foot on Neve’s throat. She licked her lips as Megan produced a steel chair and slid it in under the bottom rope. Taking her boot off the brunette’s windpipe, Elisha picked up the chair, knelt down, then opened the chair halfway. Kneeling at Neve’s ankles, Elisha slipped the device over the brunette’s right foot and muscled it up to the Scream Queen’s right knee. Elisha was just about to get up when she remembered Neve’s knee pad. Sneering derisively, Lishy yanked the pad down before she pressed the steel down, sandwiching it around the bony joint.

Patting Neve’s thigh, Elisha got to her feet and turned to Megan and asked, “Where’s the other one?”

Megan stood up, smiled and said, “Right here.” She held up her treasure.

The crowd gasped and Elisha grinned from ear-to-ear.

Megan rolled under the bottom rope, got to her feet and presented her mentor with a sledge hammer nearly three feet long. Turning the heavy weapon lovingly in her hands, Elisha kissed the metal end of the steel sledge and purred, “This is how it ends Neve.”


Previously, about the same time Natalie was beating a hasty retreat from the Yellow Sign Tavern, Kristen Bell speared a tiny quiche with her fork and offered, “Say what you want about Richard Fannin, but the dude knows how to cater a party. Mini-quiche, mini-canapés, mini everything. Why does small food taste so good?”

Suppressing a small smile, Alexis Bledel took a sip from her water and replied, “Kristen you know I’m you’re friend, but you’re making it REALLY hard to pass up a big mouth joke.”

Frowning around a mouthful of strawberry, the petite blonde muttered, “Oh sure, zing me when I’m eating…”

Never one to miss a chance to tweak the promotion’s resident motor-mouth, Allison Mack added, “Don’t blame us K-Bell; it’s the only time you can’t talk back. We need to take what we can get.”

Arching an eyebrow in Allison’s direction, Bell fired back, “Keep it up champ and you’ll have bigger problems than Billie Piper.”

Allison grinned. “If you’re referring to yourself, I think you mean smaller prob…” she trailed off then, listening to something the others hadn’t picked up on yet.

Not yet understanding the implication of Mack’s silence, Kristen chided, “Oh that’s a short joke. Was that about me?”

Alexis leaned forward and touched Bell’s arm, quieting her before she could go on. Regarding Allison curiously, the slim brunette asked, “What’s wrong Allison?”

The blonde shook her head and replied. “Don’t know yet, something just feels wrong. Hold on a second.” She craned her head in the direction of Stark and called, “Hey George!”

Fannin’s intermediary wandered over and plopped down in an empty chair. “What’s up Alli?”

“Is Neve and Elisha’s match over yet?”

Stark shrugged his shoulders. “Should be. I switched it off right after Neve hit the Piledriver. Elisha didn’t look like she was going anywhere.”

Frown growing deeper, Mack countered, “Then why don’t I hear someone’s music?”

Kristen got the hint and after a moment added, “And why does the crowd sound like they’re about to riot?”

George craned his ear to the noise and was suddenly very concerned. Pointing to the monitor behind their table, he asked, “Could you turn that on Alexis; it should still be tuned to the live feed.”

Nodding, Bledel turned on the box and waited for the fog to clear, which it did just as Megan Fox was flinging her handful of powder in Neve’s face. Blue eyes going wide, Alexis said, “That can’t be good! You guys better take a look at this.”

As the others crowded around the screen Allison spat, “Shit! I gotta get out there.”

As she turned to leave, Kristen bellowed, “You’re not going anywhere without me Tonto.”

Saying no more, the two blondes threaded through the milling party guests with George Stark trailing behind. As they neared the doors, Mack reached out to shove them aside only to find the doors wouldn’t open more than four inches. Pressing all her weight into the door, the IC Champ muttered, “What the fuck? Looks like we’ve been chained in.”

Just then, Richard Fannin came wandering up to the other side of the door. Studying the chains and lock with a puzzled stare, the promoter looked through the crack in the doors and asked, “Hey Allison, what’s the idea of locking me outta my own fuckin’ party?”

Doing her best to remain calm, Allison said, “Rich you gotta get us out of here. Megan and Elisha are pounding Neve into the canvas and there’s no one around to stop them.”

The smile left Fannin’s face in an instant. “Crap! All right, I’ll call security.”

Shoving up against the doors, George said, “You can’t call security Rich, they’re all in here; that’s what Alli’s trying to tell you…”

He would’ve said more, but was interrupted when Alexis yelled across the room. “If you guys have got a plan, I’d use it right now. Megan just grabbed a sledge hammer. I don’t think they’ve got the most pleasant of intentions. It looks like Elisha wants to crush Neve‘s knee.”

Allison’s dark eyes were frightened when she turned back to the promoter. “You’ve gotta get out there Rich. There’s no way we’ll get these chains off the door fast enough.”

Looking rather scared himself, Fannin nodded and said, “I’m usually not the first choice for a heroic rescue, but…hey…I’ll do what I can!”

The promoter whirled around and ran down the hall towards the ring. As Fannin’s footfalls faded into the distance, Stark reached his hand through the gap in the doors and grabed the padlock. Tugging it around toward the captive guests, he asked loudly, “Anybody here know how to pick a lock?”

Kristen stepped forward, reaching up to pull a thin wire hairclip from her short locks. Elbowing Stark aside, she said, “Step aside George - watch the delinquent at work…”

Back in the ring, the crowd was getting worried. Elisha and Megan had Neve helpless in the middle of the ring and there hadn’t been so much as a single referee to come to the Scream Queen’s aid. Elisha for one was enjoying their discomfort very much. She wanted everyone to be begging and pleading for her mercy. That’s when she’d drop the hammer (both literally and figuratively) on the brunette stretched out at her feet.

Taking a position slightly back from Neve’s feet, Elisha spun the hammer in her hands and glanced at Megan, “Hold her arms above her head. I don’t want her wriggling out of this.” Megan nodded and stalked over to Neve’s head - after she’d helped herself to a few stomps of the decimated brunette’s belly. When her accomplice had pinned Neve’s arms to the canvas, Elisha raised the sledge over her head and purred, “You had a good run Neve, but now it’s over… And so is your walking now that I think about it.”

As the countdown hit zero, Elisha brought the hammer smashing down and everything seemed to go into slow motion. She watched in dreadful anticipation as the mallet got closer and closer to her victim’s knee. After what seemed like an eternity, when the hammer was only inches from ending the brunette’s career, the oddest thing happened…somehow, Neve’s leg moved to the side, not by much, but just enough to move out from the sledge’s shadow. It was replaced by a hand, a young man’s hand from the look of it.

Elisha had just long enough to think, “What the hell is this?” before the hammer hit home and everything sped up again.

From a much lower vantage point, Fannin thought, “Wow that was a close one…”

Then a small thermonuclear device went off at the end of his arm, and after a bright flash of white, the promoter knew nothing.

Watching Fannin splayed face down on the canvas, Megan looked up at Elisha and gasped, “What the hell have we done?”

Furious at the suit’s intervention, Elisha pulled the hammer up and snarled, “We got rid of a problem, that’s what! HOLD HER!”

Megan shook her head and muttered, “I don’t know Lish; Neve is one thing, but Fannin…he…he’s the fuckin’ boss!”

Roaring in equal parts rage and frustration, Elisha screamed, “I DIDN’T COME THIS FAR TO TURN BACK NOW! HOLD HER GODDAM ARMS OR I’LL TAKE YOU OUT FIRST!”

Terrified by the manic light she saw in the blonde’s eyes. Megan was reaching for Neve’s wrists when the crowd exploded in a cheer. Turning towards the entryway, the brunette’s eyes went wide as she stated the obvious…“Oh-oh! We got company.”

Apparently Kristen really could pick a lock because the whole of the roster was pouring down the ramp, lead by a Mack, Bell and Stark. Glaring murder at the oncoming wrestlers, Elisha snarled, “Shit!”

BWANG! The loud metallic sound of metal on skull was followed immediately by a groan from Megan and a nasty THUD as she hit the canvas face first. Whirling on her heel, Elisha’s face contorted in a hateful leer as she saw Neve drop the chair she’d just bent over Megan’s skull.

Gripping the sledge tighter than ever, Elisha eyed the ‘Scream Queen’ and hissed, “I can still do what I came to do.”

Wiping a trickle of blood from her lip, Neve croaked, “Take a swing and they’ll tear you apart. Drop it and you just MIGHT be quick enough slip out of here in one piece.”

Torn between destroying the brunette and saving her own skin, Elisha looked from the sea of furious faces to Neve and back again. Nearly ten seconds passed before she tossed the hammer aside. Sneering at her nemesis, Elisha promised, “I’m NOT through with you yet.”

The words were still leaving her mouth as she turned to bail from the ring, but she didn’t make it halfway before Neve grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Going nose-to-nose with the startled blonde, Neve growled, “The next time we cross paths, I AM gonna make you pay dearly for tonight. RUN Cuthbert; run and pray to whatever you hold dear that I NEVER find you.”

Pulling out of the brunette’s grasp, Elisha spat, “I’d think twice about that Neve. If you do come looking for me it’ll be the last thing you do without the aid of a wheelchair.”

Then Elisha sprinted towards an unoccupied edge of the ring, dove between the middle ropes and leaped over the barricade before anyone could catch her. Elisha’s leaving broke the trance that had kept the rest of the roster out of the ring. Medics, wrestlers and office staff all stormed the squared circle and Stark had to bellow orders just to make sure the fallen promoter didn’t get trampled by the very people trying to help him.

Watching the chaos from a million miles away, Neve had turned to leave the ring when Kristen and Allison broke through the crowd and called, “Neve, wait up!”

She turned to face them and the words of concern died on their lips. Before either of them could find their voices, Neve said softly, “Spread the word. Elisha Cuthbert is mine. Anyone who helps her or goes after her is fair game too. And they don’t want that. Not right now…”

Through talking, the brunette slipped through the ropes and limped up the ramp as quick as she could. She’d have to move fast if she wanted to be at the hospital when Fannin woke up.