Neve Campbell vs. Elisha Cuthbert by The Walkin’ Dude

The evening's penultimate match (Billie Piper had UKO'ed Alexis Bledel en route to her impending IC title match with Allison Mack) had been over for only a few minutes when the Ring Announcer got up from his place at ringside and stepped into the squared circle. Catching his breath, he tried to address as much of the audience as possible when he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Richard Fannin I would like to thank all the great fans of Gatlin Nebraska for braving the weather to come out to the show tonight." He paused as the crowd popped at the mention of the town.

When the roar died down, he continued "And now, loyal patrons of the Silver Key, it is time for tonight's Main Event! I have just been informed that the following contest will be fought under LAST WOMAN STANDING rules, meaning that the fight can and will not end until one participant is unable to meet the official's ten count. Introducing first…she is a former Tag Team Champion and she is the leader of ‘Destruction Incorporated’…allow me to introduce Elisha Cuthbert!”

‘I’ll Attack’ by 30 Seconds to Mars rumbles into life and Elisha struts through the curtain to a chorus of boos. The audience at the Key, along with the rest of the fans around the country had watched what Elisha had done to Richard Fannin at the end of November and they wanted the blonde to know they hadn't forgiven or forgotten. Standing atop the ramp with hands on her hips, Elisha grins coyly at the mob as she flips her hair over her shoulder and gives her battle gear the tiniest of adjustments. And speaking of battle gear, the curvaceous blonde is sporting her usual ring attire, consisting of a gleaming white bikini and matching wrestling boots. The outfit is completed with maroon knee and elbow pads. Holding her place for a moment longer, she flips the crowd off; then struts down the ramp before sliding under the bottom rope. Pushing to her feet, Elisha offered the mob a sneering little grin as she sauntered to her corner to await the arrival of her nemesis.

As the boos for Elisha faded to the occasional jeer or catcall, the Announcer brought his mic up and finished, “And her opponent…she stands 5’6”, they call her the ‘Scream Queen’…ladies and gentleman, I give you….Neve Campbell!”

‘Black Hole Sun’ rolls through the Silver Key and Neve comes through the curtain shortly thereafter. Standing calmly at the top of the ramp, Neve waits for just a moment before starting the walk to the squared circle. As usual, the brunette is clad in a simple two piece black tankini with matching pads. Reaching the ring apron, Neve slides under the bottom rope and comes to her feet all in one motion. Standing in the center of the ring, she stared murder at Elisha until the referee shooed her back to her corner to await the arrival of the bell.

The bell tolled loudly over the hushed din of the crowd, and one of the most highly anticipated and quietly dreaded rematches in the history of Richard Fannin's tiny promotion was underway. From her place in the corner, Elisha kept her gaze locked on Neve as she mulled the sequence of events that had lead her to this particular place in time. She knew that the rest of the locker room despised her. She also knew that her two former (she stressed that last word especially hard) partners had taken a terrible beating for their roles in the plot to put Neve on the shelf and she also knew that there was a very good chance she would suffer the same sort of beating before the night was over, but in spite all of that, she remained calm. Do you know why? Because she was going to win. She was going to finish what Fannin had interrupted back in November and she was going to violently and emphatically prove that she was the best wrestler in this jerkwater hellhole promotion. Maybe Neve wasn't the champion or the flashiest target she could have gone after, but Elisha KNEW she was the most dangerous, that's why she'd been chosen. Screw that skinny, whiny bitch Gellar and screw the smirking, overrated fat ass that had absconded with the World Title, Elisha KNEW that Neve was the unofficial champion and Elisha had to put the brunette down hard if she wanted to prove she was heir to the Scream Queen's throne. And she was going to put Neve down, make no mistake about that. When she was done with her play thing, she was quite confident that Neve wouldn't be getting up without the aid of several EMT's and the stretcher they brought with them. Imagining the stunned silence that would hang over the crowd when she stood over Neve as the ref counted her down, Elisha smiled and finally broke her interior monologue with some audible verbiage. In a voice so low it was almost a whisper, the curvy blonde said, "It's time for you to step aside Neve. And if you won't do it gracefully, I'll gladly give you a little help. My time starts now..." Licking her lips in an unconscious parody of someone about to enjoy an exquisite meal, Elisha stepped away from the turnbuckles and stalked towards the center of the ring.

Several feet away, on a direct diagonal from the brooding blonde, Neve faced down Elisha's grim stare with one of her own and contemplated equally chilling thoughts. She knew what Elisha was doing and it didn't really bother her. She'd dealt with girls trying to cement their legacy at her expense for a few years now but she'd always come out on top. Just ask Ashley Scott, Kristin Kreuk or Rachel McAdams if you needed confirmation. Those three had tried their damnedest to subjugate the brunette to their will but the Scream Queen had put them all back in their place. 'I wouldn't be so sure about that.' A small voice at the back of her mind snickered. 'Rachel still seems to think you two have unfinished business.' Neve frowned at this and shook the thought away. Rachel McAdams would have to wait for another evening. Tonight was all about Elisha and she wanted the blonde occupying her every thought. Because unlike the other three, Elisha hadn't just tried to beat Neve, she'd tried to CRIPPLE her, and that was something the brunette was never going to forgive. She didn't like to lose, but she understood that it happened, everyone lost sometimes, hell it made the victories all the sweeter when they came. But if Elisha had succeeded in her first attempt, Neve wouldn't even be here tonight, she'd be at home, probably working through some painful physical therapy to repair her shattered knee. Eventually she would walk, probably without a noticeable limp, but her days in the ring would have been over forever. It was this thought that bothered her the most. Elisha wanted to take her livelihood, take everything that was her legacy and shatter it with a sledgehammer, just to further her own agenda. And if it wasn't for Richard Fannin, she would have succeeded. Clenching her hands into tight, bloodless fists, the pale brunette muttered, "I'm going to hurt you tonight Cuthbert, and I won't need a sledgehammer to do it. But if I should happen to find one, I might use it anyway."

Then the Scream Queen stepped away from the buckles and headed for the oncoming blonde. A few seconds later, the two rivals met in the middle of the squared circle and the crowd finally got loud. Moving with the speed and grace that had become the hallmark of her style, Elisha slipped into a grappler's crouch and lunged forward...THUMP! Neve welcomed her nemesis in with a high, heartless Knee Lift to the crotch. Elisha threw her head back and shrieked in agony but Neve cut her off with a stiff slap that spun her around 180-degrees. The sudden violence of the Scream Queen's assault dropped the blonde to her knees, but Elisha had less than a second's worth of reprieve before Neve was beside her and burying her fingers in the penitent girl's mane. Making sure she tangled her fingers in as much of Lishy's hair as she could, Neve HAULED the stunned beauty to her feet and proceeded to march her forward, taking Elisha right back to the corner she'd started in. Without so much as a smile, Neve reared back on her toes and drove Elisha forward and BWANG her forehead bounded off the thinly padded buckle. Operating with a smoothness that was almost mechanical in its precision, Neve pulled 'Lishy's face away from the buckle only to slam it down a second time. And a third. And a fourth. Only when the redlining crowd reached 'TEN' on their breathless accompaniment did the brunette tug her wobbly-kneed victim away from the vibrating turnbuckles and lead her back to the middle of the ring. Turning to face the left side of the ring, Neve darted in close to Elisha, placing her lips next to the flustered blonde's ear.

Speaking in a low, hateful whisper, Neve told her, "What I'm going to do to you tonight doesn't have anything to do with wrestling, so we don't need to be in a ring."

Stepping away as quickly as she had approached, Neve used her free hand to grab the waistband of Elisha's briefs, then took four giant steps forward and tossed Elisha over the top rope, sending the discombobulated vixen on a short, but sickening ride to the almost non-existent padding below.

Elisha hit with a dull THUD - to Neve the most satisfying sound she'd heard all year! Finally allowing herself to show a little of the rage she was feeling the Scream Queen stalked to the edge of the ring, stepped onto the bottom rope and leaned down to taunt, "YOU'RE TRASH CUTHBERT! YOU WANT TO FIGHT LIKE TRASH, THEN THAT'S HOW I'M GOING TO TREAT YOUUUNNNNGHHH!"

The brunette's anger had blurred her usually keen sensibilities, allowing Elisha to regain her feet within grappling distance. The instant the blonde was vertical, she lashed out both hands and wrapped them around Neve's ankles. With little more than a sharp tug, Elisha pulled Neve off balance, sending her crashing to the canvas. Smiling for the first time since Neve had caught her with the Low Blow, Elisha smirked, "All right baby, you don't want to do this in the ring? I'll be glad to finish you off out here." Simultaneous with the last word, she pulled on Neve's ankles, dragging the stunned Scream Queen over the bottom rope and out to the floor below. The instant Neve's feet touched down, Elisha released her grip and traded it in for one much higher up on the brunette's waist. Holding her prey in place with the loose Bearhug,

Elisha backed up until she felt the cold steel of the ringside barricade pressing against her back. Ignoring the slapping hands of the fans in the front row, the vindictive blonde charged forward and RAMMED the small of Neve's back against the unrelenting mass of the ring apron. Grinning evilly as Neve groaned and quaked in her grasp, Elisha backed up and wheeled around so that she was facing the fans. Not giving Neve the chance to protest, Elisha sprinted forward a second time, slamming her victim's back into the steel barrier this time. There was a hollow THWONGING sound as the barricade was knocked back several inches, but this went mostly unheard over the gasp of pain the burst from Neve's lungs.

Unlocking her hands, Elisha let Neve slump against the steel as she pulled away. Still seething over the dismissive way the brunette had tossed her from the ring, Elisha cupped her hands under the Scream Queen's chin and did some dismissing of her own. Tilting Neve's face up to hers, Elisha sneered, "Not so tough outside the ring are you? Huh? Are you? Answer me bitch! Elisha punctuated each of her demands with a light, taunting slap that clapped off the brunette's cheek. Still seeing that superior smugness all over her opponent's dazed visage, Elisha decided it was time to grind that infuriating look off her opponent's head for good. Settling her hands into a brunette mane tinged with the first bit of sweat, Elisha jerked Neve away from the barrier and led her over to the ring. After smashing Neve's forehead into the apron a few times, the blonde held her foe in place and purred, "I don't need to use a hammer to finish you off Neve. Everything around me is a weapon and you're going to learn that the hard way." As the supine brunette started to squirm, Elisha pressed down even harder and began to drag Neve's face baaaccck and foorrrth, abrading her alabaster features against the rough canvas of the mat.

Laughing uproariously as Neve shrieked in helpless protest, Elisha kept up the cheek-grinding maneuver for about ten more seconds before releasing her hold on the Scream Queen's hair. Enjoying her dominance on the outside, Elisha snapped her bottoms back into place as she turned to face the crowd.

Leaning insolently against Neve's prone back, the cocky blonde slowly raised her hands high and folded them behind her head, a gesture that said, "Yep, it's just THAT easy."

A few seconds later, Neve noticed the pressing weight of her rival and began to wriggle. Upset that her perch was becoming less steady, Elisha whirled around and grabbed a double handful of the brunette's shoulder straps. Pulling her away from the apron, Elisha scooped Neve onto her shoulder, holding the other grappler like a five foot six sack of potatoes. Finding her next target almost instantly, Elisha tightened her grip on Neve's waist as she said, "If the canvas couldn't keep you quiet, let's see what the steel can do." On those ominous words, she loped forward, leading her captive on a dizzying ride towards the nearest ringpost.

Things would have gone beautifully if Neve hadn't recovered at the most inopportune moment and wrenched free of the blonde's grip. Before Elisha could put on the brakes, Neve was behind her and the brunette's hands were at the small of her back. With Elisha already charging full speed ahead, it only took a light shove to send her forehead-first into the unforgiving steel. There was a low, suitably evil sounding THUD as Elisha's skull bounced off the post. This THUD was instantly followed by a muffled THUMP as her legs gave out and she went sprawling onto her back, staring up at the overhead lights with a glazed look in her blue eyes. As Elisha was groaning and trying to reconnect her brains with the rest of her body, Neve was gingerly touching her face and wincing at the nasty scrapes she felt there. Turning her gaze to the wreckage of the blonde, Neve's normally stoic features contorted in a hateful snarl as she muttered, "You want to use the ring as a weapon Elisha? Lemme show you how it's done." Stalking over to her flattened opposition, Neve wasted no time in dropping down and grabbing a hold of Elisha's gleaming white togs. Scraping the blonde off the mat, Neve whirled her around and pointed her in the other direction, lining her up with the steel steps that served as the most civilized entrance to the squared circle. Tightening her grip, Neve took a step back and said, "Hope you have strong knees bitch." As the words left her mouth, she whipped Elisha past her, sending the hurtling towards the steps. Folks in the front row that got a look at Elisha's face in the moments before the crash said the blonde TRIED to turn into the impact but it was too little too late and she hit the steps knees-first with a loud WHAM! The steps stayed in place, but Elisha did not. The curvy wrestler was lifted up and flung forward, falling over the steps in a drunken slop even as she curled up and tried to cradle her damaged knees. Liking what she saw when Elisha collided with the steel, Neve took a deep breath and tucked a few stray hairs behind her ears. Strolling up behind her mewling opposition, Neve dropped to one knee and grabbed the back of Elisha's head. Pulling Lishy's head off the mat, the brunette asked, "Now that you've sampled the steps and the ringpost, which do you like better?"

Grunting in pain and embarrassment, Elisha snarled, "Fuck you NevUNNGH!"

The Scream Queen slammed Elisha's face into the mat, cutting her off neatly. Maintaining her hold on the blonde's locks, Neve hoisted Elisha to her feet and hauled her onto her shoulder. Rolling the blonde under the bottom rope, Neve maneuvered her around so that Elisha's head and shoulders were hanging off the ring apron, giving the stunned girl an in-depth but unremarkable view of the floor directly beneath her. Hopping up onto the apron, Neve stepped back a few paces, thought about firing off a taunt, and decided against it. Moving with a grace that was almost fluid, the lithe brunette jogged forward and lifted left leg straight out in front of her. In the next instant she dropped off the apron, bringing her thigh smashing down on the back of Elisha's neck with an ingenious modification on the Leg Drop. Ignoring the impressed burst of applause from the mob, Neve got back to her feet and made sure the blonde was still in place on the apron. When she was satisfied that Elisha wasn't going anywhere, Neve whirled around on her heel and sprinted towards the nearest corner. Reaching her destination, Neve pulled a quick 180 and roared back towards her rival. When there was only a few feet between brunette and blonde, Neve brought her right leg up and kicked Elisha square in the temple. There was a dull THWOCK and Elisha spasmed once before dripping off the apron and onto the mat in a puddle at Neve's feet.

Breathing hard, Neve leaned against the apron as the ref wandered over from his position a few feet away and started counting… "ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR..." Elisha groaned, rolled over onto her hands and knees and got to her feet right as the official reached 'SIX.'

Glad to see the hateful bitch hadn't been broken that easily, Neve stalked forward and took possession of Elisha's wrist. Pointing her towards the barricade at the far end of the aisle, Neve spat, "You're pathetic Elisha. I thought you might actually be able to back up your shit, but you're just another twat that can't take what she gives." Reaching the end of her rant, Neve bent her knees and whipped Elisha towards the steel. Just as the brunette was beginning to release her hold on the blonde's wrist, Elisha clamped down on her hand and planted her feet against the mat. With a small groan of exertion, 'Lishy reversed the momentum of the Whip and sent Neve to the steel in her place. Dark eyes going wide, Neve had just enough time to turn her back into the impact before she slammed into the barricade with an echoing CRASH!

Neve moaned loudly and her knees sagged as the barricade was knocked back into the knees of the fans. Things went from bad to worse for the stunned beauty a moment later when Elisha charged in and BURIED her shoulder in the brunette's abdomen, the blonde's Spear nearly cutting the Scream Queen in half.

Panting raggedly as she got to her feet, Elisha glared down into Neve's crimped, pain-soaked face and growled, "ANYTHING CLEVER TO SAY NOW SLUT?" When she didn't get an answer, Elisha turned around and stalked back to one of the seams in the blue mats. Sinking to one knee, Elisha dug her claws into the thin pads and peeled it back several feet, exposing the bare concrete beneath. Dropping the mat without a second look, Elisha strutted back to Neve just as the brunette was getting to her knees.

Dragging Neve to her feet, Elisha scooped up the wounded beauty, carried her over to the bare cement and slammed her down as hard as she could. Neve screamed and arched her back when she hit the ground, but if she thought Elisha was done after one, the brunette was sorely mistaken. Neve had barely had time to roll onto her side before Elisha buried her hands in her hair and hauled her into position for another slam. Not wasting a second, Elisha tossed Neve down again, the second Scoop Slam seeming to THUD even louder through the arena. Hearing the jeers in the crowd, Elisha smirked at the mob and flexed her biceps, wanting to make it perfectly clear that she was in complete control of her brunette nemesis. Ignoring the drone of the zebra, Elisha scraped her victim off the concrete and hauled Neve over her shoulder. This time the blonde made a point of drawing out the motions.

Pinching Neve's helpless butt in an insolent show of domination, Elisha smiled and purred, "I always thought brunette's bounced off concrete. Guess I was misinformed." When Neve only groaned, Elisha rose up on her toes and completed the trifecta. Only this time, Neve didn't roll onto her side. She just sobbed and laid prone on the ground. Leaving Neve where she'd put her, Elisha climbed up onto the apron and sauntered towards the corner of the ring. Turning around to face her victim, Elisha slapped her backside and exclaimed, "I'm going to put this whore right where she belongs!" As the audience broke out in cheers and boos, the blonde sprinted forward and leapt off the apron, coming down with the full force of her weight ass-first across the brunette's breasts. Laughing haughtily as Neve flopped underneath her, Elisha flicked hair out of her face and chided, "I may have missed your face this time bitch, but you are going to kiss my ass before this match is over." Getting to her feet, Elisha strutted past the ref and said, "You can start counting now."

Doing as he was told, the official stepped in and started ticking off, "ONE... TWO... THREE.... FOUR... FIVE.... SIX..."

Neve let out a breathless gasp and rolled onto her knees. Fighting the nausea building in her gut, Neve grabbed the apron and got to her feet as the zebra hit 'NINE.' Still sucking wind, the brunette was slumped against the apron when she heard her blonde adversary taunt, "Cutting it a little close weren't you?"

Neve spun around just in time to see Elisha swing a steel chair at her head. Acting on instinct more than anything else, Neve dipped low just as the chair slashed through the place just recently occupied by her face. Elisha's errant shot smashed against the steel post with an ungodly CLANG and the blonde winced in pain as the vibration tore the chair from her hand. She was still feeling the aftershock of her miss when Neve grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. Before Lishy could muster a counter, Neve wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and pulled her close.

Snarling into Elisha's face, Neve whispered, "One strike and you're out cunt."

In the next second Neve bent her knees and exploded up and backward, tossing Elisha onto the bare concrete with a vicious Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex. The air ''whoofed' out of Elisha's lungs and the blonde let out a quiet moan as the throw wreaked havoc on her frame. Getting to her feet, Neve brushed past the referee and cut off his count with a brusque, "Don't even think about it."

Smiling grimly as her shadow fell over Elisha, Neve nudged her boot against the blonde's temple and said, "I'm glad you swung the chair first bitch, I would have felt bad if I'd destroyed you before you even got the chance to make it look like you could win."

Gasping, Elisha pushed up onto her knees and snarled, "I'm going... going to kill... you."

Shaking her head 'no' Neve sank her hands into the blonde's tangled tresses and helped her to her feet. The kindness ended shortly thereafter when the brunette drove a callous left hand into Elisha's liver, putting a noticeable quiver back in the blonde's gams. With Elisha doubled over and hurting, Neve had little trouble trapping her in a Front Facelock. After she'd muscled Elisha's near arm over her shoulders, Neve trudged forward until she felt the steel of the barricade bump up against her foe's back. Convinced she was in the right place, Neve tightened her grip on Elisha's togs and called out, "Just a courtesy here people, Elisha's nasty ass is going to be very near your seats in a moment. If you want to leave the show disease free, I'd suggest you move in the next few seconds."

As the fans in the vicinity cheered and started to scatter, Neve took a half step back, bent her knees and then lifted straight up. Hoisting Elisha off the mat, Neve brought the blonde almost directly over her head before stepping forward and dropping her down gut-first across the steel barrier! There was a loud 'HOLY SHIT' chant that started but the Scream Queen could barely hear it over the sound of Elisha gagging in her ear. Ignoring the disgusting sounds coming from her foe, Neve caught her breath, bent her knees again and lifted Elisha free. This time the brunette DID hoist Elisha all the way up and when the breathless blonde was passing over her, Neve fell backwards fast, dropping Elisha onto the thin outside mats with a picture-perfect Vertical Suplex. 'Lisha hit with a slightly sweaty THWAP and this time her scream was much more audible to the crowd.

Smiling up into the lights as Elisha writhed just inches away, Neve smiled serenely and rolled to one knee. Getting her feet under her, she secured a handful of Elisha's snowy-white briefs and tugged her to her knees. Holding Elisha in place with very little effort, Neve glanced to a spot in the front row and said, "Why should those other guys have all the fun? I'm sure you'd like an up close and personal view of Elisha getting her ass kicked right?"

The fans replied that they did and Neve went about obliging them. Dragging Elisha in her wake, Neve hauled the blonde to her feet and set her up against the barrier. Deciding the time had come to start concentrating her attack, Neve bent down, took hold of Elisha's left knee-pad and pulled it down around her shin. With the joints suitably exposed, Neve took hold of Elisha's left ankle and folded her leg up, pressing Elisha's heel rudely into the meat of her backside. Using her free arm to secure a loose Waistlock around the blonde's gulping midsection, Neve caught her breath and then lifted up again, hoisting Elisha a few feet into the air.

The moment Elisha's knee cleared the top of the barrier, Neve stepped forward and brought her down, slamming the recently bared joint across the unyielding metal. Elisha threw her head back and voiced a pitiable sob as Neve let her go sprawling back onto the mat. Glaring down at the hobbled blonde with a murderous scowl on her face, Neve kicked lightly at Elisha's shin and asked, "Busted knee doesn't feel so good does it slut?" Elisha only growled and slapped her foot away. Rolling her eyes, Neve stepped away to take a breather as the ref moved in and started to count…"ONE... TWO... THREE.... FOUR... FIVE... SIX..."

Elisha scrambled onto her butt, then grabbed hold of the barrier behind her for support. Wincing at the sharp pain that raced up her left leg, the blonde pulled herself to her feet with a good two seconds to spare.

With her face well into the first row of fans, Elisha locked eyes with a cheering young man and said, "Spare a sip of beer for a lady?" Dumbfounded, the dude just cheered and handed the big red solo cup over to the blonde. Helping herself to a long swig, Elisha pulled away and said, "I owe you a buck fifty."

The last word was still coming out of her mouth when she spun around and HURLED the contents of the cup into the face of the oncoming Scream Queen. There was a SPLASH and a shocked sounding bleat of surprise as Neve ended up on the receiving end of a New Castle Brown Ale shower. Blinded, the brunette staggered around and tried to clear her head only to have Elisha grab her by the hair and toss her forehead first into the nearby steps.

As the 'BWONG' of skull on metal faded from the arena, Elisha put her hands on her hips and said, "Well that was fun, let's see what other helpful ringside objects I can find to torture you with."

Taking hold of Neve's sweat and beer soaked locks, Elisha pulled her victim to her hands and knees and took her on a slow, degrading Crawl of Shame around one side of the ring to the other. When they'd reached the domain of the Time Keeper and the Ring Announcer, 'Lishy let go of the brunette's hair only to instantly kick her in the ribs. As Neve grunted and rolled over onto her back, Elisha stood over her, waited for a moment and then dropped down, impaling the Scream Queen's belly on her bared knee.

Smirking as Neve hurled and tried to hold in her innards, Elisha slapped her victim's cheek and asked, "Still glad you messed with my pad bitch?"

Not caring to hear the answer (which is good because Neve wasn't going to give her one) Elisha straightened up and sauntered over to the little table that held the Time Keeper's bell and a bunch of other technical bric-a-brac that helped the show run more smoothly. Not knowing exactly what she was looking for, Elisha pawed through the items until she laid hands on a short, stout length of extra microphone cord. Blue eyes lighting up, Elisha nodded once and muttered, "This'll do."

Taking the cord in both hands, Elisha turned her attention back to Neve, who, by now had managed to get to her knees. Approaching as quietly as she could, the blonde closed the last bit of distance with a sudden lunge that allowed her to slip the cord around Neve's throat. Pulling back as hard as she could, Elisha drove her right knee into Neve's back and pushed forward, shoving the frantic brunette back down onto her belly.

Leaning back to put more pressure on the hideously augmented stranglehold, Elisha was beaming as she shouted, "THAT'S RIGHT NEVE CHOKE! CHOKE AND SCREAM AND BEG, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!"

She punctuated her cruel statement by leaning back even further, drawing another hideous gurgle from her trapped prey. Down on the mat, Neve's usually implacable calm had been replaced by a nauseated fear as Elisha simply choked the life out of her. Trying desperately to ignore the dark whorls and cracks that were appearing in her line of sight, the red-faced brunette managed to slip the fingers on her right hand between her windpipe and the microphone cord, relieving the pressure just a bit. But she knew this was a stop-gap solution at the very best. If she couldn't find a way to get free, Elisha would simply choke her out and win the match that way. And Neve didn't want to think about what Elisha would try to do to her when she had surrendered her consciousness.

Fighting the urge to panic, the breathless Scream Queen reached around with her free hand, flailing and groping until she stumbled upon one of Elisha's hands. Seizing the blonde's wrist in a death-grip, Neve pulled as hard as she could and was just able to bring the hand level with her face. Darting her head forward, the brunette opened her mouth and clamped her teeth down on the meat just below her tormentor's thumb. From somewhere above her, she heard Elisha shriek and after a final vile constriction, the cord around her throat fell away and she could breath again. Back on the more vertical end of the spectrum, Elisha was cursing and massaging the hand that Neve had taken a bite out of. When the pain faded, the righteously pissed off blonde turned her gaze back on the brunette. She was about to pounce on the helpless Scream Queen and pound her into an unrecognizable pulp when the official stepped in and started his count. "ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN..."

Listening to the zebra count, Elisha growled, "Is that all you've got Neve?"

As if the words had been a talisman, the brunette let out a ragged cough and pushed to her knees right as the ref hit 'EIGHT.' Taking note of the boneless, rubbery way Neve's legs looked, Elisha purred, "Good, I knew you were tougher than that." Eager to find out just how tough the Scream Queen actually was, Elisha padded up behind her adversary and paid back a little favor from earlier by pounding both fists directly into the brunette's kidneys. As Neve sobbed and dropped to her knees with both arms crossed around her waist, Elisha grabbed her by the hair and said conversationally, "You smell like booze, desperation and fear, which is good, because you'll be working in a lot of places that reek of those things after I send you into early retirement." Ignoring the brunette's muttered reply, Elisha pulled Neve to her feet, scooped her up and held her at chest level across her body. Helping herself to another jiggling handful of Neve’s butt, Elisha groped the flesh for several seconds, if only to show everyone in attendance that she didn't respect her opponent in the slightest. Strutting around in front of the announce table, Elisha called out, “I hit Neve with this the last time we fought, but then she had a ring to break her fall. I bet the fall breaks her this time!"

She rose up on her toes and dropped forward, ramming Neve’s exposed ribs into her bent knee. Glowing with sadistic joy, Elisha held her grip and pulled the Scream Queen back up, only to drop down with a second Rib Breaker. When the second slam connected, Elisha’s taunting smile disappeared only to be replaced with a hateful leer. Holding the brunette prone across her chest, Elisha lifted up on her toes and fell backwards, tossing Neve over her head as she did so, sending her foe sprawling nearly the entire length of the aisle with a beautiful Fall-Away Slam.

Sitting up on her haunches, the blonde dusted her hands off and got to her feet. Glancing over her shoulder, her gaze happened to fall on the Ring Announcer, or more specifically, his chair. Instead of one of the steel folding chairs that was so common in a wrestling arena, the Announcer had a padded chair more akin to something you'd find in a conference room or fast food restaurant. Suddenly getting a brilliant idea, Elisha stalked over, pulled the poor dope out of his chair and said, "You can have this back later." Holding the chair in both hands, she strode over to where the ref had reached 'SIX' on his count. Knowing and not caring that hitting the brunette would stop the count, Elisha lashed out with her foot and stomped on Neve's back. Shooing the ref off with a sharp look, Elisha mused, "I'm really sorry submissions don't count in this match, because I think you'll be begging for mercy very soon."

The blonde sat the chair down across Neve's back so that the seat was facing the brunette's head. Taking a comfortable perch on the chair, Elisha reached down and grabbed hold of Neve's shoulders. Grunting with the effort, Elisha hoisted Neve to her knees, or at least almost to her knees, the bottom of the chair kept her from getting all the way there. That didn't matter to Elisha though, she quickly forced Neve's arms back and over her thighs, keeping the brunette suspended in her current position even when Lishy let go of her shoulders.

Reaching her hands under the Scream Queen's chin, Elisha locked her crisscrossed her fingers and cooed, "Scream if you can Neve."

She pulled back as hard as she could, trapping her victim in a Camel Clutch that was made all the more terrible by the rigid presence of the chair.

Down on the floor, Neve was suffering untold torments as Elisha wrenched and pulled the back of her neck against the steel of the seat's edge. With her arms trapped over Elisha's thighs, there was no way for her to wriggle free and judging by the way the blonde had the Clutch cinched in, she wasn't going to be conscious much longer anyway. But just when things had started to look hopeless, the blonde pulled back even harder on Neve's chin. And while this wasn't really a good thing, Neve's thoughts pulled away from the pain for just a second when she realized the chair had rocked back on its hind legs just a bit. Seizing hold of this piece of information, the Scream Queen gritted her teeth and waited for Elisha to pull back again. When she did, Neve pushed up with all her remaining strength. The surprise surge caught Elisha off-guard and she went sprawling backwards as the chair tipped over.

Finally free of the debilitating hold, Neve didn't even realize how close the top of the chair had come to smashing her ankles, but the disaster had been narrowly averted and she was pleased just to be out from under her foe. Elisha on the other hand was far from thrilled. Furious that the brunette had slipped her way out of another predicament, the blonde scrambled to her feet and stalked over to the recovering brunette. Allowing herself the small pleasure of an unprotected stomp to the small of Neve's back, Elisha bent down, took hold of Neve's shoulder straps and yanked her to her feet. Wasting no time, the enraged grappler spun her nemesis around and trapped her in a Front Facelock.

Pointing Neve's rump towards the fans in the front row, Elisha sneered, "You wanna see if I can take what I dish out? Well I've already taken this from you bitch, lemme see how YOU like it."

Taking a deep breath, Elisha lifted Neve off the mat, took a few steps forward and then dropped her down gut-first across the steel barricade. Releasing the Facelock, Elisha took Neve's head in both hands and held her roughly parallel to the ground. Smirking at the wildly cheering (and jeering) fans, Elisha said, "Now you guys can look, but don't touch. That nasty, cottage cheese ass of hers belongs to ME."

Elisha jammed Neve's head between her thighs and clamped down, applying a visually stunning variant on the classic Standing Headscissors. Hands on her thighs, Elisha squeezed down even harder, using all her considerable leg strength to pop the Scream Queen's head like a grape. Wiggling her hips just because she could, Elisha opened her mouth to say something and that's when Neve whipped her claws up and sank them into the blonde's tensed butt cheeks. Grimacing in pain and distaste, Elisha pulled the brunette's hands away and held them out at her sides.

"Getting desperate hmmmm sweetie?" Working quickly but carefully, Elisha scooched backward, pulling Neve along with her until the Scream Queen's upper thighs were resting across the barrier. Sweeping her gaze across the mystified sea that was the audience, Elisha smiled and called, "I bet none of you have ever seen anything like this before. And if you say otherwise, you're a fuckin' liar!"

The words had just left her mouth when 'Lishy dropped to her knees, planting Neve face-first in the mat with something that most resembled a Pedigree, but wasn't quite. Nodding her approval as the fans started to go ape shit, Elisha got to her feet and hopped up onto the apron, preening and gloating while the ref stood over Neve and began to count.

"ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT..."

Somehow, the shopworn brunette got her hands and knees under her and pushed to her feet right before the official reached 'TEN." From her perch above the action, Elisha grumbled in exasperation. She had been sure the Facebuster would have kept the Scream Queen down for good. Slipping down from the apron, Elisha pounced on the woozy brunette and grabbed a double handful of hair.

Marching her adversary back around the ring, Elisha didn't stop until she reached the steps and tossed Neve back-first into the steel. Glaring down into her foe's glazed features, Elisha snarled, "I'm gonna spatter your stubborn brains all over these steps."

Turning her back on the slumped brunette, Elisha jogged down to the other end of the aisle and whirled around. Settling into a tense runner's crouch, she exploded forward in a dead run that put her on a collision course with the Scream Queen. When there was only a few feet between her and Neve, Elisha brought up her right knee and surged forward, aiming the joint right at Neve's nose. Too bad Neve wasn't there anymore. At the last second, Neve dipped aside, leaving Lishy's knee to go crashing into the industrial grade steel. There was a hollow BWAM! as the blonde's knee hit home, the force of her landing actually knocking the top half of the steps off kilter. Screaming aloud as an explosion of pain went off in her knee, Elisha crumpled onto her side and curled into the fetal position.

A few feet away, Neve caught her breath and got to her feet. Surveying the mewling remnants of her blonde opposition, Neve taunted, "Bet the pad didn't help much that time did it Slutbert?" When Elisha only groaned, Neve looked around to find a new way to punish her nemesis. After a few seconds she saw Nightscape clicking away with his camera. Sauntering over to the photog, Neve flashed him a winning smile and asked, "Do you have insurance on that camera Scape?"

Arching an eyebrow, he replied, "Uhhh... yeah."

"Good. I'll get it back to you shortly." Grabbing the camera from the photographer's hands, Neve turned her attention back to the blonde who was crawling to her feet as the ref reached 'EIGHT.' Holding the camera in one hand, Neve stalked up behind her prey and let out a low whistle. As Elisha staggered around to locate the source of the noise, Neve lashed her hand out and CRAACKED the camera off Elisha's forehead. Grinning hatefully as the blonde went down in a heap, Neve framed a lovely close-up of her victim's dazed (and freshly bleeding) face, snapped a single shot and handed the camera back to Scape. Slapping the photographer on the shoulder, she said, "Waddaya know? Still works."

Leaving Scape to work out any kinks she had put in the camera, Neve returned her attention to Elisha just as the blonde was clawing her way to her feet. Seeing the placement of Elisha in relation to the lower half of the steps, Neve instantly decided on her next course of action. Abandoning her typical slow stalk for a flat-out run, the vindictive brunette sprinted at her foe like a hungry lioness chasing down a crippled gazelle. Elisha saw Neve coming and she raised her hands to intercept the Scream Queen, but Lishy went high and Neve went low. When she was almost upon her rival, Neve left her feet in a short hop and DROVE both boots into the bottom steps which were subsequently smashed backwards into the blonde's tenderized knees. Elisha voiced that keening, high-pitched wail again as bone and muscle were bludgeoned against metal for the second time in as many minutes. Impressed with the cruel ingenuity of her baseball slide-like maneuver, Neve rolled to her feet and slowly approached the flattened blonde. Taking in her nemesis' anguish with a very small smile, Neve drew in a deep breath and slowly let it out.

As the ref counted and Elisha fought to get her hands and knees under her, the brunette asked quietly, "Knee injuries aren't very pleasant are they Elisha?"

Using the steps to support her weight, Elisha got to her feet and stared Neve in the eye, "Nothing I can't handle bitch."

Neve titled her head to the side, an inquisitive gesture that was completely out of place given the goings-on. "Really?" she said.

Before Elisha could answer her, the Scream Queen lashed out and kicked the blonde directly in her right kneecap. Elisha let out a gutshot sob and collapsed to one knee, which wasn't much better considering her left wasn't in the greatest of shape either. Fighting back tears, the leader of Destruction Inc looked up at her tormentor and hissed, "I'm going to kill you."

Neve drove her knee forward, catching the blonde in the forehead. As Elisha's head snapped back, Neve helped herself to a double handful of hair and slowly led her over to the barrier that had already seen so much action earlier in the fight. Remembering the embarrassing way Elisha had scissored her with the aid of the barricade, Neve muttered, "Once again Elisha, you come up with something creative but fail to utilize it to its full effectiveness."

Intent on showing the blonde the error of her ways, Neve shooed the fans directly opposite her away from their seats so she had enough room to work. After dimming Elisha's lights with a hard left-right combo to the point of the jaw, the brunette flipped her foe onto her belly and quickly placed her ankles in two of the narrow gaps between the bars of the barricade. Hopping over the barrier into the front row, Neve placated the puzzled buzz of the crowd by saying, "Just watch, I promise the payoff will be worth it."

The brunette took hold of Elisha's feet and tugged back, managing to thread her rival's gams through the steel all the way up to just below her knees. Satisfied that Elisha could be yanked no further, Neve adjusted her grip on Elisha's legs and stood up, roughly lifting the captured limbs until the back of the blonde's knees were resting against the steel crossbar at the top of the barricade. (In the process, Elisha's whole body had been lifted off the mat until only her chest and face were still on the ground, and even then, the position didn't look very comfortable. Almost ready to debut her new trick, Neve hopped back over the barricade and turned around to face the audience, straddling Elisha's form with one foot planted on either side of the blonde's panicked face. Hooking Elisha's ankles into her armpits, Neve clamped down tight and whispered, "Scream as hard as you can Elisha, maybe you'll pass out and this can end before I really get to hurt you."

As the last word left her mouth, Neve bent her knees and PULLED backwards and down, bending Elisha's knees over the steel with a inhumanely sadistic application of the Boston Crab. The hold had been applied for less than a second before Elisha and the audience DID scream but for very different reasons. The latter because, I mean shit, when was the last time ANYONE had tied their opponent up in the steel before slapping on a Boston Crab, and the former, well, because it was her knees being wrapped around that post, and as tough as she was, Elisha couldn't help but acquiesce to Neve's demand.

Screaming and clawing at the brunette's feet, Elisha tried to tear legs away from the tireless strength of the steel, but in her elevated state, she could get almost no pressure and she was forced to endure the Scream Queen's machinations. Biting her tongue to silence further cries, Elisha bore the pain as best she could, knowing full well that a submission meant nothing in this environment. Several seconds after Elisha went quiet, Neve released her grip and stepped away, but not without a final derisive kick to the helpless blonde's back.

Dropping to her belly, Neve placed her face inches from Elisha's and whispered, "You have a choice to make Elisha. Stay down and prove you're a coward. Or get up and take the rest of your punishment."

Panting, Elisha tilted her head up and locked eyes with the brunette. Finding her voice, she growled, "You're going to wish you hadn't tried to motivate me."

Elisha stabbed her hands out to get at Neve's hair, but the brunette had anticipated the move and pulled away at the last second. Pushing to her feet, the Scream Queen put her hands on her hips and added, "Prove it then!"

Elisha let out a loud, angry growl and did just that. Wrenching her legs free of the top bar, she sank her claws into the mat and scrabbled forward, reaching for Neve's boots as she did so. For her part, Neve stayed a step ahead of Lishy and when Elisha was almost free of her steel prison, the brunette bent down and helped her opponent the rest of the way with a single titanic jerk on her sweat-soaked locks. Convinced that the blonde's will to fight was all but gone, Neve scraped Elisha off the mat and led her over to the dented but still highly usable lower half of the ring steps. Taking her place on the wide, flat surface that made up the top of the steps, Neve forced Elisha to bend double and then placed the blonde's head between her thighs. Glancing out at the mob, Neve drew a thumb across her throat, emphatically signaling 'That's it.'

As the audience started to roar, she bent down and wrapped her hands around Elisha's waist, clasping them together to better lift her victim into place for the Sit-Out Piledriver that would bounce Elisha's skull off the steps and end her contention in this fight. While this would’ve made a stunning and memorable visual, it required Elisha’s compliance and the blonde wasn't willing to give that yet!

Despite the terrible pain in her knees, 'Lishy was able to go limp when Neve tried to lift her, effectively dead weighting herself so the brunette couldn't haul her into position. When Neve tried a second time, Elisha planted her feet and lifted up as fast as she could, tossing Neve over her head only to send her crashing onto the mats behind them with a jury-rigged Back Body Drop. Elisha didn't see the brunette land, but she heard the THUD and the groan and those two sounds made her smile.

Feasting on that burst of adrenaline, Lishy hopped up onto the top step and whirled around, hoping to be greeted by the sight of her hated adversary in a most vulnerable position. Elisha was in luck; Neve had come down flat on her back and the impact had knocked all the breath out of her. While the pale brunette was already on her side and in comfortable position to break the ref's count (he was only on FOUR after all) the glassy look in her eyes told Elisha that Neve wasn't aware of anyone else at the moment and that meant she could act with impunity. Licking her lips, the blonde cooed, "You tried to take my wings bitch, but this bombshell can still fly!"

Diligently ignoring the pain in her knees, Elisha waited until Neve got her feet back to spring her trap. The moment Neve regained verticality, Elisha crouched down and then leapt off the low perch. As she soared towards Neve, Elisha Scissored open her legs only to snap them shut as they encircled the brunette's oblivious head. Locking her ankles, Elisha dropped back and spun to her left, taking Neve up and off her feet with a beautiful Hurricanrana.

Neve was hurled back the way Elisha had come, rolling to a stop with her feet only inches from the steps and conveniently enough, that's right where Elisha wanted her. Working gamely to walk without a limp (it wasn't easy) Elisha sauntered back over to her victim, sank her hands into Neve's hair and pulled the Scream Queen to her feet. Face to face with her victim, Elisha reached around the left side of Neve's body and then wrapped her arms around the brunette's abdomen, completing the Waist Lock.

Smirking into the other grappler's dark eyes, Elisha purred, "You wanted to bash my head against these steps didn't you?" That's too fucking bad Neve; because after I bend you over them, they aren't going to be good for anything else."

Flexing her knees a bit, Elisha lifted up and spun her victim around in a 270-degree arc. When Neve was parallel to the steps, Elisha dropped to one knee and SLAMMED Neve down across the steel, nearly snapping her in two with one of the most hideous Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreakers ever recorded.

Letting loose with a triumphant scream as Neve's pale face went several shades paler, Elisha fought to her feet and grabbed the ref. Shoving him towards the prostrate brunette, Elisha spat, "COUNT HER DOWN!"

More than happy to do as he was told, the official started his count, "ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX..."

At 'SIX' the decimated Scream Queen let out a rattling sob and peeled herself off the steps only to go rolling onto her hands and knees. Knowing that her current position wouldn't beat the count, Neve clawed at the apron and pulled herself up just as the zebra hit 'NINE.'

Shaking her head in disgust, Elisha muttered, "And Fannin wonders why there won't be any of you left."

Stalking her wounded prey at a careful distance, Elisha got close enough to jab her hands out and take hold of the brunette's hair. Leading Neve away from the steps, Elisha laid her eyes on the bare patch of concrete she'd exposed earlier and never gotten a chance to use. Perfectly content use it now, the blonde marched her prize over to the edge of the cement and then spun her around so that Elisha's back was facing the rough gray slab.

As the brunette tried to regain her bearings, Elisha booted her in the gut and trapped her in a tight Front Facelock. A heartbeat later, Elisha leapt off the mat and forced both legs straight out behind her. Floating almost directly parallel to the floor several feet below, Elisha twisted to her right to start the descent that would simultaneously complete her Tornado DDT by planting Neve's head in the cement. Sadly, Elisha had overestimated the wooziness of the Scream Queen and Neve made her pay for it. In the split second before Elisha leaned her weight into her fall, Neve rose up on her toes, locked her arms around the blonde’s waist and tugged back with all her might. Elisha had just enough time to realize she was falling in the wrong direction; going over Neve’s head when she should have been landing in front of it. Then Neve leaned back into her bridge and dropped Elisha down across the concrete with a Northern Lights Suplex that was far more painful than usual.

Under normal circumstances, Neve would have maintained the bridge in hopes of getting a three count, but pins were meaningless in this environment and the brunette didn't have the energy to stay bridged for very long anyway. Letting go of the quivering blonde, Neve rolled to her hands and knees and crawled away before getting to her feet. Wincing at the dull red firestorm that continued to burn in her lower back, the brunette wheeled around just in time to see Elisha getting her feet under her.

Feeling more than a little rejuvenated by the sight of her battered nemesis, Neve smiled nastily and called out, "You really should think twice about exposing that concrete the next time 'Lishy! People might start to think you LIKE getting dropped on it!"

Angelic features twisting into a murderous snarl, Elisha dropped into a crouch and spat, "I'm gonna make you EAT that cement!"

Neve just held out both hands and beckoned her in with, "I'd like to see you try it candyass."

Howling her fury, Elisha sprinted forward even though her movements had lost much of their previous grace. Surprisingly, Neve rushed forward to meet her adversary but just when it looked like they'd meet in a sweaty clinch in the center of the aisle, Neve went low again and drilled her left forearm across Elisha's knees in a simple but highly effective Chop Block. Elisha's legs were swept out from under her once more and she went down in quiet misery as her formerly strong legs seemed to be losing their ability to hold her weight at an alarming speed. Not too far away, Neve pushed to her feet and surveyed the situation. The blonde was currently down and cradling her battered knees, but the Scream Queen knew that didn't mean much. Though she would never admit it publicly, she was convinced that as long as Elisha could move or make a sound, she would be a threat. It was Neve's goal to beat all that resistance out of her rival.

Searching for the proper tool for the job, Neve's gaze fell across the microphone cord that Elisha had nearly strangled her with earlier in the fight. Deciding to pay Elisha back the best way she knew how, Neve shuffled over to the cord, picked it off the mat and wrapped it around her right hand, leaving a good eight inches hanging free.

Standing near Elisha's legs, the brunette raised the makeshift whip up to her shoulder and snarled, "I always wanted to LITERALLY whip someone's ass. How lucky for me that it gets to be a bitch like you." Elisha groaned and tried to crawl away, but Neve stepped forward and brought the cord whicking down across the blonde's rump. SNAAAAPP! Elisha sobbed as the lash hit home! Sighing, Neve murmured, "That was fun, but I can't help but think targeting your ass is a pointless endeavor."

When Elisha started to curse, Neve raised the cord and brought it down a second time, only now she laid it across the back of the blonde's tortured knees. Elisha held back a scream so Neve hit her again. And so it went for nearly thirty seconds, Elisha crawling away as Neve gamely walked her down and systematically lashed the ever loving bejeezus out of the blonde's knees. Finally, after an especially hard shot dropped Elisha onto her belly, Neve tossed the cord aside and made her way to Elisha's head. Noting that they'd made their way to a spot almost directly in front of the Commentator's table, Neve pulled Elisha to her knees and wedged the blonde's head between her thighs.

Glaring down at Elisha's sweat-shiny back, Neve growled, "No escape this time SlutberAARRRGGHH!"

Unfortunately, Elisha had engineered a simple but effective escape by tugging her head free of Neve's scissors and then throwing a murderously hard Uppercut into the front of the Scream Queen's trunks. Neve's sturdy legs turned to water and she sank to her knees, where she found herself staring into Elisha’s furious blue eyes.

Her hatred for Neve the only thing driving her on at this point, Elisha SLAP cracked the brunette across the face and growled, "I'm going to end this right now!" Grunting, the blonde got to her feet and tugged Neve to hers. Glancing over at the Commentators, she rasped, "Get the hell outta the way!"

As Flash and Dru scattered, Elisha grabbed hold of Neve's tights and muscled her onto the table in a boneless sprawl. Pausing for a moment to make sure her knees wouldn't give out on her, Elisha climbed onto the table alongside the brunette and pulled her to her knees. Wedging Neve's head between her thighs, Lishy grinned out at the audience and shrieked, "I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T NEED ANY HELP! YOU'RE ABOUT TO SEE THE REIGN OF THE SCREAM QUEEN COME TO AN END!"

She stepped forward and wrapped Neve up in the Piledriver position but instead of hitting that classic maneuver, she lifted her right leg and stepped forward placing it in front of Neve's dangling right arm. She then repeated the maneuver, trapping Neve’s left arm behind her left leg. With Neve tied up and helpless, Elisha took one more second to say, “Looks like your little sacrifice was all for nothing Rich."

Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the table taking Neve along for the ride. Her exposed chest and ribs were driven viciously into the wood surface and there was an ungodly splintering CRASH as the legs gave way and both women landed in what had moments before been a sound wooden table. There was an audible gasp from the audience followed by a deafeningly loud 'HOLY SHIT' chant. No one had EVER seen Elisha hit the White Out through a table before and even though most of them didn't like her, they had to admit it was a match ending move. As Elisha pushed off the insensate brunette, she staggered into the apron and simply watched as the ref started to count the Scream Queen down.

"ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN..."

Somehow, some way, Neve pushed up to her hands and knees. A second later ('NINE!') the brunette let out a tortured groan and rose to her feet.

Digging her hands into her own hair, Elisha tugged as hard as she could and screamed, "WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN?!"

When Neve didn't answer her, the blonde stormed forward, secured a handful of hair and tights, then tossed Neve under the bottom rope, bringing the fight back to the squared circle for the first time since the beginning of the match. Sliding in after her foe, Elisha scrambled to her feet and limped after the decimated Scream Queen. Blowing through the brunette's meager defenses, Elisha peeled Neve off the mat and immediately applied another Standing Headscissors. Eschewing her usual theatrics, Elisha lifted Neve into the Piledriver position a second time and hooked her for another White-Out by placing her wounded legs in front of the inverted beauty's arms. Her face a portrait of rage and frustration, the blonde didn't so much leap forward as fall forward, but the effect was still the same. Neve's brutalized ribs and chest got another taste of the ground, only this time it was canvas and not wood.

Pushing up onto her knees after the move connected, Elisha got to her feet, stood over Neve and roared, "LET'S SEE YOU GET UP FROM THAT!" There was an old adage that cautioned to be careful what you wish for, and as it turned out, Elisha was about to get some firsthand experience in that area. No sooner had the words left her mouth did Neve roll over onto her back and sit up. True, the Scream Queen was hugging her ribs and trying to hold back a sob, but she WAS sitting up and to Elisha's way of thinking, that shouldn't have been possible. Nearly out of her mind with frustration and hatred, the blonde growled, "Fuck this" spun around on her heel and made a beeline for the edge of the ring.

Slipping through the ropes, she moved gingerly from the apron to the floor, trying not to put any more pressure on her knees than she had to. Looking over the shattered remains of the Announce Table and the various weapons she'd used during the course of the evening, she finally found what she was looking for in a simple steel folding chair. Taking the weapon in both hands, Elisha returned her attention to the ring where Neve had managed to crawl over to the ropes and get her feet under as the official counted 'SEVEN!' Keeping her gaze locked on the crippled brunette's exposed back, Elisha slid under the bottom rope, chair in tow, and got to her feet. Bringing the weapon up level with her shoulder, Elisha smiled as the shadow of the steel fell across the back of Neve's head. Panting hard, Elisha rasped, "Turn around Neve. I want you to see this coming."

Neve jerked around and Elisha swung for the fences, a beautiful cleaving guillotine stroke of a chair shot that would have wrapped the steel around Neve's head like an ignominious crown had she been there to wear it. The key word there was IF. Because Neve wasn't there. As the chair descended on her skull, the brunette dropped to her knees and the blonde's match winning KO hit the top rope and bounced right back into Elisha's face with a sickening BWAM! Elisha's already damaged legs did another heart-rending shimmy as her hands opened up and the chair fell away with a muttered clang. It was a testament to her will and fighting spirit that Elisha didn't pitch forward on her face right then and there, but even though she was still standing, everyone in the first dozen rows could tell the blonde was out on her feet.

At this point all she had left was her verticality and that was stolen a moment later when Neve straightened up, executed a pretty little hop and slammed both boots into the blonde's kneecaps, slicing Lishy's legs out from under her with another Low Dropkick.

Elisha hit the mat chin and chest-first and could only moan as Neve got to her feet and took possession of the chair. Savoring the feel of the metal weapon in her hands, Neve limped around to the blonde's legs and raised it high. Planting a foot in the small of Elisha's back to pin her victim in place, Neve said to no one in particular, "I bet you've never seen anyone sweep up with a steel chair."

The exhausted brunette brought the chair CRAACK down on the back of the blonde's legs, just below her knees. Smiling savagely as Elisha shrieked and rolled over onto her back, Neve tossed the chair aside and grabbed hold of Elisha's ankles. Glancing over her shoulder, Neve located the closest corner and started trudging towards it. When she felt the buckles brushing against her back, the Scream Queen dropped to her belly and slid out under the bottom rope, while still maintaining her grip on the blonde's feet. Shifting her hold slightly, Neve threaded Elisha's legs around the ring post, one on either side. Smiling as the crowd started to roar, Neve clamped down on the blonde's boots and JERKED back as hard as she could. Inside the ring, Elisha was dragged forward until her center hit the immovable metal with a muted THUD that was lost in the decimated blonde's howl of anguish.

Shaking her head 'no' the brunette muttered, "I'm not done yet." Climbing up onto the narrow perch of the ring apron, Neve lifted Elisha's split limbs up in a rude V and paused just long enough to look out at the crowd and shout, "I'm going to be busy here for a little while, but when I'm done, I wanna see this canvas COVERED with chairs! It's not like you're using them anyway!" And so began one of the most spectacularly surreal sights in the history of Richard Fannin's promotion. The lights in the club suddenly seemed to flicker as fans in the first three rows stood up and HURLED their chairs into the center of the ring where they landed with a thunder of CLASHES, CLATTERS and CLANGS.

The ref, out of his mind with worry, stayed close to the corner and ducked low, trying to make sure that none of the flying implements would land on Elisha or him for that matter. When the hail finally stopped, there must have been almost fifty chairs carpeting the canvas and the crowd couldn't stop cheering. It might not have been the most lawful thing in the history of the sport, but it had to be one of the coolest. Through it all, Neve did what she did best, namely, finish off her opposition. As the chairs whizzed by overhead, the Scream Queen stretched Elisha’s legs a bit wider, placed her left leg between them, and then executed a 180-degree turn to her right over the helpless blonde's right leg. Completing the revolution, Neve grabbed Elisha’s free leg and fell backwards, in a short but dizzying freefall that ended with her hanging upside down with her head just inches above the floor. Fighting off the nausea brought on by the fall, Neve laced her free leg over Elisha’s bent ankle and pressed down, applying the Figure Four Leg-Lock around the ring post.

In the ring, Elisha sat bolt-upright and shrieked into the rafters. The Figure Four in her state would have been bad enough but the addition of the steel post made the short stint of time seem like Hell on Earth for the blonde. Clawing and tearing at her knee, Elisha finally had enough and slumped backwards, slapping the mat wildly and sobbing, "I GIVE, I GIVE, I GIVE! MAKE HER LET GO! PLEASE! PLEASE MAKE HER LET GO, SHE'S GOING TO BREAK MY LEGGGG!"

Elisha's begging devolved into a final tortured howl and then the blonde fell silent and went limp as her consciousness finally fled. Sympathetic but unable to call an end to the battle, the ref only slapped at Neve's boot and called, "You gotta let her go Neve! She's thrown in the towel!"

Outside and upside down, Neve was fully aware of Elisha's concession, but she honestly didn't care. It was only when the exertion of maintaining the Leglock started to wear on her that she broke her grip and dropped the last few inches to the floor. Rolling off her shoulders, Neve got to her feet and turned to the fans once more. "Thanks for the chairs, I'll make sure they're put to good use." Coasting on a wave of applause, the Scream Queen rolled under the bottom rope and got to her feet. Approaching Elisha's helpless form, Neve shoved the official aside and dropped to one knee. Eyeing the oblivious blonde with a glare that was much cooler than one might have expected, Neve sank her hands into Elisha's damp curls, and proceeded to draaaaag her away from the corner. As her feet started hitting the chairs, Neve shifted her grip a little and pulled Elisha to her knees.

Leading/dragging/walking Elisha to the center of the ring, Neve forced the beaten girl to kneel before shoving her head between her thighs to apply the Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around the blonde's waist, Neve inverted Elisha and held her in that position for several seconds, just to show the crowd that this would end only when the Scream Queen WANTED it to end. After about ten seconds, the brunette felt like she'd made her point, so she bent her knees, jumped up and sat out hard, finally connecting with the Sit-Out Piledriver, and onto a pile of steel chairs to boot. Elisha spasmed once, then sprawled out face down between Neve's thighs. The fight was totally, emphatically over, but the ref still had to make his count. He had just counted off, 'ONE.' when Neve got to her feet and grabbed his wrist. Staring the zebra down, she indicated the crowd and said, "I want them to do it."

Nodding, the official stepped back as Neve slipped a boot under Elisha's ribs and lolled her over onto her back. The triumphant brunette placed her right boot directly across Elisha's face and raised her arms high over her head. Fixing the redlining mob with a hard stare, Neve roared, "COUNT!"

The assembled fans didn't need to be told twice and they started in with a deafening, "ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT... NINE... TEN!"

The bell finally rang, bringing the match to a merciful close, but Neve did not relinquish her perch. Glaring at the ref she said, "Bring me a mic." Not wanting to deny the brunette in the state she was in, the ref took a mic from the Announcer and handed it to the triumphant Scream Queen. Breathing hard and trembling with exhaustion, Neve wiped the hair out of her face before bringing the microphone to her lips. Fixing a dark-eyed stare directly on the entrance to the locker room at the top of the ramp, the brunette began, "I want everyone in the back to stop what they're doing and listen to me. All of you need to understand that what I just did to Elisha was not an end, but a beginning. For too long now, I've kept quiet as this promotion was nearly destroyed by egos more interested in theatrics and entertainment than pure wrestling. That ends tonight.

“Consider this an open challenge to everyone on the roster: you want a shot at me? Come and get it. If you step into this ring and face me in a clean, rule abiding match, win, lose or draw, I will shake your hand when it's over. But if you come in here and try to hurt me, make your name at my expense, you'll end up just like Lishy' here. I don't care who you are; Curtain-jerker, mid-card or Main-event. Gamine or Amazon, brawler, technician or highflyer. Champ, challenger, anything in between. Sweet little girl next door, freezing Ice Queen, Catfigher, legend, punk, diva, Huntress, prey, Darkness, present or former, Heartbreaker, Latina Supreme, Scissor Queen, British Bombshell, Angel, Dark or otherwise, Goddess, Avenger... or Slayer... If you get in my face, I'll drop you on yours."

Finally through, Neve tossed the mic aside and simply stood there as the audience screamed its approval. From somewhere in the back, an unknown fan started chanting, "UNCROWNED CHAMP!" and soon those two words were ringing through the Silver Key.

Surprised by the reaction, Neve did something she hadn't done at any other time in her career. She brought her hands to her waist and made the 'strapping on the belt' motion that any wrestling fan knew by heart. Finally overcome with her aches and pains, Neve whispered, "At least for now." and started the long walk out of the ring and up the ramp, leaving the officials and medics to deal with what remained of Elisha Cuthbert.