Neve Campbell (w/Lacey Chabert) vs. Shannon Doherty by Scott

After my ex-girlfriend Neve Campbell terrorized my new girlfriend Mila Kunis, I decided I had to extract some type of revenge. Not only did she humiliate Mila, but Mila also left me after the unwarranted attack on her. I thought if I could get someone to take care of Neve, Mila might welcome me back. I tried contacting several women for the job but none accepted the invitation.

When I was about to give up, my colleague, Brian Bosworth Brady IV - executive vice president at Spelling Enterprises suggested I contact Shannen Doherty. He said even though she was busy with a new show and the "Beverly Hills 90210" reunion show she always had time to beat up a bitch like Neve - if the price was right.

Now I knew Shannen had a great fighting reputation but I was concerned about the size difference. She'd be giving up a few inches and pounds against Neve who had her own reputation for being cruel in catfights. Brian reminded me how ruthless Shannen could be and assured me she'd fight like a pit bull. She'd taken down bigger women than Neve and, besides he said, Neve's bark is worse than her bite. Brian said Shannen would bitch-slap her a few times and have Neve in tears in seconds. Shannen would scratch, claw, choke and do what she had to do to win but Neve would probably give up in less than a minute. But, if she were foolish enough to get into a long knockdown, drag-out catfight with a mean nasty female like Shannen, it'd be Neve not Shannen who'd be laid out spread-eagle.

Shannen agreed to the fight and I got so excited about the beating Neve was going to get. The plan was for Shannen to go to Neve's apartment and worm her way in catching an unprepared Neve by surprise. If Shannen could get the first strike in Neve would be under her control. I knew Neve had video surveillance in her apartment and I planned on showing the tape to other actors and producers/directors showing what a crying little girl Neve really was or better yet use the tape as blackmail to get Neve to give me unlimited sex on demand. The fight was going to occur in the next night or two. Oh I was so giddy with anticipation.

Two days after Shannen paid Neve a visit I still hadn't heard anything when a video arrived in the mail. This was a surprise. I'd expected Shannen to deliver the video in person when she collected her fee. Maybe she had to leave town because of work and she was giving me a freebie. When it came to catfighting Shannen was like a little kid playing baseball. She'd do it just for the fun of it. I popped the tape in and immediately got a surprise. Neve hadn't been home alone!

"You ready to go workout?" It was Lacey Chabert, Neve's former 'Party of Five' costar.

"Yeah, but I don't have any smokes. I think I'll run to the store. I'll be back in a little bit then we'll go workout," Neve said

Well this was bad news and good news. I never liked Lacey. I always thought she was a snot just like her character on the television show. Even though she'd grown and was bigger than Shannen, the 20-year-old wasn't much of a fighter, although she was still young and learning. Still, I didn't see how she'd give Shannen much of a fight. If Neve couldn't be there, beating Lacey would be a good consolation prize. Besides I knew it would make Neve furious. I loved it! A few minutes after Neve left there was a knock on the door. It was Shannen who got this surprised look on her face at first, then grinned that devious smile of hers. She was thinking like me what a tasty treat it would be to beat the snot out of Lacey.

"Where's Neve?" Shannen asked

"She went to the store. I'm not sure when she'll be back"

"Can I come in? Shannen asked

Lacey was puzzled as to why Shannen would be visiting Neve. She had no idea Shannen was there to gain my revenge for Neve's assault on my Mila so she let her inside.

"Can I get you a drink?" Lacey asked

"This isn't a social call," Shannen said curtly. "I'll get right to it Lacey. Scott wants Neve to apologize for what she did to Mila. Not only that but he wants her to crawl on her hands and knees and kiss her ass. Since she's not here, you can do it for her."

Neve had bragged to Lacey about what she had done to Mila and she approved but she wasn't about to take orders from Shannen.

"And if I don't?"

"Then I'll just have to kick your ass," Shannen said matter-of-factly

"Yeah OK, I gotta go now," an irritated Lacey said trying to pass Shannen to the front door but Shannen shuffled to the side blocking her way.

"Let me pass," Lacey demanded.

"You're not going anywhere," Shannen replied grabbing Lacey by the arms and keeping her from advancing. "The only place you're going is back to Mila's to kiss her ass"

"Don't tell me what to do," Lacey said, confidently trying to hide the nervousness she was feeling. "Lemme go!" Lacey shouted struggling to set herself free of Shannen's strong grip.

"Fuck you!" Shannen replied, not letting loose; pulling Lacey to her as Lacey tried pulling away.

"Don't fight me. I don't give a fuck. I'll knock the shit out of you," Shannen said raising her voice in anger and grabbing Lacey roughly around the back of the neck.

Lacey was scared. She knew of Shannen's reputation as a fighter and knew she would not hesitate to hurt her. Shannen continued her verbiage assault.

"I'll fucking kill you bitch. I don't give a damn about any fuckin' cunt like you. That's all you are is a fucking worthless cunt."

"Get your hands off me!" Although Lacey was afraid of Shannen she wasn't going to just take this.

She pushed away Shannen's hand from her neck and tried moving away. Shannen quickly grabbed her arms again though.

"I'll fucking break your arms you bitch. All you are is a fucking cunt!"

Shannen had her face just inches from Lacey's and could see the fear in her eyes has she continued to scream obscenities.

"Leave me alone!" Lacey whined not wanting to get into a fight with Shannen.

Shannen pushed her down to the floor.

Lacey got to her feet quickly and Shannen backed off for a moment. Lacey grabbed her handbag hoping to make it to the door but again Shannen blocked her way and continued with the insults.

"All you are is a fucking whore a motherfuckin goddam cunt."

"Yeah what about you?" Lacey's fear was leaving her and she was now getting angry pushing Shannen away from her. "I've heard stories about how you use men to advance your career and then dump them."

Shannen was startled by Lacey's reaction. She was hoping to intimidate the younger woman and wasn't expecting Lacey to be so forceful. For the next few minutes both women stood face to face exchanging insults when Shannen repeated her threat.

"I'm going to beat the fuckin shit out of you!"

"Yeah, Yeah sure you are!"

Lacey was beginning to think Shannen was all bark and no bite and tried to force her way past Shannen again but Shannen pushed her back.

"You think you are so fuckin tough? You want to fight me right here. Let's do it right now."

Lacey's bluff wasn't working. She realized she wasn't going to get out of the apartment without going through Shannen. A bit afraid, Lacey stood her ground hoping for the best, but Shannen started pushing and slapping her - not hard, instead she was trying to goad her into a fight.

She kept repeating the phrase, "You're a fuckin cunt! You're a fuckin cunt!" over and over trying to shame Lacey into fighting. Seeing Lacey was reluctant to fight Shannen continued with the obscenities. "You're a fuckin slutty stinking shit eating cunt, nothing but a fucking slimy cunt. That's all you will ever be is a slimy no good cunt."

"Why don't you go home and sober up?" Lacey said, again trying to push her way through, hoping Shannen would allow her to pass.

"Fuck you" Shannen said refusing to allow Lacey to pass

"I'm going out with a friend."

"Fuck you and fuck your friend!"

As Lacey tried forcing her way through again, Shannen grabbed her handbag and threw it against the wall. She then forced Lacey onto the couch and began to wail slaps and punches on her. Lacey quickly put her arms up above her face so Shannen slapped her hard on the ass and landed punches to her back and stomach. Lacey was scared and began crying when Shannen tore off her blouse and skirt leaving Lacey in a blue bra and matching panties with black stockings. All of a sudden Shannen stopped when she heard a noise. Someone had come into the apartment.

[Oh crap! I thought. I knew Shannen was going to whip Lacey's ass and I was confident she'd beat Neve too, but both together? I had a bad feeling.]

"Lacey, I'm back. I got your cigarettes honey," it was Neve.

Lacey started to yell to warn Neve, so Shannen jumped back on her, slapped her and put her hand over her mouth to shut her up.

"What the fuck is going on?" Neve screamed as she walked into the room to find Lacey being attacked by Shannen. "What are you doing there?"

Shannen wasn't expecting Neve to return until after she finished with Lacey and was startled but not panicked. She kept Lacey down with one hand and turned her head to Neve, "Nevi, Scott sent me here to take you to Mila's. Are you going to come peacefully and kiss her ass or do I have to beat the crap out of you first?"

Neve HATED when anyone called her Nevi and she wasn't about to be bullied by anyone if she thought she had the advantage. A defiant Shannen wasn't about to leave. She was ready to take both of them on. She jumped Shannen and the struggled was on.

"Fuck you whores," Shannen shouted as they grabbed each other by the hair on the couch. Lacey, just watching the goings-on, was nearly crushed as Shannen and Neve rolled on top of her for a second during their struggle. In seconds, Neve and Shannen were on the floor where Neve got on top of Shannen. That's when Lacey got off the couch to help. Anytime Shannen pushed Neve off, Lacey would grab her from behind and pull her back down allowing Neve to get back on top of her. Unlike Lacey, Shannen wasn't scaring Neve who knew she could count on Lacey for help. Also Neve was a little bigger and felt she was stronger than Shannen. Still, she and Lacey had their hands full trying to keep Shannen on her back and all the while Shannen was cursing like a sailor.

"Fuck you! Fuck you Campbell, you're a cunt. Campbell you're a cunt."

Shannen pushed Neve off her and went back after Lacey who screamed, "Leave me alone," kicking trying to keep her away.

Encumbered by her clothing, Neve stripped down to black bra and matching thong with black stockings. In seconds she was ready to rejoin the battle and grabbed Shannen around the throat from behind pulling her off Lacey. Shannen quickly squirmed out and for a moment the parties took a breather, sitting on their knees assessing the situation, but continuing exchanging insults.

"What are you starting with her for?" Neve asked not knowing why Shannen would bother Lacey.

"Fuck you! Fuck you!" yelled an enraged Shannen not wanting to discuss anything.

She then pushed Neve backwards and made a move for Lacey whom she figured would be easier pickings and that Neve would agree to do as she said once she saw the hurt she was putting on the younger actress. Neve got back on her knees quickly and got between Shannen and Lacey.

"What a sad woman you are; moonlighting as a hit woman for jealous ex-boyfriends."

"You're a big cunt and she's a little cunt," Shannen said as she pointed at the two actresses, taking off her clothes as if showing them her trim, fit body would make them think twice about resisting.

Shannen looked more sexy (much to bi-sexual Neve's liking) than fearsome as she stripped down to a bra and panties with red stockings. Shannen dove at Neve and they wrestled around on the floor. Neve was stronger than Shannen but every time she would get the smaller woman on her back Shannen would spit, kick and claw like a wildcat until she got on top. Lacey was able to grab Shannen's arms from behind making it easier for Neve to be able to put Shannen on her back and sit on her stomach. The wily fighter lifted her legs up and caught Neve's head and forced her backwards. Lacey held on for dear life to Shannen's arms but Shannen got to her knees and butted her head in Lacey's stomach causing Lacey to let loose. Neve quickly recovered though and grabbed Shannen around the throat from behind and forced her on her back and sat on her stomach. Lacey grabbed her arms again and Shannen was in the same dilemma that she was in seconds ago. This time Neve leaned forward when Shannen tried hooking her head with her legs then she swiftly raised her pelvis and thrust downwards into Shannen's ridged midriff several times.

"OOOOF!" Air exploded from Shannen's lungs taking the fight out of her. Whenever Shannen would bridge up Neve would punch her or slam her butt down on her belly. Slowly Neve was able to secure her position and inched up Shannen's body until she straddled the volatile woman's chest. Neve grabbed Shannen's arms and forced them to the carpet and scooted up so she was straddling Shannen's neck.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Neve scolded the fight veteran whose lower face she now covered with her panty covered pussy. Lacey quickly joined Neve and sat on Shannen's stomach making it nearly impossible for Shannen to buck the ladies off her.

"What's she trying to pull?" Neve asked as she sat on Shannen's face and Lacey bounced up and down her stomach.

With her breath being knocked out of her Shannen began to gasp for air but she'd still breathe in some air since Neve wasn't covering her nose and wasn't sitting full weight on her face. She was only tying to calm her down and not totally subdue her at this point. That turned out to be a mistake as it gave Shannen some time to recover and she was able to throw Neve off. Lacey too lost her position and rolled off Shannen as the woman freed herself. Shannen and Neve got to their feet and Shannen went into a boxer's stance.

"Come on you fucking cunt!"

Lacey got up while Shannen was distracted by Neve who slipped around and wrestled Shannen back down to the floor. Neve got Shannen in a waist scissors as Lacey watched.

"Come on Lacey get her" Neve encouraged the youngster.

Lacey, who had been sitting on the couch above the two women dropped to the carpet and began slapping Shannen's face with her feet. After a few hard slaps to the face Shannen brought her arms up to protect herself which allowed Neve to reposition her body onto Shannen's stomach; moving up to cover her face. Unlike before when she was just trying to control Shannen and calm her down, this time Neve was pumping the actress's face with her cunny trying to subdue the angry woman. Lacey meanwhile had gotten her legs around Shannen's waist and was squeezing.

"Flatten her fucking face," the irritated and suddenly brave Lacey exclaimed.

"You're not going nowhere" Neve informed Shannen who was bucking like crazy trying to unseat the raven-haired beauty. "You're going to get yours tonight girl."

Neve knew she was in control of the situation and that could mean nothing but trouble for Shannen. Give Neve an inch and she'll take a mile. Once she became emotional and was in control of a fight she always went to the extreme. Neve leaned back still while still on top of Shannen but allowed her to catch a breath. Then she lifted up her own leg looking at it.

"Look at what she did to my leg Lacey," Neve said noticing a bruise "She's going to pay!"

"Fuck you, you fucking cunts" Shannen yelled.

"Shut up!" Neve screamed covering Shannen's face again with her cunny. "I'll break your jaw I swear I will," she said, tired of hearing her threats. Neve then moved off Shannen's face and rolled her over so she was laying on her stomach and straddled the top of her head allowing Lacey to extract some revenge by spanking her ass with the sole of her shoe. Neve joined in slapping Shannen's bottom.

Shannen's lower body was free though and she vigorously jerked her body around trying to squirm her way free threatening the two brunettes. "I'm going to get you, you bitches"

Yet, try as she might, Shannen couldn't unseat Neve from her head. Lacey stopped wailing on Shannen's bottom and sat on her lower back facing her feet. Shannen was beginning to whine with all that weight on top of her and she was frustrated in her inability to break free.

"I need this like I need a fucking hole in my head," Neve said, angry that Shannen interrupted her evening plans. "I don't need this shit!"

Seeing that Shannen's struggles had slowed Lacey got up and stood on her bottom and lower back causing the thin woman to moan further. With Neve still firmly seated on top of Shannen's head she showed her wicked sense of humor

"Let's play carnival, Shannen. How much do I weigh?" Shannen's could moan and flail her legs in response.

"Let me at her," Lacey declared. Neve slid off Shannen's head and stood up while Lacey grabbed a hand full of hair and turned Shannen around facing her. She lifted a forceful knee straight up landing under Shannen's jaw and her upper body fell back to the floor where the two women each placed a foot around her throat and pressed down, choking her. The two actresses pressed down on Shannen's throat until her tongue protruded from her lips and her face turned blue. The gasping sounds were ghastly.

They let up before she passed out, but Neve immediately sat down on Shannen's chest mounting her straddling her neck. After Lacey took a seat on Shannen's lower stomach facing her feet, Neve pressed her cunny over Shannen's face and began to grind and bump away. Lacey did the same on the flatter part of her body. With two women on top of her the already severely weaken actress was rapidly running out of precious air.

"You're not getting away with this shit. Who do you think you are?" Neve scolded Shannen as she continued to gyrate her hips on the brunette's face. Shannen's response was muffled and unintelligible.

"Shut up!" Lacey and Neve yelled simultaneously tired of her mouth.

To make it harder for Shannen to make any comments Lacey bounced up and down her chest, driving air out of her lungs while Neve squeezed Shannen's head between her legs while still sitting on her face. Lacey then grabbed Shannen's legs lifting them up and leaned backed allowing her full weight to be applied on Shannen's body. Shannen started to whimper as she was panicking under the two vile females. She wasn't used to be under any woman's control and her psyche could not handle it. She also knew what kind of witch Neve was like and knew she was in deep distress. When Neve scooted off to allow Lacey to take a seat on Shannen's face a still indignant Shannen was cursing away but no longer had the resources to prevent Lacey from straddling her neck and squeezing her head between strong thighs. Neve took Lacey's place and sat on Shannen's lower stomach. Lacey didn't cover Shannen's face at first instead she landed closed fists to the side of her face. Some of the blows landed on Shannen's nose and after a few more blows she was bleeding. Lacey then placed her cunny over Shannen's mouth and nose wiggling away trying to get comfortable. With Shannen's arms pinned under Lacey's knees she had no choice but to take it.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Lacey asked as she bounced up and down Shannen's face acting not acting like the sweet girl she pretends to be.

"Mmmmmffffff!" poor Shannen was trying to say something.

"Shut up!" Neve ordered as she scooted up so she was sitting on Shannen's chest facing Lacey.

"OOOOFFFF!" A big rush of air escaped Shannen's lungs when Neve lifted her ass in the air before crashing I back down on Shannen's chest.

"I'll flatten you like a fucking pancake, scum bag," Neve's vicious side always came out when she was in control of a situation. "You're going to try on mess with us? Who do you think you are? Beating up Lacey?"

With Lacey grinding away Shannen became desperate for air and tried bridging hoping to push one or both women off her. Neve immediately lean backwards driving Shannen's torso back down and Lacey slid off Shannen and went for a reverse face sit. Lacey was careful to keep Shannen's arms pinned as she reversed positions knowing that hellcat wasn't totally subdued yet. Except for some harmless cursing from Shannen, Lacey had no trouble establishing the rear facesit. Instead of smothering Shannen Lacey bounced her ass up and down Shannen's face smashing her marred nose further. Neve slid a little lower down on Shannen's body and was wiggling on Shannen's lower abdomen fingering Shannen's pussy as Lacey alternated between grinding and bobbing on Shannen's face. When Lacey scooted up a bit and started bouncing on Shannen's jaw, the imprisoned women continued to curse at her two attackers.

"Shut Up!" Neve said as she punched Shannen in the stomach. "Unnnnhhh!"

Lacey then leaned back and ground away shutting Shannen up. After several minutes of pulverizing Shannen's face she quieted down a bit and Lacey got off of her and Neve was ready to take her place. To Lacey's and Neve's surprise Shannen wasn't yet totally subdued and she lifted up her torso trying to push Neve off her.

"You fuckin cunts! I kill you bitches!" Shannen screamed.

Shannen had lost much of her strength and couldn't unseat Neve. Lacey quickly grabbed one of Shannen's arms forcing it down to the carpet and Neve pushed down the other.

"OH fuck!" Shannen despaired realizing she wasn't going to overpower the two women. "Ahhhhhggg!"

Lacey pressed her foot down on Shannen's face forcing it to the carpet. Neve still sitting on Shannen leaned back and she did the same. Shannen was getting a mouthful of feet.

"You’re going to eat shit and die. You know that Motherfucker?" Neve informed the raven hair beauty.

"You cunmfs," was the muffled response.

"Flatten her fucking face," Lacey encouraged Neve as both women pressed Shannen's face with their feet.

"Suffer bitch!" Neve said as she quickly scooted up and covered Shannen's face. Neve was really grinding away burying Shannen's face in her crotch. "Ooooh, you're going to get it now girl" Neve cooed clearly enjoying the feeling of Shannen's features.

When Neve reversed her position she no longer had to hold Shannen down as the smothering facesitting was wearing her down rapidly. By now Lacey was sitting on Shannen's lower abdomen bumping and wiggling away.

Shannen was moaning for air, which caused a vibration in Neve's ass and sent a joyous shiver of her spine. "Oh yeah!" she panted.

Lacey was ready for her turn and got off Shannen. When Neve slid off and tried to get to her feet a desperate Shannen tried to grab at her legs in hopes of tripping her. Neve did slip to the carpet, but Lacey landed on Shannen's upper body and head with her knees jarring her and knocking her back down and was quick to control Shannen's arms and keeping her on her back. Lacey then stood on Shannen pulling her arms up and had one foot on her chest and the other on her face while she waited for Neve to take her place on Shannen's lower body. Lacey began to slap Shannen's face with her foot.

With Lacey's strong legs, the blows were better than punches and Shannen was quickly subdued. Lacey had no resistance has she took a seat on Shannen's face. Wanting to let Shannen know who was in control Lacey leaned back and squeezed Shannen's face between her legs for a few seconds then eased off the pressure for a second before reapplying the pressure. She continued to open and close her legs torturing the women below her for several minutes before covering Shannen's mouth but not her nose. After all the trouble Shannen caused her Lacey didn't want her to pass out before she gave her ample payback.

"Well she's not so tough now is she Lacey?" Neve asked as she looked over Lacey's shoulder at the downed female

"Fuck you!" Shannen rasped when Lacey slid off for a second then covering her mouth again. Shannen was clearly on her final reserve of energy.

"Bla, bla, bla…" Neve imitated her sounds making fun of her.

Lacey once again took hold of Shannen's arms and pulled them towards her as she sat at Shannen's side. She placed her feet on her face again making Shannen inhale the bottom of her sole. Then came those wicked slaps. Lacey slapped her so hard that Shannen's head snapped to the other side.

"Ha, Ha, Ha," Neve laughed enjoying the show as she passively sat on Shannen's stomach

Lacey continued to pepper Shannen's face with a rapid series of feet slaps stopping only to rub her feet on Shannen's face.

"My jaw! You fuckin broke it!" Shannen screamed in horror.

Her jaw wasn't broken but was being tenderized by Lacey's feet. Even so, Lacey thought maybe she had gone too far and stopped for a moment. Shannen took the advantage of the opportunity to fight back. With all her energy Shannen lifted her torso up and was able to push Lacey's feet off her and force her backwards. She got Neve off balance too but Lacey recovered helping her friend and the two were able to force Shannen back down. Lacey quickly got her legs around Shannen's head in a scissors hold.

"Ahhhhgg," the weakened Shannen had no chance to escape Lacey's potent legs and her energy was draining fast.

Lacey grabbed a handful of hair of the immobile woman and pressed the actress's face against her cunny as she continued squeezing.

"You do what you're told girl!" Neve commanded grabbing Shannen's hair pushing her face in deeper between Lacey's rippling legs. "Give it to her Lacey. Squeeze her fucking brains out!"

"How to you like that?"

"Yeah how to you like?" both girls asked as Lacey continued to rock her head between her contracting thighs.

"She's going to knock you silly," Neve said matter-of-factly positioning Shannen's head snuggly between Lacey's legs.

"Miss Cool, Miss Bigshot," Neve mocked Shannen who was lying on her side face firmly in place between Lacey's thighs.

Lacey noticed that Neve was rubbing her crotch back and forth on Shannen's body and sensing that Neve might like something else to rub against released her scissors hold. Neve immediately slid onto Shannen's face. Neve pressed Shannen's arms down as she pressed full weight her cunny back and forth Shannen's face and nose.

"This is my exercise," she exclaimed. "One... two... three..." she counted as she pressed forward then slid forcefully forward like on a rowing machine then back on the actress's face.

Shannen's energy was fading fast under Neve's hot and smothering sex. She was still mumbling but barely moving. When Neve reached the count of 10 she slid off Shannen and moved into a reverse sit. Shannen could only flicker open her eyes and gasp for a quick breath before Neve's sizable ass covered her face.

"You’re going to pay for scratching us and bruising us," Neve informed Shannen alternating between a steady rocking motion and vigorous rubbing as if trying to satisfy an itch on Shannen's face.

"She's got those tattoos. That makes her tough," Neve advised Lacey making jest of Shannen's predicament.

Shannen seemed to be totally out but her muffled moans became muffled screams when Neve painfully pinched her nipples.

Damn Neve just couldn't be merciful and smother Shannen out and call it a day. NOOOOOO! She had to torture her opponent when she was down and out.

"Get her!" Lacey shouted enjoying the turn of events as Shannen was getting it at both ends. Lacey was sitting on her thighs and clawing at Shannen's cunny causing just as much pain at her lower end.

I'll rip those nipples right off!" Neve threatened.

"I'll tear out her labia!" Lacey added as her sharp claws reached in underneath Shannen's panties.

"Bite her!" Lacey screamed. Neve obliged and bit Shannen's right breast and nipple.

Shannen screamed in agony but was helpless to stop her attackers.

"Let me at her!" Lacey's earlier fear had morphed into a seething anger.

Neve slithered off Shannen but Lacey took her time standing up and adjusting her lingerie. Shannen got a few much needed breaths of air and started to curse at the women but only got out a few words before Lacey stomped then stood on her stomach and chest knocking the air out of her. The young actress then place her left foot on Shannen's face rubbing against her mouth and nose. Shannen tried pushing Lacey's legs but just didn't have the strength to budge her.

"Don't touch the merchandise," Neve said, sitting on Shannen's thighs as she pushed both of Shannen's arms back to the carpet.

Lacey got off Shannen's torso but quickly placed her right foot on the actress's face. With no encumbrances Lacey was really able to grind her foot in good.

"Lay still. Lay still cocksucker." Lacey commanded continuing to press her now wet and smelly nylon covered foot on Shannen's face.

"Look how red her face is," Neve snickered as she paused with the foot face massage only to pound Shannen's face with her foot. When she hit Shannen right in the nose, Shannen turned her head and Lacey kicked her solidly on her tender jaw. She then continued to grind her foot in Shannen's face. Shannen was sobbing now but her attackers were merciless.

"We’re going to teach you the fucking lesson you deserve bitch." Lacey said uncharacteristically, acting more like her mentor Neve as the minutes passed as she continued to grind and smack Shannen's face with her feet.

"Suck it!" Lacey ordered putting her toes in Shannen's mouth.

"There's your dinner girl," Neve, sitting on Shannen's chest, scoffed

Shannen still had pride and with her face uncovered she also had access to needed air and she began to push her arms up against Neve in a test of strength. But Lacey continued pressing her foot in Shannen's face and Neve was able to force Shannen's arms back down. Shannen sighed realizing she wasn't going to escape the raft of these two women.

"You ain't going nowhere," Neve enlightened Shannen

"You fuckim, fumbem," Shannen's curses were muffled by Lacey's foot

"Poor baby. Isn't that a shame," Neve smirked moving onto Shannen's face after Lacey removed her foot from Shannen's face.

"Isn't that a fuckin shame? Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame," Neve sang in rhythm to her bouncing on Shannen's face.

"Too bad, too, too bad. I feel so bad for little Shannen," the brunette babbled enjoying her ride.

"Look at this," She said to Lacey, who was now sitting on Shannen's legs. "She scratched me!" She pointed to a newly found scratch on her leg. "She scratched me and bruised me. Bruised me and scratch me. She's going to pay for this. That bitch is going to pay!"

Neve's tone had noticeably changed from one of annoyance to one of bitter anger. Shannen picked up on the tone in Neve's voice and began to panic, stampeding her legs and arms as much as she'd. She was crying into Neve's smothering hot snatch. But Neve easily kept Shannen's arms down and with Lacey pushing down on her legs Shannen panic attack was quickly restrained. She was completely at the ladies mercy.

"We’re still going out," Neve informed Lacey, not allowing Shannen to ruin their plans for the night.

"What's that?" Neve asked as Shannen kept mumbling into her sex.

"We can go," Neve had no idea what Shannen was mumbling she just loved to dish out the mental torture as well as physical abuse.

Neve moved off Shannen but before she'd attempt to speak Lacey was right on her in a reverse sit bouncing up and down her face. Neve moved down to Shannen's lower abdomen and was bouncing up and down her crotch area.

"What's that Miss Mumbles?" Neve asked as Shannen continued to speak gibberish in Lacey's ass.

Both women were bouncing up and down on Shannen's body knocking the remainder of the fight out of her. Getting comfortable, Lacey leaned back and spread her ass cheeks and sank onto Shannen's face covering all but her forehead. Her feet were cupping Shannen's head.

"Oh yeah, you got her now," Neve said to Lacey unconcerned with Shannen's muffled sobbing.

"Ah my gawf, gim off!" Shannen moaned desperate for air.

Lacey gave Shannen all of a second to catch a breath as she lifted her ass off her face before perching right back down on her seat. She did get off Shannen after a few more seconds, but only so Neve to take her place. The ladies took their time exchanging positions and to their shock Shannen stood up. Lacey looked shocked but Neve knew Shannen couldn't have had anything left.

"Where you getting the strength girl?" Neve asked unalarmed by the situation.

Indeed it was a last burst of energy for Shannen. Her legs had turned to jelly; she felt sick to her stomach and was dizzy from the lack of air. As soon as she stood she collapsed in a heap flat on her face as if she were shot. Just to make sure Shannen didn't get back up, Neve sat on her ass facing her feet and Lacey began stomping and kicking her in the head. Shannen did manage to twist over to her back but still had Neve sitting on her lower stomach. Lacey lifted up Shannen's head and pressed it against Neve's ass.

"Kiss her ass! Kiss it!" Lacey ordered

When Shannen delayed, Neve pounded her ass on her face. Realizing she was trapped, Shannen puckered her lips and did the deed.

After a few smack of the lips Neve leaned back in a reverse facesit.

"Let's both sit on her," Lacey said grinning.

As soon as Neve lifted off Shannen's face the frighten woman tried to escape. But with Neve still sitting on her stomach Shannen's flight for freedom was not to be. Lacey grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back to the carpet. Shannen's head hit the carpet hard causing her to see stars. Lacey quickly covered her face with her crotch.

"You ain't getting away," Neve informed Shannen as she got to her feet and sat down to join Lacey.

Both women were sitting on Shannen now with their backs pressed together sitting on Shannen's face where they were bumping and grinding away. Although the weight of both women was tremendous pressure Shannen was at least getting a little air since the women were on the either side leaving her mouth free to breathe in oxygen.

"Im hurbs," Shannen actually said 'it hurts' but with a swollen jaw and mouth 90% covered by two asses it was understandable that she'd not articulate her words.

"Shut up!" came the loud and clear response from both women on top.

Poor Shannen had Neve pressing down her ample weight on one side of her face while Lacey continued to bump her ass into her sore jaw. After a few more minutes of softening Shannen up the ladies got off the battered woman. They helped her to her feet and guided her to the couch where they laid her on her back.

"Sit on her. Flatten her fuckin face," Neve, already straddling Shannen's stomach, instructed Lacey.

Shannen gamely tried to lift her torso up but was easily overpowered by Neve who pushed her back down with one arm.

Instead of sitting on Shannen, Lacey took a seat above Shannen on the head of the couch and placed her feet on her face rubbing away at her features.

"I want human furniture," Neve chimed in gently rocking on Shannen's crotch area as Shannen moaned loudly.

"Shut up!" Lacey commanded tired of Shannen's wailing.

She began slapping her face with her feet. Neve leaned back and placed her feet on Shannen's chest so she would not be able to lift up her torso. Shannen was still squirming a bit so Neve moved up so she was sitting on her chest as if she were part of the furniture. She knocked the air out of Shannen as Lacey off the couch and stood in front of Shannen. The younger woman lifted her leg up and pressed her foot down on Shannen's face giving her another massage. Being cruel Lacey lifted her foot up and slapped Shannen's face several times. Neve just smiled looking at Shannen's bloody nose, swollen lips and jaw.

"Sit on her so I can get a cigarette," Neve said.

Lacey was quick to oblige and eased down on Shannen's face. She had Shannen's mouth covered but purposely left her nose uncovered. This was not out of kindness. Quite the contrary it was so she'd pinch Shannen's nostrils shut. She loved seeing Shannen's eyes bug open from being air deprived. Just when it looked like Shannen would fade into unconsciousness Lacey removed her fingers and even lifted up her ass to allow Shannen a breath. For a brief second Shannen was free of all the weight that had been on her but all she'd do was lift her head watching Lacey grab her head and guide it into her panty covered pussy. Neve was now sitting full weight on Shannen's stomach.

"Your nothing but no good trash. Nothing but a fart," Neve told Shannen who was still groaning. "Shut up!"

"Here Lacey," Neve passed the cigarette to Lacey who was enjoying a slow grind on Shannen's face.

Neve seemed to be making the best of her position too as she was slowing rocking her crotch area back and forth on Shannen's lower abdomen.

"How about some music" Lacey suggested.

"Excellent idea" This time when Neve got off Shannen to turn on the radio the actress didn't make any attempt to flee. She was barely conscious. And things weren't improving with Lacey continuing with her slow sexy grind on her face. Lacey had that glazed look someone gets when they are high on something. In this instance she was high because the features she was rubbing with her ass were stimulating her. Shannen made another loud muffled groan when Neve returned and sat back down on her lower stomach.

"Ooooh! Uuhhhh!" Shannen murmured when Lacey got off her face to reverse positions. But the fight was gone. Shannen could only look on through droopy eyes as Lacey lowered her snatch on her face.

"Oh yeah (breathy), ha, ha, ha!" Neve laughed happy for Lacey as she wiggled her cunny on Shannen's face. This no longer was a battle to subdue Shannen. She was out of it. Now the women were going to have their fun. "You do it good. Give it to her!" Neve continued watching Lacey enjoy her ride. The only movement coming from Shannen was the involuntary movement of her head moving in cohesion with Lacey's cunny and her arm dangling off the side of the couch.

"She ain't saying much now is she?" Neve observed between puffs of cigarettes. "When I came in and I saw that witch-for-hire bothering you that just flipped me out!"

Lacey continued wiggling away but sensed Neve wanted some pleasure also and scooted off Shannen's face. Shannen could barely open her eyes before my ex took Lacey's place in a front face sit. It took only a few seconds before Neve got into a steady rhythm rubbing forwards and sideways on Shannen's face enveloping her nose and mouth. Lacey was standing next to the couch and placed her foot between Shannen's legs giving her a little pussy massage, albeit a rough one. When Neve stood up to reverse positions Shannen actually lifted her head a few inches but didn't know where she was before that ample ass came back down on her face.

"What's this Shannen?" Neve asked noticing a belt lying on the carpet. "Let's hang her with it!"

Luckily for Shannen, Neve was joking but the smothering was bad enough. Lacey's pussy massage was now more tender in nature and though Shannen was nearly out being stimulated but unable to satisfy the urge must have felt like extra salt poured on the wound. Neve had to put her cigarette out and eased off Shannen's face. Before Lacey took her place she grabbed a handful of Shannen's hair pulling her head off the couch as if measuring her face for the perfect sit. Shannen was pretty much out and didn't even open her eyes. Lacey then snuggled into a comfortable front facesit rubbing her cunny away roughly on Shannen's face for a few seconds before bouncing up and down on her face. Neve was doing the same on Shannen's stomach.

On the tape I could hear pitiful sobbing from Shannen as the air was being pushed out of her lungs and she was forced to smell Lacey's privates. It was a horrible sight. Neither woman showed mercy. To see a proud warrior like Shannen on the receiving end of these two cows just made me sick.

"When we finish her off we'll go the sauna," Neve suggested as Lacey lifted her pussy off Shannen.

Neve still seated on Shannen's chest reached back with her hand and twisted Shannen's head. She wanted her awake. She then scooted backward covering Shannen's face not allowing the brunette a chance to recover. Neve was moaning now enjoying the features of the woman press against her private area. Lacey began the pussy massage again with her foot.

"Flatten her fuckin face," Lacey encouraged

"Oh yeah!" Neve panted, concerned more now with her pleasuring herself then destroying Shannen.

"I'm gonna knock her out cold and leave her flat, knock, then we’ll go party, party!"

Lacey was straddling Shannen's lower abdomen and was bouncing up and down adding to the fallen beauty's woes.

After several more minutes of pleasuring themselves the girls dragged Shannen off the couch dumping her on the floor face first. The sudden thump caused Shannen to regain some of her senses but she was powerless to prevent the two women from sitting on her. Lacey took her place on the lower back facing her feet and Neve around the neck area.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" came the sounds from Shannen's mouth as Lacey bounced up and down her lower back.

"Shut UP!" Neve ordered.

Lacey picked up a shoe and began paddling Shannen's ass. Shannen wildly kicked her legs but could do nothing else with combined weight of the two oppressors sitting on her.

"Here Lacey use this," Neve grabbed a nearby dildo (one of several she had) and handed it to Lacey.

A few months earlier Lacey might have been shocked by all this, but the combination of being threatened by Shannen and hanging around Neve brought forth a new lewd attitude. She was transforming from a snotty Hollywood brat to cruel witch. She tore off Shannen's panties, spread her ass cheeks and poked her finger through Shannen's cheeks probing around. When she found Shannen's anus the actress's body immediately stiffened. Lacey spread Shannen's cheeks further and began to gently stroke the head of the rubber gouge against Shannen's butt hole. I could hear Shannen moaning underneath and her limbs were wiggling like a fish out of water but I wasn't sure if it was out pleasure or pain.

"What are you doing Lacey? Shove that thing up her ass!" Neve said impatiently apparently thinking Shannen might be enjoying the experience and that just would not do.

"EEEEEEEAH!" was the unmistakable shriek of agony coming between Shannen's lips as Lacey shoved the tool up her ass; penetrating Shannen's tightly clenched sphincter.

Lacey pumped the tool in and out of the actress's anus rapidly and with surprising force. After plunging the monstrous object in Shannen's molested behind a dozen times the woman's body went limp. Thankfully, she passed out. Lacey then got up leaving the dildo dangling in Shannen's rear end. Neve took her place on Shannen's lower back but only after slapping Shannen awake.

"Fucking cocksucker!" Lacey said still raging with anger as she kicked and stomped Shannen in the head.

"Break her neck," Neve suggested.

Lacey sat down on Shannen's neck, facing her legs. This was just cruel and unusual punishment. Shannen was finished. Because she was on her stomach she was able to get air but also felt the pressure put on her neck with Lacey sitting on it and grinding on it like she was sitting on her face. After several minutes Lacey did get up but she placed her foot on the back of Shannen's neck and fiercely kicked her in the side of the face with her other foot. When Neve got off Shannen the battered woman turned her head with tearful eyes at her assailants as if asking for compassion. Compassion from Neve? UHHHH!

Lacey grabbed Shannen's arms and dragged a weeping Shannen towards the center of the room. Lacey stood above Shannen behind her and placed her feet on Shannen's face, one foot at a time and using Shannen's arms to balance herself as she stood on Shannen's face. When Shannen wouldn't stop crying, Neve viscously stomped her right in the crotch. Lacey then eased back down into a reverse face sit. Oh how sickening it was to see Lacey jiggle her ass across Shannen's face while Neve pressed her foot against Shannen's crotch - stimulating her, keeping her awake and aroused but not letting her get off while she was being smothered.

Neve now sat down on Shannen's lower abdomen and was bouncing up and down

"Kiss my ass! Kiss it!" Lacey ordered but Shannen didn't have the strength to press her lips together.

Lacey wondering where the kiss was reversed positions to get a look at her victim. Shannen was non-responsive. That was of no matter to Lacey who continued to rub herself on her prey's face. Neve meanwhile had to settle for rubbing on Shannen's stomach.

"Oh yeah" Neve was moaning. Knowing that Neve wanted more, Lacey gave up her seat and Neve scooted up and took her place using Shannen's face to satisfy her sexual urges. Shannen didn't even move when her face was covered and Lacey commenced to massaging her crotch with her foot. Neve couldn't accept Shannen being unaware of what was happening to her. So she reached behind her and twisted Shannen's nipples. A muffled scream and some harmlessly flailing legs were music to Neve's ears. After Neve was satisfied that Shannen was awake she concentrated on her facesitting and Lacey kept massaging Shannen's pussy with her foot. Neve scooted back still sitting on Shannen's chest just looking down on her quarry and smiling.

"Get her!" Neve told Lacey who slipped behind Shannen and lifted her torso up so she'd sit behind her and wrap her legs around her head. Although she'd easily apply a figure- four-leg lock Lacey instead grabbed Shannen's arms holding them backward and viscously slapped her face with her feet.

"That had to hurt" Neve now with a waist scissors, mused after a series of solid slaps landed on Shannen's face. "Yeah break her fucking face."

"How to you like that scumbag?" Lacey asked. Shannen couldn't answer so Neve answered for her.

"I don't think she likes it at all,” Neve giggled.

Shannen's efforts to resist which had been slowly fading now ceased altogether. Lacey stopped slapping Shannen's face and began massaging the helpless brunette with her feet. This wasn't a pleasure massage. Shannen's face was already swollen and Lacey has rubbing her feet very roughly against Shannen's swollen jaw and battered nose. Lacey smiled feeling cartridge move out of place in Shannen's nose. Lacey finally allowed Shannen's head to slump to the floor but kept her legs around the brunette's neck squeezing it gently. A harder squeeze was not needed since Shannen was nearly unconsciousness. Neve released her scissors and sat herself on Shannen's lower abdomen. She leaned backwards and seemed content to rub her ass back and forth across Shannen's body. Shannen was unable to do anything but bellow out the occasional moan and offer a barely noticeable shuffling of her feet. Lacey then stood up and began rubbed her foot across Shannen's placid face occasionally covering her nose with her nylon cover toes forcing her to open her mouth. Neve still sitting on Shannen's lower abdomen was now facing Lacey and placed her feet up against Shannen's chin pushing it upward forcing her mouth shut and adding to the abuse of Shannen's sore jaw.

When Lacey took a break Neve quickly scooted up and sat full weight on Shannen's face. I could see Shannen's legs shiver every now and then. Her thin body was taking an incredible amount of abuse. I think she was going in shock. Neve ceased with her sitting and invited Lacey for some cheek to cheek action. The ladies sat on each side of Shannen's head, although Neve covered most of her face. The women bounced up and down Shannen's face bumping their ass cheeks together. Lacey mostly was landing on the side of Shannen's violated jaw. Neve who was landing on Shannen's nose was getting stimulated and was moaning in pleasure. She wasn't bouncing so much as grinding her derriere deeper on Shannen's nose. Shannen wasn't moving except for the occasional twitch of a limb. She lay spread-eagle, arms sprayed out to the side, only her hair was visible underneath the two female's asses. Lacey wasn't getting much out of this and got to her feet but Neve stay put continuing to grind down on Shannen's face.

Neve's loins were burning and the intermittent twitching of Shannen's arms and legs raised her excitement level. Neve was whimpering now in pleasure as she approached her orgasm. Throwing her head back she let out a throaty yell as her body shuddered.

"OOOOHHH!" Neve's tiny circles of flesh quivered uncontrollably as she spent herself on Shannen's face. She continued to stroke her pussy on her victim's face coating it with her honey grinding her hips sensually down on Shannen's face as the helpless woman's body convulsed as if she were electrocuted. The fact that Shannen was going into shock didn't bother Neve at all. She stayed on Shannen spreading her juices around for several minutes. I could hear the sickening sound of the sticky seal on Shannen's face and being broken when a winded but fulfilled Neve stood up. Unfortunately for Shannen the women were nowhere near finished. Both placed a foot on Shannen, Lacey’s on her face and Neve’s on her chest.

"She's about had it," Neve frowned.

"I'm just about ready to go myself," Lacey said. "But I hate to give up my fun!" she said in a whining voice taking a seat on Shannen's abdomen again facing her feet. She took the cue and mounted Shannen's face and began bouncing and grinding away in a front facesit.

Neve reached for another one of her toys. This time it was a strap-on dildo, which she wrapped around her loins. She put a pillow under Shannen's ass and rammed the instrument up her love chute with brutal force. Shannen's body was oscillating in rhythm to Lacey's facesitting and Neve's defilement. Neve's thrusting caused Shannen's nose to arouse Lacey's clit even more so as more pressure was applied against the slimy body part. Lacey felt the titillating tide of passion surging through her imprisoned body grow stronger. She grabbed Shannen's hair and pulled her face in deeper as Neve kept pounding her. In seconds she'd not control her body any longer. She screamed and climaxed on Shannen's face.

As she rocked back and forth on Shannen, Neve took the dildo out. Shannen's legs just flopped to the carpet, spasm a couple of seconds and lay still. Neve began to finger her pussy with one or two fingers at first then worked her way up to three and four fingers and finally forced her fist up Shannen's small opening. She fucked Shannen until the actress came soaking Neve's hand with her fluids. Neve quickly removed her hand and bent her head down and eagerly licked and sucked Shannen's sopping pussy, her head bobbing up and down. Shannen's limp legs dangled off Neve's shoulders flopping aimlessly each time Neve propelled her face in her pussy. Neve sucked until Shannen was dry. Then she stood up and dropped knees into Shannen's pussy. Shannen's body convulsing uncontrollably upon impact. Five knee drops later Neve stayed down between Shannen's legs, reared back with her fist and punched her between the legs. Shannen's legs flopped in the air and fell limp. I wasn't sure if Shannen was unconscious before the punch but she definitely was after the blow. Neve added a few more just in case. Shannen's body continued to spasm after each forceful blow.

Lacey was still rocking backing and forth and it appeared Neve looked frustrated from working on Shannen's bottom half. Incredibly she was getting hot in the loins again. She was rubbing herself on Shannen's lower abdomen facing her feet but found that the friction wasn't enough. She needed Shannen's face. She was breathing heavy now. Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer she reversed positions and was facing Lacey and half unintentionally darn near pushed her off Shannen's face. Lacey got the message and got to her feet allowing Neve her pleasure. Neve went for the reverse face sit and smash her ass on Shannen's upturned face impregnating her mouth and nose with her womanly scent.

"Me and Lacey are going to have more fun then we ever had before. And it's all because of you," Neve said as she wiped herself back and forth, smearing the actress's air passages with her smell, infusing her lungs with the odor of her moist warm rear end. "You’re going to pay for what you did tonight," Neve scolded Shannen who probably did not hear her because Neve had her feet cupped around Shannen's head adjusting her panties giving herself a pleasurable wedgie. She was pushing her ass cheeks down grinding furiously as if she wanted to eat of Shannen's face. Satisfied for the moment she lifted herself off Shannen.

"Get her," Neve told Lacey

Lacey eagerly took Neve's place sliding her legs around Shannen's head in a front facesit. Neve took a seat on Shannen's abdomen facing Lacey. Shannen wasn't moving or even opening her eyes, she was out. Lacey was rubbing her cunny on Shannen's mouth and pressed up against the bottom of her nose. Neve's feet soon covered the rest of her face, which Lacey helped place in proper position.

"How to you like bitch?" Lacey asked

"Yeah, how to you like it?" Neve quickly repeated

"She's out of it. She don't even know what's happening to her," Lacey sounded a little disappointed.

"Yeah, but we know!" Neve reassured her partner who removed her feet from Shannen's face momentarily to get into a more comfortable position.

"Let me wash her fucking face with your feet," Lacey said grabbing Neve's feet and guiding them on the uncovered part of Shannen's face. If it was possible for feet to orgasm then Neve would have come violently she was rapidly shifting her feet up and down Shannen's upper face as Lacey continued rubbing her cunny on her mouth and lower nose. Shannen was moving slightly. The scent from Neve's sweaty nylon covered feet rubbing over nose must have revived her. Lacey scooted off and Neve was ready to move forward but Lacey got into reverse facesit position immediately. She was the one who now needed Shannen's face to obtain satisfaction. Lacey quickly began humping Shannen's face for all she was worth.

"Oh, you do it good" Neve complimented Lacey who had a big smile across her face enjoying the ride.

Lacey wasn't just sitting she was grinding, then bouncing and humping up and down and generally just using Shannen's face as a tool to get off. She was putting so much effort into the sit that beads of sweat were dripping off her face and breasts. In an act of unnecessary cruelty Lacey leaned back putting her full weight on Shannen's face covering all breathing passages suffocating the unconsciousness woman. Turn on by seeing Lacey, Neve scooted up as far as she'd with her cunny against Shannen's chin and both women were breathing heavy rubbing themselves into frenzy. Poor Shannen's body started to tremble, as she was totally deprived of air.

"Crush her! Crush her!" an unsympathetic Neve exulted.

"I don't think she can breathe," Lacey said with an scary calmness unconcerned about the woman underneath them. When Shannen placed an arm under Lacey's leg the little twit threw the arm off to the side in disgust. Shannen's body and limbs twitched slightly, uncoordinated, for several seconds as her lungs burned for oxygen. It wasn't until the Shannen's body stopped spasming that Lacey got off her face.

"Too bad isn't it? We feel so sorry for Shannen" Neve said sarcastically as she took Lacey's place in a front face sit.

It no longer mattered that their victim wasn't moving. That just turned the women on more. Neve sexual urge needed to be fulfilled. Shannen's nose slipped right up her slit and Neve began pleasuring herself rocking back and forth. Lacey had taken a seat on Shannen's stomach and placed Shannen's limp arms farther to their sides as she used rubbed her ass on Shannen's lower abdomen. Neve reached down and slid her fingers inside her neatly shaved pussy and fingered herself as she was close to coming again. Only a sliver of Shannen's forehead was visible underneath Neve's smothering pussy. Neve got off her victim however but Lacey decided to dish out some for punishment on the unconscious woman. She straddled Shannen's face then leaned back and began a tap dance with her feet on Shannen's face.

"Ha, Ha!" Neve laughed.

"How do you like that Shannen?" Lacey asked continuing to pitter-patter on Shannen's face.

"She's out. She's no fun anymore because she's nothing but a comatose cunt now," Neve replied.

Lacey finally stopped and squashed Shannen's face some more with her cunny then reversed facesat her bouncing and grinding on Shannen like a drum keeping the beat to the music on the radio. When Lacey scooted off, Neve moved up lighting quick. Apparently to Lacey's dismay as it look like she wanted to sit some more. Neve's cunny absorbed Shannen's mouth and Lacey sat to the side and again peppered the uncovered portion of Shannen's face with her feet occasionally pausing to rub her feet on Shannen's face and move around some more nose cartilage.

When Lacey stood up Neve inched up swallowing Shannen's entire face and humped and pumped away in rhythm of the music. Lacey patiently stood up massaging Shannen's cunny with her feet waiting her turn. Seeing Lacey was impatient for action Neve moved off Shannen and allowed Lacey to front facesit some more. These women just couldn't get enough. Shannen was long gone but the sadistic pair just would not relent. Lacey pressed, rubbed and grind relentlessly on the defenseless woman ensuring her scent would be left on Shannen for hours to come.

Lacey's mouth open in shape of a "O" and she began moaning and cupped her own breasts massaging them working herself into a frenzy. As Lacey was humping and pumping, Neve who was sitting on Shannen's stomach was squeezing Shannen's erect tits and nipples. Neve decided to concentrate on one tit and tried milking Shannen. Neve squeezed and kneaded Shannen's tit like pizza dough. After a few minutes some juice leaked out. That encouraged Neve who kneaded and mashed the tit relentlessly. Then Lacey felt the sudden squirt of tit juice on her ass she screamed and came all over Shannen with a gushing climax. Unlike previously when she gently rocked back and forth this time she pressed her legs tightly around Shannen's head and furiously thrust her hips downward on Shannen's face soaking the woman under her smothering hot box until her she drained herself completely. I knew Shannen was alive only by the slight twitching of her feet.

Then it was more cheek to cheek action with the two actresses bumping their asses on either side of Shannen's face. Although Neve was doing more rubbing than bumping. Neve was forcing Shannen's face to one side, which meant Lacey had a clear target of Shannen's face and she took advantage slamming her ass in the side of Shannen's face. Neve was getting herself worked up again and pressed down hard on Shannen's face in efforts to satisfy herself.

"She's had it!" Lacey seem satisfied that enough punishment had been dished out got to her feet.

Neve though wasn't quite ready and taking advantage of having Shannen all to herself covered her entire face again grinding and rubbing herself into ecstasy. Not one to argue Lacey took a seat on Shannen's abdomen again and tried to get back into the mood as she bounced and grind on Shannen's body.

"Get her. Finish her!" Neve uttered breathlessly as she slithered off Shannen.

Lacey once again slid like a snake sitting on Shannen's upper chest causing her breasts to flatten out like pancakes. More tit juice squirted out of the one tit. Lacey leaned back and began peppering Shannen's face with her feet in that familiar tap dance of hers.

"Oh yeah give it to her" Neve encouraged Lacey to hit harder. Eager to please Lacey did just that She got really vicious and punched Shannen's face with her feet winding up and measuring Shannen like a boxer would a staggered opponent.

WHAP! Shannen's head snapped to the side. The force of Lacey's strike surprised even Neve. WHAP! The merciless blow that followed was even more severe than the first as the side of Lacey's foot crashed into Shannen's jaw.

Shannen's eyes open briefly then rolled up and closed shut. Six additional blows followed before Lacey eased up the intensity but did not discontinue the abuse to Shannen's red and swollen face. After twenty or so strikes to Shannen's face Neve spoke up.

"Let me sit on her," Neve just about sat on Lacey's feet as she eased in a reverse sit as the younger actress tried to get some last second face rubbing on Shannen's face. Neve grabbed her own panties and pulling them up her ass. Apparently Shannen's nose up her ass wasn't enough of a stimulus, as she rotated her womanhood round and round on the sleeping woman's face. Faster and faster she went with Shannen's nose going deeper in her loins. She was brutal, grinding hard on Shannen's face. Neve lips started to quiver and her moans got louder and louder until...

"AHHHHH!" she erupted her nectar over Shannen's already gooey face. Juices seeped from Shannen's face under Neve's dripping pussy and down to the carpet.

"OK, I've had about as much fun as I am going to have," Neve said still in the afterglow of this orgasm continuing to gently rotate her hips on her victim. "What started out as a bad trip turned out to be a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself,” Neve said as she continued to gently spread her juices over Shannen's face.

Lacey had gotten up and started to put on her clothes. Neve looked like a mighty lion over a fallen antelope sitting on top of Shannen's unmoving body. Finally Neve got to her feet and the women dressed over Shannen's body exchanging their wet panties for new ones. Shannen's face was smeared with female secretions and her face was red in most places but also had a bluish shade from the lack of oxygen. The women each place a foot on Shannen's chest gave each other a kiss and kicked Shannen in the side of the head, just for good measure, then stuffed their soiled panties in Shannen's mouth before walking out the door leaving Shannen lying there soaked in girl gunk.

"Goodbye sucker!"

"Yeah goodbye bitch!"

"You got Milano's phone number? Or Tori's?" Neve asked. "I'll bet they’d get a kick out of this!!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" they shared a final laugh as they walked out of the apartment.

Moments later Neve came back into view. She almost forgot. She looked to the camera and flipped me the bird, adding, “Fuck you too Scott!" and she left.