Neve Campbell vs. Shannen Doherty (II) by Scott

It had been a few months since Shannen got humiliated by Lacey Chabert and Neve Campbell, but time hadn't diminshed her bitterness. Several times she'd almost confronted Neve but whenever she had been in Hollywood she was surrounded by friends and Shannen didn't want to risk being double-teamed (or worse) so she backed off. But finally, Shannen got a chance when she confronted Neve and challenged her to fight in the squared circle at the celebrity gym. Although nervous about facing a seething Shannen, Neve couldn't reject her challenge without looking like a coward.

Reluctantly, Neve accepted and they would face each other in the ring under Celebrity Federation rules which required both to wrestle barefoot. But Shannen entered the ring wearing boots and argued with the referee who told her she would take them off or face disqualification. Finally, Shannen acquiesced and set her boots in her corner. Both were wearing workout shorts and t-shirts for the fight. Neve, who weighed almost 125 pounds, looked much bigger than compact Shannen who had just wrapped a film in which she played a ballerina, something she was familiar with from her childhood experience. Her legs were firm and muscular, her breasts full and supple. Although she was giving away about 15 pounds, Shannen was strong for her size and more than a few women larger than Neve had succumbed to the compactly built wildcat. Still, Neve was no angel herself and was capable of putting a hurting on any opponent. Beting among the audience was even in support of each woman as they met mid-ring and Shannen's steely cold eyes looked daggers at Neve.

"You're going to die bitch!"

"I will if I keep looking at your ugly mug," Neve sneered, matching Shannen's cold stare with her own.

The ref instructed both ladies to go to their corner and asked for the bell. Both ladies turned around and headed towards their corner but Shannen took only three steps toward her corner when she turned and charged. DING! DING! DING! Neve turned around to see Shannen already charging toward her. Shannen lowered her head and drove it into Neve's stomach, slamming her back against the turnbuckle. Neve doubled over as the air was knocked out of her, allowing Shannen to drive her head into her flat stomach five more times. Then Shannen stepped back, looking at Neve who was doubled over trying to catch her breath. Shannen measured her and powered a kick that struck square between Neve's spread legs.

"Ooooh!" Neve moaned as she slumped down, grabbing the top rope to stay more or less upright.

Shannen pushed the actress into the corner where she slapped her face, twisting her head side to side and making it turn red before she stood back and spit on Neve. When Shannen went to slap Neve again, however, the Canadian cutie kicked her in the thigh causing the Ice Queen to stagger as she struggled to maintain her balance. Shannen’s second charge met with the same result as she stood with her head bowed trying shake off the kicks which gave Neve an opportunity to drop an elbow to the back of her neck!

Shannen dropped to one knee, but reacting quickly thrust her forearm up between Neve's legs. Neve bent forward, hands protecting her crotch but then Shannen grabbed her behind the knees and yanked her legs out from under her. Neve hit the mat on her ass and Shannen dove on her, throwing wild punches at her face and chest. Neve tried to protect herself using her hands as the two hellcats each got a handful of hair and went rolling around the ring. First one, than the other was on top until they stopped with Shannen on top clawing at Neve's face and making her scream. Neve brought her legs up under Shannen's upper body, then wth a mighty thrust, kicked Shannen off and sent her flying half way across the ring.

Both women got to their feet quickly but it was Shannen who moved toward Neve and gave her two snap kicks under the chin knocking her back into the ropes. Neve bounced off and Shannen bent down and drove her fist into Neve's pubic mound for the second time in the fight! Neve's mouth opened in an 'o' of pain as she crumpled to her knees holding her throbbing pussy. Shannen followed with a kick to the head that send Neve sprawling on her back where Shannen continued to stomp as Neve crawled toward the ropes. When she reached them, The referee ordered a break but had to push the relentless Shannen off of Neve. Shannen brushed the referee aside and tried to attack Neve again, but the fallen actress lashed out with her foot and caught Shannen in the knee and she howled in pain as she dropped to the mat.

Neve dove on Shannen and again they struggled to gain control as they struggled on the mat. Neve got her legs around Shannen’s waist while Shannen was pulling Neve's hair. Then Neve wrapped her legs around Shannen and her scissors caused the sinister brunette some pain. Shannen immediately started clawing and raking Neve's legs and arms - and whatever else she could reach - as Neve poured on the pressure; her legs pulsating as the blood coarsed through her pulsing veins. As Shannen felt her insides being squeezed even more, she started punching wildly at Neve's upper body but the bigger lady strained mightily to maintain her pressure and Shannen gasped in pain as her legs began to spasm. Still, Shannen kept throwing punches hoping to connect with enough force to break Neve’s vice-like grip!

While most of the blows did little damage, one to the ribs did make Neve cry out in pain and then Shannen recalled an article she’d read about a movie Neve made for Robert Altman in which she played a dancer. Neve said her ribs bothered her during filming just as they had when she was a serious young dancer. Neve responded to Shannen’s blow by increasing the pressure on Shannen's waist. The pressure of her strong legs would have made most women submit, but Shannen gritted her teeth as she fired punch after punch into Neve's side until she finally couldn't take any more and opened her legs releasing Shannen and rolled onto her side massaging her ribs.

This time, both were slow to rise, taking their time to get a second wind. Neve was standing massaging her ribs when Shannen rose wobbly to her feet. Neve charged the ‘Charmed’ one trying for a clothesline but Shannen ducked and Neve ran right past her, stopped short and spun around. Shannen landed a round kick to those tender ribs and Neve let out a groan. Shannen stepped in and smashed a punch to her side, then another one. Neve’s body slumped, trying to protect her side as she stumbled backward with Shannen stalked like a tiger and throwing more punches and kicks that slammed into Neve's sore side.

Shannen backed Neve up against the turnbuckle and nailed her with punch after punch to the ribs, occasionally sending a punch to the face whenever Neve turned and crounched to shield her side. There was nothing Neve could do but take the blows. Her "oofs" came with each blow and they were like sweet music to Shannen's ears. She knew that any blow could break a rib and end the fight and just the thought of Neve groveling at her feet in agony brought a smile to the evil one. She let out her own "oof” grunts as she alternated between punching and kicking, but always to Neve's fragile side.

With Neve in tears and only standing because she was sitting back on to the second turnbuckle, Shannen stepped back, raising her arms in victory; then as Neve looked up at her blinking back her tears, Shannen went back on the attack. As she stepped in cocky and smug, Neve’s foot snapped upward and kicked her in the gut. The kick wasn't hard and after a brief hesitation, Shannen resumed her attack. Furious at being kicked, she landed another flurry of punches to Neve's stomach, face and ribs that left Neve bent over breathing hard, coughing, gasping and clearly all but defeated.

Shannen lifted a knee to Neve's head straightening her back up, then threw a Rick Flair style chop across Neve's chest. The CRACK of flesh on flesh echoed throughout the arena. Another chop rocked Neve back against the turnbuckle, her eyes watering as she slumped over halfway to the mat. Shannen jerked her upright by the hair and reared back to slap her again when a glassy eyed Neve suddenly jabbed her in the eyes! Shannen screamed and backed off to regain her sight while Neve dropped to one knee holding her ribs trying to get her second wind.

After several moments, Shannen’s eyes cleared and she charged Neve who was standing leaning back in the corner. Shannen charged trying to spear Neve, but the Canadian stepped out of the way and Shannen's shoulder struck the steel corner post beyond the turnbuckles. Shannen screamed in pain as she lay draped over the middle turnbuckle, her head and shoulders dangling outide the ring, her tight butt and thrashing legs inside as she held her shoulder. It took several moments for Shannen to extract herself from the ropes but Neve was still recovering and too hurt to take advantage of the situation.

When Shannen turned around and stood up, the still wobbly Neve threw a right to Shannen's jaw that nearly knocked her down! Neve shoved Shannen back against the corner and lifted her knee up into Shannen's crotch, lifting her up on her toes with the impact as she began softening her up. Neve took Shannen’s arm, pulled her out of the corner and then whipped her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. She hit back first, bounced off, staggered a few feet and stood rocking back and forth in a daze as Neve charged across the ring after her. This time, Neve hit her clothesline and Shannen's feet flew up in the air as she turned head over heels and came down with her head and shoulders hitting the mat hard.

Shannen lay on her back with her arms wrapped around her throbbing head to protect it from further damage. But instead of attacking again, Neve stood back and waited for Shannen to get to her feet. When Shannen struggled back to her feet, Neve was already behind her and she put her in a wraparound neckbreaker and perfectly executed the brutal.hold. Shannen squirmed on the mat in obvious discomfort until Neve pulled her back to her feet and walked her back to the ring ropes where she wrapped Shannen's arms over the top strand.

Shannen tried kicking but Neve gave her a right to the jaw that subdued her. Once having secured Shannen’s arms, Neve measured her and laid in several blows to the smaller woman's tight belly and face. With Shannen almost punched out, Neve went to the other side of the ring, turned, crouched and charged! Neve drove shoulder deep into Shannen's stomach with such force it shoved her butt out between the middle ropes. Shannen slumped as Neve went back to repeat the maneuver and again slammed shoulder-first into Shannen's aching midsection! Shannen went limp.

"One more time!" Neve yelled, sure that her victory was only seconds away. She ran full speed again but Shannen's arms had loosened from the ropes and when Neve dove into her, Shannen’s arms slipped off the ropes and she dropped on her ass with a loud grunt. Neve flew right over Shannen’s head, hittin nothing but air as she sailed straight out between the ropes down onto the cement floor of the arena.

It was a nasty spill and while Neve slowly pulled herself back to her feet outside the ring, Shannen did the same inside the ring. When Neve tried to re-enter, Shannen waited until she was standing on the ring apron with her hands on the top rope, then she charged and slammed her shoulder into Neve, knocking her off the ring apron back down to the floor! Neve tried to climb in again and this time when Shannen charged again, Neve jumped off the ring apron. Shannen saw it and slowed down some but the sudden stop made her feet slide like she was on ice and as she slid up to the ropes, Neve reached in, grabbed her ankles and yanked her feet out from under her. Shannen slammed down on her back and Neve dragged her out of the ring and dropped her on the floor.

Both women traded chops and punches to the head and chest as they battled outside the ring. Shannen concentrated on Neve's ribs and since Neve knew she couldn't slug it out in her battered and injured condition, she went for the face rake again. Shannen screeched in agony and turning away as Neve’s sharp nails scraped across her face. She covered her eyes as Neve relentlessly followed her, hammering Shannen in the back with fists and forearms. After several blows, Shannen crumpled face first to the floor where Neve continued to stomp the smaller woman’s back and head.

Neve saw Shannen's boots on the ring apron, picked one up and when Shannen staggered to her feet, the Canadian walloped her on the side of the head. Shannen tottered back, almost falling, but she stayed on her feet. A second blow with the boot knocked her down and busted open her forehead, sending blood streaming down into her eyes. Neve dragged Shannen back up by the hair and although Shannen threw a weak punch, it bounced harmlessly off Neve's muscular thigh. Neve gave her a knee to the jaw for her trouble, knocking her backward over a chair.

Shannen at this point looked more like a drunk than a hellcat and she was taking a lot of blows to the head leaving her even more senseless than usual. Neve dragged the dazed actress back to her feet, scooped her up and body slammed her on the scorers table. Neve was becoming vicious; something she’d known she’d have to be in order to beat Shannen. After two head-butts, one to Shannen's forehead widening the cut, and another to Shannen's nose that brought forth even more blood, Neve slugged the smaller woman in the side of her head and then on the jaw three times.

Shannen sprawled spread-eagle out across the desk just about out for the count while Neve went back into the ring. The referee began the 20 count which would make Neve the winner. Although Shannen had no chance of getting back into the ring in time to beat the count, Neve wasn't ready to let her off the hook that easily. She climbed the top rope in the corner and was preparing to jump off onto Shannen who was spread and vulnerable atop the scorers table when the crowd suddenly saw another actress running down the toward the ring. It was Tori Spelling!

The crowd wasn't sure what to make of it. Was she there to help Neve with Shannen's destruction? Tori and Shannen were former friends but had an uneasy relationship the last few years. Or was she there to help her former co-star? The latter apparently for Shannen had ordered Tori to stand by if she needed her, and since she'd threatened her with bodily harm if she didn't follow orders, Tori agreed. She was terrified what Shannen would do to her if she let her down! As soon as Tori climbed in the far side of the ring. the referee immediately called for the bell and ended the match but when she tried to keep Tori away, the blonde kicked her in the stomach and DDT'd her, knocking the ref out cold!

While all this was going on, Neve was totally oblivious as she climbed to the top rope and precariously balanced herself before she launched her body into the air. Tori grabbed the ropes and began shaking them. Neve’s feet slipped and she dropped straight down, the rope slammed into the tender mound between her legs and she slumped over onto the turnbuckle, her hands massaging her aching pussy as Tori climbed up to meet her. Tori landed a punch to Neve's face to ensure she’d offer no resistance, then hooked her arm around her head and got ready for a superplex. But Tori couldn't lift Neve more than a few inches so she slammed Neve’s crotch back down on the turnbuckle sending another jolt of pain running down her spine.

By now, Shannen had recovered enough to roll off the desk onto the floor where she rested, still dazed, on one knee. Tori saw Shannen had recoverd and tried to bodyslam Neve down onto the ringside table, but when she tried to lift Neve over her head, Tori’s knees buckled from the weight and she lost her balance. Before she could slip and fall on the rope as Neve had done, Tori arched herself forward into the air carrying Neve in her arms. Both bodies careened down into the scorers desk…

CRASH! The desk shattered under their combined weight with Neve hitting first on her back, her body absorbing most of the impact with Tori on top of her. Tori was slow to get up, but Neve lay completely still! Shannen got to her feet and pulled Tori off of Neve and helped her to her feet shaking off the cobwebs as Neve started to stir, moaning and groaning and shuffling her arms and legs.

Tori and Shannen dragged Neve to her feet and started kicking her in the ribs on both sides at once. Neve collapsed to the floor while both girls stomped on her sides and anywhere else they could while Neve rolle and writhed in pain, clutching her tortured ribs. With Neve curled in a ball sobbing her eyes out, Shannen and Tori dragged her back to her feet and between them they lifted her into the air like they were going to bodyslam Neve on the hard floor; but instead they staggered over to the steel railing and dropped Neve’s bruised ribs onto the steel rail. Again Neve dropped to the floor and curled into a ball wailing that she had broken ribs.

Ignoring Neve’s wailing, Shannen and Tori scooped her up and rolled her back into the ring. She barely moved while the two merciless vixens made their own way into the ring, then Shannen grabbed Neve's arms and Tori her legs, spreading Neve out in the ring. While Tori lay on Neve's arms to make sure she didn't move, Shannen climbed to the top rope. Tori rolled off of Neve as Shannen leaped off the top rope and splashed down onto Neve's midsection. Her body jerked up into a ‘U’ as her legs and upper body reacted to the impact, then flopped back down!

As Shannen lay on Neve, Tori climbed the turnbuckle and dove off, splashing down on that same area. Neve's body bounced in the air but all the abuse had been too much for her and Neve passed out. As she lay spread-eagled on the mat at their feet, Shannen and Tori stripped and then removed Neve’s costume leaving all three gorgeous women naked. When Neve awakened, she looked up through hazy eyes into the faces of her tormentors and realized all too well what was coming next. She could see it in the brunette's eyes the erotic effect her naked and spread body was having on lusty Shannen. Neve slumped back down and closed her eyes, passing out again as she would mercifully not be awake for her final humiliation!

Shannen knelt to slap Neve's face, shaking her and demanding, "Wake up bitch; I’m not done yet!"

Shannen sat down and wrapped her legs around Neve's head in a classic neck scissors. Although this wasn't a move Shannen was noted for, especially with her thin legs and slim hips, she had more than enough to handle the unresisting Neve. Meanwhile, Tori went to work on Neve's crotch, slipping her middle finger deep into her love hole but Shannen stopped her.

"No Tori, don’t do that, the bitch'll enjoy it. Use the crotch claw I showed you!" she growled angrily.

Tori complied, twisting her hand into a claw which she clamped onto Neve's sensitive womanhood. Neve’s body stiffened and she cried out as she was shocked back to consciousness as pain again shot through her body from her already tortured pussy. Just then, Shannen clamped down on the scissors and began strangling the actress with her legs. Shannen held Neve's wrists to avoid being scratched as Neve bucked and thrashes as much as she could, but very quickly she was again fading away into semi-consciousness.

All of a sudden, Shannen released her scissors and screamed at Tori, "You stupid bitch, can't you do anything right? That's NOT how you apply a crotch claw. Here, let me in there! You get up here and do your own thing!"

Shannen sat on Neve's legs while Tori kneeled over Neve’s head, pulled Neve's arms behind her and sat on them while she leaned down with her breasts covering Neve's face in a reverse breast smother. Shannen violated Neve's pussy, ripping and tearing at her now bruised and swollen labia. Neve thrashed as much as she could with her face covered by Tori’s tits, her arms and legs immobilized and Shannen’s crotch claw working to perfection! Even her pathetic screams were barely audible outside the ring since her mouth was covered by Tori's tits.

Soon, Neve’s muffled cries turned into puppydog whimpering as Shannen and Tori poured on the pressure until the pain and lack of oxygen overcame the brunette and her feeble resistance ceased. Yet Shannen still wasn't satisfied!! They rolled Neve over on her stomach and Tori straddled her back, hooked her arms back over her legs and pulled her head back in a camel clutch. The sharp pain in Neve's spine woke her up with a jolt, wringng another scream from her trembling lips.

"You messed with the wrong girl,” Shannen scolded. “You’re one dumb cunt," she said as she bent down in front of the battered brunette and sllpped her face viciously several times.

Shannen ordered Tori to lean back, adding more pressure to Neve's neck and upper back. Neve was in agony, her feet pounded the mat and her forearms flapping uselessly on Tori's legs as the bleached blonde jerked and pulled on her head. Tori was grunting as she wrenched Neve’s head farther back until Neve's chest was several inches off the mat. Neve's tears dropping in puddles on the mat as they ran down her cheeks and dribbled from her chin. After several moments, Neve's legs and arms went limp, her eyes fluttered a few times, then closed as she succumbed to unconsciousness once again. Tori released her hold and Neve's upper body flopped to the mat with a sweaty THWAP. She was out cold when the two cruel women kicked her over onto her back.

Shannen slapped Neve to wake her for more abuse, then eased herself down on Neve's face in a front face straddle while Tori kicked Neve’s legs apart, knelt between them and wiggled two fingers into her spread open pussy. Tori’s skillful stimulation in her love canal quickly aroused Neve but she awoke under Shannen's sopping snatch. At first, Shannen's back and forth rocking movements were slow and sensual and she didn't put her full weight on Neve. She wanted to make sure Neve was fully aware of what was happening and to ensure that, she reached back and dug her fingernails into Neve's fleshy boobs, digging in painfully!

But soon enough, Shannen picked up her pace as she began a steady rocking rhythm, holding Neve's arms out and using them like handles. Neve's soft tits rolled and jiggled on her chest as Shannen rode her face hard. Although Neve was only semi-conscious Tori's talented fingering soon had her butt bouncing on the mat as her hips jerked and thrust upward in response to Tori’s tickling her clitoris. It didn’t take Tori’s talented digits to have Neve on the brink of an orgasm. Tori worked Neve's limp and nearly lifeless body until the brunette started to quiver, then exploded over Tori's hand; her nectar spurting out onto Tori’s upturned palm and then dripping on the dirty canvas between her splayed legs.

Grinning Shannen could feel the vibration of Neve's moaning against her pussy and it sent her into a frenzy of pumping and humping Neve's face, bumping her butt faster and faster as she pulled Neve's head up, forcing her face deep into her hot, wet cunny until she too neared her climax. Then she abruptly slowed her thrusting and rotated her hips slowly, pressing herself down hard on Neve's face and expending all her energy in a final, culminating climax. Shannen’s powerful orgasm flooded the Canadian’s face with her own sweet juices as she maneuvered herself so she completely covered Neve's nose and her open, gasping mouth.

Neve’s eyes fluttered and opened briefly as her breathing passages became clogged, then closed them just as quickly. But they’d been open long enough for Neve to see the depraved look on the face of the mad woman grinding her into oblivion. Neve thrashed wildly, her body reacting to the lack of air until a couple of maliciously well-placed punches to her pussy from Tori sedated her until Shannen's suffocating sex reduced Neve's thrashing to mere squirming and finally, to total placidity.

Tori raised Neve's legs and draped them over her shoulders, her feet resting on Tori's back as the blonde bent and buried her face between Neve's legs, eating out her pussy, savoring the hot juice streaming out of Neve's love hole whle Shannen completed her smothering of the brunette. Neve's only movements were the jiggling and rolling of her soft breasts from Shannen gyrating on her face, her limp legs flopping on Tori’s back as the blonde hungrily feasted on her pussy.

The two vamps had their way with Neve for several minutes before they were finally satisfied and got to their feet. They lifted Neve’s limp, sweating body by the arms and legs and carried her to the side of the ring, swung her back and forth several times and then tossed the unconscious woman over the top rope out onto the arena floor. Neve hit with a loud THUD and a CRACK as the back of her head struck the hard concrete. As she lay with her arms flung out and one leg bent under the other, her chest slowly rising and falling and a small pool of her nectar still spreading beneath her butt, Shannen called for a microphone.

"Nobody messes with me and gets away with it,” Shannen informed any who still doubted it. “Let this be a lesson to all of you who think how nice it would be to get a notch on your belt knocking me off. If any of you are still stupid enough to try, I WILL destroy you!" Then she and Tori walked arm in arm back to the dressing room to the cheers and jeers of the audience where their victory celebration continued long into the night.