Neve Campbell vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by SamDog 03-Jul-99

Neve Campbell walked down the hallway of a luxurious hotel. Finally, she reached the last door at the end of the corridor and knocked. The door was answered by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was dressed in a bathrobe.

"You're late, bitch." Sarah said as she let Neve in, locking the door behind her.

"Don't worry, I'll still have enough time to beat the crap out of you." Neve replied.

Neve stripped to a blue bikini and lycra shorts, while Sarah removed her robe, leaving a black string bikini.

Neve and Sarah had met while making the movie "Scream 2," and had hated each other from day one. Each tried to outdo the other, and in the end they got into a vicious fight. Sarah gave Neve a terrible beating, as the brunette was humiliated for the entire length of the production. However, a few days after filming ended, they got into a second fight, with Neve exacting her revenge before they could be separated. Afterwards, the two arranged for a third fight, so that they could finally see who was the better woman. Neve trained long and hard for the fight, thinking about her first brutal loss and the prospect of Sarah lying broken at her feet. Meanwhile, Sarah fought three women similar in size and experience as Neve, beating all of them with nary a scratch on her body.

Neve and Sarah came together in a test of strength. Slowly but surely, Neve drove Sarah to her knees, as Sarah struggled to get on her feet. Suddenly, Neve released her hold and kicked Sarah right in her cleavage, as the blonde fell to the floor. Grabbing the front of Sarah's bra, Neve pulled her up right into her fist, punching her over and over. As Sarah got to her feet Neve cocked her fist and slammed it into Sarah's right tit where she saw the nipple as the blonde gasped in pain, stunned. As she swung again Sarah stepped back and then as her hand swept past her she unleashed an uppercut to Neve's right tit that knocked it right out of its cup. Neve staggered back holding her aching tit as the blonde came forward and smashed her other tit right on the nipple driving it into the tender flesh. Neve grimaced in pain, yelling in anguish as she was hit again in the right one, slowly being driven back into the wall. Sarah smiled and pounded her tits repeatedly, grinning each time she landed a particularly painful shot.

Neve battered Sarah back a few steps with some face punches but Sarah came back with a right hook to her chin that sent her down onto the floor, shaking her head to clear it. Sarah was all over her wrapping her legs around her neck in a standing scissors as she ripped off Neve's bra and mauled her tits, as Neve screamed in pain. Neve reached behind Sarah and tried to clasp her hair in her hands, missing twice before securing a hold and ripping her foe's head backwards as she sent her sprawling next to her. Straddling the blonde, Neve shredded Sarah's top and began gouging her nails in her tits, as Sarah screamed in agony. Neve gave her no quarter, this time crushing each of her foe's nipples between her thumb and index fingers, Sarah's cry of pain rising in time with the force of her antagonist's fingers. Neve tortured her this way for a minute, her moaning and bellowing rising and falling as Neve squeezed then released the nipples over and over. Ecstatic at having dominated Sarah so far she stopped her nipple crushing and started to taunt the blonde.

"Can't take it, slut?" Neve shouted as she slapped Sarah's face hard on the left cheek. "That's too bad, cause I'm having lots of fun!"

Neve then slapped Sarah's tits silly as Sarah bellowed in pain and grabbed Neve's wrists. Reaching down, Neve dug her knuckles into Sarah's battered tits, as Sarah screamed in absolute agony.

Sarah continued to moan in pain as Neve gleefully slapped her tits. Desperate, Sarah reached up and dug her fingers into Neve's tits, as the brunette screamed in pain. Suddenly, Sarah brought her legs up and smashed her knees into the small of Neve's back, unseating her. As Neve made it to her hands and knees, Sarah jumped on her and straddled her back. Sarah grabbed a handful of Neve's hair and ripped at her tits with her other, laughing as Neve crawled around trying to buck her off.

"That's the best you've got, bitch?" Sarah taunted, as she slammed her ass down on Neve's back, knocking her to the ground.

Using Neve's brown hair like reins on a horse, Sarah maneuvered her into position and wrapped her legs around her chest in a crushing scissors. Neve went ballistic trying to keep from getting her tits trapped between her foe's thick powerful thighs, but in raising her arms to scratch at them she just made it even easier for the blonde to secure the hold. With both hands wrapped in the brunette's hair she positioned her knees so they were easily driven into her foe's tits causing her untold agony. Sarah taunted her relentlessly as she shifted her scissors so she could crush the brunette's breasts between her thighs. She smiled with pleasure as Neve moaned and struggled in agony, her trapped tits oozing out the sides of Sarah's legs as the muscles strained in the blonde's strong thighs.

Releasing her scissors, Sarah reached forward and started slamming Neve's tits together, as the brunette howled in agony and tried to pry the blonde's hands from her aching chest. With a cruel look in her eyes, Sarah ripped off Neve's shorts and dug her nails into her cunt. As Sarah cruelly reached her hand into Neve's cunt, the brunette started to spasm again as Sarah's long nails were being dug into her most intimate of regions.

"No more sex for you, you little slut." Sarah taunted.

Desperate, Neve started to drive her elbows backward and though a lot just glanced off of Sarah's arms and legs a few connected with her breasts and soon she was hurting from the constant blows. Frustrated, Sarah raked her nails against the inside of Neve's cunt. Neve's cries echoed across the room as she desperately struggled to remove Sarah's hand.

Rising to her feet, Sarah grabbed Neve's hair and pulled her up. Far from defeated, Neve started to slap at Sarah's tits with hard stinging smacks that had her squealing in pain with each one. Neve was about to rake her nails across her foe's chest when a devastating punch slammed into the underside of her left tit. The pain that erupted from it staggered her and Sarah, seeing her weakness, started to pummel her tit repeatedly. Neve was holding her battered breast in her hand when Sarah flew into her in a rage, slapping her face repeatedly then continuing her tit punching as she trapped Neve against a wall with no where to go. A punch to Neve's jaw had her seeing stars but she really started to scream when Sarah mashed her tits savagely against her ribcage with a two-handed, nails first, thrust. Her tits were twisted and crushed over and over as Sarah enjoyed the upper hand. Neve fought the waves of pain and tried to grab her foe's tits, but every time she got close Sarah wrenched her tits hard and she would be forced to grab at her hands in agony to try and free them.

Sarah leaned forward and sank her teeth into Neve's right tit. Neve screamed in agony and sank to the floor with Sarah right on top of her. Neve desperately punched Sarah's face, until finally the blonde released her hold. Sarah straddled her and began to treat treated her tits to a savage mauling, ripping her nails down the front of them. She then clasped them from the underside digging her nails in and twisting them roughly left and right as Neve screamed out in agony and grabbed her wrists trying to free her chest. After a furious struggle Sarah's left hand was pulled from the right breast but the blonde reached around her back and grabbed a handful of cunt hair and ripped mightily. Neve abandoned trying to free her left boob and attacked Sarah's with her fists. As the first blow hit Sarah moaned in pain, the second shot to her other tit eliciting a scream as she reached back in retaliation and slammed her fist repeatedly into Neve's defenseless cunt. Hoping to leave permanent scars, Sarah began raking her nails down the front of Neve's tits, as the brunette screamed helplessly.

At the end of her rope, Neve reached up and clasped Sarah's tits in her hands, crushing them. Struggling to hang on, Sarah reached down and wrenched Neve's throbbing tits left and right, as the brunette reached her tolerance for pain. Suddenly, Neve stood to her feet, carrying Sarah with her. A sudden look of fear crossed Sarah's eyes as she began punching Neve, hoping to free herself. With a cruel smile on her face, Neve dropped Sarah onto her outstretched knee. Sarah screamed in absolute agony as she writhed on the floor. Neve straddled Sarah, trapping her arms underneath her legs.

"You stupid cunt. I'm gonna give you the beating you deserve!"

"Fuck you, bitch." Sarah replied, as she then screamed in pain as Neve began punching her breasts.

Neve grabbed Sarah's tits and pulled mercilessly, as the blonde struggled to free herself.

Neve grabbed Sarah's right nipple between her fingernails and twisted until she drew blood, as Sarah, freeing her hands, struggled to remove Neve's hand from her aching and bleeding nipple.

"You fucking slut" screamed Sarah as she finally succeeded in escaping from this tit torture, little drops of blood rolling down her breast.

Reaching up, Sarah grasped Neve's tits and began to twist and pull them. In desperation Neve reached her hand into Sarah's bikini bottom from the right thigh side and began pulling at Sarah's pubes. Sarah refused to release her tit hold, despite the pain in her cunt, and started pummeling Neve's breasts with slaps and punches. Neve scratched at Sarah's cunt as Sarah began slamming her tits and crush them together, howling at the pain in her cunt from Neve's scratching, as they both tried to ignore the pain as they maul each other. Reaching down with her free hand, Neve again latched onto Sarah's right nipple with her nails, squeezing it and causing new cuts as she ground her nails in, almost severing the nipple in half!

Sarah wailed "My nipple, ARRRRRRRRRHHHHHH" as she twisted her body, trying to escape from Neve's nails.

Neve rose to her feet, pulling Sarah to her feet by her hair. Neve began slamming her knee into Sarah's tits, the blonde screaming as her tits were crushed against her chest. Maintaining her hold, Neve began mauling Sarah's chest, as the blonde cried out in agony. Her breasts were being attacked savagely as Sarah struck out with her fists, punching Neve's tits over and over from all sides, desperately hoping to stop the torment Neve was causing her tits. Her breasts were also taking a terrible beating, Neve grabbed both Sarah's tits and proceeded to slam them together, mashing them into each other over and over. Sarah was in total anguish and desperate to free her tits from the pounding and mashing of this wildcat. Suddenly, Sarah cried in total anguish as Neve twisted her right nipple, intensifying the pain.

Neve rammed her knee into Sarah's cunt so hard she nearly lifted her off the floor. She tore into the blonde's tits with her nails, clawing them up and down as her foe's face turned white with anguish and she weakly clawed at Neve's tits. As her face showed the toll her body was paying from the assault on her privates, she smashed her palm down on Neve's tit after having positioned her hand underneath it in a fist, knuckles up. As the breast was slammed onto the knuckles, Sarah pushed down on it and ground her palm downward with all her might as Neve pushed hard at Sarah's shoulders, forcing her back two steps, releasing her sore and aching breast from it's brief torment. Sarah attacked her globes immediately, sinking her fists into each one in quick succession, stunning Neve enough for her to drive her knee into her stomach doubling her over. Sarah grabbed her in a head lock from the front and began to drive her knee into her tits as they hung down, adding a knee to the stomach every few shots to keep Neve reeling.

Sarah slammed Neve backwards into the wall, stunning the brunette. Sarah mashed her hands into Neve's tits and then pushed them upwards with everything she had as the soft flesh strained to it's limits. Sarah again used her knee to incapacitate her foe driving it in to her cunt hard as Neve yelled and started to slump slightly, her knees starting to become weak. Neve bellowed even louder as Sarah forced her back up the wall by her tits. Neve was in anguish at the painful mauling this bitch was giving her and tried desperately to escape before she succumbed to the constant attack on her chest and crotch. Sarah dug her nails into Neve's tits, as Neve screamed in agony.

"Payback's a bitch, slut!" Sarah screamed as she reached down and began pulling out all of Neve's cunt hair.

Suddenly, Neve brought her knee up and slammed it into Sarah's cunt. The blonde screamed in agony and fell to the floor. Neve slowly crawled over to her devastated foe and astride the now sobbing Sarah, she slapped the bruised and battered boobs around as Sarah roared in agony, tears streaming down her pretty face.

"I guess you're not so tough anymore, you fucking blonde wanna be!" Neve shouted, ramming her fist into Sarah's cunt as she said so!

Sarah yelled incoherently after two more savage blows to her cunt from the victorious Neve. Rising off her vanquished foe, Neve then rolled Sarah's already limp body onto her stomach and sat on the small of her back. Neve grabbed hold of Sarah's thong and pulled tight, driving the expensive bikini right into Sarah's pussy. Neve rocked back with a firm hold on the strap of the bikini bottom and pulled as hard as she could, she almost ripped the material as Sarah screamed and cried for mercy. Neve got off of her beaten enemy and stood over her as Sarah lay there in tears.

"Don't ever fuck with me again," Neve shouted, as she ripped off Sarah's bikini and stuffed it down her throat.

With that, Neve got dressed and left, leaving Sarah to fend for herself.