Neve Campbell vs. Gina Gershon by Scott 23-Aug-2000

Neve Campbell was a hot commodity in Hollywood. After the success of her "SCREAM" movies she was getting hundreds of offers for roles. Gina Gershon was less fortunate. Although she had always done good work she was most remembered for the dreadful "SHOWGIRLS" and no one wanted to take a chance of putting her in a high profiled film.

Neve who liked women as much or more then men (sexually speaking) liked Gina and was attracted to her. Not only did she recognized her talent she also thought Gina, who was single, liked women also. In both the aforementioned "SHOWGIRLS and the underrated "BOUND" Gina portrayed a woman who had sexual relations with other women. Neve had been offered a role and thought Gina would be perfect for a supporting part. After spending the day together reading the script and having some fun shopping the ladies retreated to Neve's apartment.

Both girls felt comfortable around each other and after a few drinks took off their outer layer of clothes. Both ladies were sitting on the couch together. Neve was wearing a black Merry Widow with a matching thong and white thigh-high nylons. Gina wore clay colored panties and matching bra that barely contained her 36" breasts, with tan colored stockings.

Gina was only about 5'6" but very fit and rounded in all the right places. She reminded some of a cross between Marilyn Monroe and the sassy Mae West from the 1940's. Neve was also about 5'6", 125 pounds. She had smaller breasts with slender but powerful legs and, of course, a gorgeous face with beautiful jet-black hair. Her soulful eyes and gorgeous smile could melt a rock. After a few more drinks Neve decided to make her move.

"Do you feel like doing anything?" Neve asked as she moved in a little closer to Gina on the couch.

"I could go for a movie or out to eat, I'm starving."

Gina had not yet caught on to Neve's intentions even as Neve placed her hand on Gina's shoulder.

"I thought we could build a fire and sit by the fireplace," Neve responded, hoping that Gina would get the message that she wanted to get cozy.

"I'd rather go to a movie," Gina said as Neve moved a hand down to Gina's leg.

"We never spend any time together," Neve whined.

"What are you talking about? Let's just go see a movie."

Gina was now getting a little irritated.

"Gina, you know I'm attracted to you."

"What are you saying, get off of me," Gina said as she pushed Neve's hand off her body.

"I saw you with Jennifer Tilly in 'BOUND'. Are you telling me the action with Jennifer wasn't real?"

"It was a movie. I'm an actress. I'm not like that. I like guys," Gina said backing away from Neve.

"Well, I like guys too, but that doesn't mean I don't like beautiful women."

Neve now moved towards Gina.

"You're kidding right? Get off of me!"

Gina was obviously uncomfortable with Neve's advances

"I have a boyfriend! I'm not interested in girls"

"Please," Neve kept moving towards Gina putting her hand on her shoulder and trying to kiss her.

"Stop it!"

Gina got up off the couch but Neve followed her.

"If you don't stop it you're going to be sorry," Gina said as she tried to put distance from herself and Neve.

"Oh yeah?"

Neve wasn't afraid of Gina and kept closing in on the nervous actress.

"Don't make me have to hurt you."

Gina did not want a fight but Neve was giving her no choice.

Neve's surprising response was, "Come on hurt me!"

She was determined to get close body contact with the sexy actress one way or another.

Gina pushed Neve away and turned her back to the younger woman, but Neve grabbed at her and the fight was on.

"I like it when you're like this," Neve said as they wrestled to the carpet.

Gina thought quickly gained control. She got on top of Neve pinning her arms down as she grapevined her legs. She then placed her ample breasts over Neve's face. Neve was able to turn away, so Gina let go of Neve's arms, grabbed her head and banged it hard against the carpet a couple of times; then went back to the breast smother. Neve was able to roll her over, but Gina was able to wrap her legs around Neve's waist and had her trapped in a leg scissors.

Neve was struggling to get free, so Gina grabbed her hair again and banged the back of her head against the carpet once more before re-applying pressure to Neve's waist. Neve tried to bridge out without success.

"Do you have a change of heart now?"

Gina was giving Neve an opportunity to escape certain defeat.

"Uh-uh," Neve said sensually, she was enjoying this wrestling action and the rubbing of their bodies.

"Do I have to kill you before you understand I am not interested in girls?" Gina asked in frustration.

"Maybe," Neve responded with a wink of the eye.

Gina then turned Neve over and got her in a full nelson while grapevining her legs again.

Neve was strong enough to escape the full nelson but Gina was able to secure a waist scissors again. Neve was struggling valiantly so Gina quickly got on top of the brunette and placed her breasts over Neve. Neve was still too strong and rolled Gina over, but again Gina had that scissors hold and it was starting to have it's effect on Neve. Gina also grabbed hold of Neve's hair pulling her head backwards.

"Are you sorry?"

Gina was hoping to end this.

"No," was Neve's response, but this time she spoke with anger. She was getting sore from the constant scissors and hair pulling.

The struggle continued as Neve was able to push Gina off her but was clearly out of breath. Gina bounced up quickly and overpowered her smaller foe. This time Gina went for a front facesit as she leaned her upper body over Neve on the carpet. Neve was trying to bridge out and finally was able to squirm away. Gina, thinking quickly, wrapped her legs around Neve's head before she could escape. Gina also grabbed Neve's legs so she could not kick out. Gina was applying great pressure to Neve's head causing little squeaks of pain to escape the younger girl's mouth

"Are you sorry?" Gina asked the overmatched girl

Neve knew she was beaten.

"I give Gina!"

Surprisingly, Gina did not break the scissors and continued to apply pressure as Neve now in obvious pain tried to struggle to freedom. Everywhere Neve moved so did Gina and her scissors hold. Gina could see Neve was weakening fast. Finally Gina did release the scissors and it appeared the fight was over. Neve slowly got to her knees but was pushed back down to the carpet from behind. Neve had gotten Gina mad and the buxom beauty was going to teach her a lesson. Within seconds Gina re-applied the head scissors.


Neve was hurting but Gina looked relaxed as she lay on her back watching Neve's futile attempts to break free from her powerful legs. Through her constant struggles, Neve was able to roll Gina on her stomach even as her head was trapped. Gina was unable to maintain the scissors and now Neve was sitting on Gina's back.

Neve applied a full nelson of her own and a scissors around Gina's waist. For good measure she started pulling Gina's hair. Neve then went back to the applying tremendous pressure with the full nelson. Out of desperation Gina reached back for Neve's hair again and maintained a death grip on the black locks. Both girls were hurting.

"Let go and I'll let go," Gina exclaimed.

Neve did not want to release her hold so Gina pulled harder on her hair as Neve continued with the full nelson and scissors. Neve's was having trouble maintaining her hold so she let loose, as did Gina. Both girls fell away from each other but Gina recovered quicker and was on top of Neve again sitting on her chest. In a second she scooted up for the front facesit.

"Mmmppph, Ooohhhh!"

Neve was in trouble now. She did not have the energy to squirm her escape this time. Gina had her panty-covered crotch on Neve's mouth and placed her hands over Neve's nose, making it impossible for the younger actress to breathe.

"I give."

Neve was able to mumble her surrender. Gina released her smother hold and slid off her. Then something in Gina snapped! She once again went after the beaten girl, turned her over and applied the full nelson again - this time with much more authority. Neve was grunting in pain.

Gina rolled onto her back taking Neve with her and grapevined her legs again, immobilizing her. Gina next pushed Neve up in the air, her head first, while still maintaining the nelson, then let her fall back to her body. It looked like Gina wanted to break Neve's neck; she was applying so much pressure, forcing Neve's chin down into her chest. She began twisting Neve's head and shoving it forward in intermittent spurts. She then took her right hand and put it around Neve's face twisting it violently.

"I could kill you right now," Gina said angrily.

Once again Gina asked Neve if she were sorry.

"NO," Neve said.

Not in a sensual manner, but as an angered woman who wanted revenge for being spurned. Neve seemed to get a burst of adrenaline and was able to break free and move on top of Gina again. But Gina knew what she was doing and her powerful legs were waiting for Neve's waist. This was a different Neve however, and she was now trying to win and she was giving Gina everything she could handle.

Now Neve was able to get on top of Gina and wrap her legs around Gina's in a grapevine. However, Gina was not as tired as Neve and easily untangled her legs, then rolled Neve over so she was again on top. Although Neve tried to fight Gina off by attempting a scissors around her waist and then grapevining her legs, it was to no avail! Gina was able to power out of those holds.

In seconds, Gina was able to press her ample breasts (now without a bra) over Neve's lovely face. Gina released her hold and went for a reverse facesit but Neve managed to push her off. Neve could not escape Gina's powerful legs, which once again found their way around her waist. Gina moved her legs up and was able to capture Neve's head, squeezing for all she was worth. Neve was on her back finding it difficult to breathe as Gina lay on top of her - facing her legs as she continued with the scissors.

Neve was fading fast, and it became even worse when Gina started to squeeze intermediately which caused Neve's head to squirt up like toothpaste on each thrust that Gina made with her legs. When she thought Neve had been softened up enough, Gina went for the reverse facesit. Neve tried to first bridge out, then squirm out, but she was not strong enough.

After a few moments she cried, "I give up!"

Gina's unspoken answer was to bounce up and down on her face. Neve began crying now. Suddenly Gina let her go, but the humiliation was not over. Instead Gina wanted to punish Neve some more. She went for the head scissors and applied enough pressure that Neve was close to passing out.

"I give!" Neve cried out.

Gina didn't want to hear it and placed her breasts over Neve's face. By now the only time Gina's holds were broken was when Gina wanted to break them. She let loose of Neve and went to what had been working all night - the waist scissors. From this hold Gina rolled Neve over and afflicted additional punishment to her head by bouncing it off the carpet. From here she rolled Neve to her stomach and applied additional pressure to that neck with a full nelson.

"I give! I give!"

Neve was at Gina's mercy and no longer wanted sex with her, she just wanted to be left alone. Gina let go again and it looked like Neve's torture might be over. It was not to be. Gina started kicking Neve on the arms, stomach and chest. Neve went into the fetal position and for her troubles got a few kicks to her head.

"Get up," Gina demanded

Neve had no choice. She either got up or continued to get kicked. She managed to get to all fours and Gina went to her favorite - legs around the neck. Gina had to pull on Neve's hair to keep her from collapsing to the carpet. Gina allowed herself to drop to the mat while maintaining the scissors. Poor Neve was just about done! All she could to now was to make weak slaps at Gina's legs.

Gina began teasing Neve by spreading her legs letting her believe her ordeal was over only to clamp the scissors back on. This went on for several minutes. Next Gina went to the figure-four leg scissors. She had to be careful not to squeeze to hard or Neve would pass out and Gina wasn't ready for that to happen. Several times she had to let up on the pressure. Neve was finished.

"Aren't you going to fight me now?" Gina asked as she let go of the figure-four and began kicking Neve's aching head from behind.

Neve tried to get up but Gina was right on her and pushed her down on her back. Gina went for the front face sit and this time there would be no fighting back.

"Oh, Oh, Oh" was all Neve could say as Gina pressed her panty cover cunny against Neve's mouth and nose.

Gina would back down some so Neve could still get some breaths. Too soon, she thought, for the raven-haired actress to be put into an unconscious state. Gina would lift herself up only to slam her sex down on Neve's face. Neve was barely moving. The occasional weak bridge attempt followed by some leg shuffling, but soon just muffled moans were the only signs of life coming from the young Canadian.

All the while Gina continued bumping and grinding, lifting up and then down on her prey's face. At this point the fight was over but Gina to her surprise was getting hot by all the rubbing of her sex against Neve's pretty features, plus seeing the lovely girl nearly in dreamland and at her mercy was a big turn on.

"You are kind of pretty, especially when that big mouth of your is shut. I can see why some of the ladies like you"

Gina got off her foe but only to move into a reverse facesit. Gina placed her legs over Neve's arms to prevent any counter attacks but it was unnecessary. Neve was almost out at this point and offered no resistance. At first Gina got that pretty nose up her crack. Gina looked down at Neve's stocking covered legs and feet. She felt how strange it was that she noticed Neve's toenails were painted red and how pretty they looked under the silky white hose. Then she noticed Neve had a slight callusing of the skin under the ball of her right big toe. Must be from her dancing she thought. Then she noticed Neve's stomach. Neve was by no means fat but Gina noticed a little bit of a tummy.

Neve wasn't one of these bony actresses like her former co-stars Courtney Cox and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Next her concentration was on Neve's smallish but firm breasts which she was now fondling. Gina was pinching at Neve's erect nipples. Gina hated to admit it but being in this dominant position and noticing these small imperfections on Neve's body was turning her on. Then resembling a bear satisfying a itch against a tree Gina vigorously rubbed front and back on Neve's face, always making sure that cute nose was in the middle of her butt. Then she lifted up her ass up and brought it gently back down on her captive's face. Neve was still moaning weakly. Gina was glad. It was much more fun to humiliate her victim while she was still awake.

Gina was breathing faster now. She was working herself into frenzy and could not help herself she sat back on Neve and was rubbing and grinding harder than before. It didn't take long. In a few moments Gina came to an orgasm. Gina squeezed her legs and ass harder around Neve's face as she flooded her face with her juices. It was more than the battered brunette could take. Neve's legs began to spasm then stopped. Her hands which were underneath Gina's legs twitch briefly and then were still. Gina remained seated getting every last drop out of her orgasm and completely smothered Neve out. Only after she was completely satisfied sexually and was sure that Neve would not awaken anytime soon did Gina release her hold.

Gina was somewhat exhausted also from the long day, so she just lay on top of the raven-haired girl, resting her head on Neve's stomach while her attractive bottom nested on Neve's face. There she would sleep for the night - two sleeping beauties.

The end.