Best of Seven Face-sit Challenge: Vida Guerra vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkiní Dude

Before: It may be November for the rest of the USA but in the sweltering heat of Blue Bay Florida, winter is never welcome. In this extremely tiny, extremely private, extremely secluded beachfront community, a very important war was going to be waged. Tonight, Vida Guerra, the hottest new fighter from the South American scene was forsaking the beach fights and La Conquista's of her past to fight in a swanky, exclusively attended apartment-wrestling match. It was common knowledge among certain people that Vida was being hailed as the most domineering woman to explode onto the smothering circuit in ages and a string of decisive victories against several more established talents had only reinforced this idea.

Tonight, the Lethal Latina is facing a woman arguably the best-kept secret in smothering, a veteran of the battle of the backsides who had beaten everyone Vida had beaten - and scores more besides. Tonight, Vida was facing Neve Campbell in a best of seven, Submissions by Face Sit Only contest. Prior to the match, Vida's chatting up the crowd, openly flaunting her robe covered backside while she boasts about her impending destruction of the pale brunette. On the other side of the room, Neve is much more restrained, as she acknowledges her rival's prowess and the uphill battle she's sure to face. But Neve isn't one to downplay her own skills, as she promises to put the upstart on her back and give her a faceful of ass the likes of which she's never experienced before. Moments later, a hidden bell rings and the audience sits down while Neve and Vida pad slowly to their respective corners of the simple blue mat. Casting aside their robes, the two beauties walk to the center of their battleground. The bell chimes again and the fight is on. Attire: Vida in hot pink thong bikini w/ bra style top, Neve in simple black bikini, w/ bottoms cut high on the hips.

Smother 1: Several minutes into the match and it looks like Vida is setting the pace. Guerra's sitting hard on Neve's chest, her hands resting on her thighs that are in turn framing each side of the brunette's face. Keeping Campbell's arms pinned over her head, Vida really works the grind, rubbing and jostling her hips forward and back as she does a sweaty little samba on Neve's mouth and nose. For her part, Neve's furious, but all she can do is slap her legs against the mat and twist futilely. If she wants to get out of this, she'll have to say 'I GIVE' through a face full of neon pink briefs. Eventually she does and Vida let's her up. But not before she tweaks Neve's nose in an open taunt of the veteran.

Smother 2: A little later on and now it's the Canadian beauty teaching the Latina lovely about the joys of air deprivation. Snuggling the crotch of her briefs against Guerra's chin, Campbell wiggles her hips in a rude little buffing motion as she forces Vida to think about what's coming. Comfortable with her perch, Neve reaches down and pinches Vida's nostrils shut before tweaking the defenseless cartilage. Savoring Guerra's writhing, Campbell keeps twisting her prey's nose while thrusting her hips down into Vida's features. Unable to believe the reversal of fate, Vida's face twists in anger as she slaps her hands against Neve's rear to signal her surrender.

Smother 3: The tables have turned once more and now it's Vida that's dishing out the nasal-centric torture. Sitting high and tight on the other brunette's boobs, Guerra has both hands sank deep into Neve's matted black locks and she's pulling the Scream Queen's head up violently, slamming her hips against Campbell's nose like a battering ram. Making sure the only thing between her groin and Neve's face is the slick, shiny material of her bottoms; Vida yanks Neve from side to side, even as the pinned brunette's nose is bent to the breaking point. After several more seconds of this agony, Neve has enough and taps out, yelling a muffled something that might be 'I GIVE' under better circumstances.

Smother 4: Vengeance, thy name is Campbell. Neve has reclaimed her position on top of Vida's face and she's savoring every second of her victim's struggles. Guerra's hands are fluttering wildly at Neve's belly and thighs, occasionally getting to a grope a breast, but Neve shoos the talons away and leans back again, looking down the smooth line of her belly into Guerra's flushed face. Adding to the other vixen's humiliation, Campbell squeezes her thighs together and sways back and forth, making sure her taut briefs never leave the curve of Vida's Guerra's trembling lips. Unable to take more of the Scream Queen's scent, Vida slaps at Neve's pale tummy, giving her concession and tying the battle at 2 a piece.

Smother 5: It's getting on into the latter half of the match and it's gotten downright nasty between the two ladies. Vida has snatched control away from Neve once again and the little Latin Spitfire has applied the first Reverse Face Sit of the evening. Using her signature move to its full effectiveness, Guerra's resting the weight of her flawless backside on Neve's upturned face, allowing the helpless Canadian beauty nothing more than an up close and personal inspection of Vida's nearly non-existent pink thong and sweat beaded buttocks. Neve's normally calm eyes are wide with fear and disgust as she endures a torrid, tushy tango compliments of her tormentor. Ignoring Neve's garbled plea for mercy, Vida looks over her shoulder and smiles knowingly while she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulls the garment up a little higher on her hips.

Smother 6: Vida has awoken the sleeping giant in Neve Campbell and now she's paying the price. Shot is taken from in front of Neve as she administers a Reverse Face Sit of her own, rubbing her rump back and forth, up and down on Vida's totally obscured face. Observing Guerra's oxygen deprived thrashing with feigned interest, Neve waits for her opening and then darts both hands out, plucking Guerra's flailing wrists from air with ease. Stretching Vida's arms out to her sides, Neve spreads her knees a few inches further and really begins to grind down in earnest, driving her victim's nose even deeper between her bikini clad cheeks. Smiling as Guerra's feet suddenly beat the frantic tattoo of submission on the mat, Neve forces Vida to scream her surrender, a trial that she makes all the more unbearable by ramming her crotch down into the hapless woman's wide open mouth.

Smother 7: It's the deciding fall and things have gone terribly wrong for the lovely newcomer. Neve has somehow managed to cross Vida's lower legs up against her butt and then turn the struggling woman onto her back. In an instant, Campbell applies the Reverse Face Sit for a second time, nuzzling her rear against Guerra's protesting features and trapping the other woman's arms helplessly over her head. Knowing that her rival is defenseless, Neve takes her time getting the win, arrogantly adjusting her top, snapping her black trunks back into place and pulling the tangled mass of her hair back behind her ears. Satisfied with her appearance, Neve starts to rock her hips on Vida's mewling face, alternating her grind between a series of quick, sharp thrusts and a long, languid buffing of her nemesis' features. As Guerra's struggles begin to fade, Neve lifts her butt up ever so slightly, allowing the gasping beauty a small breath. In that instant, Campbell asks Guerra for her submission. Vida realizes she has been bested, but pride won't allow her to give up just yet. She curses Neve and desperately tries to free herself, but Neve drops all her weight down on her face, flattening it painfully. Guerra's body trembles and Neve does a triumphant little lap dance on Vida's squashed lips and nose before repeating the butt smash. After an encore of Neve's lap dance and a third butt bomb dropped on her face, Vida reaches her limits and concedes, tapping uselessly at the mat with her hands and muttering defeat into Neve's domineering derriere.

Afterward: The battle is over, but Neve hasnít relinquished her position on Vida's face yet. The beaten upstart had vowed to make an example of Neve and the Scream Queen knows she must humble the rookie now if she wants to keep others from trying to track her down and do the same. Keeping up a slow, steady bouncing motion, Campbell reaches down and gently grips Guerra's bikini top under both cups. Holding the sweat soaked material in a tight grip; Neve peels the pink top aside and discards it. Every camera in the rooms goes off, as Vida's breasts had never been exposed in such a fashion before tonight. Smiling as Vida's sob reverberated off her butt, Neve teased and groped her rival's breasts, pinching and kneading the defenseless orbs for the better part of three minutes.

Finally tiring of the game, Neve adds the coup de grace. Leaning down Vida's body, she hooks the waistband of her fallen adversary's bottoms in both hands and pulls up suddenly, administering a heinous frontal wedgie to cement her dominance over the ingénue. Sawing the thong back and forth, Neve pulls back for a few more seconds before releasing her grip and rolling to one knee. Pushing to her feet, Neve stays silent as she stands over Vida's trembling wreckage and deftly places the sole of her left foot against Guerra's exposed throat. The audience rumbles its approval once more. Without saying a word, Campbell has ended a potential feud before it ever began. Vida Guerra's going to have to work very hard to make her fan base forget about this night, her first and thusly most humiliating loss.