Neve Campbell v Melissa Joan Hart by Hawkeye3 (from Delphi Celebrity Catfight Board April 1999)

Melissa Joan Hart strode into the ring with fire in her piercing blue eyes. She had recently been humiliated by Rebecca Romijn and was determined that this was not going to happen again. Melissa danced around the ring stopping occasionally to stretch her beautiful alabaster legs. She had fully recovered from her beating and was now ready to hurt someone in return. No, even more than that she wanted to embarrass them. Melissa was a vision in red. Her bikini top barely containing her ample bosom. Melissa knew better than to make these potential weapons inaccessible. Her short, lace red skirt was hardly effective in covering the similarly colored thong she wore underneath. As she moved to her corner, her opponent had started down the aisle.

Neve Campbell made her way to the ring in a confident, almost cocky manner. She barely gave Melissa a glance as she climbed through the ropes and shook off her black silk robe. Neve had chosen to go with basic black lingerie including sheer black stockings that rose to mid-thigh. She was obviously trying to break away from the good girl image of her television character and she had succeeded in spades. Neve's body had the look of an athlete's with moderately-sized breasts and legs that looked as if they were woven from steel bands. Her pre-Hollywood days as a ballet dancer had obviously helped in sculpting her form.

Melissa was beginning to get perturbed, this show had gone on long enough. As Neve tossed her robe to an attendant at ringside, Melissa ran headlong toward the brunette beauty's corner. Interlocking both hands, she came down across the back of Neve's head sending her sprawling over the ropes and sending her falling with a resounding thwap, as her back slapped the cold cement floor below. Melissa quickly scrambled under the ropes and grabbed the dazed Neve by her cropped chestnut locks. She brought Neve to her feet and slammed her backwards against the ring apron causing Neve's back to be forced into a quite painful and unnatural curvature. Neve's teeth clenched in pain as she melted to the floor once again in a beautiful heap.

Yet again, Melissa forcibly brought Neve to her feet and this time grabbed an arm and whipped her under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Neve came to a stop in the middle of the ring and quickly began massaging her wrenched back, all the while cursing under her breath. She had been stupid to let Melissa take control, supplying her a golden opportunity with such an amateurish mistake, but there was still time too... Neve never really got the thought completely finished in her mind. Melissa, who had climbed to the middle rope, came down with a perfectly placed knee directly to the jaw of the scream queen, snapping Neve's head back as if she had been shot.

Melissa rolled through the move back up to her feet. Neve was lying on her stomach mumbling incoherently. Melissa took a seat on the prone woman's back, "Now Neve, I'm going to snap you like a wishbone." The blonde beauty grabbed Neve's legs at the ankles and leaned back as far as she could. Neve's already sore back was being stretched to the breaking point. Neve had tried to control herself as best she could, but she could no longer fight the pain and let loose with a scream that attempted to describe the indescribable pain she was now in. "That's what I wanted to hear," Melissa said with a smirk on her face, "the million-dollar scream, do I hear two million," and Melissa after letting up just a bit, leaned back with even more leverage than before. Neve again shrieked uncontrollably.

Melissa had accomplished her first goal, dishing out pain, but she had grown bored with these limitations. She released the Boston Crab and Neve's legs shot back to the mat. Neve looked to have been seconds from giving up, but Melissa didn't care at this point, she wanted more. She stood up and rolled Neve over on to her back. Next, she applied a full body press so she met the Canadian belle, face to face. "How do you survive those movies?" Melissa said with a giggle, as she unloosened her top and let it slide away to reveal her exquisite globes of flesh, "Bet they never tried these," she continued with a smile. Neve's moaning gave way to pleading, but it was all for naught, as Melissa delicately enclosed Neve's mouth and nose with her bounty. Neve's head shook from side to side, but Melissa brought her hands up to support her tits and make sure no air space could be created. Melissa also made sure Neve's eyes were not covered, she enjoyed seeing first the fear escape through the hazel pools as the air supply was initially cut off. And then seeing the consciousness escape soon after.

After being satisfied that Neve was out cold, she relieved Neve of her panties and paraded around her fallen foe with them, hesitating to give her a swift kick in her now uncovered crotch that brought her back to a state of semi-consciousness. "You wanted to change your image, well now you've gone all the way." As Melissa circled waving to the crowd with the frilly, black undergarment, she caught a glimpse of something in motion out of the corner of her eye. Before she could fully turn, she was decked by a stiff clothesline.

Melissa lay on the canvas unsure of what had just happened. She stared up at the arena lights trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. Suddenly the lights were partially obscured and around the glow she saw a face staring down at her from above. How could Neve have recovered so quickly, how could I let this happen again, she thought. But the hair was longer now and the form more slender. The visage disappeared and suddenly Melissa felt a sharp bolt of pain from her pubic mound. The shock woke her out of her stupor and somehow overcoming the agony, she rolled away from her tormentor. Melissa sat herself up against the bottom rope and glanced over her left shoulder to the sound of Neve who had managed to get herself into a seated position as well, but was still coughing and gulping air into her lungs. Melissa then looked forward and realized she was now fighting a two-front war. She tried to get her hand up in defense, but it was a second slow and the bare foot found its mark into Melissa's solar plexus. She doubled over in pain, but valiantly tried to get up using the ropes to balance. Just then, another kick found its mark in what would in polite circles be called the lower abdomen. Melissa howled in anguish and fell back to the mat grabbing at her crotch trying to provide it some kind of relief and protection. Through teary eyes, she looked up to see a beaming Jennifer Love Hewitt. She looked to the side to see a seemingly recovered and certainly motivated Neve walking toward her. This was a position she did not want to be in.

Melissa tried to roll out of the ring, but Jennifer grabbed her by the right leg and pulled her back to the middle of the mat. Jennifer, who was wearing a cut-off baby blue jersey and tight denim shorts, wasn't going to let things end quite yet. "So humiliation is what you want," she hissed at Melissa, "well you're gonna get it and then some." With Jennifer still holding onto Melissa's right leg, Neve grabbed her other well-defined gam. In timing that can only be gained from years of experience together, they both fell away from each other bringing Melissa's legs with them. Melissa screamed as her inner thighs were pulled apart to the point her legs were at 180 degrees. As Melissa rolled on the canvas in agony, Neve and Love got up and gave each other a high five. They quickly went back to work with debilitating stomps to Melissa's midsection and exposed breasts, finally ending the attack with a double splash, with Love crushing the breadbasket and forcing the air out of Melissa while Neve destroyed Melissa's now tender mammaries.

Melissa managed to breathlessly spit out a submission, but it was obviously a moot point. Where before it was fear, Neve now released unbridled anger through her eyes. "You wanted the world to see all of me, well now you're going to get an up close and personal look," Neve seethed as she spoke. With Love holding down Melissa's legs and adding an occasional punch to the groin to keep her under control, Neve proceeded with a perfectly applied reverse facesit, grinding her genitals into the helpless blonde's face. Melissa screamed into Neve's nether regions, but no one outside Neve and Love could hear and it only brought on unconsciousness that much sooner, as Melissa was soon motionless. Neve got up and graciously asked Love if she would like a turn. "A little practice never hurts," the perky brunette said. She mounted Melissa with a forward facesit, but with Melissa already out, Love found the action somewhat unsatisfying. In the meantime, Neve had reclaimed her panties and put them on. She walked over to Love and helped her up. They embraced. "Thanks for helping me out, I was in real trouble," Neve said. "No problem, what are friends for," Love replied. "When she took your panties that was just too much." "You're right," Neve responded, kicking Love in the crotch. Love, stunned from pain and shock, doubled over from the blow. She glanced up at Neve in disbelief. Neve returned a stonefaced look for just a moment, then with great speed and precision, Neve threw her arm over the back of Love's neck and brought her head crashing to the mat with an immaculate DDT. Love had hit the canvas with such force that she was out cold, hands splayed to her sides. Neve leaned down next to Love's ear, "When you help somebody, timing is everything. Maybe this will help you learn," she whispered. Not that the now inanimate Love was receiving this pearl of wisdom. Neve reached down and tossed Love's limp body on top of Melissa's motionless form. "Looks like I've still got nine lives," the scream queen said with a wide grin, "sometimes life does imitate art."