Scream Queen Catfight: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Neve Campbell (c) by John J.

The planning stages for a new horror film had just started. The producers were arguing over who should be the lead actress. One producer thought that Neve Campbell was the ideal starlet for the role, while another producer was just as adamant that Jennifer Love Hewitt deserved the role. The argument raged back and forth, with neither side willing to budge.

During this time, word had leaked out to the various media outlets and rumors abound about which starlet would be given the lead role in the movie. Neve had finally had enough of the rumors. She called the producers and asked them if they had reached an agreement. As expected, they hadn't. Neve hung up and called Jennifer Love Hewitt. She told Hewitt to meet her at that producer's office in an hour.

An hour later, the producers, directors, Hewitt and Campbell were all present. Never got up and said, "I called this meeting because I'm sick and tired of all of this arguing over the lead actress business. I have a suggestion to solve it, right here and now, if we are all in agreement. I suggest that Jennifer and I fight it out right now, the winner gets the role."

The producers and director sat stunned, unsure what to say. The producer said, "Out of the question! I can't have my two potential lead actresses tore to shreds in a catfight. No way."

Jennifer replied, "Why not? It's weeks, if not months before any filming. Any fight injuries will have long since healed. Besides, Neve and I have really wanted to fight it out for a long time. I look forward to getting a chance to beat the tar out of that bitch."

Neve got into Jennifer's face as she said, "In your dreams, honey. I'm gonna wipe the floor with your scrawny ass!"

The producers could see the fight starting already and decided it was best to just go with the flow, besides they really couldn't make their minds up, and this seemed as good a way as any to decide.

They directed the two ladies towards a tree lined area out behind the offices. They all walked over there. The ladies went forward, while the others hung back and watched.

Jennifer and Neve took off their jackets and tossed them to the side. They each wore a lovely silk blouse and matching skirt. Jennifer's outfit was navy blue, while Neve's was maroon. Each lady also wore heels, stockings, a bra and panties that matched her outfit. The two brunette beauties circled each other warily in the open field. They watched the other intently, looking for a chance to strike.

Jennifer feinted to her left. Neve moved to block. Jennifer suddenly spun the other way and lashed out with her right, high-heeled foot and cracked Neve in the ribs with a solid kick. Neve backpedaled as she subdued the pain. Jennifer gave chase and went after her. Jennifer moved in for another kick, this time to the head, but Neve ducked under the kick and plowed a right hook into Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer gasped in pain and backed away, protecting herself.

Neve gave chase and pounded Jennifer in the face with three hard punches that snapped her head to the side. Jennifer abruptly stopped her retreat and raised her knee. Neve ran straight into Jennifer's knee with her pussy. Neve doubled over in pain as she hit. Jennifer grabbed her by the hair and whacked her in the face with a powerful knee lift. Neve's head snapped back and she dropped down in pain, her nose bloody.

Jennifer grabbed Neve by the hair again and hoisted her up. Jennifer put Neve down hard with a bulldog. As Jennifer started to pull Neve up again, Neve grabbed onto Jennifer's arm and pulled her down instead, ripping her silk blouse. The two beauties began to roll around on the ground, getting their gorgeous outfits all wet and muddy. They both pulled and tugged on each other as they tried to gain the upper hand in the fight, but their outfits lost the battle instead. Both blouses and skirts were torn to shreds and discarded, leaving the beauties in bras and panties, which turned wet and muddy as well.

Neve managed to stop the rolling and she gained her position atop Jennifer's midriff. She bounced a few times knocking the air out of Jennifer's lungs just to reinforce the point and to show her dominance. Jennifer gasped as Neve bounced on her ribs. She quickly retaliated as she tore at Neve's bra and ripped it off. Jennifer sunk her nails into Neve's boobs and mauled at them, while Neve wrapped her hands around Jennifer's throat. They struggled in silence as they both fought off the pain being inflicted by the other woman. They both concentrated on making the other woman give in first. Neve wrapped her hands tightly around Jennifer's throat and held on. Jennifer gasped. She relented first and released Neve's boobs as she yanked at Neve's hands.

Jennifer was finally able to pry Neve's hands loose and she gulped down some much needed air. The air went right out of Jennifer's lungs again as Neve pulled her arms loose and hammered a right-left combination into Jennifer's midriff. Neve got up and stomped a few times at Jennifer's tits and ribs. Neve reached down and grabbed Jennifer by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. Neve quickly secured a side headlock on Jennifer, and then put her down into the muddy grass with a bulldog. Jennifer groaned as she smacked into the hard, muddy ground, face first. Neve gave her no rest, as she grabbed Jennifer's arms and dug her heel into Jennifer's lower back and clamped on a surfboard hold.

Jennifer squirmed and wiggled her way out of the hold eventually. Jennifer rolled away from Neve, and Neve came after her. Neve charged in after Jennifer, and Jennifer raised her foot at the last minute and nailed Neve with a high heel to the pussy. Neve shrieked as she dropped in pain. Jennifer scrambled to her feet and drilled a big left into Neve's jaw that spun her around and dropped her into the muddy ground. Jennifer yanked Neve to her feet by the hair and put her in a side headlock, and then dropped her with a bulldog into the muddy ground.

Jennifer pulled Neve to her knees and clamped on a standing headscissors. She went to pull Neve's legs up into the air, but Neve blocked it and instead pulled Jennifer down. Neve moved fast and put an elbow drop into Jennifer's boobs. Neve followed up with a leg drop across the throat and right into a head scissors. Jennifer squirmed and tried to break free, but Neve just poured on the pressure and cut off her air supply. Jennifer freed herself after she raked her nails across Neve's thigh. Neve released the scissors and rolled away. She quickly got up though, well before Jennifer pulled herself up.

Neve charged at her rival and dropped her with a series of stomps to the back, and Jennifer went down in the muddy ground. Neve splashed onto Jennifer's back and straddled her. Neve grabbed a fist of Jennifer's hair and forced her face down into the mud. Jennifer bucked around wildly and managed to unseat Neve. Neve was up quickly and again charged at Jennifer. Jennifer put her down with a leg sweep and pulled herself up.

Jennifer charged at Neve and grabbed her by the hair. As she pulled Neve up, Neve blasted her with a punch to the pussy. Jennifer yelled in pain, and Neve unloaded another pussy punch. Jennifer released Neve's hair and Neve pulled herself up. She nailed Jennifer with a brutal kick to the pussy that put Jennifer down with a shriek of pain. Neve moved in position and planted her ass on Jennifer's tits for a schoolgirl pin.

Neve demanded, "Do you give, bitch?"

Jennifer said tearfully, "No way!"

Neve smiled as she said, "I hoped you would say that." Neve slid forward and planted her ass on Jennifer's face. She ground her gorgeous round ass into Jennifer's face. After a long facesit, Neve finally got her tearful surrender from Jennifer, who just sobbed as she laid pinned down in the muddy ground beneath Neve's ass.

The end.