Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt: You'll Scream Too by S.P.Eider

Ever since their first fight, Jennifer Love-Hewitt had been eager to have a rematch with Neve Campbell. Neve had beaten and humiliated the buxom actress in their previous combat but that had been an undisciplined brawl, What Jennifer now proposed to the Canadian woman was a more formal meeting, in a ring with a referee. A boxing match.

Neve had agreed, albeit with some reservations. A trained dancer, few knew she was also proficient in a number of martial arts, the muscles used in ballet not a million miles from those utilised in Karate. A boxing match would deny Neve her greatest weapon, her kicking ability. Despite this, she accepted Jennifer's challenge, confident that she could beat the wannabe scream screen goddess a second time.

A large audience turned out to see the two actresses 'sort out their differences' and all were especially pleased to see the two girls had decided to fight topless, Jennifer in red shorts, boots and gloves, Neve in a similar all-yellow attire. Both women had impressive chests but if points were being scored before a punch had been thrown Jennifer was already ahead. It was no coincidence that many of the scenes from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" had been filmed in the rain.

When the bell for the first round rang, it was not long before Jennifer took control. An early barrage of punches caught the uncertain Neve off guard, knocking the wind from the raven haired girl in the opening seconds of the bout. A swift left-right combination from Jennifer to Neve's jaw had the Scream actress wondering what day of the week it was and a gut churning stomach punch thumped into Neve's stomach like an agoraphobic alien.

Jennifer was having fun. More fun than she'd had in a while. Her boxing match against the so called karate-expert Neve was turning into little more than an exhibition of Jennifer's greater skill and technique. Another flurry of punches from Jennifer thumped into Neve's body, the final blow delivered with notable spite. Neve groaned as Jennifer's red gloved fist sunk into her unprotected midsection, pain spreading from the point of impact like ripples on a pond.

With no answer to the fighter's arsenal of blows, Neve slumped forward into a clinch with the buxom brunette. Jennifer welcomed her with open arms and whispered into Neve's ear, just quiet enough that the referee could not hear. "Boxing's not like Ballet is it? For one thing, you're not allowed to do this." Jennifer raised her knee sharply, bone connecting hard with Neve's crotch. Coming so soon after Jennifer's previous blows, Neve's response was not entirely unexpected. She dropped to her knees, gloved hands at her throbbing pussy. Her deep brown right eye glistened with the hint of tears, the left was already half closed following a well taken punch by Jennifer not long beforehand.

The referee reprimanded the brunette brawler, who merely flashed her sweetest smile. "I slipped," she said, shrugging her shoulders. She was well aware of the movement of her chest as she did so. Where a magician uses sleight of hand to distract an audience, Jennifer was well versed in sleight-of-breasts where referees were concerned.

As the bell went to signal the end of the first round, Neve rose unsteadily to her feet and staggered to her corner, unsure of what to do next. She had yet to land a single punch on the her opponent and was beginning to doubt she actually would. Neve's problem was not that she couldn't punch, she had delivered many powerful punches in her fighting career as many of her bruised opponents would attest to. The problem was that Neve was not used to relying only on her fists and it was utilising a significant part of Neve's concentration to quell the instinct to execute a kick or a throw.

Neve barely noticed her second as her doused her with cold water and did his level best to ease the swelling on Neve's damaged eye. As the bell sounded for the second round, Neve closed her eyes and concentrated only on her fists. She could feel the lining of the gloves against her hands and used that as her focus. Stop thinking about what you can't do and focus on what you can do.

Standing at the centre of the ring, Neve closed her good eye and waited for Jennifer to speak. In the short space of time Neve had known the brunette, it was clear Jennifer was unable to act without first boasting about it. "Still stand-" was all Jennifer was able to say before Neve's fist impacted against her face with precision accuracy. Neve opened her eye to see the brunette stumble backwards, more shocked than hurt. Jennifer steadied herself quickly and resumed her assault. "You bitch," she screamed at Neve, and threw a powerful left hook at where Neve's head should have been. Except it wasn't. Ducking underneath at the last second, Neve powered a punch deep into Jennifer's gut. Such was the force of the blow, Jennifer bent double, air blasting from her lungs. Neve pressed her advantage and unleashed a quick right cross to the side of Jennifer's face.

Jennifer stumbled under the blow, but to her credit stayed upright. Parrying a left hook from the now rejuvenated Neve, Jennifer tried to go back on the offensive. A quick uppercut caught Neve full on the chin and rocked the brunette on her heels. Wanting to press her advantage, Jennifer's left fist swung in a wide arc, on course for Neve's chin. At the last moment Neve's right arm shot up, blocking the blow.

Neve smiled for the first time in the match "If it ain't broken, don't fix it," she said to the bemused Jennifer. Ms Love-Hewitt had little time to respond before Neve's fist thudded into her stomach like a medicine ball. Collapsing forward, Jennifer's face intercepted an uppercut that caught her stooped head full in the face, crushing her nose like an over-ripe tomato and spraying ketchup everywhere. First blood went to Neve, despite the numerous bruises she had already taken.

Neve was in total control now and began to execute punches with a clear purpose. She was guiding her bloodied opponent, like a rustler herding cattle. A hard right cross sent Jennifer in one direction, a punch to the stomach stopped her in her tracks. A few quick jabs knocked the actress back slightly and a powerful uppercut lifted Jennifer of her feet and sent her tumbling backwards. Fortunately, the turnbuckle stopped her from hitting the canvas and Jennifer dragged herself up against it, leaning back on the corner post, her arms clinging to the ropes on either side.

Neve moved in on the captive fighter in an instant, firing an unstoppable punch into Jennifer's right breast. Neve's yellow glove thudded into the young woman's bosom like a football into marshmallow, Jennifer' bountiful tit mashing under the pressure of the blow. Jennifer howled as Neve followed up with an uppercut into the girl's left mammary. Jennifer' huge bosom flew upward, almost hitting the hapless girl in the chin. As it sagged back down, pain coarsed through it like red-hot iron filings. Jennifer desperately tried to pull herself upright, hoping to take her weight on her legs, rather than hanging by her arms. Neve did not give her the chance. As Jennifer sought to brace herself, Neve crashed her fist into the bitch's gut, millimetres above the line of her red shorts. Jennifer let out a loud gasp and once more sagged against the post, still clinging to the ropes.

Neve knew that for the next few minutes, the cheap tart was totally vulnerable. Until now, Neve had fought the temptation to break the rules of the match, her Martial Arts training expressly forbid it. But, as Jennifer herself had been eager to point out, this wasn't Judo was it? Neve smiled at Jennifer who quickly realised what the fighter was planning. "Please, don't...." came the pleading cry from Jennifer's lips. Neve did not answer.

Neve's gloved fist plunged into Jennifer's cunt with venomous passion. Jennifer's response was immediate as she screamed in agony, intense burning pain tearing through her lower body. Neve smiled in triumph and fired another powerful uppercut between the brunette beauty's thighs. Jennifer' entire body jerked upward on impact, her rounded behind hitting the corner-post. This time Jennifer did not scream but merely let out a low, constant groan as pain took up residency in her crotch. Jennifer was now unable to stand even if she had wanted to and desperately tried to unhitch herself from the ropes, eager to slump to the canvas and take an eight count. Unfortunately her arms were so securely entwined within the ropes, it was proving more difficult to let go than it should have.

Neve approached the struggling Jennifer slowly. She surmised Jennifer would be able to release the ropes in no more than a few seconds. Neve smiled. What she had planned would not take that long. She moved in close to Jennifer, closer than before. Neve's firm bosom pushed Jennifer own mounds out of shape as they squeezed together. Satisfied that the referee could not hear, Neve whispered into Jennifer's ear.

"I believe I owe you this," said the Scream actress spitefully.

Neve's knee thumped into Jennifer's tender pussy, bringing tears to the eyes of the bloodied brunette, not to mention most of the assembled crowd. Jennifer finally released the ropes, only to crash to the canvas, hands at her all-but-destroyed sex.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the second round. As Neve strutted proudly to her corner, the referee shrugged his shoulders and left the ring. He knew there was little reason for his remaining, this fight was about to descend into an all out brawl and he would be as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican.

When the bell sounded for the third round, it was Jennifer who was first to her feet. Neve looked more than a little concerned as the sum of her previous efforts seemed to have had little effect on the now re-animated Jennifer. Neve approached the brunette cautiously. Too cautiously.

Neve threw a tentative punch at Jennifer's weakened groin. Jennifer had expected such a ploy and quickly back-stepped. With her glove hitting nothing but air, Neve's jaw was totally exposed and Jennifer exploited the opening with gratitude. Jennifer's powerful right fist flew up and cracked into Neve's chin, almost knocking the brunette's head from it's shoulders.

Momentarily stunned, Neve was now an easy target and Jennifer once again took control. Jennifer first fired a couple of quick jabs into the raven haired woman's kidneys. Neve winced as each blow connected. Jennifer then concentrated on the girl's firm breasts, a right cross crashing into the side of Neve's boobs, knocking them sideways. Jennifer quickly followed up with two successive uppercuts into each of Neve's jugs, digging her gloved fist deep underneath her malleable melons. Neve yelped in obvious anguish, seeming unable to parry any of Love's powerful blows.

Frantically trying to regain her momentum, Neve swung her left fist wildly, hoping to connect with any part of Jennifer' body. Jennifer saw it coming and easily ducked beneath the flailing glove. From her crouched position, Jennifer located her next target, noticing with appreciation that it was totally unprotected.

Neve's fist had not yet finished its pointless journey when her crotch exploded with pain. Jennifer removed her left fist from Neve's groin, only to send in her right fist for a second assault. Neve's entire body jumped as Jennifer's red glove drove itself up between her legs, bringing with it a wave of stark, pure suffering. Neve wobbled unsteadily as her legs began to give beneath her. Not taking any chances, Jennifer fired a last, unyielding punch into centre of the woman's yellow shorts. Neve's pelvis jerked backwards and she uttered a strangled gurgle, before sinking slowly to her knees.

Jennifer paraded about the ring, her enormous bosom swelling with pride. Turning to the groaning Neve, and in the absence of a referee, Jennifer began to count.

"One - two - three..."

Neve could not hear her. She could hear or feel nothing except the intense feeling in her pussy. She no longer cared about the fight, about Jennifer, about anything. All that mattered was the pain and making it go away. She would stay here until it had gone.

"Four - five - six...."

But then she would lose, lose to a second rate actress with less ability than a school girl. Neve had refused to submit to pain before and she was not about to start now. Pain might not be all in the mind but it could still be conquered through control and determination.

"Seven - eight - nine.."

Turning her back on her downed opponent, Jennifer jumped in triumph, ecstatic at her presumed victory. Most of the male contingent shared her ecstasy, especially if she continued jumping up and down, her enormous breasts bouncing around like soccer balls. Jennifer had known she would be able to beat any Ballet trained bitch, the ring was her turf.

Except something was amiss.

A detail that Jennifer was sure she had forgotten. Something small. Jennifer stopped jumping suddenly, her breasts coming to a halt some time later. She turned and her blood ran cold. Standing at the centre of the ring was Neve, bruised, battered but with a determined look that bordered on obsession. For a second Jennifer was as stunned as if she had received an tangible punch. It did not take long before she actually did.....

Neve pirouetted on her left foot, extending out her right leg. With precision that can only come from years of dance training, Neve's leg spun in a perfectly smooth arc before her yellow boot thudded into Jennifer's jaw, splitting the brunette's lip and violently knocking her head sideways. Jennifer staggered on her feet, struggling to stay vertical. She leant forward and spat blood onto the canvas while her blurred vision cleared in time for her to see Neve's boot again heading towards her face just before it impacted with a bone-crunching crack.

Jennifer flew backwards, reeling into the ropes. Springing back, Jennifer was powerless to prevent herself rushing towards the waiting Neve who welcomed the approaching actress with a knee to the gut. Jennifer doubled over Neve's raised knee, expelling the air from her lungs with a gasping, "Oooooofffffff!!!"

A piercing elbow-strike drilled into centre of the Jennifer's back dropped the brunette to her knees like a repentant devotee. Moving to the front of the helpless woman, Neve grasped a handful of Jennifer's hair and drove her knee into her already bloody face. And again. And again.

After the fifth unrelenting impact, Neve finally released Jennifer's hair. By now, Jennifer's face was a shadow of it's former beauty. Bruised and bloodied, the look on the young woman's face was one of only a vague awareness of her surroundings. A final kick to the jaw was enough to put her flat out on the canvas, a weak moaning the only indication that she was still conscious.

Neve did not wait to complete her victory. She dropped to her knees, each placed either side of Jennifer's head, and let the full weight of her perfectly rounded butt rest on the beaten girl's face. Jennifer's body lay out before Neve invitingly and the Scream queen wasted no time in capitalising on her position. Neve buried a merciless punch into Jennifer's unprotected crotch causing the hammered girl's body to spasm like a fish out of water.

Jennifer's muffled screams reached only as far as the tight yellow material of Neve's shorts and merely encouraged the now dominant Neve to continue her onslaught.

A second cruel strike to the same spot on Jennifer's body removed what scant fight was left in Neve's battered victim, not that this kept her from delivering another three agonising blows to Jennifer's destroyed sex before finally stopping.

What little awareness remained Jennifer led to her believe her annihilation was finally over when Neve rose slowly from her face. Sadly for the wounded actress, it was not to be. Neve was merely repositioning herself for her final act of superiority. Once again Neve lowered herself on Jennifer's face, this time facing forwards, ensuring Jennifer's features were smothered by the thin yellow material covering her crotch.

Jennifer attempted to turn her head away from the sweat soaked V of Neve's shorts, the dark haired beauty's jet black pubes clear through the material. Neve's gloved hands quickly grasped the back of Jennifer's head and lifted it so that her bloody nose was pressed tightly against Neve's crotch, increasing the pain in the bruised appendage and restricting her air supply. Jennifer's mouth was totally smothered, any muffled cries she attempted tasted of Neve's sweat.

Holding the powerless woman's face in position Neve began to gyrate her hips in small circular motions, rubbing herself slowly, sensuously against Jennifer's now sobbing features. As time progressed and Neve's pleasure increased, she bit her bottom lip and forced Jennifer utterly against her sex, shutting out all sensory input for the brunette save for the touch and smell of Neve's stimulated pussy. Neve cried out in utter bliss, throwing back her head as she reached paradise and achieved ultimate victory over the pretender beneath her.

When all was over Neve finally released Jennifer and the beaten girl's head fell back to the canvas, a cocktail of blood, sweat and tears. Two out the three were her own.

The End (or is it a 'new beginning'?)