Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by Scott

Jennifer Love Hewitt, or Jenny as I called her, and I have been dating for a few months. What a breath of fresh air she is compared to my former girlfriend Neve Campbell. That’s not to say Neve could be passionate and very loving but she was also stubborn and had a terrible temper. If you didn’t see things her way it was the highway. And those who crossed her became bitter enemies. She could be as cold as ice if she didn’t like you. When in a catfight she was as a ferocious fighter as anyone as many of Hollywood’s young actresses have first hand knowledge of. Jenny was just the opposite. She was easy going and sweet and didn’t hold grudges.

When both were on “Party of Five” Neve and Jenny were not exactly best friends. In fact both were in competition to be the most popular with the male audience. Like most non-teenage males I favored Neve. Who could resist those soulful eyes and warm, curvy, sensual body? At that time Jennifer attracted a bigger teen audience but has since matured into a charming beautiful young woman. At any rate the uneasy relationship between these two has been on shaky ground for the last few months. Jenny heard what Neve did to my last ex – Mila Kunis and when we were at dinner one night Neve was also there and threaten to do to Jenny what she did to Mila if she ever got in her way.

A few months ago Jennifer had proposed a new show, (“In the Game”) to ABC and it was turned down. She was disappointed but being a show business veteran she knew that’s how things go. Luckily for her the show I convinced her to pitch to CBS, “Ghost Whisperer” got picked up. And although Jennifer was happy to have the opportunity with “Ghost Whisperer” she really thought the show ABC turned down was a better program and had a chance to be a big hit.

Today I was lying on the couch drifting into and out of sleep but I was tossing and turning having a nightmare. The radio must have been playing that song by Led Zepplin that references the book/movie LORD OF THE RINGS, “Ramble On” I think is the name of the song. As the lyrics “T’was in the darkest depths of Mordor I met a girl so fair” played I was thinking of how Jenny came into my life when things look so bleak. But my dream turn into a nightmare as I heard the next line of the song, “But Gollum, the Evil One, (NEVE) crept up and slipped away with her.” In my dream Jennifer turned into a bunny and Neve became Gollum, making her way toward Jenny looking to make rabbit stew! Before the nightmare got any worse I was abruptly awakened when the door slammed as Jennifer stormed into the apartment; completely out of character, shouting and making a loud racket.

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked still rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“It’s that damn Neve! I just learned that the reason that ABC turned down our show was because Neve told the producers that I was a drug addict and couldn’t be counted on to show up for work. She sabotaged me!”

“Calm down sweetie. Everything is fine now. You’ve got a good show now in Ghost Whisperer.’

Jennifer, pacing back and forth, admitted, “Yeah but this one was special. It was well written and would have been a smash hit. I know it would have led to better movie roles for me. Now I’m stuck doing the likes of ‘Garfield 2’ for Christ sakes. I think I’ll go over to Neve’s and have a little chat with her.”

“Don’t do it Jenny! Neve is a mean spiteful woman. She won’t think twice about hurting you!”

But I had another reason for not wanting Jennifer to visit Neve that I didn’t share with her.

“I can take care of Neve. Jackie (Chan) showed me a few moves on the set of ‘Tuxedo’.”

“Jenny if you must go, let me go with you. Neve may think twice about attacking the two of us. We’ll go tomorrow afternoon, OK?”

“Fine,” Jennifer said against her wishes. She was steaming mad and ready for action right now.

The next morning when I woke up it was already 11:00 AM and Jenny wasn’t in the apartment. Where was she and how could I sleep so late I wondered? Then I saw the note on the dresser:

“Scott, I have gone to see Neve. I knew you would try and stop me so I smashed up a sleeping pill in your wine last night. By the time you read this I should be in the process of kicking Neve’s ass.” It was signed, “Love”

I had to do something and quick. There was no way I could drive to Neve’s place in time. She lived two hours away and by the time I got there Jen would be laid out like a rug in Neve’s living room. What I could do, however, was try going through the portal again. Last time I tried it I had no control over where I ended up - which turned out to be in Jamie Pressly’s body (and I promptly got my ass kicked by Tiffany Thiessen and Liz Berkley). Since then I‘d tinkered with the settings and think I can get my spirit into Jen’s body. If so perhaps I can get to her in time and prevent a disaster!

As I went though the portal traveling to Jen’s body I could see what was happening. Jennifer was getting out of her car as Neve was in the living room exercising. Jennifer saw Neve through the window and opened the door without knocking. When she slammed the door shut she startled Neve. Neve turned around - seemingly not all that surprised to see Jennifer.
“Oh, it’s you. I have been expecting you,” Neve purred. “Looks like your upset Hewy.” That’s what Neve called Jennifer - much to her disdain. “What’s a matter baby?”

“You know what this is about Neve,” You ruined my chance for ‘In the Game’ with ABC.”

“Don’t get mad at me. It wasn’t my idea! What you don’t know is that Scott asked me to do that.”

“What are you talking about?” Jennifer scowled,

“’Dick for Brains’ thought if you got turned down for the series you’d be grateful when he helped you get a new one. He already knew CBS was planning to pick up “Ghost Whisperer” - but also knew you wouldn’t accept their offer if ABC picked up your other series; so he asked me to help ruin your chances with ABC so he could look like a hero and you’d be *very* grateful. Now I’m not in the habit of helping that idiot - but if it meant hurting your career…well, then I was all for it.”

“Stop it! You’re lying. You just can’t stand for anyone else to be happy!” Jennifer shouted, her face flushed.

“If you say so,” Neve shrugged as she turned and started to walk away.

“I’m not finished with you!” Jennifer said, grabbing Neve’s left shoulder and spinning her around.

“Back off Hewy!”

Jenny saw red when Neve called her “Hewy” again and slapped Neve. (Oh Jennifer what have you done!)

(It was immediately after the slap that I entered Jennifer’s body.)

Neve got that look in her eyes. The one if you are a another female you don’t want to see, the ‘You’re going to be sorry you did that’ look. I quickly had Jennifer take two steps back.

“I am so sorry Neve. I didn’t mean that,” I said through Jennifer, hoping Neve would let (us) walk out without harming her.

“What did I just say?” Jenny gasped. “I’m so not sorry - at all!” Obviously, I didn’t have full control of her yet. “Screw you Campbell!” (Holy Crap)

“OK then, lets get started!” Neve said, eager to punish Jen.

“I’m ready whenever you are Nevee,” Jennifer made another mistake by sounding out the extra “e” in Neve’s name; she hated that.

“Hey Neve they’re playing your song,” Neve had on a radio and Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls” was playing.

“Yeah will you are going to get a up close and personal view of by gorgeous behind real soon when I smother you. You should be honored.”

“The only smothering done is going to be by me,” Jen replied, as my control of her was not yet complete She removed her top then lifted up her massive breasts trying to intimidate Neve.

I never had this point of view of Jenny’s breasts before and it was a treat. My mind took over Jenny’s body and I started cupping Jenny’s breasts and watching them jiggle when I let go. I did this several times, fascinated by their hugeness and how soft they were but at the same time oh so firm.

Neve, who had made a move towards Jenny, stopped and watched with a quizzical look. “What in the heck are you doing Hewitt? Have you gone bonkers?” Neve asked.

I began massaging Jenny’s breasts humming to myself as I continued to feel up Jenny’s tits. Then my attention went back to Neve. I began gazing at her remembering why I was so attracted to her to begin with. She was naughty and nice at the same time with her raven hair and ruby lips. She had on red nail polish that made it look like fire was coming out of her fingertips.
She was wearing a leotard and tights. My gosh she was hot! My body began to tingle. I kicked off Jenny’s shoes and pulled off her jeans. When I finished stripping Jenny was left wearing just those white panties she was photographed in for that Hanes ad. I reach down looking for my Johnson. (OOPS, that’s right Jenny doesn’t have one! Undeterred by this small loss, I reached in Jenny’s panties instead. (That’s the ticket) and found Jenny’s G-spot.

As I began pleasuring myself. I think I was drooling as I stared at Neve who had just the slightest bit of perspiration glistening on her face. There was no denying she was as sultry as any other actress in the world in the world. All the while Neve stood there looking befuddled by what was going on.

“What the heck am I doing?” Jennifer gained control of her body for a moment and quickly removed her hands from her panties.

“I don’t know what the heck is going on here but you are outta here,” Neve said. “ I know Scott is lousy in bed but there is no way your going you are going to get her jollies with me.”

As Neve was pushing Jenny out the door, Jennifer gained control of her body again and pushed Neve backwards. Neve was caught off balance and stumbled over a leg rest and fell landing on her bottom.

“Damn you Neve. You are going to pay for ruining my big chance.” (So close, we are in for it now)

“You made a big mistake,” Neve said menacingly as she slowing rose to her feet.

Neve turned her back for a moment to move some furniture. Jennifer was too much of a lady to take advantage of Neve having her back turned but I wasn’t. I had to take every advantage given to me so I jumped on Neve’s back and wrapped my arms around her neck choking her.

Neve carried me for a few seconds but couldn’t shake me off. If I could hang on for a few minutes I could subdue the wildcat. I was counting the seconds, 10, 20,30. But then Neve rammed me into the wall. I held on for dear life. 40 seconds passed then 45 but again she rammed Jenny up against the wall over and over until when on the fifth time Jenny’s elbows hit the wall and I lost feeling in her arms and lost my grip around Neve’s neck.

As I got back to my feet Neve was doubled over catching her breath. Now that it was too late to prevent a fight I had to do what I could to make sure Jenny to won this battle. I approached Neve, who was still bent over at the waist, and lifted a knee to her jaw. She stumbled back against the wall. I went after her. Before I could strike her she threw a wicked right fist in Jennifer’s midsection. I backed off as the blow caught Jenny right in the middle of her belly.


Neve charged and drove her shoulder into Jenny’s stomach as she tackled her. Neve began to wildly throw slaps to Jennifer’s face. I brought her hands up to protect her. Unable to attack Jenny’s face Neve went after her melons. (Ouch, that smarts) The disadvantage to having big breasts is that they are more sensitive to attack and Neve was a veteran fighter who took advantage of another woman’s weaknesses.

In Jen’s body I wasn’t strong enough to throw Neve off so I scratched her arms. Neve shrieked in pain and then grabbed Jenny’s long hair. I responded in kind and we were rolling over each other back and forth with neither able to gain the upper hand. The mutual hair lock was broken when Neve got on top and brought her forehead down to Jenny’s. There was not a lot of force behind the headbutt, however, but it connected with Jennifer’s nose and brought discomfort. The blow also caused me to loosen my grip on Neve’s hair. With the second headbutt to the forehead Neve was free and hustled to her feet waiting for Jenny to rise.

When Jenny got up she was greeted with a low kick that doubled her over. (Man that hurt. What a dirty blow – but I’ve come to expect those kind of cheap shots from Neve) A forearm to the face straightened me right up. Neve grabbed an arm and whipped me against the wall where I landed back first. Jenny’s head hit hard and I became lightheaded. Neve didn’t give me a chance to recover though as she charged right in. Before I could look up, Neve connected with a knee between the Jenny’s legs. (You dirty bitch!) I began to slump to the carpet (Oh how I wanted to quit!) Jenny’s pain was my pain and Jenny’s head and crotch area were throbbing. But I knew Neve wouldn’t stop the attack until she totally dominated Jennifer. I had to fight back!

Neve followed with a right uppercut to my face then another knee that landed below the waist. Jenny doubled over again when Neve cupped her face with one hand and shoved her head back against the wall. My ex then moved her face close to Jenny’s and gave my girl a sloppy wet kiss on her cheek, obviously trying to humiliate Jenny while demonstrating her own superiority. I began to feel a rage building inside me. Neve was NOT going to humiliate my girl. With a sudden flow of adrenaline I pushed Neve away from Jennifer. Neve came back on attack but I lifted a knee of my own landing in Neve’s crotch that back her up real quick.

“How’s that feel Neve?” I said as she rubbed the ache away a few feet from me.

Before Neve could fully recover I an uppercut to her chin putting her upright then followed with a karate chop right in her throat. (Thanks Jackie for showing Jenny that move) Neve put her hands around her throat gagging and massaging it trying to breathe in air. As she stood there I threw two left jabs then a hard right to her face knocking her down to the carpet. I stood there for a second proud of myself. With my help Jennifer was going to win this match. Neve looked up a bit surprised but not really scared. I just think I made her more determined

“What’s gotten into you Jennifer?”

I wasn’t going to tell. Instead I kicked Neve in her rib area. The one that remains tender from when she broke a rib from a few years ago making that film ‘The Company’.

“Ahhh” cried Neve. She was hurting. Now I was happy Jenny made the trip after all! I kicked her again in the ribs. “AHHH” she moaned rolling away from me protecting her ribs.

With the third kick I got a little to close and Neve tripped me up. Jenny hit the carpet awkwardly landing on her hip and elbow and was slow getting to her feet. When I got to my feet Neve was still pacing around the room trying to walk off the pain when I grabbed her from behind and turned her around.

Smaaaack! I landed a hard slap in the face and Neve’s head snapped from the impact. I stayed on the attack and landed another slap. Then I connected with a kick to Neve’s stomach doubling her over. Connecting Jenny’s hands I hammered Neve’s back three times sending her down to one knee.

Neve reached out with her hands and grabbed Jenny’s leg tripping her to the floor. Neve then made a step towards Jenny looking like she wanted to stomp her in the crotch but I lashed out a leg that connected under her chin knocking her back to the carpet. She rolled over to her stomach and tried to get up but I got to my feet quickly. I kicked Neve on the side of her head and followed with a stomp to the top of her head, then another and another. A couple of stomps to Neve’s rib area brought some additional screams. What a joyful sound it was hearing Neve’s shriek in agony. Neve was in some in deep trouble if I could do some real damage to her rib area she was done. I’d have her in tears in no time. Would that be wonderful? Every time she tried to push herself up I would stomp her head back down. After the fifth stomp, Neve stayed down laying nearly motionless, moaning.

Time to put Jen’s jugs to work! I rolled Neve onto her back. She tried grabbing Jen’s legs but I kicked her in the head, then jumped on her stomach on my way to her other side. Then repeated the move on my way back. Neve was gasping for breath holding her stomach. I fell to my knees and slugged her in the mouth sending her flat on her back. Then I straddled her and slapped her a few times. Now with Neve weaken I lowered Jenny’s globes over her face. I could feel Neve thrashing about trying to find a clear spot for air but Jenny’s massive orbs easily covered up all breathing passages. She was kicking her legs and punching Jenny on the back but I wasn’t about to let loose. Then I felt a sharp pain. Neve was biting into Jenny’s breast.

“EEEEEE” that hurt but I couldn’t let loose. If I just stay on her a few minutes I can smother Neve out. Neve kept pounding Jenny’s backing and thrashing wildly and continued to bite. This gave her some air, as I had to lift Jenny’s breasts off her for a second and re-establish the breast smother. Then Neve reached up with her arms and began pushing against Jenny’s face. Neve got her hand in Jenny’s mouth and was pulling the sides of her mouth. The biting and pulling of Jenny’s mouth was too painful. I lifted up and backed away from Neve.

I looked at Jennifer’s breasts. That damn witch drew blood on Jennifer’s right breast. Oh I am going to get her for this. Neve was still breathing hard so I moved towards her punching her in the face again. Too bad Jenny’s hands were so small or I could have done some damage. As it was I think I hurt Jenny’s small hand more then I hurt Neve. Still I had Neve reeling so I went for the breast smother again. Before I could plant Jenny’s pride on Neve she reach up with her hands high on Jenny’s face trying to push her away. In my efforts to push forward Neve’s hands slid higher and her thumbs found Jen’s eyes.

Ahhhhh” I immediately leaned backward as the pain shot through Jen’s head and I don’t know if Neve did that on purpose or not but if it meant winning a fight she would not hesitate to do it again. I rolled off Neve not wanting Jennifer to be serious injured just in case Neve decided to poke her in the eye again.

As I sat trying to regain my vision Neve had regained her composure. When I looked up Neve was standing in front of me and unleashed a wicked kick to the side of Jenny’s head. The kick must have aggravated Neve’s sore rib area because as I lay flat on my back I saw Neve rubbing that region of her body.

“You damn bitch; you’re going to pay for that!” Neve threatened. She approached as I tried to sit up but she kicked Jen in the forehead knocking her down. Then placed her foot across Jenny’s throat putting all of her weight behind it. I reached up for Neve’s leg trying to pull it off but couldn’t budge her. I lifted my legs and lower body trying to squirm away but was unable to. I began gagging and thrashing about. Jen’s wasn’t getting any air I was feeling lightheaded. I reached wildly around with Jen’s hands trying to find something. I found a dumbbell, swung it towards Neve’s knee - and connected!

“Owww, Mutherfucker!” Neve screamed as she removed her foot and retreated a few steps examining what damage may have been done. I just rolled to my side trying to get some air in Jenny’s lungs.

By the time I got to my hands and knees Neve had recovered and kicked me from behind sending me face first to the carpet. She landed several more kicks to Jenny’s back keeping her down. The she dropped a knee to the back of Jenny’s head. The blow made me feel like passing out. Neve stayed down and placed a knee in Jenny’s back and wrapped her hands around her chin lifting up – similar to a camel clutch. I raise frantically flapping my arms and kicking my legs but Neve had me pinned down perfectly.

Oh gawd it hurt. Neve was twisting my neck around. Finally she stopped and let Jenny’s head thud to the carpet, I just lay there moaning barely able to move. Neve wasn’t finished though. She grabbed Jenny by the hair and whispered in her ear about all the nasty things she was going to do to her. Then licked the side of her face again. Oh I was mad. I pushed Jenny’s head backward and got Neve in the jaw. That got her off Jenny’s body and I started crawling away.

Neve recovered quickly and dropped knees to the back of Jenny’s head and neck. That took the fight out of me in a hurry. Neve again lifted Jenny’s head up by the hair and she roughly grabbed Jenny’s face with her hand and was talking smack to her. I just was too weak to counter her. Neve then she got her fingers in Jenny’s mouth again as she lifted her head and pulling viscously. I grunted in anguish but Neve was unmoved and continued to poured it on. When she tired she held Jennifer’s head up with one hand under her chin and karate chopped her right under her nose. (Daggonit! that stung)

Then Neve dragged my groggy girl across the room giving her rug burns to the face as she made her way to her bedroom. As she dragged me I passed a whip (That I had gotten her as a gift. But which she enjoyed a little too much as the permanent scars on my back prove) Anyhow I grabbed it and tried to some how trip her up with it.

“Nice try Hewy. Not this time”

Before I could even do anything Neve dropped Jennifer’s legs and stomped her arm. I was forced to release the whip. Neve picked it up and pounded Jennifer in the forehead with the handle. Neve grabbed Jenny’s hair and dragged her to her feet then lifted a knee to her crotch and sends her headfirst into a dancer’s pole she has in her bedroom. Jenny hits the pole face first and drops like a rock. I can feel a big knot growing on her forehead. I addition I can feel a trickle of blood from Jenny’s nose and lip. Neve drops to her knees over my barely conscious girl then straddles her as she slithers up on her chest. She bounces her fanny a few times on Jenny’s beautiful orbs both for humiliating Jenny and knocking additional air out of her lungs. She disdainfully stares down at Jennifer with those icy dark eyes that are about as inviting as a shark’s eyes when it is feeding time.

“How dare you come to my house and attack me!”

Neve then pins Jennifer’s arms with her knees and slaps her in the face very hard. I was afraid this would happen and can’t help myself. I begin to cry. I felt so bad for Jenny. Neve laughs at my predicament and slaps me a half dozen more times. She then throws a couple of hard punches into Jennifer’s delicate face knocking me silly. Then she gets her fat fanny off Jenny and walks away

As I lay there feeling sick I feel droplets of blood drip from my nose and lip to Neve’s carpet I can see her take off her leotard. She leaves her tights on and comes back towards Jenny. While seeing Neve in nothing but tights is a spectacular site to behold. It isn’t so fun when she is in the middle of one of her beat downs. I hated the way she was denigrating Jenny. I wish I could wipe that smug look off her face. But I was beaten woman, so to speak. I sobbed as she approached Jennifer.
Neve lifted Jenny to her feet by the hair. I weakly throw a punch in her tight abdomen that caused Neve to smirk. She gave Jenny a knee to the crotch that buckles her knees. I was ready to drop but Neve held me up.

“So you were going to smother me with those ugly melons of yours were you? Well, I don’t think so!”

I am so mad as Neve lectures Jenny that I just make matters worse by feebly trying to headbutt Neve. I catch her on the nose and she lets go of Jenny for a second checking for blood. There wasn’t any but I knew I made a mistake as Neve moved towards me.

“You stupid bitch!” Neve said grabbing Jenny by the hair and headbutting her.

Jenny fell back against the wall which was the only thing kept her from falling. Neve advanced again and kicked Jenny between the legs. I started sliding down the wall holding Jenny’s crotch feeling her agony. But Neve again grabbed Jenny’s hair and pulled Jenny away from the wall. Another headbutt! For sure Jenny would have dropped but Neve held on to her hair. She landed another headbutt. This one landing on Jenny’s already crooked nose. I could feel cartridge moving on that one as well as fluids seeped out of Jenny’s nose and down her sinus cavity. Breathing through the nose was going to be impossible for the rest of this match. Still Neve wouldn’t let Jenny drop. I could hear Neve grunt as she connected with her last and particularly viscous headbutt on Jen’s forehead

This one may have given Jenny a concussion. Neve let go of my sweetie and she fell to the carpet nearly knocked out. Then Neve dragged Jenny to her feet and wrapped her arms around Jenny’s back securing a bearhug. While her breasts were not as imposing as Jennifer’s, Neve had nothing to be ashamed of in the breast department. The smashing of breasts, titillated Neve’s tits and they were hard and firm while Jennifer breasts, being in the state she was in, were soft and vulnerable to attack. Neve was doing what I never thought would be possible. She was flattening Jenny’s breasts like they were filled with Jell-O. I screamed out feeling the soft tissue being compacted in an unnatural manner. Neve’s hard nipples felt like nails digging in Jenny’s soft mass.


I began to kick wildly and slap Neve but she head-butted me again knocking me fight out of me and reinforced the hug. I feared that Neve would squeeze my girl to death. She was capable. Neve lifted Jenny off her feet continuing to squeeze her. I sighed feeling Jenny’s ribs being forced inwards and upwards pressing against her organs with air speeding out of her lungs. Suddenly Jenny’s legs went rubbery.

“OOOOH” I gasped as Jen slumped in Neve’s arms which brought a giggle from Neve. The monster was enjoying this!

Still Neve held on to the bearhug biting her lip as she poured on the pressure. Jenny couldn’t breathe and her body began to spasm. Neve arched her back backward lifting Jenny several feet in the air putting even more pressure on her abused body. Jenny was completely helpless. Her arms and legs dangled away from her body. She just made little “oooh” and “ahhhh” sounds each time Neve would reinforce the pressure. Spittle shot out of her mouth. But Neve continued hugging for several moments until Jenny stop spasming and went completing limp. Jenny’s head was now half-open resting across Neve’s shoulder. Saliva from her mouth dribbled down Neve’s back as did a trickle of blood from her nose. She was like a rag doll in Neve’s arms.

Neve then gently laid her down and then squats down and took a seat on Jenny’s stomach, sliding up until she is sitting on Jenny’s neck. She then inches forward until she is straddling Jenny’s face. She shook Jenny’s head a little, just to bring us back to consciousness.

“Actually, I am glad you came over Hewy. I needed a good workout and this is a lot more fun!”

My eyes widen in terror, as I knew what was next. Neve slid forward covering Jenny’s mouth with her soaked tights covered pussy. Neve begins sliding her cunny from side to side slowly smothering me. I can’t let her do this to Love so I bite her pussy but Jenny’s already been beaten badly and the nylon/lyrca material of Neve’s tights is too strong and prevents me from penetrating to her skin. Still Neve doesn’t like that I tried it and eases off for a second to bang Jen’s head to the carpet three or four times!

“Do that again and I’ll break your jaw!”

Knowing she would do it I don’t think about biting her again as she resumes her pussy smother, grinding herself onto Jennifer’s features like she wanted to erase them from her face. Soon I am in a semiconscious state. I shuffle my feet and weakly raise Jen’s arms. I tried scratching Neve’s thighs but again my lack of strength and the strong material of the tights made that move ineffective. I scream in Neve’s pussy. I can’t stand what she is doing. I slap wildly but she is undeterred and just grinds harder and humps and pumps Jenny’s face. Jennifer’s arms begin to get heavy and drop off Neve’s legs to the carpet as the unforgiving smother continues. Just as I feel myself going out I can breathe fresh air. But it is only so Neve can roll Jennifer to her stomach. She then hog-ties Jenny with the whip. Jenny’s arms and legs are brought together and tied up in the inescapable leather knot.

Neve then rolls Jenny back to her side and tears a hole in her tights. She puts Jenny in a neck scissors so Jenny’s face is rubbing Neve’s furry patch. Oh the smell of Neve’s crotch was insufferable. Although it was enjoyable when I was in there voluntary this was no treat. This time smelling Neve’s ripe pussy was disgusting and pressing Jennifer’s busted nose made matters worse. Her hairs were coarse and scratched Jenny’s pretty face. Even of more concern was the state of Jenny’s neck being squeezed between those rock hard thighs that were pinching her arteries and her blood supply to her head. All I could do was squirm and whimper. At first Jenny’s eyes bugged upon being squeezed but moments later began to flutter as I was getting lightheaded. Maybe at least soon this beating would be over.

“Oh no, don’t you pass out on me Hewy!” Neve said loosening her legs, easing the pressure and lightly slapping Jen until her eyes flutter open. “Not until you satisfy me!”

She shoved Jennifer’s head smack into her pussy and clamped down her legs around her head. Neve dug both hands into Jenny’s hair and shoved the captive face deeper in her sex. I could not breathe through Jenny’s nose so I had to open my mouth in Neve’s slimy flesh. The only air I could breathe was the strong aroma from Neve’s sex. All I can do is try and pull my arms and legs apart but the whip has them securely tied and in moments the lack of oxygen nearly had me out but then, once again Neve eased off letting Jenny have some air.

“Now lets feel that tongue Hewy!”

I wasn’t about to give Neve the satisfaction as she pressed Jenny against her sex. “FUMB you!” I muffled as that steamy mass of flesh covered Jenny’s mouth.

“OK have it your way,” Neve squeezed Jenny’s head like a possessed python. I felt like Jenny’s head was going to pop off.
At the same time she reached into my girl’s cotton panties and forming a claw with her hand dug into Jenny’s pussy. I screamed into Neve’s cunny. I couldn’t take it the much more punishment. I resigned myself to defeat and offered Jenny’s tongue. I could hear Neve coo above me. What a wicked woman she was. Neve eased off the pressure a bit and changed her claw hold into a massage of Jenny’s privates. “Oh, I guess you like that,” Neve cooed as her fingers soon became moist.

A part of me couldn’t help it while despising what Neve was doing she did know how to please a woman. Still the leakage was due more from Jenny being too weak to resist than me being turned on. It wasn’t a major orgasm by any means but Neve got what she wanted. After a few more minutes of pleasuring Jenny she changed her smoothing hand job back into a claw hold and held it unmercifully for a few minutes until I felt like I was going to pass out again. Anticipating that Jenny was about to go under, Neve removed her hand and concentrated on pleasuring herself. She pressed Jenny’s head firmly against her sex filling her face full of slimy flesh. (Eeeccch!)

For a moment all I could hear was Neve’s panting and those horrible squishing noises being made by her as hot undulating body rocked in a sensual rhythm violating Jenny’s face. It was a repulsive sound. I found it difficult to breathe so I sucked Neve’s clit furiously hoping to bring Neve off quickly and ending this nightmare. Neve clamped down harder though to increase her stimulation I was losing consciousness. I lost the energy to continue licking but that didn’t stop Neve from going after her perverted desire.

The cruel she-devil continued pushing my girl’s face in her crotch making sure she got a mouthful of her suffocating sex. Dominating women (and me too) like a neighborhood bully is one of Neve’s favorite pastimes. She didn’t know but she was getting a two for one shot here. Jennifer was an especially sweet treat for Neve given their past history and she always relished these moments. She wasn’t in any hurry and Jennifer’s mouth was slightly open; Neve loved the hot breath of the beaten woman against her cunny.

Ahhhhhh…” she cooed lifting her head up and back like she was easing in to a hot bubble bath. She eased up for a second looking at Jennifer’s puffy red and tranquil face before pressing it back against her sex. Jennifer’s unconscious form set tremors through Neve’s body and she began humping and pumping faster and faster as she felt the warm fluids rush through her body. “Oh Yessssss!” Neve moaned in pleasure as her sticky girl juice slowly leaked through her opening and over the Jenny’s placid face.

Letting up just for a brief second to catch her breath Neve then shoved Jenny’s face back in it’s new dark steamy home as if trying to swallow her. Neve released the pressure around Jenny’s head a bit but continued massaging her head up and down deep inside her. I was basically unconscious but still was aware of what was happening. It was like a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. Jenny’s body began twitching from lack of air even though she was completely smothered out. Neve thrust her hips another half dozen times still pulling Jen’s head deep in her sex.

She let out a primal scream as her juices exploded over my sweetheart. She eased up on the pressure a bit but kept Jenny trapped in her steamy sex. Neve continued to slowly hump her face as she drained herself on the pretty face she now claimed as hers. Satisfied Neve slithered off my girl breathing hard and sweating profusely. She is nearly as soaked as Jenny is. She lies there for a moment catching her breath. She then rolls Jennifer over to her stomach and unties her.
Jennifer is long out but the smother doesn’t have the same affect on me. Being a visitor in Jenny’s body I recover quicker and open Jenny’s eyes. (That was a mistake)

A surprised Neve notices and laughs, “Oh you want some more!”

Although fully awake I am trapped in Jennifer’s body and she is totally wasted. I can only scream, “NOOOOO!” as Neve takes a seat back on me and immediately covers my face in a reverse facesit.

I knew Neve was capable of multiple orgasms and she was feeling great pleasure as Jen’s bloody pointy nose and bloody lips were in wedge in her behind and her jaw pressed against her pussy lips. I began thrashing about wildly screaming in Neve’s humid stinky ass but in a few seconds my movements slowed dramatically. My screams turned into whimpers and I could barely make any motion.

“Are you finished this time Jennifer?” Neve questioned lifting up slightly looking back at Jenny.

I didn’t answer and just flapped arms in the air and shuffled her legs as Neve’s bountiful bottom darken Jenny’s world. To be sure Jenny would not wake up Neve made herself comfortable sitting down full weight covering Jenny’s face with her “fat bottom” ass. I flailed arms one last time before they fell to the carpet then ceased moving except for the occasion leg twitch. I felt some air as Neve leaned forward a bit. Then I felt Neve’s fingers inside Jenny again. She was fingering once again as she sat on her. (What a depraved human being she could be) She began licking Jenny and was rewarded with a little more juice. The female blowjob aroused my senses to a semi-conscious state but Neve being Neve couldn’t give pleasure without pain.

After a few minutes of licking and fingering Jenny into an orgasm she pounded Jenny in the mound several times sending me back into unconsciousness before sliding back and sitting full weight back on her face. Neve began playing with Jenny’s tits slapping them and kneading them, drawing a bit of blood as she scratched them and poked them, penetrating skin. She would squeeze them and then punch them until Jenny’s breasts became black and blue. Watching Jenny’s unconscious body quake after each blow turned her on again and she reversed her position to a front facesit. As she slid her well-greased crotch up Jenny’s neck onto her face, my spirit left Jenny’s body and I began the journey back to my apartment.

As I rose in the air, I could look back and watch what was happening at Neve’s place. She quickly got into a steady rhythm grinding away with a renewed surge of energy. Jen’s motionless body seemed to bring Neve to another level of excitement and with Jen unconscious Neve could take all the time she needed to enjoy her ride. My morally corrupt female wiggled her ass around and around catching Jenny’s ruined nose with her pussy only to have it slip out then back in again as she continued her circular motion substituting my gal’s nose with her open mouth and tongue. Jenny’s teeth pressing against her labia brought her an unexpected pleasure.

Ummmmm…” With Jenny’s mouth open Neve was getting a wonderful sensation rubbing her pussy on the brunettes’ face. Within minutes she was panting heavily, sweat and saliva dripping off her chin as she got closer and closer to her orgasm; she grabbed the back of Jennifer’s head and shoved her face deeper in her vagina grinding away, not caring about smothering the poor girl. She loved the penetrating feeling the brunette’s nose was giving her. Neve was in serious need of therapy.

Neve began bucking faster and faster for several minutes until she suddenly slowed down, she reached down and spread her own lips fingering her pussy then spread them as she covered Jenny’s face continuing the slow grind. A nauseating smacking sound was made when Neve would lift up slightly from Jenny’s face and then back down.

Neve continued on grinding increasing the intensity. With another orgasm building inside of her demanding release the cold-blooded female followed with a few hard thrusts until she could no longer hold contain herself. She gritted her teeth as the familiar pleasure swept through her body. She shuddered loudly; deep from the gut like a wolf as she came thrusting her hips in Jennifer’s upheld face to achieve maximum pressure against her pussy. She leaned back for just a second pressing her pussy with her fingers. A shot of girl gunk spurted out onto Jenny’s face.

“Ohhhhh” Neve sighed before recovering Jenny’s face with her hungry crotch rubbing vigorously and viscously on the unconscious woman’s face spreading her thick gel all over Jenny’s face, barking and yelping like a crazed women as she came, riding out the waves of pleasure that swept through her body. Jennifer’s body spasm involuntarily from the lack of air and from having Neve’s biter nectar flow down her throat nearly drowning her.

After the biggest part of her orgasm was over Neve gently laid Jenny’s head back to the mat and did a slow grind continuing to lubricate her face with her pussy still oozing fluids. The bigger woman continued to rock slowly back and forth riding out the waves of pleasure until the aftershocks of her orgasm subsided. When her body stopped quivering she got up and placed a foot on the chest of the unconscious girl lying completely still and spread-eagled below her.

Jenny was a mess; her face was red and swollen from the beating and Neve’s ferocious sitting. Her hair and Neve’s pubic hair were matted to her face. The rough material of the tights and rug burn had her face all scratched up and she was covered with drool, some blood from her nose and a split lip plus a load girl gunk all over her face as she lay unrecognizable on the mat deep in dreamland.

“Jennifer, you should have been satisfied just to have been in a series with me. You’re a stuck up wanna be. If you make 100 movies you will still never be the in the same class as me!”

Neve dragged Jennifer at the door and threw her out onto the lawn, leaving her lying there while she called a cab to take Jennifer back to our place.

In a couple of days Jenny had recovered and she kick me out of the apartment for my part in ruining her chance with ABC. We were finished. She didn’t care that I only did it because I wanted her so much. Well, on the bright side this gives me the opportunity to find another girlfriend. Maybe the next one will be able to take give Neve a challenge!