Kate Hudson vs. Neve Campbell by Scott 7/4/01

During the making of "Dr. T. and the Women" director Robert Altman was looking for an actress to play the lesbian lover of Kate Hudson. He knew one of Kate's early acting jobs was as a guest star on "Party of Five." He also knew Neve Campbell from that show had had steamy scenes with Denise Richards in "Wild Things." He knew Neve would be perfect for the part.

When he approached Kate he was surprised by her reaction.

"No. I do not want Neve Campbell to play my lover" Kate said vehemently

Mr. Altman did not want to argue with her. He really didn't care who was cast. The role eventually went to Liv Tyler. According to Kate, Neve wasn't acting when she was kissing Denise Richards. She also claimed that while on "Party of Five" Neve tried to put the moves on her. When Kate rejected her advances she was written off the show.

Word got out to Neve that Kate was responsible for her not getting the role in Dr. T and that she was spreading rumors about her sexuality. Neve was upset. Starring in a picture with Richard Gere and Helen Hunt could have done wonders for her career and if producers thought she was a lesbian the roles she would be offered could be limited. Neve told a friend she was going to have to teach that little snot a lesson.

When someone mention this to Kate she said, "I ain't scared of that Canadian fruitcake. Let her try to fight me if she has the guts."

Neve called Kate up the day filming was complete and challenged her to a one on one fight in hotel room. Kate who stood at 5'8" was a good 2 to 3 inches taller than her opponent. She and was young and cocky. She accepted the challenge from the older actress full of confidence she could beat the Canadian.

On the day of the fight before Kate arrived Neve was on the phone talking to a friend.

"She's been telling everybody that she's going to kick my butt. "I am going to show her something. I'm going to whip her ass"

"Well I'll talk to you later. I don't need luck. Bye" Neve hung up the phone and moments later Kate walked in.

"Hello Neve"

"Hello Kate. I've heard about all the shit you've been spreading about my sexual preferences

and that you're going to whip my ass. Well I'm going to show you a thing or two"

Kate scoffed and rolled her eyes back in disbelief that Neve could harm her.

"Show me what you've got" she responded

"All right I'll show you," an angry Neve said

"I just got to get myself ready here" Kate said as she took off her leotard that she had been wearing during filming, showing off her firm and perky breasts, leaving her in flesh colored mesh tights. Neve took off her top also. Her breasts were larger and fuller than the taller Kate. Although shorter she outweighed Kate by about 10 pounds. Neve had on white nylons with blue panties. Neve looked to be a little jealous of Kate's tall and lean body. Kate noticed the envy in Neve's eyes and made it a point to strut around, showing off her body and teasing Neve.

"What's wrong stumpy, haven't you've seen a beautiful woman before?"

Neve eyes lit up at being called stumpy and charged Kate. Immediately she got Kate in a side headlock. The girls wrestled to the carpet with Neve landing on her back but holding on to the headlock. Kate tried to force her way up Neve's body for a breast smother but Neve got her left arm around the back of Kate's neck. For several seconds Neve kept the pressure around Kate's neck pushing it downward. Kate had her left arm around Neve's neck also but with less pressure. Kate was able to power out of the hold and the two ladies rolled around until Neve got a cross body pin on the tall blonde. Kate was able to bend her long legs up and against Neve's stomach and pushed her off. Neve rolled off but quickly went for a reverse headlock again as the two women stayed on their sides. It was obvious that Kate was surprised and frustrated by Neve's tenacity as she attempted to push the brunette away.

Neve rolled Kate to her back and straddled her but the blonde was able to roll to her back. Neve stayed right with her and as they rolled around Neve had her legs around Kate's waist. Kate was now on her back being squeezed and in some pain. She tried prying Neve's strong legs apart with no luck. Neve tried to straddle the blonde and go for her own breast smother but Kate rolled to her stomach. Neve was able to wrap her hands around the back of Kate's head pushing down while she lay on top of Kate's back.

Kate began grunting a bit as she tried to power out of the hold. Her face was being smashed against the carpet and she was panting for breath.

"Let go bitch" Kate demanded

"You give up," Neve asked

"Let go bitch" Kate repeated

Neve thinking Kate would behave herself and apologize, let loose.

Both got to their feet. Kate a little embarrassed walked up to Neve looking to continue the fight. She smiled as if to portray confidence but Neve could sense she was a little scared.

Still she charged and the two immediately grabbed a headlock on the other. When they fell to the carpet Neve was on top right away and was able to scoot up so her breasts covered part of Kate's face. Kate was bucking and trying to roll to her side while Neve was trying to maintain her partial smother.

Neve tried pushing Kate's arms to her side while scooting up on her body hoping to go for a facesit. Kate was bucking wildly trying to roll out but Neve was making progress inching closer and closer to her target. Still, Kate put her arms up trying to push Neve off frustrating the actress. Kate though was expending a lot of energy and had a worried look on her face as she tried to keep Neve off her face. Both girls were grunting with effort. Neve was able to get her ass up on Kate's chest but was unable to keep her arms down. Now Kate interlocked her arms above her to keep Neve away from sitting on her face. Neve was trying to pry them apart but had to scoot back to Kate's stomach as she did. This made it easier for Kate to breathe in some air.

Neve couldn't pin Kate's arms but Kate couldn't budge her off either. So Neve began to taunt Kate hoping to upset her and cause her to make a mistake.

"You don't have the strength to beat me" Kate hissed

"You're not doing to well so far" Nave replied

Kate's continuous thrashing paid off as Neve lost her balance and Kate pushed her off. Before Kate could get to her feet Neve grabbed a headlock again. As the women struggled Neve ended up on her back but with her hand wrapped around Kate's head and legs around her waist. Kate tried to push away and got her head free briefly but Neve maintained the waist scissors and re-established the headlock. This time Neve was able to get Kate on her side and press her breasts against Kate's face.

Kate was trapped with no escape.

"OK bitch I give" Kate shouted in frustration

Once again Neve thinking the fight was over let loose giving Kate a kick to the side as she rolled away. That upset Kate and as both got to their feet she again charged Neve.

Neve got another headlock and forced the blonde down to the carpet with Neve on top. With Kate fending off Neve's efforts to breast smother her with her arms the actress tried choking Kate. The taller girl quickly brought her legs up and kicked Neve off. Neve dived onto Kate but Kate was able to get her legs around Neve's waist. Neve though got to her feet so the scissors had little effect and neither girl could gain control. Neve escaped the scissors and again charged Kate before she could get up. Neve got her legs around Kate's waist again and had her left arm around the back of her head applying pressure.

Kate was lying across Neve but was being scissored and she could not get her head free. She began pounding the carpet in frustration. She kept fighting though and was able to push herself up and broke the reverse headlock. After she did also broke out of the scissors. Now both women were trying to get the upper hand. Neve got it pushing Kate to her back again and getting her arm under her neck as she pressed her body against Kate's. Neve was able to scoot up on the tiring Kate and pressed her sweaty breasts against Kate's face. Kate though had her arms in between so Neve wasn't able to shut off her air. When Neve tried to push Kate's arms to her side Kate bucked Neve off her face for a split second. But the brunette didn't let loose of Kate's head and Kate had moved her arms after bucking Neve off so now the gorgeous brunette regained the breast smother without the optstical of Kate's arms blocking her succulent breasts from her foe's face.

Kate was sucking air as she tried squirming free but each time her head moved Neve moved her breasts back over her breathing passages. Neve then scooted up trying to straddle Kate's neck. If nothing else the younger woman was not giving up and she kept bucking trying to throw Neve off her. Neve couldn't establish the facesit as Kate kept thrashing around and bringing her legs up trying to catch Neve. Unexpectedly, Kate got a burst of energy and bucked Neve off then speared her knocking her on her back.

Neve reacted quickly though getting her legs around Kate's waist and the reverse headlock again. Kate just could not mount an offensive.

"I GIVE, I GIVE, I GIVE" Kate screamed more frustrated then ever as Neve increased the pressure around her neck semi-choking her and pressing Kate's face against her ample and sweaty bosom.

Neve let go knowing she couldn't subdue Kate in this hold but understanding she had this match won. She allowed Kate to get up but she would not let Kate leave until this battle was finished.

"Come on, I'll just finish you off now" Neve taunted the young woman.

Humiliated but still defiant Kate enraged charged Neve going for a bearhug. Neve side stepped her and went to what had been working - the headlock. The women fell to the carpet with Neve on top and maintaining her headlock and Kate's face smashed against her left breast. Neve let loose of the Kate's head and went for the breast smother. Kate again put her arms up and brought her legs up trying to kick Neve away. Kate got her legs around Neve's waist but her scissors was weak and Neve kept inching her body up the blonde's chest.

Neve was squatting on her feet spreading Kate's legs apart as her upper body continued to inch forward up Kate's upper body. Now Kate's legs were being folded back and she was loosing energy rapidly. Neve got herself free of the blonde's legs but Kate was able to roll to her side before Neve could establish the breast smother. Neve rolled her over to her stomach and mounted her back. Kate was really struggling now. Kate tried to push herself up but could not budge Neve off her. Neve applied a full nelson and Kate could not escape and fell back face down to the floor.

She was breathing heavily and whimpering now, knowing Neve was in control.

For a while Neve seemed content to just lie on top of Kate. This had been a hard struggle and she needed to catch her breath for the finale. She let go of the full nelson and grabbed Kate's around the wrists. Kate tried feebly to push herself up only to get her chest a few inches off the floor before collapsing back down. Kate began to cry.

"Dammit, I give" Kate sobbed

"I don't think you will be telling people you can kick my ass again," Neve said calmly

Neve decided it was time for some humiliation. She turned Kate on her back still straddling her and with firm hold of her wrists. She forced her arms to her side as she looked contemptuously at the young actress.

Almost out of strength Kate could do little but turn her head from side to side. Her efforts to buck Neve off were weak and ineffective. Neve began to rub her ass back and forth Kate's stomach from just above the crotch to below her breasts.

"Get off me" Kate pleaded

Neve's response was to press her chest on her face. At the same time the auburn beauty was rubbing her crotch against Kate's crotch. Kate couldn't stand this but was helpless to stop it. She was crying harder now. Neve had Kate's arms spread out and away from her body. Kate was still thrashing her legs about so Neve added a grapevine spreading the blonde's legs wide.

"Leave me alone" Kate said as Neve had her trapped.

"I've earned this. Now I am going to have my pleasure in dominating you."

Neve wasn't ready to end this just yet.

Kate just moaned, the cried out in pain as Neve spread her legs wider.

With her legs now weaken Neve abandoned the grapevine then easily scooted up to where she was sitting on Kate's upper chest and neck.

She began to slowing rub back and forth just a few inches at a time stopping at Kate's chin as if this was some sort of foreplay before the big payoff. She also wanted Kate to get a good look of what awaited her.

Kate's looked on in horror hoping Neve would not move on her face. Neve continued rubbing, faster now looking down at Kate with icy coldness in her eyes. Kate could only move her legs side to side. She no longer had the energy to bring them up in defense. Seeing she had Kate where she wanted her Neve eased back down her body and applied the breast smother. Being in control over the beauty seemed to turn Neve on and she couldn't help herself as she went back to rubbing her crotch against Kate's crotch and lower abdomen. This allowed Kate some breath since Neve had to break the smother but Kate was physically worn out and she did not have the mental toughness to continue to fight. She just turned her head to the side eyes closed not wanting to see what Neve was doing. She cried lightly as Neve held her down and slowly, sensuously humped her body.

After several moments Neve sat back up and pulled Kate's head up and in between her powerful legs. Neve then fell to her side taking Kate's head along with her as she established a crushing head scissors.

It was all Kate could do to keep her mouth away from Neve's pussy. The blonde tried to pry her tormentor's legs apart. Neve easily grabbed her arms and held them down. Kate whimpered as her nightmare was coming true.

Kate's thrashing legs were bothering Neve so she let go of her arm and pulled her legs toward her. A little annoyed Neve squeezed the captive head harder. Kate's head felt like it was going to explode in Neve's vice like grip, her face was getting red as blood rushed up her head. She looked like she was going to pass out. A little spittle spurted out of the side of her mouth and was dripping down her chin. She again brought an arm to Neve's legs trying to pry them apart. Her efforts were futile. Neve's legs could not be budge, not with Kate in this weaken condition.

"You won't get out of this one" Neve devilishly smiled as she taunted the actress.

Next the dark haired beauty pulled Kate's face against her crotch still squeezing her head. Seeing that Kate was about to pass out, Neve pushed on her back and straddled her upper chest and neck. She began rubbing herself against Kate's chest and neck area as she held her arms down.

"That's enough" Kate said in defiance

"I haven't had enough yet. I don't think you have either" Neve was determine to teach Kate a lesson and have more fun. Besides she found Kate attractive and it wasn't everyday she found herself in a position to dominate a young beautiful blonde. It turned her on.

Now Neve planted her cunny against Kate's face smothering her as she continued to rub on her features.

Kate continued to weakly thrash her legs. Her muffled moaning was vibrating against Neve's sex bringing pleasure to the older actress. Kate tried sliding her head to the side and gather some air but Neve's cunny went where Kate's head did. She would not allow any space between Kate's breathing passages and her pussy.

Kate was beginning to weaken further so Neve let go of her arms and put her hands back on the blonde's breasts, kneading them while continuing her smother. Kate's breasts were firm and her nipples erect but the rest of her body was unresponsive. After a few more minutes and Kate nearly out Neve reversed position. Kate gasped about two breaths of air before Neve was on her face again. She quickly lay down on Kate facing hers legs and established a reverse headscissors. Kate was still struggling some so Neve grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face up and against the crack of her ass. Kate tried vainly to pull Neve's legs apart as she was getting a good whiff of her backside. Kate was grimacing as the aroma was getting to her. If Neve didn't let up she would pass out.

Neve did let up but only to place her ass on Kate's face in a reverse facesit. She took both of her arms and folded them and placed them on her stomach. Except for shuffling her legs Kate was not putting up much resistance. Kate was too weak to even move her head more than a micro-inch. The air she was breathing now was full of the foul smell emitting from Neve's ass.

"I comp breve" Kate muffled out

"I really don't give a shit if you can't breathe. "You won't be spreading any more rumors about me. I can tell you that. Not when I'm finished with you" Neve scolded the blonde as she continued to smother her victim.

"I'll let you up when I'm good and ready," Neve said as Kate's thrashing about increased in intensity knowing the situation was becoming grim.

"I could sit here all day"

That ominous statement seem to break Kate's sprit and her struggles slowed considerably. Neve's fleshly ass was doing its job. Kate had to open her mouth to try to breathe but all she got was a mouth full of Neve's panties now soaked and covering little. Neve began to rock up and down but never breaking the seal as she stimulated herself against Kate's face. The blonde weakly whimpered and she was almost unconscious, with only her legs shuffling slightly. Neve could feel her ass sucking Kate's face deeper and deeper as she lost consciousness. Kate's legs began to twitch.

Seconds later Neve came on Kate's face. Kate's legs now stiffened then went limp. The aroused Neve lost all control and came hard. Some of the liquid escaping her panties and going down Kate's throat. After a few minutes went by Neve locked her ankles around Kate's head and spread her cheeks to get a good seal. Neve's steamy ass soon smothered the blonde into unconsciousness.

Neve stood up and got her hands underneath Kate's shoulders and dragged her across the room. Kate started to come to so Neve dropped her head and landed a knee to Kate's head, then to the side of her neck. Then she lifted her lower body and twice rammed a knee into the side of Kate's face. She then placed her knee across Kate's throat cutting off her air supply. Kate's tongue protruded from her mouth and she began gagging. Her right arm was trapped under Neve's left knee. With her free arm she only had the strength to bend it upward to the elbow before it flopped back to the floor. When her eyes started to roll up her head indicating she was about to go out again Neve let up on the pressure. The actress knelt down behind her and wrapped her legs around Kate's head in a figure four headlock. Kate's body began bucking as she was being choked out. Instinctively she raised her arms up to Neve's legs trying to pry them apart. When Neve increased the pressure they just as quickly fell limply to the floor. Kate was out again. Neve crawled across the room dragging her victim with her legs still wrapped around Kate's head.

Neve got up when she reached a table and took off the blonde's tights and her own stockings. She then tied her legs and arms to the table so that Kate was spread eagle. Neve then took a dildo and began to slowly work it in and out of Kate's cunny. The sensation woke Kate up. Neve then strapped the dildo on and began fucking the blonde in earnest. When Kate lifted her head Neve would grab her hair and punch her in the face knocking her back down. This happen three times until Kate developed a shiner and a bloody lip. She stayed down after the third punch to the face, barely awake and just moan from the pain and pleasure.

In a few minutes when it looked like Kate would come Neve pulled out. She then punched Kate's mound several times nearly causing her to lose consciousness again. Then she got up and started stomping between Kate's legs. Kate's body bounced from the stomping. She was in a semi-conscious state now. Then Neve took her foot and jammed it in Kate's pussy. Again the punch-drunk girl started to moan in pleasure and once again Neve withdrew before she came. She removed her foot and slammed down a knee in Kate's aching mound. The first two times Kate's tied up body bounced from the impact. The third knee caused Kate to pass out.

Next the actress knelt down between Kate's legs and began fingering her and licking her clit until she was close to coming. Hearing some moaning and fearing Kate might wake up and enjoy this Neve punched her crotch twice and landed three blows directly on her cunt assuring she would not awaken. Kate's head fell to the side of the carpet. Spittle and blood were dripping from her face. Neve shoved her fist up Kate's love hole and followed with her fingers until Kate's body began to spasm and she spilled her juices over Neve's hands. Unfortunately for Kate she was not awake to enjoy it.

Neve untied Kate's legs and took off her panties for the grand finale and scooted back on her foe. She mounted Kate facing her and slapped her awake. When Kate's eyes open she began turning her head back and forth trying to prevent Neve from doing the inedible. She was starring at Neve's dark bush and just sobbed when the actress spread her lips showing her pubes. Kate could feel the heat of Neve's sex. To her, Neve's hot and wet snatch was revolting. She was sick to her stomach and breathing hard gasping for air but she couldn't escape as Neve reposition herself for a front facesit. Kate continued to sob as Neve grabbed her arms and roughly pressed them to the floor. The actress then trapped her head between her legs. She flashed an evil smile directed at Kate and quickly planted cunny on her nose and mouth and began rubbing slowly but with full pressure on her head. With the pussy smother established she spread her lips so that Kate's nose could feel and smell her pink slimy flesh of her sex.

"You seem to be loosing a lot of your energy" Neve said stating the obvious as she continued to rub her sex back and forth on Kate's nose and mouth.

She could see Kate was nearly out. She let go of her arm and allowed it to dangle on her leg. The blonde was too far-gone to even scratch.

"I think I just about done you in," Neve said to a semi-conscious Kate.

With Kate nearly out Neve went into to a more sensuous facesit slowing shifting side to side and pleasuring herself feeling the saliva that escaped Kate's mouth mix with her own wetness as she continued slowing grinding her sex across her face, simulating her clit. Any resistance Kate had was snuffed out. Kate's arms fell off Neve's legs with a thud to the carpet.

"Yeah you're done for" Kate was in la la land.

The younger woman was completely silent now. Her eyes closed. Her hair matted over her face. Occasionally her legs would spasm or shuffle a bit then stop. Her head now only moved in unison with Neve's pussy. She was out. Seeing this Neve moved up and down Kate's face pulling her head deep up into her sex. Neve's body arched and tensed and she began to squeal. She tossed her head side to side her body beginning to spasm her squeals getting louder then she came with an explosive orgasm flooding Kate's face. Kate's body also spasm involuntarily as Neve's juices both reawaken her and then drowned her into an unconscious state again in seconds. Neve continued to ride her face thrusting herself down as she pulled Kate's face forward in order to drain every drop of her cum on Kate's face.

Neve continued to press her sex on her face until she was spent. She then allowed her torso to flop forward with her sex still covering Kate's face resting for a few minutes.

When she got up she place her foot on Kate's chest and pointed a finger towards her.

"I don't want to hear you spread any more rumors about me again or next time you won't be breathing after I'm done with you."

Then Neve squatted over her victim and spit in her face. Kate didn't react. She was unconscious, her face soaked in Neve's juices.