Neve Campbell vs. Amy Jo Johnson by The Walkin’ Dude

It was getting on into the latter half of July and in the small North Carolina town of Trinity, things were doing just fine. The weather was good, school was out and there hadn’t been any local controversy’s to keep the residents from enjoying their summer. The only thing wrong with the scenario was that in fact things were a bit too peaceful. It was in fact (according to one old guy on the porch of the general store) the most boring summer on record. The denizens of the bucolic town were hoping for something, anything really to help alleviate the boredom that often set in when life was just too perfect. Well as luck would have it, there was a new establishment opening up on Main Street, a basic sports bar and pub grub type of place called the “White Rabbit.”

The opening of the “White Rabbit” is germane to our story because its owner was one Jervis Tetch, a college friend of Richard Fannin, a name you may have come to recognize by now. When Jervis planned his grand opening, he gave his old buddy Fannin a call to see if perhaps Rich could bring his promotion down, offer the folks of Trinity and the patrons of his new establishment a brief, but rather intense break from their summer ennui. Fannin of course was more than happy to help out his friend and after a few last minute schedule shifts, he arranged for a whole bus load of the wrestlers (and several cars full of wrestlers not willing to take the bus) to come down to the little backwater and give ’em a show they wouldn’t forget anytime soon. As was his custom, Rich loaded the card from top to bottom, including several of his up and coming talents; girls like; Kaley Cuoco, Alexis Bledel, Michelle Trachtenberg and Scarlett Johansson got to prove their mettle to a very appreciative house. To top things off, two of the top names in the league would be facing off in a Main Event that looked like it would be a technical masterpiece for the fan of true pro wrestling. Tonight Amy Jo Johnson would face off with Neve Campbell for the very first time, and if the clamor of the crowd is any indication, it could blow the roof of this place. And now let’s go to ringside where the Announcer is already doing his thing.

Testing the mic a final time, the Announcer clears his throat before getting started, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at five feet six inches, she is….. Amy Jo Johnson!”

‘Can’t Stop’ blasts through the speakers and the crowd turns to watch the brunette enter. She doesn’t keep them waiting long, striding through the curtain a moment later, making her way toward the ring with a slight bounce in her step. For her contest with the Scream Queen, Amy was wearing a dark pink two piece outfit with complimenting knee and elbow pads. And for those of you hair style aficionados, her shoulder length locks were pulled back in a simple ponytail. Finally, it should be noted that she had forgone shoes, opting only for pink ankle wrappings. Reaching the edge of the ring, she quietly slides under the bottom rope and heads to her corner.

Letting the noise die down a bit, the Announcer started up again, “And her opponent. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches, they call her the Scream Queen, ladies and gentleman I give you….Neve Campbell!”

‘Black Hole Sun’ echoes through the club and Neve comes through the curtain shortly thereafter. Standing calmly at the top of the ramp, Neve waits for just a moment before heading down the ramp. As usual, the brunette is clad in a simple two piece black tankini with matching pads. Like her opponent, she too is barefoot. Reaching the ring apron, Neve slides under the bottom rope and comes to her feet all in one motion. Standing in the center of the ring, she raised her arms, posing for the crowd before heading to her corner to await the bell.

The bell sounded amidst the chatter of the audience and both brunettes moved slowly from their corners, each watching the other with a steady, intense gaze. Cutting the distance between them rapidly, Neve and Amy met in the center of the ring, stopping with less than a foot separating them. Holding Amy’s gaze, Neve cast a glance up and down the other brunette’s trim figure, silently impressed by what she saw. But the Scream Queen wasn’t the only one scoping her competition. At that very moment, Amy was surveying Neve’s frame, secretly pleased at the chance to tangle with such a vaunted adversary.

After a few more seconds of this, Neve broke the tense (but not necessarily acrimonious) silence by saying, “I’ve been looking forward to facing you for a long time Amy.” She extended her hand, “Let the best woman win.” she waited for the lighter haired girl to respond.

Amy took in Neve’s statement and responded, “It seems like forever since I felt I faced a true equal in this ring…” she said as she extended her hand and took Neve’s. Keeping her eyes locked with her opponent, she finished, “Let’s see who’s better.”

Neve nodded and the two warriors broke their grip. Backing away from one another, Amy assumed a Martial Arts stance while Neve dropped into a low wrestlers crouch. Circling cautiously, the space separating them shrunk with every revolution until their outstretched hands were almost touching. Amy was the one to break the tension this time, lunging forward in one loping lunge to lock up with Neve in a basic Collar and Elbow tie-up. The brunette’s had been locked in the clinch for mere seconds when Amy shifted her grip, grabbing Neve’s right arm in both hands and dropping to her knees. In one smooth twist of her torso, Amy Jo tossed Neve across her body, sending the Scream Queen tumbling halfway across the ring with a textbook Arm Drag. But this was far from Neve’s first match and the pale brunette reacted accordingly, and as she hit the mat she rolled with the momentum, popping to her feet like a gymnast coming out of a tumble.

Spinning around to face Amy, she braced herself as her foe sprinted toward her. Waiting until there was no place for Amy to go, Neve shot forward and threaded her arm under Amy’s armpit. In the same motion, she tossed the sprinting girl up and over, sending her to the canvas with a simple Hip Toss. Amy was surprised by her sudden upward motion, but like Neve she was no wet behind the ears rookie and she was off the canvas in a second, executing a perfect nip up that had the fans cheering appreciatively.

Eyeing each other warily, Neve and Amy circled for another few seconds, each trying to pinpoint the line of attack that would bring her victory. Again it was Amy who acted first, the pony tailed girl suddenly exploding forward with a barrage of kicks and punches aimed directly at Neve’s face and chest. Neve held her ground as best she could, ducking, weaving and blocking everything that came her way even as Amy steadily increased the pace of her blows. Watching the timing of Amy’s strikes carefully, Neve waited for just the right moment before attempting a counter, a second later, she got her opportunity. Amy choreographed a punch just a little too long and as she fired the Palm Strike at Neve’s jaw, the brunette stepped aside, leaving Amy punching at nothing. In that instant, Neve lunged forward, meaning to grapple with her foe and subsequently slam her to the mat. But Amy had suckered Neve in and she slipped under the Scream Queen’s lunge with a quickness that was almost supernatural. In a flash she was behind the other brunette, locking a Half Nelson on Neve’s left arm while looping her right across her victim’s throat.

The crowd was on their feet, as it appeared Amy was going to lock in her vicious Katahajame finisher less than 2 minutes into the match. As she felt Amy’s arm begin to cut off her air, Neve was doing her best not to panic. Before her foe could lock her hands (thereby spelling Neve’s doom) the trapped brunette shot her free hand up and back, grabbing a handful of Amy’s hair. In the same motion she jerked down and forward as hard as she could, hoping to dislodge her attacker. In this measure she was successful as her makeshift toss pulled Amy off balance and flipped her to the canvas. Backing off as Amy got up, Neve rubbed her throat, relieved that she’d been able to escape the debilitating hold.

Amy on the other hand was impressed (and more than a little irked) that Neve had slipped through her finisher so gracefully. Nodding to her opponent she stayed silent, bringing herself within range of her pale rival to continue her attack. Pressing the advantage she had from almost choking Neve out, Amy went on the offensive again, blasting a high, hard thrust kick at the other brunette’s chin. But this time Neve was ready for the attack and she actually moved forward to meet the kick before ducking under it and slipping behind Amy. Looking for a little advantage herself, Neve latched a Half Nelson onto Amy’s right arm and drew her free arm across the stunned girl’s throat, intent on cinching the Katahajame on its main proponent. Almost shocked into inaction when she realized what Neve was trying to do, Amy cast off her stupor and reacted accordingly, getting a grip on Neve’s choking arm with her free hand before the Scream Queen could lock her grip in. Not wasting a second, Amy tossed Neve off of her, letting the brunette get up un-accosted so she could get her bearings back.

Not used to having someone try her own moves against her, Amy said, “Pretty impressive. Been watching a lot of my matches?”

Neve smiled slightly, “All of them!” she responded.

“Wonder if it'll pay off?” Amy added, beckoning Neve to come and get her.

The Scream Queen obliged her and she lunged in, arms extended for another clench. But Amy had plans of her own and she enacted them by driving one pad covered knee up right into the plane of Neve’s belly, right above her navel. Neve grunted as the air left her lungs and Amy added to her discomfort by flipping her to the mat with a perfect Judo Toss. Before Neve could attempt to roll away, Amy grabbed hold of her prey’s right arm and pulled it over her head. Pulling Neve to a sitting position, Amy threaded her legs around Neve’s head and fell back, locking her ankles to trap Neve’s head and arm in a tight Scissor hold, a maneuver better known in Martial Arts circles as a Triangle Choke. Keeping her ankles locked, Amy squeezed with all her might, trying to choke Neve out with her well-toned thighs.

Red faced and gasping after mere seconds in the hold, Neve kept her wits about her, thrashing about for the sanctuary of the ropes even as Amy was squeezing tighter. After several agonizing seconds, the Scream Queen found what she was looking for and looped her ankles around the bottom rope, waiting for Amy to break her hold. Seeing Neve get to the ropes, Amy fought the urge to just keep the hold locked in, knowing it would render her prey unconscious in relatively short order. But that would probably get her disqualified and she wanted an untainted win over Neve too badly to risk getting DQ’ed. Listening to the ref count, she broke the hold at 3, getting to her feet as Neve got to her knees, trying to shake off the asphyxia of the choke.

Knowing she had to keep Neve off balance if she was going to beat her, Amy grabbed the kneeling brunette by her hair and pulled up, shoving her roughly into the ropes in the process. Pushing Neve’s arms aside to get a better shot at her chest, Amy drew her hand back and let fly, cracking a Knife Edge chop across the top of Neve’s chest. The chop made a sound like ice cracking on a cold day and the Scream Queen’s pained grimace proved that the blow was solid. Smiling slightly as the crowd went “WOOOOO!” as the sound of the chop echoed in the room. Amy repeated her tactic, cracking several more brisk chops into the pale brunette’s quickly reddening chest.

Deciding on something a bit flashier, Amy grabbed Neve’s wrist and whipped her across the ring, letting her foe bounce off the ropes before sprinting forward to meet her. With the space between them rapidly diminishing, Amy left her feet in a high, arcing leap that culminated with her slamming a heel into Neve’s chin. The other brunette’s head snapped back and she let out a pained groan, as she was sent hard to the mat. Getting to her feet in an instant, Amy strode over to where Neve was laying and grabbed her by the hair. Pulling her to her knees, Amy placed one hand on the top of Neve’s skull and pushed down while the other she placed under Neve’s chin and pushed up, twisting her foe’s neck painfully.

Hearing Neve hiss in pain, Amy addressed her calmly, “I’m not here to hurt or embarrass you Neve. I’m just here to beat you. So anytime you want this to end, just tap out and I’ll let you go.”

Her response somewhat slurred from the hold, Neve answered back, “I don’t submit this easy Amy. All I need is one mistake and I’ll be asking for your submission.”

Amy’s face got a bit colder. “I’m not in the habit of making mistakes.” she said.

She was about to continue when Neve hammered an elbow into her captor’s gut. Amy grimaced and maintained her grip even as Neve smashed her in the belly again. Knowing she’d have to release the hold unless she changed her approach, Amy did just that, pulling Neve to her feet while she was still in the Head Vise. Before Neve could elbow her again, Amy shifted her grip and tossed Neve butt first to the canvas with a simple Snap Mare. With the other brunette slumped over in front of her, Amy left her feet in a short hop, driving both bare feet into the base of Neve’s neck with a Low Dropkick.

Deciding on her next move, Amy grabbed Neve by the hair and pulled her up, before cinching a tighter grip on her foe’s wrist. Planting her feet, Amy whipped Neve towards the ropes, but as she was going to release her captive, Neve latched her free hand onto her wrist and held on tight. Putting on the brakes, Neve planted her feet and tugged forward, yanking Amy into her. As the lighter haired brunette stumbled forward, Neve greeted her with open arms, clasping both limbs in a tight circle around Amy’s torso.

Standing belly to belly with her opponent, Neve took a microsecond to whisper, “Gotcha!”

She lifted straight up and fell back, tossing Amy halfway across the ring with a huge Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. The throw caught Amy Jo totally off guard and she lay on the mat gasping as Neve got to her feet and stalked over to where the Suplex had deposited her. Eager to even the score (in her mind, Amy was way ahead on points) Neve pulled the brown haired girl to her feet, standing face to face with her. Looking to repeat the success of her last attack, Neve locked her arms around Amy‘s waist again. Her grip unbreakable, Neve lifted her victim off the mat and in one brutally smooth motion, pivoted 180 degrees before driving them both to the canvas, slamming Amy’s back into the mat while landing with her full weight on the other brunette.

Pleased with the way the suplexes had slowed Amy down, Neve looked to keep the agile brunette grounded. Sitting beside her rival, Neve pulled Amy to a sitting position before wrapping one strong arm under Amy‘s chin while the other pressed down on the back of her skull. Pulling her grip tight, Neve fell to the canvas, locking in the Sleeper as they both lay on the mat. Feeling Amy begin to fight against the hold, Neve threaded a leg between her captive’s and Grapevined one of the flailing limbs in an effort to keep Amy Jo from reaching the ropes. But even though Amy was winded from the Suplexes and the Sleeper, she had more than enough fight left in her to reach the ropes and several seconds later she did just that, grasping the bottom cable with both hands while demanding to be released. Listening to the ref begin his count, Neve knew she was in for a tough battle. She’d have to grind away Amy’s defenses before she could set her up for something big enough to finish her off. Breaking the hold, Neve got to her feet, allowing herself a small breather as Amy regained a vertical base.

Shaking off the effects of Neve’s assault, Amy fixed her gaze on Neve and said, “Shouldn’t have let me get up, you do better on the mat.”

Neve answered quickly. “Consider it a small courtesy, one that might not be afforded to you later.”

Amy’s eyes narrowed at the subtle threat in Neve’s response. “Then Ill just have to finish you quick.” she shot back before lunging forward to crack another chop off Neve’s chest. The Scream Queen soaked up the fist chop and then a second, but when Amy reared back for a third, Neve ducked under the strike and slipped behind her opponent. Securing a tight Waist lock on Amy, Neve lifted her up and bridged backwards, dropping Amy on the back of her head and shoulders with a beautiful German Suplex. Knowing the German was a potential match-ender, Neve kept her feet planted on the canvas and bridged up, trying to keep Amy’s shoulders pinned for the 3. She was disappointed but not surprised when Amy broke the bridge right after the 2 count.

Collecting herself, Neve decided to keep pressing the attack on Amy’s back and ribs. Pulling the other brunette to her feet, Neve slipped behind her opponent and sprang into action. Keeping her body pressed tightly against Amy’s back, Neve reached around Amy Jo’s body with her right leg so it looped around Amy’s side and between her legs, hooking Amy’s right leg with the entangling limb. Then, using both hands, she pushed down on Amy’s head and neck, stretching the trapped brunette’s torso painfully across Neve’s knee. The Abdominal Stretch was locked in perfectly and Neve knew it, mostly because of the pained grunts and groans coming from Amy.

Bouncing the hold slightly, Neve asked, “Ready to tap out?”

Face twisted in pain and anger, Amy’s response was immediate, “Not even close.”

Not listening to Neve’s muttered comeback, Amy Jo closed her eyes against the pain and focused on escape. Holding still for a moment, she began to catch the rhythms of Neve’s movement and the captured brunette began to rock in time to the motions of her tormentor. A few seconds later when she believed the time was right, Amy pushed up with all her strength and tossed forward.

Neve was caught flat-footed by her prey’s escape plan and thusly she was tossed over Amy’s hip, landing on the canvas in a painful sprawl. Still grimacing at the pain in her side, Amy didn’t take the time to shake it off. Biting back the pain, she pulled Neve to her feet and whipped her toward the ropes again.

Setting for a second Hip Toss as Neve rushed back towards her, Amy was surprised and a bit disheartened when Neve reversed her momentum and slipped behind her. In a flash, the Scream Queen had locked the Abdominal Stretch in again, but she played a little rougher this time, using her right arm to hook Amy’s head while driving the point of her elbow into Amy’s ribs with her left arm.

Feeling Amy Jo’s body shiver in her grip, Neve’s dark eyes flashed fire, “You’re good Amy, but I’m better! Submit now before the pain becomes unbearable.”

Using her anger to focus her attention, Amy spat, “ You’re gonna have to do a lot more than this to get my submission Neve.”

Her face a study in pitiless calm, Neve answered, “Ask and ye shall rec…ERRRGHHH!”

She was cut off as Amy blasted her free hand up and into her face, rocking the dominant brunette enough to force a release on the hold. Staggering back a few steps, Neve cleared her head and homed in on the gingerly moving Amy. Deciding that she hadn’t worked her rival over enough, Neve stalked forward and trapped the girl in a tight Front Face Lock. Slinging Amy’s near arm over her shoulders, Neve grabbed a handful of pink tights and hauled upwards, inverting Amy over her head with a basic Vertical Suplex. But Amy’s escape from the Abdominal Stretch had given her some much-needed confidence and at the apex of the lift, she slipped free from Neve’s grip and landed lightly on her feet behind her foe.

Before Neve could turn around, Amy blasted a low kick into the Scream Queen’s right thigh that dropped her to one knee in an instant. In almost the same breath, Amy reset her stance and fired a short, stiff kick that clipped Neve right behind the ear. The kick sounded like a rifle going off and Neve reacted as if shot, slumping forward with a single groan to lie moaning on the canvas. Finally taking a moment to collect herself, Amy acknowledged the cheers of her fans with a small nod before turning her attention back to Neve. Bending down, she grabbed the sprawled girl by her right arm and yanked her to her feet, wringing the captive limb in the process. Twisting Neve’s arm painfully, Amy stepped back from her rival and said, “Speaking of receiving… they say it’s better to give than to receive and in this case I can’t say that I disagree.” When Neve didn’t reply, Amy went about proving her point, snapping a wicked series of high kicks into the other brunette’s chest and armpit. Each of these blows sent a shudder through Neve’s frame and after a half dozen she was barely able to stay on her feet. And after Amy delivered a final kick directly to Neve’s chin, the ‘barely’ part left the equation and Neve tumbled to the canvas in a bruised, moaning heap. Breathing deeply, Amy gave herself a small mental pat on the back before deciding on her next course of action. Coming to a solution quickly, she pulled Neve to her feet and whipped the groggy girl hard into the corner.

Moving quickly to the corner on a diagonal from her rival, Amy sprinted halfway across the ring before leaving her feet and executing three consecutive handsprings, the last of which culminated with her ramming the point of her elbow deep into Neve’s exposed chest. Keeping her balance, Amy Jo pushed Neve back into the corner, making sure she was open for her next attack.

Leaning in close to the dazed brunette, Amy spoke quietly, but clearly. She WANTED Neve to hear what she had to say, “Listen Neve. I didn’t come here to dissect you, but don’t think for a second that I won’t. If you force my hand, I will beat you down.”

Not waiting for a reply, Amy stepped back and set her stance before blasting another pair of hard Snap Kicks into the side of Neve’s head.

Looking for an artistic flourish to go out on, Amy hopped onto the middle rope and used it as a springboard to hit a leaping kick to Neve’s temple. The abused Scream Queen’s legs finally failed her and she stumbled forward drunkenly and would have fallen if Amy hadn’t caught her. Holding Neve in her arms, Amy said, “You don’t get to fall on your own. I have to put you down.” Then she slung her opponent into the opposite corner, waiting for Neve to stop squirming after her back hit the steel. Picking her spot, Amy sprinted forward and leapt, this time coming to rest with both her feet on top of Neve’s thighs. Looping her hands behind the other brunette’s neck, Amy fell backwards, propelling Neve up and over her with a Monkey Flip that sent the Scream Queen to mid-ring.
Popping to her feet, Amy stalked the wounded brunette, watching warily as Neve got to her feet several seconds later. Realizing Neve hadn’t fully regained her balance; Amy lashed a foot up and out, looking to catch Neve under the chin with a Super Kick. But Neve’s head cleared at the last possible moment and she ducked the strike, slipping quickly behind her foe.

Without thinking, Neve slapped a Waist Lock on Amy and bridged up, trying to take the other brunette to the canvas with another German Suplex. Unfortunately for her, Amy wasn’t looking to repeat the experience and she rolled free of Neve’s grip again, landing a few feet behind her foe in a perfect back flip. Remembering the earlier success of the Drop-kick, Amy delivered another one, this time driving both bare feet into the back of Neve’s knees. Neve was knocked off her feet and she lay on the mat, cradling her injured limbs. Looking to make a bold statement, Amy stalked over to her prey and pulled her to her knees again. Without saying a word, Amy spoke volumes, firing a series of three brutal chops with blinding speed. The first caught Neve across the forehead, the second along the bridge of her nose and the third landed right across her mouth. Almost as the third chop landed, Amy slammed Neve face first into the mat, bouncing the Scream Queen’s head off the canvas like a basketball.

Believing that would be the last nail in Neve’s coffin, Amy dropped to her knees and muscled the pale brunette over onto her back before going for the cover. The ref had slapped the mat twice and was going for three when Neve managed to get a shoulder up. Perturbed but not discouraged, Amy pulled Neve to her feet and applied a Front Face Lock of her own, setting Neve for a Suplex. Grabbing a handful of her rival’s black tights, Amy popped her hips hard, taking Neve over fast and mean with a scintillating Snap Suplex. Neve’s back arched when she hit the mat and Amy took that as a good sign. She was really putting the screws to Neve now!

Deciding to attack Neve from a different front, Amy stalked her opponent, waiting for Neve to get her feet under her. Watching Neve look wildly around for her caused Amy to grin coldly and she called out, “Behind ya!” Neve spun and Amy was already in motion, leaping at the Scream Queen with her legs scissored open and aimed at Neve’s head. The pink clad girl snapped her thighs shut and fell back, preparing to complete the Hurricanrana by rolling Neve up for the win. But as she fell back, something went wrong. Instead of taking Neve to the canvas, Amy found herself hanging inverted, her hands brushing the canvas as Neve held her legs in a death grip.

Neve’s dark eyes glowed with painful intent as she held her foe aloft. Shifting her grip, she snaked both arms around Amy’s left leg before taking a step forward and sitting down, turning the awkward looking predicament into a perfect Half Boston Crab.
Knowing they were in the center of the ring, Neve put all her strength into the hold, leaning back as far as gravity would allow her so she could torture Amy’s lower back and leg. Bouncing roughly on the sweating plane of Amy’s lower back, Neve gave the hold another jerk and addressed her foe in a voice tinged with the tiniest bit of spite. “ That was dumb Amy. You should have kept up the kicks. Getting all fancy and airborne cost you big and now I’m gonna stretch you out.” She punctuated this statement with another colossal jerk on Amy’s bent leg. Gritting her teeth, Amy slapped the mat in helpless anger, ignoring the ref when he asked if she wanted to give it up. Spying the ropes, the trapped brunette bit back her groans and put both palms on the mat. Pushing up, she began to crawl very slowly towards safety, dragging not only her weight, but Neve’s as well. Feeling Amy’s movement beneath her, Neve looked over her shoulder just in time to see Amy’s fingers brushing against the bottom rope.

Determination flooded her features and Neve whispered, “Oh no you DON’T!” before pulling herself off Amy’s back and dragging her back towards the center of the ring. Seeing her freedom snatched away from her, Amy slammed both hands against the mat and snarled in frustration. She managed to twist her torso to look back at Neve only to see the other brunette grab hold of her left ankle with both hands. Her eyes widened in fear but her shout of protest died on her lips as Neve pulled up as hard as she could before shoving back down, ramming Amy’s knee full force into the mat. An explosion of pain went off in the joint and Amy couldn’t hold back a groan as she pulled her injured leg towards her, trying to prevent Neve from damaging it any further. This was a useless effort however as Neve pulled the limping brunette to one knee and stood beside her. Reaching down, Neve hooked Amy’s injured ankle and pulled up, folding her rival’s leg at the knee, forcing Amy to hop awkwardly on one foot. Keeping her grip steady, Neve hadn’t forgotten Amy’s threats from earlier in the fight. Finding her voice, Neve said, “ You want to try and dissect me? Let me tell you something Amy, dissection is MY game and no one plays it better. I think you’re already starting to figure that out, but in case it’s not clear, let me reiterate.”

Keeping her grip on Amy Jo’s folded leg, Neve lifted up with all her strength, pulling Amy awkwardly off the mat. Holding her prey aloft for only a moment, Neve dropped her down, slamming Amy’s bent leg into her own posted knee, a brutally simple Knee Breaker. Amy howled and fell to the mat, clasping at her mangled joint as Neve stalked her. Watching Amy hobble to her feet, it occurred to Neve that it would be better to put Amy away as quickly as possible, she remembered all too well what the other brunette could do with only a small opening. Calming herself, Neve slipped up behind the woozy girl and trapped her in a Tight Full Nelson. Making sure her hands were tightly clasped, Neve bridged up and dropped back, driving Amy’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a Dragon Suplex.

Taking note of the pained grunt that emerged from Amy when her head hit the mat, Neve bridged up, trying to keep her foe in place for the three. But Amy Jo was resilient and she managed to break free of Neve’s grip microseconds before the 3. Shaking her head in disappointment, Neve got to her feet and pulled Amy to hers. Gripping the other brunette’s wrist, Neve slung her into the corner, noting with no small amount of satisfaction the tortured expression that crossed Amy’s face when her back hit the buckles. Closing the distance between them, Neve stood in front of Amy, gripping the top rope on either side of her rival for extra leverage.

Rearing back a bit, Neve hurtled forward, burying a high Knee Lift in Amy’s gut. As the wind rushed out of Amy Jo’s lungs, Neve talked to her foe, while still delivering a steady stream of Knee Lifts to her belly. “I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t beat you in a slugfest Amy, you’re just too fast for me. But I think I can hit with the best of them given proper motivation. Wouldn’t you agree?” She snarled this last bit as she delivered a final Knee Lift, this one finally taking the other brunette off her feet, leaving her sitting with her head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. Unable to resist the opening, Neve backed up several paces before charging forward and dropping low, driving the soles of both bare feet into Amy’s face with a Drop-kick of her own.

Amy shuddered and slumped to her side, the pink clad warrior quickly being used up by Neve’s methodical, grinding attack. Not wanting to give Amy any time to recover, Neve pulled the dazed girl from the corner with a damp handful of brown hair. Getting behind Amy Jo, she pulled Amy into the corner, back first. Then Neve hoisted herself up and sat balanced on the tope rope, her back to the audience as she maintained her grip on Amy Jo’s ponytail. In one practiced looking move, Neve brought her legs up around Amy’s throat, locking in a Figure Four Head Scissors. Releasing her hold on Amy’s hair, Neve grabbed the top rope in both hands and leaned all the way back until she was almost upside down outside the ring, her long legs still cinched tightly around the flailing brunette’s neck.

As innovative as this version of the Head Scissors was, it could only be held for a five count before it had to be released. Neve used every bit of the count, only releasing her suffocating foe when the ref reached 5. Hopping off the buckles, Neve stood over Amy for a second, getting her breath back before going on the attack again. Breaking her respite, Neve pulled Amy to her feet and tossed her across the ring again, smashing Amy’s tenderized back against the steel buckles for the second time in as many minutes. Calming her nerves, Neve sprinted forward and extended her arm, meaning to decapitate Amy in the corner with a Clothesline. But it turned out that Amy was rather fond of her head and not quite ready to relinquish it yet. As Neve charged in, Amy got both feet up into her chest and pistoned them out, catching Neve right in the chest. The Scream Queen gasped and staggered back several steps, both arms crossed protectively across her torso as she tried to get her breath back. Over in the corner, Amy saw her opportunity and refused to let it get away.

Ignoring the growing pain in her knee and ribs, the revitalized brunette hopped onto the top rope and perched there just long enough for Neve to turn and face her. Leaping off the top, Amy said to herself, “ How’s this for motivation Neve?” as she extended her right leg and thrust it forward, catching Neve right across the chin with a top rope Thrust Kick. Neve’s strong legs turned to water and she went down hard, spun around almost a full 180 degrees by the force of the kick. Amy was getting to her feet and was about to pull Neve to hers when she realized her last Kick might have knocked Neve cold. Eyes widening at the thought of putting her foe away right then, Amy dropped to her knees and rolled Neve onto her back, hooking both legs as she went for the cover. She was genuinely surprised (and genuinely pissed off) when Neve was able to roll a shoulder off the canvas before the deciding slap of the mat. Knowing that Neve must still be dazed from the Kick, Amy pressed the advantage, pulling Neve to her feet and slipping behind her. Securing a Wait Lock of her own, Amy threw Neve’s taunt back in her face.

“I’ll be the first to admit I can’t match your grappling Neve, but I think I can throw a Suplex with the best of them given proper motivation. Wouldn’t you agree?”

She bridged up, holding Neve off the canvas for a few seconds before falling backwards, spiking the back of Neve’s head and shoulders into the mat with a Delayed German Suplex. Intent in succeeding where Neve had failed, Amy bridged up high and tight, trying to keep Neve’s shoulders on the mat, but Neve was still able to break free before the 3 count. Pulling Neve to her feet, Amy attempted a move that had failed earlier. Tensing her legs, she executed a gorgeous vertical leap, at the apex of which she scissored her thighs shut around Neve’s head. With a twist of her hips, Amy pulled Neve off her feet, taking her up and over with the Hurricanrana. But when Amy came to rest on Neve’s chest, she didn’t get off, instead she reached back and hooked both of her foe’s legs before leaning all her weight forward, trying to put Neve away with a Matchbook Pin. She came close, but Neve shoved her off right after 2.

Slapping the mat in anger, Amy snarled to herself, “Screw trying to beat you at your own game, I’ll beat you at my game. I’m better at that anyway.”

Shoving her anger aside, Amy pulled Neve up by the hair, setting the Scream Queen on wobbly legs. Setting her stance, Amy didn’t hesitate a second more, burying several sadistic punches and just as many kicks in Neve’s torso and face. After an especially hard chop rocked the other brunette back on her heels, Amy stepped forward, looking to end her attack emphatically. Standing slightly to Neve’s right side, Amy grabbed her foe and threaded her left leg behind Neve’s right. Then she shoved forward with all her strength, taking Neve off her feet with a brutally simple Leg Sweep known as the STO.

Neve was shoved off balance and she groaned in agony as the back of her head bounced hard off the canvas. Amy thought about going for the cover then, but decided against it. Pulling Neve to her feet, Amy got behind her damaged opposition and went to work. Amy snaked her right leg around Neve’s body, threading it over her side and between Neve’s legs, entwining Neve’s right leg with her own. Then Amy Jo wrapped her right arm around Neve’s head and pulled tight, bending the other brunette painfully. Her version of the Abdominal Stretch almost complete, Amy used her free hand to sink a claw into Neve’s tightly stretched stomach, applying wicked pressure.

Digging her claw in as deep as it would go, Amy looked down into Neve’s face and asked sternly, “Do you submit?”

Red faced and snarling from the pain in both her side and neck, Neve shook her head as best she could and spat, “No way Amy.”

Nonplused, the domineering brunette merely dug her claw in deeper, watching fascinated as her fingers sank deep into Neve’s defenseless belly. The pink adorned gladiator was about to ask for Neve’s surrender a second time when Neve balled her free hand into a fist and smashed it full force into Amy’s face. Startled and hurt by blow, Amy released her hold and staggered back, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs. Fortunately for her, she cleared her head faster than Neve could, and she responded in kind, snapping a guillotine like chop down on the back of Neve’s neck, driving her to her knees.

Brushing a bit of hair from her eyes, Amy moved so that she was standing in front of the kneeling Neve. Speculating she had enough time to deliver the final blow, Amy turned her back on Neve, sprinting toward the ropes on the other side of the ring. She bounced off the cables and was heading back towards her foe, preparing to take her head off with the diabolically painful Shining Wizard Kick when Neve exploded off her knees, shooting forward to drill a Clothesline across her face.

The force of the blow snapped Amy’s head all the way back and the lighter haired brunette almost did a full 360 in the air before landing on the mat in a daze, moaning tangle of limbs. On her knees beside Amy, Neve took several deep breaths before getting to her feet. Looking down at Amy’s sprawled figure, Neve got angry, now more determined than ever to put away her foe in a dominating and convincing fashion.

Pulling her weak-kneed foe up by her ponytail, Neve got in Amy’s face and asked, “You think you can throw a better Suplex than me? Let’s see you top THIS.”

Neve trapped Amy in a Front Face Lock, slinging the brunette’s near arm over her shoulders while reaching down to hook Amy’s left leg with her right arm. Ready to act, she pulled Amy up and off her feet, bringing the brunette crashing down hard with a Fisherman’s Suplex. When the first Suplex connected, Neve twisted her hips and rolled to her side, getting her feet under her. With a loud groan, she brought both herself and her captive to their feet. Then Neve delivered another beautiful Fisherman’s Suplex. And even then she wasn’t done, bringing Amy up into position for a third Suplex. This time when Neve hoisted her prey up, she held the battered girl over her head for as long as possible, a Hanging Fisherman’s Suplex. After several seconds of holding her rival in this embarrassing pose, Neve’s legs began to fail her so she fell back, driving Amy into the canvas one more time.

This time when they hit, the Scream Queen did bridge up, hoping to put Amy away with this impressive feat. But much like Amy’s best moves hadn’t been able to keep Neve down, neither would Amy Jo be pinned down by Neve’s assault. Releasing her grip on Amy, Neve thought through her arsenal, looking for the move that would put Amy down for good. Settling on an old favorite, Neve sat next to Amy’s head and scissored her legs open, bringing the back of Amy’s head to rest against her crotch. Crossing her ankles, Neve put her hands on the mat and squeezed as hard as she could, cutting off her rival’s air with a basic Headscissors. The fog in Amy’s brain lifted immediately as Neve’s vise-like thighs began to crush against the sides of her head. Red-faced and thrashing, Amy dragged herself toward the ropes, managing to get one foot under the bottom cable right as the black dots began to dominate her vision. Snarling in exasperation, Neve gave the scissors one final squeeze before releasing her grip and getting to her feet. Watching Amy use the ropes to get up, Neve suppressed a smirk, replacing it with a cold, indifferent glare. Seconds later, Amy met her gaze and the gasping girl had this to say. “ That was pretty good Neve. It’s been a long time since I faced anyone who could match me move for move and counter for counter. But one of us has to lose and it’s not going to be me. You’re either gonna tap out, or get choked out and then these people will know that I’m the best pure grappler in this promotion.” She ended her statement by once again assuming her Martial Arts stance.

Dropping into her preferred crouch, Neve answered, “ I’m afraid you’re heading for disappointment Amy. When it comes to pure WRESTLING, there’s no one in this business that can beat me. You’ve given me a hard time to be sure, but you’re going to end up on your back, looking at the lights while you tap out.” She beckoned the other brunette in then, daring Amy to make her a liar. Amy didn’t wait long in obliging her, lunging forward to launch a wicked looking kick at Neve’s face. But Neve had anticipated the attack and she slipped under Amy’s leg in one quick flowing movement. Getting behind her foe, Neve took advantage of Amy’s confusion, trapping her right arm in a Half Nelson while slipping her other arm around Amy’s waist.

With another pop of her hips, Neve tossed Amy Jo up and over, letting the other brunette land hard on the top of her head, a victim of the impressive looking, but very dangerous Half Nelson Suplex. Knowing that Amy’s neck had to be in bad shape after the landing from the Suplex, Neve went in for the kill. Lying on her opponent’s body, facing her feet, Neve trapped Amy’s head between her thighs a second time; cutting off her victim’s breathing with the effective and embarrassing Inverted Figure Four Headscissors. With her butt mere inches from Amy’s nose, Neve squeezed as tight as she could, adding an occasional flick of her hips just to get the audience on her side.
Indeed it was a worthy tactic as the crowd roared their support, encouraging the Scream Queen to finish off her opponent.

If there was one person not entertained by the hold it was Amy! The downed brunette suffocating and humiliated by having Neve’s butt in such close proximity to her face. Knowing the ropes weren’t an option this time, she went with the only other option available to her. Balling her hands into fists she began pounding, short, sharp punches into Neve’s thighs and butt hoping to dislodge her tormentor. Neve grimaced and tried to fight against the pain growing in her legs but eventually it became too much and she released the scissors, letting Amy breathe freely again. Massaging the pains out of her legs and backside, Neve approached the recovering brunette with anger in her stride, yanking Amy up and slapping a quick Hammerlock on the weary beauty.

Wrenching the Hammerlock tighter, Neve hissed, “You’re gonna wish you’d given up a long time ago by the time we’re done.”

Rising up on her toes, Amy spat back, “I could say the same thing to you.”

Before Neve could respond, Amy brought her free hand up and gripped the back of Neve’s head. Bending her feet, Amy pushed off the mat hard, rising into the air in front on Neve even though she was still in the Hammerlock. When she began to descend, Amy tucked her legs in and jerked forward. The effect was a sort of brilliantly improvised Snap-Mare that used Amy’s weight and momentum to toss Neve over her and halfway across the ring.

Massaging the tenderness out of her arm, Amy got to her feet and watched Neve stagger to hers. Tensing her entire body, Amy waited for Neve to turn around before hopping forward and absolutely rocketing her right foot toward Neve’s face. This time Amy’s Super Kick connected and it connected perfectly, the simple kick nearly decapitating her rival. Neve went to the mat hard, almost spread-eagled as Amy walked up and stood over her.

Kicking Neve over onto her stomach, she straddled the dazed Scream Queen’s back, then told Neve in a rather pleased tone, “You know I’d have preferred to put you away with the Katahjame, but I’ve got another hold I’ve been working on that should do the trick. Tell me what you think of THIS….”

Not getting a cogent response, Amy went about the business of finishing Neve off. Still facing Neve’s head, Amy leaned back and hooked the brunette’s right leg. To complete the hold, Amy pulled the leg forward and slipped it over her shoulder, gripping the bent leg tightly at the ankle. Finally she planted her feet on the mat and leaned forward as far as she could, wrenching Neve’s leg with a hideous modification of the Single Leg Crab. When Amy locked her new move in, Neve’s leg and back exploded in agony. Clawing at the mat and her hair to keep from tapping out, Neve dug her hands into the canvas and began to pull herself toward the sanctuary of the ropes. After what seemed like an eternity (but in actuality was only about 15 seconds, Neve felt the comforting presence of the ropes and she clutched it the way a drowning person clings to a lifeline.

Seconds later she felt Amy release the hold, though the other brunette did it more than a bit grudgingly. Neve tried to get her feet under her, but her right leg felt almost useless and she was only up to one knee when Amy pulled her up by the hair. Marching her out to the center of the ring, Amy doubled Neve over with a kick to the gut. Stepping back a few paces, Amy charged her prone foe at a dead run and left her feet in a beautiful vertical leap. As she began to descend, Amy brought a leg up high and smashed it down across the back of Neve’s neck. The Scissor Kick drove the Scream Queen face first into the mat and she let out a low groan as Amy pushed her over onto her back and into a cover. Somehow though, she was able to push Amy off her before the last count. Amy was reaching the limits of her patience now; Neve was taking her best shots and wouldn’t stay down.

Amy Jo was still trying to figure out a plan when her gaze came to rest on Neve’s head. Knowing the brunette’s skull had taken a sick amount of punishment during this match, Amy deduced that one more big move focused on the cranium would put Neve down once and for all.

“Brainbuster it is then,” Amy whispered as she pulled Neve to her feet. Trapping the Scream Queen in a Front Face Lock, she secured a handful of Neve’s tights before lifting her captive overhead as if for a Vertical Suplex. But instead of falling back, Amy fell down, spiking Neve’s head into the mat from several feet up with the aforementioned Brainbuster. Neve lay boneless on the mat and Amy knew the battle was hers; still she would not be content until the ref had raised her hand in victory. Draping herself across Neve, she hooked both of Neve’s legs and waited as the zebra counted, 1... 2...

Neve’s shoulder jerked off the canvas. The crowd couldn’t believe it and neither could Amy! It took all her control to keep from slapping the ref upside the head and making the count herself. But instead, she got to her feet and pulled Neve to hers.

Glaring into Neve’s glazed eyes she whispered, “I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T WANT TO HURT YOU BUT YOU’RE NOT GIVING ME ANY CHOICE.”

Amy Jo whipped Neve into the corner, noting there was almost no reaction from the Scream Queen when her back rammed into the post. Approaching her victim, Amy switched places with Neve, trapping the other brunette in another Front Face Lock as she sat on the top buckle, preparing to administer a skull shattering Tornado DDT.

Amy pushed off the turnbuckles and had just twisted herself around when Neve’s hands flew to her shoulders and shoved hard. Amy’s Face Lock was broken and the DDT rendered useless as she landed hard on the canvas. Getting to her feet, Amy was about to say something when Neve interrupted.

“You’d have to hurt me if you wanted to beat me Amy, but you can’t hurt me enough to keep me down. Can’t fault you for trying though.”

Incredulous that Neve was still in this thing, Amy looked to surprise her with another Super Kick, her good right leg pistoning out and toward Neve’s chin. But Amy had tried kicking at Neve once too often and this time she paid the price for it. As the leg came toward Neve’s face, she shot forward to meet the limb, snaking her arm under the leg and then pulling up, trapping it nearly directly over Amy‘s head! In the same instant, Neve shot her free hand behind Amy’s neck and clasped her hands shut. Holding Amy in this painful position, Neve turned in a circle so that her back was facing the center of the ring. Looking into Amy’s helpless but fearless visage, Neve whispered “checkmate.” before tossing Amy up and over her head, the Capture Suplex a truly amazing sight.

Standing over the wreckage that had been Amy Jo Johnson, Neve knew she must end the match. Looking to the crowd, she drew a finger across her throat before pulling Amy to her feet. Getting no resistance from the brunette, Neve muscled her onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry before walking to the center of the ring. Turning in a slow circle, Neve let everyone see the set-up for one of her three finishers, an impressive looking Fireman’s Carry Pile Driver some pun loving dork in the office had dubbed the ‘Neve-astator’

But just as Neve began the twist of her torso that would begin Amy’s downward descent, the other brunette slipped off Neve’s shoulders and landed behind her. In a flash, Amy had cinched in the Half Nelson and was trying to lock her arm across Neve’s throat and thus complete the Katahajame, her primary finisher. Neve knew if Amy locked her hands she’d have no choice but to tap out so she did the reasonable thing and raised her foot up before stomping her heel down across Amy’s bare foot. The pink clad warrior shrieked and stumbled back, but Neve didn’t let her get far! Whirling on her heel, Neve grabbed Amy’s left ankle and jerked up, pulling Johnson off her feet. Amy had barely hit before Neve was in motion, twisting her victim’s leg in preparation of the Figure Four Leg Lock, the Scream Queen’s preferred method of garnering a submission.

But Amy wasn’t going to just let herself get tied up though and in the second that Neve’s back was to her, she got her free leg up and slammed it forward, booting Neve in the butt and breaking the hold in the process. Seeing Neve off balance, Amy popped to her feet and sprinted forward, leg extended high for another Scissor Kick that would take Neve’s head off at the shoulders. With mere millimeters to spare, Neve pulled her head back, leaving Amy’s leg to slice down through empty space. As Amy spun to face her, Neve buried a boot in her gut, doubling her over.

Stepping forward, she trapped Amy in a standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around the brunette’s slick waist. Not waiting another instant, Neve inverted her foe, holding her in place to deliver the ‘Silent Scream‘, the Sit-Out Pile-Driver that had finished off legions of women throughout her career. In the split second that Neve had Amy in her grip, she heard the crowd’s roar increase in both pitch and volume, but she assumed that was merely in anticipation of her finisher. It would prove to be her last coherent thought for a second, because that’s when the steel chair smashed into her back, breaking her grip, her concentration and possibly a rib or two.

Neve didn’t know how long she was out for but it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds, because she came to just in time to see a familiar figure bring the chair crashing down on Amy’s head, the other brunette shuddering once and then laying still under the force of the blow. The intruder wasn’t finished yet though, delivering a stiff shot to the wide-eyed ref, knocking the poor dope senseless before he could summon reinforcements. By the time Neve had gotten to one knee and was about to regain her feet when her attacker turned to face her. Neve’s suspicion was confirmed when she found herself staring into the hateful emerald eyes of Kristin Kreuk!

Beyond sore from the chair shot and the battle with Amy, Neve hissed, “Fucking cowardly bitch…”

Kristin advanced on her gripping the chair in both hands and said nastily, “Ou contrare, I told you I was coming for you…silly girl, ya shoulda been watching your back.”

Before Neve could get her hands up, Kristin brought the chair down, smashing the steel into Neve’s head. The Scream Queen went down with a groan, laid out barely conscious on the canvas.

Standing over her nemesis, Kristin sneered, “I promised I was gonna hurt you Neve and now I’m here to deliver. Get ready to scream for me baby. Get ready to scream like you’ve never screamed before.” Tossing the chair aside, she picked Neve up, standing with one arm cinched around the crippled brunette’s waist and the other gripping the front of her top. Pulling up on the material ever so gently, Kristin cooed, “First things first!” She yanked the top brutally upward, splitting it in two as she peeled the shredded garment away from Neve’s chest. The Hellcat threw it aside and slowly turned her captive around, giving everyone a good look at Neve’s assets. Playing to the crowd, Kristin purred, “Take a good long look fellas, this’ll be the last time you see them for a while.”

She held Neve in that pose for a few more seconds, then enacted the first major stage of her plan, slipping behind the slumped form of her victim. Standing against the Scream Queen’s left side, Kristin forced Neve over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over. In one easy motion, she scissored her right leg around the brunette’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to Neve’s ribs as she reached over Neve’s bent torso and hooked Neve’s right arm with her left. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over the Scream Queen’s neck, the back of the brunette’s knee resting comfortably against the side of her captive’s face. Smiling cruelly as she cinched the Octopus in, Kris pushed down with all her weight, bending Neve’s neck and torso at a horrible angle.

The pain of the hold brought Neve around and she tried to fight the hold, but to escape the Octopus was a feat that few could do when totally healthy and no one could escape it in the shape she was in. Gritting her teeth, Neve held in her pain, refusing to give Kristin the satisfaction of hearing her give voice to her agony. Kristin wasn’t easily deterred and she let Neve know it.

“I’ll make this real easy for you Neve. All you have to do is scream for me. Scream so loud the losers in the back can hear you. Scream ‘til your throat is hoarse and I’ll leave you alone for another week. But if you don’t scream… well, you WILL scream for me…one way or another!” she chuckled as she gave another agonizing wrench to the hold.

Blinking back tears, Neve still managed to roar, “FUCK YOU KREUK! FUCK YOU, YOU PATHETIC LITTLE WANNABE BITCH!”

The green-eyed beauty only smiled, answering Neve’s rancor with more of her own. “I knew you’d say that! Good, I want to see how long you can hold out. Now you just tell me when it hurts.”

Kris reached down with her free hand and latched it onto Neve’s defenseless breasts. Starting on the left, Kristin raked her talon across the soft flesh, leaving angry red welts in her wake. Hardly satisfied with one rake, Kris made several slow, agonizing passes across the orbs, each one leaving uglier looking tracks on Neve’s pale skin. Upping the ante a bit, Kreuk switched to pinching, taking Neve’s tits in her fingers and mauling them as best she could, twisting, rolling and generally mangling the hanging flesh with her skilled fingers. This torture carried on for the better part of three minutes and about halfway into that, the Hellcat had drawn blood, the sadistic beauty watching in fascination as her hated rival’s blood stained her hands. But still Neve would not scream. Her fingers growing tired, Kris tried a final time, trapping Neve’s nipple between thumb and forefinger before twisting her wrist nearly 270 degrees.

Holding her grip, she growled, “SCREAM. Or it’ll only get worse.”

Her breath ragged and shallow, Neve gasped, “GO… TO… HELL.”

Her face contorting in fury at Neve’s defiance, Kris gave her grip one final twist before releasing it and the Octopus, planting Neve face first into the canvas where she lay in a sweaty, bleeding pile of nubile woman flesh. Cracking her knuckles, Kristin looked at her adversary and announced. “I’ll have to bring out the big guns.”

Turning on her heel she went to the corner and picked up a little black bag that was familiar to anyone who’d been following her career in Fannin’s promotion. Picking up the little draw-string pouch, Kris strutted back over to Neve and kicked her onto her back before standing over the brunette, one long leg on either side of her foe‘s hips. Making a show of it, she opened the bag and reached inside. Then with a sick smirking grin, she pulled out an unmarked plastic bottle with a clear liquid inside.

Her evil grin getting wider as the audience buzzed in surprise, Kris opened the bottle and informed the audience, “Just plain old, garden variety rubbing alcohol but I heard it hurts like a bitch in an open wound!” Tossing the cap aside, Kristin poured half the bottle into her palm, then switching hands to finish off the bottle, thoroughly coating both hands with alcohol. Chucking the empty bottle over her shoulder, Kris rubbed her dripping hands and purred, “Now let’s see if I heard right…”

Over the protesting roar of the crowd, Kristin sat down and straddled Neve’s waist. Reaching toward her prey’s scraped, raw chest, Kris laid her hands lightly on Neve’s breasts before digging in, twisting her claws in a ferocious death grip. The alcohol did indeed hurt like hell and it helped Kris achieve her goal. Her traitorous lungs finally overcoming her will, Neve gave voice to long, agonized shriek which could in fact be heard by the folks in the back row.

Her eyes glinting maniacally, Kristin said, “THAT’S what I want to hear! Now, let’s see if you can crack a window.” She twisted even tighter, sending Neve’s screams up another full octave.

Almost satisfied now, Kristin only had one last indignity on her list. Releasing her grip on Neve’s chest, she spun around and scooted forward before sitting down, pressing the full weight of her ass down on Neve’s upturned face. Savoring the feel of the proud brunette’s face being engulfed by her ass, Kristin wiggled her hips, forcing Neve’s nose deeper into her crack.

Cracking her knuckles again, Kristin purred, “So THIS is what my new throne will feel like…I like it, but I wonder if it has magic fingers? Lets find out.” She dug her claws into Neve’s tits once more, forcing the humiliated brunette to scream helplessly into her backside. Smirking at the sensuous reverberation of Neve’s cries between her cheeks, Kris smiled. “It DOES have magic fingers…or maybe that’s MY magic fingers. Either way, I like it!” Then giving Neve’s nipples a final taunting tweak, Kristin got off her victim and stood over her. Adjusting the line of her crimson bottom, Kristin looked out at the stunned mob and said, “You’ve just seen the coronation of the NEW scream queen. Hope you enjoyed the show.”

Then she turned on her heel and exited the ring. Heading up the ramp, the Hellcat was all smiles; her plan to humiliate and destroy Neve had worked perfectly. Now all she had to do was beat her in the ring and she could cement her dominance over Neve once and for all. She had just about made it through the curtain when the crowd’s stunned murmur transformed into a raucous cheer. Kristin turned around, fully expecting to see a horde of those loser officials hauling Neve onto a stretcher. Instead, she was greeted by the site of a wobbly-legged Neve weaving unsteadily in the center of the ring. Kristin’s green eyes narrowed as she just stood there, waiting to see what Neve would do but for a long moment Neve didn’t do anything..... then she took a step forward and spread her arms wide, exposing the ruin of her chest for all to see. The Scream Queen didn’t say anything, but everyone in the club (Kris included) got her message, “I’M STILL HERE!”

Sneering, Kristin muttered, “Go ahead and cheer her you idiots. Every time she gets up, I’ll knock her down again. Eventually she won’t want to or won’t be able to get up again and then I will make her face my throne. Your reign is at an end Neve, mine is just beginning.”

She turned on her heel and swept through the curtain, leaving Neve alone in the crowd to begin formulating her revenge.

A little while later….
Sitting alone in his makeshift office at the back of the club, Richard Fannin grabbed another piece of cold pizza and thought about the events of the evening, especially Kristin’s brutal attack on Neve. To his recollection, no one, not even Ashley Scott had laid out Neve so convincingly. Taking a bite from the slice, he swiveled around in the chair, looking out into night and the pouring rain.

With his food adequately chewed and swallowed, the promoter sighed and said, “Just when it looked like things were going to be nice and calm for a while.”

He was silent then, taking another few bites of the slice as he watched the rain come down. He was about to turn around and grab another piece when he heard the door to his office slowly open, the quiet creak of the hinges giving his visitor away. Regardless of locale, there were only two people who ever came into Rich’s office without knocking; one was George Stark and Fannin hadn’t heard the telltale clunking of his intermediary’s footsteps so that left the other option.

Turning slowly he said, “How are ya feeling Neve?”

The Scream Queen padded across the room in bare feet, clad much more comfortably now in a baggy sweatshirt and cut off shorts. Taking a seat across from Fannin’s desk, Neve eyed the pizza and asked, “Willing to share?”

Rich nodded and said, “It’s cold.”

“Not an issue.” she answered as she helped herself to a slice.

Fannin let her take a few bites before he spoke. “I’m sorry about tonight Neve. The delay from the refs was inexcusable. What Kristin did to you crossed the line. I’m thinking about…”

“She didn’t cross the line Rich, she just set it. Everything’s just going to escalate from here.” She paused here for a second to take another bite. Training her eyes on Rich, she continued, “Kris thinks she can get into my head and maybe she’s right. But I’ll tell you right now, she may get in, but she’s not going to like what she finds.” The Scream Queen’s smile made the normally unflappable promoter shiver.

Finding his voice again, he said, “What do you plan to do?”

Neve smiled, that same cold, flat smile. “When’s her next match?”

“Kristin’s? Let me think… Oh yeah, she’s in the Main Event next week against Michelle Trachtenberg.”
Neve’s expression hadn’t changed. “Remember that favor you promised us after Darkfall Rich? I’m calling mine in.”

“You want me to change the match?” he asked.

“Not at all. I don’t want you to do anything. In fact I don’t want anyone to do anything. Nothing is exactly what I want.”

Fannin cocked his head to the side, “I’m not following you.”

She clarified, “I’m going to repay Kristin next week Rich and I don’t want anyone raising a hand to stop it. None of the other girls, not the dorks in the office and especially not the refs. I want her all to myself.”

Richard was worried. “I’ll see to it, but the deal’s off if you go too far. I won’t let you cripple her Neve.”

Neve’s smile got a bit wider. “Don’t worry Richard Fannin. The only thing I’m going to cripple is her ego. I’m gonna break her spirit before I break the rest of her.”

Finishing her statement, Neve got up and stretched, grimacing at her numerous aches and pains. "Thanks for the pizza Rich. And thanks for the favor, I’ll make sure it’s something worthy of all the trouble it’ll put you through.”

“I’d expect nothing less from you Neve.” he replied. She smiled once more and then made her exit, leaving Fannin alone with his thoughts.

The promoter sighed and muttered, “What the hell are you getting yourself dragged into buddy?”