Supermodel Fight Off: Naomi Campbell vs. Heidi Klum by Tank

A world famous lingerie company was launching a new advertisement to promote its sales and to some it seemed a bit controversial. Their marketing concept was to hang billboards and posters across the country with the caption, "Wildcat or Pussycat?" It planned to shoot poses of a few top supermodels in a wrestling position. One, dressed in a leopard skin bikini would represent the Wildcat; the other, in a bikini of pink, would represent the Pussycat. The model dressed in leopard would have the model dressed in pink in a very compromising position, such as an arm lock or leg scissors. Such was this famous company's idea to market to the public two different lines of lingerie and swimwear.

In an effort to make their promo as appealing as possible, the fashion company offered the photo shoot to a large number of top models, both past and present. Eventually, they decided on bigger names from the recent past to do the modeling - a multi- million dollar deal for the models selected. Among the applicants, there were four supermodels chosen: Stephanie Seymour, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer.

But a problem ensued after the shooting was complete. The four models ALL insisted they model the wildcat lingerie which caused the fashion company to delay its publication. The company was even planning a sexy 2008 calender with a different pose each month. To Naomi Campbell, there was no doubt which woman she should pose as and made it quite clear to the company's top officials.

"I'm the definitive woman to model the Wildcat line of lingerie," she told the man in charge of the project. "The other models, especially Heidi, would make perfect pussycats."

When word reached Heidi, she was livid! Sitting at a bar with Claudia, she expressed her anger. "Naomi thinks she's tougher than she really is. I'm the most fit woman here, Claudia. I wish she tried to bully me like she did the others. I'd have kicked her ass and taught her a lesson!"

"Me too, Heidi!" Claudia answered. "I'm in the best shape of my life and shouldn't have to take a back seat to that bitch! I remember, I gave her the dirtiest look one day after she raised her voice to me. She just walked away like a coward. I think she's afraid of me. I mean, I may not be the toughest looking woman in the world but I don't back down from ANYONE. She knows better than to start with me!"

"With all respect to you, Claudia, Naomi as the Pussycat and me as the Wildcat would be what the public wants to see. I look sooo sexy in leopard! And did you see some of our poses they are planning to publish? They’re so graphic we’re going to take the country by storm. Can you imagine drivers on freeways across the country looking up at a huge billboard that has me and Naomi wrestling in bikinis with my legs wrapped around her in a leg scissors? The men will love it!" Heidi exclaimed.

"Yeah, until it starts causing accidents!" Claudia giggled and both women laughed.

The next morning, all four models were called to the producer's office where they were surprised to hear his solution to the program: a round of catfights would decide which model would get the opportunity to model the Wildcat lingerie. The two winners would model the Wildcat line and the two losers go the Pussycat line. The two matches were decided by drawing lots and Stephanie would fight Heidi while Naomi would face Claudia. The women were dismissed.

Later, in their dressing room which the models shared, Heidi whispered to Claudia as they dressed for battle, "I wish I’d drawn Naomi. I'd show her who the Wildcat is among us. But I'm glad you get the chance to kick her ass!" She slapped Claudia on the butt playfully as she walked off to look for Stephanie.

Naomi walked by and saw it, then as Heidi left, she sidled up to Claudia and stood toe to toe with the gorgeous blond; a smirk on her face. "Ready to fight me, Claudia? If you like Heidi spanking you, I can promise you more of the same. A lot more!"

Claudia's knees began knocking and Naomi saw her shiver, "Look..uh...Naomi...we shouldn't be fighting each other. I mean, it would....uh....jeopardize our friendship. Uh....besides, I'm not in good shape right understand...right?"

Naomi watched Claudia shake like a leaf and smiled as she gazed deep into those blue eyes. "Why don't you volunteer to model the Pussycat line - since no one else wants to. And you'd be perfect for it, Claudia!" Naomi purred as she pressed her body into the blonde's, reached up and ran her finger down Claudia’s cleavage; the pressure of her body forcing Claudia to take a step back. Claudia burst into tears, turned, ran out of the dressing room and disappeared - with Naomi’s mocking laughter ringing in her ears.

At the same time, Heidi was becoming aware that Stephanie was nowhere to be found. She returned to the producer (Charlie) and was told Stephanie and Claudia had both refused to go along with his idea. "We’re down to two models, Heidi; you and Naomi. She insists on posing as the Wildcat. Would you accommodate her?"

"Look, she's acting very childish!” Heidi grumbled. “The whole world would rather see me on the billboards as the Wildcat! You know that! I'm more fit, I'm sexier and I’m more believable in the dominant pose. My fans will love it! I refuse to have my reputation ruined by posing as a submissive pussycat to that overrated bitch! You know better than I do, Charlie; millions of people who will be looking at those billboards and posters!"

"Well, unfortunately, Naomi feels the same way, Heidi. The only way to settle it is for the two of you to fight it out. The winner poses as the Wildcat."

"Fine! Now I have a chance to kick her ass once and for all!" Heidi growled as she stormed out of the room!

The next day, Naomi in a red bikini and Heidi in gold, met in the producer's mansion where they signed a contract stating the winner of the fight would pose as the Wildcat and the loser as the Pussycat. The contract was ironclad and legally binding with no clauses to get out of it. The poses were already shot with both women in both positions, so the lingerie company held the rights to publication with the loser having no legal right to halt or delay it. The only thing to be decided now was which set of pictures they would publish.

The two supermodels faced each other in a small, carpeted, empty room. The producer signaled the start of the fight and both beauties rushed toward the other. Naomi punched Heidi in the face knocking her backward. Heidi reset her self and rushed again! As the two women slammed together, each grabbed the other's hair and yanked furiously. The hair pulling continued with both supermodels grunting; each desperately trying to gain some kind fo advantage.

As they yanked and pulled each other across the room, Naomi appeared the stronger but Heidi had better leverage and was finally able to trip Naomi to the carpet. Heidi jumped on the ebony beauty and punched furiously at her face. Naomi, from her back, punched up at Heidi's face in return. Like a wild woman, Heidi yanked off Naomi's bra and then resumed punching her chest and face while Naomi scratched Heidi's face and wrapped her long, wiry, legs around the beautiful blonde's waist and locked her ankles.

Heidi leaned forward and pressed her larger breasts into Naomi's, then grabbed her hair and began to beat her head on the carpet. Naomi wrapped her arms around Heidi, first putting her in a headlock and then drawing her down into her chest. Both were locked in an intense and savage struggle for supremacy with Heidi remaining on top. The producer was amazed how savage the fight was - considering they were supermodels and used to being pampered.

But anyone who had witnessed them in action would have had to be impressed with their fierceness and determination to dominate! Naomi ripped off Heidi's bra and it fluttered to the carpet leaving both women topless. The lovely blond lifted the ebony beauty's head off the carpet to slam it down again, but Naomi grabbed her wrists to prevent her and adjusted her Scissors about Heidi's waist.

The dark- skinned British Supermodel wasn’t making much of an effort to power the blond German beauty off of her but Heidi grunted as she tried to break her hands free from Naomi’s grip. Unable to do so, Heidi raised her shapely butt off her struggling foe and slammed her gold panties down onto Naomi's red bottom.

"OWWWW!" Naomi moaned. With her legs still wrapped loosely around Heidi's waist, Naomi stared into the blonde's eyes angrily as the fit German princess raised her butt off the well-muscled ebony beauty to slam it down onto her again.


Naomi flexed her powerful, sensuous thigh muscles around Heidi's waist just above her panties, and the blond beauty squealed in pain as the strong, dark supermodel rippled her muscles and lifted the lovely blond and held her in the air above her. Heidi, with Naomi's thighs locked tightly around her, gasped in agony!

Naomi lowered Heidi down, released her wrists and then Bearhugged the blond while on her back. The powerful ebony vixen grunted as she rippled her steely thigh muscles and flexed her hard biceps into the German beauty as Heidi lay flat on top of her. Naomi continued to apply pressure while wrapping herself around the blond like a boa constictor with a helpless doe.

Still, Naomi made no effort to roll Heidi off of her. She had no reason to! Finally, she loosened her grip and an overwhelmed Heidi burst out crying! Naomi twisted her lovely prey over onto her lap as she continued to Scissors and Bearhug.

"NOW HEIDI, WOULD YOU LIKE TO TELL US WHO THE WILDCAT IS?" she chided as she forced Heidi’s face around toward the grinning producer.

"YOU…ARE…NA…NAOMI...!" Heidi bawled loudly.

"AND…WHO MIGHT THE PUSSYCAT BE, HEIDI?" Naomi gloated as she took time to casually flick the blonde's firm nipples with her fingernails.

"Meeeeeeeeeeeee!" Heidi wailed. "Pleeeese...PLEEEEESE…let me GUH…go…Naomi!"

Naomi, kept playing with Heidi's rock hard nipples, firmly establishing her dominance until she finally released her. Heidi’s body slumped as she splayed on her belly on the carpet, her face buried in her crossed arms. She continued sobbing long after Naomi rose, stepped on her ass and ‘walked over her’ on her way out of the mansion!

So, when you see that billboard beside the freeway or that famous poster in a department story with that iconic pose of Naomi totally dominating Heidi, now you’ll know the story behind its origin.