Pandora’s Box: Neve Campbell vs. Kristin Kreuk by The Walkin’ Dude

Well dear friends, here we are in the tail end of summer, sitting comfortably ensconced in a seat at the R’lyeh Club, in Darkside Florida, waiting for the Main event of the evening to start. If this were any old match, I’d likely introduce things with a little bit of local color, but tonight I’m just not in the mood. There’s something ominous about that steel cage that’s surrounding the ring and several feet on either side of it. Maybe it’s just a touch of claustrophobia on my part, but that cage gives me the creeps. I especially don’t like the roof. There’s no way to get out of the thing save for that door and that’s gonna be locked sooner rather than later I think Can’t say I’m a real big fan of that big wooden box either. Looks more like an old bureau you’d find in your folks house than a box and I sure as hell don’t know why it’s inside the boundaries of the cage, or why it’s padlocked. Oh but maybe it’s just me being paranoid. See, here comes the Ring Announcer so I’ll let him handle things from here. Maybe he actually knows what’s going on around here tonight.

Standing outside the entrance to the cage, the Announcer began his final routine of the evening. “Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event for this evening is the first ever ‘Pandora’s Box match’! The rules are as follows: participants will be locked inside the cage and cannot emerge until the match is over. During the course of the match, both can try to use the ladder to gain control of a key which is hanging from the top of the cage. Once they have the key, it will open the box at ringside and allow the wrestlers access to its contents. Once the box has been opened, however, BOTH ladies can use whatever they find inside - however they want! It goes without saying this match is to a no disqualification, no holds barred pin fall or submission finish! Now without further ado, let me introduce the participants...”

Catching his breath, he resumes his shtick, “Introducing first, she stands 5’4”…Kristin Kreeeeeeuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristin’s arrival as the brunette strides through the curtain. The reception for the Hellcat is a mixed bag as many cannot stand her for the vicious way she destroys her opponents or the apparent glee with which she does it But others love her for that same reason, not to mention her always innovative mix of wrestling and cat fighting techniques. As per her custom, Kristin is wearing her trademark two piece red bikini with white pads and boots and her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders Approaching the door of the cage, Kristin makes a show of walking through the door and leaning against the heavy wooden box before sliding into the ring and heading for her corner. Settling in comfortably, she fixes her emerald gaze towards the top of the ramp, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her most hated adversary.

Waiting for the roar to subside, the Announcer brings the mic back up and concludes, “And her opponent, she stands at 5’6” tall; ladies and gentleman, she is the ‘Scream Queen’… Neve Campbell!”

The beginning chords of Soundgarden’s haunting ‘Black Hole Sun’ filled The R’lyeh Club as the brunette swept through the curtain to make her way towards the foreboding structure of the cage and the war it promised. As for her attire, the fact this it was a gimmick match hadn’t altered Neve’s taste any as she was decked out in the simple black tankini she always wore for combat. The look was finished off with matching boots and pads, the dark tones of her pads and hair providing a wonderful contrast to her pale skin. Moving through the door of the cage with no hesitation, Neve slipped under the bottom rope and popped to her feet before gliding to her corner, her dark brown eyes never leaving the Hellcat’s piercing stare.

The clang of the bell sounded the tiniest bit surreal, the pealing notes seeming to reverberate and echo off the steel links of the cage in some way that was fundamentally incorrect. In their respective corners, the two brunettes took a deep breath and then strode slowly towards the center of the ring, each more than ready to finally face down her rival. Padding across the canvas, Neve and Kristin came to a stop with less than a foot separating them. For a moment there was silence as a pair of brilliant green eyes locked with a pair of smoldering brown eyes.

Kristin brushed a lock of hair behind her ears and broke the silence, “This is the beginning of the end for you. I FINALLY get to prove to everyone what I’ve been saying for months. You’re nothing but an overrated corporate suck-up that slept her way to the top. If there’s anyone in this promotion that deserves the title of ‘Scream Queen’ it’s me. And I’m gonna prove it by making you shriek yourself hoarse.”

Holding back on the urge to simply jump the Hellcat and start pounding her, Neve exercised restraint for the first and last time in the contest, “You’re the one getting exposed tonight Kristin. All of these people are going to find out you’re nothing but a big mouth and a lot of cheap shots. And after I beat you across every corner of this ring, I’d ask for an apology, but I think it’s going to be hard with your jaw wired shut.” she concluded this statement by closing the gap between them, her nose brushing ever so slightly against Kristin’s.

Unfazed by the malice in Neve’s voice, Kris spat, “Nothing but cheap shots huh? Well I’d hate to disappoint you.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before the Hellcat was in motion, belting her nemesis across the mouth with a nasty forehand slap. Neve’s head snapped to the side, but the other brunette shook off the blow and steadied herself quickly. Fixing Kris with a murderous glare, Neve fired a slap of her own, the stinging backhand catching Kristin flush across her cheek. Kristin grunted and staggered back, but much like her foe was quick to recover and go on the attack. With a feral snarl, Kristin lunged forward and locked up with Neve, initiating the first clinch of the match.

The two gladiators sank sharp nails into the other’s shoulders as each fought for leverage in the basic tie-up. After being backed up several paces by Kristin, Neve planted her feet and twisted her hips, reversing positions with her rival and quickly backing her to the corner. Feeling the green eyed beauty’s back press against the steel of the buckles, Neve leaned in as hard as she could, patently ignoring the refs droning call for a break until the very last second. As Neve released her grip and backed away, Kristin was furious at the confidence she saw in Neve’s face. Making it her mission to shatter that sureness, Kristin lunged forward, locking up with the Scream Queen a second time.

Before Neve could retaliate, Kristin powered her into the opposite corner and chested up into her foe, getting as close and tight as she could before the ref got between them once more. Relaxing her clinch, Kristin ran her hands down Neve’s shoulders until they lay on the swell of her chest. As she was stepping back, Kristin clenched her grip tight, groping and twisting at Neve’s assets, drawing a surprised grimace from her in the process.

Her green eyes blazing, Kristin sneered, “Come and get me if ya don’t like it slut!”

In that instant, Neve became more furious than she’d ever been in the whole of her career. Roaring silently, she shot forward and buried her hair in Kristin’s midnight locks. Even as Kristin’s eyes were widening in surprise, Neve was jerking her head back and forth, seemingly intent on tearing the Hellcat’s scalp from her skull.

Grinning with savage triumph as she felt Kristin’s knees unhinge, Neve tossed as hard as she could, flinging her prey across the ring by the roots of her hair.

Stalking over to the recovering girl, Neve spat back, “Be careful what you wish for pretender.”

Shaking off the pain in her hair, Kris rolled to one knee and locked eyes with Neve once more. The same acidic sneer distorting her pretty features, Kristin exploded forward, catching Neve around the middle with a basic tackle that lacked any of the normal finesse the audience had come to expect from her. Indeed these two great wrestlers were staggering around the ring, snarling, cursing and tearing at each other, the hallmarks of a traditional catfight and not something usually seen in the squared circle. Grimacing as she broke free from a Neve claw hold on her throat, Kris got her right hand up and raked it hard down the Scream Queen’s face. Inside, Kristin bellowed with exultation as Neve cried out and staggered away, swinging blindly as she tried to protect her injured face.

Whispering, “Nowhere to run now Neve,” Kris advanced on her incapacitated rival and darted both hands forward, grabbing Neve’s left wrist. Not hesitating a second, she whipped the taller brunette into the ropes, waiting tensely as Neve blundered back towards her.

When Neve was within striking distance Kristin shot both arms out, wrapping them around her foe’s waist. In one smooth motion, she pulled Neve off her feet and into the air, twisting the Scream Queen around nearly 270 degrees before dropping to one knee and slamming the small of Neve’s back into the point of her bent knee. Kristin smirked with cold satisfaction as the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker sent spasms through Neve’s body. She let the limp brunette sit on her knee for just a second before pushing her away, watching with cruel disinterest as Neve rolled onto her belly a few feet away.

Getting to her feet, Kris ambled over to where Neve lay groaning. Bending down, she grabbed a double handful of hair and pulled Neve to her feet. Deciding to hold off on the verbal abuse for a second, the Hellcat buried a boot in Neve’s belly, doubling her over. With her nemesis bent prone, Kristin ran the ropes to Neve’s left and when she was close enough, left her feet in a beautiful front flip. As she passed by her target, Kristin wrapped her hands around Neve’s jaw and pulled tight, dropping the bigger brunette to the canvas with her innovative Flipping Neckbreaker. Kneeling next to Neve, Kristin sank both talons into the other girl’s hair and yanked her to her feet.

Going nose to nose with the woman she hated so much, Kris hissed, “You better give me a better fight than this Neve, I didn’t put everything I have into training only to have my coronation spoiled by lack of a worthy adversary.”

Not receiving a response, she backed up quickly, bouncing off the ropes to pick up a head of steam as she hurled back toward Neve. But before Kristin could initiate any kind of attack, Neve charged forward and executed a short leap, driving her right knee up and into Kristin’s face at the apex of her momentum. Kristin let out a pained oooffff and went down, her head bouncing off the canvas as she rolled away to create some distance. Her head aching, Kris got to her feet only to be immediately greeted with Neve’s forearm smashing across her chest in a Clothesline. The smaller brunette fell to the canvas again, but was up with very little recovery time. In hindsight, it may have been a wiser choice to stay down a bit longer because as it was, Neve was right there to level her with a second Clothesline, this one nearly knocking the Hellcat in a full circle before she landed face first on the mat.

Surveying Kristin sprawled at her feet; Neve put her hands on her hips and said, “Tell you what Kristin. After I beat you tonight, if you get on the house mic and admit that everything you said about me was a lie, I promise you’ll have full use of your limbs when the sun comes up. What do you say?”

Neve’s words echoed hatefully in her head as Kristin regained her footing. Fixing her emerald gaze on Neve, Kristin replied, “No chance in hell.” as she raked her claws across Neve’s face again.

Relishing how easy it had been to snatch control of the match from her opponent, Kristin wasted little time in cutting the distance between the two and hooking the taller brunette in a Front Face Lock. Slinging Neve’s near arm over her shoulders, Kristin grabbed a handful of tights and hauled up, going for the Vertical Suplex. But as Neve’s feet were about to leave the canvas, the Scream Queen managed to thread one leg around Kristin’s leg, effectively blocking the throw. Ignoring Kristin’s muttered cursing, Neve drove several short, hard punches into Kristin’s belly, forcing her to break her grip. And as the Hellcat lunged forward with her claws pointed at Neve’s face, she got a taste of her own bitter medicine when Neve got her talons into Kristin’s face and raked viciously downward. She groaned and stumbled back; momentarily distracted from everything but the reddening furrows Neve had dug in her face. Luckily for Neve, a moment was all she needed.

Standing face to face with her rival, Neve wrapped one arm around Kristin’s waist and threaded the other between the Hellcat’s legs, that hand gripping her just under her butt. With a beautifully executed pop of her hips, she threw Kristin up and over, the slender brunette landing high and tight on her head and shoulders. Rolling to one knee, Neve realized that Kristin was laid out, perhaps long enough for her to get and then scale the ladder. Tearing her focus from the other brunette, Neve went to the edge of the ring and slipped under the bottom rope. Moving quickly, she grabbed the ladder leaning against the side of the cage, giving the huge wooden crate a wary glance as she did so. Holding the unwieldy device in both hands, Neve turned back towards the ring and slid it under the bottom rope before following the appliance back in. Making sure Kristin was still down (she added a few stomps to the Hellcat’s belly and chest just in case) Neve hauled the ladder to the center of the ring and set it up, just under the shadow of the dangling key ring.

Gripping one of the middle steps in both hands she said to herself, “Let’s retrieve some keys shall we?”

A grim expression settling over her face, Neve started climbing towards her prize. She was still a few feet away when Kristin came out of nowhere and drove both feet into her side, Dropkicking her off the ladder to land rudely on the canvas a few feet below.

Gasping in pain and shock, Neve was furious when she heard Kristin purr, “Neve if you wanted the ladder, why didn’t you just say so? I’m more than willing to share it with you.”

Neve was trying to muster a response when Kris kicked her in the temple, the short, stiff blow knocking her flat on her back with alarm bells going off inside her skull. Knowing Neve was going to be down for a moment, Kristin thought about climbing the ladder to retrieve the keys and decided she’d rather hurt Neve some more. Grabbing the ladder, she folded the 12-foot weapon up and tossed it down beside her enemy.

With a smirk on her face, Kristin pulled Neve to her feet and chided, “Remember how this feels. And remember that as bad as it is… it’s only the beginning.”

Not allowing her foe to get a response in, Kristin scooped Neve up and held her inverted for just a moment before slamming her down back first across the ladder. Neve shrieked aloud as the steel abused her form, the pale brunette’s back arching in indignation as she was subjected to this punishment. Tragically, that was just the reaction Kristin was hoping for as it played directly into her next attack. Standing at Neve’s waist, Kris bent at the knees and then leapt directly into the air before coming down belly first across Neve’s exposed abdomen. Normally a Splash from someone as slender as Kristin wouldn’t be a great cause for concern, but with Neve laying on the ladder, the force of the basic maneuver was compounded several times. Neve’s abused back was slammed back against the steel of the ladder and she flopped weakly as Kris lay smugly across her belly.

Pushing up on her hands, Kris looked gloatingly into Neve’s face and said, “I better be careful with the ladder. I’d hate to destroy it before I can get those keys. From what I hear, there’s stuff inside that’ll make this look like a picnic.” Peeling herself off Neve’s sweating form, Kris rolled the other brunette off the ladder before grabbing the appliance and marching over to a corner. Standing it up, Kristin propped the device in the corner and headed back to where Neve was gamely trying to recover. Helping the other woman up with a handful of hair, Kristin grabbed Neve’s wrist and said happily, “I’ve always wanted to do this, it just looks like so much FUN!”

Securing her grip, Kristin whipped Neve toward the corner with all the strength she could muster, watching with sick fascination as the other brunette slammed into the ladder at full speed, her injured back taking the brunt of the impact. Satisfied with the boneless way Neve crumpled to the canvas, Kris stepped over the fallen form of her adversary to retrieve the ladder and then set it up in the middle of the ring. Looking straight up, Kristin centered her gaze on the hanging key and began to climb. She climbed the ladder quickly and her fingers were actually brushing the tarnished brass key when Neve grabbed hold of the ladder and shoved it off balance. Kristin didn’t even have time to cry put as she and the ladder tumbled over, the latter landing with a loud clang, and the former landing with a dull thud. Wincing as she stood over Kristin, Neve put a foot on the ladder and pressed down, making sure the instrument was laying flat on the mat.

Ignoring the pains in her back, Neve said coldly, “Thanks so much for sharing the ladder Kristin. But in the interest of fairness, I think you should be able to enjoy some of its many charms. After all, I’d hate to be accused of not sharing.” She pulled the dazed Hellcat to her feet and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. A few seconds later, she had Kristin hooked and set for a move Kristin had attempted a little earlier, the Vertical Suplex. Pausing just a moment to catch her breath, Neve jerked Kristin into the air, inverting the smaller brunette over her head. Keeping her hold steady, Neve took a few steps forward and waited, letting the mob count to 10 before she continued her performance. As the 10-second mark was reached, Neve simply fell back, completing the Vertical Suplex by dropping Kristin on the perfectly placed ladder. Much like Neve had twisted and arched when slammed on the steel, Kristin did too, writhing in agony as she clutched at her assaulted back.

Getting to her knees, Neve scooted over to Kristin and knelt low, getting her face right next to her nemeses. Speaking in a calm, (but remarkably cruel) whisper, Neve said, “You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into Kristin. But trust me, after they wheel you out of here tonight, you will be acutely, PAINFULLY aware of just what kind of tortures I can devise.” Receiving only a mumbled curse in response, Neve continued, “You don’t seem to be taking me all that seriously. Perhaps this can persuade you otherwise.”

Grabbing hold of Kristin’s wrist, Neve pulled the limb away from the Hellcat’s torso with one hand while she worked the ladder open with the other. Laying Kristin’s defenseless limb on the lower half of the ladder, Neve grabbed the top half with both hands and slammed it down, smashing it shut like a giant bear trap. Lightning raced all the way up Kristin’s arm and she roared in anguish as she pulled her arm free, only to cradle it across her chest. Watching the results of her handiwork with a disinterested gaze, Neve grabbed Kristin by the hair and pulled the mewling girl to her feet. Moving away from the ladder, the Scream Queen scooped up her would be usurper and held her across her chest. Neve maintained this position for a moment before rising on her heel and falling one knee, dropping the small of Kristin’s back directly across her knee.

Adding a little insult to her latest injury, Neve clawed at Kristin’s face and belly before she shoved her away, letting the smaller brunette roll away as she turned her attention back to the ladder. Setting it up in the proper location, Neve started the short (but seemingly eternal) climb to the top only to be rudely interrupted less than a foot from her goal. Kristin had recovered from Neve’s assault and was digging her claws into Neve’s thigh and side, pulling and tearing at her an attempt to dislodge her from the ladder. Neve grunted and tried to kick free, but Kristin held on tenaciously and her situation was not helped any when Kristin managed to slap a Claw Hold on the front of Neve’s trunks. Her grip weakening, Neve was horrified to feel herself being pulled off the ladder and hurled towards the canvas, the Scream Queen landing hard on her head and shoulders, the victim of a makeshift slam from Kristin that most closely resembled a Powerbomb.

Still woozy from Neve’s attack, Kristin rested against the ladder for several seconds, all the while keeping her emerald gaze fixed on her prey for any signs that she might be on the verge of getting to her feet. After several more seconds, Kristin grabbed the ladder with both hands and closed it with a loud snap. Grunting with the exertion, she lifted it over her head and held it there, standing over Neve as she did so.

Looking down, a frightening snarl of hatred crossed her face as Kristin sneered, “You got it all wrong Neve. YOU’RE the one who doesn’t know what I’m capable of.” With the weight of the ladder beginning to wear on her, Kristin tossed the object down letting it drop onto Neve with a meaty thud. Neve let out an agonized groan and turned onto her side, clutching at bruised ribs even as the ladder lay over her like some oppressive metal blanket. Knowing that her opportunity to climb the ladder was getting close, Kristin decided to go for one more big move before she went for the brass ring (so to speak.) Kicking the ladder off of her foe, Kristin yanked her to her feet. Getting in Neve’s face, Kristin purred, “Everyone’s in awe of your suplexes but I can hit a pretty good throw when the situation calls for it. Observe.”

Bending at the waist she wrapped both arms around Neve’s middle while also threading her head between Neve’s arm and her torso. Making sure her hands were locked, Kristin popped her hips, tossing Neve up and over with a Release Northern Lights Suplex that deposited the aching Scream Queen on her back, the impact sending a single powerful shudder through her form before she rolled onto her side and lay still. Getting to her feet, Kristin ran a hand through her tangled ebony mane before setting the ladder up once more. Focusing solely on the hanging key ring and not the aches and pains coursing through her system, Kristin’s hand was brushing the key itself when she realized there was someone on the other side of the ladder. Breaking her self-induced trance, Kris looked straight across and was furious to find Neve grasping doggedly at the opposite side of the ladder. Registering the other girl’s sneer, a nasty smile blossomed on the Scream Queen’s face as she chided, “What the matter, no room for two?”

Kristin responded through clenched teeth, “Just enough room to send you crashing through the canvas.” Simultaneous with her words, she shifted her grip so that only one hand was clutching the ladder. Using her free hand she started hammering closed fists into Neve’s face, trying to knock the other girl off the ladder. Neve grunted and rode out the pain, shifting her grip so she could return the favor, drilling punches of her own against Kristin’s cheek and forehead. This mindless slugging continued for the better part of fifteen seconds before strong shots from both women sent both of them rocking backwards, kept from falling by the flimsiest of grips on the ladder. Seeing the other refuse to fall apparently infuriated both combatants and with a mutual snarl they smashed a fist forward, each aiming for the other’s jaw.

In this effort, both were successful, but neither was strong enough to maintain her weakening grip on the ladder. Neve and Kristin tumbled off opposite sides of the ladder, hitting the mat with a wet smack at virtually the same instant. For several seconds there was nothing but the roar of the crowd, urging either woman to get up and climb the ladder to retrieve the key that would finally unveil the mystery of Pandora’s Box. Several seconds later, the dueling brunettes were on their feet and stumbling towards one another to lock up in a drunken clench.

Pushing and straining against her opponent, Kristin hissed, “Those keys are mine bitch. And when that box gets opened you’re done for.”

“Dream on twaaaaaaaaarrrgggghhh!” Neve’s response was reduced to a mindless wail as Kristin brought her knee up between the Scream Queen’s thighs, mangling her womanhood with the strike.

Feeling Neve crumble in her grip, Kristin shoved Neve aside and went to the ladder. Watching the other brunette cradle her center, Kristin purred, “You can’t win this match Neve. And you wanna know why? It’s cuz you need rules. Without ‘em you’re lost. And that makes it very easy for me to catch you and carve you up.” She was about to continue her missive when she realized it might be a better idea to obtain the key and THEN taunt her fallen nemesis. Craning her gaze up, Kristin scrambled up the ladder and several seconds later, laid her hands across the key ring. Ignoring the roar of the crowd, Kris tugged the ring free of the thin chain holding it and held it aloft. Looking at her prize the way an explorer might eye a sacred relic, she whispered, “NOW the suffering starts.”

“Yes it does.” said a voice from below her. Startled, Kris looked over her shoulder just in time to see Neve’s fist flash up between her legs, returning the kindness of the Hellcat’s earlier attack.

Feeling her legs give way, Kris kept her eyes locked on Neve as she hissed, “It’s MINE!” As she began to slip from the ladder she swung the heavy key ring in a short, brutal arc that ended at Neve’s temple. The Scream Queen let out a heavy moan and tumbled back, her own legs going rubbery as she and Kristin both hit the canvas, the key ring and all it’s evil promises lying almost directly between the two wounded beauties.

If it had been any other opponent in any other match, Kristin and Neve probably would’ve stayed down longer than they did, but the allure of punishing their hated nemesis with whatever lay inside that giant wooden crate was just too enticing. Shoving aside everything but thoughts of the box, they rolled slowly to their feet, their gazes flicking to each other only briefly before homing in on the key ring that lay glittering dully on the mat. Summoning her strength, Neve got her feet under her and lunged, laying her hands on the key as Kristin was still struggling to her feet. Face aglow with her success, Neve whirled on her heel and loped towards the edge of the ring and the huge crate that lay outside. She was in the process of slipping through the middle rope when Kristin’s boot slammed up between her thighs. Neve let out a watery groan and tumbled off the apron and to the floor, sprawled numbly on the thin mats as Kristin slipped out of the ring and stood over her. Breathing hard, Kris bent over and snatched the key out of Neve’s hand.

“I’ll take that.” she cooed, stomping Neve’s abs as she did so.

Turning her attention towards the ornately carved crate, Kristin stumbled forward until she was nearly leaning against the crate. Actually calling this thing a crate was a bit misleading. It was more like a huge bureau with double doors that opened outward. Slipping the key into the padlock, Kristin turned the key and grinned with anticipation as she pulled the lock free and opened the doors. Kristin laid eyes on the contests of the box and whispered, “Dear Diary: Jackpot.” Inside was a veritable cornucopia of wrestling weaponry, to attempt to list everything would be a bit tedious given the time frame, but suffice to say, if you’d seen a weapon used inside the squared circle it was probably in here. There were so many choices that Kristin almost couldn’t decide where to start. That is until she laid eyes upon a pair of Singapore Canes propped near the back. Remembering the satisfying THWACK the tiki torch had made on Jen’s head at the Fourth of July party, Kristin looked to replicate that success; reaching and grabbing one long wooden staff.

Loving the feel of the Cane in her hands, Kristin turned around just in time to see Neve rolling under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Tapping the weapon against the mat, Kris said softly, “Oh no you don’t.” before sliding under the bottom rope as well, getting to her feet a moment after Neve regained her vertical base. Holding the cane like a baseball bat, Kristin circled Neve, watching the other brunette warily as she waited for the right time to strike. Watching Kristin stalk her, Neve knew she had to even the odds fast, either by disarming the Hellcat or getting a weapon of her own.

Assuming her usual crouch, Neve beckoned her rival in and taunted, “If you think you can hit me, let’s see ya try.”

Infuriated by the mocking tone in the other brunette’s voice, Kris sneered her disdain and lashed out with the cane, really putting all her weight behind the swing. Luckily for Neve she had anticipated this reaction and planned accordingly. The Scream Queen actually moved forward to meet the swing but ducked under it at the last moment, slipping behind Kristin while she was off balance for a split second. Using the opportunity to the hilt, Neve stepped up behind her foe and used one arm to cinch on a Waist Lock while the other applied a Half Nelson. Before Kristin regained her balance, Neve bridged up and back, depositing Kristin on the top of her head with the dangerous Half Nelson Suplex. Upon impact, Kristin released her grip on the cane, being more concerned with the status of her aching neck and skull. Getting to her feet, Neve realized she could just take Kristin’s weapon and lace into her, but she wanted to get a peek at what was in the box.

Taking a second to kick the cane out of Kristin’s reach, Neve slipped out of the ring and opened the chest. Upon seeing what was inside, she said, “God, Rich you really went all out didn’t ya?”

Letting her gaze roll over the myriad choices, she saw several items that she wanted to use a bit later on, but for now, she was willing to settle for using the second Singapore Cane on her nemesis. Pulling the weapon out of the box, she climbed back into the ring right as Kristin was picking herself off the mat and retrieving her cane. Hearing Neve approach, the other brunette eyed her and cursed when she saw Neve had been to the box. Holding the cane in front of her like a sword, Kristin circled Neve carefully, waiting for just the right moment to attack. The two rivals circled in this fashion for about 10 seconds before Kristin struck first, firing the staff at Neve’s shoulder. Neve saw the attack coming and got her cane in the way, the 2 instruments coming together with a resounding crack that shook both of them. Not letting Kris get any more momentum, Neve countered with a strike of her own, aiming for the Hellcat’s ribs. But Kristin was more than ready for the blow and she blocked it with ease, gritting her teeth in a ferocious smile as the wooden staffs came into contact again. And so it went for the next minute, each brunette trying to hit a vulnerable part of her foe’s anatomy only to have it blocked by her sneering rival.

It seemed that this stalemate would continue unabated, Neve capitalized on a Kristin miss and cracked her opponent smartly across the knee. Kristin’s leg buckled and she fell to one knee as Neve reared back to strike her again. But Neve hesitated just a second too long and before she could initiate her swing, Kristin responded with one of her own, snapping Neve across the ribs with a blow that sounded like someone hitting a heavy rug. Neve shrieked and fell to her knees, the cane forgotten as she tried to protect her bruised middle. Walking off the tingle in her knee, Kristin got to her feet and gripped the cane in both hands. Raising it high over her head, she whispered, “Off with her head.” as she brought it whistling down, driving the limber wood across the top of Neve’s skull. There was a loud crunch and a hairline crack raced up the cane as Neve fell heavily to her side, hands covering her head in a vain attempt at protection. Drinking in the adulation of the bloodthirsty mob, Kristin sauntered over to Neve and arrogantly poked her in the ribs. “It’s just that easy, Neve. But if you think I’m gonna pin you, you’ve sorely mistaken. I’m gonna choke you out so everyone gets to see the terror and shame on your face when you submit.”

Reaching down she pulled Neve to her feet and sidled up behind her. Grabbing the cane in both hands, Kristin pulled the staff across Neve’s windpipe and jerked back, choking her adversary in a way that was as legal as a Wristlock thanks to the rules of this match. Her oxygen cut off, Neve fought the urge to panic and centered all her thoughts on escape. Pulling gamely at the cane, she waited for Kristin to jerk back, upsetting her balance just a bit. When Kristin obliged her, Neve pulled her foot up ad brought it crashing down on the Hellcat’s foot. The green-eyed beauty yelped and released the choke, hopping away to tend to her injured digits. Happy to breathe again, Neve stumbled forward and took in several deep breaths, each one helping her to feel a bit more human. She was in the process of turning around to face her foe when Kristin nearly decapitated her with a cane enhanced Clothesline. Neve was knocked for a loop and hit the canvas in a painful heap, whimpering in pain as Kristin stood over her. Seeing that her Clothesline had just about destroyed the cane, Kris tossed it aside and looked down at her foe.

Hands on her hips, Kristin said, “I guess it’s time to make a second trip to the box. Let’s see what other toys our wonderful boss supplied for your torture.”

Leaving Neve to her own devices, Kristin left the ring and went back to the box. Pulling the doors open, she passed over several larger items in favor of something decidedly more sadistic. Holding the cheese grater in one hand, she watched closely as the light twinkled off its rough surface. “This will do just fine.” she purred before sliding back into the ring. Strutting over to where Neve was trying to recover, Kristin held the grater in one hand while she used the other to pull Neve to her knees. Standing behind the kneeling Scream Queen, Kristin laid the appliance against Neve’s forehead and held it tight. Using one hand to cup Neve’s chin, she chided, “Here’s one for the highlight reel you slut.”

She pulled back slowly, doing her best to maximize the contact of metal with flesh. Neve cried out, thrashing and wailing as the grater tore across the landscape of her forehead. Reaching the end of her run, Kristin was more than willing to repeat the process and that’s just what she did, running the grater across Neve’s face until she forced the brunette to surrender or scarred her for life, whichever came first. Hearing the pitch of the crowd increase, Kris looked down and spotted several thin streams of crimson running down her prey’s cheeks. Smiling sadistically, Kris pulled the grater away and surveyed the wound she had opened up. Running her hand across Neve’s forehead, Kristin made a show of rubbing the hand across Neve’s face, tingeing her a dull scarlet.

Slapping Neve’s face lightly Kristin crowed, “First blood is always sweetest, but I’ve got bigger things in mind for you. Hope that iron will of yours can stave off submission for a few more minutes.”

Not receiving a coherent reply, Kristin pulled Neve to her feet and led her towards the corner. Positioning herself so that her back was to the buckles Kristin hopped up and sat on the top buckle. Pulling Neve in close, Kristin planted a knee between Neve’s shoulder blades and held the grater across the Scream Queen’s face. Jiggling the grater back and forth, Kris chuckled and proclaimed, “This is REALLY gonna hurt.”

She shoved off with her free leg, forcing Neve to stagger out of the corner with Kristin riding her back. Seconds later the tortured brunette lost her balance and she pitched forward, landing face first on the canvas with nothing but the cheese grater to break her fall. Neve mewled in agony and flopped onto her back only to have Kristin go for the pin. Placing one hand on Neve’s chest and another on her throat, Kris went for an arrogant cover, smiling coyly as the ref did his job. He had reached “TWO!” and was going for THREE when Neve managed to buck the Hellcat off of her.

On her knees, Kristin wiped some of the blood off her hands and said, “All right, you want this to continue and so do I. But when you can’t walk out of this ring, you’re gonna wish you’d stayed down when I gave you the chance.” Looking around, Kristin decided to exacerbate the damage done to Neve’s head with a little ladder-induced trauma. Pushing to her feet she walked over to the ladder and set it up in the dead center of the ring. Walking back over to Neve, she pulled the bigger brunette to her feet and holding the limp-kneed girl close, she breathed heavily into Neve’s face, “You’re not gonna be doing ANY promotional photo shoots after this match bitch…unless they’re for ‘Miss Intensive Care Ward 2005’!”

Without another word, she grabbed Neve’s wrist and whipped her toward the ropes. But Kristin was in for a surprise when Neve put on the brakes and reversed the momentum to send Kristin bounding into the ropes. Before she was fully aware of what had happened, Kristin found herself tripped up by a Drop Toe Hold and falling forwards. Normally a Drop Toe Hold doesn’t do much damage, but when applied so the recipient goes face first into the bottom step on a ladder, it becomes a bit more impressive. Kristin’s face bounced off the steel and the Hellcat was in agony, rolling around on the canvas as she tried to assuage whether or not her nose had been broken in the landing. Not too far away, Neve was on her hands and knees trying her damnedest to get the blood off her face.

Looking up, her vision was clear enough to work with so she pushed to her feet and surveyed the situation. Seeing that Kristin was going to be occupied for a bit with her facial problems, Neve decided a return trip to the box was an order. Moving gingerly, she escaped the confines of the ring and approached the chest, surveying the contest for only a second before making her choice. Reaching in she grabbed a 3-foot length of steel chain and pulled it free of the box. Neve’s dark eyes flashed menacingly as she wrapped the metal links around her left hand over and over again. Slipping back into the ring, Neve got to her feet and stalked Kristin as the Hellcat was using the ropes to pull herself up.

Tightening her grip on the chain, Neve hissed, “OK Kristin, you wanna leave your mark on me, go ahead and try. I guarantee that whatever you do to me will pale in comparison to what I do to you.”

Cutting the distance between them, Neve tensed her whole frame and waited until Kristin was in the process of turning around. When she saw the first flash of green, Neve struck, driving her chain-enhanced fist into the point of Kristin’s jaw. The slender beauty let out a short, clipped cry and fell to the mat, her strong legs instantly turned to water by the vicious force of the punch. Unwrapping her hand, Neve held the chain in one hand while she used the other to secure a grip on Kristin’s hair. Holding both her trophies tightly, Neve pulled Kristin to the middle of the squared circle and then straddled her back, sitting heavily on the kneeling girl. Using her unencumbered hand, Neve threaded Kristin’s arms over her thighs, giving her an unobstructed path to the Hellcat’s face. Her hold almost complete, Neve laced the chain across Kristin’s neck and pulled back gently, just enough for Kristin to realize what was going on.

As the smaller brunette tried to pull free, Neve gave her an ultimatum. “You have a choice Kristin; come clean about everything you said about me and you’ll get to wrestle another match after tonight. Continue to lie and I will make it my mission to retire you by the end of this fight.” She punctuated this statement by pulling back on the chain a little bit more.

Her response slightly distorted by the steel, Kristin still managed to gurgle, “Go fuck yourself twat.”

Neve’s eyes blazed with the fury only a truly pissed off vixen can summon as she spat, “Then choke on your lies!”

Leaning back as far as she could to let the choke do as much damage as possible. Kristin’s face immediately began to turn pink, then red and finally a scary shade of purple as her air was denied, but the Hellcat would not give up the fight. And though many in the audience were in agreement that Neve could take the match right then if only she maintained the viciously augmented Camel Clutch, unconsciousness was not good enough for her. She was determined to make Kristin admit her slander in front of everyone and thus end all the rumors and innuendo that had sprung up about her in the last few months. To that end she suddenly released her grip on the chain, letting the steel fall away as she peeled herself off Kristin.

Standing over the gasping brunette, Neve tossed the chain aside and headed back towards the box, trying to decide on her next tactic. Opening the doors again, Neve deviated from her previous game plan, going with a much bigger weapon this time. Reaching in with both hands, Neve tugged the old wooden palette free on the chest and lugged it over to the apron. Pausing for a second to catch her breath, Neve muscled it up and slid it into the ring. Neve quickly followed and she pulled the palette into the middle of the ring, not far from where Kristin was laying on her back and sucking in great tearing gasps of air. After adjusting her trunks and brushing the hair out of her face, Neve strode over to Kristin and pulled her to her feet. Wrapping both arms around the Hellcat’s sweaty torso, Neve walked backwards until she was several feet in front of the palette.

Grinding her torn forehead against Kristin’s, Neve whispered, “You’re about to hear several loud snapping noises. If you can figure out which are the palette and which are your vertebrae, you’re a smarter woman than I.”

Giving her prey a final squeeze, Neve fell back and tossed Kristin over her, hurling the other brunette onto the palette with a nasty Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. True to her word, there were several loud cracks, but given Kristin’s immediate flailing and the prolonged arching of her back, it was safe to say that it was the wood and not her spine that had cracked. Of course, that didn’t mean she was in any condition to fight back, a point that Neve proved when she draped herself over Kristin and went for the cover, almost getting a three count before the Hellcat was able to kick free. Sighing deeply, Neve stood on the weakened palette and hauled Kristin to her feet. With both of them standing on the palette, eve ducked and scooped Kristin onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. The crowd roared as they knew this was the start position for one of Neve’s signature moves, a Fireman’s Carry into Pile Driver some unknown joker had dubbed the Neve-astator!

Holding Kristin on her shoulders, Neve was in the process of beginning the move when Kristin squirmed to life and managed to slip down her back. Not giving Neve a second to recover, Kris got her hands across Neve’s face and raked viciously, blinding the taller brunette. Neve cried out and tried to pull away, but Kristin got her by the hair and yanked her around to face her. Eyes blazing with hate, Kristin only voiced a low growl as she doubled Neve over and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Neve’s bruised waist, Kristin inverted her prey and sat down, spiking Neve’s head into the wood with a Pile Driver. Relishing the thud her prey’s head made against the palette, Kristin muscled Neve onto the canvas and went for the cover, only to be denied the “THREE!” at the last second. Breathing heavily, Kristin stood up and grabbed the palette before tossing the splintered object out of the ring. Putting a foot on Neve’s chest in an imperious show of conquest, the hellcat spat, “Now it’s my turn at the toy chest bitch!”

Leaving her spot, Kristin exited the ring and headed to the crate. Eyeing each tool with care, she chose something she knew would hurt her rival very much (after all, she had experienced the pain this object could cause first hand). Turning back to the ring, Kristin wrapped a length of the leather strap around her hand and climbed through the ropes, stalking over to the recovering Neve. Pulling the taller brunette to a sitting position, Kristin took a step back and then brought her whip slicing down, cracking it nastily across Neve’s back. Neve cried out and tried to cover up only to have Kristin follow, bringing the leather up and down over and over as she tattooed the pale brunette with a crisscross of stinging red welts.

Stopping for a moment to rest her arm, Kristin stalked around her crawling enemy and said coldly, “I want you to understand something. You CANNOT out vicious me. I know you think that if you just hurt me back I’ll wither and fall at your feet begging for mercy, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Everything you hit me with just gives me more motivation to tear you apart, so go ahead and do your worst. I promise I’ll do mine.”

She concluded this threat with a massive lashing across Neve’s shoulders, the force of the blow driving the other brunette off her hands and knees and face first into the mat. Feeling her arm beginning to tire from using the strap so much, Kristin tossed it aside and pulled Neve to her feet before applying a Front Face Lock. Slinging Neve’s near arm over her shoulders, Kristin hooked the tights and lifted up, holding Neve inverted above her. Never one to delay the inevitable, Kristin sat down fast, driving the top of Neve’s skull into the mat with a Brainbuster. Rolling to her feet, Kristin thought about going for the pin and then decided against it. She wanted there to be no question in anyone’s mind about who was the better woman when this match was over. Leaving Neve to recover in whatever way she could, Kristin again left the ring for the dark comfort offered by the box.

Scanning the contents, her eyes settled across a burlap sack and the Hellcat was intrigued. Grabbing the bag, she peered inside. When she looked up, the smile on her face radiated so much malevolence it was hard to look at. Walking over to the apron, she tossed the bag in and rolled under the bottom rope. Standing up, she reached carefully into the bag and pulled her prize free, holding it aloft for everyone to see. The normally bloodthirsty audience actually quieted a bit when they saw that Kris was holding a half spool of barbed wire. Turning her attention back to the matter at hand, Kristin made sure that Neve was still incapacitated (she was) before going to the edge of the ring and unspooling the wire. Working quickly but carefully, Kristin wrapped the wire around the top rope, encircling the whole cable in a few loose coils of the evilly pointed metal. Finishing her work with a big smile, Kristin turned back to Neve who was only now getting to her knees. Not wanting to give Neve another second’s worth of peace, Kristin strutted over and pulled the wounded Scream Queen to her feet.

Grabbing her by the wrist, she leaned into her victim’s ear and cooed, “Betcha didn’t know an Irish Whip could hurt so much. Let’s illuminate your ignorance shall we?”

Simultaneous with her last word, she whipped Neve towards the wire as hard as she could, a ferocious leer crossing her face as Neve barely managed to turn her back into the barbs. Neve hit the wire and screamed in pain, the barbs digging into her back and arms in several places. None of the cuts were very deep or serious, but there were a whole lot of them and they did hurt like hell. Standing on spaghetti legs, Neve was still trying to pull free of the wire when Kristin hurled forward and left her feet, slamming both boots into Neve’s chest with a Dropkick. Now Kristin’s Dropkick was never something to sneeze at, but add in the barbed wire and it was downright sadistic. Neve was driven back even further against the rope, this latest assault opening up several fresh gouges on her almost bare back. If there was a mercy here, it was that Neve was able to stumble forward and drop to her knees before collapsing on her face, finally free of the wire’s metal thorns. Feeling stronger than she had during any match in her career, Kristin sauntered over to Neve and stood over the fallen Scream Queen, one leg on either side of her waist. Ending down, Kristin ran her hands through the blood on Neve’s back and then brushed it across her own torso, some crude callback to the times of tribal war paint.

Looking out at the crowd, her green eyes blazed as she said, “It’s almost time to crown your new queen!”

Finished with her proclamation she reached down and pulled Neve to her feet. Standing face to face with her crippled adversary, Kristin bent at the knees and then leapt into the air, scissoring her legs around Neve’s head at the apex of her momentum. She meant to twist back and toss Neve with a Hurricanrana, but as she began to pull back, Neve shot her arms up and wrapped them tightly around Kristin’s thighs, holding her in place. Kristin’s confidant sneer was replaced with a troubled grimace as she tried to free herself from Neve’s grip. Her expression got even less confident when she realized that Neve was marching her towards the center of the ring, directly over the fallen ladder. Her green eyes bulged in shock and she made one last effort to free herself, but Neve was letting her go of her own accord, slamming the trapped Hellcat down full force in a jury rigged Powerbomb. The back of Kristin’s head and her upper back took most of the impact, the force of the slam actually bending a few of the steps on the device. Kristin uttered a high-pitched shriek and arched her back, only to have Neve deliver a hard-hearted stomp on her belly.

Grinding her heel into Kristin’s navel, the bloodied brunette looked down and with hate in her eyes said, “You’re going to BLEED for me Kristin.”

Leaving Kristin folded up on the ladder, Neve made a beeline for the box and heaved the doors wide, giving her a clear view of everything still inside. Looking for something especially nasty, Neve’s gaze slid across another burlap sack, very similar to the one that held the barbed wire except that this looked much heavier. Intrigued, Neve picked the bag up and looked inside. When she looked back up, the expression on her face was enough to freeze the blood of even the most jaded ring fan. Holding the bag to her chest, Neve rolled under the bottom rope and got to her feet. Keeping her plan a surprise for a little while longer, she took the time to kick Kristin off the ladder and nudge the heavy metal implement out of the ring. Convinced that Kristin was out of it for her to commence her plan, Neve strutted to the middle of the ring and made a show of grabbing the bottom of the bag with both hands.

In one quick motion, she turned it over and let the contests come pouring out in a glittering silver tide. Fans of retribution roared their approval as they realized Neve had just dumped several thousand thumbtacks onto the mat. Tossing the bag aside, Neve stalked over to Kristin and pulled the other brunette to her feet. With both hands buried in Kris’ dark locks, Neve marched her towards the tacks, positioning her so that Kristin’s back was to the glinting points.

Sidling up behind the Hellcat, Neve slapped on a tight Waist Lock and leaned in to whisper in Kristin’s ear, “You’re about to scream yourself hoarse for me Kristin. And after you can’t scream I’ll use your beaten face as my throne. Get ready to worship your betters, false queen.”

Even as she was finishing up, Neve tightened her grip and fell back, tossing Kris over her as she did so, hurling the hellcat into the sea of tacks with a beautifully executed Release German Suplex. The nearly bare expanse of Kristin’s gleaming back took the majority of the landing and the Hellcat’s shriek of anguish could be heard in the back rows of the arena. Tears in her eyes, Kristin rolled out of the tacks as quickly as she could, only to find Neve muscling her onto her back and going for the cover. With the tacks digging painfully into her skin, Kristin put all her rage into breaking the pin and she did just that, getting free right before the final count. Pulling her victim to her feet, Neve wasn’t about to let Kristin rest after only one dive in the tacks.

Grabbing the slender brunette by the wrist, Neve hurled her into the ropes and waited for her to get within range before bending at the waist and tossing Kristin over her shoulder with a Back Drop. The crowd sucked in its breath as Kristin hit the tacks again, this time from a height of several feet up. There was more wild thrashing and wailing from Kristin, but this time Neve didn’t go for the cover. Instead she yanked Kristin clear of the tacks and positioned her closer to one corner. Satisfied her strategy was sound; Neve went to the buckles and climbed to the top rope, pausing for only a moment to collect her bearings before leaping off and diving towards Kristin with her right leg extended in front of her, a diabolical Guillotine Leg Drop.

Tragically, Neve would have been better served if she’d stayed on the ground because Kristin rolled clear at the last second, leaving Neve to slam tailbone first into empty canvas. Neve groaned and clutched at her injured rear, but her respite was short lived as a recovered Kristin pulled her roughly to her feet. With the fires of hell burning in her eyes, Kristin buried a boot in Neve’s belly before trapping her in a Front Face Lock and falling backwards, slamming Neve’s battered skull into the canvas with a quick DDT. Rolling to one knee, Kris took a deep breath before getting to her feet.

Sneering down at Neve, she hissed, “You wanna try to go top rope on me? Lemme show you how it’s done dumbass. And maybe our good friend the box has something that can make it a little more interesting.”

After a swift kick to Neve’s head to guarantee her victim’s complacency, Kris went to the box once more and found what she was looking for. Reaching in, she pulled out a plain old aluminum trash can and tossed it into the ring with a resounding clang. Sliding under the bottom rope, Kris regained her footing and grabbed the can. Stalking over to where Neve lay in an awkward looking sprawl. Kristin pulled the girl to a sitting position before slamming the can down on Neve’s head, shoving the whole of her upper body into the cheap metal container. Kicking Neve back down, Kristin went to the corner and crawled slowly to the top rope.

Taking a break to collect herself, she looked out at the crowd and said, “Get those cameras ready losers. You’re gonna want to have this on film.”

Kristin spread her arms and tensed her legs before leaping off the top in a beautiful front flip, that culminated with her landing back first on the trash can that contained Neve’s top half. The Swanton Bomb crumpled the trash can and though no one could see Neve’s face, everyone could tell the extent of the damage by the colossal spasm that raked her body when the move connected. Everyone was quite certain that Kristin would win the match if she could just make the cover but unfortunately for the Hellcat, the maneuver had taken just as much out of her and she lay beside her motionless prey, clutching at her injured back, trying her best to alleviate some of the pain caused by her offense. Nearly fifteen seconds later, Kristin managed to get to her knees and flop across the crushed trash can. The crowd counted along with the ref, sure that this war was finally over, only to have Neve shock them all by rolling free of the cover right before, “THREE!”

Fighting off the agony roaring in her back (there were still several tacks embedded in her like nasty little studs) Kristin got to her feet, unable to believe that Neve had kicked out of her last attack. Deciding she would have to go with her last ditch effort, Kristin left the ring and headed toward the steel steps. Ducking low, she reached under the apron and felt around for several seconds before her hand landed on what she was looking for.

Pulling her prize free Kristin eyed the small pair of bolt cutters and said, “Gotta love the ring crew. Slip em a hundred bucks and they’ll put anything you want under here.”

Ignoring the indignant squawk of the official, Kristin turned towards the cage door and the padlock keeping both brunettes inside. Slipping the bolt cutters open, she threaded them around the loop of the lock and squeezed tight. A few seconds later, the lock fell aside and the door swung open, allowing Kristin to exit the cage and walk around ringside. Making her way slowly towards the announcer’s table, Kristin picked up a mic and turned to face the ring.

Seeing that Neve was on her knees and out of the trash can, she said, “Hey bitch, over here!” Hearing the sound of Kristin’s voice in the mic surprised Neve and the wounded brunette looked up, her gaze immediately focusing on the taunting Hellcat. Seeing that she had Neve’s attention, Kristin continued. “Looks like I’ve managed to escape the inescapable. But seeing as how this match only ends with a pin or submission, I’d like to invite your overrated, bleeding self to come and join me outside so that I may destroy you directly in front of all these people who love you so much.”

Neve took a deep breath and pushed to her feet, grimacing at the now constant pain that ran through her ribs and back. Never letting her eyes leave Kristin’s, the Scream Queen made her way to the edge of the ring and then slipped through the ropes. Walking towards the door, she passed by the box, which was now mostly empty. She contemplated getting a weapon but chose not to. She wanted to finish Kristin off with her bare hands. Reaching the door of the cage she pushed it open and stalked through, now with less than a dozen feet between her and her archenemy. With the mic still in her hand, Kristin said, “Come and get me Neve. It’d be a shame if we didn’t get to make better use of this cage. I think it’ll be the prefect thing to grind the rest of your face of your head.”

She tossed the microphone down and beckoned the Scream Queen in, daring her to prove her wrong. But Neve wasn’t one to let a challenge go unanswered and she cut the space between them quickly, the two brunette’s coming together with a sweaty, snarling clench. All semblance of wrestling was gone now as both merely wanted to survive long enough to eradicate the other. But Kristin was right in saying they’d put the cage to good use. Over the next few minutes both brunettes used the massive structure as just another weapon, slamming her rival’s face into the links repeatedly or grinding her ruthlessly against the cold metal in their never ending quest to destroy the other.

During the course of this brawl, control was traded back and forth several times but it appeared as if Neve was slowly wearing Kristin down, not letting her get away or take a breath when the Hellcat tried to create a little distance between them. And just when it appeared Neve was in the perfect position to take total control of the contest, Kristin reared back and planted a boot between her thighs. The low blow dropped Neve to her knees and then to her side, the pale brunette curling into the fetal position as she guarded her injured center. Taking a breather, Kristin knew the end was at hand, but she had vowed that she wouldn’t end this match until she had done something to Neve that people would talk about for years to come. Resting wearily against the steel links, she looked out sat the crowd and tried to decide what to do. She was almost out of ideas when she turned around and looked up.

Seeing the top of the cage nearly twenty feet above, Kristin’s eyes lit up as she thought, “They’ll NEVER forget this ending.”

She dug her hands into the links and began to climb up, scaling the structure slowly but surely. The crowd couldn’t believe what they were seeing but they cheered wildly when Kristin reached the top of the structure. Standing on the edge of the cage, Kristin looked over and saw Neve getting to her feet. The Scream Queen looked around for her foe and didn’t gaze up until she heard the roar of the crowd. Craning her neck upward, she saw Kristin standing on the top of the cage, leering down at her with a confident smirk. Sighing deeply, Neve set her hands into the links and began to climb up the cage as well.

Watching from another side of the ring, the weary ref muttered, “Shit.” and began to climb as well, knowing full well that Rich would have his head if the deciding move was delivered up there and he wasn’t there to document it. Several seconds later, he tossed himself onto the top of the cage just in time to see Neve and Kristin square off for the last time.

Walking carefully across the tightly stretched steel links, Kristin said, “I’ll give you this, you do fight for what you believe in.”

Neve circled her nemesis and responded, “Well if it’s any consolation, you’re an even nastier bitch than I thought you were.”

Kristin smiled, all malice and poison sugar. “Thanks. But now we end this!”

Neve nodded and Kris lunged at her with claws aimed at her face. Neve surged forward to meet the charge, but she met it with a raised knee right to Kristin’s crimson trunks. The Hellcat gasped and doubled over as Neve trapped her in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Kristin’s waist.

Pulling her foe into position, Neve whispered, “And here’s how it ends...not with a bang, but a whimper.”

She sat out, driving Kristin’s head into the steel with her ‘Silent Scream’ Sit-Out Pile Driver. Kristin groaned and flopped onto her back, finally having been busted open herself by the callous metal of the cage. Neve wasted no time in going for the cover and despite unorthodox location of their battleground, the ref was in perfect position to make the count. He knelt and slapped the mat once, twice, thre… Kristin managed to get a shoulder off the steel. In a state akin to shock, Neve thought long and hard about her next move before settling on a course of action. Grabbing hold of Kristin’s left ankle, the Scream Queen was getting ready to spin around and lock in the Figure Four Leg Lock when Kristin’s hand flashed up and raked across her face. Blinded, Neve staggered back, but caught herself, being very careful not to get too close to the edge of the cage. Her vision was clearing when Kristin buried a boot in her gut.

Doubled over and retching, Neve was easy pickings as Kristin wrapped her up in a Standing Headscissors. Laying her hands on the damp expanse of Neve’s butt, Kristin gave her opponent’s briefs a brutal tug, baring most of her backside with the hard hearted wedgie. Wrapping her arms around Neve’s waist, Kristin took a deep breath and said, “Prepare to go into exile Scream Queen.”

Pulling up, she lifted the taller girl into position for a traditional Powerbomb. With Neve’s legs hanging limply on either side of her head, Kristin pushed up and out on the other brunette’s legs, sending them trailing out behind her. With Neve‘s head now much closer to Kristin’s hands, Kristin grabbed Neve’s head and sat down hard, just as gravity began to kick in. Neve was driven face and chest first into the top of the cage, the latest name to be victimized by Kristin’s Beautiful Letdown. Pushing Neve’s unresisting bulk onto her back, Kristin hooked a leg and waited for the count. She went absolutely mad with rage and incredulity when Neve managed to kick her off before the 3.

Roaring her fury at the ref and everyone in within the sound of her voice, Kristin hauled Neve up and set her in position for a second Letdown. She was about to commence the move when Neve lifted up with all her remaining strength and tossed her over, letting Kristin land painfully on the steel with a desperation Back Drop. Wiping blood from her eyes, Kristin groaned and got to her feet just as Neve was getting to hers. A snarl issued from deep inside her as she locked eyes with Neve one last time. She was about to speak when Neve cut her off.

Speaking in a rough voice little more than a whisper, the Scream Queen challenged, “If you wanna be the Scream Queen so bad, come an’ take it from me.”

“Gladly!” Kristin growled.

She exploded forward, leaving her feet and soaring towards her target with a Dropkick. But at the last second, Neve stepped aside and Kris went hurling by her, everyone in the audience gasping sharply as she landed only a few inches short of the edge.

Dropping to one knee, Neve waited as Kristin got to her feet. Trying to shout over her myriad aches and pains, Neve thought “You’ve gotta finish it now. There’s nothing else you can hit her with to keep her down.” Another interior voice spoke up and said, “You may never wrestle again if you go through with this.” Gritting her teeth, Neve muttered, “So be it.”

She sprinted forward just as Kristin was turning to face her. If it had been much earlier in the match, Kristin might have been able to avoid the attack, but as tired as she was, she could do nothing more than watch in horrified shock as Neve’s spear caught her around the waist and knocked them both off the cage. For both of them there was the briefest sensation of weightlessness and then they were falling fast, hurling towards the ground in a suicide plunge that ended when they obliterated the announcer’s table with an ear splitting CRASH!

For a moment there was dead silence and then the ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chants started, roaring over everything else in the arena. From his perch on the top of the cage, the horrified ref looked towards the ramp and threw up the X, signaling to get the medics and other officials down here as quickly as possible. Perhaps to make up for several instances of dubious officiating over he course of the summer, the rest of the zebras appeared almost immediately, being closely tailed by a group of medics carrying a matching pair of stretchers. Rounding out this fast moving group was a grave looking Richard Fannin, his face drawn with guilt and worry over the fact that it was his creation that had been responsible for possibly ending the careers of two very dynamic women. Reaching the shattered remains of the table, the officials and medics cleared away enough of the debris to get at Neve and Kristin, the two enemies lying silently beside one another, their breathing shallow and rapid. Getting out of the way, the refs let the medics do there job and less than two minutes later, both girls had been carted onto the stretchers and was being wheeled up the ramp amidst a standing ovation from the crowd.

Ignoring the roar of the mob for now, Rich walked between the two gurneys and questioned the medics very closely, “Don’t bullshit me here guys. How are they and how bad is it really?”

Pausing as they reached the top of the ramp, the medic turned to the harried promoter and said, “Neither broke anything, but we’re gonna take them to the hospital and have ‘em checked for concussions and internal injuries. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.”

Fannin nodded silently and watched as both girls were pushed through the curtain and out toward the ambulance he always had on call as a just in case. While Rich was talking with the medic on the ramp, Kristin opened her eyes fro a moment and didn’t know where she was. Her last thought was of Neve charging her and then…nothing

“Dammit!” she thought. “How’d it end? If I’m being carted away, does that mean that bitch beat me? Goddammit how did it end?” she thought; but then she turned her head slowly and saw Neve was on a gurney beside her.

Perhaps even more important, the Scream Queen’s eyes were open and when she saw Kristin, those deep brown orbs simmered with the same anger Kristin knew she was radiating. Her green eyes narrowed and the Hellcat managed to mouth two words to her nemesis.

The two words were, “Not over.”

Neve nodded the tiniest bit and mouthed it back, then both of them were gone in the depths of unconsciousness, neither to awaken for several hours in a hospital room in town. Interestingly enough, the first thing both asked for after they woke up was a tape of the match…neither of them could remember very well what had happened./BODY>