Neve Campbell vs. Mila Kunis by Scott

When I woke up I was tied to a chair. What happened? How did I get here? Seconds later I received my answer when I saw my ex-client/girlfriend Neve Campbell walked up the stairs.

"Well Scott you ruined my relationship with John (Cuzack)! What gives you the right to call him and spout off about me? All because I don't like some singer? Some singer? That was Paul McCartney. He and the Beatles changed the way music was played. He's a living legend!"

"How nice for him. He's not half the artist Larena McKennett is" (a talented but obscure classical folk singer). Besides, that isn't important Neve. There are some artists who demand respect. Anyway, if your boyfriend has an interest in an artist, can't you at least show some support and pretend to be interested?"

"You don't deserve John. You should be more sensitive of other people's tastes. I'm surprised he didn't leave you sooner. You're a selfish person Neve. This is exactly why we broke up. If you don't get to do what you want you just pout and throw a hissy fit. You're attitude sucks! Now untie me!"

"No chance asshole. You're going to pay for what you did. But I'm not going to beat you up though; you'd enjoy that too much. I know you're seeing that puny little goody two-shoes Mila Kunis. A little young isn't she? I think I'll just wait for her here and give her a big surprise."

"Don't touch her Neve, I'm warning you. You're an ungrateful witch. Who got you in the SCREAM movie and WILD THINGS?"

"Those roles have been a curse. No one will hire me in a serious role anymore. I'm lucky to get a Showtime feature. I had to turn down ROUNDERS with Edward Norton and Matt Damon because of SCREAM. Do you know what working with an hot Academy award winning actor could have done for my career?"

Just then a car pulled up - it was Mila! She was such a nice change of pace from Neve; sweet, kind, generous and very pretty, She wasn't as sensuous as Neve and wasn't into all the kinky stuff my ex- was, but then she didn't have an ounce of meanness in her either. Mind you, Neve could be wonderful. At times one of the warmest, friendliest people who'd ever want to meet but she also had wild mood swings. I really did love Neve, but she had a lot of faults including a bad temper. Part of the reason she behaves badly is because she was picked on as a teenager; she lost all her hair after suffering a nervous breakdown when she was 14 and kids gave her a rough go. I think now that she has grown into a woman (a strapping 125 pounds on her 5' 5 1/2" frame) with tremendously strong legs from her 5 years of ballet training she isn't afraid to challenge actresses she doesn't like by challenging them to a catfight.

I feared for my Mila. She was only smaller then Neve and maybe weighed 105 pounds. I also knew Neve wouldn't be satisfied with just winning the fight. She would have to humiliate her. I loved seeing her dominating a woman when I was dating her but now the tables were turned. Before I could scream out a warning Neve gagged my mouth and turned off the lights. When Mila walked up the stairs she turned on the lights and saw me tied to the chair.

"What's going on here?"

I tried to warn her with my eyes of the danger she was in. She just looked confused as she walked towards me. Before she reached me Neve come up from behind her and landed a ferocious kick to my honey's cute little backside. Mila fell to the floor and attempted to lift herself up but Neve kicked her in the fanny again knocking her back down. My new girlfriend tried crawling away and getting to her feet but Neve's foot kept smacking into her rump or back each time keeping her down. Neve added some stomps to her head as well putting a hurt on my girl. After about a dozen stomps to her ass, back and head Mila was clearly dazed and stopped trying to crawl away or get to her feet. Neve then backed off and allowed Mila to rise to her feet.

Mila still hadn't seen who had attacked her and thought whomever it was must have left. She slowly got to her feet on wobbly legs almost falling down obviously dizzy from the stomps to the head. Neve was waiting for her and approached her from behind wrapping her arms around her head in a sleeper hold. My little sweetheart was struggling like crazy and nearly slipped out of the hold. When that maneuver failed she began throwing elbows in Neve's midsection causing the bigger woman to grunt. For a second she looked like she might escape but Neve temporarily broke the sleeper hold to throw a wicked punch to Mila kidneys nearly knocking the smaller girl down and knocking the fight out of her. She then slapped on the sleeper again!

Mila tried to fight it but Neve's arms locked on tight around her head and neck. Mila threw her arms about reaching back trying to grab hold of Neve's head or hair but within seconds her struggles weaken as she was overpowered. In a few moments, my girl's arms fell to her side and she began to slump. Both went to their knees, then Mila jerked in a last ditch effort to break free - to no avail. Neve simply tightened her hold then leaned back so she was lying flat on her back and took Mila with her. Holding on to the sleeper, she wrapped her legs around Mila's midsection trapping my girl. The only movement by Mila was the occasional twitching of her legs as, within moments, she slipped into unconsciousness. Neve laid her on the floor and stripped off all her clothes except her sheer to the waist tan pantyhose. She picked Mila up and placed her on the couch, then removed the gag from my mouth.

"Well, Neve you got what you want now untie me and get out?" I said when I could move my lips.

"I haven't began yet. This was just the warm-up," Neve said as she skinned off her shorts and began fingering her pussy through the thin material of her panties. This was a bad sign; it meant she was warming herself up for some sex. It was obvious it wasn't going to be with me so that meant she planned to use Mila as her sex toy for the evening.

"I can picture her mouth right here," Neve purred as she sat down on a chair continuing to finger herself.

"Ah, Ahh!" the way Neve was breathing I was hoping she might get herself off and leave my girl alone.

"Is she ever going to wake up?" Neve whined when she was ready for human contact; continuing with her foreplay by grabbing her crotch and nonstop rubbing of herself. "Oooh, ahhhh, ummmmm, I'm soaking wet," she groaned in a fiendishly sexy voice. "I'm going to fuck her face until she makes me cum," she warned as she continued to rub herself.

Mila's only hope was for Neve to get herself off before my girl awoke. Just as I thought Neve might come she stopped pleasuring herself and scurried into the bedroom leaving me tied up. Maybe she went in there to finish and she would leave us be. Several minutes went by and I thought maybe Neve got herself off and decided to leave us alone. Mila began to moan as she was coming to.

"Mila! Mila, wake up," I anxiously yelled out not knowing if Neve was still in the apartment.

"Wha...what happen?" she asked sitting up and rubbing her neck and clearing the cobwebs.

"It was Neve. She's gone mad. Now hurry. Untie me before she comes back!"

Neve was just waiting for Mila to awaken though, and as soon as Mila staggered towards me, in rushed my-ex!

"OH MY GAWD! Look out Mila!"

Neve ran in, covered from head to toe in pantyhose! She was wearing a black body stocking but also had hose over her head and on her arms. The only part of her body not covered was just below her neck and where her fingers were cut open through the hose to look like fingerless mittens. You could see the beautiful features on her face but they were distorted pressed against the nylon. She looked scary. Mila screamed in horror as Neve charged. Poor Mila looked like she was scared to death. Neve looked hideous, yet highly erotic at the same time. She slammed into Mila forcing her back into the wall. Neve lifted knees to Mila's crotch, then a knee to her face as she doubled over. A hard right to Mila's' tight stomach made her double over again and an uppercut to the jaw brought her back upright. Neve turned her back to Mila, grabbed her head from behind and flipped her over to the carpet. Mila landed hard on her ass but Neve didn't let her rest.

Neve lifted up her lower body and drove a knee into my girl's back. Then she wrapped her powerful legs around Mila's midsection and squeezed. Mila cried out in pain so Neve placed her hands under her jaw and pulled up. This not only prevented Mila from screaming but also put pressure on her neck. Mila tried pulling and pushing Neve's hands away from her jaw with but couldn't budge them an inch. She then scratched Neve's nylon clad legs but that only served to put some runs in her stockings pissing Neve off and causing her to squeeze harder. Bigger and stronger women than my Mila have submitted to Neve's scissors holds so I was screaming at Neve to release her before she broke a rib. With Mila weakening quickly Neve did move but only to shift her legs up Mila's body until she had her legs around the small girl's neck. Mila' face turned red and was choking as the flow of blood and air was being disrupted my Neve's vice like grip.

"Not much of a fighter is she Scott?" Neve asked as she continued with the scissors just sort of maintaining the hold while she lay on her elbow and side resting.

Mila had no defense for this hold and when Neve added for pressure she began losing her battle with consciousness. Neve mercifully let loose of the scissors and I was hoping she was finished but she wasn't. Instead she dragged Mila to the couch and straddled her stomach as she inched her way up to her face. Mila knew what was coming and put up her arms trying to block Neve but was overpowered by the bigger woman. Neve forced her arms down and sat on her neck. Little Mila was having all kinds of trouble breathing with 125 or so pounds on top of her. Despite Mila's resistance Neve had no trouble placing her crotch on my girl's face.

The brunette took Mila's arms and placed them over above her head and began pressing herself down trying to suffocate Mila. When Neve lifted her ass up to adjust her position, the smaller actress tried to slip underneath her but Neve grabbed a handful of hair and brought her back into place. My spirited little girl was still squirming around so Neve reached back and grabbed her pantyhose covered crotch squeezing it forcefully. As they struggled Mila's body slipped down a little bit to the point where she had both feet on the carpet and putting some space between her face and Neve's nylon covered pussy.

Hurting from the crotch attack my girl reach up with her arms going for Neve's breast but all she got hold of was her bodystocking. After some searching she got her fingers around one of Neve's tits and pinched it. That got Neve to stop her attack on Mila's crotch but she was even madder now and the extra emotion gave her the strength to grabbed Mila's hair and pull her further back on the couch. Mila push on Neve's chest trying to keep her crotch away from her face so Neve simply grabbed the back of her head and brought her face up to her crotch.

My girl wormed around like mad and this time she curled her legs up when she sensed Neve reaching back with her hand to attack her crotch. Neve let Mila's head back down breaking the facesitting seal, but still straddling her neck. She concentrated on spreading Mila's legs apart and attacking her pussy. My little lady could not prevent Neve from reaching her target but when she did Mila started clawing at Neve's torso. With the thick nylon covering her body no damage was done and Neve was able to force Mila's face between her strong legs and pressed her face against her cunny where she was able to squeeze her head and make breathing difficult.

Neve thought Mila was already weaken enough to place her head down and move on top of her and though my girl was laboring she continued to try to squirm her way free. She reached around Neve's ass hoping to stick a finger in there but that proved to be impossible with Neve's bum covered in nylon. Not wanting to take a risk that Mila's sharp nails could poke a hole in her hosiery Neve grabbed her arms and pressed them down over her head.

My girl was still squirming too much for Neve's taste so she lean back a little but and reach backward violating her crotch area again. Even though Mila had on pantyhose also her nylons were sheer meaning they were thin and offer no protection from Neve's claw like grip. Mila's hose now had a hole in the crotch area and it was getting larger. To make things even worse Neve picked up a little hand whip she placed by the couch and was striking Mila on the upper thigh with it stopping only to forced my girl's head back up to her cunny.

Every time Mila offered resistance by pulling at Neve's body stocking the evil brunette would strike her lower body with the whip. When Mila grabbed the hand that held the whip Neve would use her other hand to attack her pussy. At least this brought Neve's cunny off Mila's face allowing some precious air to enter her lungs. In a careless moment Mila was even able to grab the whip away from Neve. She could only land one weak strike, which didn't bother Neve physically but did make her boiling mad. She scooted back off Mila's face and slugged her in the jaw with a hard right then scooted back on her face and pulled her face up pressing against her cunny.

Mila dropped the whip and Neve immediately picked it up and landed a half a dozen hard strikes on the smaller girl's thighs. With her head now resting on the couch Neve moved up a little so she was sitting on Mila's face covering her mouth and pressing her mound against her nose. Neve was wriggling around a bit and starting to get some pleasure from the captive face. I could hear Mila's desperate and muffled screams but still my brave girl kept fighting, squirming and twisting trying to escape while pulling at Neve's body stocking. Getting perturbed by the struggling female Neve again reached back grabbing Mila's crotch with her claws.

"Ohhh" I could hear Mila's muffled cries as she tried bringing her legs together to prevent Neve's clawing but Neve broke through her defenses and got a strong grip. She squeezed unmercifully widening the hole in Mila's hose. After a few seconds Mila stop struggling I didn't know if she had passed out from the pain and lack of air or just gave up hoping Neve would finish with her. Apparently Neve wasn't ready to quit. She stopped her pussy attack and again struck Mila with the whip. The sharp sting brought more cries and a curling movement of Mila's legs. Mila reached up for Neve's breasts but Neve grabbed her arm forcing it backward and struck her again with the whip. Then she forced her face back up to her cunny followed by another strike of the whip; this landing between Mila's legs.

"Oooooh!" Mila moaned.

Neve quickly grabbed a handful of hair then leaned back on the couch. Mila still had her face between those steamy thighs. Mila seemed to understand what Neve expected, so she started to (sort of) voluntarily lick Neve's nylon covered pussy, which I could see was soaking wet. She thought this was better than being suffocated and whipped to the point where her skin would be raw and leave welts. After a minute or so she slacked off causing Neve to claw her pussy again with one hand and force her face against her cunny with the other. I could hear slurping sounds like a kid sucking a lollipop as Mila tried to please the bigger woman.

Neve slapped my girl on the ass hard when the licking and sucking slowed. Mila tried to pull away but Neve grabbed the back of her head and forced her head forward. Mila was able to keep her torso up and found her face pressed against Neve's ample bosom. She started sucking her tits through the nylon. This she must have thought would be an improvement from where she was. It was still a humiliating position to be in but at least the air quality was a big improvement.

She was feverishly licking Neve's tit trying to pacify the angry woman. It seem to work as Neve started to gently stroke Mila's hair lightly pressing her against her bosom. When Mila stopped for just a second Neve pulled her head backwards and viscously slapped her across the face and knocking her backwards to the floor where she landed with a thud.

"Stop it Neve! Can't you see she's had enough," I shouted.

"Shut your mouth Scott. I'm just getting warmed up! Down there!" Neve demanded pointing to her crotch.

Terribly afraid of what Neve might do if she didn't obey a sobbing Mila knelt down between Neve's legs and placed her lips so they were brushing against her nylon cover pussy and went to work. Neve had a handful of hair making sure Mila didn't stray. Mila would lick through Neve's soaked hose for a few seconds and try to move away, each time Neve would pull her head back into place. Getting perturbed with Mila's lack of enthusiasm Neve took two handfuls of hair and force Mila's head between her legs. Mila began licking more aggressively hoping not to be smothered but Neve still wasn't satisfied. She reached for her whip and began striking Mila on her back. Mila got the message and licked faster.

"Your sick Neve!" I said, seething with anger and she responded with an evil smile.

Neve laid the whip down, grabbed the back of Mila's head and forced it into her crotch as she began thrust her pelvis upward. Neve began moaning and Mila licked furiously hoping to make the girl come and end this ordeal. Then a strange did happen Neve began to push Mila away. She didn't want to come just yet. Knowing Neve was close to coming Mila kept trying to move in but Neve kept pushing her away. Neve picked up the whip again and began striking Mila in the upper body and face. Mila was determined to dive in to her target though and got her lips in Neve's steamy crotch. Neve kept striking her on the back with the whip causing my girl to let out cries of pain each time she was struck. Neve was striking her hard now and after 10 blows Mila could take no more. When she lifted her head Neve kept striking her with the whip. Mila grabbed for it and when she couldn't get it she reached for Neve's tits which were still covered in nylon. The smaller girl was not able to get a good grip on the slippery material and Neve began forcing her down to the carpet. Between striking her with the whip and jabbing at Mila's crotch area Neve was able to drive the woman down on her back.

Mila had no defense against Neve's whipping action and the blows were extremely painful, plus she was exhausted so she just lay passively hoping Neve would stop. She did but immediately went into an open knee front facesit position. When Mila did not begin licking Neve started whipping her legs. Not getting the satisfaction she craved she began slowly humping Mila's face. Her sweaty pussy covering her nose filling it with her secretions. Then she leaned forward and pushed Mila's head up has she continued to hump away. Both because Mila began licking and Neve wasn't ready to end this she did not press full weight on the captive face. My poor girl was gasping for air, her tongue was sore and she wasn't able to keep up an acceptable pace. The unsympathetic brunette struck her with the whip again.

"No break," Neve ordered as she continued her slow ride on Mila's face.

The younger actress was totally exhausted but knew if she didn't not continue to pleasure the woman it would mean the whip or being smothered so she maintained servicing Neve as best she could. Getting thoroughly turned on Neve pulled down her body stocking uncovering her shapely breasts and began massaging them as she was being serviced. About every minute or so Mila would slow down so Neve would push Mila's head up into her crotch or strike her with the whip. The constant sitting was too much for my little sweetie and she slipped into a semi-conscious state. Neve looked upset as the licking stopped and her blows with the whip were not effective in resuming the action. She got off Mila, lit a cigarette looking down at her with contempt.

"That's enough Neve. You won. Now leave," I shouted with a command I could not enforce.

"I'm not nearly finished!" Neve said, upset that Mila was nearly out before she got off.

Neve picked up the whip as Mila began to come around, finally able to breathe in some fresh air. Then began viciously whipping Mila like a dog as she continued to smoke her cigarette.

"You're going to eat me! You got it?" Neve said as she whipped the crying girl.

"OK. No more!" Mila sobbed only wanting the whipping to stop.

Still Neve kept striking her perhaps letting Mila know she was serious about this and making sure she would not stop servicing her until she was satisfied. Mila curled up best she could and was absolutely sobbing as Neve continued striking her legs and back. I could see red welts through her nylon-covered legs from being hit so often. Neve stopped and looked at me smiling. She enjoyed dominating women. Especially younger actresses like Mila who had unlimited potential.

"You gonna kiss my ass? Uh? You gonna kiss my ass bitch?" Neve questioned as the whipping continued.

Mila couldn't even answer - she just shrieked each time the leather struck her skin. Neve then stopped striking Mila as she walked towards her upper body. She stood over her with her legs on either side of her head and was facing her legs. With whip still in hand Mila was sure Neve would go after her crotch area with the whip and she reached for the object getting a hold of it. Neve quickly jerked it out of her hands though. Instead of whipping her Neve slowly descended down on her face. Mila was petrified. She grabbed Neve by the legs and tried pulling herself up to lick Neve's ass as she stood but Neve would have none of it she continued to descend on my girl forcing her back to the floor.

What a terrifying sight that must have been for Mila. Neve had a fairly plump behind so seeing her shapely ass then her back and shoulders then to see her turn her head around looking around her shoulders down on you and see that arrogant smirk of hers descend on her had to make Mila sick. Mila knew if she protested Neve would surely strike her crotch area with the whip so as she made her way down my lady gave only token resistance, accepting her fate. Mila had a horrified look on her face as that round ass got closer and closer to her.

Neve hadn't shaven in a while and even though cover in nylon her mass of bushy tangled hair was visible and to see it descending on her had to be terrifying for Mila. But down it came covering my girl's face entering her into a world of darkness. Mila tried curling up but Neve reached forward straightening out her legs. At least that caused Neve to scoot her ass off Mila's eyes and nose allowing her to see and breathe. Whimpering Mila lifted her head towards Neve's ass hoping she wouldn't sit on back on her with her full weight. Neve forced Mila's head down but did not sit full weight, not because of kindness but instead to control Mila's squirming body.

"Eat it bitch!!" she ordered as she grabbed a handful of hair pulling the captive head up while rubbing her ass on Mila's face.

Mila continued to whimper as Neve grind and bounced her ass up and down on her face. Mila was lucky in the sense that since Neve's ass was covered in nylon she wasn't getting a full whiff of her odor. As bad as the situation was at least the nylon kept her nose from going up Neve's crack. But with the crotch of Neve's pantyhose being soaking wet combined with Mila's attacking tongue and Neve's grinding a small hole developed in them and Mila now felt the slimy flesh that had been protected. Earlier she might have thought of biting Neve, but she was severely weaken now and scared to death of what the bigger woman would do to her if she did. Instead Mila was doing her best to bring Neve pleasure softly sucking her clit and lapping over the slimy flesh with her tongue.

Mila must have thought as long as Neve was feeling pleasure she wouldn't be so intent on smothering her. She was mistaken. Neve still forced her head back to the carpet and pumped away on Mila's face. My sweetie as twisting and thrashing about trying to get some air. Her lungs must have been burning. Her mind was in a state of delirium, dizzy from the lack of oxygen. For a few minutes Mila would try bringing her knees up which in turn forced Neve to lean forward and force her legs back down. That gave my girl some time to breathe at least. When the struggling continued Neve reached for the whip again striking Mila's upper legs. Then she starting clawing at Mila's pussy with one hand while striking her with the whip with the other before concentrating on the dreaded claw hold. She got a good grip on my sweetie's privates and didn't let go.

Within moments Mila's wild thrashing about turned into mild squirming. I feared she was losing consciousness from the pain between her legs and lack of air. But Neve let lose of the claw hold and leaned back placing her ass squarely on Mila's face. Still Mila would struggle every so often causing Neve to go back to the whip or claw at her pussy. In time Mila's struggles slowed and Neve began rotating her hips on her face to get the satisfaction she craved. Instead of attacking her crotch Neve concentrated on Mila's tits squeezing them as she pleasured herself. After a few minutes of pinching, punching and squeezing of Mila's breasts Neve would choke her, strike her with the whip or attack her pussy when the oral service slowed.

I noticed that Mila tried placing her hand over her pussy when Neve went for it. At first I thought it was just to protect herself but when Neve moved her hand Mila's hand stayed put. She was fingering herself! I am not sure if she was trying to get herself off or she was just protecting herself. Neve thought it was the former and would have none of that! She tried forcing Mila's hand away but Mila was determined to keep her hand in place and wouldn’t be budged. Neve started striking her violently with the whip and kept trying to pull Mila's hand away. Not having success Neve simply placed her larger hand over Mila's and squeezed as hard as she could putting unwanted pressure on the actress's pussy. I could tell by the way Mila body shook she was in pain again.

Still Neve couldn't pry my girl's hand away. During this entire struggled Mila never stopped licking so Neve settled for concentrated on being serviced. She reached down to her crotch area with her hand and widened the hole in her crotch so more of her flesh could be exposed to Mila's talented tongue. I could tell by Neve's eyes that she was getting what she wanted. She had a looked of a woman who was stoned out of her mind. For the time being Neve leaned forward a bit allowing my girl some air but how long could Mila keep up this pace. She had been licking Neve's cunny like a wild animal dying of thirst would drink from a pond of water for some time now.

I also did not know how long Neve would hold out before cumming. When she started grinding away at a furious pace and Mila placed both her hands around Neve's ass spreading it as much as she could and licking faster and deeper than ever, I thought for sure the end was in sight. But cruel Neve purposely lifted her ass off my girl's face and viscously placed a claw hold back on her pussy. Mila lifted her head searching for Neve's cunny. Wanting to feel pleasure more than inflicting pain, Neve loosened her claw and allowed Mila to service her. She even bent forward and licked Mila's pussy through the hole in her hose - but just for a few seconds before leaning back and placing full weight on Mila's face. What a cruel witch she was!

Mila continued to lick furiously but I could see her tiring. Whenever Neve felt she was about to pass out, she'd ease off a little, always covering Mila's mouth and nose but not always placing her full weight on my girl's face. I was wishing Mila would pass out so her humiliation would end but Neve wouldn't let her. She now stroked her with the whip to keep her awake. Every time she used the whip Neve would have to lift her ass and the smaller girl would just lift her head up and bury her face in Neve's ass trying to please her mistress and keep her from sitting on her face. But it was obvious Neve was going to punish her no matter what Mila did.

"Ohh, oh yeah!" I could here Neve whisper loving the feeling of being sucked and licked.

With Neve leaning forward Mila was at least able to sip in some air but this just prolong her punishment. Every time Neve would lift herself off Mila I could here her crying. Neve seemed turned on making the girl cry. It churned my stomach.

Neve reached her hand back and tore away at her crotch leaving a gaping hole that pretty much exposed her entire pussy and ass making things even worse when she leaned back forcing Mila's nose in her hairy snatch. Still Neve was not ready to end this she would always lift up after a few seconds on Mila only to go back down before Mila could catch anything more than a quick breath of air.

Next Neve guided Mila's hand to underneath her ass. Mila seemed to understand that she should began fingering Neve as well as lick her and she tried to please the woman but that didn't stop her from receiving the occasional sting of the whip. Mila was determined to get the woman off knowing that would end this ordeal. Her tongue stayed in Neve's pussy even when Neve tried to pull away.

When Neve leaned forward and her torso collapsed on Mila's stomach she was moaning loudly. I felt surely now this was the end coming. Then Neve lifted her torso up and sat full weight on my girl. She massaged her own breasts and pumped away like mad. Mila was barely moving and while she still licked Neve the paced had slowed considerably. Certainly within moments either Neve would come or Mila would pass out or both would occur. Then that dam Neve would lift her ass off though destroying any chance of the humiliation ending any time soon. She would then sit back down full weight and grind away before for a minute or so then lifting off a few seconds. The only thing I could see was Mila's chin and her lower lip moving as she tried to please her dominator. I could hear the squishing sounds of Neve's slimy sex grinding away on Mila's moist face. Poor Mila lips moved like a hummingbird's wing when Neve would pressed down smothering her. She was panicking and fearful of being smothered to death if she did not continue to lick and suck.

"Look at her go Scottie!" Neve gleefully shouted.

"Oh, oooooh ahhhh!" Oh how I hated hearing those moans of pleasure but hopefully this would signal the end of her torture.

Maybe Neve would continue to pump and grind without lifting off Mila's face at the last second before experiencing an orgasm and thereby end Mila's suffering.

"NO!" I shouted when Neve leaned forward lifting her ass off Mila's face, ensuring the abuse would continue.

Mila tried lifting her head trying desperately to keep contact with Neve's bottom hoping to get her off but she was extremely tired now and not as effective as she was earlier and could not maintain contact when Neve moved to far forward. But then Neve would reach back and force Mila's head up her ass. Then she would allow her head to fall to the carpet and sit on her grinding and pumping away only to break the seal when she was about to cum or when Mila looked like she would pass out. A blow by the whip let me know Mila was still conscious as I could hear her weakly cry.

Suddenly, Neve got off Mila but it was only because she was getting sore from sitting on her. Neve sat down with legs spread and Mila knew what she wanted and although barely conscious she crawled between her legs and continued to service the bitch. The scene of seeing my girl's head between Neve's legs sucking her cunny reminded me of a new born puppy or kitten sucking at its' mother's tit. Apparently Mila was slowing down because Neve grabbed the back of her head and shoved it against her sex. Mila immediately increased the pace. Neve reached down with her hands spreading her pussy lips allowing Mila to giver her the full treatment. For the first time in a half hour Neve was passive, just leaning on the wall holding her lips spread and fingering herself as my sweetheart licked and sucked away. How could she not be cuming? I would have exploded long ago.

What was Neve doing now I wondered as she scooted forward a little and lifted her pelvis. She wanted Mila to lick her ass! Mila had no choice. Crying, she reluctantly slid her tongue in Neve's ass crease. If this is what it took to end this nightmare then I hoped it would be for a mercifully brief period of time. When Neve grabbed the back of Mila's head and shoved her in deeper my girl tried pulling away but just did not have the strength to do so and was forced back in to the foul smelling area to clean Neve's ass. When Neve let go of her hair Mila slowing worked her way back up to Neve's pussy, which now must not have seemed so bad compared to where she was moments before. Fearing that Neve might make her lick ass again, Mila dove right in to her pussy and Neve was passive again obviously enjoying the experience. Then Neve suddenly backed away. Exhausted, Mila just lay there hoping this was the end.

"I'm not finished yet," Neve told Mila who simply lay there too exhausted to move. "Now you're in real trouble!"

I could only hope Neve didn't go too far. She forced Mila onto her back and with no resistance placed her cunny back on her mouth in a forward facesit. After rubbing herself on Mila a few seconds Neve spread her legs so she wasn't putting any real weight on Mila. Mila knew what she had to do and she staring flicking Neve's clit with her tongue.

"That's right bitch, suffer," Neve throatily whispered as she lightly pumped up and down on Mila's face. Neve pressed with more weight Mila brought her hands to Neve's pussy lips spreading them so she could find Neve's sweet spot easier and hopefully get Neve to give her more air. "Yeah make me cum," Neve gasped, breathing harder.

Mila was so exhausted that her she couldn't keep her hands up to spread the brunette's lips. When they dropped Neve used her own hands to spread her lips. For several minutes my girl would rapidly lick Neve, get tired and slow down causing Neve to press her sex hard on her face smothering her which in turned made Mila lick faster. After a few minutes of this routine Neve's body began to shake and she was humping Mila's face with enthusiasm. Mila tried to bridge and push her off, but she couldn't budge the heavier female. Neve just rode out her resistance thrusting her hips faster and faster until she finally exploded her orgasm on Mila's face. Her thick girl juice pouring into Mila's mouth. She pounded my girl's face with her mound, thrusting it hard getting all she could from this orgasm. She continued humping the girl's face but started to slow as her orgasm subsided until she was gently rocking back and forth on Mila's head, stroking my girl's hair. I could see Mila's eyes roll upwards then her eyelids fluttered and went shut. Her mouth full of cum, her lungs deprived of oxygen, she passed out in Neve's clammy pussy. The carpet around them was soaked with sweat and cum.

"Are you happy now Neve?" I asked as she got off Mila.

But she still wasn't done! She grabbed Mila by the legs and dragged her to a dryer part of the room and straddled her chest as she sat back down on my girl. She lightly slapped Mila's face until she woke up. Mila was laboriously breathing with her mouth open. Her face was glistening with Neve's juices, and she began softly sobbing. She closed her eyes not wanting to see the holy terror that was sitting on her chest, hoping Neve would just go away. But Neve wasn't near to being finished as she showed when she moved forward placing her pussy over her face again.

Mila couldn't even stick out her tongue at this point and Neve knew if she put any weight on her she would quickly pass out again so she shifted upward putting most of her weight on her knees. Mila was too much out of it to feel panic or be bothered by the crushing weight on her chest and face. The only thought in her mind was to please the female on top of her. Instinctively she began to lap Neve's clit. The sobbing sounds combined with the slurping noises coming from my sweetheart were sickening. At this point I wished she would have just given up and allowed the perverted bitch on top of her to smothered her into unconsciousness. Maybe then Neve would leave her alone.

Bloodthirsty Neve was careful not to place any weight on Mila, always keeping her face covered except for fractions of a second to keep her from passing out as she shifted forward and back on her face. Mila's face was already covered in gunk and she was gulping in air whenever she could. She was barely awake. Not wanting her victim to go out again Neve simply ceased moving and placed most of her weight on her knees or hands as Mila licked as best she could.

Getting sore in her position, Neve reversed positions and was facing Mila's feet. Again she leaned forward so she wouldn't place much weight on Mila's face but still commanding the smaller actress to lick her swollen cunny. When Mila slowed down Neve grabbed the whip and hit my girl's legs with it. At this point striking Mila was bringing diminished returns, she simply was too weak to go at the pace Neve desired. Neve decided to forego the whip and concentrate on pleasuring herself as she began rubbing her ass back and forth Mila's face. But having just experienced an orgasm Neve had to work herself back up slowly so she never placed her full weight on Mila and allowed her some air as my girl still licked as best she could.

A little rough pussy massaging sent a jolt of pain through Mila and encouraged her not to slow down but I could see her eyes rolling up her head again before quickly refocusing on Neve's ass. I knew she couldn't hang on much longer. She shuffled her legs about weakly. Neve stuck one hand down to her own crotch area spreading her pussy lips again. By the way her body was shivering she had to getting close to another orgasm. Mila no longer had the energy to keep her head up and Neve placed more weight on her face to get the sensation she longed for. My girl continued to bravely slurp up the juices of the brunette but was close to passing out again.

I could see Mila's eyes rolling up again and her eyelids closing for a second then snap open, fighting to stay awake as Neve pumped faster and faster. The evil brunette was moaning louder and louder as the seconds passed by. Again Neve eased off not wanting to come yet and allowing Mila a chance to breathe in some air keeping her awake. I was crying now so sorry my actions caused Mila to endure this suffering.

"Eat me! Eat me!" Neve moaned feeling Mila suck on her hairy labia.

Neve was making all kinds of cooing noises as she again began to pump in earnest. Mila with her tongue tender and gagging on the thick pubic hair that filled her mouth was slowing her oral service. I could see from Mila's eyes that she was I misery having her nose in Neve's ass but she continued to lick away trying to keep from having all of Neve's weight placed on her to stay awake, but that was becoming a difficult proposition.

The strong aroma from Neve's bottom was choking my girl. Sensing this Neve stopped again lifting her ass off Mila's face. She reached back with a hand and roughly shook Mila's head and slapping her face bringing her out of her semi-conscious state. Staying on top of her she leaned forward and made Mila lick her ass again. My little girl was soon becoming an expert in anal pleasure and I thought Neve would orgasm again as her body shook with pleasure. At times Mila would press her face against Neve's ass and licked non-stop. At other times to catch a breath she would stab her tongue like a knife into Neve's anus. Neve made her lick and suck her ass for several minutes, until my girl ran out of energy and just couldn't continue. Neve's fetid ass proved too much for Mila to take and the actress let her head fall to the carpet, her arms flopping limp at her sides, her leg thighs slowly parted and laid flat on the carpet spread-eagle.

Realizing Mila was nearly finished, Neve went back to moving her ass rhythmically up and down her face. Although nearly out Mila tried to lick and suck her foe but she had little energy. Knowing Mila was nearly finished she used her entire face to masturbate on. But then she stopped moving and reached down with her hand and forced Mila's mouth open. A semi-conscious Mila stuck out her tongue and licked and sucked Neve's pussy once again although I doubt she knew what she was doing at this point. When Neve moved her hand, Mila's mouth slowly closed and Neve went back to slowly humping her girl's face. She gently massaged Mila's breasts as she slowly slid back and forth, still not putting full weight on Mila, trying to keep her awake as long as possible. A harder squeeze of the tits cause Mila's body to shiver but she quickly became still again as Neve continued her slow sensual sit.

The only part of Mila's body that was moving was her head as she still tried to lick Neve's pussy while she was being smothered into unconsciousness. Now with Mila's mouth closed, Neve began humping away faster now driving Mila's head into the carpeted floor. She would slow down and lift her ass off her face for a second to allow the girl a breath of air then placing her ass back on Mila's face where she continued to pump and hump to her hearts content. I could see Mila open her mouth sticking out her tongue, just a reflex reaction - she didn't realize what was happening! Her eyes were closed and her body lay still as Neve went back to humping and pumping, wiggling her hips; burying Mila's head deep in her ass.

Highly aroused Neve was rubbing her clit and was moaning loudly now. Mila's body began to spasm, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Ahhhh...aaaahhh...mmmmmmm, Ohhhh, ooohh, OH GAWD!"

Sure enough, Neve came and harder than I had ever seen in all our years together. She continued grinding her ass violently on Mila's face, grunting in lust. Man did she ever let out a load of sticky slimy fluid. I could see some liquid that didn't go into Mila's mouth dripped off her face to the carpet. Neve slowed down her pace then settled down pressing her full weight on Mila's face, her face buried in the steamy, smelling hole, her nose going deep up her ass crack. Her mouth and nose were completely covered by Neve's behind, air was running out her legs shuffled slightly, her body shuddered and she became still...she was unconscious!

I heard an awful slurping sound caused by Mila's face slipping in Neve's ass even deeper when she went out. Neve just kept slowly rocking back and forth enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm but still spreading her nectar all over Mila's face stimulated by the placid face in a way I never could pleasure her. After a few more minutes of draining herself on Mila, Neve got up leaving my girl drenched in bodily fluids. What a mess! Saliva and cum dribbled out of my sweetie's mouth, thick gel oozed out of her nose. Her wet hair was sprayed about and matted to her face, which was swollen and red and soaked with girl juice. Neve then stripped the actress of her pantyhose and shoved them down my mouth. She then softly nudged Mila's head with her feet until she opened her eyes.

Neve placed a foot across Mila's neck and choked her. She adjusted her hosiery upward as she choked out my girl. She placed her other foot on her face and adjusted that leg as well. Mila could only place her hands on Neve's legs in protest and they soon slid off as she was losing consciousness. Just before Mila went out Neve removed her foot from her neck and stood on her face covering her mouth and nose with her wet nylon covered feet and smothered her out once again.

When she stepped off Mila, Neve looked at me, "I enjoyed that Scott. We'll have to do this again sometime!"

I just muffled curses at her as she dressed and left the apartment. I was already thinking of someone who could get revenge for me.