Best of Three Face-sit Challenge: Jennifer Lopez vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkin’ Dude

With the whole of her mouth and nose wedged firmly against the sweating, slick curvature of her opponent’s ass, Neve Campbell was running out of escape ideas. Closing her eyes in an effort to fight off the black dots beginning to cloud her vision, Neve focused all of her remaining strength and jerked her head hard to the left. In a bit of luck, the violent motion pulled her features free from her rival’s center and let her breathe again. Sucking in violent lungfuls of air, Neve bristled with anger as the brunette on top of her ground her hips down even harder, pressing her butt rudely against Neve’s flushed cheek. Gritting her teeth in rage, Neve found her voice and growled, “Get… your fucking fat ass… off my face… right NOW!”

Her voice started low and menacing but by the end had risen to a semi-hysterical cry of rage and frustration. And just in case she hadn’t made her desire crystal clear, the pale, leggy brunette bucked wildly, her long lean gams slapping uselessly on the simple blue mat that was their battleground.

Riding out Neve’s thrashings with an arrogant, diva-esque determination, J-Lo’s face broke into a wide, condescending smirk of a smile. Putting her hands on the damp, taut planes of her thighs, Jennifer ground her hips back and forth ever so gently giving Neve’s cheek a slow motion buffing. Keeping her pace rhythmic and steady, Jennifer responded in a voice that was surprisingly mild given that the two beauties were in the first round of a very high profile Face Sitting Contest.

“Not yet baby, not until I make the count.”

Jennifer ended her statement by running her fingers lightly over the edges of her skimpy yellow bottom, pulling the material snug against her hips and groin; making sure there would be virtually no barrier between Neve’s face and her backside.

Frustrated and embarrassed by the way this opening encounter had gone, Neve was infuriated at the tone of Jennifer’s voice. There was no way she would ever lose this battle; to do so would be too humiliating to comprehend. Rage clouding her dark eyes, Neve thrust up with all her might, but Jennifer stayed on her, keeping the brunette in the dark red bikini pinned to the mat.

Letting out a weary groan that sounded a bit like a scream, Neve spat, “When I get your cottage cheese ass off my face, I’ll give you the pleasure of having a REAL woman ride your face. You’ll be the one kissing ass tonight, bitch.”

Only motivated by Neve’s venom, Jennifer hooked both thumbs into her bottoms and snapped them, a sound which seemed incredibly loud in Neve’s ears. Keeping her gaze leveled on the reddened face of her rival, Jennifer said coldly, “I don’t think you’ve got energy left to buck me off, let alone ride my face. I just hope you’ve got enough energy to put your lips together and kiss my ass.” She ran one hand through her dark hair then, taking a deep breath as she waited for Neve to respond.

Growing increasingly angry over the close proximity of her face to Jennifer’s cheeks, Neve sneered, “You’re an overrated prima donna with a C-List ass! I'll never let you pin me!"

Jennifer’s face suddenly went from taunting to furious. Shooting both hands downward, she grabbed a dual handful of Neve’s hair and jerked hard to the side, pulling Neve’s head up to face her again. Raising her hips ever so slightly, Jennifer’s formerly cocky tone was replaced with a cold, cruel hiss, like finding razor blades in a dozen roses. Eyes blazing, she hissed, “DON'T YOU GET IT WHORE? I'VE BEATEN YOU! I'M JUST TOYING WITH YA SO YOU KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN FOR THE REST OF THIS FIGHT. I CAN END THIS ANY TIME I WANT TO, I JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE IT YET!"

Her hateful monologue finished, Jennifer went to work on her victim in earnest, pulling Neve’s head deep into rump, using her perfect hips like a battering ram to crush Neve’s nose painfully against her face. Unprepared for the viciousness of Jennifer’s new tactic, Neve made the worst mistake one can make in a match like this. She screamed wildly, senses overwhelmed with pain as her lungs began to fill with the distinctive odor of Jennifer’s sweat and musk. Leaning her head back as Neve’s muffled cries reverberated off her behind, Jennifer ground her hips forward even more violently, seemingly intent of grinding Neve’s nose right off her face. Feeling the other brunette begin to fade in the stifling heat of the smother, Jennifer stopped thrusting and rose up just a little, giving her victim the tiniest bit of breathing room.

Savoring the feel of Neve’s breath on her center, Jennifer asked, “You beginning to see why mine is the best ass in the biz?"

Hating the tears she felt forming at the corners of her eyes, Neve managed to fight off collapse a bit longer. “Go to hell Jennifer, there's still two more rounds after this one."

Breathing heavily, Jennifer was getting annoyed at the other brunette’s resilience. Holding Neve’s head in a manacle like grip, Jennifer looked into her foe’s eyes and said, “Yes there are. And all of them are going to end just like this one.”

Before the trapped girl could offer a protest, Jennifer spun around and planted her rear on Neve’s forehead in a Reverse Face Sit. Giving her opponent one second to comprehend what was coming, Jennifer scooted forward and sat down, smiling cruelly as she felt Neve’s nose wedge between her cheeks. Dead serious about humiliating Neve, Jennifer laid her hands on the other brunette’s heaving chest, using them for balance. Gritting her teeth, Jennifer clenched her cheeks as tight as she could, trapping Neve’s nose between them like a walnut in a nutcracker. Bouncing her ass so the full force of her weight was coming down on Neve’s face, Jennifer added in a sexy wiggle of her hips as Neve screamed nasally beneath her.

Keeping her motion constant, Jennifer gave Neve’s tits a groping squeeze and purred, "I think I'm ready to make this slaughter official!" Leaning forward a bit, Jen raised up one hand and brought it slapping down on Neve's defenseless belly. Simultaneous with the impact she said loudly, "ONE!" She repeated the tactic, each new slap increasing the count by one. "TWO...THREE... FOUR... FIVE... SIX... SEVEN.......... EIGHT!”

A hidden bell chimed and then a quiet voice came over the PA and stated, "The winner of the first fall by a Reverse Facesit Pin; Jennifer Lopez. The score is now one to zero."

Looking down at Neve's prone form, J-Lo ran a hand through her sweat matted hair and muttered, "You're damn right it is!" Giving her butt a last derisive grind, Lopez got off her victim and then placed one foot directly between Neve's lightly rising breasts. Flexing her biceps for the crowd, Jennifer made a quick jerking motion with both hands and looked down at Neve before saying, "Now you're gonna find out why it's not smart to lose to J-Lo."

Dropping to her haunches, the dominant beauty shoved Neve onto her belly and then straddled her, facing her victim's legs. With a gleeful look in her eye, Jen reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Neve's crimson briefs before yanking them up in a brutal wedgie that pulled the material out of sight between Campbell's cheeks and actually lifted her lower half off the mat for several seconds. The insidious pain of Jennifer's trademark post-fight insult brought Neve around but the battered brunette was helpless to do anything but scream and slap the mat frantically while her conqueror tortured her. Grinning smugly as Campbell writhed, Jennifer gave the material a final tug and then released her, letting Neve's legs and hips hit the mat with a sweaty THWAP!

Placing both hands on Neve's pale backside, Lopez looked out at the audience with a stern look on her pretty face and said, "THAT'S how it's done." She got off the downed brunette and strutted to her corner, eagerly awaiting the beginning of the second fall.
Second Fall

“Did you really think I’d let you get away with that?” the brunette asked angrily. Giving her thighs another colossal squeeze, she held the pressure for several seconds, drawing a breathless groan from her tanned, sweating rival. Using one hand for balance, Neve Campbell used the other to brush a lock of hair from her face. Not satisfied at the non-answer she was getting from her captive, she gave the Schoolgirl Pin another compression, crushing the other brunette’s head between her iron thighs.

Brushing a hair from the other girl’s face, Neve continued, “Did you REALLY THINK, that you could grind on my face, pin me and then humiliate me and I wouldn't return the favor? DID YOU? ANSWER ME!” she demanded harshly as she flicked a finger against her victim’s sweating brow.

Her breath not coming so easily thanks to Campbell’s thighs, Jennifer Lopez was defiant, “I didn’t think Neve…I knew! You may be in control now, but I’ll get out of here and when I do, I'm gonna spank your nasty ass raw!"

The trapped brunette ended her threat with a wild thrashing of her whole frame, trying futilely to break Neve’s grip. Neve was just about to respond when Lopez changed tactics, whipping both her claws up, aiming directly for Campbell’s groin. Anticipating the attack, Neve was ready and she caught both hands before they could reach their target.

Holding the squirming limbs tightly, Neve spat, “You EVER think of channeling Shannen Doherty on me again and I’ll make you one sorry bitch. And if words aren’t a powerful enough deterrent, perhaps THIS will convince you!”

Finished talking, Neve yanked the left hand toward her while simultaneously lowering her head. When the helpless fingers were within reach, she opened her mouth and bit down hard, gnawing and chewing the squirming digits mercilessly. Jennifer bit back a scream as Neve chewed on her fingers for the better part of a minute. Neve didn’t ever break the skin, but she bit and gnawed just hard enough to cause incredible pain in Jennifer’s hand.

Tiring of the oral attack, Neve pulled the hand from her jaw and wrenched it hard at the wrist, drawing another pained yelp from Lopez. Tossing the hand down, Neve gripped the trapped right with both of her hands. Pulling the limb tight, she gave the Schoolgirl another python like constriction and asked, “Are you getting the picture slut?”

Sneering despite the pain, Jennifer hurled back, “I’m gonna return everything you can dish out bitch. Only I’ll do it a hundred times worse. I'll break your nose right before I cum on your face. I may just count to a hundred when I pin you, just so the whole world knows Neve Campbell is my bitch!"

Rankled by the curvy brunette's defiance, Neve was in no mood for threats! “The only reason you'd need to count that high is to measure the number of times I mash your face against my cunt.” Without letting Lopez reply, Neve released her grip on Jennifer's wrists and grabbed her by the hair. In the same instant, she bucked her hips savagely, using her groin like a sledgehammer against the landscape of J-Lo moaning, defenseless face. Smiling cruelly as she felt Jen's mouth and nose against her center, Neve sneered, "I feel your nose bending fat ass! Think I can break it?"

Neve may not have known one way or the other, but she seemed determined to try as she kept up the heartless mauling of Lopez's face.

The brutal attack on her nose and lips chipped the first big hole in Lopez’s iron will and she wailed loudly as Neve repeated the face mashing maneuver several more time. Content with that stage of the punishment, Neve released her grip on Jennifer’s hair but got in a final slap that echoed loudly through the room. Bringing her hand back up, Neve once again resumed the dual grip on Jennifer’s wrists. Looking evilly at Lopez’s trapped, flushed face, Neve rubbed her thighs against the sides of her prey’s face, bringing her back to the reality of her situation.

Locking eyes with Jennifer, Neve demanded, “Beg not to kiss my ass and I might just pin you now."

Aware that this next barb was going to cost her, Jennifer didn’t hesitate, “The only thing I’m begging you to do is douche more often; your pussy smells like a trash barge."

Neve only smiled at the mean (but ultimately harmless) slight. “Have it your way Jennifer.” The instant the last word was out of her mouth, she slammed J-Lo's wrists to the mat, pinning them high over her head. With Jennifer's arms out of the equation, Neve scooted forward, nuzzling Jennifer’s already red face into Neve’s crotch, the thin, sweaty barrier of Campbell’s red bottoms doing nothing to decrease the humiliating, asphyxiating aspect of the move.

After several seconds of having her face rubbed roughly against Neve’s snatch, the Canadian beauty pulled her prey away, letting Jennifer draw several ragged breaths. Slapping Lopez’s face lightly on both cheeks, Neve cooed to her foe in a condescending tone, “Ready to beg yet Jennifer?”

Gasping but defiant, Jennifer would not relent, “Screw you Neve. I own your ass.”

That was probably the wrong choice of words, because suddenly Neve’s face broke into a sinister looking smile. Clenching her thighs together a final time, Neve rose to her knees, with Jennifer still pinned. Suddenly the brutal Schoolgirl was perfectly primed to become a Front Face Sit. Running her hands over her hips, Nee adjusted her red bikini slightly before looking down at her captive. Still kneeling, Campbell put hands on her hips, and asked, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear that. What did you say?”

Still defiant in a situation where most women would be sobbing, Lopez spat, “I said, I OWN YOUR ASS!” Not willing to concede, even in the face of great adversity, Jennifer bucked wildly, trying to no avail to unseat the dominant brunette.

Taking her hands off her hips, Neve ran one over her butt while the other tiptoed along Jennifer’s face, coming to rest on the rise of her nose. Dark eyes gleaming with cruel humor, Neve replied, “That’s what I thought you said. Well I guess if you own my ass, you should inspect it, make sure there aren’t any flaws. For that you’d need to get up CLOSE and PERSONAL with it!”

Jennifer’s eyes widened and she started to protest, but before the words were out of her mouth, Neve had scrambled forward and sat down, resting the full weight of her ass on Jennifer's upturned forehead. Riding out Jennifer’s wild flailing; Neve gripped her opponent’s nipples in both hands, adding a breast claw to go along with the smother torture. Pulling up hard on Lopez’s tits, Neve whispered, “Beg all you like Jennifer. You humiliated me, now I'm gonna humiliate you."

Her missive finished, she released Jennifer’s breasts only to immediately latch onto them again. Still working the breast claw, Neve stopped her circular grind and rose up ever so slightly, allowing Lopez to draw a breath. Twisting her foe’s tits ever so slowly, Neve wiggled her butt, brushing it along Jennifer’s nose. Loving the desperate wheeze in the other brunette’s voice, Neve asked, “Ready to beg your surrender?”

Taking what would be her last full breath for a few minutes, Lopez shrieked, “FUCK YOU NEVE, I’LL NEVE…RRMMGHHHHARRGH!”

Her statement was cut off as Neve dropped down again, grinding Jennifer’s face into her derriere. She worked the grind for nearly thirty more seconds before she noticed Jennifer’s hand slapping weakly at her thigh. Slowing down ever so little, Neve could barely make out the muffled moan coming from under her butt. Keeping up the slow, methodical pace of her grind, Neve brushed both hands through her damp hair and called out, "Guess I should get in my eight seconds huh?" Smiling triumphantly as the crowd murmured their approval, Neve slapped down on Jennifer's defenseless tits as she counted, "ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR... FIVE… SIX... SEVEN....... EIGHT!"

The bell chimed again and this time, the piped in voice announced, "The winner of the second fall, by Front Face Sit Pin, is Neve Campbell. The score is now tied one to one."

Maintaining her perch, Neve looked down into Jen's sleeping face and purred, "I don't have a favorite humiliation I like to visit on the girls I beat, but this one I like quite a lot. I hope you don’t."

Getting no response, Campbell reached a hand down to the crotch of her bikini and moved it aside, revealing her mound. With Jennifer helpless beneath her, Neve pressed her bared groin right into J-Lo's face and ground away for a good fifteen seconds before casually resetting her briefs and getting up off the other brunette.

Making sure her outfit was in place, Neve looked down and taunted, "Next round that pretty face of yours is going right back in my ass. And I won't let anything as modest as a bikini get the way of showing you whose ass is best."

Then she turned on her heel and sauntered towards her corner, waiting for her dazed rival to pick herself up and prepare for the final and deciding fall.
Pinned neatly to the mat, Jennifer Lopez struggled against the woman sitting on her chest with a renewed burst of strength. Unfortunately for the brunette, her captor remained firmly lodged on her chest, her butt pressing firmly against Jennifer’s chest. Twisting her face into an angry grimace, Jennifer looked up from between her tormentor’s thighs and hissed “Get the #### off me. Right now.”

Looking down at her angry victim, Neve Campbell smirked and put her hands on her hips. Adjusting her rumpled red bikini bottoms, the pale beauty slid up a little further on her captive’s frame, bringing the fork of her crotch to rest lightly on Jennifer’s chin. A slightly vindictive smile on her face, Neve reached down and brushed her index finger along Jennifer’s nose as she purred, "I don't think so. You wanted to talk all that trash, try to embarrass me? How do you like it bitch?"

Raging at having been so securely immobilized by her rival, (for a second time no less!) Jennifer spat a retort, “I am so going to make you suffer, bitch. When I break outta this hold, I'm gonna smother you out over and over again! And when I finally get bored of that, I'm gonna hog-tie ya and make you worship my ass in front of all these people!" The tanned brunette again pushed up as hard as she could, trying to dislodge her foe, but Neve had Jennifer’s arms pinned with her shins and the helpless brunette couldn’t muster any leverage. Neve’s smile changed to a cold, withering glare.

Locking eyes with Lopez she said, “You’ve got a lot of nerve punking me out Jennifer. Bragging to everyone about how I’m afraid to face you in a Face Sit War. I’ll give you credit though, you fight a hell of a good fight and can slap on a pretty good face sit….” she trailed off then as she squeezed her thighs together ever so slightly. “But a REAL facesit? Jenny baby, if you wanted to learn the intricacies of that maneuver, you’re in luck. You’re about to learn by experience from the BEST in the business.”

Humiliated and furious, Jennifer fumed, “FUCK OFF! BITE…MMMMPPPHHHH!” Her threat was cut short when Neve scooted forward and sat down heavily on her mouth and nose.

As Jennifer raged her muffled cries, Neve looked down at her foe and said tartly, “Now some of this you may already know, but it never hurts to have a little refresher course." Pausing for a moment, the brunette smiled and said, "Well, this is probably more refreshing for me, but you see my point. OK; Lesson 1, a front Face sit makes a wonderful smother. Simply cover your opponent’s mouth and nose and proceed from there. For example, bouncing is perfectly acceptable.”

The dominant brunette began to bounce up and down slightly, pressing Jennifer’s features into her center. “Or if that’s not your thing,” she continued. “Grinding your hips back and forth is just a useful.”

She began to grind her butt back and forth, rubbing the damp triangle of her bottoms back and forth over Jennifer’s face. Smiling at J-Lo's frantic squirming, Neve finished, “Of course the true virtuoso will often combine the two for a more complete experience.”

Neve proceeded to do just that, bouncing and grinding her mound on the furious topography of Jennifer’s features. Neve kept up her pace for quite some time before lifting up slightly, allowing Jennifer to breath. Brushing hair from Lopez’s forehead Neve asked, “Learning anything useful?”

“GET OFF ME!” hissed Jennifer, her anger palpable under the thin veneer of calm.

Neve lowered herself again and began to rub her center up and down across Jennifer’s tear streaked cheek. Listening to the other brunette’s ragged moans, Neve answered, “Not just yet Booty Queen. You haven’t learned enough yet.”

Before Jennifer could reply, Neve spun around and in one smooth motion positioned herself above Jennifer’s head, still keeping the tanned beauty's arm helplessly pinned with her shins. Her pretty face breaking into a taunting smile as Lopez’s legs beat helplessly against the mat, Neve continued her lesson.

“The reverse Face sit is a personal favorite of mine. The best thing about it is how much damage you can do to a girl’s psyche without ever doing anything. The fear of having your face used as a bicycle seat by another woman’s ass is a powerful weapon. Of course, you already did this to me tonight, so just consider this a receipt.” Neve slid forward a bit, seemingly intent on carrying out her threat, but as Jennifer’s vision filled with Neve’s derriere, the Canadian stopped, her butt hovering centimeters above Jennifer’s panicked face. Letting Jennifer turn her face to the side, Neve cooed, “Scared you didn’t I? God I love drawing this out. Especially against showboating glory-whores like you." She wiggled her butt arrogantly, the curve of her cheeks casting a clear shadow over Jen's face.

Blushing and humiliated, Jennifer panted, “Go to hell Nevemmmpppphhhhrrrrg!”

Neve had tired of prolonging the inevitable and planted her butt firmly on Jennifer’s cheek. With her head to the side, the smother was effectively blocked, but Lopez still had to endure the humbling ordeal of having her face buffed by Neve’s perfect buns. Listening to Jennifer’s cries, Neve realized what had happened and, looking back over her shoulder, she grabbed a handful of Jennifer’s hair.

“I don't think so bitch,” she saidl calmly. “Your cute little nose is getting BURIED between my cheeks.” Lifting up just enough, Neve jerked Lopez’s head into place and sat down, snuggling her victim’s nose firmly into her crack. Continuing her grind, Neve said, “Most girls will cover their victim’s mouth in this situation, but I’m letting you breathe just because I want to make sure you’re taking this all in. How does being a loser smell J-Lo?”

“FUCK YOU BITCH!" screamed the trapped brunette; the helpless anger in her voice unmistakable as she renewed her efforts to escape from Campbell’s gluteus gulag.

Neve shook her head and made a tsk-tsk sound, “Time for some of the more advanced lessons. A well-applied Reverse Facesit means your opponent is totally helpless and you can do whatever you want to any part of her anatomy. See….I can play with your tits, who’s going to stop me? Certainly not you!”

She reached down and peeled away Jennifer’s skimpy yellow top, exposing her rival’s heaving chest. Laying her hands calmly over Jennifer’s orbs, Neve began to knead, claw and slap the breasts methodically, taking her time in working over every inch of the defenseless flesh. Tired of the mauling, Neve dropped her hands from Jennifer’s tits and let them slide over the heaving plank of her stomach.

“Or if I want to turn your beautiful abs into a red, welted landscape, I can do that too. Punching, clawing, pinching…limited only by my imagination,” she concluded, indulging her imagination until the air rang with Jennifer’s cries and the heavy meaty, sweaty SMACK of Neve’s palms and fists on J-Lo’s heaving belly.

Finishing her work, Neve cracked her knuckles and leaned forward a little more, “Of course there is one more rather inviting target. But it can be kind of tricky because sometimes it requires getting off your opponent’s face; giving her a small but golden chance at escape. The easiest way to prevent that from happening is do something like THIS!”

And before Jennifer could form an insult, Neve pulled her fist back and drove it down hard into Jennifer’s womanhood. The Latina Goddess screamed in agony and a single pained shudder passed through her frame. Knowing full well Jennifer couldn’t escape, Neve sprang into action! Reaching forward, she hooked both of her captive’s legs behind the knees and rocked back hard, adding a Matchbook to her Facesit.

Holding Lopez helpless, Neve sought to add the finishing touches as, speaking again, she chided her victim, “Shoulders down and ass in the air, I can do whatever I fucking want to you Jennifer, including end the contest. And that's what I'll do... But I'm going to take my time about doing it!"

Shifting her grip, Neve pulled Jennifer’s right leg back as far as she could before moving her own right leg up and forward, pinning her victim’s leg at the knee with her own. One half complete, Neve repeated the maneuver on Jennifer’s left leg, effectively folding Jennifer in half while leaving Neve’s hands completely free. Running her hands over Jennifer’s upturned rear, Neve slapped her captive's ass hard and said loudly, "ONE!"

Settling both hands onto Jen’s upturned butt, Neve sank her talons into the sweaty flesh and called out, "TWO!"

Savoring the feel of Lopez's moans on her rear, Neve wiggled her hips back and forth and pinched Jen's flailing butt even harder. "THREE!" she said calmly."

Ceasing her pinching, she rubbed her hands back and forth across her new toy and added, "FOUR!" to the count

At the halfway point now, Neve increased the pace of her grind, balling her right hand into a fist, she punched Jen in both cheeks with several hard rabbit punches while she took another step towards the end. "FIVE!"

Ending the fistic assault, she smoothed out Jen's rumbled bottoms and smiled at the 'YOUR FACE HERE' legend emblazoned across the back. Bouncing hard on Jennifer's quietly protesting face, Neve asked, "Irony's funny sometimes isn't it? SIX!"

Knowing the end was in sight, Neve gave the audience something memorable when she grabbed Lopez's briefs and pulled them towards her, barring the helpless girl's derriere for all to see. Still holding the sweaty yellow fabric in both hands, her dark eyes glowed with triumph as she called, "SEVEN!"

Realizing the J-Lo was all but out of it, Neve decided to bring her around for the end of the match. Letting up on her grind just a little bit she tightened her grip on her foe's bottoms and shouted "EIGHT!"

Simultaneous with the ringing of the bell, Neve jerked the fabric forward viciously; repaying the wedgie that Jennifer had tortured her with at the end of the first fall. Smiling sadistically as she heard and felt Jennifer's cries get louder for a moment, Neve held the wedgie for a few more seconds before getting up and standing over her beaten foe.

The bell chimed a final time and this time there was a real person behind the voice; a dapper little man in black suit.

He came out with a microphone and announced, "The winner of the third fall, by Reverse Face Sit and Matchbook Pin, is Neve Campbell. The final score is two falls to one in favor of Neve."

Turning away from his duties for a moment, he looks at the exhausted brunette and asks quietly, "Is there anything I can get you?"

Neve thought about it for a moment and then said, "I'd like a bottle of champagne please."

The man nodded and spoke into the small headset he was wearing. Seconds later an usher strode onto the mat carrying an uncorked bottle and a single long stemmed wine glass.

Neve took the bottle, but waved away the glass with, "Thanks but this is all I need." Turning to the man with the mic she added, "You might want to take a few steps that way. There could be some splash back." Looking puzzled, the man did as suggested and backed up, giving Neve room to work. Looking down at her semi conscious foe, Neve purred, "Champagne is usually only for winners, but in this case, I think we should make an exception."

Without any further preamble, she turned the bottle upside down and poured at least half the contents onto Jennifer's chest and face, bringing the other brunette back to a sputtering, confused, but fully aware mental state. While Jen was wiping the bubbly off her face, Neve reached down and easily peeled her bottoms off her hips, letting them fall to the floor. Stripped to the waist, Neve took a neat little sip from the bottle.

Stifling a burp, she said, "And that's all I needed." The words were barely out of her mouth when she titled the bottle back and poured the rest of the champagne down her back and hips, thoroughly coating her butt and thighs. Carefully tossing the bottle away, Neve knelt down so that she her glistening rump was mere inches above Jennifer's face. Savoring what she was going to do, Neve slapped Jennifer's face arrogantly and said, "Ready for a very special cocktail, Jen?"

Jennifer finally opened her eyes and understood where she was. For the first and only time during the course of the evening, she sounded terrified. Panic hitching up her voice, she moaned, "Please Neve... don't do THHHISS MMMMPPHHHFFGGPH!"

But Neve wanted Jen to drink her fill and she lowered herself on Jennifer’s face, heaving a gentle sigh as Jennifer’s nose wedged between her damp cheeks for the second time. Her smother was in place, but Neve didn’t start grinding immediately. Jennifer had put her through enough hell that evening that it didn’t bother Neve to let the beaten woman suffer for as long as possible under her ass. Knowing the other brunette would start to deplete her oxygen as soon as she started to scream, Neve looked back over her shoulder and stared down into Lopez's wide eyes.

"Drink it all in J-Lo; this is the best ass you're EVER going to get."

Jennifer might have said something but it was lost on Neve as the brunette immediately began to rock her ass back and forth across Jennifer’s features, grinding her hips in small tight circles with the Latina's helpless nose as her focal point. Jennifer’s long legs thrashed helplessly on the mat and if her arms hadn’t been incapacitated they would have been slapping at Neve’s butt wildly, begging for release

Unfortunately, the only thing she had left to her was her voice and the suffocating furnace of Neve’s ass mostly swallowed her panicked cries. If there was one mercy for Jennifer, it was that she lost consciousness before Neve reached climax, coating Lopez’s pretty face with a diabolical combination of champagne, sweat, tears and other feminine secretions. As Neve’s climax roared through her, the brunette’s entire body tensed and she tossed her head back, give voice to a high, panting howl.

As normalcy returned, Neve looked back down at her opponent’s torso. Feeling an uncharacteristic burst of spite, Neve dug her hands deep into Jennifer’s tits and gave them a violent wrench while simultaneously grinding her derriere even harder on her victim's face. Finally satisfied, Neve peeled herself off the beaten woman and got to her feet. Posing with one foot on Jen's face, Neve accepted the robe handed to her by the attendant and slipped it on.

Belting the sash, she traced her foot over Jennifer's face and whispered, "That was fun Jenny. Look me up anytime you feel the need for a second taste." Then she turned around and walked slowly way, leaving a beaten and embarrassed J-Lo to dream about the payback she longed for more than anything else.