Catfight Challenge: Jennifer Lopez vs. Neve Campbell by Freddy Roberts

Their best of seven facesitting match was unreal and now, two months later, Lopez and Campbell are back in communication - albeit through their managers to discuss another confrontation. Neve has hired Denise Richards - her long-rumored suspected lesbian partner from Wild Things - while Jen has been training “closely” with longtime ally and acknowledged former lover, Britney Spears. Once all the details are agreed upon, and announcement is made to the media.

The match will be held in the Los Angeles Forum and rules are as follows:
The fight will be a strip match;
Submission required;
Starting wearing bikini's;
Pre-match Beauty Contest;
Post match humiliation with a twenty minute time limit;

Cash prize to winner - each woman puts up a $50,000 bond -winner gets the loser’s money.

The match will be shown on closed circuit TV for a fee of $50.00 per view. Attendance at the event is limited to 2000 guests who pay $300.00 each except for special front row seats which are going for $1,500.00 dollars per!

Neve and Jen arrive at the arena on 2-16-06 with their entourages for the pre-match beauty contest. Seven women have been brought in to act as judges for the contest.

Cindy Crawford, supermodel and celebrity wrestler.
Halle Berry, Oscar winning actress and celebrity boxer.
Vida Guerra, fitness model and well-known bully.
Karen McDougal, Playmate and beach bully.
Cori Nadine, fitness model and one of McDougal’s beach bully buddies.
Cameron Diaz, actress, celebrity boxer and wrestler.
and finally, Shakira, singer and Latina “hottie”.

The girls arrive in the ring and immediately they exchange dirty looks and frowns. Both are wearing robes with their bikini's underneath. Both girls drop the robes and parade around the ring.

The first area is: Tits.

Lopez and Campbell both have adequate breasts as they walk past the judges but then they both drop their tops to reveal their bare breasts.

Lopez, her round tits exposed, cups them and passes the judges. Neve reveals a very nice pair and this first contest is as follows:

Crawford-votes Lopez,
Berry-votes Neve,
McDougal-votes Neve,
Nadine-Votes Neve,
Diaz-votes Lopez,
Shakira-votes Lopez.

By a 4-3 vote Neve wins the ‘tits’ category and walks over to Lopez, and spits in her face. A fight ensues before they can be seperated.

Next category is prettiest face and the votes come in:

Halle Berry-Campbell,
Cameron Diaz-Lopez,
Cori Nadine-Lopez,

Lopez wins this one 4-3 and the contest is tied at 1-1.

Best Legs is next and the vote goes:

Halle Berry-Neve,

Neve wins this one by a 5-2 vote and Lopez is pissed. She prides herself in her muscular, dancers legs and, infuriated, she charges Neve and grabs her by the hair. A Lopez punch misses and they have to be pulled apart.

“Lesbian bitch!” screams Lopez at Denise Richards who exchanges curses with Britney Spears who is being held back by security. Neve leads 2-1.

The next area: mid-section and the votes are.



Another 5-2 win by Neve and she prances around the ring. She leads the 7 area contest by a margin of 3-1!

Next area contested is “overall shape” and the votes go pretty much as expected.


By a close vote, Lopez wins the overall shape contest. Proud Jen cusses at Neve, calling her a whore as she taunts her about her “superior body.” Adding, “I can't wait to get even with you for that face-sit match. I’m going to kick your bony ass!”

Neve fires back, declaring Lopez, “…will be destroyed by my ass. Just wait, you cow, I’ll strip your sorry ass and beat it to a pulp!”
The match is now just 3-2 favor of Neve and next is the most anticipated area...ass!

Neve pulls off her bikini bottoms and struts past the judges. Vida Guerra, who hates Jen, reaches up and fondles Neve’s ass, giving her a long, slow, feeling up.

“Nice ass, says Vida as Neve continues to strut around the ring, then wiggles for the judges.

Then Lopez comes out! She drops her panties and also wiggles for the judges, then bends over and rubs her ass with both hands for the wide-eyed judges who quickly cast their votes:


Lopez wins by a 4-3 vote, tying the contest at 3-3! She jumps for joy with the much prized ass win while Neve buries her head in her hands in disgust

The final category is sexiness. Neve goes by the judges nude and blows a kiss to Guerra as she slowly bends over, giving them a great pussy shot. The judges look like they’re impressed. But then J-Lo comes out, surveys the judges. She knows Guerra isnt’ going to vote for her and Shakira hates her as well. She’d had nasty battles with both Crawford and Nadine so she’s not sure how to play it.

Finally, Lopez strips and caresses her tits for the judges, then turns and shows her famous ass. She is called over to Cindy Crawford who says she’s always wanted to feel her ass. Cindy reaches out and caresses it, rubbing it…then in a shocker, Cindy Crawford leans over and kisses Lopez's ass in full view of the judges and crowd. It's time for the vote!

Shakira (SURPRISE)-Lopez!

“HA!!” shouts Crawford. “Fooled your fat ass, Jen. I vote for Neve and that means she wins the pre-match!”

“You piece of shit!” screams Lopez who charges Crawford.

Security breaks it up, but not before a jubilant Neve kicks Lopez in the gut. While they’re trying to get J-Lo off of Crawford, Neve pulls Lopez by the hair and SLAPs her before Britney and Denise Richards jump in to break it up. Wow!! The girls return to their corners where they put on their bikini's and await the bell.
Britney and Denise give their lovers last-minute instructions followed by a long, lingering kiss, then the bell rings and Neve, in a silver skimpy thong bikini and Lopez wearing her black thong bikini, charge each other. They meet in the middle of the ring with a solid WHUMP as their bodies slam together. They exchange punches as Lopez lands a hard belly punch and Neve snaps a jab to Lopez’ head. They hair pull viciously as they kick each other; Lopez to Neve’s belly while she whips her kick into Jen's thigh. The action is ferocious as Lopez slips to the mat and Neve falls on her. Side by side, they flail punches at each other until Neve lands a solid punch to Jen's jaw - a hard shot that stuns her and Lopez is hurt!

Neve pulls her up from the canvas and stands her up in the ring. Lopez is wobbly as Neve runs to the ropes, rebounds and drop kicks her, sending Lopez sprawling on her back! Neve quickly straddles her, sitting on Lopez's belly and pinning her arms under her knees as she SLAPs Jen's face so hard the shot echoes in the arena. Lopez kicks her legs wildly, trying to dislodge Neve who merely inches up until she’s front facesiting her.

Lopez is in some trouble as Neve reaches down and yanks her top off, exposing J-Lo to the appreciative fans. But Lopez knees Neve in the back , knocking her forward off her. Lopez, now topless, goes after Neve as they both are on the mat. As Neve turns to face Lopez, she is met by an uppercut that rocks her and she falls forward on her belly, letting Jen sit straddling her back, pinning her arms when she scoots up onto her upper back.

“Time to return the favor, bitch!” Lopez hisses as she strips off Neve's top and tosses it into the audience. Neve, stunned by Jen’s punch, lays facedown, not realizing her top is gone for several seconds. Lopez applies pressure to Neve’s back, pressing her ass down over and over, slamming Neve's face into the canvas.

Then Jen rolls Neve over and her tits are exposed to the audience. Jen sits on her face and she grabs Neve's tits with both hands as Neve cries out in pain. Both girls are topless but Neve is under Jen's bikini clad ass and she bucks wildly so that en can’t maintain her face-sit and both girls rise to face off once more.

What happened next is unreal! The ladies meet in the middle of the ring and both grab each others ample tits with strong hands. Lopez's tits and Neve's breasts are pinched, pulled and smashed. They pull each others nipples until they both fall to the canvas. On their knees, they stare at each other and Neve wins out as Lopez cannot hold her squeeze move and Neve continues her assault. Lopez falls on her back as Neve sits on her face, continuing the tit squeeze. Jen is in agony and cries for Neve to get off her tits, “…or else!”

Neve just laughs as she sits on Jen's face. Jen turns her head to the side with Nev's ass on her and, somehow, Lopez kicks out, but Neve doesn’t release her tits and Jen again falls to her knees. Neve pinches her tits, stretching Jen's nipples as Neve presses on, turning the hold into a tit squeeze.

Jen lets loose with a desperate punch directly to Neve's twat and her eyes bulge - she is again in agony and drops her hands, letting Lopez scurry to the safety of the corner for a break. Neve is doubled over from the punch and Lopez is still in pain from the tit torture. But Lopez regains her strength first and she kicks Neve in her ass, knocking her onto her back. Lopez now goes after Neve's tits. As Neve lands on her back, rocked by the punch to her cunt, Lopez pounces on her belly. She grabs her hair and bangs her head on the canvas.

“Grab my tits!? Well now!!” Lopez grabs Neve's jugs, then squeezes and mashes them until Neve cries in pain. Lopez has Neve’s arms pinned and she SLAP-SLAP-SLAPs her tits from side to side. J-Lo pulls Neve’s nips and pinches them over and over. With the weight of Jen’s butt on her belly, Neve has to struggle to get a breath and between that and J-Lo’s abuse, Neve’s chest is heaving after several minutes of torture.

Then Jen moves into a front facesit, planting her twat on Neve’s nose and clamping the pressure on! Neve's tits are in agony as Jen continues the assault and now Neve has breathing trouble. Neve kicks wildly and bucks Lopez enough to break the hold. Her tits and Lopez's tits are both red, bruised and beaten.

Both women want this win badly as Jen and Neve face off again and their bitter battle continues as they meet in dueling bearhugs at mid-ring; twisting and turning several times before both fall to the canvas. A leglock ensues as Lopez and Neve entwine their legs as they lay on the canvas. They ensnare each other with Lopez’s legs locked across Neve's mid-section. Neve does the same thing, but she also scratches and punches Lopez's ass. Jen, her hand free, punches Neve's in the back and pulls her hair.

With leg locks in place, the hair pulling turns into punches as they aim blows and continue to squeeze their leg locks. Pain is their faces as the leg pressure is brutal. Neve in a great move backhands Lopez to the face and Jen 's leglock gets loose. Another snap punch to the face hits Lopez directly in the eye, causing her head to snap back! Neve follows with an elbow to Jen's nose, blood running down her cheek from the shot. Lopez legs release their hold as she slumps back groggy from the facial blows.

Neve keeps her leg lock on her midsection. Lopez gasps for air as Neve applies presure from the leg lock. With her face pummeled and her midection sqeeezed Lopez is in agony as Neve reaches into her thong and pries at Jen's twat, yanking on her tway hairs. Jen needs to do something as Neve asked her to submit. Lopez yells no and Neve again lands a punch to Jen's lip, as Jen canot respond. Jen reaches around in a desperate move and yanks Neve's hair and then punches her face. Neve maintains her hold on Jen's twat, as Neve looosens her hold. A SMACK to Neve's face, undoes the hold and Neve and Jen roll away from each other. As they roll away, Jen grabs Neve by her thong and pulls it down to her knees. Neve's ass is exposed as Jen tackles her and lays across Neve's back. She pulls her thong off and returns the favor, pinning her on her stomach and reaching into her twat, sticking three fingers into her pussy as Neve struggles trapped under Lopez's body with her pussy being pried open.

As Neve is trapped, Jen punches her back and head as she sits across her lower back facing her naked ass. The crowd is amazed as the battle swings back and forth. Neves spectacular ass is seen by all as her legs kick wildly and she attempts an escape. Lopez holds her down and rakes her ass with her nails and punches her in the ass cheeks at her twat. Neve screams in agony as Jen's hand pries into her pussy.

“Give up, bitch or I'll split your pussy apart!”

“Fuck you!” yells Neve.

This is a great battle as Lopez has the upper hand. Neve's pussy is hurting but she doesn’t concede and, suddenly, she whips her knee up and hits Lopez square in the forehead. J-Lo goes woozy after the hard, strong shot; grabbing her head as she retreats to the corner as Neve trails her, in pain but ready for action.

Neve grabs Lopez by the hair and pounds her head into the corner turnbuckle. As Lopez head comes back, Neve pounds her head again until Lopez is weary and her klegs are weak. She turns Lopez around, stands her up in the corner and delivers belly punches and then a roundhouse right to her face. Lopez 's mouth opens wide and she crashes to the mat, face down and semi conscious. Neve observes her victim and without hesitation goes to her knees and elbows Lopez to her head. Lopez is woozy as Neve goes to her waist and pulls her thong, to her knees and then off, revealing that famous Lopez ass.

Jen can’t move as Neve straddles her back facing her sweetly rising ass; then Neve pulls Jen's legs up into a reverse matchbox, exposing both her ass and her cunt. The crowd watches enthralled as Neve asks J-Lo if she wants to quit. There’s no answer for several seconds, then Lopez curses back, “NO WAY CUNT!”

J-Lo arches her back and springs forward, trapping Neve in her muscular thighs with her face wedged thight in the grip of Jen’s upper thighs. Jen applies crushing pressure to Neve's neck and after several seconds of torment, Neve begins to gag and saliva starts to dribble from her lips and sweat pours off her brow. Jen has her tight in her legs and, in desperation, Neve tries to bite Jen's thigh but there’s too much saliva on her mouth and she can’t get a good enough grip for her bite to hurt. Lopez feels it - but she doesn’t release her scissors.

Jen uses her free hand to probe Neve's asshole and then she forces three fingers into it. Neve, her head trapped, has to endure the humiliation as Jen uses her fingers to embarass Neve; clawing and clutching her ass and stretching her pussy lips. Neve cries as Jen pulls at her cunt and stretches it apart but even then, Jen still can’t force Neve to submit! Neve wiggles and bucks but she can’t escape Jen’s thighs.

Neve stubbornly refuses to give up as Jen pours on the pressure; her legs squeezed tight. Neve’s face loses its color and gets pale; she gags and sputters as Jen's thighs crush her like a vice. Again, J-Lo asks Neve to quit and, again Neve refuses so Lopez squeezes harder, then punches Neve in the face with her free hand; slams her in the nose, mashes her lip and punches her in the eye with several punches. Neve’s nose bleeds profusely, dribbling down and pooling on the canvas as Jen punches her face. WHAM! WHACK! SMACK! Neve’s in total agony, her vision blurred, her face a bloody mess.

Unable to find another way, Lopez grabs Neve’s face with her hand, covering her nose and mouth and pinching her nostrils shut. Neve cannot breathe and this time when Lopez asks her to quit - her head trapped, unable to breath and in danger of passing out - Neve raises her hand and slaps the mat several times. When Jen removes her hand, Neve sobs, “I quit!!!”

Lopez releases her leg lock and Neve collapses panting on her back, spread-eagled, nude, bruised, sore and beaten. Now Jen gets twenty minutes to do whatever she wants to Neve before she collects her prize money. Lopez stands over her and spits in her face, “You beat me last time, but now your ass is flat on the mat and all mine!” Jen parades around the ring as the audience applauds while she struts; nude and proud. “Let me see...” mutters Jen. “I know you’re gonna want a rematch and I’m tired. You put up a great fight, but I must perform my coup de grace!”

“No…please…” mumbles Neve. “Please; no more facesits.”

Jen just chuckles as she slowly kneels and sits on Neve's breasts, crushing them under her fabulous ass. Then she tells Neve, “Get ready!”

Jen scoots up, plants her ass on Neve’s face, then reaches down and pulls Neve’s nose directly into the cleft between her massive butt cheeks. Jen squats on her face for a good six minutes as Neve's arms go limp and she finally passes out. Jen lifts her sweaty ass and slaps Neve back to consciousness.

“One more thing....I’m so tired, but I would like to cum on your sorry face!” Jen front facesits Neve, roughly rubbing her hairy twat on her lips and nose. “Now, lick me, bitch!”

Neve licks Jen's twat and sucks on her clit while Jen grinds until she orgasms; releasing a flood of girl cum that covers Neve's red face.

“Ahhhhh!!!” sighs Jen as the totally humiliated Neve lays limp beneath her. “That's enough,” says Lopez. “I know you don’t want to stop, but you’ve had enough fun for one day. Besides, you know there are fans who are saying your ass is as good as mine!? Incredible, but I guess you CAN fool some of the people all the time. Of course, I don't think so! So I want you to amit mine ass is better…or would you like another few minutes under it to think about it?”

“NO! Noooooo,” Neve whimpers. “Yo…you have the better ass…”

Jen orders Neve to rolll over onto her tummy, then Jen sits straddling her back and gives Neve’s ass a spanking she will never forget! A volley of vicious open handed spanks echo in the arena. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!!

By the time J-Lo’s time expires, Neve's ass is bright red. Jen stands up and swaggers away, leaving Neve facedown on the mat with her face buried in her folded arms; her body racked by silent sobs. Finally, after several minutes, Neve is helped up and staggers from the room leaning on her lover. As she departs, Neve vows revenge and promises her fans, “I’ll beat Lopez’ ass next time!”