Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Lopez (rematch) by Freddy Roberts

Lopez vs. Campbell is a much anticipated rematch. It will be an epic battle. Neve won round one in a face-sit match and Jen whipped her in a catfight. This is always an even match with girls having similar shapes. No love lost here, especially after the last fight.
Rules are the same:
Loser must be stripped,
Submission must be given,
A twenty minute humiliation period,
$50,000 prize money paid by the loser to the winner,
Bikini's to begin match.

No assistants at this match and no audience-only a video camera woman to tape of the match; the tape to be sold to pay-per view. The match will be held on a private secluded beach at an estate in Costa Rica at 1PM on a hot sunny day with the outside temperature rising past 94 degrees.

The girls are staying at the same hotel on the island and the anticipation is unbelievable yet there are no witnesses as they arrive at the beach by limo. Neve goes to the ring first and loosens up as she drops her satin robe to reveal a silver skimpy thong bikini. She does some stretching until Jen comes into the ring. Jen is wearing a black skimpy thong outfit and she ignores Neve as she goes to the opposite corner and does some bending and stretching until the cameraman states he’s ready to go.

It's on as Jen and Neve charge to the center of the ring. Neve and Jen circle each other like boxers as they eye each other up and down. Neve lands a good shot to Jen's face and follows it with a backhand slap to the face. Jen catches Neve with a solid right to her belly and a kick to her thigh. Neve is quicker today as sweat already pours off the battlers. A good kick from Neve lands in Jen's gut and Neve goes on the attack!

But Lopez punches her in the face again as Neve pushes Jen into the corner. Lopez covers up as Neve lands belly punches. Jen's belly is red from the shots as Neve works her middle and stomach. Lopez kicks Neve in the leg but Neve has her in the corner and lands head shots and belly shots. Lopez holds onto the ropes and turns away from Neve as Neve jabs her to the back and hits her in the back of the head with a well place elbow. Lopez is in the corner and tries to get out, but Neve traps her there and delivers a punch to her gut again, and this time she adds a knee to Lopez’ twat! As Jen's face twists in agony, she reaches for her twat to it, but Neve lands a straight right to her lip and a jab to her eye.

Jen throws a few punches back that land but do not stop Neve. Neve backs Jen to the corner and the next knee has Jen wobbly. A punch to the jaw lands as Jen has her hair pulled as Neve gets her to the center of the ring and drops her to the mat on her back with a backhand crack to the chest. Lopez lands on her back. Remember the last fight, bitch, you mauled my titties. Now I want yours. Lopez is on her back and Neve straddles her belly and pins her arms . She unsnaps Jen's top and her tits pop out. Large round tits and great nipples are exposed. Neve grabs them and slaps them side to side.

Lopez calls her a whore and tells her to get off. "Fuck you!" says Neve as she pinches Jen’s nipples and squeezes her breasts over and over. Neve makes a mistake now as she turns to face sit Jen. As she turns ,Jen knees her to the head, a good shot and Neve releases her mashed tits. Jen wastes no time as she grabs Neve and tosses her to the mat. Neve is on her tummy and hurt as Lopez , her tits sore, pounces on Neve's back and sits across her neck and head. She punches her hard in the back and ribs as Neve cries out, “Get the fuck off!”

Lopez undoes her bra and pulls it off Neve, making her topless also. Jen then moves down her body and sits on her back, facing her ass and pinning her arms. Might as well strip your sorry ass now as Jen pulls the string on the side of Neve's thong and pulls it off. Neve's muscular ass is in clear view of Jen.

"Hmmmmmm," purrs Jen. "What should I do now?"

Lopez across her back facing Neve's ass is not good for Neve as Jen moves down closer across her waist and delivers a hard crack to her ass. The stinging blow causes Neve to jolt and kick wildly as Jen reaches to the bottom of her ass and violently sticks her fingers into her asshole. Neve kicks again, but cannot move Lopez who has her back and arms pinned. Her ass is pried by Jen to embarrass and also hurt Neve. Give up, yet as Jen forces four fingers into her asshole. Neve doesn’t submit, however, and arches her back in a move that causes Jen to fall off to one side.

Jen tries to regain the position but Neve elbows her to the face with a really hard shot and it knocks Lopez onto her back, her face a bloody mess as the elbow smash really hurt her nose. Lopez is bleeding badly as Neve and Jen get up and face each other in the center of the ring. Neve uncorks a roundhouse punch that knocks Lopez into the ropes. Against the ropes, the topless Lopez is hurt again and Neve rushes her and knees her to the cunt. Jen's sweaty face drops to the ground as she falls forward on her tummy. Her head hits the mat hard and she is woozy.

Neve straddles her by sitting on her back, resting her ass on the back of Jen's head and totally pinning her arms under her legs. She bounces her ass down and mashes Jen's bloody race into the mat. The sweaty and bleeding Lopez is trapped at this time as Neve reaches down and pulls her thong up into her ass, causing Jen great discomfort. She yanks it so hard that now the fabric breaks and Lopez loses her bottoms. Jen's naked ass is outed. Neve holds the position and proceeds to smack Jen's ass with open handed belts to humiliate her. Jen is now bucking under Neve to no use as Neve is dominant in this position and Lopez is in trouble. Remember this, Jen as Neve forces four fingers into her exposed asshole, stretching the ass opening. Give up, bitch, you_ve had it!"

"NO!" yells Jen. "Nno!!!"

Neve continues the torture and Jen is kicking her sweaty legs on the mat, Lopez is a sweaty mess now as Neve gets up quickly and drops a power knee to her back.

"AHHHHH!!!" screams Lopez as Neve_s kneedrop almost breaks her ribs.

Lopez is in pain as Neve goes for a submission. With Lopez writhing in agony, Neve kicks her in the side, again and again. Lopez's ribs are in agony as Neve screams. This is payback, bitch. Lopez is kicked again and turns on her back as Neve knees her to the face. Another knee, but Lopez moves her head and Neve's knee hits the mat and it buckles her knee. Lopez desperately grabs her hair and pulls her down onto her back. Jen tries a cover move with her back across Neve's face. Jen then twists around and puts Neve into a thigh leg lock, squeezing her head .

“Not this time!” yells Neve as she frees her head from the weakened Lopez and puts her head between her upper thighs.

“No!!!!!!” wails J-Lo as Neve uses her hold on her.

Jen's face is trapped between Neve's very muscular thighs and she puts more pressure on by squeezing her neck . Jen's legs kick wildly as she tries to get out . Neve has her head trapped, but Jen is able to move her hand , reaches up and grabs Neve's cunt lips and pinches them tightly. Neve does not release the hold and Jen is running out of air, but now Neve’s twat is in agony as Jen applies pressure and yanks on it.

Neve has to release the hold and both girls roll away from each other, nursing their wounds. As they glare at each other, Lopez is in worse shape. Her battered face is bloody and her lips are swollen. She cannot see out of one eye , it is closed from punches. Neve has redness in the face and her pussy is sore from the recent scratching and pulling by J-Lo. The ladies stand apart from each other for the next time. Neve rushes Jen and throws a body block shoulder into her. The weakened Lopez falls into the ropes and is stunned as the action is fast. The more fresh Neve now presses the attack and drives a kick into Jen's twat. Jen falls to her knees and then falls back onto her back.

Neve straddles her chest, her full weight on her chest and again bounces up and down. A series of punches to Jen's face has her almost unconscious. Neve bangs the sweaty Jen's head on the canvas and Jen can only look up in fear as Neve asks her to qui. No says Lopez as she tries to fight her way out. Neve turns her body and her ass in on Jen's chest. Jen 's arms are pinned as Neve quickly grabs her legs and folds her over into a matchbook pin. She backs her ass onto Jen's face and the air is running out for Jen as Neve applies pressure to her legs which are pulled all the way back.

Then Neve spreads them to the limit, Jen's pussy in front of her and her massive ass cheeks trapped. Neve, her ass directly on Jen's face, has Jen totally trapped. She wiggles her tight ass over Jen's face; her sweating cheeks and cleft completely covering her face! With Jen's legs and ass trapped in a pin position, Neve can hold Jen in a pin, covering her in a facesit while she fingers her upturned pussy. Stubbornly, Jen refuses to give up but her arms are growing weak and her legs finally fall still.

“Give up, give up, bitch...” Neve demands, but Jen has passed out.

Neve waits with her ass over her face, lifting up a little to give her air. Jen's eyes open only to see Neve's ass in front of her. Want more ass...or give!! Jen , still trapped in the matchbook pin and her back about to explode in pain, has no choice. Neve pries her pussy with four fingers and drops her ass on her face.

"STOP!" cries Jen. "I…I quit!!!" Neve releases her to fall to the mat.

“I have twenty minutes,” Neve purrs. “And I have some ideas for you!” Lopez, flat on her back can do nothing as Neve poses with a foot on her chest for the video. "GET UP BITCH!" Neve yells and Lopez gamely struggles to her feet.

Neve stands her straight up and then delivers an open handed SMACK to her face! Jen is knocked on her back spread-eagled and nude! Neve kneels between J-Lo_s legs and spreads them wide, then she goes over to her corner where she is handed scissors, a razor and shaving cream. Neve clips Jen's hairy bush down to the nub, then lathers her up and shaves her clean; leaving J-Lo without any hair.

"Hmmm_what to do next," muses Neve who still has ten more minutes of "playtime." "That big ass! Now Jen, you know I have to punish that, right?" She kicks Jen and tells her to get on all fours because, "…there_s a big dildo is coming in for a landing!" But as she prepares, Neve looks down at the beaten warrior and shakes her head. "No...not this time...but I would like you to eat me!"

Neve sits on Jen's face and forces Jen to lick her pussy_lick after lick until Neve climaxes, spilling her "love juice" on Jen's battered face. It's over! Neve leaves the totally wrecked Lopez limp in the ring as she walks out victorious!