Best of Five Facesit Challenge: Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Lopez by A Smother Fan

(Previously on the Neve and J-Lo Facesit Show…)
Jen knew EXACTLY what kind of fighter Neve was! But it was a facesit battle and in that game that it was hard - if not impossible - to beat Jennifer Lopez…indeed, J-Lo had yet to be “truly” defeated. Still, she most certainly had been shaken, many times before, and this had been no exception! Inconsolable might be a good word. But an even better word may be “insatiable” because as heartbroken as Jen was over her embarrassing loss, what burned in her even more deeply was the desire to avenge it!

She sat on the edge of the bed, her hair still sticky with the remains of the bottle of champagne, a drop or two falling soundlessly from the tip of a dark coiled strand onto a pair of yellow ¼ back panties that she twirled aimlessly between her fingers. It was two thirty in the morning, and her sister Lynda, who was seated on her own plump behind in a plush chair in the corner of the bedroom, had just gotten off a red-eye in Miami, where the contest had taken place. Jennifer had been home for an hour, just after the medics had given her the ‘A-OK’ and sent her on her way. For an hour she’d been sitting there, twirling those panties.

“Jen, it’s gonna be alright…” the pretty Latina broke the silence they’d shared most uncomfortably since she walked in.

“I just don’t get it… I won the first fall…,” J-Lo murmured. “When I got up, I wasn’t even sure she was gonna be able to FINISH the fight. I mean…” She continued to stare at the panties she held stretched tight between her hands.

“She’s a good fighter. Been in the game almost as long as you have, Jennifer! At least she wasn’t one of those young upstarts like…”

Jennifer’s eyes darted to her dark-haired sibling for the first time since her sister stepped through the door of her bedroom. The deep, dark pools were cold and piercing, but the inferno that blazed behind them was unmistakable.

“Don’t you DARE mention that fucking name in my presence!”

Lynda looked at her, surprise ironing her beautiful features out flat. Jen’s words were monotone, her voice unwavering and restrained.

“This isn’t over… not by a long shot! The bitch PRESUMED to lecture me on facesitting… ME!” Jen chuckled, not in her usually sweet way but in a way that made Lynda uneasy. “I practically patented the damn move… My ass is the PERFECT…” She stopped mid-sentence, tossing the yellow panties to the floor, “I gotta take another shower and wash this cheap French toilet water off of me!”
The next few weeks were a fuzzy whirl of frenzied activity. Jen pulled out equipment she hadn’t used in a while: A pair of padded gloves from her training for “Enough”; a heavy bag from the same shoot; a hard bag stitched back together and patched several times that she used in training her thick, muscular thighs to scissor the breath from opponents like Charlize Theron, Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles.

Day after day, came the sounds of pounding from Jen’s private gym as she brutalized her heavy bag. Grunts of exertion as she crushed her custom made, leather bound hard bag between her legs… finally, on her last day of training, rupturing it once again, spilling its guts on the canvas and across her thick steel thighs.

That very same day, after brushing the sand from her lovely smooth Latina legs, Jennifer made two phone calls. The first was to Neve’s cell phone. She got her voicemail and her voice adopted a honeyed tone, dripping with sugar and sarcasm, “Hey honey… It’s Jen. I just wanted to let you know…anytime you are ready to come back to Miami for a visit I’ll give you a personal tour…” Jennifer’s tone suddenly changed from sweet and sappy, to cold and luscious, “…of my perfect asssssssss.” The “s” sound at the end of the last word twisted into an animalistic hiss, highlighting its importance - and her rock solid resolve. Her second call was to a local leathersmith.

“Is Cheryl there?” A moment of silence and then, “Cheryl… you promised me this one would last!” Another pause, “Double stitched or not, I need it repaired…and this time, it better not bust!”
Fight Night at La Cazadora

For the better part of thirty years, La Cazadora (The Huntress) has been hosting female on female battles just ten yards from the South Florida shore. It’s not a large establishment and it is a certain rarity to find any big name fighters on their card. Often it’s a hodgepodge collaboration of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and any other local Hispanic nationalities’ most voluptuous, or at least toughest young women doing their best to work their way to, or through, school. And despite the diminutive appearance of the club, the money is good. Very Good!

In the hot Florida sun, the white stucco, cinderblock building sits for the most part unnoticed and dead looking, but as that blazing red ball sinks into the murky depths of the south Atlantic, the pocket-sized establishment rustles to life. The first shudder of its stone shoulders is the flutter of its neon namesake sign as it flickers to life. Shortly thereafter, its eyelid blinds open, allowing not so much the world to peer in, but the building to peer out. A building with so much history, and so much emotion stored within its underbelly, can’t help but to live and breathe on its own. And once the building is awake, and aware, and breathing… the cars start to come.

All the money that filters through the establishment and into the hands of the local people has to come from somewhere. And that somewhere is the clientele. When it first opened in the seventies, La Cazadora was meant for the rich businessmen of the area to come, watch the fights, pick from the crème of the local crop, as it were, for their own nefarious purposes (be it companionship, prize-catfighting, or both), and of course, to spend money. Lots of money. Slowly that list of patrons grew from local businessmen, to entrepreneurs and capitalists from all over the country, and in some cases, all over the world. They ranged from traveling CEO’s looking for a truly novel good time, in a city already chock full of dime-a-dozen novelties, to fight promoters, looking for the next big thing to train and put up against someone the likes of a Jennifer Lopez or a Neve Campbell.

Tonight however, the errant traveling businessman was in for a real treat, for the second time in as many months, a real battle between a real Jennifer Lopez and a real Neve Campbell. The facesit was a house specialty. In fact, it was favored over all other finishers in profession, and for obvious reasons: the largest part of the local community being so naturally endowed for such an embarrassing maneuver. Often, if a match didn’t end with an ass and pussy on someone’s face, both fighters were booed off the stage by regulars, and may have found it difficult to book a second appearance, despite any oaths to accommodate the crowd. So loved was the maneuver that several different types of club specialty matches, practiced only in this part of the world, centered directly on this most humiliating of finishers. One of those specialty matches was the type that Jennifer and Neve had fought in only a month before, and would fight in again tonight.
Jennifer and Neve both arrived around an hour before show time. Cutting it that extremely close was a practice that neither of them were all too comfortable with. Both were used to large house shows, arriving hours before fight time, checking out every last detail of the arena, taking up residence in their dressing rooms, and taking time to mentally prepare for the battle ahead. There was no such time in the world of small venues like this. There was time to dress, time to stretch, and then agonizingly, there was about a fifteen minute interval of gut turning, heart wrenching, sweat producing time to prance nervously and wait for the bout to begin.

There were of course, undercard fights, but they were limited tonight, since the main event was to be a best three out of five - something Neve had insisted on! “I obviously didn’t ride your face long enough last time… or maybe you’re just too stupid to know when you’re beat. Either way, three good butt smothers from me should convince you that you don’t wanna fight me again.”

Funny, Neve took the words right out of Jen’s mouth. Had Neve not brought it up at that exact moment in their conference call with the club owner, J-Lo would have suggested the same thing herself! A sure-fire way to end it once and for all. That conversation echoed in Jennifer’s head as she sat in one of the only two dressing rooms the club had, her head in her hands. The minutes seemed to pass like hours, each time she looked at the clock, it was a mere clock-hand’s width right of where it was last time.

Finally, the head-mistress, as the club owners called her, slid silently into Jennifer’s time-torture chamber of a dressing room, clutching, as she always did, a clip board to her ample bosom. “Miss Lopez… it’s time!”

The same thing had happened only moments before in Neve’s duplicate version of a Chinese water torture chamber. She’d been standing, her smooth sexy back to the door, palms pressed flat against the cold brick wall; her head between her stretching biceps, her eyes shut; her thoughts on the match before her. It was time to silence this bitch once and for all, she’d teach Jennifer to stick to her own class of fighter, stop challenging those that were simply out of her league, she wasn’t scared to take on ‘The Great J-Lo’ on at her own game - something she thought she’d proven a month earlier! But apparently the Latina bitch couldn’t keep her mouth shut but that was OK…Neve new exactly how to shut J-Lo’s mouth and it just so happened she carried it around in her panties all day, everyday! “Miss Campbell… it’s time!”

The raven haired Scream Queen was already waiting in the hall when Jennifer emerged from her dressing room. Due to its small size, the establishment had a bad - but unavoidable - habit of lining up fighters together in the dark hall behind the curtain that led to the blue mats. It was there many of the fights actually started and it was rare to go a full night without having to scrap the introductions in at least one fight because - instead of gracefully slipping out from between the crimson curtains one at a time - a single ball of tangled girlflesh came hurtling out through them!

But these two were professionals and, no matter how personal it was, both were determined not to let their rivalry get the better of them. Still, as the Latina Booty Queen emerged from her dressing room Neve couldn’t resist a pre-fight poke at her psyche; her voice raised to near-yell volume to make it heard over the roar coming from beyond the curtain.

“Hey fat ass; I must’ve forget to teach you the most important lesson about facesitting last time. If you spend a whole match under a girl’s ass the first time… don’t come asking for a rematch!” Jennifer’s eyes remained unchanged, trying not to display the fiery passion that burned in her whole body. That voice that maniacally pleaded with her to just throw down in the hallway and kick this bitch’s ass. “Oh well…” Neve continued, “Guess that’s the one you’ll have to learn tonight!”

The ring announcer began running through Neve’s biographical facts and the noise outside grew even louder as the Canadian beauty took her place in front of Jen; shook her shoulders, loosening up for her second appearance in this venue. Then, she suddenly and unexpectedly felt a light tap on her right shoulder. Turning, she looked right into the lush Latina lips pressed right up against her ear. In a half whisper, half yell, J-Lo finally retorted, “The only one getting an education tonight is YOU, honey. This is MY house, these are MY rules and this is MY MOVE! Tonight, you are most certainly gonna LEARN why!”

Neve, an amused smirk on her face, twisted her body so that she was looking right into her opponents dark eyes, “Take a good look, bitch!”

The announcer reached Neve’s name and she twisted back to the red curtain, arms raised at her sides, two index fingers pointed to her sizable ass. The Latina Booty Queen couldn’t help but follow the line from Neve’s fingers with her eyes, her gaze coming to rest on that ass. Neve was clad in a triangle top black bikini and the full back bottom had something written across the ass in what Jen assumed was a mimic of her previous fight attire. But in the low light of the hallway, her eyes couldn’t quite make out the wording. Then the Canadian’s ass swayed left… then right… the curtains parted and light was cast onto the words, “JEN’S FACE HERE”

Outside, the capacity crowd, although capacity for this club was small, went wild as Neve bounced out from the dark behind the curtain. The bright light shown on her fair skin, bringing into stark contrast the difference between the black bikini and a supple body that was at one radiant and beautiful. Her bounty, both front and back, bounced and swayed as though commanded by her very will, a believable proposal given the deliberate concentration in her piercing eyes. Her sexy curve was just as evident as last time; the two women viable competitors in the field of voluptuousness. Before taking position in her corner, she took the time - uncharacteristic for a no nonsense fighter - to jut her wide sexy ass out for the crowd, arching her back and biting her bottom lip as she cast her eyes back over her shoulder, soaking up the clientele’s reaction to the words on her butt.

Following the Canadian’s impressive display of showmanship, the announcer began his monotone ramble again, this time enumerating, in black and white, J-Lo’s biographical statistics. When he finally reached her name, the sexy, supple figure of the Latina Booty Queen sprang through the curtains with all the feline grace and style she could muster. Her body, its curve still obvious, was covered by a plush, red, form-fitting robe. Her eyes were closed as she emerged, the noise in the room began to reach deafening levels, just as is had for Neve. The volume seemed to crescendo at the command of Jennifer’s luscious lips as they parted into a warm smile. She carried something in one hand, but with her hand on her wide hip it was obscured by the crescent curve of her infamous ass. With the flick of a wrist Jennifer undid her robe and let it slide sexily down her curves, first revealing a red satin bikini top… and then, sliding down the slope of her hips, finally revealed both secrets the Booty Queen had been hiding!

One was the tiny red V-cut thong that left absolutely nothing to the imagination when it came to her famously large and tan posterior; the other was the bottle of golden Champagne, the connotation of which laid heavily on everyone in the room, including the two fighters. If Neve was looking for a battle in the show-off department, she’d just met her match. Jennifer’s big booty swayed sexily left and right, giving it an extra wiggle as she passed her opponent holding a bottle of bubbly up so she could get a good look.

“I did it right this time… none of that five dollar piss you used last time. This is a $750 bottle of Krug. I bought it just for you!”

Neve shot back an impish look, “Oh good, now I won’t have to ask for one, I can just go to your corner and TAKE it!”

The tension between the two gladiators was more than palpable… it was overpowering. Weeks of preparation and anticipation from both women had led up to this night… a second meeting. This was no mere battle between women, it was a war between goddesses and there could only… would only… be one victor.

“Lesson Number One: A front facesit is ALWAYS better in a thong… your opponent can FEEL you better!”
J-Lo cast her gaze down between her tan thighs into Neve’s angry eyes. The dark pools burned with a discernible black fire. A fire that Jennifer was determined to extinguish tonight, but for what it was worth, she was enjoying her facesit all the more while it persisted. “Ooohhmmmm Yoummppph phhhhuuuukkkkiinnn’ Cowwwwmmmmppphhhh!!!” (Oh, you fuckin’ cow!!) The Canadian beauty’s lips brushed back and forth disdainfully across the silky crotch of Jennifer’s panties.

Jennifer was perched with her stifling womanhood directly on her opponent’s mouth and nose, riding out the storm of Neve’s discontent with her current predicament. The first fall had gone almost fifteen minutes of back and forth, close quarters, on the mat wrestling before it came to this, and Jen had no intentions of ending it soon. She was an expert smotherer; expert enough to keep Neve’s breathing passages for the better part, closed for business but still allow her enough life giving oxygen to keep her roaring from between her legs, and undeniably and unwillingly taking in the distinct and feminine scent of her pussy.

Neve angrily bridged her hips and back up off the mat, bumping the larger Latina forward a little, her pelvic area roughly squashing the disadvantaged beauty’s nose against her face. Jennifer, her hands interlaced almost lovingly with her rival’s, calmly pressed the beaten girl’s hands flat to the mat, using the leverage to reassume an upright position as Neve’s fleshy hips dropped back to the blue mat in frustration. J-Lo could not have been more content with her display of dominance, suffocating her rival in her sex, while Neve could not have been more furious or desperate for release. Time was running out and she knew it. She could feel her own twists and turns getting weaker, her muscles starved for the oxygen that her rival’s thinly covered crotch was denying her.

Sensing a little respite in the brunette’s struggles, Jennifer again looked down directly into Neve’s eyes, her head tipping sarcastically left and then right with each pause, “Seems we’ve been here before haven’t we? Facesit battle… first round… you under me… squirming for air… sound familiar?” Lopez cruelly lifted her weight off the fighter’s face, her eyes twinkling with anticipation as she waited for a reply. Between greedy gasps for air Neve snapped back, “And we both know how that turned out don’t we?” With awkwardly little malice, Jen nuzzled her crotch back down onto the pretty girl’s countenance, “Silly, silly, girl…” The Latina rolled her eyes, turning her gaze toward the ceiling now as she began an earnest grind against the Scream Queen’s face, using the outcropping of her nose as a guide.

In her typical diva-esque style, J-Lo’s pussy waged an overconfident and demoralizing war on Neve’s angry face. Her hips began to circle slowly at first, making pass after pass up and down the girl’s features, serving as much to humiliate the poor girl as to smother the life from her. Jennifer’s hands slipped slowly out of Neve’s and down to her wrists, pinning them to the canvas as her grinding picked up pace. “Mmmmmmm… I think we got off to a great start this time honey. I realize I played my trump card too early last time, didn’t give you a taste of my pussy first.” Jennifer glanced at the trapped girl’s face, “Well, how do you like it?”

The Canadian beauty exploded in anger and frustration, her face red from both the smothering and embarrassment of her situation, “Diphhhsssguuuupphhhssttting Bimpphhhh! (Disgusting bitch!)” Her insult largely lost in the suffocating depths of her rival’s womanhood.

The booty queen’s grinding began to rapidly intensify. The once well articulated circular motion became more linear and rougher. Jennifer’s breathing became heavy and bated as the muscles of her ass, in full view of the audience members lucky enough to be seated behind her, began to contract and relax, further exaggerating the arrogant thrusts of her hips. A few seconds before it became evident to everyone else in the room, Neve got a hint of just how much her rival was enjoying her dominance as Jennifer’s sex began to dampen the crotch of her own panties and the Canadian’s trapped and abused nose.

Neve’s eyes widened, as Jennifer threw her head back, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip in sheer pleasure as her opponents muzzle ground deep into the folds of her sultry pussy. Sweat began to materialize all over her tan body as she feverishly worked her dancer’s hips with all the fury that had built up in her since losing her last facesit battle with the girl that now lie beneath her, smothering in her steamy crotch. Neve’s feet pounded the mat as her rival’s center pounded her face, but she was in a predicament that she knew there was no escape from, and second by second, that was becoming more and more evident as her muscles began to feel heavier and heavier, blackness creeping in from the sides of her vision. Neve consigned herself that Jennifer had bested her this round, but this would be the last time her face got anywhere near the Latina’s bottom half.

J-Lo almost let her urges get away with her as she forced herself upon the brunette’s face, but as Neve’s struggles began to diminish, she reigned in her feminine desires and slowed the steady rhythm of her thrusts to a more deliberate tempo, looking down at her rivals face, hungrily watching for her glassy eyes to close. She stopped gyrating, and steadied her hips. Putting more and more pressure on Neve’s face, the Latina slid her thick thighs further and further apart, transferring increasingly more weight from her knees to the brunette’s nose. The increase in pressure forced the brunette’s captive snout deeper into J-Lo’s womanhood, painfully compressing the cartilage, and causing the red satin fabric of Jennifer’s thong to disappear between her labia. Victor and victim locked hateful gazes as, in direct contradiction with Neve’s indomitable resolve, the first fall came to an end.

“Your mine bitch!” J-Lo hissed, digging her nails into the soft fair flesh of the brunette’s trapped wrists, as the last of the fight left her iron willed rival. The defiance in Neve’s eyes never dulled as she lost consciousness, the lids finally shutting as J-Lo’s proud pussy stole the last of her awareness. “Time to count you out honey…”

Jennifer, leaving her barely covered sex settled on her rivals nose and mouth, took two fingers and began a slow tap count on Neve’s motionless forehead, “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT!!!” The familiar sound of the bell clanging rang in Jennifer’s ears like a victory cadence, “The winner of the first fall, by Front Facesit Pin, Jennifer Lopez! The score is now 1-0.” Hoisting her moist crotch off the slumbering girl’s face, J-Lo began to spin around, intent on giving Neve her patented wedgie humiliation, but mid-turn, her sexy eyes lit up and she paused.

“You know…” Jennifer mused aloud, settling her famously large ass down onto Neve’s sparsely covered breasts, eliciting a moan from the still out of it brunette, “Since you love your little post-fall humiliation so much, someone oughta at least teach you how to do it right… don’t ya think babe?” Jennifer smiled, giving her smothered rival a sarcastic tap on the cheek.

Without further delay, she reached her well manicured fingers down between her legs and pulled the material of her thong to the side, leaving her pussy bare. In her own version of the move that Neve had employed against her in their last battle, Jennifer spread her labia with two fingers and brought her naked, damp womanhood to rest on Neve’s face, cutting off the ragged, shallow breaths she had been sucking in, following Jennifer’s devastating smother. “Next time it’s gonna be my beautiful ass!” Jennifer purred, making a quick grind on Neve’s face before standing and readjusting her thong over her crotch, returning to her corner to prepare for the next fall.

“No… no… no…”
Neve playfully scolded her trapped rival, “I want you to READ THEM bitch!!!”

The dominant brunette roughly forced Jennifer’s indignant face upright, commanding her to read the wording adorning the black panties that Neve had so graciously readjusted from out of the crack of her ass.

J-Lo huffed defiantly, rage bubbling in her voice, “You think I’m scared of your fat ass? FUCK YOU NEVE!”

A wave of desperate struggles ran through Jennifer’s captive figure, her heels smacking impatiently against the mat. Neve rode out the frustrated tempest, straddled across her opponent’s chest, her strong legs pinning the booty queen’s arms, her ass disrespectfully filling the imprisoned girl’s vision. “Oh I KNOW you’re scared J-ho!” The Canadian’s gaze was cast back over her shoulders, craving the view that was afforded her of the supposed “ass queen’s” uncharacteristically frightened eyes. “You’re scared that you’ve lost your edge and that you’re a HAS BEEN who NEVER REALLY WAS! And you’re probably right!” Neve scooted her rounded bottom back a few inches, preparing for the evening’s first rendezvous between her butt and Jennifer’s face, “You’re scared you might not have the best ass in the room anymore! And I’d say you’re right there too… wouldn’t you?”

The dominant girl’s power drunk monologue continued, her ass wagging back and forth in anticipation. Jennifer, instinctively tried to recoil from the now familiar booty that was inching towards her face, but the back of her head was stymied by the mat and Neve’s cupped feet. “And most of all, FAT ASS! You’re scared you’re gonna have to sniff my beautiful butt again, and on that account… I can assure you… YOU ARE RIGHT!!!”

With her last biting words, Neve dropped her gorgeous, encompassing ass down onto Jennifer’s repulsed countenance, expertly wedging the Latina’s nose between her smothering ass cheeks. Neve’s musk was becoming all too familiar for Jennifer, having been the victim of three meetings with her ass, cheek to cheek as it were. Almost on cue, as her nose was roughly rammed into the words that mocked her silently, she began to thrash, screaming her aggravation into her rival’s dominant ass.

Wiggling her butt back and forth on the brunette’s face, Neve let a cocky smile creep into her lips, seating her victim’s nose properly in its place as the reverberations from her cries made their way through Neve’s ass flesh… into her womanhood, and up her spine. “Mmmmm… that’s it baby, talk to Mama’s ass! Now I’m gonna show you exactly what my ass is capable of honey…”

Flexing her powerful glutes, the Scream Queen pinched Jennifer’s nose tightly shut, her eyes shutting as she winced in pain. Neve leaned forward, her ass’ death grip on Jennifer’s nose unyielding, painfully pulling her head slightly off the mat, and bending her neck at an awkwardly agonizing angle. A scream, growing from a low moan to a shrill howl in a matter of seconds, emanated from Jennifer’s tormented lips as her nose and neck were abused and stretched to their limits, her pain evident, even as it was muffled by the Canadian’s supple hind quarters. J-Lo’s palms smacked the canvas, pointlessly drumming out a cadence of agony that did nothing to relieve her pain or improve her situation.

Finally, the top-side brunette, gorgeous in dominance, as though it was a position custom fit to her, allowed her booty to relax, letting the squealing Latina ass queen’s head drop from between her cheeks and smack roughly back to the mat. Jennifer wiggled her nose, reminiscent of a “bewitched” episode, trying to banish the pain from it, unable to reach it with her hands to rub the agony out. “Now… READ the words… OUT LOUD!!!” Neve commanded, referring once again to the lettering that ran from cheek to cheek across her ass.

Jennifer, the pain subsiding from Neve’s last ASSsault, had no choice but to stare right back up at the dark haired beauty’s ass that was still a mere inches from her temporarily emancipated face. “KISS MY ASS!” She chose the appropriate negative response for the situation, just as defiant in the face of insurmountable adversity as her opponent had been.

“No… how about you KISS MINE!!!!” Neve slammed her ass down into Jennifer’s face with the force of a boxer’s punch, pounding her face one good time before removing her butt from Jennifer’s now reddening face to request obedience again, “READ THE WORD’S CUNT! Or I’m gonna BREAK YOUR NOSE!”

Neve was screaming, demanding Lopez’ compliance, her words hitting home as she threatened to permanently mar J-Lo’s beautiful face. A cold spike of fear rammed Jennifer’s heart, feeling the resolve in Neve’s words, and knowing that it was in her hands (or ass) as to whether or not Jennifer would be visiting a plastic surgeon in the near future. Still, she could not bring her self to submit in this battle of wills, especially with an ass in her face, her own signature move being used to bully her.

“Do your worst Neve… I’m not gonna be on the bottom forever… and as soon as Immmphhhhhh…”

But it was not to be as Neve rudely cut off Jennifer’s insolent speech with her backside. “Guess you don’t care about your nose huh?” Neve ground hard against Jennifer’s face, violently bending J-Lo’s nasal cartilage back and forth, as far as she could without doing any actual damage. She had no intentions of really breaking Jennifer’s nose. She hated her… A LOT… but she had never done anything to warrant that kind of action from the Scream Queen. But that didn’t mean that she couldn’t scare the HELL out of Jennifer with the threat. And she certainly had the Latina beauty worried. She squealed with each gyration, wondering if each one would be the one that brought a horrible cracking sound and blinding pain.

“I’m not gonna break your nose honey… Not now anyway….” Her ass still planted on Jennifer’s face as she explained herself, arrogantly taking the time to toy with her opponent, “Cause if I break it… you won’t be able to smell my ass anymore… and I intend on having you sniffing ass all night bitch!” Neve laughed, cruelly bouncing her ass a little on Jennifer’s moaning countenance while the Latina seethed with anger at her insults, her entire face buried deep in Neve’s voluptuous butt.

Tiring of her current torture of her presently outmatched opponent, Neve got down to the business of grinding the ass queen into humiliating unconsciousness. Much as she had done twice before, Neve began to grate her ass across the beaten girl’s face, making sure to keep her muzzle buried deep between her curvy, smothering cheeks. Jennifer began to weaken almost immediately, having spent the better part of the last few minutes on and off deprived of air. Her tan legs slid slowly along the mat with a whispering sound, her hands alternating between squeezing fists and open palmed… slower and slower as her snout was abused and ridden by this round’s obvious victor.

Jennifer’s eyes began to look less and less threatening from over the curve of Neve’s ass, as she watched intently over her shoulder, much as J-Lo had done to her in the previous round, wanting to lock gazes with her victim until the very end. Jennifer’s eyelids began to flutter, a huffing sound originating from under her ass as J-Lo’s body began to relax.

Then at the last moment, in a viciously sadistic and cruel move, Neve lifted her ass off Jennifer’s face, allowing her body to take in much needed air. “Oh honey… you don’t look so good! Guess my ass isn’t so worthless after all eh? Although yours is looking pretty worthless pinned flat to the mat there!” Neve gloated at her nearly insensate smother victim. Jennifer’s face was red, and puffy from the smother and grinding, her eyes glassy and glazed, “Well… we should at least end this right… I’m not wearing a thong… but this is the next best thing!”

Neve leaned forward for a moment, squashing her thinly covered pussy into Jennifer’s nose and mouth while she sexily ran her fingers along the back of her bottoms, pulling them up into the crack of her ass, wanting maximum flesh to flesh contact to finish her off. “Smell this ‘Jenny From The Block!”

Neve got in her final deriding comment as she lifted her pussy of Jen’s face and dropped her butt back onto her countenance, giving her the maximum ass flesh to face flesh contact without nudity as she began her final slow smother. The stark contrast of pale flesh on tanned skinned made for a sexy final scene as Jennifer, already nearly out, slowly succumbed to the ass grinding very visibly on her nose. Finally, her eyes closed in defeat. Reaching forward, Neve pulled Jennifer’s top off her tits, exposing the naked flesh for the first time in the match. Though she already knew her opponent was out for the count, she pitilessly gave her opponents nubs a quick tweak, confirming her state.
Neve, unable to untie the top, but not wanting to leave Jenny with it for another round, simply ripped the expensive fabric, tearing it away from her naked chest… and whipped her helpless breasts with it for the count, “Nightie- night honey… ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT!!!!”

“The winner of the second fall, by Reverse Facesit Pin, Neve Campbell! The score is now tied at one apiece.”

The monotone voice of the announcer radiated almost innocuously through the speakers as Neve gave a final grind on Jenny’s face and then dismounted her. She readjusted her bottoms to cover the cheeks of her ass and knelt down, rolling the beaten and unconscious Latina to her tummy, her head cocked to the side, sweaty cheeks puffing in and out as she involuntarily drug ragged breaths into her mistreated lungs. Neve dropped to her knees, and resumed sitting on her victim, a position she seemed to be becoming accustomed to, only this time, she sat on the side of her head… reaching down, hooking her fingers under the waistband of Jennifer’s sexy red thong. “Don’t you know using another girl’s own move against her leads to escalation?” Neve asked both sarcastically and rhetorically to her beaten foe as she buffed the side of her face with her big ass. Then, leaning back, she pulled on the thong, wedging it deep between Jennifer’s ass cheeks and pussy lips, pulling her wide Latina hips off the mat. Neve held the hold, shaking Jennifer’s ass left and right by her reign hold on the thong before letting go, Jen’s hips smacking the canvas with a THUD as Neve went to prepare for the….

“I gotta tell you hun… I thought you’d be more of a challenge the second time around. I guess your ass isn’t the only part of you that’s gone soft!”
Neve Campbell spat in Jennifer’s face as she wrenched a face to face bear hug on her opponent. Jennifer was again in trouble here in this venue and she could feel this battle taking the same twists and turns that their last duel had taken. She had come out strong in the first round in both matches, but the second and third rounds were sloppy… full of mistakes as she tried to concentrate too much on getting her ass on her victim’s face, and too little on wearing her down. But for Jennifer, it was a moral necessity to butt smother her opponent… aside from the fact that she needed the move to win this particular battle… even in her catfights… over her long career she had focused a lot of energy into using that move against her victims, before she had concentrated on winning the match. And it had cost her. Especially in her legendary match with Natasha Henstridge at the Put Up or Shut Up Club (see “Put Up or Shut Up #12” on our ‘Tournament Page’). Now here she was again in the same predicament… looking past the fight to the butt smother end, and it had landed her one pungent KO at the hands (or ass) of her opponent… and now had her in her iron grasp, having the breath squeezed out of her, and her rib cage compressed into more of a rib box…

As Campbell poured more energy into squeezing the air from the pretty Latina’s body, shaking the usually imposing frame of the thick girl like a ragdoll, Jennifer tossed her head back, pitifully howling in pain, lolling a little sympathy from even the most hardened, bloodthirsty crowd members. Jen’s arms were outstretched, her fists clenched, trying to channel agony from her lithe ribs and spine, unsuccessfully. Neve’s eyes lit up, enthralled by the obvious anguish that she was inflicting on her opponents supple body.

“Tell me you’ll KISS MY ASS J-LO!!!! Tell me and we can end this!!!” Neve wickedly offered Jennifer a not-so-easy out to her desperate situation. Jennifer’s body was beginning to show signs of fatigue, her legs barely supporting her weight as Neve’s grip kept her on her tip toes. Sweat ran down her slick back, over Neve’s strong arms, and onto her supple ass.

Her will still unshaken, Jennifer violently whipped her head left and right, “Nevvvvveeeeeerrrrr!!!”

Neve cinched her grip tighter, bouncing the Latina supreme up and down, her ample ass bouncing for the crowd. In her insatiable endeavor to totally humiliate and degrade her rival, Neve continued her verbal assault, “Give it up FAT ASS! You’re finished… when I’m done squeezing your ribs into splinters, I’m gonna turn your face into my own personal thong again! Face it…” She jerked her back again, lifting the girl entirely off the mat with obvious effort, “You’re not the Facesit Queen anymore!!! You’re over… you’re done… YOUR ASS IS MINE CELLULITE QUEEN!!!”

The last of Neve’s words unleashed something primal in Jennifer. She let out a howl that was animal in nature, throwing her head back like a baying wolf, “FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!”

Her legs already off the mat, Jennifer’s muscles began to shake as she curled her lower limbs up around Neve’s midsection. All at once Neve’s eyes went wide, the color draining from her face instantly as her opponent, in an amazing display of endurance and determination, locked her steel thighs around her lower belly and began to squeeze for all she was worth. Jennifer had risen to the challenge and it was now a battle of appendages and wills, a mini-allegory for the entire fight as Neve’s arms squeezed away at Jennifer’s lower ribs; Jen’s naked breasts bared to the ceiling, her head leaned back, screaming as she squeezed her opponents sexy waist with her python-like legs. Sweat began to pour from each fighter in earnest as they poured all they had into squeezing the life from each other. Normally, in a mutual hold of this sort, J-Lo’s legs would’ve won outright, her thick dancer thighs some of the most dangerous in the business, but Neve had been pouring all her energy into a bearhug long before Jennifer mustered the strength to apply her waist scissors.

“You don’t get it cunt!!! You’ve lost and… unghhhh… you don’t know it… unhhgggghhhhhhhh… yet!”

Neve’s legs began to shake, no longer able to support the duo of thick, womanly fighters in the air by themselves. Her knees finally gave way, Neve collapsing, her legs folding up, ass landing on her calves. Jennifer landed seated half on her tormentor’s lap, half on the mat, her thighs still wrapped around the woman’s midsection… but her ribs still being crushed by her strong arms. It seemed an eternity in both their minds… locked in stalemate… first it looked as though Jennifer was about to finally succumb to the bearhug… then it seemed Neve might yield to J-Lo‘s scissors!

Finally, with an animalistic, frustrated cry, Neve released her bear hug, opting instead to try and pry at the thighs that seemed to be squashing some of her very important internal organs. Relieved to be released from the hold, but aware that she could not afford the luxury of recuperation, Jennifer fell backwards, her back smacking the blue canvas as she poured all her strength into wilting her foe with her legs. Jennifer writhed, eyes closed, like she was in the middle of a nightmare, letting her strong legs do the work for her as Neve, shocked at the turn of events, moaned and pounded her fists vainly against J-Lo’s straining thighs.

Little by little… Neve’s pounding grew weaker and weaker, her shoulder’s stooping further and further forward like a wilting flower. Soon her pounding had ceased all together and her head hung from her neck like a jack-in-a-box from its spring. This sudden turn of events and impressive display of determination from the Latina fighter had the audience silent and on the edge of its seat.

Certain that she finally had the upper hand, and her thighs aching with exertion, Jennifer leaned forward, roughly grabbing her rival’s hair and loosening the grip of her thighs from around Neve’s belly. Methodically, and with extreme caution J-Lo pulled the fighter forward, slipping her sweat slicked thighs up Neve’s body until the much weakened brunette was on her belly, her face buried in Jennifer’s sweaty, thong covered crotch. Taking a moment to properly adjust herself, Jennifer locked on a front figure four head scissors, squeezing the brunette’s head and stuffing her face deeper against her womanhood.

The silence in the room was foreign, unusual for a match between these two combatants, both because of the usually thunderous crowd and the almost incessant slurs that they had become infamous for hurling at one another. Finally, breaking the uneasy quiet, Jennifer began in a somewhat breathless voice, “Who’s finished now slut?”

The silence in the room broke into wanton applause as the match finally returned to the no-less serious but much more engaging tone that was accustomed in a battle set around a domineering and humiliating move like an ass smother. Showing some signs of life herself, Neve mumbled something unintelligible into Jennifer’s crotch and began to pound the mat with her open palms. Jennifer, in response to her opponent’s new found second wind, smiled cruelly and pressed her palms to the mat behind her, lifting her famous ass up off the canvas, bending Neve’s back at a painful angle.

“Glad to see there’s some fight left to snuff out of you…” Jennifer relaxed again, her ample rump coming to rest on the mat as Neve again pounded the mat with her hands. “Now, I’m gonna give you the same courtesy you showed me… tell me you’ll KISS MY ASS and we can end this round!” Eagerly anticipating an answer from her exhausted opponent, Jennifer reached down, loosening her legs slightly from around Neve’s neck, and pulled her the worn out brunette’s face from her crotch.

Neve, her resolve as rock solid as ever, breathlessly replied, “Lick my ass whore!”

“I was hoping you’d say that…” Jennifer smiled, releasing the beaten brunette as she rolled her onto her back.

Both were weary from the toll the fall had taken on them but, not one to take her punishment lying down, Neve immediately went on the offensive, reaching her claws up towards Jennifer’s bare breasts. But Jennifer, certainly the less disadvantaged of the two at this point, quickly intercepted Neve’s attempt and forced her arms back down, pinning them to the mat before sliding her body over top of the downed woman and straddling her facing her feet.

Meticulously, Jennifer took her place over top of Neve’s face, her huge tan ass hanging just inches from Neve’s flushed countenance, then she smiled as she looked over her shoulder into the weary eyes peering up over the swell of her rounded booty. “Lesson Number Two: A reverse facesit is ALWAYS better in a thong… your opponent can SMELL you better!” Jennifer smiled, tentatively continuing her facesitting lecture from the first round as she brought her ass down slowly on her rival’s face.

“You fmpphhhhh…”

With nearly no barrier between Jennifer’s now sweaty, nearly naked rump and her beautiful face, Neve’s senses quickly filled with her opponent’s musky scent as the infamous body part took her breath for the first time in this match. Jennifer eased down on her face, relishing the feel of her opponent’s features as they slid gradually between her cheeks, her nose pressing against the almost non-existent cloth of J-Lo’s thong. Jen wiggled back and forth, seating the girl’s face properly between the cheeks of her wide smothering ass.

“You know when I was in school, the girls on my track team used to call me ‘La Guitarra’… Can you guess why?” Jennifer haughtily gloated over her opponent. She was in her element now as her barely covered butt went to work on Neve’s face.

Neve mumbled a reply into Jennifer’s ass but it was entirely unintelligible beneath the two mountains of scented flesh that had literally engulfed her countenance. In her exhausted state, the Canadian could barely twist her body in protest as her face was ground into oblivion by her opponent’s arrogant ass. “You like the way that smells honey?” J-Lo continued her verbal assault; her deep desire for Neve’s humiliation to be absolute was obvious. Jennifer played up her motions, closing her eyes and licking her lips as she rubbed her butt in smug circles on Neve’s face, making sure to keep her once-proud proboscis right between the cheeks of her smothering booty. “Nightie-night Neve…” Jennifer whispered as she felt Neve’s fight leaving her…

Not once looking over her shoulder to actually see the girl’s face as she became insensate, the Latina Ass Queen broke the string that kept the out cold beauty’s pale breasts contained behind those tiny black triangles of cloth, then reached down, disgustedly tweaking each nipple.

“What’s say we make it official, thong-face?” Jennifer brought both hands down on Neve’s naked tits as she called out the count, “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT… YOU’RE OUT!” Jennifer remained seated on the poor girl’s face, her nose still wedged deep in her bethonged ass, as she raised her hands in victory, listening to the voice call out her triumph, “The winner of the third fall, by Reverse Facesit Pin, Jennifer Lopez! She now leads by a score of 2-1.”

“Now allow me to show you how that wedgie move really works…” Jennifer laughed, barely raising up off her opponent long enough to roll her unconscious body over and take a seat on the back of her head, smashing her already reddened face against the mat. Jennifer wiggled her ass left and right a little, making sure to mash Neve’s gorgeous features a little as her fingers crept down her back… finally reaching the waistband of her black bottoms. Taking the bottoms in both hands, Jennifer smiled to the part of the crowd that was seated right in front of her, staring at Neve’s bikini covered ass.

“Hold on boys and girls… here comes the FULL MOON!!!” With that final insult Jennifer laid all of her body weight into VIOLENTLY yanking Neve’s bottoms into her full ass, making sure to jiggle it nice and hard once the material had sufficiently wedged itself into her most private regions… Neve’s hips were far up off the mat, shaking left and right at Jennifer’s command. Finally tiring of her ass and pussy torture, Jennifer released the panties, leaning down… whispering into Neve’s ear, “This fight will NEVER go five rounds honey… Your fat white ass belongs to me!”

Neve screamed at the top of her lungs as pried at Jennifer’s thighs, trying to remove them from either side of her face. Jennifer readjusted her thong, tugging at its waistband with one hand. She used the same hand to readjust Neve’s face between her thighs using a nice tight handful of hair. “Awwwww… You seemed to REALLY enjoy sniffing it last round… Why the sudden change?” Jennifer asked playfully, enjoying her position. She was lying atop the writhing Canadian’s sinuous frame, Neve’s sweaty, naked breasts pressing into her tummy while she held the brunette in a brutal reverse head scissors.

Neve was beginning to regret having asked for this battle to go so many rounds. The last round had taken a lot out of her, and here she was in a very dangerous position, her face just inches from a huge elephantine ass that was hell bent on revenge for a very embarrassing beating she gave it only a short month ago.

“Jennifer, I swear, if you don’t get off me right now… after I smother you out in my NAKED ass for the EIGHTH TIME…” Neve’s angry voice was hitting a crescendo, “I’ll beat your COTTAGE CHEESE ASS SO RAW THAT YOU’LL NEVER SHOW IT OFF AGAIN!!!”

“Idle threats don’t become you, Neve! Maybe you should try shameless pleading!” Jennifer’s arrogant diva side was beginning to become the more and more prevalent as she felt closer and closer to an all encompassing victory. She cinched her scissors a little tighter, pulling Neve’s lips infinitesimally close to the crack of her ass.

“Fuck you, J-ho! I’ll never beg!” Neve’s indomitable will, as usual, her most prevailing asset in times of dire adversity.

“Oh you’ll beg… you’ll beg to kiss my ass… sniff my ass… whatever I want you to beg for… Let’s take stock of our situation here honey. You’re on your back… my sexy ass is in your face… your FLAT ASS is pinned uselessly to the mat… and your down by a fall… which means THIS IS IT!” Neve grunted as she squirmed helplessly between J-Lo’s thighs. “So… why don’t you put your lips together and kiss my ass, and we’ll call it a night…”

Neve bridged her body against Lopez’ weight, but in her weakened state, having been through so much in this fight already, bridging out was no longer possible.

“Well Neve? My sexy ass is waiting for those full lips!” J-Lo wiggled her ass left and right, the smooth flesh of her tan bottom sliding ever so gently across Neve’s trapped, ample lips, making the brunette’s face wrinkle up in a mask of disgust. “Oh you are so fucking dead!” Jennifer laughed at the hollow threat, keeping her thick thighs wrapped around her captive’s face. “Well, if you’re gonna be stubborn about it, we should probably get down to giving you your final smothering lessons eh?”

Lopez’ eyes lit up at the thought of suffocating her proud rival into oblivion under her famous ass. Reaching down to between Neve’s legs, Jennifer applied a sadistic crotch claw to the trapped brunette, eliciting a squeal from her opponent, but more importantly, immobilizing her for the impending maneuver. With Neve’s body rigid in pain, Jennifer released her scissors, sliding her knees up over her rival’s outstretched arms, pining them helplessly to the mat as she positioned her thong covered rear over the girl’s face.

The wide practically naked ass looming over her face, Neve’s eyes showed fear for the first time during the match and Lopez ate it up. She was being unusually vocal - even for her arrogant self - as she sensed victory. Looking over her shoulder and into her victim’s eyes, Lopez taunted Neve. “Scared Neve? Now you know how it feels bitch!” Jennifer reached down from her dominant position, trailing her finger along Neve’s protruding nose, “Mmmmm… your nose feels so good up my ass honey… wonder how your tongue’s gonna feel?”

Suddenly, Neve nipped at Jennifer’s finger, narrowly missing it with her teeth. Tsk-tsking as she scolded her, Jen said, “Now that wasn’t very nice… and now I have to be not very nice… You brought this all on yourself Neve!”

Beginning her gyrations before she started to descend… slowly J-Lo lowered her big wide butt towards Neve’s face. Neve turned her face to the side to escape the smother and the musk, if only temporarily, but Jennifer took the opportunity to grind her booty against Neve’s cheek, laughing out loud. The crowd egged her on as Jennifer reached back, turning Neve’s head upright and wedging her nose in the crack of her deep, suffocating ass.


“Smell that Neve? That’s the smell of your defeat… SMELL YOUR DEFEAT BITCH!”

Jennifer made slow, tight circles at first, concentrating solely on keeping Neve’s nose plunged deep in her butt. The circles widened as her pace picked up, doing her best booty dance right on her rival’s humiliated countenance. Neve squeezed at Jennifer’s thighs, the only part of her body she could reached with her trapped hands. She moaned intermittently into the ass that was covering her face, kicking her legs in frustration. Jennifer slid her hands along Neve’s naked breasts… first only rubbing them… but all at once, she sunk her claws into the fair tit-flesh, eliciting screams from the suffocating, humiliated actress that reverberated against her smooth ass.

Sensing that her opponent’s need for air, and not wanting it all to end too soon, Jennifer lifted her massive derriere off Neve’s face.

“You Nasty-ass BITCH! I’m gonna killmmmmpphhhh…” Neve gasped.

Jennifer just giggled as she dropped her ass back on Neve’s face, once again wedging the beauty’s muzzle in between the cheeks of her ass. Jennifer ran her fingers along the waistband of her thong, pulling it high on her hips as she began her sexy grind in earnest once again, punishing the scream queen’s face. Neve’s angry kicks slowly slipped into somber shuffling as Jennifer’s larger than life ass robbed her of life-giving oxygen.

As Neve’s struggles weakened, Jennifer again raised her suffocating butt, to allow her opponent some air. “I want to hear you submit to my ass Neve!” J-Lo wiggled her butt, brushing the brunette’s nose along her crack.


Again, Jennifer dropped her broad butt down in mid-sentence; totally engulfing Neve’s features; the deep crack of her ass swallowing the poor girl’s face as she began another round of grinding and smothering. Neve was beginning to feel like a swimmer who kept forgetting to come up for air. She was getting dizzy… the only thing she could breathe in was the scent of Jennifer’s round rump…blackness closing in…her vision filled with J-Lo’s infamous hindquarters.

Again Jennifer raised her ass, allowing the trapped girl some air, “Ready to submit to my ass yet?” Jennifer hiked her thong a second time, waiting for an answer… but Neve was too busy gulping much needed air to reply… and so down came the suffocating ass once again… burying Neve’s frightened and exhausted face again. She ground her ass for an even longer period this time, lifting up once again, this time Neve’s nose still basically in her ass, just not being sat upon.

Before Jennifer could ask for a submission again, Neve quietly and breathlessly whispered, “I give… I give…”

Jennifer’s eyes lit up. “You what?”

Neve repeated herself, louder this time, “I GIVE…”

Jennifer lifted her ass a little more, “You give to what?”

Neve’s voice became annoyed now, “I give to your ass…”

Jennifer let out a satisfied sigh, “Good, glad we got that out of the way… now KISS MY ASS GOODNIGHT!” Jennifer chuckled as she dropped her ass roughly back down, intent on snuffing her opponent out this time with her massive bottom. “You see Neve… You’ve got to learn to accept your limitations…” Jennifer sounded like a teacher, instructing a pupil. “For instance… I might not be the best actress… but I CAN act… “ Jennifer’s hips ground in wide circles, really making a show of finishing off the Canadian. “And I might not be the best fighter… but I can fight… as I think we’ve proved her tonight…” Jennifer continued her lecture as Neve’s struggles weakened under her large rear. “BUT I MOST CERTAINLY AM THE BEST ASS SMOTHERER… AND THAT IS SOMETHING YOU ARE GONNA HAVE TO ACCEPT!!!”

With her last scolding words… J-Lo felt the last of Neve’s consciousness leave her. Jennifer adopted a look of mischievous guilt, putting her hand up to her smiling mouth. “I think that’s all for little Nevie!!! Help me count her out!” she implored the audience as she made a slow circle over Neve’s face with her ass, then stopped to count “ONE…” The audience counting with her as she made another circle, “TWO…” and so it continued, “THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT!” When she finished, the bell chimed for the end of the fourth fall - and the match!

The voice came over the intercom, “The winner of the fourth and final fall, by Reverse Facesit Pin, Jennifer Lopez! The final score is three to one. Your winner, Jennifer Lopez!”

Jennifer did not give up her seat on Neve’s face, but instead pumped her fists alternately in the air, wiggling her huge booty on Neve’s unconscious face, ELATED with her win, avenging her loss… and more importantly, proving to herself that regardless of whether she was the best fighter…or best wrestler… she was surely the best ass smotherer!

“I told you, you couldn’t go five rounds with me bitch!” Standing off of Neve’s face, she walked on a cloud to her corner, eating up the applause of the crowd as she retrieved the expensive bottle of champagne she brought with her. De-corking it, she watched as the golden liquid bubbled over the smooth lip and down her hand. When it stopped flowing suds… she took a quick sip, holding the bottle high and smiling to the crowd as she returned to where her beaten rival lay. The triumphant girl dropped to her knees, setting the bottle of bubbly precariously on the mat beside her downed and out cold rival. In an attempt to revive her beaten opponent, Jennifer lightly smacked her cheeks, staring right into her eyes.

Slowly, Neve began to rouse… sputtering to life, wiping her hand over her face, trying in vain to remove Jennifer’s musky scent.

“Ahh ahh ahhh…” Jennifer scolded her, easily pinning her hands to the mat, “No point in cleaning up yet… I’m not done.”

She rolled her groggy rival to her tummy, yanking Neve’s black bottoms off, leaving her nude. After planting an obligatory SMACK on each of Neve’s pale ass cheeks, Jennifer forced the beaten girl’s arms behind her back and tied them there with own bottoms. “Upsie-daisy honey…” Not wasting any time, Jennifer then led her now, more alert and moaning opponent to her own corner by her hair, forcing her to crawl on her knees back to Neve’s corner where Jennifer dropped the beaten girl on the mat, leaning her back against her corner post.

Jennifer crouched, now eye level with the red, swollen faced brunette. “Remember when I told you last match I’d hog tie you and make you worship my ass?” Jennifer questioned her helpless opponent.

Neve’s eyes filled with terror, “Jennifer no… please…” was Neve’s only reply as J-Lo’s intentions became more clear.

Jennifer stood up, holding the bottle of champagne up in the air. Loud enough now for all to hear, Jennifer continued with her ‘smothering lesson’ theme, “And it seems last time Neve, you forgot the GOLDEN RULE of facesitting… do you even know what that is Neve?” Jennifer asked as she turned her back to her rival, her big ass at face-level with the seated brunette.

The downed Canadian only looked on in horror as it appeared Jennifer was about to pour the champagne over her ass much as she had in their last battle. Jennifer held the bottle of GOLDEN fluid precariously over her back, almost tipping it… and then stopped.

“The Golden Rule of facesitting is… FUCK THE GOLD; THE GIRL WITH THE BEST ASS WINS!!!”

Jennifer held the bottle of Champagne at arm’s length, slowly pouring its incredibly expensive contents harmlessly on the mat as she continued, “And besides, if you pour champagne on your ass, then your victim can’t smell your naked booty!”

With that last derisive comment, Jennifer slipped out of her thong, leaving her ass TOTALLY NAKED as the final insult to Neve’s face. Slowly she backed her ass into Neve’s horrified countenance, jamming her features in the crack of her naked ass as she bent forward, applying her final smother to the girl’s face. Jennifer broke into every Latina booty dance she knew, sometimes punching her rival’s face with her ass, making every move count as she dragged the beaten beauty’s features along the sweaty crack of her naked butt.

Finally, when the downed Scream Queen was nearly punch-drunk from the one-sided booty beating that the Ass Queen had given her face, Jennifer looked over her shoulder, “Kiss my ass and this will all be over…” She pulled her naked butt off Neve’s face, awaiting her submission.

“Never…” Neve growled lowly at J-Lo’s ass.

“Listen, your hands are tied… your face is covered in my ass scent… and this club is open all night… That means I can do this till the sun comes up… NOW PUCKER BITCH!”

Neve, realizing the hopelessness of her situation… cursed herself for losing… and hesitantly… with a twisted face… planted a kiss on Jennifer’s smooth, wide ass cheek. “Good girl… You are a worthy opponent Neve… but my ass is just better!”

Jennifer backed her ass up into the poor girl’s face, trapping Neve’s nose for the last time in the hot musky prison of her large posterior… it wasn’t long before Neve was out cold… and Jennifer stepped away from her face, Neve’s head hanging low on her chest… her hair covering her heavily scented face. Jennifer left Neve there, out cold and simmering over another humiliating loss to the Latina Ass Queen./HTML>