Best of Five Submissions-Only: Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Lopez by The Walkin’ Dude

Jennifer prefight: (this section written by Asmotherfan)

Jennifer sat in utter silence in the inner sanctum of her cold walled dressing room. Over the years she’d become accustomed to the uninviting brick walls that surrounded almost every locker/dressing room in almost every big name venue. The same went for the hard concrete floors. There were exceptions, but no matter how cozy the management attempted to make the accommodations… with dry wall… and warm paint… and plush carpeting… they were still the same cold boxes, like refrigerators, to keep the fighters on ice until they were ready to be used.

Another common aspect was the frigid air that bit at any morsel of flesh that dared peak its way from behind her plush robe. You appreciated that air conditioned stuff when you were on the mat, sweating your insides out, your naked flesh boiling under the arena lights, but in the back, as your blood vessels constricted, your heart racing to keep pace with your sprinting mind as a tumult of thoughts, predictions, hopes, and fears barraged your cortexes, it was like the arctic. As that thought ran through her mind, with all the others that were shelling her brain, she shivered, clutching her robe with both hands and pulling it tighter like the curtains on a bedroom window in the midst of a winter chill.

Yes… with the cold she’d become familiar. But the one thing she’d never been able to come to terms with was the outer calm and bitter silence that suffused the dressing room as fight time approached. Usually, she filled this time with nervous banter and laughter with friends and trainers who’d come to wish her well, but tonight was different. Tonight she banished all residents about thirty minutes before show time, leaving her all by herself… spinning in her own head, just as she’d done when she first started... When there were no well-wishers… when it was just her… and destiny.

She stared blankly at her left hand, which she clutched with her right, turning up the left palm and stroking the clammy flesh aimlessly with her right thumb. Unconsciously, her fingers extended and then folded back into a fist over the thumb… over and over again, like the pulsing of a light bulb, soon destined for the dumpster. For the last several weeks, Jennifer had been enjoying herself, after such a convincing win over her opponent. Night after night, someone was taking the gorgeous Latina to a congratulatory dinner or drink. Toast after toast to the “reigning booty queen of Hollywood” rang in her ears. And she smiled, and nodded, and for the most part, she really was overjoyed. She had avenged her loss, humiliating the Canadian bitch decisively with a 3-1 ass smother victory that left no question as to who the real “Ass Queen” was - making sure she got a set of pursed, trembling lips planted right on the sweaty cheek of her ass to acknowledge her supremacy.

The lovely Latina mused that Neve spent more time with her nose up Jennifer’s butt then she did on her feet during their last encounter. So yes… Jennifer was happy… ecstatic… but…under the shiny veneer of delight lay the rumblings of REALITY.

In REALITY they had split their first two matches; the first going very embarrassingly to J-Lo’s dark-haired rival, so in wins, they were tied.

In REALITY, over the course of both smother bouts, these Goddesses had visited an equal number of degrading smothers on the other’s nose, so in facesits, they were tied.

In REALITY, this war was not over and Jennifer knew it. That’s why, when Neve rang her private line, her voice icy with unsettling calm as she proposed a rematch, J-Lo was neither surprised, nor hesitant to accept.

Most women in this business liked to spout off, vent at their opponent in rage with what are mostly idle threats… but these women were not prone to such intemperance, and as each calmly enumerated the pain an degradation that they intended to dole out to the other, there was no shouting, only composed directness that gave FRIGHTENING weight to promises of torture, defeat, and humiliation. A discomforting quiet hung steadily following the quick exchange and Jennifer had hastened to fill the silence with a more than confident acceptance of the challenge, even with the stipulation that this subsequent battle would be fought on Neve’s terms, in her world.

Now, as though that same silence had been lurking all the while in shadows, waiting for the right time to reappear, it once again hung over Jennifer’s head and made her revisit that phone call.

Smother matches were a natural for both these ladies, and Jennifer had felt rather confident going into both of them, but this time was different. She’d seen Neve take girls apart in the ring, like she owned it. Jennifer was by no means a slouch in this department, but she certainly didn’t have the advantage on Neve that she had carried, or at least thought she carried, in booty size and skill. And of course, this match had the connotation of being the battle to end all battles, the third in a series of frustrating ties… the tie breaker… but she wasn’t going to let that rule her thoughts and turn her into her own worst enemy. Jen was a true mistress of psychology and one of the undisputed greats when it came to theatrics, a fact that Neve was gonna come “face-to-face” with so to speak tonight… when she unwrapped her latest visual aide… and WHEN Jennifer walked away the victor tonight, there would be NO question as to who was Hollywood’s greatest facesitter…

Dark blue wrestling mat or light blue wrestling ring… Jennifer was the better fighter… she was better at fight psychology… she was better at butt smothering… she was the BETTER WOMAN… and Neve’s was about to find out exactly what BETTER really means, courtesy of her big beautiful smothering.

“Miss Lopez…” The voice shocked Jennifer, snapping her out of her trance… startled, her eyes pierced the pretty young girl’s gaze, demanding an explanation for the intrusion. She fiddled with her headset mic, fear welling up inside her as she stood frozen for just a moment… locked in the depths of Jen’s stare. “The...the… they’re ready for you!” she stammered, swinging the door open, letting in the muffle of the crowd that roared just outside the thick walls of the concrete corridor that lay beyond Jennifer’s room… they were calling for the fighters. They were calling for a fight… and their call was about to be answered!!!
Neve prefight:

Sitting alone in the manufactured chill of her locker room, Neve Campbell waited silently for the brief knock at her door that would signal end to the seemingly endless waiting before the fight began. While she waited for the aforementioned noise, Neve remained curled up in the easy chair and stared off into space, thinking about the events that had lead up to this evening. Closing her dark brown eyes, the Canadian beauty could easily bring back the sensations of her first encounter with Jennifer; the glare of the overhead lights, the subtle roughness of the wrestling mat and the muted murmur of the audience before the fight began. Neve smiled a little bit as the battle itself began to unspool in her mind.

She and the self proclaimed ‘Booty Queen’ had gone at it from the opening bell, tearing into one another with the ferocity of lifelong rivals as opposed to women who were engaging one another for the first time. The action had been close, clingy and surprisingly mean-spirited as each sought to assert (she paused her for less than a moment, staking in the apt wording in her unintentional pun) her superiority over her new rival. And, as it had happened so often in the past, Neve had done just that; after losing to a Front Face Sit in a close fall in the first round, the Canadian Goddess had come out with a vengeance, taking the next two falls with a Front Face Sit of her own, followed by a Reverse Face Sit to attain her victory over the Latin Amazon and her formidable backside. But as good as she felt about the win (and the subsequent Champagne drenched Butt Smother that had left Jennifer tits up and out cold) Neve ’s contemplative expression darkened considerably as she moved onto the events at ‘La Cazadora.’

Most women would have held off on granting such a vaunted opponent a rematch in her signature battle, but the Scream Queen had never been one to avoid a fight, so she agreed and the fight was on. What followed was one of the most embarrassing losses of Neve Campbell’s career. Suddenly getting up from the chair, the pale brunette stalked over to the full-length mirror and regarded her sweatshirt-clad form carefully. Peeling the loose garment up off her torso, Neve tossed it aside and was left in nothing but her battle attire for the fight. As she took in the trim, toned landscape of her body, Neve picked up her train of thought again.

It wasn’t so much that Jennifer had beaten her in a Butt Smother War, or that it had been a Best of Five Falls affair, she suffered losses in both of those type of matches before; it was the MARGIN of J-Lo’s victory. J-Lo had trounced Neve three face sits to one, and that ate at the Canadian more than she’d ever admit. And having to endure being bound to the turnbuckle while Jennifer used her face as a butt punching bag was certainly not going to make her personal highlight reel. But if Neve and Jennifer had anything in common besides their proficiency for ass based air deprivation, it was that neither of them took a loss very easily.

Less than a week after the fiasco at ‘La Cazadora’ Neve had called Jennifer up and challenged her to a third and potentially tie-breaking skirmish in this feud. However, after having faced Jennifer twice in her signature match, Neve added a stipulation of her own, challenging Jennifer to face her in a match where submissions could be garnered by any variety of holds, not just the various permutations on the Face Sit. After some cold-hearted backing and forth, J-Lo had conceded to Neve’s demand and now all but the last of the preamble had been dealt with. All that remained now was to put her last, indelible imprint on Jennifer Lopez (preferably on her face) then Neve would have proved once and for all that not only was she the best cat fighter of her generation, but that there was no one in the industry who could inflict a more humiliating ASS-ault than the Scream Queen.

Taking a deep breath, Neve turned from the mirror and walked over to the couch to slip pick up the robe she would wear to the ring. Slipping the short black silk garment over her shoulders, she belted the sash and knotted it tightly. Rubbing her butt through the sheer material, Neve rolled her shoulders and smiled a cold, malevolent smile. She knew she had to somehow top the post match humiliation that J-Lo had visited upon her. She already knew that Jen’s lips were destined to be planted on her butt; that was just a forgone conclusion. After all, Jennifer had afforded her the same courtesy and Neve wasn’t about to let that go unavenged. Feeling the outline of her bottoms through the robe, Neve’s smile got a little nastier as she savored all the delicious liberties she could take with Jennifer’s sobbing face once the match was over and she had claimed the decisive victory she wanted more than anything.

Turning around, she stared into the mirror once more and, her smile fading, Neve opened her mouth to say something when there was a quiet knock on the door, followed by a muffled voice saying, “Two minutes to bell Ms. Campbell, we’re ready for you.”

“I’m coming,” she answered. Giving her reflection a final once over, Neve recalled that a certain industry critic had once called her an ‘artist’ when she was in the ring. Well tonight, Jennifer Lopez was her subject and she planned to inflict lovely torture on the domineering Latina Ass Queen, but not before she’s stretched her unwitting canvas well past the breaking point. Heading toward her locker room door, Neve muttered, “Time to end this J-Lo; your ASS belongs to me tonight.”

Then she stepped out into the dimly lit hallway and closed the door behind her. Taking a low, steadying breath, Neve started to walk towards the ring, and the third and presumably final encounter with her newest nemesis.
The hottest new feud in catfighting comes roaring back for a third chapter in another Five Fall Submissions Only epic, where pride and a hundred grand hang in the balance. In the pre fight spectacle, Jennifer's openly incredulous about Neve's chances. Tugging mischievously at the edges of her robe, she purrs, “I can’t believe Neve had the guts to come back for another helping of humiliation. After I trumped her three to one and literally forced her to kiss my ass, I figured she'd go into hiding. This time when she screams her surrender I’ll finally smash that cute little nose into a thousand pieces. Maybe that’ll finally convince her that she’s nothing more than a second rate bitch that I can use as my own personal throne. It’s sad really. Everybody but Neve knows that she’s totally outclassed. Well, third time’s the charm, after tonight you won’t see Neve Campbell bothering me ever again.”

Neve listens with growing resentment. Speaking coldly, she responds, “Jennifer Lopez can talk all she wants about being better than me, but she knows as well as I do that we both have the same number of wins against one another going into this match. She may be ahead on the post fight humiliation scale, but I promise you all that's going to change by the end of the night. When I'm done with her, Jennifer’s gonna be more than embarrassed, she'll be mortified and humiliated. I'm gonna pay back everything she did last time and make her sorry she ever decided to pick a fight with me."

Fight’s about to start, and Jennifer's got one last trick up her sleeve. Wiggling the robe of her shoulders, Jenny runs a hand over her nearly non-existent bikini top before drawing attention to her bottoms. The front has been airbrushed in a perfect, smug looking likeness of the Booty Queen while the backside has been emblazoned with a panicked portrait of her opponent; Jennifer openly goading as she wiggles her hips and coos, "Like looking into the future, ain't it bitch?"

Neve almost leaps across the mat right then, but she holds back long enough to cast aside her robe, revealing a stunningly tiny white bikini with the Canadian Maple Leaf etched across the butt. Seconds later, the bell rings, and this one is on.

1. It’s a remarkably simple start to what will undoubtedly be a violent match. Bending her claws to the pale brunette, Jennifer asks for a Test of Strength and Neve gladly obliges her. After several seconds of stalemate, Jennifer is able to force Neve first to one knee and then the other, putting all her strength into keeping Neve kneeling. Jennifer’s grin is unmistakable, she’s obviously savoring having Neve bent before her.

2. And just like that, Neve had taken control of the situation. Lashing a leg out, the dark-haired girl knocked Jennifer off her feet, winding her. Before the brunette could recover, Neve was kneeling behind her, wrapping both hands under the J-Lo’s chin. Pulling back hard, Neve attacks Jennifer’s head and neck with a Simple Rear Chin Lock. J-Lo’s trying to escape when suddenly her attempts become much more violent. Seems that Neve has started raking her face, tearing and scratching at delicate Latina features in an attempt to gain an early submission.

3. It’s a strangely technical duel as Jennifer has taken over again. Sitting on Neve’s back, Jennifer’s only a little vindictive as she bends both of Neve’s arms up past the brunette’s shoulder blades, a vicious Double Hammerlock. Neve’s normally pretty face is contorted in pain as she writhes under her captor trying to slip free. But J-Lo will have none of it. The telltale signs of Neve’s claws are still fresh on her face and the brunette shows no sign of forgiving that particular indiscretion any time soon.

4. It’s an eye for an eye, or in this case an arm for an arm as Neve serves up some limb focused vengeance. Having broken free from Jennifer’s Hammerlock, Neve’s locked both hands around Jennifer’s left wrist and stood up, pulling the trapped limb away from the downed brunette. Giving the arm a spiteful jerk, the Canadian Queen tenses for a moment before snapping a hard, sharp kick up into the brunette’s armpit, drawing a piercing cry from Jennifer. Neve isn’t through yet though. She repeats the sadistic kicking at least 3 more times before letting Jennifer’s arm fall limply to the carpet.

5. Jennifer gets back in the game and shows she’s not above a little torture herself. Sitting with her butt firmly planted on Neve’s right shoulder, the brunette has pulled Neve’s right arm up through her legs and is leaning back as far as she can, trying to snap the limb off at the elbow. As Neve wails in useless frustration, J-Lo ups the ante, drawing the brunette’s fingers toward her mouth before biting down hard. The increased pitch of Neve’s wailing is the surest indicator that Jennifer’s punishment is working. Tossing Neve’s fingers aside, Jen slaps her opponent’s face and taunts, “How do you like getting your fingers chomped on bitch?”

6. The brunette seems to have tired of working Neve’s arm and has decided to work over the whole of her frame. Flipping Neve onto her back, Jennifer locks her calves inside the brunette’s before splitting them wide with a Double Leg Grapevine. Putting insidious pressure on her foe’s thighs and crotch, Jennifer only increases the pain by bouncing up and down, slamming her slick belly into her opponent’s. Looking down at her foe, Jen leans in close to snarl a taunting demand of submission into Neve’s pain glazed face.

7. THAT WAS A MISTAKE! Jennifer should have known better than to give someone as vicious as Neve such a golden opportunity. Sensing how close Jennifer was, Neve slammed her head up, smashing the brunette across the bridge of her nose. Suddenly unaware of anything but the pain in her nose, Jennifer tried to pull away only to find herself tied up in a Double Leg Grapevine from the vindictive Neve. Now it’s Jennifer’s turn to have her thighs split to the snapping point as Neve spreads her foe’s legs slowly but surely. Not content to just hurt Jennifer, Neve has to demoralize her as well, laying down full length on the brunette pressing herself nose to nose with her captive so Jennifer has nowhere to look but into the other brunette’s taunting face. “Holding Jennifer’s gaze, Neve purrs, “Your flabby body won’t go the distance against mine fat ass.”

8. Neve smells blood in the water and she’s going after Jennifer’s back like a woman possessed. Flipping the brunette onto her stomach, Neve places one hand on her victim’s shoulder and the other on her butt. Using the other brunette for support, Neve pushes herself into the air and holds herself there momentarily before crashing back down, driving the points of both knees into the small of Jennifer’s back. J-Lo’s in agony, but it looks as if she’s helpless to stop the abuse. Neve’s got her right where she wants her.

9. OR DOES SHE? Calling upon her last reserves, Jennifer was able to get out from under Neve and then pounce on her, pinning the cruel brunette to the floor. Ignoring all she knows about wrestling, Jen settles for a good old fashioned strangle, wrapping both claws around Neve’s throat and squeezing as hard as she could. Neve’s dark brown eyes showing panic, she’s got her claws up, but so far all she can do is scratch ineffectively at Jennifer’s sneering visage.

10. Endgame: But sometimes that’s all you need. As her vision began to fade, Neve made a last ditch effort and thrust her left hand up into Jennifer’s face. Luck was on her side as her thumb got the brunette in the eye and Jen immediately fell from her perch, rubbing at her injured eye. Knowing there was no time for civilities, Neve got to her feet and gripped both of the brunette’s ankles. After a stomp to the crotch to soften her prey up, Neve turned Jennifer over and sat down hard, locking in the Boston Crab. With Jennifer’s back already tenderized, it was an easy thing for Neve to bounce and lean back as far as she could, the brunette’s ankles nearly bending over her head. Jennifer is tough, but no one can take that kind of punishment for long as she demonstrated by slapping dejectedly at the carpet to signal her submission.

After: A TASTE OF THINGS YET TO COME? A rather demeaning end to the first round as Neve uses Jennifer J-Lo’s face as her own personal bar stool. Neve’s straddling Jennifer’s face, the kneeling brunette’s thighs spread out at a wide angle, allowing her to get as much alabaster butt cheek onto Jennifer’s face as humanly possible. Neve looks like a lioness in this pose, she’s leaned forward to rest both hands on the heaving, defenseless slope of Jennifer’s breasts, while her face openly revels in the sensation of J-Lo's face being ground against her rear. The aforementioned claws are dug deep into the J-Lo’s chest, kneading her breasts like bread dough as Neve arches her back in a terribly beautiful ‘S’ curve; her head tilted way back as though she’s about to let out a triumphant roar.

As for her defeated prey, Jennifer’s almost totally out of it, her sweat dewed limbs stretched out limply at her sides, the drowsy brunette an unwilling throne as Neve doesn’t so much sit on her face as she does bounce up and down on it, driving the full weight of her ass over and over into Jennifer’s upturned face. Judging from the expression on her face, the pain of that three to one drubbing at J-Lo’s hands (er...rear) is still weighing heavily on her mind, causing her to continue her gluteal assault even when it's crystal clear that Jennifer can offer up no resistance.

Finally, after a potentially chin crushing grind of her hips, Neve ceases her movement and takes a deep breath as, leaning forward, she insolently claws J-Lo's bare tummy and sneers, "Looks like Round One goes to me this time J-Lo!" Rising up to her knees, Neve smiles nastily when Jen's face comes along for the ride only to collapse limply back to the mat after a quick wiggle of the Canadian's hips. Standing over her, Neve says, "Looks like you've decided you want to stay. Don't worry sweety, I'll make sure you get to make several trips to my flawless ass before the night is through."

1. Never one to waste time, Neve takes it right to the Latina Goddess early on, trapping her in a tight chest-to-chest Bear Hug. Displaying surprising strength, Neve lifts the other brunette off her feet and pulls her close, bending Jennifer’s back at a hideous angle. Picture shows Neve leaning her head into J-Lo’s chest, refusing to let her squirming captive claw at her face. There’s a glint in Neve’s eye and a bounce in her step as she crushes Jennifer against her belly and breasts. There’s a glint in J-Lo’s eye too, but it’s hard to tell if it’s cunning or tears caused by Neve’s squeezing.

2. Not content to let Neve bully her around the arena, Jennifer has powered free of Neve’s hold and taken the fight to her. Keeping the fight in close quarters, Jennifer grabbed a dual handful of Neve’s locks and jerked her downward while simultaneously firing her knee upward. The Latina’s strike takes Neve right in the temple and her strong legs turn all wobbly as Jen continues her knee lifts, supplementing her attack with a shot to the breasts every now and then. Jennifer’s the picture of satisfied power; the bronzed Amazon is enjoying doling out comeuppance to her pale aggressor. Pausing her abuse for a moment, J-Lo gloats, “My knee doesn’t feel so flabby, does it baby?”

3. The back and forth action continues unabated as Neve has taken control once more. Regaining her wits, the white clad beauty caught one of Jennifer’s legs coming in and swept the longhaired woman to the carpet. Before the air can finish exiting her lungs, Jen finds herself flipped onto her stomach with Neve astride the small of her back, locking in the Boston Crab once more. Neve looks pleased with herself as she bounces and grinds against Jennifer’s sweaty back while Jennifer looks less than thrilled. She’s slapping and clawing against the carpet, fighting the pain of the hold.

4. Neve’s still riding Jennifer’s back but her tactics have changed as she’s let Jennifer’s gorgeous legs drop to the carpet. Still facing her foe’s legs, Neve has slid up to sit on the small of J-Lo’s back. Trying to embarrass her rival into submission, Neve attacks Jennifer’s perfect backside, filling greedy claws with great handfuls of delectable derriere. Jennifer’s blushing and screeching as Neve grins and continues to knead her rear end like an overzealous baker. Slapping at her own face, Neve taunts, “I almost feel bad about this but then you scream again and it doesn't bother me any more.”

5.JENNIFER’S HAD ENOUGH! J-Lo surges back with a vengeance, bucking Neve off her in one shove, sending her rider sprawling. Before Neve can do no more than get to her knees, Jennifer is steamrollering into her and driving her back, ramming skull into the mat over and over again. J-Lo’s face is lost in a cloud of dark hair, but Neve’s is plainly visible. The short-haired brunette’s head is thrown back at a bad angle, her face twisted in a grimace of pain as she holds back a cry from Jennifer’s follicle based attack.

6. NEVE POUNCES! Neve apparently shook off the pain in her skull quicker than Jennifer expected because she’s pried Jen off her and rudely shoved the Latina into a Standing Headscissors. Before Jennifer can power free, Neve wraps strong arms around her waist and inverts her, a murderous Upside Down Bear Hug. Neve’s suddenly all business as she parades the other brunette around the arena, displaying her foe’s helplessness to those lucky enough to attend. Jennifer’s face a portrait of impotent rage, it’s been a long time since any woman was able to outmuscle her this convincingly for this long.

7. Much like a cat will toy with a wounded mouse, so Neve torments Jennifer; tossing her to the mat and standing over her before gripping both her wrists and planting her foot firmly between J-Lo’s shoulder blades - a variant on the Surfboard. Pulling up hard, Neve delights in hauling Jennifer’s chest up off the mat, only to stomp her back down, slamming her face first into the sweat-slick mat. J-Lo’s agonized glare tells the story; she won’t give up unless she has to, but if she can’t get back into this fight, the choice may not be hers.

Stomping on Jen’s back again, Neve says plainly, “It’s either the mat or my ass. Either way, you end this fight kissin’ something lard butt.”

8. LOPEZ FIGHTS BACK! Displaying remarkable tenacity, Jennifer was able to jerk free of the Surfboard and pull Neve off balance, dropping her to her knees. Going on a surge of adrenaline, Jen gets to her feet and stands before her kneeling foe, driving a sharp series of knees into Neve’s forehead. With the other brunette woozy, Jennifer hauls her to her feet and scoops her up, holding Neve perpendicular across her spectacular chest. Pinching and slapping at Neve’s butt, Jennifer smiles as she turns toward the edge of the mat. Lifting her victim high, she lets Neve hang just long enough for horrified realization to flash across her face. Before Neve can escape, Jennifer hurls her downward and Bodyslams Neve to the mat, watching with joyous vindication as the other brunette bounces off the floor. Tugging at her bottoms, Jennifer quips, "You don't bounce too good do ya bitch? Don't worry, I'll bounce on your face in a few minutes, let you get reacquainted with my fine ass."

9. OH DEAR LORD! Jennifer’s devious abuse of physics continues as she again uses gravity to her advantage. Standing on the mat over the prone Neve, Jen takes a deep breath before leaping into the air and coming down directly on top of her foe with a Splash. The impact of Jennifer across her chest jackknifes Neve, her legs and head flying up simultaneously as the air leaves her lungs in an explosion. All out of breath, she falls back to the carpet, with Jennifer still lying leisurely across her rack. Smiling into Neve’s face, Jen chides, “C’mon loser! You’re so strong, why can’t you get me off of ya. I bet it’s cuz you like it. Well, I can promise you won’t like this.”

10. Endgame. Knowing that Neve is grievously wounded, Jennifer goes in for the kill. Dragging Neve to the middle of the mat, Jen slowly lays on top of her nemesis before grapevine Neve’s legs and pinning her wrists high over her head. Her selected finisher almost in place, Jennifer leans forward and down, placing her glorious chest on Neve’s dazed face. Jennifer smiles deliciously as Neve begins to struggle, frantically trying to draw a breath of air from Jennifer’s bounty. But the Latina Amazon has mastered this hold like so many others and she deals with Neve accordingly, grinding and slapping her breasts against Neve’s sweating face. With Neve already out of breath, it doesn’t take long. Seconds later she mumbles something that sounds like, “I give” and J-Lo has tied the score!

After: ANYONE FOR LOOKING IN THE MIRROR? It appears that Jennifer is in the mood as she’s released one smother only to apply another. Sitting on Neve’s face, Jen does her best to totally engulf Neve’s face in her rear, nuzzling and rubbing her ass against Neve’s sobbing features, she forces her defeated adversary to stare at the remarkable likeness on her briefs. As the last of Neve’s air is stolen, Jen gives her victorious posterior a gentle rub down before rising up off her prey and treating Neve’s helpless chest to a violent squeeze, denying Neve a trip to the Land of Nod. Looking over her shoulder at Neve’s flushed face, Jennifer’s face fills with contempt and she drops back down, redoubling the effort of her Face Grinder.

Spreading her knees wider so that the majority of her weight is resting on Neve's nose, Jennifer continues to use the other brunette's face like a trampoline, cooing. "C'mon Neve, why don't you just give yourself a nice kiss and make it all better?" Laughing haughtily, as the Canadian beauty continues to breathe in J-Lo's own special fragrance (“Eau de Loser”) she continues, "Or maybe you want to have some hot girl on girl action with me? Is that what you want? Well that's what you're gonna get.!"

In a flash Jen spins around and transitions to a Front Face Sit. Dancing a continuous steamy Latin hit parade on the brunette's nose and mouth, Jen grins from ear to ear as Neve is forced to look into her face from two different vantage points as she has the last of her resistance ground out of her. Neve stops flailing and lies still, smothered out cold by the domineering ass many considered to be the most formidable weapon in the history of the industry. Gyrating her hips slowly, J-Lo gives the appearance that her air-brushed portrait is silently mocking the beaten brunette. Slapping Neve's forehead, Jennifer dusts off an old chestnut from the first two matches and begins the count.

"ONE, TWO THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT... NINE... TEN... ya know, I could count to a hundred and you wouldn't do shit! This is just your first taste baby, you're gonna have to get used to having that perky little nose wedged in my ass." Giving Neve’s mouth and nose a final scrub down, she gets up slowly, looks back at Neve and taunts, “You look great stretched out under my butt, ya loser.”

1. Neve takes control early, easily flipping Jennifer over her hip and to the carpet when Jen lunges in to grapple. Wasting no motion, Neve is sitting behind her foe in an instant, snaking her thighs around Jennifer’s taut waist. Locking her ankles, Neve begins to squeeze, compressing Jennifer’s middle with the Body Scissors. Neve’s face shows calm determination as she works her girl while Jennifer thrashes wildly, driving the points of her elbows into Neve’s constricting thighs, trying to escape quickly. Riding out her foe's attacks, Neve squeezes down tighter and snarls, "This is how a Body Scissors is supposed to work you miserable bitch."

2. The Latina beauty demonstrates her considerable talents, squirming out of Neve’s grasp before sliding up the brunette’s torso and sitting heavily on her chest. Displaying little finesse, but boatloads of viciousness, Jennifer buries her hands in Neve’s dark mane before repeatedly bashing her opponent’s head into the mat. Neve bucks and tries to get away but Jennifer only drives open palmed slaps across her face, adding to the trapped beauty’s anger. Jen flashes a million dollar smile as she continues to pound Neve’s head, trying to do as much damage to her downed foe as quickly as possible.

3. Jennifer continues her winning ways, showing she’s very much aware of how to take great advantage of the surroundings. Trapping Neve in a Full Nelson, Jen forces Neve onto her face and belly, grinding her features into the mat.. Pausing only to taunt her captive, Jennifer pushes down suddenly, slamming Neve face and chest first into the mat. Lying with her crotch pressed firmly against Neve’s butt, Jennifer begins to grind back and forth, rubbing herself against Neve while rubbing Neve against the ground. Continuing to work the butt based embarrassment, Jennifer purrs, “Like that? I’m kicking your skinny ass and not even using my feet.”

4. J-Lo’s drubbing of Neve goes unabated, as she’s tossed Neve awkwardly onto the mat. Pouncing on her pale rival, J-Lo flips Neve onto her back and scrambles up her lithe frame quickly, nuzzling her groin firmly against Neve’s mouth. Neve’s dark eyes are beginning to show panic as Jennifer does a vigorous bump and grind on the Scream Queen’s face. Taking no respite from her face eraser, Jennifer runs one hand through her dark mane while the other tauntingly tweaks Neve’s nose. Jennifer to her victim “How’s that taste? Hope it’s good cuz you’re gonna eat your fill tonight!"

5. Jennifer’s good, but she made a mistake in not securing Neve’s legs. Left free, Neve uses her long limbs to snake up and around Jennifer’s waist. Before the surprised hellcat can react, Neve’s pulled her backwards, breaking the Schoolgirl Pin. While the brunette gladiator is still disoriented, Neve throws herself bodily onto Jennifer, tying up her arms and legs in the blink of an eye. Pinning J-Lo’s wrists over her head, Neve splits her legs wide, putting intense pressure on her captive’s groin. Leaning in to go nose to nose with her flustered captive, Neve slams her pelvis against J-Lo’s repeatedly and can be heard to whisper something that sounds like “I’m gonna grind you into the carpet you arrogant bitch.”

6. Neve continues to wear Jennifer out, bullying her girl all over the mat with sweaty, unforgiving, body-to-body grappling. Neve really starts to put the screws to Jen when she mounts her from behind and slips her right arm under Jennifer’s chin. Grapevining Jennifer’s legs, Neve pulls up hard on her Rear Naked Choke while stretching the sturdy brunette’s gams to the snapping point. Remembering Jennifer’s tactics earlier in the round, Neve returns the favor, rudely grinding her crotch against Jennifer’s butt, a taunting leer on her face the whole time. Jen starting to look angry, she’s beaten Neve before, she should be able to do it again.

7. Jennifer gets back to what she knows, taking control of the match with a well timed rake of Neve’s eyes. When Neve breaks away Jennifer goes after her with a vengeance, drilling hard slaps and rabbit punches into Neve’s back and ass. Not content with the situation, Jennifer gets Neve onto her back before spinning around and sitting on the Canadians face, bouncing her scantily clad rear hard against Neve’s flushed features. Angry that Neve has been able to get any offense in this round, Jennifer is relentless with her face grinder, going so far as to pull the Scream Queen face first into her perfect ass. All through this abuse Lopez is shouting, “KISS IT BITCH! YOU KISSED IT BEFORE, SO GET YOUR FACE THERE AND KISS IT AGAIN!”

8. Jennifer’s still pressing the advantage, looking to finish Neve off. Standing over the wounded brunette, Jennifer has an ankle in each hand and splits Neve’s legs wide before leaping into the air, only to come down knee first on Neve’s exposed groin. Neve screams piercingly as Jennifer keeps up the torture, getting to her feet while still gripping the Canadian’s ankles. Jen makes it clear she’s about to crush Neve’s cunt but before she does, she teases her victim, lightly placing the sole of her foot on Neve’s abused center and grinding it slowly back and forth.

9. WHAT A MOVE! Jennifer had been preparing to drive the last nail into Neve’s coffin when the ever-aware Neve strikes out of nowhere. As Jen stood over Neve preparing to jump, the Scream Queen suddenly pulled her legs in close, yanking Jennifer off balance. Microseconds later she shot her feet out as hard as she could driving them into Jennifer’s chest. The force of the blow knocked J-Lo off her feet and she went flying backwards, landing hard on the thin mat. The long-haired girl landed rough and lay on the mat moaning; struggling to catch her breath while Neve slowly gets off the mat. Then as stands over her, she begins contemplating her next move.

10. Endgame: There’s a cold light in Neve’s eyes and it’s clear she’s got punishment on her mind as she looms over the winded Jennifer. Raising up her heel, Neve holds it for just a second before pistoning it down into Jennifer’s groin. Jen spasms and tries to roll over on her side, but Neve will have none of it. Grabbing Jennifer by the wrists, Neve hauls her up and tosses her back down with a Body Slam of her own. Before Jennifer can protest, Neve is on her face, applying her own permutation on the Reverse Face Sit. Jennifer goes wild with panic as Neve cuts off her air, but the Scream Queen only continues to wiggle her hips, buffing one beautiful set of cheeks with another. Savoring Jennifer’s weakening struggles, Neve spins around to make it a Front Face Sit, making sure the hot center of her groin is never far from Jennifer’s wailing face.

After drawing out the hold a little longer, Neve tweaks her rival’s nose and asks, “Give?”

Jennifer kicks her legs furiously while moaning, "Phhhhuuuukkkk yooommpppgh bbbffffiiiitcch!"

Neve only thrusts her hips harder, brushing her womanhood harder across J-Lo's nose and lips. Tucking loose strand of hair behind her ear, Neve reaches forward and pins J-Lo’s wrists high over head. "I wouldn't give up if I were you either. Going down by a fall only puts you one step closer to getting swept out of this fight. Of course, instead of a broom, it's my ass putting you down." She increased the pace of her grind, letting the sweaty center of her womanhood pass back and forth across Jen's nose.

Bridging up uselessly, Jenny howled, "Gedddd oopphhhaaa myyyyy phhaaccceee!"

Neve responds with a violent downward thrust, mashing Jennifer's nose hard to the side and flattening her lips back against her teeth. Looking up at the lights, Neve takes a panting breath and says flatly, "!" punctuating the last word with an exceptionally sultry grind of her opponent's up-turned muzzle.

Finally realizing the situation was hopeless, Jen slapped weakly at Neve's pale belly, signaling her submission. Neve stops her grind, but doesn't relinquish her mount. Locking eyes with Jennifer, Neve snaps, "SAY IT!"

Scowling hatefully into Neve's groin, Jennifer spits, "Ayyeee gibbbbbb."

Neve bounces her butt on J-Lo's face one last time and sighs, "God I love hearing you say that."

Then she got up posed for the audience, enjoying the feel of a 2-1 advantage.

After: NEVE TEACHES SOME RESPECT! Still seething over the humiliation heaped upon her in Miami some months back, Neve decides to target the very core of her rival's persona as the cornerstone of her next attack Kneeling on the mat by Jennifer, Neve grabs her and positions her over Neve’s bent knee.

Rubbing her hand on Jennifer’s wide, sweat dappled booty, Neve asks coldly, “You put THIS in my face?”

Defiant to the end, Jennifer pants, "Damn right bitch! And I'm gonna keep putting it in your face until you realize you can't out smother me!"

Snarling at the defiance, Neve slaps her ass hard, causing it to jiggle uncontrollably. A sneer in her voice, Neve responds, “You rode my face HARD at La Cazadora, left me slumped over in the corner, now I'm gonna spank all the fat off your lard ass.”

As Jennifer begins to realize the gravity of her situation, Neve opens up on the defenseless derriere with everything in her arsenal including wicked slaps, needle sharp pinches, clawing scrapes and lest us not forget the insidious wedgie. Soon Jennifer is wailing in pain, but it falls on deaf ears, Neve is out to make a point. Pushing J-Lo off her knee, Neve rolls her onto her back where she applies the Reverse Face Sit again with the fork of her crotch pressing on Jennifer’s mouth and nose.

Pulling her ass up off Jennifer’s face a little, Neve says, “This is how you sit on a face, Jennifer, and I'm still holding back. Just wait until the next round.”

Jennifer tries to snarl, "Fuck you whore." but Neve silences her quickly, reapplying the smother. Hearing her once arrogant conqueror mumbling into her privates, Neve smiles contentedly before sitting down for the last time, mercifully choking Jennifer out for the round. Giving her hips a final satisfied thrust, Neve gets to her feet and struts to her corner.

1. Neve goes to work on her hated foe from the opening bell, meeting Jennifer head on at the center of the mat. Jen foolishly trying to match holds with the Canadian and Neve makes her pay for it, easily clamping a second Bear Hug around J-Lo’s chest. Neve relieves the pressure on her hold temporarily, only to squeeze down tighter, slamming her boobs painfully against Jennifer’s. Neve is all smiles as her sultry Latina prey claws futilely at her alabaster shoulders.

Working the hold, Neve smiles into J-Lo's face and coos, "Give it up now wideload or I'll squeeze you dry before I mount your face again."

2. Jennifer gets her wits about her and manages to take control. Digging both claws into Neve’s mane, the brunette twists her tormentor’s head as far as she can, putting tremendous pressure on Neve’s neck. The other brunette is trying to hold her grip but the pained expression on her face makes it clear she’s hurting. Her situation doesn’t improve any when Jennifer manages to fire her right knee into her rival’s belly, forcing a groaning exhalation from the faltering Neve.

Regaining her balance, Jennifer fires another knee into Neve's quivering tummy and sneers, "Whatsamatta pasty; butterflies in your stomach already? You just can't wait to shove your nose in my crack again can ya?"

3. Jen continues to work her girl after breaking free from Neve’s embrace. Taking Neve to the mat, Jennifer kneels behind the brunette and wastes no time snaking a toned arm around her throat. Pulling tight, her free hand presses into the back of Neve’s skull, only increasing the pressure on the Sleeper. Jennifer’s gleaming face is one big grin, a stark contrast to the sweating, blushing grimace of her struggling foe.

4. Jennifer’s made a mistake going to the mat with Neve. The Canadian thrives in close encounter situations and this one proves no different. Bulling free of the brunette’s sleeper, Neve has straddled her foe in a second, pinning Jennifer’s wrists over her head. Looking to heap on as much punishment as she can in short order, Neve rises up on her knees only to come smashing down butt first onto J-Lo’s exposed stomach. Each heavy, smacking impact of Neve’s rear against her abdomen draws a breathless cry from Jennifer, if she doesn’t engineer an escape, Neve will crush her into the mat.

5. Neve’s brutal body crushing tactics continue as she does everything in her power to grind Jennifer into the mat. The brunette’s scooted up her victim’s frame, sitting heavily on Jennifer’s chest, the fork of her bikini right under the other brunette’s chin. Her position may have changed but the tactics are the same as she continues to use her rear like a battering ram to smash all the air from the gasping brunette’s lungs. Just for fun she adds in an occasional clench of her thighs, painfully squeezing Jennifer’s face. Neve eating it up, she’s wearing her girl down, getting ready to put her away.

6. THIS COULD BE IT! Neve’s abandoned the butt crush for a tactic she doesn‘t employ all too often. Sitting at Jennifer’s head, Neve’s pinned her foe’s wrists with her knees and has leaned forward all the way, engulfing Jennifer’s teary face with a Reverse Breast Smother. Jennifer’s legs kick helplessly as Neve really pours on the pressure, grinding and smashing her modest rack against protesting brunette features. Scene appears perfect save for Neve’s angry scowl. Seems the battered brunette has refused all demands of surrender. Pressing her breasts roughly down into J-Lo’s face, Neve rocks back and forth, and spits, "I've got more ways to beat you than the butt smother Jenny. Haven't you figured it out yet? T or A, you don't stack up to me!"

7. LOPEZ ESCAPES! Digging into her often used bag of vicious tricks, the tanned brunette chomped down on Neve’s intruding rack and held on tight, drawing a pained wail from her former tormentor. Still flushed and gasping for air, Jennifer shakes off the asphyxia, wrapping up her larger opponent in a sweaty tangle of limbs. Before Neve realizes what has transpired, Jennifer’s got her locked up in a beautiful combination Full Nelson and Camel Clutch, giving the lucky few in attendance a perfect view of Neve’s sculpted assets. For the first time in a long time, Jennifer is smiling; she’s really savoring twisting her rival like a pretzel. Hard to gauge Neve’s expression, the brunette’s chin is buried in the top of her own cleavage and her ebony mane obscures any expression that would be visible.

Leaning back as far as gravity will allow, Jen yanks the hold from side to side and hisses, "Gonna be really hard for you to worship my ass with a broken back, isn't it Nevie?"

8. Neve’s fighting back, but not with the same vigor as before. She’s managed to free herself from J-Lo’s hold and straddle her opponent’s thighs. Leaning in close, she’s got her arms around Jennifer’s head and pulled her in, trying to smother her out. The hold is painful, but she can’t get the toned Latina to comply, she twisting wildly, always managing to keep her mouth and nose away from the suffocating valley of Neve’s bounty. At this point the brunette is clearly frustrated, she just can’t seem to grind J-Lo down for good.

9. Jennifer has indeed managed to escape Neve’s smother a second time and she’s making the brunette pay for it. Sitting astride her girl’s heaving stomach, Jennifer has secured a temple crushing Face Claw around Neve’s head. Neve’s bucking frantically but the brunette stays put, content to let her foe wear herself out. Later on, Neve’s escape attempts growing fewer and far between as Jennifer really digs her long fingers into Neve’s temples. J-Lo’s normally pretty face twisted by an evil sneer, she’s enjoying having Neve at her mercy. Panting with the exertion, Jen flips the hair out of her face and exclaims, "God I love seeing the fear in your eyes!"

10. Endgame. Jennifer’s going for the kill now, hoping she can choke out her rival. Relieving the pressure of the claw, the brunette pushes Neve onto her stomach while sitting at her head. Slowly, almost leisurely, Jennifer extends her legs around either side of Neve’s head before using one hand to yank a hard handful of dark locks. Crossing her ankles, Jen locks in the Scissors and pours on the pressure, putting incredible strain on Neve’s head and neck. Bouncing on her hands and rear, with Neve’s chin resting on her crotch, Jennifer hurls taunts at her foe as the brunette begins to fade. After about thirty seconds, Neve raises her free hand and slaps Jennifer’s taut thigh wearily. She’s had enough and wants the pain to be over.

After: BUT DOES J-LO? Aching to administer some retribution, Jennifer decides to give the trounced girl another taste of her favorite maneuver. Relieving the pressure on her scissors slightly, the brunette rolls herself onto her knees, turning the hold into a Front Face Sit. Before Neve can even plead for release, Jennifer has spun around and planted her butt on Neve’s forehead, a Reverse Face Sit. Using her right hand to make sure Neve can’t turn away from the smother, she uses her other hand to slap derisively at Neve’s exposed chest. Content her prey isn’t going anywhere, Jennifer begins to bump and grind away in a Face Sit so violent those in attendance are afraid it will break the brunette’s nose. Knowing that the fight is going to go the distance, J-Lo tries her best to break Neve's spirit before the last round even begins by keeping up a steady barrage of cruel banter while she decimates the Canadian lovely with her favorite finisher yet again.

Yanking Neve's hair from side to side, J-Lo exclaims, "So they call you the Scream Queen huh honey? Well I guess that's a good name for ya cuz you're the best at screaming into my ASS!" Jen keeps up this pace for the better part of four minutes before finally sitting down one last time, firmly wedging Neve’s nose between her cheeks. Sighing happily as Neve sobs weakly into her musky dungeon, Jennifer slaps Neve’s sweat-sheened belly and Claws her crotch briefly before getting up and moving slowly to her corner. Grinding her hips towards the audience, J-Lo glows with triumph as she says, “Almost over Neve. All you gotta do is kiss my ass one more time and this will all be over.”

1. It’s the last fall and each woman knows it as both girls tumble to the mat in a sinewy tangle of limbs. Jennifer’s on top of Neve, pinning and splitting the brunette’s strong legs wide with a Double Leg Grapevine. Jenny’s right hand is pressed roughly into Neve’s chest, groping and kneading while her left is clamped painfully around Neve’s left wrist. Neve’s on the bottom, but she’s unconcerned for now, pushing the other brunette’s head back and to the side with her free hand.

Mauling Neve's breasts in her hand, J-Lo goes into full diva mode and taunts, "Feeling tired baby? Ready to start sobbing and begging for mercy?" Neve only responds with another snarl and redoubled efforts at escape.

2. J-Lo presses the advantage. She’s scooted up Neve’s pale frame and leaned forward hard, grinding the smooth, tanned plank of her stomach against Neve’s flushed face. The brunette’s half seen features are contorted in anger while Jennifer is all smiles as she maintains a manacle like grip on Neve’s slender wrists while also bouncing up and down, smacking her sweat shiny belly against Neve‘s face At the same time, Neve‘s vaunted gams kick uselessly as Jennifer has her pinned like a bug on a card. Savoring the feel of Neve's cheek on her belly, Jen grinds down harder and purrs, "You can kiss my belly too Neve. I promise my ass won't be jealous."

3. The Booty Queen continues to take Neve to task. Jen has pulled Neve off the mat, only to toss her right back down onto it. Jennifer’s smile tells the story as the brunette straddles Neve’s back and digs slow, painful furrows in Neve’s flawless skin. The rumpled condition of the brunette’s bottoms only hint that Jennifer’s indulging in a bit of wedgie torture to supplement her clawing. Neve‘s face a portrait of frustrated rage; the powerful brunette is helpless in her foe‘s clutches.

4. Jennifer’s domination continues. She’s flipped Neve over on her back and proceeded to lie luxuriantly across Neve’s heaving chest. With her arms, Jennifer’s pinned Neve’s right arm to the mat and with her legs she’s cinched down the Canadian‘s left. All the muscles in the brunette’s legs, thighs, butt and shoulders are clearly defined, as is the smug grin on her face. Neve is anything but smug. Angry and winded, the brunette tries to use her legs to bridge free but she can’t find the purchase to unseat her tormentor.

With a triumphant, domineering grin on her face, J-Lo asks, "Like ‘La Cazadora’ all over again huh bitch? Me kicking your ass, you panicked and helpless, everyone but you loving the sight of it. Pucker up Nevie, my ass is coming to say hi."

5.Jennifer looks to finish the match in humiliating fashion as she’s trapped Neve in one of the brunette’s favored holds, the Reverse Figure Four Headscissors. Neve’s been totally dominated up during this round and having the brunette’s perfectly round ass inches from her face is merely the latest indignity. Neve’s pain is only compounded by the placement of J-Lo’s hand, which has found it’s way to the center of her bikini bottoms, squeezing and clawing in an almost gentle torture.

6. J-Lo’s made a mistake! Trying to out scissor Neve isn’t the smartest idea and the Scream Queen has capitalized, capturing Jennifer is a Headscissors of her own. For the first time in the round, Neve’s face shows some confidence. Hard to say what Jennifer’s feeling as her head is not only pressed tightly against the mat, but also Scissored firmly between Neve’s killer thighs. But judging from the frantic flailing of her hands, it can’t be pleasant. Breathing raggedly, Neve throws everything she has into the scissors and crushing J-Lo's skull. Spanking the Latina's thrashing rump, Neve finds her voice and sneers, "Don't you EVER try to scissor me out again cunt! NOBODY in this industry out scissors me...nobody!"

7. The dual scissors have been broken and Neve has emerged the winner of that skirmish. For the first time in the battle she’s in control of the brunette as she crushes Jennifer’s skull with a Reverse Figure Four Headscissors of her own. J-Lo’s pained face stands out in contrast to Neve’s pale skin as the Latina Goddess claws and slaps strenuously at the brunette’s dangerously close rear. Judging from the expression on Neve’s face, she’s taking it in stride, working her hold and adding to its effectiveness with short, sharp rabbit punches to Jennifer’s washboard abs. Wiggling her buns in Jen's reddening face, Neve pulls back her hand and delivers three more punches, PIK! PAK! PEK! as she comments, "That belly's not so firm now is it hon? Whatsamatter, going soft on me?"

8. Neve has switched from the Scissors to a hold straight out of a contortionists nightmare. Sitting with the back of Jennifer’s head resting against her crotch and the brunette‘s shoulders pinned under her upper thighs, the Scream Queen pulls her rival’s legs back toward her and then pins them in place behind her own knees. The hold isn’t the most painful, but it’s certainly embarrassing as the camera has a perfect view of Jennifer’s tan derriere bisected by her skintight bottoms. J-Lo is clearly embarrassed as she hisses at Neve to release her. Neve just shakes her head “no” and adds to Jennifer’s fury by slapping tauntingly at the brunette’s exposed rear

9. Neve stops embarrassing J-Lo and starts to hurt her. Jennifer’s been dumped unceremoniously to the mat before Neve sits between J-Lo’s legs. Neve’s plan becomes clear as she leans all her weight into Jenny’s right knee while pulling up ferociously on the captured limb. Knee bent to the snapping point, Jennifer claws wildly at Neve’s open back and shoulders, but one tug from the brunette sends her back down, arching her back and wailing in agony. Fighting her favorite kind of fight, Neve wenches the hold once again. "Can't dance on my face with a broken leg can you bitch? Better give up now or I'll tear your leg right off!"

10. Endgame: Neve puts the last nail in Jennifer’s coffin, cinching up a perfect Figure Four on Jennifer’s battered leg. Neve’s face is a thing of cold certainty as she bounces gently on her hands and rear, making sure to always keep her butt a few inches off the mat to maximize the pressure. To her credit, Jennifer fights valiantly, rising up on her hands to alleviate the pain, but it is a losing effort. Neve rises up a final time and J-Lo cracks, slapping the mat weakly with her left hand while the right grasps futilely at her mangled joint. The bell starts to sound but Neve shakes her head 'no' refusing to release the hold until Jen manages to gasp, "I Give."

After: Neve's jubilant, grinning from ear to ear as she slowly releases the Figure Four. Standing over her beaten opponent, the sweating brunette slips both thumbs into the waistband of her briefs and snaps them over her hips, hiking the slick material up a few inches higher. Rubbing her hands across her backside, Neve struts around the mat, posing and saluting the crowd as she glows with the effort of a job well done. But several seconds later it becomes evident that Neve's job isn't done yet. Hopping down from the corner, Neve flashes a coy smile to the crowd as she saunters over to the smoldering wreckage of Jennifer Lopez.

Standing to the beaten Booty Queen's side, Neve drops to her knees and gently rests her hands along the swell of J-Lo’s chest. Biting her lower lip, Neve strips Jennifer's top away and tosses it away without another look. Sitting near J-Lo’s head, Neve pulls the other brunette's arms up over her head and then scoots forward sitting heavily on her beaten opponent's arms. Looking straight down into Jennifer's face, Neve's smile gets wider as she cups Jennifer's breasts and jiggles them gently. Locking her eyes with her prey, Neve's voice is a cold whisper. "I owe you!"

Furious, Jen pants, "Get off me bitch."

Ignoring Jennifer's demand, Neve continued to pinch the tanned beauty's boobs as she looks over her shoulder and calls out to the official, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

Moments later, a wad of cash is handed to the Scream Queen and she turns her attention back to her captive. Fanning out the thick bundle of hundreds, Neve runs the bills up and down Jennifer's torso, starting at her chin, over her breasts, down to her navel and back again. Slapping the bills into J-Lo’s protesting face, Neve asks, "Feel that Jennifer? That's one hundred thousand reasons why I've got the best ass in the business."

Twisting her head violently back and forth, Jen sneers, "You got lucky slut. I'm gonna break your nose when I get out of here."
Neve holds the money in one hand and runs the other through her hair. Looking back down at Jennifer, she says, "I didn't get lucky bitch. Tonight, you just weren't good enough. I've got a whole fistful reasons why right here in my hands, but you've already met the best two a few minutes ago. I think you need to get reintroduced!”

Ignoring J-Lo’s panicked protest, Neve slid forward and dropped her butt on Jennifer’s forehead in a Reverse Face Sit. Giving her hapless opponent an instant to realize what was coming, Neve hiked her thong up as she sat down, smiling happily as she felt Jennifer’s nose being forced into her crack.

Tossing her head back, Neve put both hands on her hips and did a slow, sweaty lap dance on Jennifer's face, a look of supreme satisfaction on her face as Jen screamed into the unbreakable furnace of Neve's butt. Grinning ferociously, Neve tensed her cheeks as tight as she could, smashing J-Lo's nose to the breaking point. Grinding her ass so all of her weight was coming down on Jennifer’s features, Neve increased the wiggle in her hips as Jennifer continued to scream futilely beneath her. After a few more seconds of this torture, Neve suddenly stopped and lifted off her panting victim.

Sliding away from Jen's face, Neve rolled J-Lo onto her belly, then slapped the back of her head as she looking contemptuously at Jennifer's rumpled bottom and sneered, "I bet you thought that was real clever putting my face on your bikini. Well, if you want to see clever Jen, I'll show you something fucking brilliant!"

Ceasing her rant, Neve grabs hold of Jen's bottoms in both hands and slowly, slowly peels them down the Latina's legs, leaving her nude and sweating on the mat. Holding the damp garment away from her Neve scoots back towards Jennifer's head and tugs her to a sitting position. Sidling up behind her nemesis, Neve slips J-Lo's head through one of the leg holes and then stretches the fabric tight. Jenny's face is covered by her own portrait, as Neve really rears back and forces the reeking bottoms to slip and slide all over Jennifer's face. Jerking back on the hold, Neve flips hair from her face and taunts, "How do you like sensory overload bitch? You feel it? Smell it? Taste it? THAT MEANS YOU LOSE! SCREAM FOR ME JENNIFER! SCREAM OR I'LL MAKE YOU EAT THIS THING!"

Beyond the point of thought, Jen screams a loud combination of fury and humiliation into the bikini briefs and after final sadistic yank, Neve releases the pressure, letting her slump forward. Rising up to her knees, Neve slides forward and looks towards the official again. "Get me a microphone!" she demands. He hastily complies and soon Neve is miked for sound. Settling down, she rests her butt easily against the side of Jen's head as she says, "There's only two things I want from you now J-Lo. First, I want you to tell all these fine people who TRULY has the best ass in catfighting."

She shoved the mic into J-Lo’s sweat soaked face, but the beaten woman only mumbles, “Fuck off bitch.”

Less than thrilled, Neve switches her focus to Jenny's torso and slaps on a Crotch Claw! Digging her nails deep, she works the claw as she sneers, "That wasn't a request bitch! Now say what I want to hear or I'll make you my personal geyser in front of all these people.

Totally undone by the thought of having Neve climax her in front of everyone, Jen closes her eyes and mumbles into the microphone, "Neve Campbell's ass... is.... best."

Smiling vindictively, Neve brings the mic back up and says, "That's ONE. Now the last thing I want is very simple. I'll say it slow since I know you're tired. Kiss my ass Lopez… but if you don't, I promise you I'll do more than break your nose…I’ll crush your face into nothing. Do you understand me?"

All her arrogance and cockiness squeezed out of her, Jennifer raged quietly but nodded her head. Getting back to the business at hand, Neve peeled her bottoms down to her thighs, her pale, sweating derriere bared and floating like a hostile planet over the landscape of J-Lo’s features. Closing her eyes so she didn’t have to see her humiliation, Jennifer weakly raised her head off the mat and kissed Neve’s ass twice, first left and then right because she knew Neve would make her do it again if she didn't get it right the first time.

Disgusted with herself, Jennifer let her head fall back to the mat, only dimly aware that Neve was still kneeling over her. Jen opened her eyes for just a moment and saw the pale brunette grinning down at her . As Jennifer let out a low, gurgling moan, Neve purred, "Thought it was over didn't you bitch? Well think again, I've got one last score to settle with champagne this time Jenny. Like you said, it's better if the loser has to SMELL the winner's ass as they pass out."

Kicking her legs uselessly on the mat J-Lo tried to pull away, even going so far as to mutter, "This isn't over Neve. I'll get you. I'll geeddddmmmmphhhuuuuuuuuu!"

Her request was cut off as Neve placed Jenny's discarded bottoms on her face, with the smug J-Lo portrait facing up. Holding the garment in place, Neve whispered, "This is perfect, I get to sit on your face and you have to look me straight in the eye the whole time. Worship my ass Jennifer. Worship it and I MAY let you keep breathing."

With that cruel order, Neve sat down, planting her perfectly round rear dead center on the J-Lo's panty covered face. Teeth flashing in a Cheshire cat smile, Neve kept J-Lo’s arms pinned while she hiked up her bikini bottom. Rotating her hips slowly, Neve groaned softly as she felt Jennifer scream helplessly into her nether regions. Knowing the battle was finally hers; Neve slapped, poked, pinched and prodded at every part of Jennifer's body that she could lay her hands on. Getting tired of the foreplay, she put both hands on her damp thighs and increased the pace of her grind, rubbing and mashing her ass against Jennifer's face in torrid, tawdry circles. The expression on her face grew more savage as she felt Jennifer wail her last.

Neve continued the face grinder in epic fashion for almost five minutes and finally roared past her limits, coating Jennifer's face and briefs with her fluids. Rubbing her center back and forth against J-Lo's nose and mouth, Neve bounced up and down on her new throne a few more times before rising up on wobbly legs and primly adjusting her rumpled briefs. Picking the sodden bikini bottom off Jen's features, Neve held the trophy high over her head before she tucked it in the left hip of her own briefs. Getting ready to walk away, Neve suddenly dropped back to her knees and muscled Jen over onto her belly.

Straddling her hips, Neve leaned forward and grabbed a thick handful of hair, using it to jerk Jen's head and shoulders up off the mat as she leaned in and put her lips directly against J-Lo’s ear, then speaking in a cold, confident whisper said, "After suffering a loss like this, I know most women would skulk away and never show their face again. But I know you aren't most women, so listen closely - if you want this to be over, all you have to do is NEVER challenge me again. But if I haven't broken that thing inside that makes you great... smothered your passion so to speak…give me a call when you wake up and I'll be happy to turn this trilogy into a Four Part Epic."

She gave Jen's hair a final yank before dropping the defeated Latina Ass Queen's face onto the mat with a wet smack. Getting to her feet again, she spun on her heel and stalked off the mat, leaving Jennifer Lopez used up and stretched out, the latest and greatest victim of a perfect smothering weapon.