La Conquista: Neve Campbell vs. Jennifer Lopez #4 by ASmotherFan & The Walkin’ Dude

“Jen? Jennifer... JENNIFER! LOOK AT ME!” Lynda Lopez’ voice raised from a comforting, knowing, tone to a shrill petition for attention in less than four words but even that wasn’t enough to turn J-Lo’s face away from the window of the limo in which they were riding. Lynda looked pityingly at her sibling. Jennifer’s hair; wet and matted with sweat; her curvy body covered in comfortable, baggy, clothing as she sat curled up on the black leather; her empty eyes staring at the passing lights. Building after building, store front after store front, swept past and the short blackness between them afforded her a glance at her own reddened, battle weary, reflection as her own glazed eyes peered back hollowly into herself.

“Jen, I know what’s going through your mind right now…I do; and it scares me. We grew up together... and right now you’re thinking about how this isn’t over... what happened earlier tonight is playing in your head...” Lynda could see right inside her sister’s head as if in a movie theatre where a gritty film of the evening’s events... a piecemeal compilation with blank spots provided by Jennifer’s periods of unconsciousness. “If I know you as well as I think I’re already planning a rematch.”

Lynda indeed knew her sister well! From the moment she awoke in the locker room to hear her sister crying profusely (as she tended to be melodramatic) J-Lo had begun planning for a rematch. The fire had started even as she made her final concession to her hated rival and it had been stoked by the despicable humiliation Neve had heaped on her following it.

As Jennifer reviewed the tape of the match, it would be fueled into a raging blaze by Neve’s final words, spoken directly into her face as she lay out cold, on her back, her face covered in a thick layer of fluid only partly her own... but that was for another time. At present, she simply sat quietly, only half hearing her sister’s monologue as her mind wandered, and the lights continued to whir by.

“But Jennifer...” Lynda continued, her voice shaky; pleading, “Please...just this once...listen to me. Forget about it. We all know you’re the best. You beat her at La Cazadora three to one... THREE TO ONE! Nobody doubts you have what it takes to face her again. Nobody thinks you’re a coward - and nobody will think so if you let it end here.”

The Latina beauty continued to stare out the window, never blinking, never flinching. The last post-match cry was leaving her body and it rustled as it did, causing her to sniffle once, then again; but not once did she turn her eyes away from the tinted glass. Not once did she speak. Not once!!

“Jennifer please... LISTEN TO ME!” Lynda continued, her plea becoming more frenzied, “I’ve seen what you both are capable of... Just look at tonight... I mean, what she did to you... and for a second I thought your leg... If this continues, maybe next time one of you leaves in an ambulance. Maybe one of you doesn’t leave at all!”

Jennifer didn’t even acknowledge her sister’s existence as the limo continued to race down the barely populated streets in the darkness of late night/early morning as Lynda’s voice became calm again, as she reigned her emotions in and poured them into her words, instead of her decibel level.

“I love you, Jennifer. I can’t watch you go through what you went through tonight, all over again.” Tears welled in Lynda’s eyes. Since Jennifer started fighting, all the way back in high school, Lynda had been there for her. She had seen Jennifer at the height of her glory and in the most bitter of defeats. It was always the humiliation, that was inherent in the kinds of matches Jennifer chose, that got to Linda. It became increasingly harder for her to watch each time her beautiful sister endured some of the cruelest degradations her opponents could visit upon her, and this last time was almost more than she could bear. “And I most certainly don’t want to see you OR that girl get hurt.”

Lynda searched her sister’s face for some sign of reaction, but the attempt was futile. If Jennifer had even heard any of her words, they were lost on a stone resolve that rested deep inside her.

“Stop the car!” Lynda said off handedly over her shoulder. “I said, STOP THE DAMN CAR!”

Her eyes shifted to the capped limo driver, his startled gaze meeting hers in the rear view mirror. The long black car ambled to a halt on the side of road, nuzzled against the newly wet sidewalk as the coastal rain moved in, bathing the dank concrete and washing away the decaying cigarette butts of the teenage night-lifers who wouldn’t quit, and the gum wrappers of the locals who were trying to.

Lynda threw open the heavy door, stepping out into the soft drizzle, “You wanna keep fighting this girl? You wanna keep letting her use your face for a humping post? You wanna keep this stupid alpha female shit up until one or both of you ends up crippled, disfigured, or worse? FINE!!! Go kill yourself for your stupid pride! But count me out, Jennifer, I’m fed up with this immature bullshit!”

She slammed the door, the dark glass now obscuring her view of her beautiful sister. The rain, hot and slippery, rolled down from her dark hair, onto her back, slipping underneath her blouse and taking hold of her as the long shiny car limped slowly and silently away from the corner, leaving her standing on the sidewalk. The drizzle picked up now as the red taillights faded into blackness in the distance.
“I want it booked as soon as possible... Clear one of the other matches if you have to!” Jennifer almost sizzled into the phone as she discussed scheduling a rematch at La Cazadora with it’s owner, a native Puerto Rican, and daughter of the one who established the bar all those years ago. “I’ll see what I can do Jennifer, but this thing has gotten huge. We can’t possibly pack enough people into this place to satisfy the demand for tickets.” Jennifer sat in her big leather office chair, almost in tears as the owner of the Miami fight club unintentionally frustrated her beyond the capacity for rational thought. “I don’t give a damn about them anymore! This is between me and that bitch, and I don’t care WHO is there, as long as SOMEONE is there to witness me crushing her bitchy face into powder!”

“Ok... ok... calm down. There is another option. It’s something we haven’t done in a long time, and it’s a little different than either of you are used to, but it could accommodate as many fans as you two can pack in... and we could schedule it as early as say...” a long agonizing silence crept across the phone line, “... six weeks from now!”

Jennifer sat up in her chair. She’d hoped for something more like this weekend, but six weeks was better than six months. “OK... so what are we talkin’ about?”

“It’s called La Conquista. Something we used to do back in Puerto Rico. In fact, if everything goes well... that’s where we’ll have it: on a private section of beach our club owns down there.” Jennifer sat listening intently as the woman listed the rules of the close quarters, fistless battle. She squirmed in her seat as the woman spoke of a body to body grinding contest, each woman trying to overpower the other. Finally finished explaining, she concluded, “And since neither of you has ever done anything like this before... It’ll level the playing field a bit. So what do you say?”

Jennifer mulled it over, “And after the match? I can do whatever I want?”

“Well, traditionally...that’s not the case, but I understand the nature of this battle. I’ve seen you two firsthand... and yes, if that’s what you want.”

Jennifer almost squealed with giddy schoolgirl like excitement, “Deal! Six weeks from now?” Her unmistakably Spanish looking brow furrowed as she waited what seemed like an eternity for the voice on the other end of the line to break the thunderous quiet.

“Ok... ok... I’ll move things around if I have to... six weeks Jennifer... be ready. I gotta warn you though hun, La Conquista is not that knock-down drag-out you girls in the states are used to. It’s a war of attrition...a battle of endurance... and if you aren’t ready, this could turn ugly in...”

Jennifer quickly interrupted her, “You let ME worry about that. You provide the beach, that’s your job! I’ll provide the fight! That’s MY job!”


“There’s no way I’m backing out of this match. Go tell her that word for word. She wanted La Conquista? She’s got it.” Neve tilted her head back, nearly spilling the bottled water that she held in her hand.

Neve was seated on a large white sofa in her living room, her cold, emotionless eyes burrowing into Lynda Lopez, while the Hispanic girl sat opposite, sheepishly staring at the floor between her knees. From the moment Lynda walked in, she could tell this meeting was going to be a bust. She’d interrupted one of Neve’s first training sessions for the upcoming battle against her new arch-nemesis.

Neve was wearing a pair of black tight exercise pants, and a blue spandex sports bra. Sweat rolled down every curve of her being, soaking her clothes, and making the appearance that it had soaked the woman herself to her very core. When Lynda stepped into Neve’s living room, the beautiful Canadian had been shoving on a spring-loaded indoor sled, similar to those used for tackle training by professional football players. Taped on the front of the sled’s meager padding was a picture of Lynda’s beautiful smiling sister. That was her first indication that her pleas would fall on deaf ears. The next was the same picture taped to a punching bag; wrinkled and ripped... sending a shudder down Lynda’s spine. Still, she’d come all this way in hopes that Neve might heed her reasoning so it was worth a short stay if she could persuade her.

“Jennifer didn’t ask me to come here...” Lynda said, her gaze still fixed on the plush tan carpeting. “She’s too stubborn to do something like that; too proud for her own good. That’s why I’m here.”

Neve seemed at the very least intrigued by what the sibling of her rival was saying, leaning forward, a move that somehow gave Lynda the courage to look up from the floor and into Neve’s eyes, “If this war continues on the way it has, one of you is gonna end up getting hurt... maybe the permanent kind of hurt... I love my sister and I don’t want to see that happen to her. You both have such promising careers. To cut either of them short because of this silly rivalry would be such a waste. I...” Lynda searched deep inside herself for the courage to utter the words she so desperately clawed at, “I want to you decline her challenge to La Conquista.” Lynda’s voice was almost a whisper by the time she finished.

For a moment, Neve sat totally still, her eyes transfixed on Lynda, as though she were waiting for some punchline that wasn’t to come. Finally, her expression broke, “It took a lot of courage for you to come here and say that...” Neve smiled almost warmly. “But you are barking up the wrong tree... your sister’s who you should be pleading with!” the Canadian instructed dismissively. She started to stand, indicating she’d finished negotiating.

“I already talked to her,” Lynda said softly. “She’s…she’s’ proud...nothing I say can make her back down from this. She wouldn’t even look at me when...”

Neve looked over her shoulder, shooting daggers at the woman seated in her chair, “So you expect ME to just roll over and say, ‘Oh Jen... you win... I give... let’s call this off before someone gets hurt.’?”

Lynda, tears welling in her eyes as the conversation got away from her - the way she knew, somewhere, deep inside, that it would - saw things begin to careen off track. “No... that’s not it. I just want you to be the sensible one. Call an end to it before you end up killing each other!”

Neve could sense the fear in the woman who sat pleading before her. It was obvious she had a genuine love for her sibling and, for a brief second, the thought almost reached deep enough to tug at Neve’s heartstrings - almost, but sadly, it failed!

The Scream Queen began to boil with anger. She was angry with herself, for allowing the woman’s pleas to nearly reach the hub of her sympathy. “Listen Lynda...” Neve sat back down, leaning in close to the woman’s teary face, “I appreciate your concern, but there’s no easy way out of this. Someone’s gonna have to teach your bitch sister to accept defeat and I guess that someone’s me. She called me and practically demanded a rematch...”

Lynda back-peddled a little at the words, only encouraging Neve to move in closer and get angrier, “I know she’s not used to anyone standing up to her, but her big ass doesn’t intimidate me. For the first time in her life, your sister isn’t going to decide when a war is over, that pleasure is going to be all mine. And I say this war doesn’t end until I make Jennifer Lopez say.... no, fuck that... until I make Lopez BELIEVE that I’ve beaten her. Until she stays down.... I’ll keep grinding her down.” Neve, nose to nose with an ashen faced Lynda, slapped her own ass, reinforcing the ‘grinding’ comment as she delivered her final proclamation.

“You’re a monster!” Lynda whispered as she jumped up off the couch and headed for the door, her face in her hands. Neve smiled at Lynda’s choice of words... if she was a monster... then Jennifer had best check under her bed.
“We’ll be beginning our final descent into Luis Munoz Marin International Airport shortly. I’ve turned on the ‘fasten seatbelts’ sign. The local temperature is ninety four degrees Fahrenheit... clear skies and calm winds.” A calm, matter-of-fact voice crackled from the cabin speakers of the mid-size passenger jet, startling Neve Campbell awake. She’d fallen asleep shortly after take off and slept right through the peanuts and cocktails. Only half awake, the drowsy beauty blinked as she inadvertently clutched the armrests of her comfortable first class seat and craned to peer out the small window. Neve could see the island spread out beneath her twenty thousand feet below. Beautiful blue water glistened in the sweltering sun, though it was still late morning - baking the languid island and its inhabitants. White beaches swarming with tiny dots of color encircled what seemed a true paradise. For a moment, Neve forgot she’d come to do a job. She was able to forget the fact that an epic struggle loomed only slightly over twenty four hours into her future. Instead, she found herself marveling at the tropical beauty and the bright morning sun.

As if on cue, the gleaming bird Neve was riding dipped its wings to her side, even more of the beautiful landscape scrolling in from the bottom of her window, getting closer by the moment to terra firma as the plane continued its descent. As quickly as it came, the white beach and blue water left, spooling out the bottom of her window like liquid ebbing down a drain. The plane leveled... a slight turbulent bump... a sway to the left...then the chirp of rubber on asphalt as the gear touched down and the aircraft rumbled to a stop on the runway.

Neve stepped out of the sun-bathed jet as a gust of warm, humid sea air smacked her like a wet towel in one of the locker rooms she’d come to love. She closed her eyes and smiled, inhaling deeply as she took in the local scent and ambiance. This was truly one of the most beautiful places she’d ever seen. Maybe she’d stay a few extra days after she’d dispatched her arrogant riva to pamper her sore muscles at the local beach resort. She certainly deserved a break after a long string of battles that led her to this unique - and what she intended to be her final - confrontation with “the Latina bitch.” She intended to end Jennifer’s diva-esque Booty Queen reign here on the island of her ancestors... that was just too perfect.

“Ms. Campbell?” a distinct feminine voice, thick with latin accent, called; shaking her from the spell the warm island air had placed her under. “Ms. Campbell my name is Juliana. My employer, Ms. Morales, sent me to ensure you find your way around and have everything you need.”

The pretty young Hispanic stood at the base of the jet’s fold-out stairs in a suit jacket and skirt which were obviously too hot for the current environment; yet Juliana showed no sign of sweat on her brow and a sweet smile on her face. Her long, well-manicured hand extended in a goodwill gesture to the pale Canadian. Neve took the woman’s hand as she descended the stairs, and greeted her warmly.

“Thanks Ms... what was it again?”

“Juliana. Just call me Juliana.”

“Right. Juliana. Well, I think I can take care of myself but I appreciate the offer. It...”

The young Latina’s expression never changed; her face held the warm polite smile like water in a skin canteen as she purred, “Oh, but I must insist. We’ve already arranged transportation to the resort. Please be ready to leave in five minutes.”

Neve began to feel uncomfortable. She was used to being treated with consideration, but with a match looming, she’d already slipped into her alpha female mode and tended to go it alone. She wanted nothing more than to turn the girl down, but Neve wasn’t one to be ungracious. “Well then, we’d better not keep the driver waiting.”

She gave the girl a forced smile, cinched her purse against her chest as some nefarious-looking employees tended to her luggage that was being rolled out of the plane’s underbelly. Neve was suddenly glad that she’d tucked her most important cargo into her purse. She took a quick peek in the leather bag, reassuring herself the item was still she had special plans for. Shesmiled as she saw the cloth peek out from under her Gucci clutch and tucked it deeper into the bag as she strolled behind her hostess toward the waiting transportation.

The limo ride was almost as breath-taking as the plane ride! The main highway ran parallel to the ocean and between every high-rise hotel she caught a glimpse of the bright blue water and gorgeous shimmering sand that seemed so far away from the air. Vacationers and locals alike lined the beaches and sidewalks, strolling in some places shoulder-to-shoulder in the blazing sun as the mercury climbed past ninety in the mid-day heat. The brunette was surprised when, every so often, she’d catch a glimpse of her picture on a poster tacked to the side of a building or above a newsstand. The words were in Spanish but the intent was clear. There was a stark black-white picture of herself and her rival; their backs to the camera; their respective butts jutting out; advertising the battle to take place the next night. The gladiatrixes’ booty feud seemed to have gotten even bigger than Neve realized - judging from the number and size of the posters that increased expotentially as her limo neared its destination.

Her native escort (at least Neve assumed she was a native) was quick to confirm Neve’s original thoughts about the hype for La Conquista, “You two have caused quite a stir in the last few weeks. They’ve had to print extra tickets. Now, they’re selling standing room on the beach...especially to the locals. There is something of local pride for them...they’ve all chosen sides. It’s all very exciting,” she added with a shiver of excitement, her thick thighs unconsciously squeezing together under her short skirt.

Neve eyed her and a wry smile crossing her beautiful lips, “Sounds like you speak from experience?”

The young girl let a mischievous grin briefly flicker on her lips, then it again went blank. She reached into her breast pocket, retrieved a pristine piece of cardstock and showed it to Neve. The ticket read, “La Cazadora presenta Jennifer Lopez y Neve Campbell en ‘La Conquista’.”

Neve shook her head with a satisfied chuckle, “I shouldn’t ask who you’re rooting for...”

Before the Latina give some clever answer, her eyes diverted to a hulking concrete behemoth rising from the sand, “Ahhhh... here we are here…El San Juan Resort by Wyndham.” She sounded just like a television advert.

The resort was the most beautiful on the island and as they entered the lobby, they saw a gorgeous, high-hanging chandelier several times the size of Neve’s kitchen table. She actually gasped at the display of opulance as ornate detail wrapped them in a blanket of luxury she’d seen in few other places. While the Canadian beauty gazed in awe at her surroundings, her studious hostess fumbled through her organizer, oblivious to her surroundings as though she’d seen them a thousand times. Her attention was fixed on a series of small plastic cards she plucked from her organizer and fanned with the aplomb of a veteran Las Vegas dealer.

“This is your room key...your in the Monarch Suite,” she said as a long fingernail flicked the top card, ‘tick’. “It’s yours as long as you need it. All your room service, and other, charges are, of course, compliments of the resort.” Flashing another card, her long, well-manicured nail again struck with a soft ‘tick’ as she continued, “This is your expense card for shopping or dining anywhere in the resort. Again, all charges are comped by La Cazadora. There are eight on-property restaurants, but I recommend you try ‘The Palm’. I’ve taken the liberty of booking your table this evening at eight, should you care to use it.”

‘tick’ A third card appeared from the pack. “There’s a spa on site as well, all services again are complimentary. This will admit you to the VIP suite. The masseuses are trained in every technique; Oriental - Chinese, Japanese or Korean; French, German and Swedish, of course. Plus all girls are available for in-room service, if you prefer more privacy. They are all highly educated, most speak several languages and they’re trained in etiquette so, for a fee, they will accompany you anywhere should you desire the services of a translator, guide or…a…um…companion.”

Neve struggled to hold her tongue, almost biting the woman’s head off at the implication she would avail herself of a hired woman. Still, she thought better of it and held her temper in check.

Juliana produced another card, hers. “This is my business card. Should you need anything, anything at all, just dial 5 on your room phone and you’ll be connected to my cell phone…I’m availableday or night, 24 hours. No request or service…” she said, her cheeks flushing slightly, “…no matter how intimate or personal…will be denied… none!”

As the young woman finished her spiel, a less-than-pleased look came onto Neve’s gorgeous countenance. “Listen... I really appreciate all this...but I’m not here to vacation. This isn’t a pleasure trip, I’m here to ki...crap!”

Her voice trailed off as she stared at the lobby elevator opening; her eyes unblinking and wide. Her young, well-dressed, hostess turned and followed her gaze…all the way down the hall…until she saw...JENNIFER LOPEZ!

J-Lo was just stepping off the elevator with a cellphone to her ear, muttering angrily in Spanish. She was wearing a blue bikini, her dark hair pulled back into a severe pony tail, her eyes hidden by black, oversized, sunglasses. Hidden or not, it was obvious her beautiful brown eyes were focused on Neve because her stride missed a beat and her swagger shifted into an even more confident strut that proved Jen was aware of her newly arrived opponent. Her wide hips swung exaggeratedly as she approached her rival at a steady, imposing, pace.

J-Lo stopped in front of Neve, snapped her cellphone shut with a loud SNAP, removing her glasses and slipped both them and her cell into a purse slung over her shoulder. It looked as though she was intent on walking right through the motionless Canadian, but she stopped inches from the beauty, adopting a stone-like pose that mirrored Neve’s as both women stared at the other, hands on hips.



Neve’s Hispanic escort stood just as stoic and just as silent as either battler, but her face, instead of being frozen in a look of pure rage and hate, was locked in a visage of sheer terror. One of her instructions was to see to it that these two women never even so much as saw each other before they were standing ready for battle on the burning beach Saturday evening. She had been told Jennifer was out to lunch, but it would appear that she returned early and was headed to the main pool just beyond the lobby doors. And thanks to that unplanned change in events, the unthinkable had occurred and now the two were face to face... nose to nose... close enough to kiss... although she was certain that was not what they had in mind. The world came to a halt around the two fighters as they stared with an angry passion into each other’s eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, Neve broke the silence, “So what now?” Jennifer huffed right back into her face, “Now? Nothing now, bitch. But tomorrow... oh tomorrow’s something totally different.” An evil smile broke on Jennifer’s beautiful lips. Neve stared deep into the brown pools of hate that boiled just an inch from her own, “Tomorrow IS something different isn’t it? Tomorrow’s when I finally end this feud. Tomorrow’s when you finally accept that you’ve been beaten. Tomorrow you go down. And tomorrow... you STAY down!” J-Lo shifted her weight from one leg to the other, pressing her face even closer, if that was possible, to her rival. “You know what I think, Neve? I think you’re scared. And I don’t blame you. You got yourself in over your head this time. Last time the fight favored you. It was your venue. It was your rules. But this time, there’s no ring. There’s no arena. Just sun, sand, you, and me... And when it comes down to it, you aren’t woman enough to win that kind of fight. You can’t hide behind fancy wrestling moves and blue canvas. And when the sand settles out there tomorrow, you’re gonna find my sexy ass on your beaten face. And I promise... you won’t want a rematch.”

Jennifer’s barely covered breasts thumped Neve’s tank top, punctuating her words. “I’m not a one trick pony like you, bitch. I smothered you at your own game our first time around the mats at La Cazadora... I outwrestled you in the middle of the ring last time we met - in front of all of your precious fans. Tomorrow, I’m gonna prove who the better woman is on that beach in front of the whole world...”

Neve leaned in, pressing her breasts into Jen’s and reached around to gave the Latina’s bubble butt a vicious pinch. “And you’ll SCREAM your submission into my gorgeous ass, while I grind this flabby thing into the sand.”

Jennifer swatted Neve’s hand away from her most prized possession, “Don’t you EVER put your filthy paws on my ass! The only parts of you that have my permission touch that perfect part of my anatomy are those slutty lips and that pug nose!”

Neve almost lost her cool as the confrontation got semi-physical, “FUCK YOU, JENNIFER!”

Lopez was quick to retort, “NO! FUCK YOU... AND GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!”

Jennifer shoved her way past the fair-skinned Canadian, her hips intentionally bumping into Neve’s, nearly causing the beauty to lose her balance in the process. Campbell quickly spun on her heels, intent on returning physical insult for physical insult but at the last second, she felt a thin, clammy hand clasp her shoulder. Juliana’s hand rested on Neve’s shoulder while the terrified Latina girl stared at it with abject horror, every bit as surprised to find it there as Neve.

Finally, she was able to squeak out a mousy objection, “Please Ms. Campbell... not here...”

Neve stared angrily at the hand on her shoulder, and then at the swaying backside of her rival is she made her way to the pool area, and then back at the hand. Finally, cooler heads prevailed and without a word, Neve yanked the plastic cards from her hostess’ other hand, shoving them in her purse, huffing with dissatisfaction as the hastily made her way to the elevators, her vision still shrouded in a sickening red tint. Upon seeing the situation, which almost certainly would’ve meant a pink slip for her, diffuse before her very eyes, Juliana collapsed against the marble wall, her back sliding down until her rump rested on the cold floor. She must’ve been holding her breath for almost the entire encounter, because when she finally sucked air back into her lungs, they burned like she’d impelled volumes of hot ash. Slowly her head sank into her hands. Finally, she lost her composure and began to cry.
She could hear them outside. Half an hour ago, when she first arrived, it was just a light murmur. There was a sudden pop when a few of the audience members caught a glimpse of her inconspicuously slipping into the back of the bathhouse that was situated on the beach, just behind the huge resort. She had heard a second uproar from the crowd just ten minutes or so later as she was unzipping her gym bag and emptying its contents, her fight attire, onto the small tiled bench that grew like an extension of a wall that shared the same finish. She assumed that noise could only mean that her opponent had also arrived and was now just on the other side of that same wall that stood mockingly between them.

The room was ornate and plain at the same time. The tile and the fixtures were obviously of the expensive sort, no expenses spared, but the room itself was uniform with them and very uninteresting to the eye. Other than a sink, a shower head, a full length mirror, a row of small lockers, a tube of coconut smelling oil that had been left by the attendant, and the few amenities that the booty queen had brought with her, the room was bare. The lack of eye catching or time passing articles left Jennifer alone with her thoughts for most of the thirty minutes she’d been there. All of the events leading to that day played like a home movie in her mind…

She could see the face of the woman who’d first mentioned that Neve had defeated Vida Guerra - a fast-rising, know-it-all, booty smotherer - in a Facesit bout.

She could hear the final eight-count at the end of her loss to Neve in their first encounter, her ass bared for all to see while the cruel Scream Queen lifted her own torturous backside a few millimeters off Jen’s face - just to make sure she was aware enough to hear the last number.

She could see the terrified look in Neve’s eyes as they peered over the curve of her naked rump as she stood ominously still, her butt barely brushing the Canadian’s features before the “Stink Face” post-match humiliation in their second trip to La Cazadora.

Finally, she felt the fabric of her own bottom pulled tight across her face in her most recent loss to Neve, her stomach churning as she heard the brunette’s voice ring against the hard walls of the bath house, “How do you like sensory overload bitch? You feel it? Smell it? Taste it? THAT MEANS YOU LOSE! SCREAM FOR ME JENNIFER! SCREAM OR I’LL MAKE YOU EAT THIS THING!”... and she shuddered as she heard her own embarrassed scream from unwilling lips.

Finally, the memory movie reel ended and she found herself staring into the full length mirror, caressing her own supple curves, rubbing in the oil that was required for the match that loomed only minutes in her future. She turned, jutting her wide ass out at the woman in the mirror, taking special care to lovingly massage the oil into her infamous backside. In all the weeks leading up to the battle she hadn’t the time to take a step back and survey her body as she usually did, and she couldn’t help giggle a little with delight as she stared at her imposing bottoms reflection in the mirror. It was as intimidating and beautiful as it had ever been and today... after she had finished wearing her rival down to a shadow of the great woman she thought she was... she was gonna teach her to respect that gorgeous derriere...

Hell, Neve Campbell was going to learn to FEAR her imposing rump as well as... NO! BETTER THAN any of its victims had before. Today would be the LAST time Neve Campbell got up from a J-Lo ass smother. When she finally, MERCIFULLY, passed out under Jennifer’s stunning, suffocating butt... When Jennifer finally answered all those prayers that she had been offering up for the sweet release of unconsciousness... she would NEVER again question whose ass was superior. She would NEVER again question which fighter was superior. She would NEVER again question which WOMAN was superior!

Finishing up her moment of self-admiration in the mirror, Jennifer strode confidently to her gym bag, searching for her sunglasses... shaking off her moment of pride... attempting to refocus on the task at hand as she retrieved the shades and loosened her muscles. She had learned so painfully... so many times... that there was a fight before the humiliation... and if she did not focus enough on the former, the latter would still come, but she’d be on the wrong end of things.

All was quiet in her side of the tiny twin roomed bathhouse... so quiet that she could almost swear she heard her opponent rustle... or whisper... or something just on the other side of that tiled wall. Finishing her pre-fight stretch, she checked the watch in her bag: ten minutes to show time. Like a stalking lioness Jennifer slinked up to the tile wall, gently resting her proud round booty on the cold tile bench, her palms pressed down against the seat of it as she leaned her back up against the wall. She listened quietly... smiling... her eyes closed... her head tilted back. What was Campbell doing in there? Just on the other side of the wall... Was she prancing nervously? Nah, she was too cool and collected for that... Was she slathering herself with that coconut scented oil? She was probably psyching herself up... planning all the things that she was gonna do torture the Latina... What a waste... She’d be better served to come up with sincere sounding pleas for mercy from Jennifer’s big suffocating bottom. At that last though Jennifer smiled even wider... and then a shiver ran down her spine: Maybe Neve was sitting on the doppelganger of that same bench, just on the other side of the wall, listening for Jennifer... just as Jennifer had been listening for her. As she ran her hand against the smooth tile wall, J-Lo couldn’t help but whisper, “I’m here baby... and I’m coming for ya!”
With only minutes to go before the start of one of the most unique and possibly most acrimonious battles of her career, Neve Campbell stood quietly in the center of the simply adorned bathhouse and gazed silently into the mirror. Clad only in her battle attire and loosely a wrapped sarong, Neve certainly cut an intimidating presence but if the brunette realized this, her expression betrayed no sign. Truth be told, the Canadian beauty’s head was poring over every single aspect of the war that lay ahead. As soon as Jennifer had laid out her challenge for La Conquista, Neve knew she would have to accept; if Neve had led the rivalry by more than one fall, she might have pulled rank on Lopez and demanded a more traditional setting for their fourth encounter, but alas the two brunettes were so evenly matched that neither could turn down a stipulation from the other without having it seem as if she were hesitant to face her nemesis again. Keeping her gaze locked on the still reflection in the mirror, Neve’s pretty features twisted into a slight snarl as she remembered Jennifer’s accusation in the hotel lobby less than twenty-four hours ago. Of course there had been many barbs traded between the adversaries in their latest encounter but one in particular really drew the pale brunette’s ire. When Lopez had tauntingly suggested that Campbell wasn’t ‘woman enough’ to stand against her in something so strenuous as La Conquista, Neve had nearly taken J-Lo down right there. Screw the fight on the beach, screw all the hype and screw procedure, after all she’d done to ensure her place in the history of the industry, NO ONE, especially not a showboating glory whore like Jennifer Lopez could stand in Neve’s presence, say something so blatantly false and expect to get away with it.

Neve had had to use every ounce of her training to keep the cold hearted wrestler in her from dumping the arrogant Latin Diva onto the slick tile floor of the resort’s lobby and simply twisting a leg or an arm until it snapped, silencing all of Jennifer’s past and future prima-donna outbursts under an ear splitting cascade of shrieks and tears. But Campbell had managed to keep from laying her hands on J-Lo (OK, almost succeeded) choosing instead to wait until this late afternoon rendezvous with destiny to finally put her foot on Jennifer’s throat (or her ass on Jenny’s face, whichever came first) once and for all. Starting to pace soundlessly around the small room, Neve thought long and hard about all the things she was going to do to Jennifer Lopez both during the match and after. Though Neve was considered one of the best in the business when it came to an application of the Face Sit, she didn’t consider the move to be a signature of hers or even a finisher for that matter; however in this case it seemed as if she would have to utilize that particular tactic several times throughout the course of the match to secure victory.

Campbell honestly didn’t know if it was ever going to be possible to ‘break’ a girl as confidant and egotistical as Jennifer Lopez, but she was more than willing to bet if there was a way to do it, it would be through Jen’s beloved ass; either thorough prolonged torture thereof or extended close proximity of the Latina Ass Queen’s terrified features to her own perfectly sculpted cheeks. Smiling pleasantly at the thought of making Jennifer sob and beg into the stifling heat of her ass a third (and presumably final) time, Neve ‘s mind suddenly shifted gears, heading down a more ominous mental track. As much as she was loath to admit it, Neve was well aware that she was the underdog going into this match. Never mind that she had beaten Lopez twice in their last three encounters, never mind that she had made the self proclaimed ‘greatest ass in creation’ admit her inferiority and then kiss Neve’s own butt, never mind the fact that inside a wrestling ring, Jennifer Lopez would always end up her plaything, none of that mattered. Tonight was different. Tonight, there was no ring, no canvas, no ropes and there might as well be no ref. There would only be the sun, sand, waves and heat comprising their battleground and that troubled her. Not because she was afraid she couldn’t win, but because she was fighting on Jennifer’s home turf and that made an already difficult fight even more so. Despite being ahead on points, Neve was basically playing the role of challenger tonight. Sure she’d have her fans, but she’d be kidding herself if she thought for a split second that the crowd would be evenly divided in their support for her and Jennifer. She was hoping at best for a seventy-five to twenty-five percent split, but she wouldn’t have been surprised if it turned out to be even less than that.

Of all the things she had learned about Jennifer Lopez over the last several months, Neve was brutally aware of how Lopez could win over a crowd and use their support to swing the tide of battle in her favor and keep it there. Fighting in what was essentially Jennifer’s backyard was going to be especially vexing and she knew the partisan crowd would only spur Jennifer to attain victory in the most decisive manner possible. And given what she had done to Jennifer at the end of their third match, Neve also knew if she were to lose this match that Jennifer was going to do everything in her considerable power to break the Canadian’s spirit and pride (not to mention her nose quite possibly) after the fight was over

Stopping in the middle of her small circuit, Neve turned towards the door and waited expectantly, knowing that very soon now an attendant would come to bring her out into the glaring tropical heat beyond. Waiting patiently, Neve traced her hands down her hips very slowly, letting her right hand stop when it came to the small outline of the object she had tucked into the hip of her bottoms. Her slight smile grew wider as she thought about the little surprise she had in store for Jennifer at the beginning of the match. Neve might not ever be able to ‘out-diva’ J-Lo in any setting, but she was no stranger to psychological warfare and her gift was sure to get under Jenny’s skin. With any luck, it’d lure Lopez into an early mistake that Neve could parlay into a quick drag down the beach for the win and then a nice long, leisurely grind upon her nemesis’ sobbing and beaten face. Letting out a nearly silent breath, Neve rolled her shoulders and simply stared at the door. She could hear someone coming up to the door outside. Any second now the knock would come.

Her dark eyes throwing cold sparks in the sultry heat, Neve whispered, “You’re in trouble Jennifer. The best you can do is tie the score. But me? I can put this war between us to rest tonight. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.”

The sun shone down hot and oppressively in the afternoon heat, baking the sands and the tan bodies that gathered on them as fight time approached. The arena had been set up on the sand much like an American football field. A circle, about 8 feet in diameter had been marred into the sand directly in the center of the beach. Tiki torches lined the sidelines, two relatively large ones marking the end of the field on either side, standing imposingly, like tombstones, casting deep dark shadows in the boiling sun. Circling three sides of the oblong looking battle field were thousands of toned and tan bodies. Locals chanting one name or another as the sun sank a little lower, in no way adjusting its unrelenting rays. On the fourth side of the field lay the bright blue ocean, waters clear enough to see the occasional lazy fish that happened by, totally oblivious to the goings-on just feet from their watery domain.

The sound of the chanting was getting deafening as the locals pounded out nicknames for their favorite fighter in their native tongue, while heckling insults at the other’s motionless bathhouse door. The bathhouse itself stood rather meager looking, a wooden monstrosity that didn’t seem to mach the rather lavish style of the large concrete resort that towered behind it. Just beyond its rather insignificant exterior, however, were the main attractions of the evening. Two caged hellcats, separated by the thinnest of barriers as they readied for the events that each hoped would lead to some finality in their otherwise unsettled war. Tension in the air was more than palpable as a well dressed woman, a woman whom many might recognize as the headmistress from La Cazadora, took a cue from her superior, another seemingly over-dressed and slightly older woman seated under a large luxurious looking umbrella, and swaggered nervously into the center of the field, bullhorn at the ready, her eyes scanning over the restless crowd as the day reached its hottest point, just about two hours from sundown.

“Ladies and Gentleman...” She began in English as, at the last minute, it had been decided to do the entire intros in the Yankee tongue, “On behalf of the management of La Cazadora nightclub and El San Juan Resort and Casino, we would like to welcome you to this millennium’s first fully sanctioned LA CONQUISTA!”

The entire crowd burst into chants, “CONQUISTA! CONQUISTA!” as the sharp featured woman allowed them their moment of excitement, taking a second to drink in the ozone herself before she again raised the bullhorn to her lips, “Our first contestant, from Ontario, Canada. The Scream Queen herself...” A pause, as the white door to the left side of the bathhouse swing open, only darkness spilling out from behind its hinges, “MISS…NEVE…CAMPBELLLLLLLL!!!!”

A roar encircled the field of battle as the beauty stepped from the darkened door frame into the beating sun, her fair skin glistening with oil as she took a few steps forward, raising her arms in what appeared to be a victory stance, much to the excitement of the crowd. She took a moment to soak in their cheers, unable to believe that this personal war between her hated Latin rival and herself had become such an international event. The entire beach, for as far back as she could see was covered with swarming, sweating bodies, all gathered in the midday heat to see the gargantuan struggle between Jennifer and herself.

She slowly began to saunter towards the woman with the bullhorn, her breasts contained by a beautiful full-cupped red bikini top, her succulent hips swaying left and right underneath a matching red, floral print wrap that fluttered lightly in the calm ocean breeze. As the cool air blew against her face, she couldn’t help but feel that same, hypnotized feeling she had when she first stepped off the plane on this beautiful island. For a moment she gazed out across the crystal water, seemingly so calm, so tranquil... as though it were unaware of that which was about to take place on the sand before it. But man’s anger was of little consequence to mother nature, and Neve knew that... of little consequence to nature... but of great consequence to other men. Slowly, her eyes narrowed as the sun invaded them, and she spun to face the headmistress, who had just finished reading out Neve’s biographical facts. It was then that all attention focused to the only remaining unopened bathhouse door.

The headmistress began into her bullhorn once again, “Her opponent, from New York, New York... The Latina Booty Queen...” Neve cringed at the thought of Jennifer’s smug face emerging from behind the closed door of the bathhouse as the well-dressed woman continued into the bullhorn, “MISS…JENNIFER…LOOOOOOPEZ!!!”

The door swung open, and standing shrouded in the shadow of the bathhouse’s door frame, was the curvy shape of none other than the Latina supreme herself. The crowd again rose to riotous levels of cheering as Jennifer emerged into the sunlight, her eyes shaded from its squint-inducing power by that same pair of large dark sunglasses. Jennifer took a moment to soak in the applause. It was painfully obvious that there were no crowd favorites here today. The pop had been equally outrageous for both ladies, and indeed it was the struggle they were cheering for. They wanted war. And they were about to get it.

Jennifer calmly began to stride towards the field’s center, turning her gaze to her opponent for the first time since she stepped from the doorway into this world of sun and sand. Her body glistened with that same obligatory oil, the sun glinting off her tan flesh and each curve as she made her way toward her glowering opponent. Her breasts were barely contained by a white triangle top bikini, a matching white wrap, mirroring Neve’s draped across her hips, hiding her prized smothering weapon from view as she confidently made her way to the starting circle. The crowd’s roar reaching new peaks now as Jennifer reached the circle, both ladies staring wordlessly at each other, both sets of hands resting confidently on both sets of hips.

“This is it bitch! End of the line... when I put you down in the sand today, in front of all these people... when I ride your face in front of all of your ‘fellow Puerto Ricans’... You’re finally gonna have to accept that it’s over. And I ENDED IT... me, Jennifer... not you... and it ended MY WAY!” Neve shifted her weight steadily to her other hip, her expression never breaking as she stared down the Latina Queen.

“No, no, no...” Jennifer shook her head, smiling as she removed her glasses, the sun squinting her eyes, “You don’t end things honey... you start things. J-Lo ends things... and today, I’m putting an end to this war... and then I’m gonna put an end to YOU!” Jennifer arrogantly strode closer to her rival, her eyes now adjusting to the scalding sun. Neve closed the gap even further with her own advance, cooing to Jenny in a soft voice, “The only END of me you are gonna see today hunny, is my REAR END as it puts your fat arrogant ass out for the count... ONCE... AND FOR ALL!” Jennifer actually smiled at Neve’s last comment, leaning in a little closer, a bead of sweat already forming on her forehead, “My, my, my... I think tangling with me all these times has put some diva in you baby... Guess I’ll have to grind all that out of you after I finish grinding your ugly face off!”

She hissed the last as she returned to a more upright stature, waiting for the signal to begin what she hoped would be the final battle in this series. Neve scanned her opponent up and down, her brow furrowing as her eyes came to rest on the wrap that Jennifer was wearing, very similar to the one that was strung around her waist. If she knew Jennifer like she surmised she did, she already knew what that wrap was for, and what was under it.

Disappointment twisted Neve’s lip as she realized she failed at her first attempt to upstage her opponent today, “Couldn’t be original huh? Fine then... Guess we should give these people what they came here to see...”

Jennifer wryly grinned a Cheshire cat mug back at her opponent as they reached down in unison, both women tugging at their wraps... loosening them... letting them flutter to the sand to reveal matching THONGS underneath both. The crowd hit a crescendo when the ladies fight attire was revealed, Jennifer’s white thong riding high in a ‘V’ over her hips, deeply contrasting the dark smooth glistening flesh of her large posterior while Neve’s mirrored it in red, silkily hugging her fairer skinned curves and glistening beautiful backside.

The headmistress, who had been standing in awe along with the crowd at the exchange between these two ladies, finally sprang to action, realizing that the battle would soon escalate to physical without her prompting if she did not move to begin it officially. “OK ladies, by now, I’m sure you are both familiar with the rules of La Conquista...” The woman’s voice rang out matter-of-factly across the snow white beach, her mouth no longer pressed up to the bullhorn, a microphone obviously buried on her person somewhere, although carefully enough not to show evidence of its existence, “... But for the benefit of all those in attendance, the rules are as follows:” Her voice now dropped to a monotone sales pitch, as though she could still see her lined note-cards fluttering in her head, “La Conquista is a war of attrition. There will be no close fisted strikes; No blows of any kind. The first woman to force her opponent down the beach and across the opposing line wins. There is no time limit, and this battle is not over until one contestant lies ENTIRELY across her goal line. Are we clear?” The headmistress now looked like some sort of boxing referee, her glance shifting back and forth between both determined gazes. Suddenly, she was glad that neither of those angry looks were meant for her. She waited in silence for some sign of recognition from both ladies, “Here that Neve? This isn’t over until I DECIDE to push you over that line. I might just keep you on this field all night, ride your ugly face until the sun comes up!” Jennifer leaned in, making something that resembled a statement of accord. Neve, her expression unchanged shot back, “KISS MY ASS, bitch!” More than appropriate, and more than enough given the type of battle at hand. The well dressed woman, accepting those parting quips as acknowledgment of the rules, reached into her breast pocket, removing a small white handkerchief. The crowd fell eerily quiet as they saw the woman raise the white cloth, gleaming in the mid day heat. Slowly her fingers unraveled from around the material and...

“WAIT!” Neve interjected a high pitched halt to the proceedings, almost causing the officiating headmistress to drop the cloth from utter shock, her body stiffening as though she was shot by some invisible bullet, in the shape of that one word that spewed forth from the Canadians gaping mouth. “I almost forgot... I brought something special to get this massacre started...” The pale skinned beauty explained, as she reached one arm behind her back, grabbing at something tucked in her waistband. It had been hidden from Jennifer, and most of the crowd by the sumptuous swell of the gorgeous girl’s hips, leaving only a tiny portion of the crowd to wonder what the small piece of cloth, tucked into the waistband of Neve’s thong was. She had kept this article of cloth close to her heart since leaving her home for the journey down to this tropical paradise. She had treated it as more than special cargo, her final insulting trump card. She’d failed at out-psyching her rival once today. She wouldn’t fail again. With a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile that could be seen from space, a yellow feather still stuck to her lip, Neve produced the pair of airbrushed bottoms that she had stolen from Jennifer after their last encounter. As she held the crumpled garment in her hand, Jennifer saw half of her own face smiling up at her from the fabric. A look of shock and disbelief washed over her face as she stared at the panties, totally undone by this insult of insults, perpetrated not by herself, the queen of pre-fight theatrics, but by her opponent, who was obviously quickly adapting to the ways of the arrogant Latina supreme.

Totally oblivious to the significance of the undergarment, the official took the panties from the Canadian and held them up to Lopez, causing her to recoil, as they came a little too close for comfort. “Is it alright with you, Miss Lopez?” she innocently queried, able to see the anger beginning to percolate inside the beauty as her look of surprise and disgust gave way to one that literally trembled with rage.

Attempting to harness and focus that energy, Jennifer wrangled in her reply, “Fine by me... I want those back anyway!”

Neve wrinkled her nose in response to her Latina opponent, “Oh don’t worry hun, I’ll leave ‘em stuffed down your throat when I go tonight!”

The lovely Latina shot back her most hateful gaze at the northern girl as she nodded for the headmistress to begin La Conquista. Each woman settled back a little, widening their stance as once again, the headmistress raised her flag, this time Jennifer’s own panties, taken as a trophy by her opponent during the last battle. The crowd grew to a fever pitch as once again those well-manicured hands began to unfold from around the soft material, and finally... the panties were free in the light ocean breeze, fluttering towards the sand.

The cloth hadn’t even reached terra firma when the warriors began their charge, both fueled by nothing but hate and rage, reckless abandon shown for their own well being as they steamed on a collision course for each other. The mid air collision of two missiles could not have been as spectacular as the impact that was to follow. The crowd grew silent, just in time for the THWAP of two thick bodies, flung together without caution or care, crashed into one another, as though each was intent on passing right through and onto the other side. Both women went wide eyed as they came to a literal stand still, slick belly to slick belly, oiled chest to oiled chest, bitter rivals entangled in what each hoped to be the final stand off of their long and emotional feud.

Quickly Jennifer slid her arms around the slick midsection of her hated rival, locking her hand across her wrist, her muscles tensing as she ground her form against Neve, grunting with exertion as she made her first attempt as staving the girl a few steps towards the far-away goal line. Neve quickly planted one foot further behind her in the sand, trying to venture a little leverage against her Latina opponent’s determined advance. In an unusually catty display, Neve made it evident that she was determined to win, wrapping her fingers in Jen’s low hanging pony tail, and yanking backwards hard, forcing the beauty’s face to jerk upward, eyes turned towards the beautiful blue sky.

“I’m picking up a few dirty tricks, bitch. You’re a bad influence on me!” Neve quipped, gloating at the sight her rivals face, twisted in pain and forced skyward.

Jennifer croaked through gritted teeth, “Got to hell, slut!”

J-Lo’s scalp was on fire as her rival yanked harder on her dark mane. “YOU FIRST!”

Neve coiled her leg in behind Jennifer’s thick gam, stopping to plant her foot in the sand, before sweeping Jennifer’s legs out from under her, depositing the beauty heavily into the sand on her back, a tuft of the white stuff billowing up from the impact. Neve, however, could not break the girl’s iron hold on her sexy waist, and toppled to forward, smashing her body across that of her opponent, Jennifer taking the brunt of both of their falls.

The first of the true implications of the type of battle these two ladies had been so eager to enter became exceedingly evident and all the more real now as the Canadian scream queen jockeyed for better position on her squashed rival. Her paler, oil-slicked body slipped over the olive skin that was crushed beneath her. The tight, intimacy of this type of battle could no longer be denied and Neve took full advantage of the mutual realization, moving her face nose to nose with her beautiful rival, her eyes lighting up as she dragged her thinly covered mound across Jennifer’s smooth belly, and down to her crotch, grinding woman to woman. Jennifer’s eyes narrowed angrily, as she tightened her hips and rolled them right back against her rivals embarrassing pussy-press.

“Can’t wait to have your nose buried in there again!” Neve spat at her seemingly trapped rival, sweat forming on both of their brows anew, Jennifer’s arms still wrapped tightly about her slim waist.

Jennifer’s only reply was a loud and primal growl as she bridged her hips up with all her might, taking her haughty opponent by surprise. The Latina beauty tucked Neve’s body close to hers, straining her arms in a crushing embrace, screaming that same primitive scream throughout the entire maneuver as she rolled Neve’s back to the sand, effectively reversing their positions.

It was becoming more and more apparent that this final battle was more even than either lady had anticipated. Neither having participated in an event like this before, and with similar size and build, it would come down to a battle of will and woman, which neither of these ladies lacked in any sense of the words. It was now Jennifer’s turn to exert a little dominance upon her rival, lying atop the dark-haired beauty, having never discontinued the sensual body to body grind that Neve initiated moments ago. The crowd was treated to an extended view of Jennifer’s infamous ass working in overtly sexual circles as she smashed her womanhood against Neve’s, her breasts pressing the Canadian’s own pair flat, each breathing heavily in the other’s face.

The two battlers fell silent, letting their facial features and bodies talk for them, locked in a full body war. Their gazes shifted back and forth between their opponent’s own face and their battling assets, all the while looking for a sign of one giving in to the other.

Jennifer couldn’t hold in her arrogant comments any longer, finally breaking the silence, “You aren’t woman enough for this Neve... Beg for me to end this!”

“I’m gonna MAKE YOU EAT ME YOU ARROGANT COW!” Neve screamed back into Jennifer’s confidently smiling face.

A bead of sweat began its trek on Jennifer’s forehead, slipping slowly, agonizingly down the bridge of her nose, holding its position on the tip of her obviously Latin snout until it finally broke its bonds, free-falling serenely until it splashed on Neve’s own button nose. As if it had somehow awoken a sleeping giant within the pale-skinned beauty, Neve began her own low, animalistic growl, forcing her palms against her opponent’s seductively swaying hips, the growl growing into a full fledged battle cry as she powered the shocked latin beauty up and off of her, depositing her with disdain in the sand.

Having seen only the opening moments of this battle, the crowd was already stunned and hysteric at the awesome display before them. Both fighters having struggled to their knees, didn’t waste even a second to take stock of the situation, as they once again flung themselves upon one another, this time their claws entwining in a mock test of strength, their bikini clad breasts again smashed into one another, the two fighters now several feet on Jennifer’s side of the beach. Grunts and growls began emanate from both ladies as each attempted to gain ground, Jennifer attempting to force her way out of her own territory as Neve tried to push the latin even closer to losing the battle. From their mutual kneeling positions, neither could gain significant advantage and their breasts and bellies began to slip and slide, once again turning this into an intimate, body-to-body grinding war, both women more and more charged each moment with the thought of dominance and the humiliation of her hated rival.

Finally, Jennifer made a gross miscalculation and threw her weight much too far to one side, a moment that Neve was certainly all too happy to capitalize on. Neve ‘helped’ the beauty, sliding her own mass out of the way and catching the booty queen in a slippery side headlock, her lips and nose embarrassingly mashed against the side of the Canadian’s supple breast. For the first time in the match, Neve felt truly in control of the situation. She cinched the headlock tight, “Taste some tit sweat you Puerto Rican slut!”

She began to inch her way down the beach on her knees, forcing a struggling Lopez closer and closer, inch by inch toward her own goal line. Jennifer began to look somewhat like an angry dog, with its head trapped in a fence. Her body shook and jerked as she desperately attempted to wriggle free of the headlock, or at the very least stop her agonizingly slow advance toward the line drawn in the snow white sand that spelled defeat and utter humiliation for the Latina diva. What frustrated her more than anything was the she APPEARED to be under the total control of her smugly grinning rival, being forcibly walked down the beach, her face pressed into the side of Neve’s oil-slicked mammary.

Unable to abide her opponent’s display of dominance any longer, Jennifer reached her claws around the Canadian beauty’s hips, steeling her hands into an evil and twisted looking set of daggers before she shoved them viciously against the supple pale flesh of Campbell’s exposed tummy and began to drag them lower, eliciting a shrill squeal from the dark-haired woman. Immediately the headmistress sprung to her feet, ready to cite the first of what she was sure would be MANY rule infractions during the course of this fight, but as her advance began to gather speed, she was suddenly halted by a richly feminine but still strong arm that pressed against her bountiful chest. That arm was connected to the lithe body of La Cazadora’s owner: a native with olive skin and jet black hair, easily in her late forties or early fifties but still stunningly attractive. Her entire face and head was obscured from view by a large brimmed hat, even though she sat under a luxurious looking beach umbrella.

“This is their fight... let them fight it their way!”

A puzzled look shot across the headmistress’ face, but she did as she was told, taking a seat next to the pretty Latina and quietly folding her hands across her knee as though she were a scolded child. Before their very eyes the painful drama of the vicious move continued to play out, Neve attempting to maintain her hold, her advance toward Jennifer’s goal line entirely halted now as Lopez continued to drag her nails angrily across the smooth pale tummy of her rival.

Amazingly, Neve was able to remain steadfast, holding onto the gorgeous Latina even as her belly was brutalized and beginning to turn red. As it became more and more evident that the belly claw was not going to be enough to remove her from her rival’s grasp, Jennifer’s motions became less and less intense, allowing Neve an opportunity that she would certainly regret.

As Jennifer’s claw lost its passion, Neve swung the Latin’s face away from her breast, maintaining the headlock with one arm as she forced her other hand into the Latin’s unprotected face. Her own hand took the shape of a gnarled claw as she raked her nails across Jennifer’s prized facial features. Lopez’ entire body spasmed like an electric shock victim, a pitiful cry escaping her lips as the scream queen treated her money-making face with utter contempt and disrespect. Fear for her own good looks began to drive Jennifer’s passion to escape, but she looked much like a trapped mouse, tortured by a gloating and rage engorged cat. Jennifer began to hang more and more limply, looking more and more defeated as her face was mauled by her ruthless opponent. The dominant brunette could sense Jennifer’s lack of resistance, and abandoned her painful mind game, for a more effective tactic, once again securing the headlock with both arms and resuming her kneeling march to the finish line.

Jennifer seized the opportunity, having narrowly escaped facial disfigurement and convinced Neve that her fight was waning, Jennifer sprang to life, pressing her palms against Campbell’s kidneys and shoving with all her might, owing her newly awarded freedom to the coconut smelling oil that slathered both gorgeous bodies as her head popped free of the headlock. Acting quickly and capitalizing on the shock that was evident on her opponent’s wide-eyed face, Jennifer smashed her breasts against Neve’s slick back, her arms sliding up and entangling the beauty in a full nelson, her palms pressed angrily against the back of Neve’s head.

“Got you now bitch...” Jennifer hissed into Neve’s ear as she pressed her palms forward, forcing Neve’s neck at an impossible angle, her chin down against her heaving chest as she gurgled out an unintelligible response.

The crowd shifted screams as the Jennifer fans became more belligerent, cheering on the smiling Latina as she viciously shook Neve’s upper body left and right in the full nelson, the pained gurgles of her trapped rival music to her diva ears. J-lo ripped Neve’s body hard left... then hard right... shaking her like a plastic chew toy in the grasp of a Doberman’s jaw’s... finally spinning her to face her own side of the beach.

Making sure Neve had no way of replying by pressing her neck even harder at that difficult angle, Jen whispered into Neve’s ear, “See that baby... that’s the end of the line for you... and that’s where we’re headed...”

Now it was Jennifer’s turn to force her way down the beach, all the while her supple breasts smashed flat against Neve’s slick back, her thong-covered mound bumping violently against the swell of the Canadian’s ass, in a mini-psychological battle of its own as Jennifer’s thick legs powered the girl, knee for knee down the beach in a full-nelson, Neve trying to gurgle out angry replies, but most of them getting lost in the bent corner of her painfully angled wind-pipe. The booty queen did her best to ham up the advance as she forced her opponent to walk this modern day plank, all the while staring face down at the white sand, every now and then catching a glimpse of the goal line that spelled defeat for her, looming closer and closer with each look. Jen’s display of dominance was aided by a small thread of saliva that began to trek its way from Neve’s slightly parted lips all the way down to the curve of her shiny breasts, sparkling in the mid-day heat that beat down on both battlers, adding more and more sweat to the slippery oil mix that already covered their entire lithe figures.

The struggle between the warriors was becoming more and more intense with each inch Jennifer forced down the beach. Neve’s resistance was growing as she did her best to acclimate herself, if that was possible, to the awkward angle of her throat and the pain of almost having her shoulders ripped from their sockets with each vicious tug of Jennifer’s straining biceps.

As the women again reached the midway point... sliding ever so slightly for the first time into Neve’s territory, the Canadian exploded in a mix of desperation at the amount of beach they had already eaten up and frustration at being marched by her opponent in such a dominating fashion, and powered her way to her feet, gurgling out an obligatory, “Fuuuuuccckkkk...” as Jen, wide-eyed, had no choice but to go along for the ride. Suddenly, the two women were standing, in the same position, Jennifer’s Full Nelson still locked agonizingly on, her hips grinding expectantly into Neve’s ass. Both ladies were huffing and puffing, this war of attrition was more than either of them had expected it to be, and the heat beating down on them as mid-day gave way to evening was not helping.

Drawing in ragged breaths, Jennifer finally broke the silence they had been sharing, “You just made it easier for me babe!”

Neve was quick to respond, her voice dusty and ragged as well, but her neck at a more forgiving angle now, “Easier for you to worship my ass!”

Jennifer surged with all her might, pressing hard against the sand, her thick dancer legs straining as she forced a few more inches against Neve’s stoic stance. The Latina grunted and milked the shove for all it was worth, before rearing back on her haunches and attempting the move again, which was EXACTLY what Neve had been waiting for.

When the next surge came, the scream queen was more than ready. Instead of standing steadfast as she had before, she tucked her body in, ducking and sending both Latina supreme and Canadian goddess spinning through the air, pirouetting like gorgeous half-naked ballerinas until cruel gravity brought them back to the ground, depositing them to the sand with a puff of billowy white dust. Jen landed roughly on her back, her rival smashing down on top of her - much in the same position as when they’d been in standing; Neve flat, compressing J-Lo’s tits to her chest, her pale ass on her opponent’s hips and crotch.

“Finally you’re back where you want to be Jenny... under my gorgeous ass!” Neve recovered her sense of catty chat very quickly. Jennifer was unusually quiet, silenced by her spasming diaphragm as it attempted to recover and aid her in drawing much needed air into her lungs. Neve could feel her hated rival’s stomach frantically pumping for air against her back, and she knew by that golden silence that Jenny was hurt. Knowing she had to be quick in capitalizing on Jennifer’s disadvantaged position, Neve sat up, shifting all her weight to her fleshy bottom that was resting heavily on Jennifer’s hips and lower belly. Still unable to speak, Jennifer made a squeaking noise as she moved her hands up, shakily pressing at the wide booty crushing her. The move served only to allow Neve the opportunity to capture Jen’s arms and place her in an even less advantageous position. For the first time in this match, the trash talk began to flow freely from one of the contestants, “Like having my ass on your crotch baby?”

Neve began to grind slowly and seductively, smashing Jennifer’s lower midsection with the weapon that she knew would most humiliate the Latina. As the Scream Queen’s ass ground into her, it pressed Jennifer’s own ample bottom humiliatingly into the sand, embarrassing her more then hurting her; burying her prime asset in the white-hot beach while Neve’s own bottom ground her pussy and hips dominantly.

Neve cast her eyes over her shoulder, looking at Jennifer’s pained face with shear pleasure, “How’s it feel to have your FAT ASS BURIED by mine?”

Jennifer finally wrangled in enough air to form a reply to her, “Your ass hasn’t buried... ANYTHING!”

The tortured girl did her best to sound angry and convincing, although the agony was obviously sketched across her face. Neve, almost indignant that she’d allowed the fighter enough air to speak, quickly remedied the situation, using her hold on J-Lo’s struggling hands to propel herself backward and slam her wide booty down onto the smooth tan flesh of her stomach, just below the ribcage. She watched expectantly as Jennifer’s eyes opened wider, her mouth forming a silent scream, “Your big mouth says one thing... but your smashed ass says another!”

The crowd began to crescendo yet again as they saw Neve wiggling her butt further and further back on her injured opponent, the oil making sufficient lubricant to allow her the opportunity to slip her ass quickly over the swell of Jen’s barely covered breasts, bringing the instrument of so many of Jennifer’s humiliations, as of late, to rest on her upper chest. Jennifer began to squirm as she frantically attempted to draw in air yet again, Neve’s intentions as transparent to her as they were to the crowd.

“Awwwww come on baby...” Neve started in her ever-condescending tone, “... with all the kisses you’ve given it... you’d think you’d be in love with my sexy ass by now!”

The large posterior pressed back even further, locking Jennifer’s twisting head in an upright position, her chin trapped in the cleft of Neve’s coconut-oiled ass. As she peered over her shoulder, Neve could see Jennifer’s countenance, sucking rhythmically at the hot humid coastal air. She’d hoped to see abject fear in the eyes of her opponent, as her defeat was likely looming so very close in the form of, what Jennifer considered to be, an inferior ass, but she read something entirely different on the disadvantaged fighter’s face. She read methodical, calculating determination as she did her best to fill her lungs with precious air before she was forcefully plunged into degrading, airless darkness. No matter. She’d have plenty of time to be scared for her very life come the end of the match... an event whose timing was now, as Neve saw, entirely in her own hands... given that this match didn’t end until she shoved Jenny across that line... and she could smother her out OVER and OVER... and get as many submissions as she wanted before she chose to do so.

“Ready to meet your ruin…Ms. Wide Load?”

Neve stared deep into Jennifer’s eyes, trying to savor what she hoped would be the last time she would see that face peering defiantly at her over the curve of her rounded ass. Jennifer stared back ice cold steel daggers of determination... a determination that burned deep within her,

“We’re not donmmmmpppphhhhhh...” Neve was hoping she’d try some sort of comeback. In fact, she was banking on it and Jen couldn’t have made it any more perfect as the Canadian arrogantly cut off the diva’s insolent words by sliding her bare ass cheeks back over Jennifer’s mouth...then up and up until the girl’s nose was wedged deep between them... pressed up against her red thong.

Over the last few months she’d felt that nose slide into that very position many times, but it had NEVER felt this good to be grinding JENNIFER LOPEZ’ arrogant snout deep between the cheeks of her ass. The crowd was riotous as she began to swirl her hips ever-so-slowly, mashing the fighter’s pretty features into the slippery flesh of her beautiful ass depositing a demeaning mixture of coconut oil and ass sweat onto J-Lo’s flawless face. The scent of that smothering butt was no longer unfamiliar to Jennifer as Neve’s musk filled her senses. She lay entirely motionless, the fire burning deep within her undetectable even to the woman who was assertively and authoritatively muzzling her with her dominant ass. She made no sound... no movement.

Neve smiled deeply, certain that she had finally broken the spirit of the ass queen herself. “Your ASS IS MINE J-LO! To do with as I please...” Neve ranted, ripping the white triangle top from her opponent’s breasts, exposing them for the first time to the hot sun, the crowd even louder than before. “You’ve been out-fought... out-smothered... OUT-ASSED every time we’ve met... and now you and I both know it...” Neve threw verbal daggers with extreme accuracy, tearing at the heart of what Jennifer was... using her ass as symbolism for everything she represented. Her monologue continued, intent on showing Jennifer that it took no special skill to be the diva Jennifer was so proud of being, “You aren’t the Ass QueeeeEEEEEEEEE…..unnnnhhhh...”

It FINALLY caught up with her. Neve learned, the hard way, a lesson that Jennifer had been privy to, with quite acute and unhappy awareness, since her earliest days of fighting: A BIG MOUTH can get you in trouble. It had proven Jennifer’s undoing more times than she’d like to admit... and now it had just cost Neve her domineering and potentially match ending position on her rival’s embarrassed face. She’d been so caught up in grinding the poor girl’s nose into the thin red material of her bottoms that she hadn’t noticed Jennifer’s long thick sexy legs snaking up from below toward her head. At the most inopportune moment she leaned a little too far forward and BAM! Like lightning, she was on her side in the sand, two thick sexy thighs wrapped in a vice-like grip around her face.

Although shocked at the sudden turn of events, Neve’s experience and sheer wrestling skill saved her from what would have been almost certain defeat in the form of J-Lo’s Reverse Head Scissors. Neve somehow maintained the wherewithal to grip desperately to her rival’s head, her thighs locking like a steel vice around her opponent’s temples, clinging desperately not only to Jennifer’s skull but to any chance of pulling out a victory in this beach battle. Again the battle fell uncharacteristically silent for these two fighters, the only noises coming from their entwined, writhing bodies were the grunts and groans of pain and frustration as each strained to squeeze the fight from the other.

The slick sweaty bodies undulated in unison across the hot beach like some headless sand serpent, kicking up white billowy stuff with each movement. Jennifer was already breathless from the cruel ass smother that Neve had intended to be her trump card, and was squeezing with all her might, her well trained thighs like steel bands, visibly quivering with exertion. She knew she was in serious trouble. The match, as most matches do, had already diverged far from the fantasy that had played out in her mind, and now she lay in a mutual Reverse Head Scissors on the hot beach, her face pressed tightly to her opponent’s most private areas, the occasional bit of bare flesh slipping lose and rubbing her face, disgusting her to the fullest extent.

On the other end of the spectrum, Neve wasn’t fairing much better. She was also being treated to an up close and personal view of her opponent’s nether regions, Jen’s smooth, slick, infamous, ass uncomfortably close and in full view as it powerfully cycled through violent squeeze after squeeze, in some strange way giving the Canadian a millisecond’s notice before each surge made it through the Latina’s thighs and crushed her beautiful face. She was struggling to maintain her scissors, which had been hastily applied and lacked perfect form, but still she was in a very advantageous position, having taken the fight to Jen hard and dominated her the last few minutes, even scoring the all important first Butt Smother of the night, a psychological blow that she knew would be difficult for the “so-called ass queen” to deal with.

She relished the fact that, even though her opponent’s formidable posterior was alarmingly close to her countenance... Jennifer’s reddened face was almost buried in Neve’s own hindquarters and she could hear the bitch gagging with every ragged breath that her ill-applied scissors would allow, a small moral comfort to say the least, but for now... it was enough.

If she would’ve been able to escape Neve’s scissors and maintain her own, Jennifer certainly would’ve. But as fate would have it, she could not come out in such an profitable position after having been so thoroughly shaken and nearly embarrassingly defeated in a move that she claimed to be mistress of, so she was more than happy to cut her losses and abandon her hold all together when she finally wriggled free, with the help of that aromatic coconut oil, from Neve’s thighs.

The two fighters instinctively rolled away from each other, both thrilled to be free from the other’s grasp, and each secretly counting her blessings that things hadn’t been a little different and that, respectively, she hadn’t ended up out cold in the sand, completely at her rival’s mercy. Both ladies stared wide eyed, taking only seconds to get their bearings and wobbly legs under them, Jennifer visibly gasping a little harder for air, having had her nose buried deep in Neve’s luscious backside BEFORE experiencing that brutal, close quarters double scissors.

Moment’s rest over, the two once again rushed headlong at each other, this time more civilly locking up in something of a collar-and-elbow type hold, faces pressed intimately only a few inches apart. The intimacy however, even if it were of some sexual nature, bled nothing but pure hatred, radiating with enough intensity to singe even the furthest crowd members. Both warriors’ manes were darkened by copious amounts of sweat. The sun had sunk even lower in the sky now, but the heat hadn’t broken, in fact, it may have been hotter now then it was when the battle first began. Sweat coated their faces, dripping from foreheads... lips... noses... even eye lashes. Slowly, and very much voluntarily, the two women drew closer and closer, chests heaving, Jennifer’s tits bare now, her nipples standing proud against the cloth of Neve’s still-in-place bikini top. Soon they rested foreheads together, noses touching, hushed whispers, just out of the reach of straining crowd’s ears began to flow from the pair, not intended for theatrics, not intended for intimidation, simply intended for one another.

“Is that ass I smell, Jenny?” Neve queried to Jennifer’s obvious chagrin, reminding her that she had been the first to smother under a rounded rump today.

“Yeah, but mine smells better. I’ll show you!” Jen shot back, eyes cold, face emotionless.

“You need to learn to keep your fucking mouth shut and stop making threats you can’t back up... and since no one else has the guts to stand up to your FAT DIVA ASS... I guess I’m gonna have to do the teaching!” Neve’s voice lost its sarcastic tone and dropped to match Jennifer’s cold, detached quality.

The women maintained their locked stalemate as Jenny continued, “You should really stop trying to save the world from bitches like me Neve... because in real life... there are no heroines... no villains... just my sexy ass... ALL OVER your ugly face!”

The Canadian squinted, her face wrinkling in anger as she began, “I told you...”

But J-Lo interrupted the dark-haired beauty. “NO! It’s MY TURN TO TELL YOU!” She punctuated her words with a showcase of her substantial power, ending the stalemate that had kept them face to face by squatting down, thrusting her considerable ass out and using the muscle tone in her lower body to shove with all her might, lifting the surprised and sizable scream queen off her feet and sending her crashing backwards, her smooth back impacting the sand first raising a dust cloud around her heaped form.

Jennifer’s arrogance was beginning to show yet again, much to the crowd’s delight. She placed her hands on her hips, gazing angrily down at her rival as she approached ever so slowly. Her hips swung haughtily left and right, purposely exaggerating the sway of her large posterior, giving it a heavy, dangerous quality as she conceitedly gave the scream queen plenty of time to regain her feet. Neve was huffing and puffing, staring straight up into the deep blue sky, her back to the sand and her supple body shimmering in the golden sunlight. If it weren’t for her obvious situation, she could’ve been mistaken for a sun-bathing vacationer taking in the last of the days light. As peaceful as she may have seemed, however, she was anything but. Inside her gorgeous body, a war raged. Her brain screamed for her to get to her feet, look around, defend herself. Her heart was straining against its bonds within her chest, filled with hate and rage for her cocky opponent.

Her lungs burned for air, most of which had been expelled from them with the force of her fall. And her flesh begged for any respite it could find from the harsh environment of burning sun, coarse hot sand, and salty sea air. But, as is usually the case, the gorgeous girl’s heart and mind won over and she struggled to a sitting position, just in time to see Jennifer’s approaching swagger. Her head darted left and right, trying to ascertain how much beach that last momentous shove had cost her. Still hoping for the best, her eyes delivered her the worst, showing her the large distance that Jennifer’s unmistakable power had propelled her toward her own goal line. The second bad bit of news her senses had lined up was that the Latina wasn’t more than two feet from being right on top of her again. Much to Neve’s surprise, however, the thick powerful legs of her rival were stationary and the booty queen was simply towering over her, looking down like some scolding parent on a naughty child. “Get up you worthless cunt! I’m not done with you yet!” Jennifer spat down at her rival, her confidence definitely palpable and almost intoxicating as it permeated the crowd and riled them anew. Neve hadn’t the air in her lungs to answer the sweaty woman that stood before her but her actions spoke volumes as she silently and defiantly pushed herself to her feet, wobbling to a stoic stance before the dark skinned Latina.

The Canadian sucked greedily at the hot ocean air as it finally poured back into her lungs, the swell of her beautiful bosom expanding and contracting as she did. Even as the crowd ate up Neve’s wanton show of will and determination, Jennifer looked on, wholly unimpressed. Slowly, she ebbed into a defensive stance, ready to meet her rival once again in a hateful embrace aimed at finally sending the beauty across the finish line and thus into a world of pain, humiliation, and suffocation the likes of which she had NEVER experienced. For a moment the two fighters stood staring wordlessly at one another, the effects of a battle like this beginning to show heavily in both. Then, adjusting her neck to catch her rival’s drooping gaze, Jennifer broke the silence yet again, “Tell Mama how you want to end this...” a wry smile creeping across her lips. Those eight words were enough spark to get the match turning again as Neve let out a primal scream, charging her crouched opponent, her shoulder lowered in what resembled a football tackle. And that was the exact reaction Jennifer hoped... no... KNEW she’d get from her opponent.

Neve lunged like a wildcat at J-Lo’s smooth midsection, in one motion trying to make up for all the beach she had lost to the Latina Supreme’s vicious shove only moments before, and was immediately sorry. Jennifer expertly pressed two hands against the back of the Canadian’s head and redirected it between her well oiled legs, the girl’s advance stopping dead as her shoulders impacted Jen’s thick powerful thighs. The percussive force resonated through both their bodies, feminine parts jiggling accordingly as both reinforced their new positions. “You’re mine now bitch!” Jennifer assured her victim as she reached forward, taking hold of the scream queen’s red thong, cinching it up tight between the round glistening cheeks of her beautiful ass, the very ass that had moments ago covered Jennifer’s panicked face. Jennifer’s smile widened, grinning from ear to ear as she looked out over the crowd, giving the thong one more tug wiggling Neve’s embarrassed ass, and then collapsed, the full weight of her infamous booty coming down on the back of the woman’s head, smashing her face first into the hot sand. The symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect as Jennifer’s huge ass rested on the back of Neve’s skull, the fair skin of her face pressed into the white sand, her own ass exposed to the hot sun, the crowd, and worst of all, the vicious paws of an angry Jennifer Lopez.

“Now this is more like it! You under my ass... keeping your mouth shut... while I show this crowd what a little cry baby bitch you really are!” The Puerto Rican beauty began as she ground the hump of her big round ass into the back of Neve’s head, mashing her pretty features against the abrasive sand.

Jen leaned back, placing more and more weight on Neve’s cranium as she smashed the poor girl into the ground, maintaining her hold on the woman’s thong, Neve’s pale succulent ass coming up higher and higher into the air with each inch that Jennifer leaned back. The downed woman clawed fistfuls of the white billowy stuff, her legs kicking helplessly as the sand at once felt both soft and smooth against her grasping fingers and coarse and hard against her face as Jennifer’s beautiful bottom buffeted her head left and right. Neve’s nose and mouth began to fill with sand, her eyes tightly shut to make sure the same didn’t happen to them, the material of her thong biting into her most intimate flesh.

Panic began to set in on the fallen scream queen. With no way to gain any air or leverage and with her features slowly being buffed off her face by the sand, Neve started to lose composure. Instead of the calm and calculated movements for which the wrestler was known, frantic and fevered convulsions began to ripple through her and Jen’s ride became significantly less smooth. At first, the Latina smiled at the change of pace, knowing now that her big booty, which was currently grinding the back of Campbell’s head, was having a serious psychological effect on the beauty on top of the obvious physical discomfort it was causing. Her smile soon faded as she realized that the frenzied movements would be enough to unseat her soon if she didn’t reign in some control of the situation.

Keeping her grip tight on the bucking beauty’s bottoms, Jennifer looked out into the crowd, trying to catch individual gazes as she lifted her free right hand into the air, fist clenched. If Neve had been less panicked, she might have noticed the gasps and rising cheers from the crowd as Jennifer wordlessly revealed her cruel intentions to the masses. However, in her current state of terror, she had no idea what was about to transpire until it already had, as Jen’s tightly balled fist came crashing down just below her ribcage and right into her kidney.

The headmistress again stepped forward to site a rule infraction and was again silenced. J-Lo, taking notice that any consequence for using her fists so cruelly had been quelled indefinitely, took advantage, working the crowd as she raised her fist again high in the air. Neve’s feverish twists had all but stopped and her head was absorbing the humiliating and painful grind of Jennifer’s ass almost without answer. When the crowd had been worked into another anxious tumult, Jennifer expertly brought her knuckles to bear on the girl’s back again, this time viciously burying them in her other kidney. Neve saw stars, her muscles all tightening involuntarily as her body betrayed her, tears swelling in her eyes against her will.

Jennifer remained seated for a few more seconds, her ass slowly coming to a halt, taking several seconds for the momentum of that hot grinding ass to slow and come to a stop. Finally, Jennifer cast her eyes over her shoulder, sliding her whole body forward so that the nearly bare cheeks of her bountiful booty now rested heavily on the back of Campbell’s neck. She sank her claws into her rival’s dark tresses, yanking her face out of the sand and displaying it to those in the crowd behind her back. The girl’s sputtering and pained countenance was caked with fine white sand and sweat. Her hair stuck to her flesh in small bits all over her forehead and cheeks. Tears streamed out of her eyes against her will, a byproduct of the last two solid punches to the kidneys.

She clawed desperately at the sand, but got nothing more than handfuls of the stuff as a reward. With a quick twist of her wrist, Jennifer had rolled the speechless, wheezing brunette onto her back on the white hot beach. She’d seen this bird’s eye view of her lovely victim before, the top half of her face, all the way down to her top lip peaking out over top of that big round smothering ass poised for attack, but rarely had those eyes looked so pained or that face looked so frazzled. Jennifer smiled, taking in the site of this beaten bitch, her cheeks puffing out as she struggled for air, the struggle made that much more difficult by Jennifer’s weighty ass intermittently pressing on her throat.

“Awww honey, your face is all sandy. I can’t sit on it like that... let me clean it off for you!” The old taunting, haughty Lopez was back as she gingerly brushed at Neve’s face, trying to prepare a more comfortable seat for her royal bottom. Never one to lie still and take her lumps, Neve’s determination boiled as she tried to shrink away from the hand that was tracing her facial features with almost mocking precision. Jennifer adopted a look of disdain as her opponent turned from her brushing hand, “We could have done it the easy way... but you had to be stubborn... now you get the butt!”

As cliché as it may have been for Jennifer to refer to her backside in the third person, somehow the words rang true and deep inside Neve’s skull, sifting through years of battle hardened woman, they found a frightened young girl screaming in abject terror. Neve’s heart almost leapt from between her lips as those two shiny globes made their way back toward her face. The thought that rang in her head minutes before when she positioned herself to take a seat on J-lo’s face again went echoing through the dark corners of her battle-weary mind.

The end of the match was now at the facesitter’s discretion! Jen could facesit Neve into oblivion here and now (she’d already proven many times over she had the booty - and skill - to do it - and it’d be a simple matter of carrying her out cold carcass across that line drawn in white powdery sand.

WORSE, she could facesit her into oblivion over and over until she was content with whatever evil submission she had forced from the Canadian. With each of these terrifying thoughts, the deep musky crack of Jennifer’s ass drew closer and closer to her trapped nose, passing over her chin, and her lips... AGONIZINGLY SLOW... with barely any pressure at all. And just as Neve’s nose was disappearing into that terror-inspiring rear end, she remembered how Jennifer had escaped her sure-thing match-ending Butt Smother. She’d been damn determined not to go out and steeled herself against the panic.

Mirroring Jennifer’s earlier tenacity, at the last possible second Neve spun her face to the side, her nose brushing one of the huge offending ass cheeks, sending shivers down her pinned spine. Quickly she began to suck air, trying to store up as much precious oxygen as she could to endure what Jennifer would surely try and make the match winning move.

Paying little attention to Neve’s new found persistence, Jennifer dropped her big butt down onto the fighter’s puffing cheek, the contrast between the Canadian’s smooth pale flesh and Jennifer’s supple tan bottom sheer poetry. Slowly she began to brush her ass back and forth across the girl’s cheek, mock-dusting the sand from the trapped woman’s reddened face. Jennifer’s glee in humiliating the once proud brunette was undeniable as she literally giggled in guilty pleasure, her smooth, oil slicked ass cheeks slipping and sliding across the side of her opponent’s embarrassed face. Neve could stand this treatment no longer, and despite her deep breathing exercises in preparation for the inevitable croaked, “DISGUSTING BITCH!”

“Oh you think that’s nasty? Neve... you should know better by now... I can get much nastier.” Jennifer continued to baste her jaw with a combination of evaporating coconut oil and sweat, “Feel that baby? All that slickness on your face. It’s gotta be like what? Ninety-nine degrees out here? And that sun is relentless...” Jennifer held a one sided conversation with her victim while her bottom perpetrated copious humiliation in the form of what was becoming a violent booty grind, “That’s sweat baby... ASS SWEAT... and I’m about to bury you nose deep in it! NOW THAT’S NASTY!” Jennifer finished her rant, to the obvious pleasure of the audience as they went wild at the conclusion of her oration. It’s no wonder that Jennifer could barely hear Neve’s reply as she spun the warrior’s head upright, “You’re gonna pammmmpphhhhhhh...” Jennifer’s ass descended with purpose onto Neve’s upright face, her nose stuffed tight between her wide, smothering, cheeks, engulfed deeply in a mountain of sweaty, heavily scented flesh.

If the heat in the open sea air and mid day sun had seemed stifling, the sultry prison of J-lo’s ass crack was simply unbearable. Neve did her best not to panic... not to make any unnecessary movements... conserve her energy for her first rational chance at escape, but as it always was underneath Jennifer’s bottom, seconds melted into hours, and as each one ticked by, the prospect of even chance escape became more and more remote. Neve tried to fight emotions, both rage and fear, with only token success. She was, after all, buried face first in her most hated rival’s butt, on a Puerto Rican beach, in the dead middle of summer, in front of literally thousands of raging spectators, and with each passing moment her brain and muscles used up more and more of the oxygen that she had stored before being plastered into this purpose built woman destroying machine that was Jen’s booty. She wished now that she had kept her mouth shut and used those extra seconds to suck more air.

On top, Jennifer was hamming it up for the crowd. She was in her element, her white thong soaked with sweat as her big butt took her opponent’s dignity and consciousness a little at a time. She made slow, determined circles, working her ass wider than she had to, both for the benefit of bending her hated foe’s nose painfully far and exaggerating her disgracing ride for the riotous crowd. Reaching one of her claws back into those dark locks, Jennifer hungrily yanked Neve’s nose even deeper into the dark crevice.

“Get it in THERE Neve... you know where I like it!”

Neve had begun to moan now, abandoning any chance for a slip up, Jennifer was much too skilled an ass smotherer for that. Neve’s hands clasped tightly shut, anger channeling into them, vibrating them with fervor, but it did no good. Jen threw her head back as her ass continued to deposit scent and sweat on the girl’s face. She yanked up on the waistband of her thong, enduring the mild discomfort in order to enjoy the feeling of the material slipping off some of her most intimate areas, creating maximum flesh on flesh contact between her ass and pussy and Neve’s beaten face. Jennifer could feel the desperation in Neve’s movements. She was aware that Neve could sense the end approaching. If J-lo chose to end it this way, it’d be only a matter of thirty seconds or so before the match was hers.

Jennifer stopped gyrating her hips. She lifted her hands high into the air, like some praying Shaman worshipping a sun god, and then plunged them against her rivals barely covered tits with a loud THWAP, the flesh jiggling in retort. She then concentrated her weight, summoning as much of her body mass as he could towards her center of gravity, the pressure of her ass smashing down on the scream queen’s face increasing more than Neve thought possible. Her legs began to jerk involuntarily, those little tell-tale lights flashing, lungs burning, all signs that soon Jennifer’s ass would absorb her consciousness. But Jennifer would not have it. After all, what good would the win be if Neve wasn’t aware of it? Cruelly, Jennifer raised her ass from the crushed woman’s face, her head actually following the ascent, having been wedged so tightly in there before it finally fell loose.

Neve was a mess. Her face was the color of a fire engine and plastered with ass sweat, oil, sand, and her own hair and perspiration. Jennifer’s rump had done its job and done it well and reduced the beauty to a gasping prone shell of the warrior she once was. “Come on ass nose... time to call it a night!”

Jennifer reached down pulling the gorgeous girl’s top up over her supple breasts, baring them to all. With a dominance and authority only she can command, J-lo rolled the half-numb fighter to her stomach, wrapping the top tightly around her neck with one hand in a makeshift leash, grasping at her sweat soaked mane with the other. With a single jerk, the Latina queen began commanding Neve down the beach, her top choking her, eyes bulging as her legs sought purchase in the sand. Her movements became more and more frantic as she realized they were eating up valuable amounts of turf.

“Look at her...” Jennifer began as she walked the helpless girl like a dog, “She’s my bitch... My ass owns her! Her nose belongs...”

But she never finished. At the last second, just as they were approaching Neve’s line of loss, the Scream Queen’s hands found a grip on Jennifer’s ankles and sent both Puerto Rican Goddess and Canadian Warrior tumbling to the earth, kicking up an abundant amount of sand in the process. The world spun upside down for Jennifer. What was nearly pristine white sand became coral blue sky, and what was a domineering walk of her new ass pet down the beach became a show of the crushed fighter’s determination to beat Jennifer in her homeland. No matter.

Even if Jennifer hadn’t broken Neve’s will with that last engulfing butt smother, she was VERY certain that the demeaning breathless ride had taken everything Neve had to fight with. In fact, if anything, the Canadian beauty had merely afforded Jennifer one last look at the azul sky as it began to fade to a deeper color in the slowly dying light.

For Neve however, this was do or die time. As much as she hated to admit it (and she REALLY hated to) Jennifer’s facesits were some of the most devastating experiences of her fighting career. Now, she was lying on her belly, face down in the burning sand only a few inches from the line that would spell destruction for her on this hot beach, and she was still breathless and smelly faced thanks to one of those famous rump-to-nose grinds.

While Jennifer was leisurely taking her respite on the sand, more to arrogantly show her dominance over the downed girl than anything else, Neve was literally fighting for her life. Her limbs were still semi-numb from the smother that had taken her right to the verge of oblivion and sweat poured off of every inch of her body.

Pushing up off her belly, Neve got the distinct feeling of burying her forearms in pillows, while wearing a pair of heavy boxing gloves. The top that had just been used to choke her slipped from around her neck and floated weightlessly to the sand below. Her dark hair hung down in her face, slicked with both sweat and coconut oil, partially obscuring the view of her latina opponent, who was still lying on her back on the snow-white sand. It was now just a matter of timing. Neve could feel that tell-tale tingling in her limbs. The oxygen was beginning to reach her muscles again and soon they would start to respond properly to the fevered commands of her battle-weary brain. Just a few more seconds was all she needed, but those were a few seconds she wouldn’t get, as Jennifer began to sit up in the sand. If she saw that Neve was already on her hands and knees, the jig would be up and all would be lost for the Scream Queen. She wanted to... no she NEEDED to act now.

Feeling in her appendages be damned, Neve sprung at Jent with all she had left, throwing equal parts hate and body mass in the Latina Supreme’s direction. Jen smiled as she sat up to punish Neve for resisting the inevitable, shortly before finishing her off in truly dominating fashion, but that wasn’t to be. As soon as Jennifer’s eyes righted and cast beachward, the Canadian’s paler, supple form smashed into her own with a loud THWAP of oil slicked flesh on flesh.

Again J-lo found herself staring up at the deep blue sky! Neve wasted no time taking advantage of Jennifer’s stunned state, calling her now burning limbs into service as she pressed her bare breasts down onto Jennifer’s, sliding her right forearm up across the singer’s throat. With all her weight behind her Neve smashed down, her tits bullying Jennifer’s back against her ribcage, forcing what little air that was in her lungs to rush out of her airway before it was closed off by Neve’s crushing arm. After being ceremoniously butt smothered and then lead across the beach like a dog by her own top, Neve was livid, and it showed in her eyes and her vicious actions.

“You think it’s funny to choke me with my own top, cow?” Neve screamed as Jennifer’s body convulsed, her eyes bulging under the weight of the choke, “This is a REAL choke, YOU FAT ASS bitch! Where’s all that smart ass trash talk now?” Neve ranted, arching her back over and over, driving her forearm into her struggling opponent’s windpipe. “You’ll never talk trash again when I’m done with your neck. Hell you’ll NEVER (shove) TALK (shove) AGAIN (shove)! Let alone sing (shove).”

The determination in the brunette’s eyes was enough to make Jennifer believe every word she said. With her livelihood threatened, Jennifer used her iron will to order her arms into action, pressing her hands up under Neve’s chin, shoving with all her might. She made no sound save for the occasional gag, as her mouth sprung open, searching for air she couldn’t impel while her face turned dark crimson. A small trickle of saliva sprayed across her wanton jaw as she shoved with all her might to unseat her crazed rival before she was strangled. With one final, well timed shove, Jennifer broke the crushing throttle that her furious opponent had been forcing upon her, immediately covering the exposed flesh of her neck that Neve had been smashing. With a chorus of gags and sputters, Jenny laboriously flooded her lungs with much needed air, blinking tears from her pained eyes as Neve jockeyed to regain position on her rival, never leaving her perch upon the latin girl’s smooth slick stomach.

Just as J-lo’s breath began to regulate itself, her ribcage expanding and contracting at uniform intervals, she felt the cruel claws of her rival descend toward her throat and onto her own hands. Using her eyes as weapons, Neve stared deep into Jennifer’s own watery pools, broadcasting her intentions as Jennifer shook her head slowly left and right, still unable to make sounds with her tortured throat. In a show of immense power and determination, the Canadian pried her opponent’s hands apart, exposing her throat as though she were a lioness about to take a fatal bite of the uncovered flesh. Shaking with exertion the two battled, Jennifer continuing to shake her head in a silent ‘no’ while Neve did her best to force the claws of her opponent into a defenseless position pinned to the sand over her head.

Finally, Neve was able to use her leverage to overpower the Latina queen and let out a satisfied sigh as she felt the girl’s wrists puff into the white powdery turf, forcing her arms in a helpless spread eagle over her head. Campbell leaned in, nearly pressing her lips to her rival’s to whisper, “One way or another... I AM GOING TO SILENCE YOU!”

Jennifer still couldn’t coax her vocal chords into a response, but that didn’t stop her from offering a stare that spewed forth every hateful insulting intention her lips couldn’t provide - a stare so powerful it actually gave Neve pause - only to evoke another verbal assault from the dominant woman on top... a VERY personal “FUCK YOU...”

Making good on her prophecy to continue to deprive the flattened beauty of speech, Neve rustled upward on her upper body, her pale sweat slicked breasts sliding over Jennifer’s, giving them reprieve as they traveled upward and over her reddened face. With the latina’s legs grapevined, her arms pinned haplessly to the sand over her head, and Neve’s center resting right on her tummy, the already breathless girl on the bottom had little chance for counter other than to turn her head to the side in attempt to draw in air through her tortured trachea. Neve made quick work of sewing up that loose end as well, drawing Jennifer’s hands together on the beach and pulling her own elbows in on either side of her suffocating breasts, burying Jennifer’s face in her sweaty cleavage. As her vocal abilities returned, with little effect now that she was smothered and covered, Jennifer begin to whimper and whine deep in Neve’s bosom.

Taking any opportunity she could to mock and embarrass her hated rival, Neve began to coo and hush Jennifer like a suckling child, “You’re finished Jenny...” Neve swelled her chest into Jennifer’s face, engulfing her even more deeply in tit-flesh, explaining her situation to her with that same sing-song patronizing tone, “You see, although you may have one VERY disgusting way of putting people to sleep... I’ve got a whole LIST of ways to take your breath, and I intend to use EVERY ONE of them on you until you’re... No... huh-uh... bad girl...” Neve stopped mid sentence to resecure her smother, chiding her opponent for attempting to gain any breath, “... BEGGING to breathe what little air you can from between my cheeks!”

Finishing her short monologue, the Canadian beauty lifted her ample chest slightly off Jennifer’s face, reveling in the pained gasp the great “J-lo” just made between her breasts to impel what air she could, much like the sound of a swimmer that had been underwater far too long. The air Jennifer gasped at was hot and sticky, filled with the scent of coconut oil and Neve’s tit sweat, but she was grateful for any breath she could get, even if it was from between those dominating breasts. Immediately, she was plunged back into darkness and humiliation as Neve’s expert breast smother engulfed her once again, rendering her without ability for counter, reduced to simply hoping that another breath would soon come to keep her awake. As long as she was awake, there was still a chance, but if she drifted off, she knew that she would awake on the other side of that line in the sand, and all would be lost.

Neve smiled to the crowd, flashing a glance at the umbrella where the owner and her headmistress were, knowing that deep inside they were burning with the idea that such a famous Puerto Rican was being dealt with in such a demeaning way in this traditional form of combat. Seemingly speaking to no one in general, Neve offered an insult right to the owner, “Wanna hear my bitch gasp for me again?” Receiving riotous applause from the crowd, but never taking her eyes of La Cazadora’s owner and headmistress, Neve lifted her rack up again, and as though on cue, Jennifer sucked in another desperate and pitiful sounding gulp of air.

Suffering some of the worst humiliation yet in this battle, Jennifer did her best to shut the rest of the world out and focus on breathing... staying conscious, while Neve had her way embarrassing the poor latin beauty. She could feel the oiled soft flesh of Neves boobs taking her air and dignity second by second, grinding back and forth, and then in a circle, covering every square inch of her face. She could feel each individual tiny grain of sand that rolled between the Scream Queen’s tits and her face. She could hear her own pulse pounding in her temples, slowing as her body tried to betray her... tried to give up the fight and go to sleep. What little field of view she did have began to melt away to blackness. Soon she’d be out cold and at Neve’s mercy, and she was keenly aware that the brunette would have none when it came to finishing her off for good. Then suddenly, seconds before oblivion would’ve consumed her, she felt air rush back over her face and into her burning lungs.

As she lifted her impressive smothering weapons off Jen’s face, Neve cast her eyes down at the countenance they had just dominated. A look of pure satisfaction and joy swept over her. Jennifer was all but out of it, her face a disheveled sweaty crimson mess. She wasn’t sure if they tears that had welled in the smothered J-lo’s eyes were leftovers from the choke or fresh drops of fear and humiliation, but it didn’t matter. What mattered were the eyes behind those tears; the vacant look they held and the obvious distance between the suffocated bitch and reality.

“Screw this bitch...” Neve hissed to her applauding audience as she shifted her rack from one side to the other with her muscular shoulders, swiping her breasts across Jennifer’s face in a derisive and dismissive tit slap. The SMACK went unanswered as the Latina Supreme’s once proud face snapped to one side in the sand, her mouth puffing out like fish gills to bring in more and more life giving air.

The Scream Queen was now certain that she had taken everything out of her beaten opponent. She released Jennifer’s hands, allowing them to simply splay out harmlessly against the sand. She then placed her own paws deliberately, one on Jen’s right breast, the other on the side of her face, and did a modified push up, righting herself and then standing to the ovation of the sun burned beach goers. Still playing to the brood that had come to see this kind of destruction, the gladiatrix righted Jennifer’s smothered face with her left foot, grinding the toes and ball of her sandy right foot into the dommed girl’s pouty lips. “I win... you lose... now let’s make it official!”

Neve buried her claws in Jennifer’s sweat soaked mane, violently forcing the insensate fighter to stand with a vicious hair haul. So far gone, the Latina Supreme made no sound as she was hoisted onto her jellied legs. Her tormentor took hold of the back of her neck, and began to march the barely aware brunette down the beach towards her impending defeat. Neve couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect ending to the bout as the smother-drunk stumbling beauty lulled back and forth, her arms heavily swinging at her sides, her famous ass even bouncing back and forth inadvertently, without its usual purpose and finesse. A few times she shoved the Latina hard, causing her to stumble forward, only to be caught again by Neve’s cruel claws. Eating up nearly a third of the beach in this humiliating fashion, the crowd behind her all the way, a final shove sent Jennifer to her knees in the sand before Neve could catch her.

The Latina’s knee landed squarely on the mid-court line, halfway between success and failure. Jennifer became keenly aware that if she didn’t slow this brutal march somehow, she’d soon have eaten up all the beach on her on two feet and be dog-walked right across her own line of defeat. As Neve hastily approached, anxious to finish the brunette and get to the humiliation she so utterly craved, Jennifer whirled drunkenly, spinning sand into the air as she lurched without aim or purpose at her tormentor. With Jennifer in her slow, suffocated state, Neve easily ducked the sloppy charged and hefted the curvy girl into a classic Fireman’s Carry.

“Not good enough FAT ASS!” Neve quipped cinching the disgraced fighter a little higher on her shoulder in order to begin the walk of victory anew.

Frantic Jennifer began to rake her nails across Neve’s slick back, her nails tracing every supple contour, but much to her chagrin, the Canadian took the nasty tactic almost soundlessly, opting to return the favor by yanking Jennifer’s thong deep into her upturned ass that hung heavily on Neve’s shoulder. As more and more of the beach passed by, Jennifer became more and more aware, the shell shock of the smother wearing off and giving way to the terror of losing this battle and impossibly unbalancing the score between her and her hated rival.

With barely a quarter of beach left on her side of the half way point, Jennifer struck out with a vicious fist to the same kidney and rib she had abused earlier in the day. Having believed her opponent completely finished, reduced to back-scratching as a counter tactic, Neve certainly didn’t expect the blinding pain that she felt shoot up her flank and through her stomach. Surprise invaded her face as her knee buckled, slamming with the weight of both fighters into the barely forgiving sand.

With a show of technical prowess that only a fighter like Neve Campbell can possess, she did her best to capitalize, swinging Lopez around her neck and down onto her outstretched knee, her lower back bayoneted by the bony appendage. Already in dire trouble, Jennifer had hoped the punch would land her in the soft sand, and her body spasmed electrically as her spine was blasted instead by the Backbreaker, her jaw swinging wide in a silent scream. Disgusted, Neve shoved the spasming Latina off her knee and dropped to the sand on her own sexy ass, rubbing at the pain in her kidney.

Neve gazed through her pain at the shuddering victim lying in the sand before her, flopping like the catch of the day on deck, her arms bracing her lower back in agony, just above that ass that she loves so much. Neve had her own problems, but they were much less severe and subsiding by the second. Jennifer on the other hand was still exhausted from the breast smother her opponent had perpetrated on her, and her situation had now been exacerbated by the brain numbing pain that was radiating from her abused vertebrae.

“You know Jennifer...” Neve began to the silent and pained beauty. “...sometimes I think you WANT my ass on your face. That’s why you don’t give in to the other holds: You NEED to sniff me... you live for it!”

The Latina had managed to make it to a sitting position, her curvy booty buried weightily in the sand, her shoulders stooped and her chest heaving. She was seated with her back to her opponent, attempting to achieve some form of short reprieve in order to collect herself. Sadly, that reprieve would never come as Neve quickly pounced, digging her knees into the sand behind Jennifer’s infamous derriere, wrapping her arms stealthily around her opponent’s torso. Taking a brief second to mash Jennifer’s exposed ample breasts, basking in the pained screeches the cruel mauling elicited, Neve wrapped Jennifer into a seated Full Nelson, pressing her neck down at a painful angle, her chin nearly smashed against her own chest.

Trapped in painful hold after painful hold, Jennifer began to appear physically exhausted, wriggling and gagging instead of screaming and bridging. Sensing the end was near, Neve decided on some revenge for the particularly nasty face-to-sand grind her opponent had inflicted on her at the beginning of the battle. The Scream Queen, running on the adrenaline of the scent of victory, dropped to her side, pulling the Latina Supreme with her. A second later she had rolled her opponent to her tummy, face down in the sand, still trapped in the Half Nelson.

With vicious delight, Neve smashed and rubbed Jennifer’s face all around in the white stuff, filling her mouth and nose with it, grinding the coarse grains against her smooth pampered skin. As she began to feel Jennifer’s fight leaving her, Neve couldn’t resist grinding her slick, thong covered pussy against the defeated weapon of Jennifer’s struggling ass. Jennifer’s whimpers began to grow in unison with Neve’s power-drunk moans, “Unghhhhhhh... unhhh.. I knew that fat ass was good for something... Can you feel me bitch? Feel me grinding your ass?”

Even if Jennifer were coherent enough to answer, she was buried face down in the torturously hot and rough beach. Her arms grabbed uselessly at handfuls of the stuff, grasping it and letting it slip through her fingers over and over, much in the same manner she felt victory slipping away. She could hear the riotous cries of the crowd for more domination, and her opponent’s humiliating jibes. It was becoming a sensory over-load. And then suddenly she felt release as she was rolled belly up yet again, huffing and puffing on her back, face exposed again to the hot setting sun.

The Canadian couldn’t have been happier with her handiwork. Jennifer’s face was red, some parts obviously irritated by the fine grit sand of the scalding Puerto Rican shoreline. Little bits of the white stuff were still stuck to her vacant looking face, spackled there with a mix of slowly diminishing coconut oil and sweat. Strings of her once well kempt hair now littered her forehead and cheeks.

The wreckage of the rest of her body mirrored that motif, slathered with perspiration and sand, and completely motionless. Neve felt she had finally done what she had set out to do all along: Silence this loud-mouthed bitch! Up to this point, the trash talk had been flowing in a pretty even two way circuit, but now as the Scream Queen’s self-fulfilled haunches rested on J-lo’s motionless hips, all was silent. Sliding the fingers of her right hand up into Jen’s matted mane, Neve shifted her weight forward, letting her center ride every slick curve of Jennifer’s body as it made its way toward her face.

As the Latina’s bountiful bosom passed under her thinly covered pussy, Neve halted her progress. She wasn’t dragging the ride out for humiliation - although she could appreciate the quiet, demeaning symbolism of her nearly bare bottom squashing the Latina’s supreme’s breasts flat against her compressed ribcage as she struggled for life giving air...

No, she was incredulous that Jennifer had yet to make a single noise, save the baited breathing with which she raggedly drew air into her tortured lungs. Almost out of some kind of strange sense of obligation to her rival, Neve used her hand hold on the beaten girl’s hair to shake her head... trying to coax words from her throat... unsure how to proceed without her opponent bitching and moaning the whole way. Jennifer made no sign that she intended to respond, her head moving fluidly with Neve’s jerks, her eyes looking even emptier when the Canadian finally let her skull settle back into the indentation it had already made in the sand. Abandoning her futile attempts to right the world and jump start Jennifer’s inner bitch, the conqueror slid higher up, watching as Jennifer’s throat... then chin... then lips disappeared under the slight curve made by her mons beneath the moist tight red fabric of her thong.

Somehow expecting Jennifer to stir to life, the Canadian hesitated, hovering over her features. Jennifer was tokenly aware of the happenings above her, her vision blurry... her lungs afire... but when the musky scent of her rival’s sex betrayed its presence only inches from her face, she became embarrassingly aware of the seriousness of her situation. Still, she remained helpless to prevent it and unable to vocalize her disgust. Realizing the end had come, and that the great Jennifer Lopez was about to go out with the whimper that she truly deserved, Neve wrapped her fingers around her own waistband, pulling the barely existent thong into an uncomfortable front wedgie. “Hey Jennifer...” the brazen fighter whispered so that only she and her prey could hear. “…fuck you...” Neve finished her sentence and settled her nearly bare slit onto Jennifer’s insensate nose.

Jennifer’s arms and legs swirled, making something of a snow-angel in the pure white sand that encased them. She moaned weakly, but was still otherwise silent as her nose poked between her hated rival’s now bared lower lips, forcing the slick material that parted them even deeper into Neve’s inner sanctum. The scream queen thrust on her countenance, forcing the girl’s protruding snout to scour the length of her labia time and again, forcing Jennifer into a symbolic burial in the intimate areas of a woman that she hated with every fiber of her being.

At first “the rider” cast her eyes heaven-ward as she plastered “the ridden’s” face with her own special lubrication, hungrily devouring the humiliated features beneath her in what she believed to be the penultimate facesit of their long fued, but soon she found herself too quickly approaching the inevitable conclusion of such a move. Deliberately pacing herself, Neve lifted her pussy from Jennifer’s mouth and nose, allowing the barely conscious woman an awareness sustaining gasp of musky air and at the same time staving off her approaching orgasm. Fighting off animal urges, Neve again settled on the Latina’s face, gazing down into her glassy eyes.

“Jennifer...” at first it was a whisper. “JENNIFER...” then a declaration. “JENNIFER!” then a shout. As they say, the third time is a charm! With the third pronunciation of her given name Jennifer’s smother-emptied eyes shot a fixed and knowing glance into Neve’s deep pools. Certain that Jennifer could hear and understand her now, Neve leaned in, again keeping these words for her and her alone, “Game... set... and match you fat assed loser! You can’t even handle my pussy, let alone my real weapon...” At the word ‘weapon’ Jennifer’s eyes went from their lazy looking smothered state to an aware and frightened appearance. “Oh my... you are still in there after all, aren’t ya? You know what weapon I’m talking about don’t ya?”

The dark-haired fighter lifted so her opponent could drag in a ragged breath, “There was always only one logical conclusion to this fued Jennifer... and we’ve reached it. Now I’m gonna shove your STUBBY LITTLE NOSE up my BIG BEAUTIFUL ASS... and KNOCK YOU THE HELL OUT!”

Her last words were exclaimed loud enough for all the beach-goers to hear and they went wild. Jennifer’s true fans had been offering constant encouragement, but now even they had been silenced by the current display of dominance on the sand. With obvious fatigue and purpose, Neve quickly reversed her position, needlessly pinning Jennifer’s limp arms under her knees as she moved her thong covered booty into position above the crushed woman’s face.

Pausing to brush the sand off her bottom, Neve readjusted her bikini such that it was no longer riding deep into her womanhood. She made sure instead, that it was now parting the wide voluptuous cheeks of her smooth ass as deeply as it could. Jennifer coughed roughly as some of the cascading sand from her opponent’s behind permeated her breathing passages, but remained otherwise still and silent, huffing for much needed oxygen. Offering what she hoped would be the final words of this arduous fight, Neve looked to dig as deep under the semi-conscious fighter’s skin as possible.

“In your Native land... with your own move... After today... The Jennifer Lopez all these idiots idolize is NO MORE! Got it?” Neve asked, swiping Jennifer’s face to the side with one derisive grind of her hips. When she received no response, she continued, “Thought so...”

She dropped her round cheeks down, wedging the latina’s nose in her sweaty ass crack yet again. This time there was NO reaction from the downed fighter. She simply lay still as the smooth confident butt descended on her features and swallowed them whole. Before she began grinding, Neve reached back, using a handful of hair to yank the girl’s nose deeper against her thong, making sure that any air J-lo was sucking in was musky and humid. Only when she was supremely confident that she had tucked Jennifer into the folds of a nightmare beyond her own imagination did she begin to move her hips, rocking them gently left and right. Each sway felt like it eased Jennifer just a little more completely into her crack, and the seated fighter simply couldn’t get her once proud foe deep enough between those wide cheeks to satisfy her need to humiliate the girl.

The crowd had seen several smothers today, but none looked as damning as the one that was being perpetrated at this very moment on the woman once revered as the greatest ass smotherer of our generation. She had made no move to stop or even protest the booty that was perched on her face and as the paler Canadian began to pick up pace on her features, it began to look like gratuitous show boating. Simply put, the latin had been put away... hard, smelly, and wet. With each hungry grind of her ass, the white cheeks parted just enough to see the tan bridge of an embarrassed nose pressed against a mix of thong material and ass flesh.

If it could be said that Jennifer put up no fight against the smother as it was coming... it could now be said that she was virtually dead in the water... all but unconscious. Feeling her foe’s fight leaving her body, Neve raised her ass about an inch, chuckling as the air deprived latin sucked at her scent in attempt to get air. Then, with heartless disregard she dropped her ass, letting it SPLAT on her rival’s face. Without hesitation, she repeated her move, lifting her ass a few more inches this time... taking the time to look into J-lo’s teary eyes before SPLAT, dropping her ass again, all her upper body weight on top of it. Almost on the rebound, she lifted a third time, over half a foot before hovering, eliciting a gasp from EVERY fan in the audience. A look of surprise came over her face as she shifted her gaze to the shocked onlookers. “Fuck this bitch!”

She informed them as she let her body weight collapse on the tortured face a third time... SPLAT! This time Jennifer’s body twitched a little, and lie still yet again. Seeing the pathetic reaction from a once great opponent, the Canadian let out a disgusted sigh, “Time for YOU to crawl for ME, FAT ASS!”

And so began the seemingly endless journey to Jennifer’s own line of loss. Neve wrenched the beauty to her hands and knees, but Jennifer merely collapsed to her face, huffing at the sand as she struggled for air, in a complete ass-induced daze. The match was all but technically over as Neve hoisted the woman to her hands and knees a second time, one hand full of hair, the other full of thong. “I want you awake for this. You’re gonna CRAWL over that line yourself... because you WANT the torture to end!”

Keeping her hand holds on the semi-conscious brunette, she began practically dragging the woman dead weight down the length of the beach. Instead of evenly spaced hand and knee prints, Jennifer left behind long trenches in the sand as she was pulled with ferocity. Her world spun as the end of the beach loomed closer and closer, threatening to put to bed once and for all, the question of who was the superior. With all her might, Jennifer did not want the history books to show two losses of this caliber in a row to an opponent like Neve Campbell. But she was spent. Both ladies had exhausted themselves in the midday heat, and Jennifer had just taken two vicious smothers, either of which could’ve been match ending in its own right.

“Just a few more inches blubber butt...” Neve cooed as she dutifully trudged her weary, ass-scented rival in a parade of butt smothered shame to what would certainly be the end of their rivalry. The crowd was nearly stone silent as the two came to the line in the sand, tension palpable and salty. The Canadian was impossibly close to the end when...

BAAM!! Out of nowhere, Neve felt a solid chunk of bone bash the underside of her knee. All the will in the world couldn’t keep her in an upright position as the limb folded like a cheap card table and her body pounded the sand in a flurry of dust. At the last possible micro-second, Jennifer had launched with her decidedly powerful haunches and rammed her shoulder into her rival’s unbending knee!

They landed in a heap of tangled, exhausted flesh, Neve instinctively grasping the offended joint, wailing in pain with her eyes tightly shut. The crowd remained too stunned to react. After the tiring nature of the fight, and the despicable butt smother that Jennifer had just endured, she had still found it somewhere deep within herself to stop what most had considered inevitable at this point.

While, her Canadian rival nursed her injured knee, compressing it with her palms, trying to massage out the fire that burned in the joint. The Latina Supreme rolled away, coughing and sputtering, vainly rubbing her features in an attempt to de-scent her ridden face and regain her composure.

The crowd reentered the fray when both women had gained their knees. Jennifer still looked the momentary worse for wear, huffing and puffing... red faced and out of breath, but Neve was not in tip-top condition. The wear of such a lengthy and arduous battle was showing heavily on both fighters. Their shoulders were stooped, their hair disheveled and eyes weary. Long absent coconut oil has been replaced by a thick sheen of sweat on both ladies, dripping from every possible jutting edge. Sand clung to bits and pieces, here and there bespeckling the warriors like war medals.

Staring incredulously at Jen, Neve almost squeaked in astonishment, “You just don’t know when you’ve been beat do you?”

J-Lo wiped a deluge of sweat from her brow, flung it on the pristine sand and growled, “KISS MY ASS, THONG-FACE!”

Her fans went wild as they again hear the defiance in their favorite’s voice, silenced so long by Neve’s breath-stealing tactics. As the last shards of sunlight gleamed from the tip of the sun, sinking in the waves, there was no question that the “beginning of the end” had come.

Sand exploded into the air as the tigresses, looking more like wild animals than gorgeous women, sprang towards each other, meeting one final time in a mutual embrace. As they collided with a massive fleshy thud, the crowd once again grew to a riotous pitch, cheering on these exhausted beauties who had proven themselves on this war ground. Breast to breast, belly to belly, they slid upon one another, both giving everything they had to squeeze the life and air from the other.

“Next time... I’m gonna break your smelly face...” Neve seethed through her teeth at her hated foe.

“Not... if... I break... yours FIRST!” Jennifer retorted squeezing with all her might, arms trembling with exertion.

Neve began wrenching her arms in pulses, wringing the fight from her already smothered opponent. With each pulse came a tell-tale yelp from the Latina Queen, letting her rival and they public know that she was taking the worst of the hug. But with each staccato yelp, Jennifer tightened her hold, never giving an inch to the infuriated Canadian.

Despite her best efforts however, her arms began to tire. Her time spent in the deep canyons between Neve’s supple breasts and smooth cheeks had taken a severe toll on her stamina. Knowing that continuing the mutual bearhug would eventually lead her back into trouble, the latina supreme called on her final reserves to turn the tide. Squeezing for all she was worth, her arms trembling the exertion, Jen let out a primal scream, plucking the bewildered Canadian from the sand and smashing her backward to the sand, coming to rest belly to belly, face to face on top of her.

Even as life giving oxygen was still rushing from a shocked Neve’s lungs, Jen was tying her up in a grapevine, mirroring the brunette’s earlier assault. Shocked by the sudden turn of events, and the sheer show of will and power brought about by Jennifer’s ruthless slam, the fans began to rally once again behind the native. J-Lo’s thick thighs bullied Neve’s as their legs snaked together; the Puerto Rican’s breasts mashing their pale counterparts, forcing them to mushroom under her weight and pressure.

Once the stunned fighter’s limbs were secured, Jennifer tightened up, stretching Neve’s groin to the limit with her own taut dancer’s thighs. Screaming in frustration at the sudden change of fortune, and in pain as her prized possessions were agonizingly tortured Neve bellowed into Jenny’s face, “Ohhhhhhh.... Fuuuuu.....”

But the now characteristically talkative latina wouldn’t even allow her to finish the wail, “Awwwww... what’s wrong hunny? You got a cramp?” Her haughtiness dripped down onto her rival like the sweat that poured from her forehead as she continued to wrench Neve’s cherished gams. As Jenr sucked in fresh chest-fuls of air, she began to regain more composure and technical wherewithal, adding to the scream queen’s torment by rhythmically undulating her tight stomach and ribcage against the squashed beauty, forcing her diaphragm to expel precious oxygen. “Feels...just…like... rolling.. dough.” The momentary victress commented between each press of her stomach, her gorgeous behind pumping in the air as she did, “Your... fat... ass... is... digging... the... whole... they... are... gonna... bury... you... in... tonight...” The songstress continued with hypnotizing rhythm.

Tiring of Jennifer’s new found chattiness, Neve breathlessly spat, “This is temporary bitch... unghhhhhh...”

With a coy, but laboriously exhausted, smile, Jennifer rejoined, “Oh how right you are Nevie!”

Reigning in control for the first time in what seemed like forever to her, the native switched tactics, unlacing her foe’s legs and pressing her palms into her face, as though she were trying to shove the back of Neve’s head through the beach. Quickly, she drew her knees up close to her chest, changing her flat-palmed muzzle into a claw as she yanked the smashed fighter’s back from the sand, slipping her midsection between her slick, steel thighs. Neve screeched out a simple, “OH NO...” Before Jennifer’s legs forced her into silence in a devastating J-lo scissors.

In Neve’s previous lose to J-Lo a similar move had been the turning point that eventually led to her demise under the beauty’s famed cheeks, and she was determined not to let lightning strike twice. In order to secure the dreadful hold, Jennifer had given up the tactical advantage of entangling Neve’s arms. Focusing all her energy and experience, the veteran set about using the new-found freedom in her upper limbs to escape. As Jen crushed her midsection and fought to wrap up her appendages, Neve took fleeting pot-shots at her thighs and stomach from close range, never allowing the motion to stop so that they might be trapped or entangled.

PECK...PECK...PECK... Neve’s knuckles blasted her opponent at strategic spots and intervals, the “no punch” rule having long been disregarded by both combatants.

Jennifer took the blows relatively silently, although the pain showed like a neon sign on her battle-weary face. Steeling her resolve, the Puerto Rican remained focused on the task of snapping her opponent in half while on the hunt to ensnare the offending extremities. As Jennifer’s frame shook and her fans groaned with each solid blow, the Canadian’s air supply began to run low. Her pulse beat in her skull like the tempo of some psychotically stoic drummer while the power ebbed from her dancing fists. Her diaphragm spasmed, unable to expand against the crushing force of the thick thighs locked on her waist, and eventually her arms slowed and were caught. With Neve’s arms now out of commission, J-Lo focused her energy on her legs; her lower body trembling with exertion as she herself moaned with the physical effort of clasping her thighs shut like a steel trap. She wrenched the trapped woman in closer, Neve’s body taking a deep crimson tint like the rising fluid in a manometer, advertising the rising pressure of the hold.

The overwhelming clutch began to resemble a loving embrace as Jennifer nestled her hated foe so close that her mouth nuzzled against Neve’s ear. “Seems you just don’t have what it takes to beat my thighs hunny. I think the fans will agree that this settles the question ‘who has the better legs’ once and for all!”

Just as Neve was about to give a negative reply, Jennifer wrenched the Scissors again, turning Neve’s nascent defiant retort into a choked howl as she cast her eyes heavenward.

Keeping the Scream Queen in a sitting position, Jennifer began to inch her way behind the suffering starlet, her famous hind quarters scooting around in the sand, leaving a trench in the white stuff, her legs never leaving the flattened midsection of her agonized and breathless rival. Resecuring the scissors from behind, Jennifer took Neve’s un-protesting right arm, crossing it over her own throat, following in suit with the left.

Taking hold of the crisscrossed forearms, J-lo leaned back, pulling them tight across the already breathless beauty’s neck in her own modified version of the Japanese Strangle Hold. Sputters and moans quickly turned to gurgles as the life began to ebb from the throttled vixen. Neve’s jaw set open, futilely attempting to draw in air through a pinched off airway and a constricted stomach. Smiling at her rivals pitiful gurgling and bubbling, Jennifer hissed into her ear, “I thought you were supposed to be the technical expert and I was the showboating catfighter? Guess I can beat you at both... now who’s the one trick pony?”

The taunts brought only more gurgles as Neve seethed inside, but floundered externally, her vision blurring and the world starting to spin. Only seconds more of this utter asphyxiation and she knew she’d be out like a light, and that meant becoming a plaything for the heartless bitch that was currently stealing her air. Just as the first twitches started to emanate from her hypoxic body, she felt reprieve as her tormentor released her and dropped her in a heap on the sand.

Jennifer was finally feeling herself again. Casting a smiling glance at the woman who only moments before had been riding her nose, she saw a wrecked heap of flesh, deep scarlet from lack of air and trembling as it struggled to draw breath. The fact that it was her that was responsible for reducing one of the greatest fighters she had ever faced into the tremulous ruin that lay before her was all too satisfying. Arrogantly she took her time in shakily regaining her feet, the toll of the long days match showing on every square inch of her being. With great relish she spun on her heels to face her fans and bathe in their applause, striking a haughty pose with a hand on one wide hip before turning her attention back to her downed rival.

Gazing back at the beaten woman, she was enraged to see her on her belly, trying in vain to bench press her wobbly frame up onto her knees. As soon as fresh air had rushed back into her lungs, Neve had resolved with all her being to get back up and fight this bitch. All the hatred in her heart and all the self-preservation in her brain had driven her back to her hands and knees, her arms like numb hunks of jello, her throat on fire, and her midsection awash with dull aches and sharp pains. Quelling Neve’s newfound solidarity, Jennifer cruelly stomped on the back of the struggling warrior’s head, forcing her face disrespectfully into the sand and eliciting disdainful boos from the crowd.

Responding with an impromptu finger to Neve’s loyal followers, the haughty Lopez twisted her heel, grinding the disgraced fighter’s face against the coarse sand. With a chuckle Jennifer removed her sole from the back of her rival’s head, expecting her to remain face down, sucking sand, but that was not to be. No sooner was she back on both feet than the tenacious Canadian was at it again, attempting to pluck herself from the sand. “You wanna get up... FINE! Let me help you!”

Jennifer nearly spat out as she viciously sunk her claws downward, clinching her opponent by the hair and thong, and began literally dragging her sideways down the beach in a vicious show of strength. Growling like an animal as she lugged her opponent forcefully down the shoreline, Jennifer made haste for the finish line.

Fans protested, calling for a final signature butt smother to end the contest, chanting: “BOOTY KO!” and “NOSE RIDE!”

But she uncharacteristically ignored their pleas. Every muscle in her body ached... every tendon having been tested beyond its limit. There would be plenty of play time after she shoved her opponent across that line, but she wanted to SECURE a victory first. Neve pawed uselessly at handfuls of sand as she was roughly towed towards impending defeat, unable to find purchase in the soft fare of the Puerto Rican shore.

The crowd became uncontrollable, actually spilling across the barrier at the opposite end of the field as some overzealous onlookers craned for better vantage points of the two worn out battlers approaching what was sure to be the conclusion of the contest. Neve’s pawing at the white sand became more desperate, her cries more sorrowful as she came up with handful after handful of the stuff, without even slowing Jennifer’s locomotive like progress towards the goal. Throats and fists tensed all across the beach as Jennifer’s foot fell within 6 inches of the goal line.

“And that is PRECISELY how we do THAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHH!” Jennifer squealed as Neve’s claws dug into her wrist. She’d been so caught up in the moment, and so sure that Neve was all but through after the brutal choking/scissor session that she was truly SHOCKED when she felt the woman’s claws sink into her flesh yet again. She released her hold on the brazen beauty, allowing her to collapse in a heap in the sand, only inches from the end of the match. Without hesitation the strong willed brunette was right back at attempting to make it to her hands and knees, commanding muscles that refused to listen, too starved for oxygen and too drained of energy to respond effectively.

Huffing with frustration at her stoic opponent’s seemingly ludicrous will to stay in this match, Jennifer did as she always had, and played to the baying of the crowd. “Oh... so you aren’t done playing yet?” she asked, taking one sweat-sheened muscular leg and swinging it over her rival’s back as though she were about to mount her like a horse, “Good... I was planning on shattering your pretty nose with my ass before this was over anyway!”

The crowd roared their approval as Jennifer finished her sentence and Neve finally made it to her hands and knees between her rival’s substantial legs. No sooner had the Canadian come upon this personal victory than Jennifer let her knees buckle, bringing her legendary ass down on the small of the woman’s back with such utter force that it pancaked the woman back to the sand face first. With what air she had left in her lungs, Neve expressed pure and unadulterated disappointment and frustration with an animal wail that was half scream, half sob.

The Latina Supreme, quickly quelled this symbolic rebellion by viciously bouncing her ass on the same spot, and then sliding forward, repeating the move. With each loud thud of prodigious and expansive booty meeting flattened back, the glowing Lopez forced more and more air out of her beaten opponent and simultaneously made her way up toward her neck. The feeling of her opponent’s body failing her beneath the wide cheeks of her famous ass was enough to fill Jennifer to the brim with that characteristic bitchiness that her fans had come to love and expect. Each time her cheeks came down, she felt the woman’s ribcage compress a little more and saw the sand puff away from her gaping mouth, taking life giving oxygen with it.

She was literally CRUSHING Neve with her ass and being adored by hundreds while she did it! Finally, she came to rest on her should blades, the Canadian’s mouth twitching like the gills of a beached fish, silently attempting to take in air that wouldn’t comply. The scream queen had grown completely silent now, not enough air in her to even groan as her heartless tormentor rocked her voluptuous hips from side to side, squeezing her lungs flat like deflated balloons.

“NOW...” Jennifer announced to the blood-thirsty spectators, “…I BREAK HER NECK!” With one final hop, she thrust her body forward, her ass coming to rest on the back of Neve’s neck with a sickening thud. The beauty beneath her didn’t move... didn’t make a sound, and Jennifer couldn’t have been more pleased. “BEG FOR MERCY BITCH!” The arrogant Puerto Rican demanded as she yanked Neve’s red, breathless, face from the sand. Sliding one meaty calf under Neve’s throat, her crotch still seated on the back of her head, Jennifer straightened her opposite leg, locking in a figure four headscissors from behind. “Oh wait, that’s right... you can’t... cause I won’t let you breathe!”

She continued her cocky rant as she pulsed the hold once, giving her foe a taste of the power she had left in her legs. She continued pulsing the hold, watching the woman beneath her flounder in silent pain with each squeeze until she finally laid into it, denying what little air Campbell had been sucking in between beats. Quickly, her countenance turned deep purple, already so robbed of air. Her pulse pounded like a jackhammer in her skull, the world beginning to darken almost instantly as her carotids were reduced to coffee straws by her vicious rival. Not one to let injury suffice, Jennifer added insult, grabbing fistfuls of sand and jamming them into Neve’s silently screaming mouth, giggling evilly like a schoolgirl.

It wasn’t long before the Canadian was no longer struggling, only pawing at the sand... and an even shorter period before that pawing turned to nonsensical twitching, but J-lo did not immediately release her. She wanted to KNOW that she had eliminated EVERYTHING Neve could use to fight with... she wanted every reserve, every weapon, wrung from her like so much water from a sponge. It was only when the sweaty, beaten shell of a woman that was once her proud opponent was but seconds from slipping into unconsciousness that she released the scissors, rolling the gagging, coughing carcass to her back.

The once powerful Canadian came to rest precisely parallel to her own goal line. She made no noise save the ragged drags of air she attempted to take through her swollen and abused throat. Meanwhile, Jennifer hammed it up for the crowd, on her knees smiling and dusting off her hands as her big booty rested heavily on her own calves. Casting a stern look at her overwhelmed opponent, Jennifer addressed the crowd, “Has she had enough?” The initial reaction was less enthusiastic than the latin girl had anticipated, some of the spectators truly believing that the girl could stand no more punishment, but Jennifer simply prompted them again, “I SAID... HAS SHE HAD ENOUGH?”

There came a resounding “HELL NO!”

Smiling her Cheshire grin, Jennifer crawled toward the downed beauty, preliminarily positioning herself for the inevitable, while giving the audience a good look at her prized hind quarters.

“What do you think she deserves then?”

Playing right into Jennifer’s hands, the crowd offered up a unanimous, “THE ASS!”

The haughty brunette, in the height of her glory leaned down into Neve’s reddened faced, sweat dripping from her nose down onto her rival, “They say you deserve my crack, Neve. Now I happen to disagree with them. I don’t think you deserve the DIGNITY of another loss in my sweaty butt... But MAJORITY RULES... and Neve Campbell, it STINKS to be you!”

Her grin widened into a beaming smile as Jennifer delivered that last line, crawling over the crushed remains of the battered woman. The shadow of Jennifer’s ass fell like a burial shroud on the beauty’s face. Neve didn’t move a muscle as J-lo righted herself, ready for a Reverse Facesit that no one was sure to forget, her massive thong-barely-clad ass hovering inches above the Scream Queen’s face, dripping sweat.

Jen made quick work of embarrassingly brushing the sand off of Neve’s nose and mouth, preparing a ‘clean’ seat for her glistening tan cheeks. The crowd was in pure riot mode, screaming and chanting as they prepared to witness the humiliating conclusion of an epic battle. Casting her eyes over her bulbous cheeks, Jennifer stared her prey down, making sure that Neve was fully aware of what was about to transpire, “It’s over bitch... you lose... and you remember what losing SMELLS like don’t you? It smells just like my GORGEOUS ASS!”

Jennifer started downward, taking her time, savoring the feeling of Neve’s face approaching her legendary glutes, but something wasn’t right... she heard people in the crowd protesting. Stopping only millimeters from jamming Neve’s disgusted nose into her ass, J-lo searched for an explanation. Suddenly, it dawned on her... of course... how could she have forgotten? Without saying a word, Jennifer slipped on a sheepish grin and slid the center of her thong out of her ass crack and over her left cheek. Realizing she was about to take a NAKED smother, Neve’s body jerked and twitched, but it was too late, as her weakly protesting nose slid into the deep crack of Jennifer’s astonishing booty!

J-Lo didn’t reach down to secure her wrists; she didn’t pull the woman by the hair into her ass crack to ensure she got no air; she simply SAT ON HER FACE! She wanted no mistake that was what finally took Neve’s fight... what took her dignity... what finally took her will to compete…her immense ass! Completely fresh, the battle between Jennifer’s ass and ANYONE’S face was at best, a mismatch, but in the Canadian’s current condtion, the war that was waged on her face by her opponent’s infamous behind was a complete debacle.

For the first few moments, the Latina Supreme merely rested on Neve’s face, satisfied that her nose was jammed between her bare cheeks, but it wasn’t long before she wanted more humiliation... deeper debasement... and she was sure to have it. She started by wiggling back and forth, watching as Neve’s face was forced to follow the rapid motion of her booty from left to right. Soon that evolved, as it always did, into a full grind, mashing her opponent’s face in ever conceivable way with her rear end.

“You had to be so tough... to resist all the way to the end. Look where it got you bitch... deep in my ass crack again! You look real tough now, with your nose up my ass!”

The victorious beauty ranted as she rode her opponent’s face, never gracing any part of her body with any pinch pull or prod... just ass... on face... period. Soon, the scream queen was drifting in and out of consciousness, the sweat and scent becoming too much for her to bare... but each time that she began to fade away, Jennifer cruelly lifted her ass, allowing air, still tainted by Lopez’ musk, to keep her opponent in the land of the conscious. Neve knew that all was lost, but she fought to maintain her awareness, knowing that once she was out, there was nothing to protect her from the despicable humiliations that were forming in J-lo’s mind.

Finally, wishing to forgo the current state of shame in which she had placed her rival, in order to replace it with the much more evil degradation she had planned for her “after-party” Jennifer stopped grinding and relaxed her ass... letting the once proud woman’s face ooze deep into her crevice. Seconds before darkness overtook the scented woman, Jennifer thrust her ass up off of her face causing Neve to involuntarily suck in air with a humiliating and pathetic gasp.

Crawling off Neve, Jennifer readjusted her thong back into her ass crack and took position beside Neve’s body, not facing the goal line. With three humiliating smacks, Jennifer made sure that her opponent was aware of her surroundings.

THWACK! “I...”

THWACK! “...want you...”

THWACK! “...awake...

THWACK! “...for this!”

And then Jennifer rolled Neve unceremoniously over the goal line and left her spread-eagled facedown!
The ENTIRE beach erupted with maniacal applause as an airhorn sounded, bringing an end to this hours long test of will and endurance. In wins and losses, the scream queen and the latina supreme were now even.... But in the mind of the vicious victrix, they were FAR from truly even. Still, as the sun had finally set over the ocean, and the skyline gleamed with the twinkling lights of old and new San Juan, Jennifer placed a foot on the back of Neve’s neck basking in the glory of a hard-fought win. She closed her eyes and lifted her face toward the inky sky, slowly breaking into a smile as the chants of “J-lo... J-lo...” grew louder and LOUDER!

The traditional rules of La Conquista only allow for torch light should the contest last beyond sunset, as many such contests do, and this would be no exception. The tiki torches burned furiously in a circle around the two battlers as the crowd began to jockey for position and vantage. The unsteady light of the orange flames danced about on the flesh of the women, leaving them bathed in a hue and tortured glow that transfigured them into ancient warriors battling for the most elemental of prides... honors... dignities.

These prizes would be sought and won in the same manner, with most basic and primal displays of defeat and humiliation. Two women... no props... no weapons... just bodies... victory... and disgrace. Displaying the command that only a woman of her form and in her current position can possess, Jennifer raised her finger to her pouty lips, silencing the mob almost instantly.

“If you’re really going to fully appreciate this, you’re going to have to SHUT YOUR MOUTHS AND PAY ATTENTION!”

The crowd was deathly silent, and would remain that way unless they got express permission from the latin diva herself. That permission would never come. In the silence, the huffing and puffing of the butt smothered Canadian was barely audible over the low murmur of the night-blackened ocean.

Moving slowly, but with purpose, Lopez removed her foot from the downed girl’s neck and rolled her onto her back. She then took a measured step over the flattened fighter and sat down HARD on her stomach with cruel indifference, securing her knees against her ribs. Roughly, she yanked the beauty’s back off the sand with both hands buried in her hair, and pulled her in close enough to kiss, tolerating her own scent all over the woman’s face for the higher purpose at hand.

“You’re going to get ONE CHANCE at this... so think long and hard before you answer.” Jennifer warned the battle trodden woman between her legs, “BEG for my mercy!”

The silence held, Neve’s ragged breaths and the ever present ocean providing the only sound track for several thick, tense, unwavering seconds.

“Never...” came a low, groaned, answer from the dark maned girl.

Jennifer seemed all too prepared for a negative response, clamping her knees together hard against her opponent’s ribs before the word was finished escaping her lips. The latina refused to release Neve’s hair, staring deep into her eyes as she watched pain play on them like the midnight showing at a vacant theatre. The eerie silence was filled with the unsettling grunts and cries of the crushed girl, as her ribs were compressed to their breaking point by J-lo’s thick, muscular thighs. With her ribs compacted, Neve began to rethink her decision to defy Jennifer when her very career rested in the hands of the heartless Latina. But even if she’d reconsidered, there was no way to voice her change of heart; all the air had been forced from her tortured lungs and her mouth was hanging unhinged, in a silent moan; her eyes bulging.

J-Lo didn’t relent. She relished the frightened look on her opponent’s oh-so-close face as she held her steadfast in the squeeze. Finally, just as Neve’s eyes were on the verge of rolling back in her skull, she felt the knees that were smashing her sides relent and her back hit the sand with a dull THUD.

Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t to be a long respite. Only seconds later, the Latina Supreme had switched positions and her ass was back in her opponent’s face. Neve’s chin was snuggled securely into the cleft of J-lo’s massive ass, holding her face upright for the abuse that was to come. Slowly, the moon of Jennifer’s rump eclipsed Neve’s smothered countenance, and she once again found her features slipping against the smooth flesh of her insatiable opponent’s ass. This time however, was different. As her nose slid into Jennifer’s crack, the Scream Queen realized she’d discarded her thong and left her deep, dark, ass crack bare for the final debilitating smother. The small piece of fabric had done little to protect Neve’s face from the humiliation of Jennifer’s bare flesh, but now even that was gone and any small dignity it offered with it!

Neve no longer had the ability to even struggle against the ass-centric onslaught Jennifer was thrusting upon her. She’d been battered, beaten, mashed, smothered, and otherwise ground into oblivion for the better part of the afternoon, and she not been so thoroughly humiliated and utterly exhausted, she might have been wondering where her opponent was finding the energy to continue her degradation. As her most hated rival buried her with the most despicable and disgusting smother the Canadian could imagine, she actually began to pray for the release that unconsciousness might bring, but Jennifer Lopez was not that merciful, lifting her heavy backside off Neve’s face over and over to keep her around for the seemingly endless ass assault.

“No no no... We can’t have you going out already. You’d miss the big finish I have planned for you...” Jennifer began verbally abusing her opponent yet again as the Scream Queen seemed to be heading into the early stages of hyperventilation beneath her rump. “Normally, I wouldn’t care whether or not you had enough air in your lungs to keep your pathetic ass awake... but I really think you’re gonna LOVE this one. Besides, it won’t work unless that tiny brain of yours is still functioning.” Her eyes had a mischievous glow as she wiggled her hips, readjusting the beaten girl’s nose between her massive, sweaty, butt cheeks. “See Neve, you’re not smart enough to know when you’ve been bested. You’ve proved it time and time again by coming back and asking for rematches. So, I’ve decided you need me to PROVE to you that you’re FINISHED... OVER... DONE!”

Jennifer placed one hand against her opponent’s chin, wedging it back perfectly against her naked center after it had gone on yet another fruitless exertion to find air that Jennifer had not deemed it worthy of. “I spent countless hours trying to think of a way to teach you... really teach you. The usual tricks don’t work on you, Neve. I’ve made you kiss my ass, I’ve jammed your nose in my crack over and over, and honestly... I’ve lost count of how many times I KNOCKED YOUR PUNK ASS OUT in my fabulous behind.”

What began as a short catty comment was now turning into a full fledged premonitory oration. Again, Lopez’ hips came forward, Neve’s nose and mouth uncovered to suck in the balmy beach air. This time it was only a few short gasps before she was plunged back into Jennifer’s bare butt and the speech continued, “But you see hunny, for you it’s about control. That’s the name of the game. And right now, I’m gonna prove to you just how completely I can control you, Neve. Hell, I’m gonna show you that I OWN YOU!”

Jennifer wagged her whole bottom half, causing Neve’s head to shake an involuntary ‘no’ as her face remained buried in the swaying crack. “I don’t want you to kiss my ass. I don’t want you to pass out in it. Well, eventually I do, but not yet. No. First NEVE CAMPBELL, you’re gonna SNIFF MY ASS NICE AND LOUD, so that everyone on this beach can hear you. And you wanna hear the best part? No matter how damn stubborn you are, you can’t disobey me!”

At that, Jennifer called for the headmistress’ megaphone, and clicked the vox button to ‘on’ and laid the mouthpiece on the sand near Neve’s face and then, pressing her hands down on the Canadian’s pale breasts, she leaned forward. Instead of uncovering both Neve’s nose and mouth, she freed the captive woman’s nostrils, leaving the tip of her nose very much snuggled into her sweaty ass. All of Jennifer’s weight came to rest on Neve’s mouth, her pussy lips mashing Neve’s facial counterparts, forcing her mouth closed in an airtight seal. Neve was about to draw air in through her only exposed airway when she realized that it would be tantamount to complying with Lopez’ order.

She squealed as the true cruel genius of the Latina Supreme’s plan became apparent. The Puerto Rican victrix cast her eyes over her shoulder to see the panic grow in Neve’s. By the sounds filtering through the megaphone it was obvious the Scream Queen had caught on, but Jennifer couldn’t resist explaining her new torture hold to her with the enthusiasm of a schoolgirl.

“See baby, no matter how hard you fight it, eventually your body is going to betray that iron will of yours. Eventually, your diaphragm will contract without your permission and the vaccum will search out the path of least resistance. Eventually... you WILL sniff my ass! And the longer you fight it off, the more sudden and violent that last breath will be... and I assure you Neve, it WILL BE YOUR LAST, at least until I decide to get off your ugly face!”

Jennifer’s cackle made Neve’s blood into ice as she frantically fought against her own body’s urge to breathe. Her frantic moans and squeals were coming through loud and clear on the megaphone as she struggled against her biology to maintain what little dignity she could. Her face went from an already deep shade of crimson to a bright plum purple. Jennifer just continued to giggle, taunting the horrified brunette by wiggling her ass crack, causing the downed beauty’s nose to twitch in true ‘Bewitched’ fashion. Sweat ran from every curve of Jennifer’s body, down her back, over her glistening backside, and onto the Canadian’s face. The latin tormentor could feel Neve’s chest muscles trying to expand against her palms, and she hammed up every second of it. “Won’t be long now babe... Just a few more seconds, and you’re ALL MINE!”

The next howl that came from beneath Jennifer’s ass cheeks was certainly more animal than human, reminiscent of the last cry of an injured wolf, all too aware of its own mortality. Then Neve’s muscles betrayed her and her humiliating and forceful breath was heard over the megaphone… “SNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFF…”

The Scream Queen’s body convulsed as she took in her rival’s musky scent against her will, tears rolling down her cheeks as she felt, perhaps for the first time, double-crossed by her own flesh.

“That’s the kind of control I have over you!” Jennifer hissed coldly as she descended on Neve’s face a final time. The brunette’s nose burrowed into the deep crevice of that most infamous ass in all the fighting world. The feeling of shame that had shaken the beauty to her core was now beginning to dull, as were the rest of her senses, the brutal humiliation, smothering, and scent all becoming to much for her rather quickly. Jennifer ground her hips in wide circles that would’ve but hoola-hoop champions to shame as she reveled in her enemies defeat and demoralization.

Slowly, but surely, the last quivers of Neve’s consciousness left her; her eyes glazing, then closing; sensing the last of Jennifer’s round cheeks and musk in the darkness of the tiki light. Refusing to leave her post, the latin woman continued scrubbing the insensate woman’s features, running her face through the length of her cleft over and over again, trying to deposit as much moisture and scent as possible on every square inch of her new throne.

It wasn’t until she felt the hand of the headmistress on her shoulder that Jen opened her eyes and relinquished her seat. The blonde woman had become concerned with the length of time Neve had been unconscious with Jennifer’s ass still firmly planted on her face, and decided to remind her that one needed oxygen to survive. There was an audible sucking sound as Jennifer broke the vacuum-like seal between her famous weapon and Neve’s bruised countenance. Before completely dismounting her foe, the bronze skinned girl spread her ass cheeks with her hands, descending a final time on Neve’s nose as deeply as she could, not grinding as much as ‘placing’ it there, receiving another warning from the headmistress as she dismounted.

The conqueror stood over her downed victim, a sandy foot on her red-flushed face as she basked in the crowd’s praise. The wear and tear of the match at last began to catch up with the warrior and she made hasty acceptance and acknowledged the applause before beginning a slightly limp-tinged trek back to the shower. She was nearing the edge of the field, when she was struck by a disturbing thought. Turning on her heel, she made her way back through the mob of officials and medical personnel gathered around her fallen enemy.

Shoving the last of them aside, she shoved her finger into the unconscious woman’s face, “If you want to finish out your career in the ring instead of a wheelchair, then you’ll stay down this time! But, if I know you, you won’t have enough of my gorgeous ass until it makes you a slave, so IF, and that’s a BIG IF... If you decide you’ve got what it takes to come after me again, I’ll gladly subjugate you to my butt a THIRD time... and that’s a BIG BUTT!”

With a final SMACK of the unknowing Neve’s face, Jennifer turned and headed off to the locker room. Neve hadn’t heard a word of the final challenge, but the video camera shoved in her face caught it all and Jennifer knew that would be plenty!